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9 Best UTV Tires (Reviews) in 2023

Since finding the right option, especially if you are looking for the best all around UTV tires, might sometimes be overwhelming, given the multitude of alternatives available on the market, we’ve put together a selection of critically acclaimed products to help you out. Take a look below and see which one suits your needs.

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1. ITP Mega Mayhem Mud Terrain Tire

Having the same great features and benefits as the original Mayhems, the 28x9-12 Mud Terrain is one of those good UTV tire models that gets the job done when you face difficult situations. It keeps you safe, but also provides lots of fun in the meantime.

The tires feature ultra-deep 1.5-inch treads that ensure great results if you need to go through rough and muddy terrains. However, you might be surprised by the fact that the tread also performs very well on hard surfaces, providing a smooth ride, which means that you can use your UTV almost anywhere.

With that being said, these tires are definitely built for performance in muddy terrains, according to the majority of the reviews, but provide excellent results on rocks as well. Their 6-ply rated construction ensures an added puncture resistance and their design looks really cool, adding to your vehicle’s personality.


If you like to have a lot of off-road fun, then these tires are probably just what you need for superior results, thanks to the 1.5-inch treads they feature.

Even though they ensure the rider’s safety on muddy terrains, these ITP tires work well on hard surfaces as well, which means that you won’t have to face situations in which you are uncomfortable.

Another aspect that is worth considering as well is the cool design, given that these tires can definitely make your vehicle more stylish.

Thanks to the 6-ply construction they feature, puncture-resistance is ensured, so you don’t have to think that they might not withstand the test of time.


You should carefully read the details provided by the seller to make sure that the tires fit your vehicle.

Some of those who have tried these tires out prefer to use them mainly for snowy conditions.

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2. Wanda Set of 2 ATV/ UTV Tires P373-10243

If you’re looking for a set of affordable yet durable tires for your ATV or UTV, this one from Wanda is an excellent choice. The tires are available in various sizes to meet the requirements of all vehicles. 

Thanks to their heavy 6-ply rated nylon construction, the tires will resist punctures and abrasions, which makes them a great choice for all outdoor and offroad activities. They provide a great grip in all weather conditions, which means you won’t have to worry about driving your ATV when it’s raining or snowing outside. 

We also liked their deep, widely spaced treads that will shed mud, dirt, and debris, ensuring increased stability on all kinds of terrains. The durable, lightweight, and smooth-rolling design provides quicker acceleration and braking to keep you safe at all times and prevent accidents. 

For proper installation, we suggest taking your vehicle to a mechanic and have the tires checked for pressure too.


This set of two tires is available in various sizes to meet the requirements of most UTVs and ATVs and ensure easy installation. 

They are made of high-quality materials to resist punctures and abrasions, so you won’t have to worry about them losing air pressure in time. 

The tires are durable, lightweight, and feature a smooth-rolling design, ensuring quicker acceleration and braking to prevent potential injuries caused by accidents. 

Thanks to their excellent grip, the tires can be used on all types of terrains and surfaces, including when the road is wet or slippery. 


If you’re not used to changing tires and wheels on your own, we suggest asking the help of a professional mechanic. ATVs are different from regular cars, so changing any of their parts will require a different set of skills. 

We also suggest checking the tire pressure before any ride to ensure no air is lost and your tires won’t get flat. 

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3. Kenda K587 Bear Claw 26x11R12

You might be going through UTV tires for sale looking for a model that ensures an excellent performance on both rough terrains and hard surfaces. If that’s the case, then Kenda’s K587 Bear-Claw might be the alternative that suits your every need.

The model’s 8-ply construction is more than fit to handle any kind of mud and clay you might be driving through but also rolls smoothly and quietly on hard pack soil.

The excellent traction comes from a great design and this aspect gives your UTV a cool look, while the superior quality materials used for the construction of these tires ensure durability, so you’ll be using them for quite some time.

You will surely enjoy many outdoor adventures and if you don’t want to miss any detail from your own perspective, then you can borrow an idea from the riders who enjoy two-wheeled vehicles and check out some cool motorcycle helmet cams.


These tires offered by Kenda can effectively face any type of terrain, whether we are talking about rough ones or hard surfaces, which means that you won’t be uncomfortable during your rides. 

Given the 8-ply construction and the high-quality materials used, the tires can face any kind of rough conditions and they are highly resistant to punctures. 

If you decide that these are the tires that you want to try, then you don’t have to worry about their durability, which also makes them a cost-effective option. 

The deep treads ensure the necessary traction on all kinds of terrains, which also means added safety for the rider. 


