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10 Best ATV Goggles (Updated Reviews) in 2022

Even when the skiing season is over, there are still plenty of outdoor activities that can help you stay in shape and spend quality time in nature. So, why not prepare your next trip by purchasing the best ATV goggles? Showcased below you can find some of the most sought-after items on the market, together with their in-depth reviews to help you easily pick the perfect pair for your needs.

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1. Jamiewin Adult Motorcycle Motocross Goggles

Available in 12 different colors, styles, and patterns, this pair of cool ATV riding goggles represents a smart investment for all outdoor enthusiasts. 

The goggles are lightweight and, at 3.52 ounces only, they come with a bendable frame that ensures increased flexibility, freedom of movement, and comfort when wearing. The product is suitable for a wide array of sports and activities, from snow skiing to riding, kite surfing, paintball, snowboarding, ATV and BMX riding, motocross, and others. 

The glasses are made of high-quality PC material and come with improved UV400 protection. They also feature an interior made of PU resin and soft-padded, breathable foam that ensures comfortable wearing all day long and protects your eyes in any outdoor situations. 

The elastic strap on the back provides a flexible fit no matter your head size, while the advanced- technology lenses are designed to prevent fog, eliminate wind and sand, and protect your eyes at all times. 


The goggles can be purchased in a wide array of colors and patterns, so you can easily match them with the rest of your outdoor gear and make a fashion statement.

They are made of bendable, high-quality materials to provide increased flexibility and comfort even when wearing them for the entire day. 

The lens design prevents fog, provides increased protection against harmful UV rays and will eliminate wind and sand for more comfort. 

The interior of the glasses features soft-foam padding that protects the eyes, absorbs shocks, and eliminates pressure so you can enjoy a high level of comfort. 


The lenses and the overall construction of the goggles feel flimsy so they might not provide the necessary level of protection for off-road activities, including riding your ATV. 

They are not marketed as polarized goggles so you might experience glare and reflection at certain times. 

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2. Zdatt Motorcycle Goggles Riding Offroad

If you’re looking for a pair of cheap ATV goggles that still look good and protect your eyes while spending time outdoors, the ones from Zdatt may seem like a great choice. They come in various colors and patterns to easily match the rest of your outfit and make a powerful fashion statement whether you’re on the slopes or riding your ATV in the woods. 

They feature a powerful ABS frame that is resistant to shocks and wear, as well as enhanced impact-resistant color PC lenses that provide increased protection against dust, dirt, rain, snow, wind, and UV rays. 

The unique construction of the goggles will fit closely to your face and around your eyes so you can enjoy a comfortable time outdoors, regardless of the sport or activity you’re performing. 

The frame of the goggles features a soft layer of sponge and padding around the eye sockets for prolonged wear without any signs of irritation or discomfort. 


These accessories are designed to withstand most meteorological phenomena, including rain, snow, and heavy winds, and are particularly helpful against the bright sun or snow. 

The colored lenses provide increased protection against wind, dust, dirt, debris, and sand, which makes the goggles a wonderful choice for most outdoor sports and activities, including ATV riding. 

They also ensure 360-degree protection against glare and bright light for extra comfort, while the padded interior ensures comfortable wearing all day long. 

Thanks to the adjustable elasticated band, you can easily make the goggles fit perfectly on your head and eyes.


Although we appreciated the overall quality of the product, one of the main downsides is that you cannot purchase replacement lenses or add other lenses on top of the existing ones. Therefore, if the lenses get scratched or damaged, you’ll have to purchase another set of goggles.

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3. Batfox Motorcycle Goggles Protection Shatterproof

Lightweight and flexible enough to provide increased comfort while wearing, this pair of goggles from Batfox can be purchased in numerous colors and patterns so you can easily match it with the rest of your outdoor outfit. 

The goggles are designed to meet the requirements of both men and women who are outdoor enthusiasts and are ideal for riding your ATV, climbing, shooting, motorcycling, and even workplaces that require you to protect your eyes. 

The multi-color lenses allow different visible light transmission (VLT), cutting glare in bright, sunny light, and enhancing contrast, so you can easily see the objects in front of you, no matter how bright or dark it is outside. The PC lenses also benefit from UV400 protection and are impact-resistant. 

