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Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet

The main pros

This particular helmet from Bell has an evident focus on the comfort of the wearer. You can see that from the excellent features it comes equipped with, designed to cater to this particular aspect. First of all, you will notice from the description of the product that the helmet has a moisture-wicking lining. That means several things.

For starters, you will not have to deal with the icky sensation of having sweaty skin, but there’s another advantage that might not be as visible at first glance. The moisture-absorbing quality of the interior liner diminishes the fog inside your helmet when you ride on rainy days. Since visibility is paramount for safety when riding a motorcycle, it is easy to see why this feature is so important.

Furthermore, your helmet won’t become cold due to the sweat, and that’s something to keep in mind for chilly days. Also, you should know that the liner can be removed and washed, so you don’t have to worry about pesky bacteria finding a home inside your motorcycle helmet. The microfiber mesh used for the lining is treated against bacteria, too.

Other features that also focus on the comfort of the wearer must also be mentioned here. The contoured cheek pads will never feel awkward, and you’ll have excellent protection for your face when you embark on long rides. The chin curtain also helps with overall comfort, and you will appreciate the great attention to detail invested by the manufacturer in this model.

A breath deflector is another plus and feature with a focus on comfort that must be listed here. That means less fog inside your helmet, and you will not have your visibility disturbed at all, even when riding in cold, wet weather.

The chin strap is padded, and that adds comfort, too. Also, the D-ring closure is cozy and easy to use and helps you feel great. This manufacturer thought about a lot of things, and that is why you will be pleased to learn that the helmet comes with a padded wind collar that will keep the surrounding noise at bay.

No matter if the wind howls outside or there’s infernal traffic all around you, the collar will significantly reduce the impact of such sounds on your ears. Therefore, you will find it easier to focus on riding instead of disturbing noises.

The main cons

While there are plenty of amazing things and features to admire, this helmet has one drawback that must be addressed. The helmet doesn’t come with a transitions lens, so you will not get the advantage offered by helmets with such a feature.

When riding in sunny weather, the sun can become a problem as the reflections can be bothersome for your eyes. While it might not affect your visibility too much, such a thing can be tiring for your eyes. If the company had thought about mounting this type of visor on the Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet, it would have made it complete.

Main features explained

The range of available shell sizes

With the 3 shell sizes available, you’ll surely find something that fits your head. A simple look at the overall design of this particular model will convince you that it is an item worth trying out. The manufacturer offers this model in SM, MD, and LG. Furthermore, each of these sizes works for two different fits, which makes the process of finding the ideal model a breeze.

To make things clear, here are all the fits available for the shell sizes offered by the manufacturer. Choose the SM shell size if you want an XS or SM helmet; go for MD, if MD or LG is the fit you’ve been searching for. Finally, the LG shell size is for XL and 2XL helmets. The chances are that one of them is ideal for you.

Also, it must be said that the oval shape of the helmet easily takes the natural anatomic shape of a human head, which increases its comfort factor, as well as safety. You are much better protected by a helmet that provides the perfect fit than when wearing one that’s either too tight or too loose.

While it is true that this helmet is designed to respect the general human anatomy, it also has a sporty appearance that is given by its signature round-yet-narrow design. Don’t let the somewhat aggressive design fool you. As mean-looking as it might be on the inside, it is incredibly comfortable on the inside, and that’s something to write home about.

Lightweight and breathable

Motorcycle helmets need to be lightweight to ensure the wearer’s absolute comfort. This model, in particular, aims at making any motorcycle rider as comfortable as possible, which is why it has a polycarbonate shell that keeps its weight to a minimum. Whenever you have to engage in long rides, you will not experience the usual fatigue associated with wearing such gear for hours on end.

In inclement weather and when navigating tough terrain conditions, having a lightweight helmet is a blessing. You will not feel the usual strain on your neck and shoulders, and overall, the helmet will be comfortable to wear, even if you are on your bike for a long time. Polycarbonate is famous for how lightweight it is, and it is also durable.

Equally crucial for the rider’s comfort, efficient ventilation is present in this particular model. While you don’t want to feel the wind when traveling on your bike, you certainly don’t want to experience the sensation of a soggy cold helmet.

For this reason, the manufacturer invested in an innovative design that allows proper airflow through the helmet. You will not have to deal with overheating, and what’s also interesting, the ventilation system is adjustable. This way, whenever you feel too hot, you can adjust the ventilation so that proper cooling happens.

Both the lightweight construction and the optimal ventilation ensured help with the overall comfort rating of this helmet that sits comfortably among the most popular models on the market.

The built-in communication system

A modern motorcycle helmet should keep up with the times, which, in other words, means that it should come equipped with some communication system. While you are on the road, you surely want to be able to take calls from your smartphone, and that cannot be possible without an upgrade to your helmet.

In this case, you will be happy to learn that the Bell Qualifier DLX Helmet is communication ready, as it accommodates Bluetooth equipment without a glitch. It must be noted that you will have to buy the Bluetooth system separately, but installing it on your helmet should be a breeze.

Probably, the next question on your mind is what systems this helmet can work with. According to the manufacturer, any Sena, Cardo, or other stereo headsets, as well as intercom systems, can easily be accommodated by the construction of the helmet. This will surely help you greatly when you are riding, but there are urgent calls you need to take or make.

The integrated speaker pockets are easy to use, and there is a DLX door on one side that lets you install your Bluetooth system without any trouble. While it’s true that it would have been nice to have a Bluetooth system included in the price, seeing how reasonably priced this helmet is, you will not find this too much of a letdown. Also, you will be allowed to choose the system you prefer, and the easy installation will convince you.

A smoke-tinted and a clear visor are included

Even if there is no transitions lens included, this model has other things going for it, such as the fact that there are two visors included with your purchase. One is smoke-tinted, while the other is clear so that you are covered for any type of weather. Even more, the ClickRelease feature allows you to remove the shield from your helmet and replace it with ease.

Back in the days, changing the visor shield on a motorcycle helmet was a complicated task. It wasn’t even a good idea to attempt to do it yourself, so the helmets remained with the same visor for a long time or until severe damage required a replacement. The ClickRelease mechanism present in this model makes everything as simple as a walk in the park.

First of all, it is a tool-free shield replacement, so there’s no need for extra hardware. Secondly, the entire operation is so fast that you won’t mind at all changing the shield anytime it is necessary. It is great that the manufacturer thought about including a clear visor and a dark smoke visor with your purchase. That makes this helmet an even better deal.

As you may well know, having excellent visibility in any weather is essential for your safety. These two visors, plus the easy to use replacement mechanism, add to the safety factor of this helmet. Regardless of weather conditions, you will be able to see the road ahead.

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