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Bell Revolver Evo Motorcycle Helmet

The main pros

If there is one aspect that makes this helmet stand out from the crowd, that has to be the outstanding comfort it provides to the wearer. First of all, it must be mentioned that this helmet will work for almost everyone who tries it. Any head size and any head type are easily accommodated by the revolutionary design of this modular helmet. That’s hardly something you can say about many other models on the market.

To make it clear, this helmet is available in many different sizes, and that means that you only have to pick the model that is designed for your head size. Because of the particular design of the shell, different head types will also benefit from the same comfort and benefits. So there won’t be pressure on the crown of your head if yours has an oval shape, and no tightness on the sides if it’s round.

Once you put the helmet on your head, you will feel great. It is lightweight because the shell is made from polycarbonate and, therefore, light compared to any other material used by the industry. That means that you will experience freedom of movement, and your neck and shoulders won’t suffer from strain.

The main cons

The Bell Revolver Evo is an excellent helmet, but it does have one downside that should be mentioned. The liner placed on the inside to wick moisture and keep your head cool and comfortable sometimes can pop from its place. It is simply connected poorly in some areas, so that may be a little annoying.

However, that won’t happen when you have the helmet on, but rather when you may want to take the liner out and clean it, anyway. In brief, while this is a disadvantage, and you might not be happy with stuffing the liner back when you remove your helmet, it is hardly enough to outweigh all the incredible benefits.

Main features explained

This DOT-approved helmet guarantees superior safety

One of the first things that will draw your attention when you read the specs of this model is the DOT and ECE approval. You must never leave your home without a helmet that is guaranteed to protect your head against injuries in the case of a crash to the best of its abilities and according to the standards imposed by the industry. To get a little into detail, it must be said that it complies with the FMVSS 218 standard.

Also, you will notice right away that this helmet comes with a 5-year warranty, something not that common for most helmets you can find on the market right now. It is evident that the manufacturer is confident in the overall quality and durability of this helmet that it doesn’t hesitate to offer such an extended warranty to the buyers.

This helmet is the result of arduous research and development work, and this manufacturer is well-known for making high-quality helmets that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Among the many helmets you can find right now, this model stands out by being both reliable and durable. While motorcycle crashes are known to have the potential of causing a lot of harm to a rider, there are means to limit this danger.

That is precisely what this helmet does. It is padded and made from top-notch materials to ensure the best chances of survival and limited damage in the case of an accident. It must also be mentioned here that its shape is aerodynamic, which adds to its stability and makes it resistant to buffeting winds. You will surely feel safer on the road when you have this modular helmet on your head. Excellent protection is one of the essential qualities of this model.

A plethora of features that cater to excellent comfort for the rider

There are several reasons why so many riders prefer this helmet to many others readily available, and one of them is the outstanding comfort offered by the multiple features that seem to cater mainly to this aspect. For instance, this model comes with a chin curtain that doesn’t let cold air to enter inside the helmet during your rides. That’s something that often can cause significant discomfort, especially for your eyes, when you ride at high speeds, so it’s essential to have such a feature in place.

Another thing that you will love about this helmet, in terms of comfort, is that the helmet is considerably less noisy than others. In other words, the noise from the wind and road conditions won’t create any problems, and it will be kept at reasonable levels. That’s, evidently, part of why having a chin curtain as efficient as it is on the Bell Revolver Evo helps so much.

Also, there’s another benefit that comes from having less noise in the helmet. It helps with another thing that makes this modular helmet so great. The helmet comes with integrated speaker pockets to allow you to add a communication system if you so choose. Since many riders prefer to be able to take and make phone calls or to communicate with people they’re riding with, that’s an excellent feature of the Evo.

Several other features make this helmet so comfortable. The chin strap is padded, and it comes with a D-ring closure, so you will find the helmet comfortable to put on and remove as you see fit. The contoured cheek pads that are delivered with your purchase also cater to the overall comfort. It contributes to the excellent fit this helmet provides. The interior liner is removable and washable, as well as treated with an antibacterial substance.

The shield system is easy to use and convenient

You will fall in love with this helmet if you’ve always wanted one that allows you to switch shields fast and easy. To make it clear from the start, the Evo comes with a click release system for the shield, and you don’t even need any tools to swap between the various shields you may have. Depending on road conditions, you may want to exchange a clear shield with a tinted one, such as when you must travel with the sun in your face.

Being able to do that while on the road brings a lot of conveniences. Another thing that you must know about the shield used for this model is that it’s one of the best you can find out there. First of all, it comes with NutraFog II, a type of technology that ensures that fog won’t be able to affect your vision when you travel in cold weather or through rains and storms. Also, you will be happy to hear that the shield is resistant to scratches, and it comes equipped with proper UV protection.

You can ride in any weather you want. The Sun Shade visor that comes with this helmet will make it easy for you to keep the sun from getting in your eyes even if you don’t have your sunglasses with you. That means that you don’t even have to switch to a tinted shield if you don’t want to. And, if you do want to swap your clear shield with a shaded model, seeing how fast and easy the system works, it won’t be an issue.

That’s something to bear in mind when you compare this helmet with others on the market, for the simple fact that not many offer the same conveniences.


Riders will benefit from an outstanding ventilation system

While this is part of what makes the Evo so comfortable, it deserves to be addressed in its own paragraphs because it, again, sets apart this modular helmet from the competition. It is a well-known fact that modular helmets do well in terms of ventilation compared to the others. That is why it should come as no surprise that the Evo comes with an outstanding ventilation system.

It is a crucial difference when comparing it to a full-face model because you only have to open the shield and allow the air to cool off the entire head. During hot days, you may feel like your entire face and head begin to boil, but you don’t have to suffer if you have a helmet that caters to your needs in this respect.

As you will notice right away, the Evo comes with a system of vents that you can open to allow the airflow to cool the interior. A technology named Velocity Flow is employed to make the ventilation on this model so good. This technology allows you to adjust the flow inside the helmet, which means that you will be able to customize it as you see fit. In winter, you only need to close the port vents completely, and you won’t have an issue with cold getting in.

What’s also interesting is that the ventilation system is designed in such a manner that the road and wind noise won’t get to you. You will still be able to use the communication system you put in place without experiencing any problems. In short, this helmet is capable of providing you with the necessary level of customization for the ventilation system so that you can remain comfortable in any type of weather.

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