The goggles won't be easy to scratch and will protect your eyes from wind and dust. They feature an adjustable strap to perfectly fit on all heads.


These accessories are made of quality materials that won’t break, chip or scratch easily, which means they represent a great long-term investment.

The treated colored lenses benefit from UV400 protection and are impact-resistant to protect your eyes. Besides, they will cut glare and adjust contrast depending on the level of brightness outside, so you can see all objects in front of you, no matter the lighting conditions. 

The goggles come with an adjustable back strap to provide perfect fitting no matter the size of your head and ensure comfortable wear throughout the day. 

You can purchase these affordable ATV goggles in various colors and patterns so you can have a complete outdoor outfit that is cool and trendy. 


Although they are marketed as fitting over regular glasses, we don’t recommend them to people who wear prescription glasses because they are uncomfortable to wear for more than a couple of hours.

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4. Dplus X400 Adult Motorcycle Goggles Combat

We cannot tell you for sure this is the best ATV goggle but the Dplus X400 is worth mentioning in our article. One of the best things about these goggles is that you’ll get five different pairs with your purchase, each in a different lens color to suit different needs, weather conditions, and moments of the day. 

Therefore, the new X400 can be used for a wide array of outdoor activities, from riding your ATV to motocross, skiing or snowboarding. 

The enhanced PC lenses provide increased visibility and absorb UVA and UVB rays in overcast days to reduce glare and brightness that might affect your vision and cause health problems or accidents. The ABS frame is lightweight yet resistant and flexible at the same time, ensuring a close fit around the eyes. 

The goggles will not only protect you from direct sunlight exposure but also water, dirt, dust, debris, snow, and strong winds. 


You will get five different pairs of goggles with lenses in various colors to match the type of outdoor activity you are performing and ensure increased protection in all weather and lighting conditions.

The thick and soft layer of sponge on the frame provides increased padding around the eye sockets for more comfort.

The ABS frame is flexible, lightweight, and durable at the same time, sticking close to your face and ensuring a good fit. 

The lenses are strong, feature multiple layers of foam and are designed to withstand impact and shocks without breaking. They also offer 360-degree protection from harmful UV rays, glare, dust, and strong wind. 


Keep in mind that the goggles are not designed to work over glasses and you cannot replace the regular lenses with prescription ones, which means they won’t be suitable for people who have vision problems. 

They don’t have anti-fog properties either. 

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5. Dmeixs Motorcycle Goggles ATV Off Road

These accessories are made of high-quality PU resin for increased resilience and toughness, which is why they are perfect for various outdoor activities, including motocross, dirt bike riding, ATV riding, climbing, hiking or skiing. 

The PC lenses are scratch-resistant and offer increased protection against wind, dust, and harmful sun rays. They won’t break or shatter easily, which means they are designed for off-road sports. 

They come with a non-slip and high-elastic wide strap that adjusts to the size you want to perfectly accommodate any helmets and head sizes without feeling too loose or cut off your blood circulation. 

The frame features a soft sponge padding that adds increased comfort and ensures maximum ventilation and thermal dissipation, keeping your eyes comfortable and preventing the lenses from fogging up. And, thanks to the product’s unique design that offers a wide inner space, you can wear myopic lenses underneath to enhance your vision.


The product is available in three lens colors, each designed to fulfill a purpose, so you can easily pick the right choice according to the outdoor activity you want to perform. 

The frame of the goggles is made of high-quality PU resin that provides increased toughness and resilience, so you can enjoy the same pair of glasses for many months from now on. 

They come with a soft sponge padding located around the frame to deliver more comfort and ensure increased ventilation and thermal dissipation, which will prevent the lenses from getting fogged. 

The non-slip high-elastic adjustable strap is designed to accommodate all types of helmets and head sizes for a perfect fit, no matter your dimensions.


Just like with many other similar products, the lenses cannot be sold separately. Therefore, even though they are treated to prevent scratches and last in different weather and environmental conditions, once the lenses are shattered, you’ll have to buy another pair of goggles.

