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Arai XD4 Helmet

The main pros

When it comes to helmets, one of the most important features that they need to offer is comfort. Of course, there’s always safety which they need to ensure as well, but once this is covered, the user needs to be able to use them for extended periods without being hindered by various things such as overheating or lack of fit. 

The great part about the Arai XD4 helmet is that it checks all the boxes. The one aspect that is definitely worth knowing more about is that this model comes with three distinct configurations. This means that the user can simply choose the one that works best for his or her needs, and given that many aspects can vary depending on riding style, this is a highly useful approach. 

If you’ve already tried the XD3 helmet offered by the same manufacturer and you’ve been happy with the results, then you will probably be very glad to know that the XD4 model is similar to it, but improved in overall performance. Given that we’ve mentioned the unit’s versatility in terms of comfort and fit, let’s see what key elements have been introduced. 

This model features a highly interesting and comfortable combination of interior liner with a patent-pending cheek pad design. The headliner comes with micro-fitting peel-away temple pads that are as small as 5mm, and the same approach is used for the cheek pads as well, as these also feature 5mm peel-away layers. 

These two elements and the way they work together to ensure the user’s comfort bring the entire notion of helmet customization and fit to a whole new level. Arai helmets are already known for prioritizing the user’s comfort and for ensuring a great overall fit, and luckily the XD4 is no exception to this rule. 

If you want to make sure that you are going to ride while remaining comfortable at all times, then this helmet is surely a choice that you should keep in mind. It’s true that it’s placed in the rather high price range, but this says something about its quality and benefits it offers. 

Furthermore, the manufacturer is continuously improving its products, and experienced users can certainly see the upgraded overall experience compared to previous models, as well as to other similar helmets available in this category. Therefore, if you are thinking about giving this helmet a try, you shouldn’t hesitate to do so. 

The main cons

The XD4 features a very beautiful design, so it’s only natural to want to preserve it for as long as possible. However, certain bright or fluorescent finishes are not covered by the warranty, so they may fade away with time, as they get exposed to the various elements present within the environment. 

The right approach to protect the helmet’s design for as long as possible is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in terms of maintenance. This way, if there is any warranty to use you can make sure that it’s not rendered void, and if there isn’t you can still enjoy a great-looking helmet for a longer period. 

Main features explained

Improved design 

One of the things that you should know about Arai is that the brand is continually striving to improve its products, and this can be seen by the upgraded performance that each new model offers. The XD4 is part of the higher-end category of helmets, so it’s only natural for it to ensure great overall user experience, besides the necessary protection. 

This model has the brand’s Intermediate Oval interior shape, which is a rather versatile fit many users can benefit from using. Furthermore, the patent-pending cheek pads are working to ensure both comfort, as well as the right fit for almost any user. The peel-away layer which provides a customizable fit is a great addition to the unit which shows the brand’s innovative side. 

It’s important for any user to choose a high-quality helmet, but it’s also crucial for the manufacturer to further develop its products and bring innovation to the table through various elements. As you can see, Arai took this seriously and the XD4 helmet is the proof that helmets can be both safe and highly comfortable. 

Some of you may find its shape to be more oval than expected, but this is a good thing, given that this is a versatile fit you will probably find to be a lot more comfortable than other alternatives. 

If you are not sure whether this is, in fact, the right choice for you, it’s always a good idea to ask the manufacturer for some additional details, but you should rest assured that you probably don’t have anything to worry about. 


Another element that any experienced rider knows that needs to be carefully taken into account is ventilation. The reason is quite simple, namely that there’s no fun in overheating while you are wearing your helmet, especially if you are planning to take a longer ride that is going to last a few hours. 

This is particularly important if you live in an area with higher temperatures, or if you are going to ride during hot summer days. The good part about the XD4 model is that it comes with various ways to keep the rider comfortable and well-ventilated, given that the manufacturer also knows that this is a crucial element when it comes to comfort. 

Therefore, the helmet comes with large sculpted vents that are placed on the sides and that work for enhanced ventilation, as well as for the unit’s stability. This is a very good additional benefit, especially for those who are planning to ride at higher speeds that might otherwise pose some problems when it comes to this matter. 

However, given that Arai places a strong emphasis on innovation as well, the features that work to ensure proper ventilation include the Brow Vent face shield as well. This particular element means that special vents are added to the face shield to ensure proper airflow around the temple area. 

Furthermore, the unit also comes with the manufacturer’s Dry-Cool technology which means that the interior is made of a special fabric that keeps the user cooler and drier. Of course, this layer is also replaceable, removable, and washable. 

Visibility & usability 

It’s good to note that the XD4 model is actually one of the lightest helmets that fall into the dual-sport category. The unit features the brand’s well-known level of quality, and this applies to the elements that ensure visibility as well. Given that you need to clearly see what is going on around you, this is a matter of both comfort and safety. 

The XD4 helmet ensures outstanding visibility, which is also one of the main advantages this model brings. The clear and generous view of the road ahead means that the user can clearly see what might be coming his or her way in due time. We’ve already mentioned the continuous innovation that the manufacturer is striving to ensure, and the face shield is no exception. 

This element is redesigned in order to meet even the highest demands, and the added brow vents are definitely a great addition that keeps the user comfortable during long rides. In terms of safety and usability, the fact that Arai added a cheek-pad emergency release system is a very good thing. 

This feature allows easier access in case an injured rider needs assistance, and it’s very easy to use thanks to the integrated pull-tabs that are built into the unit. With this feature, in case it’s necessary the cheek pads can easily slide out with minimal discomfort in case of an injury. We know that this is not a fun topic, but it’s definitely a serious one that needs to be considered. 

The face shield 

The wide and clear face shield ensures the necessary visibility for any user, but this particular part of the helmet also comes with other nice features. One of them is the fact that it can rotate upward and stop right under the peak. There’s one soft detent located at the half-way mark, and those of you who want to use it slightly open in other positions can do this thanks to friction. 

Furthermore, the mechanism has been specially made to work well with the revised peak and, while there’s no particular first position for defogging, the fact that it includes a friction lock located on the lower left means that you can use it slightly open for a bit of extra ventilation. 

This characteristic works well when you are riding during warm days, but it’s also helpful when you don’t want to deal with fogging and the outside temperature is not your best friend. For furthermore usability, it’s good to know that the tab used to operate the lock can also act as a handy lift tab to handle the face shield. 

Since we’re covering everything there is to know about the face shield, it’s a good moment to mention that this element can smoothly rotate in order to seal completely around the eye-port. There is also a special section added to the eye-port gasket, located along both sides, that ensures there are no water leaks in that area, in order for everything to be correctly sealed. 


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