In very rare cases, the tires were delivered with some minor manufacturing issues, but if that’s the case, the seller can provide the needed assistance. 

Depending on your UTV, you should double-check the information provided on measurements, so that the tires fit your vehicle. 

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4. Full set of Maxxis Zilla Mud Tires

When it comes to good UTV tires and wheels packages, you can check out Powersports Bundle’s Maxxis Zilla full set, if what you need is a solution for all your tires. This model features high-quality materials and it’s popular for its lightweight construction and the mud-slinging tread pattern that is useful for a wide range of situations.

Being extremely lightweight, the Maxxis Zillas ensure quick acceleration and enhanced traction, while maintaining excellent braking power. The set features two 6-ply 27x9-12 tires and two 6-ply 27x11-12 ones, so you can equip your vehicle with the most appropriate combination.  

Additionally, the design includes a nearly continuous center tread that ensures smoother rides on trails, while your vehicle will have all the necessary traction for deep mud or snow, at an extremely low weight. If you decide to give these a try, you will surely not be disappointed by their performance.


One of the aspects that set this tire set apart from other similar ones in its category is the lightweight construction that it features. 

Made using high-quality materials and including a tread pattern that can face any muddy situation, these tires are effective and ensure added stability. 

The lightweight construction brings other benefits as well, namely enhanced traction and improved acceleration, as well as good braking power.  

The 6-ply structure is what makes these tires highly durable, so if you decide to try them out, you won’t have to buy new ones for quite some time. 


Some users do not consider these tires to be the cheapest alternative, but the results that they ensure are definitely worth the cost. 

You want to make sure that you get the right size for your vehicle, so do check all of the necessary details on measurements with the seller. 

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5. ITP Mayhem Mud Terrain Tire 25x10-12

ITP offers another great model of tires specially built for muddy terrains. These feature a 1-inch tread depth that ensures an excellent performance whenever you might need it in your off-road adventures. Furthermore, the tread pattern offers a surprisingly smooth ride for the traction it achieves.

Another great thing about this model is that comfort and easy handling are possible due to its lightweight construction. Moreover, the high-quality extended-wear rubber compound the tires are made of provides a durable construction, meaning you’ll be able to rely on them for a long time.

The unique deep-lug design gives these tires the incredible traction power that gets you out of any terrain, no matter how deep the mud is. One thing to keep in mind if you are looking for both UTV tires and rims is that this model doesn’t include the latter, so you might need to find an alternative solution for this.


Specially made to face muddy terrains, these ITS tires come with 1-inch deep treads, so there’s not much you should worry about when it comes to stability. 

Even though they can certainly face rough off-road conditions, these ITP tires ensure comfortable rides on hard surfaces as well. 

Thanks to the lightweight construction they feature, you won’t have a hard time handling them and your UTV, even in difficult situations. 

Since traction is crucial for great off-road adventures, these tires come with a one-of-a-kind deep-lug tread design for incredible performance.


These tires don’t come with rims, so these will need to be purchased separately, which also means an additional cost on the user’s part. 

You might want to make sure that you get all of the necessary information from the seller regarding the number of tires that will be delivered so that you get exactly what you need for your vehicle. 

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6. Sedona Mudda Inlaw Radial Tire 32X10R-14

Definitely not one of the UTV street tires models, Sedona’s MIL3210R14 is an excellent alternative if what you need is a solution for those situations in which you need exceptional deep mud traction capability.

The tires feature a 2” deep center lug pattern which increases to 2 ¼” on the outer edge, which means you will be able to quickly paddle through any mud pit, as it wraps down the sidewall for heavy traction.

Moreover, the ultra strong carcass included in their construction allows you to overcome any obstacle with little effort. The model is suitable for both the front or the rear tires, as it features a 32 x 10 x 14 size, an 8-ply, and a 14” rim.

The MIL3210R14 tires provide excellent performance on any terrain, but they are surely the right option if you know you will have to deal with deep mud or snow.


Suitable for both the front and rear tires, this Sedona alternative ensures excellent traction and performance for off-road rides. 

Thanks to the 2-inch deep treads and their specially designed pattern, any muddy situation you have to deal with won’t be a problem. 

Furthermore, the pattern goes as deep as 2 ¼” toward the outer edge for improved stability, while the very strong carcass that these tires come with ensures their durability. 

Given that these Sedona tires come with such particular features for rough conditions, you will be able to successfully use them for snow, deep mud, and many other similar situations. 


Users noted that these are rather heavy tires, so if you have any concerns when it comes to this aspect, you should contact the seller for more information. 