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6. Wellovar ATV Goggles Combat Outdoor

Going through many ATV goggles reviews, we came across this pair from Wellovar that ticks all the right boxes if you’re looking for accessories that are both fancy and reliable in most weather and environment conditions. 

They are available in various patterns and colors to easily match them with the rest of your outdoor protective gear, whether you’re cycling, climbing, riding your ATV, motorbiking, skiing or performing other activities. 

The lenses provide excellent optical clarity and UV400 protection, keeping your eyes away from damage in case of high brightness. They are also windproof and dustproof and will keep the water away, ensuring increased comfort and excellent vision no matter the weather outside. 

The bendable TPU frame is enhanced with breathable foam that fits tight on the face and increases protection against shocks and harsh weather conditions. Moreover, it will ensure increased comfort even if you decide to wear the goggles for the entire day. 


This product features a simple and sleek design, perfect for a wide array of outdoor activities, including cycling, motorbiking, skiing, snowboarding, climbing or riding your dirtbike or ATV.

Thanks to the adjustable non-slip strap, you can loosen or tighten the goggles according to your specific needs, which means this pair is suitable for both men and women, no matter their head size. 

The lenses are treated with special coatings to provide increased protection against wind and dust, keeping your eyes away from potential infections or injuries. The UV400 protection allows you to wear the goggles even in broad daylight. 

If the style is important for you, you can purchase this set of youth ATV goggles in five different colors and prints so you can easily match them with the rest of your outdoor outfit. 


These accessories may not fit perfectly around your cheeks, depending on your face conformation. If you have fat cheeks, then this pair is the right choice for you. 

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7. Sposune Motorcycle ATV Adjustable Goggles

You can purchase this affordable ATV goggle in over 15 different styles, prints, and colors, so you can easily find the perfect pair to match with the rest of your outfit and rise to the occasion. 

The goggles are lightweight yet practical. Weighing only 4.5 ounces, they are compact and fit closely to your face and around the eyes to protect your face from the wind and keep your eyes away from water and dust. 

The lining is made of a 0.6-inch thick sponge that is soft and blocks the wind and snow during the wintertime, so it will keep your face warm. Moreover, it ensures increased comfort even when wearing the goggles for the entire day. 

Thanks to the double buckle adjustable strap, you can find the perfect fit for your face type, regardless if you’re a woman, man or a young adult with a smaller face. 


One of the coolest features of this pair of goggles is that the frame can bend close to 90 degrees, which makes the accessories harder to cause damage to your eyes in case they break. 

The acetate lenses provide increased UV protection, keeping your eyes away from harmful direct sunlight exposure that might cause permanent damage to your vision. 

They come with a thick lining made of sponge that protects your face and the area around your eyes from water, dust, snow, and heavy winds, while also adding increased comfort. 

The double buckle adjustable strap ensures the perfect fit for your face so you can comfortably wear the goggles the entire day. 


Although we like the fact that they sit close to your face and cheeks, wearing glasses under the goggles might be a difficult and uncomfortable task. If you have problems with your vision, we suggest looking for another wider model. 

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8. LJDJ Dirt Bike ATV Motorcycle Goggles

This product is available in various frame and lens color sizes to perfectly match your style, personality, and the type of outdoor activity you want to conduct. While the clear lenses are suitable for riding the ATV, cycling or climbing, the black lenses are perfect for skiing and snowboarding as they will block the harmful UV rays and help you stay focused on the road. 

The unique design features a large viewport for an unparalleled vision from all angles. The shatterproof lenses not only ensure an enhanced view but they were also built to resist scratches and prevent fogging. 

The product fits close to the face and around your eyes to provide increased protection against snow, dust, strong light, wind, water or debris. We also liked the non-slip strap that fits securely in place and ensures comfortable wear regardless of your head size. 

The lining is made of soft and high-quality sponge that promotes good ventilation and thermal dissipation. 


These goggles are designed to meet the needs of people practicing various outdoor activities and sports, from biking to climbing, riding, motocross, and others. 

They are available in various colors, patterns, and types of lenses to deliver the required level of protection, depending on the outdoor activity you are performing. For instance, clear and transparent lenses are suitable for low-light wear, while the grey lenses absorb ultraviolet light, which makes the goggles perfect for day wear. 

