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Alpinestars Andes v2 Drystar Jacket

The main pros

When riding your bike, you can encounter a series of unwanted scenarios, especially if you have a long journey ahead. Therefore, the protective gear you choose should be your number one priority to stay safe and make it to your destination without accidents or injuries. 

Apart from a good protective helmet, boots, and a pair of reliable gloves, your most trustworthy ally should be your jacket. What separates the new Alpinestars Andes v2 Drystar jacket from many similar products on the market is its sturdy, 100% waterproof construction. 

Unlike regular leather motorcycle jackets that might allow rain or snow to penetrate the fibers and get in contact with your skin, the Alpinestars Andes v2 Drystar is made of high-quality fibers that repel water 100%, protecting your skin from the damaging effects of bad weather conditions. 

In other words, this jacket is a smart choice whenever you plan on riding your bike in early spring or late fall when chances of rain and other meteorological phenomena are higher. Thanks to its unique construction, this product will fit close to the skin, maintaining your body’s optimal temperature, and keeping you cool and dry throughout the day, regardless of the temperatures outside.

The main cons

When riding a motorcycle, some parts of your body are more exposed and prone to injuries in case of accidents. Although the new Alpinestars Andes v2 Drystar jacket comes with a protective layer that we will further discuss in detail, it doesn’t provide enough, if any, protection for the elbows and shoulders. 

Keep in mind that when you’re in the saddle, your elbows and shoulders should enjoy maximum freedom of movement and flexibility so you can effortlessly change directions and keep your bike on the track. This means that these areas are more exposed than other parts of your body and, therefore, prone to injuries in case of impact. 

Main features explained

Thermal liner

We have already mentioned this jacket’s capacity of repelling water up to 100% to keep the owner cool and dry, regardless of the outdoor conditions. However, rain is not the only weather menace most riders fear, especially when riding their bikes for a long time. 

Heavy winds and the cold temperatures the body is exposed to due to riding a bike at higher speeds are more dangerous than a few drops of rain or snow dropping. Regardless of the weather and the season, the human body is exposed to a series of threats when riding a motorcycle. 

Unlike cars that have heating systems, motorcycles and bikers are fully exposed to all dangers of the road, including accidents, thermal shocks, and blurry vision caused by various meteorological conditions. 

However, wearing the Alpinestars Andes v2 Drystar jacket can change the game and provide a more comfortable ride, no matter the temperatures outside. The jacket’s unique design features a removable long-sleeve thermal liner that ensures comfort on both hot or cold days, so you can ride your bike throughout the year. 

The product consists of an insulating layer that will maintain the body’s optimal temperature and prevent shocks caused by sudden changes in temperature. 

The insulating layer weighs approximately 100 grams on the body and 80 grams on the sleeves, providing increased comfort and protection without affecting flexibility and freedom of movement. 

Therefore, you will stay warm and dry without feeling like you are trapped inside a jacket that is too tight. The new Alpinestars Andes v2 Drystar jacket also is made of breathable fabrics that provide maximum air circulation, preventing overheating and sweating. 

To sum up, the product is designed to provide increased comfort and protection in all weather conditions, absorbing the extra moisture, and keeping your body cool and dry throughout the day. 

The perfect fit 

One of the most important features of a motorcycle jacket is its fit, and the new Alpinestars Andes v2 Drystar can help you ride as comfortably as possible. The product is available in seven different sizes, ranging from Small to 4X-Large, so you can easily pick the right choice for you. 

The manufacturer provides a detailed sizing guide for each size, so all you have to do is measure your body carefully and compare the results with the ones provided in the sizing guide. If you fall in-between sizes, we always recommend going a size up as you have to consider the extra clothes you will be wearing underneath the jacket. 

According to most of the customers who purchased the item, it fits true to size, which means you can go on and order your regular size. However, just to make sure, the jacket features a Velcro-closing waist adjustment belt to provide increased flexibility when it comes to various body types and waist sizes. 

Another detail that caught our attention is the pre-contoured sleeves with stretch panels located on the elbows that ensure maximum flexibility and enhance the riding performance. They also provide volume adjustment to deliver a customized fit, as close to the body as possible. 

Wearing a jacket that is true to size is important not only because it feels more comfortable but also because it allows delivering the maximum level of protection against various weather and road conditions. 

The product’s unique construction will create a barrier between your body and the outdoor climate, maintaining the perfect body temperature and keeping you away from rain, heavy wind, dirt, dust, debris, and even snow. 

The jacket also comes with adjustable buckles on the waist and Velcro straps on the elbows and cuffs to ensure a proper fit. 

Storage compartments 

The main downside of a motorcycle is the limited storage space which leads to compromises, especially when you’re planning a long journey. However, even if you use the two-wheel vehicle just to get to work on time, you will still need a place to store all your essentials. 

While you can add some duffle bags or even small storage boxes on the back of the motorcycle, you will still need to keep your personal belongings within easy reach at all times. Therefore, the best way to do so would be to opt for a jacket that comes with plenty of pockets. 

The new Drystar jacket from Alpinestars features various external pockets of different sizes to satisfy your storage needs and help you enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride. Some of them have zippers, others have studs so that you can keep every item that you want within close reach even when you’re in the saddle. 

Use the zipper pockets on the chest area to store your keys, ID, and wallet, and keep one of the front hand pockets for your phone, especially if you want to connect a Bluetooth hands-free device so you can listen to your favorite music or chat with your loved ones during your ride. 

There is also enough room left for a small flashlight, a pack of tissues, gum or even a protein bar whenever you pull over to have a snack and enjoy the view. And, if you’re more traditional, you can even use one of the bigger pockets to always have a backup physical map in case something goes wrong with your GPS or smartphone. 

Lastly, the hand pockets in the front are big enough to keep your hands warm whenever you need a break or you’re using the jacket to go outside without your two-wheeler. 

Fashion statement 

For those who care about the way they look, the new Alpinestars Andes v2 Drystar jacket can be purchased in various styles, patterns, and colors. 

Each product benefits from the same top quality but can help you create a unique outfit that will stand out in the crowd. Younger riders are more prone to go for bold colors and prints, which is why the Black/Yellow combo would make the perfect fit. 

On the contrary, those who use the jacket for other outdoor activities such as hunting or hiking might choose the camouflage print or the khaki color that keeps a low profile and helps them hide better in the woods. 

Bikers who prefer riding their vehicles during the night can choose from the Black/Yellow or the Light Grey/Black combo that delivers increased visibility in all lighting conditions and allows them to be seen from a safe distance by other vehicles and drivers. Therefore, the jacket is suitable for people of all ages, regardless of their riding style.

To sum up, the product comes with some great features that make it an excellent choice no matter the road or the temperatures outside. There are various sizes to choose from and, for a perfect fit, you can always adjust the size with the help of the buckles or Velcro straps located on the waistline, on the cuffs, and the elbows. 

The four pockets of different sizes make the new Alpinestars jacket more convenient to wear and provide enough storage room for all your essentials whenever you’re in the saddle. 

If you want to be seen from afar when riding during the night, you can always opt for one of the bold colors or prints but if you want to use the jacket for other outdoor activities such as hunting or hiking, a camouflage print would be the smarter choice. 


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