These tires work great in many situations, but they cannot be used on smoother terrains for long periods. 

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7. Pro Armor Crawler XR All-Terrain UTV Tire 28x10R14

If you are going through UTV tires reviews looking for an option that performs on any terrain, then you are in the right place. Pro Armor’s Crawler XR is built for rocks, mud or snow, as the aggressive tread pattern and 8-ply rated Armor Belt construction ensure superior results and unmatched gripping capability.

Given its high puncture resistance, you can rest assured that you can overcome any terrain without having to worry about damaging the tires. Moreover, the sidewall protection enables you to easily steer as you need while driving through deep soil.

If you think that this model might not be the best solution for hard surfaces, you will be pleasantly surprised to enjoy a smooth ride and an increased level of comfort even in this case, which makes the Crawler XR a highly versatile model that you should keep in mind and give a try.


This Pro Armor model is a highly versatile one, and this can be seen through the performance it ensures in snow, mud, rocks, and on many other types of terrains. 

Given that these tires feature an 8-ply rated construction, they have great puncture resistance and ensure unmatched traction. 

Any experienced off-road rider will also be happy to know that this model comes with sidewall protection for easy steering even in deep soil conditions. 

This Pro Armor model performs very well in mud or snow, but it can also ensure comfortable rides on hard surfaces, keeping everything as comfortable as possible. 


You should make sure that the tires you get fit your vehicle, as some buyers had minor issues with this in the past. 

In rare occasions, the tires can be delivered with minor damages, but if you have any such issue, the seller’s customer care can provide help. 

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8. SuperATV Intimidator All-Terrain Tire

If what you need is a model that provides excellent results on a muddy terrain but also falls into the UTV sand tires category, then SuperATV’s Intimidator might be the answer to your quest.

These tires have been designed to provide a versatile solution that ensures smooth rides on any terrains, while the unique footprint their construction features ensures a greater contact surface for maximum traction.

Given the 2” tread depth and the 6-ply rating which protects against all the thorns and gnarly terrain out there, you will surely be well equipped to handle any situation.

Moreover, with an angled tread design, the tires divert mud and sand away for the ultimate off-road experience, which means you can enjoy exciting outdoor adventures in any scenery.

Another very cool feature that these tires include is the self-cleaning capability, as you won’t need to worry about maintaining their traction performance during use.


Featuring a unique footprint, this SuperATV model is effective by ensuring a larger contact surface with the terrain, which in turn leads to superior traction. 

Thanks to the 2-inch deep treads, these tires can easily deal with muddy terrains and any other similar off-road conditions, for the ultimate outdoor adventure. 

You should also know that the tires feature a 6-ply construction, which means that they are puncture-resistant, so you don’t need to worry about their durability. 

The tread design is also angled, which means that sand and mud are diverted away for better traction and added stability, which also means enhanced safety for the rider. 


This SuperATV tire is a rather heavy one, so this is something you should keep in mind if you have particular preferences when it comes to this aspect. 

Make sure that you carefully go over the details provided by the manufacturer regarding measurements. 

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9. ITP Blackwater Evolution Radial Tire

ITP’s BLKWTR EVO model uses the most advanced tire technology specifically developed by the manufacturer for the distinct requirements of the latest side-by-side vehicles.

The 8-ply rated radial tires feature a unique non-directional tread design which ensures a great traction. However, precisely this design also provides a smooth ride on all terrains, as well as a balanced handling in any situation.

Moreover, an exclusive Sidewall Armor is included, which protects the shoulder area that is more vulnerable to any penetration, thus greatly increasing reliability during use, while the tires themselves are engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.

In terms of durability, the model includes an all-new Tough Tread rubber compound that offers exceptional wear and abrasion resistance. This means you’ll enjoy your set of tires for a long period before needing to replace them, unlike some of the discount UTV tires that are available on the market.


Built using the most advanced technology developed by ITP for this category of products, this model is one that ensures top results, as well as versatility in terms of terrains it can tackle. 

The 8-ply construction is what makes this a highly resistant tire that can withstand all types of rough conditions. 

The deep tread pattern renders great traction, so any kind of off-road terrain won’t be a problem if you decide to give this model a try. 

The manufacturer also took comfort and safety into account, so the design of these ITP tires also ensures a balanced handling of the vehicle. 


If you don’t want to have any trouble when it comes to fitting the tire to your vehicle, then make sure that you carefully read the details regarding the measurements. 

These tires seemed somewhat heavy for some users, but this also depends on your vehicle and preferences. 