The goggles are comfortable to wear for the entire day and feature a thick sponge lining to protect your eyes and cheeks from harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, and strong winds. 

Both the frame and the lenses are made of high-quality and durable materials that are lightweight yet reliable, and they won’t scratch or shatter easily. 


If you plan on using these goggles with a motorcycle helmet, the strap might be too tight for DOT-approved models. 

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9. Ubelly Polarized Sport Motocross Goggles

Featuring a futuristic look and an incredible design, these goggles were designed to stand out in the crowd. They are also available in various vibrant colors so you can easily match them with your outfit, mood or personality. 

These off-road goggles are lightweight and only weigh 4.87 ounces, which makes them easy to transport and store whenever you’re not using them. Thanks to the bendable frame, they will fit inside smaller pockets and will also stay close to your face, providing the necessary protection against strong wind, snow or water. 

They are designed to fit the needs of various outdoor sports, from motocross to kite surfing, skiing, paintball, ATV riding, and even air-soft. The lenses are made of quality PU resin materials and deliver increased UV protection to keep your eyes safe. Moreover, the padded breathable foam adds increased comfort so you can wear the goggles throughout the entire day. 


These accessories are made of high-quality PC material that is bendable to provide increased protection and fit close to your eyes and face. 

The padded breathable foam ensures comfortable wearing all day long and will keep the face protected from heavy winds, cold temperatures, and water. 

The goggles are suitable for a wide array of outdoor activities, from kite surfing and skiing to paintball, and riding your ATV. 

The advanced lens technology prevents fog and provides UV400 protection, enough to keep your eyes from damage when getting in contact with direct sunlight. 


Bear in mind that these accessories don’t feature a silicone strap to secure them to the helmet, which means they cannot be worn under one. Also, the elasticated strap is too small for any kind of helmet. 

If you have a smaller face, the goggles may seem too big for your face and won’t offer the necessary level of protection when handling harsh weather conditions. 

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10. GV Motorcycle Goggles Mirror Glasses

Designed to meet the requirements of most motorcycle and ATV riders, these glasses come in a set of two pairs, suitable for different times of the day. The clear mirror lenses are perfect for night riding while the darker lenses are suitable for blocking the UV rays and help you stay focused on the road when it’s bright and sunny outside. 

The scratch-resistant coatings protect the lenses from wear and tear, ensuring the same quality for months in a row, even when riding in tough conditions. The glasses feature a soft, airy foam padding for great relief and increased comfort, no matter how long your journey will take. 

We also liked that the lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, so you shouldn’t worry about damaging your eyes when riding in broad daylight. The lenses are made of polycarbonate and are shatterproof, which provides more security. 


When ordering these sunglasses, you’ll receive two different pairs, suitable for various moments of the day when you want to ride your bike or your ATV.

Because they are specifically designed to fit under helmets, the goggles feature elasticated adjustable straps that will meet the requirements of most men and women, regardless of their head size. 

The foam padding is soft yet durable and acts as a protective layer or a buffer between the rugged construction of the frame and your face. The padding absorbs shocks better, delivers increased protection against wind, rain, and snow, and increases comfort. 

The lenses are made of shatterproof polycarbonate so you can count on them for many months from now on, without worrying about scratches, fog or damage.


We appreciate that the goggles fit snug against the face but they don’t provide enough space between the lenses and the eyes to wear a pair of subscription glasses underneath. 

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Whether you choose a cheap ATV goggle or look for a more sophisticated accessory, the market is full of products that are worthy of your interest. Here are some of the main features you should consider to make sure you bring home the right pair of goggles, according to your needs. 

Frame construction

The first thing you need to take into account is the frame’s construction. It should be made of durable yet lightweight and flexible materials that won’t break, chip or shatter even after an accident. 

A flexible frame means that it is easy to store and will fit in smaller pockets so that you can bring the goggles with you anywhere you go. 


Lens coating and color 

The second most important thing is to choose the adequate type of lens, according to the type of outdoor activity you are performing, the moment of the day, and the amount of protection required.

Most lenses feature multiple coatings that will make them shatterproof and resistant to scratches but you still need to take into account other aspects.

The color of the lenses will tell you a great deal about the type of activity they were designed for and the right moment of the day to wear them. Generally speaking, clear lenses can be worn all the time as long as it’s not too bright outside or you’re not performing an activity that requires intense focus on the road. 

Silver lenses provide increased protection against UV rays and are suitable for skiing, snowboarding, riding your ATV, and other activities that involve spending a lot of time outside, in the sun. 

The same goes for colored lenses that, apart from the UV protection, are also designed to reject the glare and adjust the visibility according to the lighting conditions. 

You also need to find a pair of lenses that are waterproof, fog-proof and that will protect your eyes from the cold wind, low temperatures, and snow so that your vision won’t be affected, no matter the sport you are performing. 


The perfect fit

Choosing the perfect fit can make the difference between a decent pair of goggles and some excellent accessories that can be worn all day long, without feeling any discomfort. 

Most of the goggles feature adjustable straps and buckles to ensure a customized fit, regardless of the dimensions of your face. However, you should also consider the size of the elasticated band, in case you want to wear your goggles under a protective helmet. 

As for the overall size and fit, if you wear prescription glasses, keep in mind that not all ATV goggles will fit over them. 

Design and color

If you care about appearance, then goggles are not only a part of your protective gear but also an excellent way to express your freedom, style, and preferences in terms of fashion. Luckily, most manufacturers understood that and this is why you can find these accessories in a wide array of styles, colors, and patterns. 

Bright colors and vibrant patterns are perfect for goggles that were designed to stand out from the crowd and complete your outdoor outfit. Choose them whenever you go skiing, kitesurfing or snowboarding. 

However, if you don’t seem to find the most suitable pair of glasses for your needs, reading just one online ATV goggles review won’t suffice. Take your time to go through some of the products we presented above and you’ll easily pick a pair that satisfies all your needs. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why should you wear goggles when riding your ATV?

Goggles represent an important part of your protective gear, no matter what type of outdoor activity you prefer. They are helpful in various situations and will mainly keep your eyes from being injured in case of mild accidents. 

One of the most important roles of goggles when riding your ATV is to protect the eyes from prolonged sunlight exposure and the damaging effects of UV rays. The sunlight may interfere with your riding or driving skills, which may increase the likelihood of accidents and crashes. 

Another reason why goggles are mandatory is that they keep you away from other interfering factors such as wind, rain, dust, debris, sand or snow. Some of these accessories will also provide the perfect lighting conditions for riding the vehicle during the night. 

Lastly, goggles can also make a fashion statement so you can use them both as protection and as part of an integrated cool outfit.

Q: How do you wear goggles together with a helmet?

The answer to this question depends on which type of helmet you choose as not all of them will allow you to also wear goggles. Full-face helmets often come with shields and visors that provide all necessary protection for your head and face so that you won’t require an additional pair of goggles.

However, other styles of helmets like flat-heads and mushroom-style provide increased flexibility and freedom of movement but won’t protect your eyes from accidents and extreme weather conditions, which is why you need goggles. 

The easiest way to wear goggles with a helmet is to first put on the goggles and adjust their fitting accordingly, then add the helmet on top. We do suggest ordering a helmet that is slightly bigger than your head if you want to also fit goggles. 

Keep in mind that it is advised to wear goggles that are compatible with the helmet you own so they won’t hinder you more than protect you.


Q: Are no-fog goggles necessary?

No-fog goggles can prove their efficiency in various situations, and this is why it is highly recommended to opt for a pair. First of all, they will enhance your vision by increasing visibility, regardless of the weather conditions outside. Tasks that require quick reactions increase a person’s need for protection and clear visibility. 

Anti-fog goggles also handle sudden environmental changes. Fogging is usually caused by increased moisture which often happens in various activities, temperature, and humidity conditions. 

However, you can also experience heat and humidity while riding your ATV, especially during the first hours of the morning. A pair of anti-fog goggles will resolve the issue and will help you focus on the road better.

Lastly, these accessories will also contribute to enhanced performance and efficiency in all working fields. People who are not frustrated by constant fogginess when wearing glasses can focus better on riding their vehicles or performing their favorite outdoor activities. 

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