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This Year’s Buying Guide


When you are looking for the right UTV tires for your every need, there are some things you might want to keep in mind before venturing into the wide range of alternatives available for sale. Of course, this necessary research applies to most of the product categories that are available on the market.

You might not always be sure which motorcycle accessories are right for you if you need a great motorcycle cover, or what features you should look for in noise cancelling earbuds, but this is where our guide comes in handy when it comes to choosing the right UTV tires.

Here you will find everything you need to know in order to choose those tires that best equip your vehicle for every situation or terrain you might face. One general rule to take into consideration would be to always choose DOT-approved UTV tires, in order to make sure that you comply with all the necessary requirements.

Types of tires

As you most probably already know, there are several types of tires, each serving a different purpose, so it’s a good idea to know which one suits which type of terrain, in order to choose the model that best fits the demands of your driving area.

The all-terrain (or trail) tires, as the name implies, are the most appropriate choice if you want a versatile solution that allows you to drive in all conditions without having to switch-up your tires. The trick here is that they are not specialized in any way, which means that they don’t provide an extraordinary performance in a certain environment.

One solution for this would be to go for an all-terrain type of tires that is more inclined towards a certain category. This way you can gain versatility while preserving a high performance on the terrain you drive on the most.

Mud tires are specially designed for wet or sloppy terrains, as they easily plow through the slosh. The tires typically feature irregular, wide-spaced and deep treads for the ultimate grip. Although you can use them on other soft terrains, they are pretty uncomfortable in any kind of hard pack or rocky environment and they will wear out much faster.

Sand tires are also highly-specialized, which means that you will hardly use them for anything else. However, if you know that you are going to be driving through dunes more often than on other terrains, then they are definitely a great idea. Their paddle-like ridges do a great job keeping the UTV stable in sand riding.


Ply rating

The ply rating comes from the fact that tires actually used to be made of ply, and the more sheets were used, the tougher the tire was. Of course, the technology has evolved, but the ply rating is still very helpful in determining a tire’s strength.

The stars that are molded into the sidewall of the tire indicate this rating, each one representing 2 plies, so if you have two stars marked, the tire is 4-ply rated.

Of course, the higher the rating, the stronger the tire, which is good to know if need a higher load carrying capacity or are going to drive in rocky conditions, as this provides has an increased puncture-resistance.

Wider or narrower treads

If you’ve decided that you want to change your tires, then it’s good to know that as you do this, you can also choose a wider or narrower tread. This can have both advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of riding you will be doing.

Choosing a wider tread will increase the cornering traction and allow you to better handle acceleration or braking in some terrains. However, the downside can be that more steering effort is required and the suspension components face an increased stress.

A narrower tread will be easier to steer and will also ensure an improved grip in soft terrains such as mud or snow, but will fall short when it comes to hard surfaces.



Since getting a specialized set of tires is not the cheapest thing in the world, you might be wondering how to ensure their proper maintenance. The first thing you should do is to check them before each ride. It’s important to make sure they have no cracks, punctures or damage to the sidewall or tread.

Your driving style affects the tires, as well. Heavy accelerations or slamming on the breaks will cause more wear, so if you want to preserve their durability, you should maintain a balanced driving approach.

Tire size and markings

While you might be a bit flexible when choosing the equipment you need for your snowmobile rides as far as size is concerned, high precision is required when it comes to UTV and ATV tires. The best UTV tire won’t just provide excellent traction and withstand even more aggressive riding sessions but will also fit your wheels perfectly. 

When looking for new tires, it is not enough to consider the type of terrain you will explore to make sure you pair your UTV riding experience with safety and smooth vehicle operation. Just like you need a motorcycle helmet that ensures a perfect fit, you need UTV and ATV tires that fit the wheels of your vehicle flawlessly. 

Now, things might seem a bit complicated when it comes to finding the best UTV tire size for your needs, yet if you pay great attention, those markings you will see on the tires available for sale will make things way easier. 

Before adding any tire to your shopping cart, you need to find out the diameter of your rims as well as the space allotted for the new tires. To make sure that the tire is not too big, it is best to also measure the height or diameter of the entire wheel. 

You will also need to consider the width of the tires you want to buy. The good thing is that you can be a bit more flexible on this one. Sometimes, getting a tire that is a bit wider than your rims might actually help and improve your overall experience. 

If the terrain you want to explore includes lots of dirt or you intend to go for some desert riding sessions, a wider tire will protect the rim and prevent dirt and desert sand from reaching the inside of the tire. Once you have the needed measurements, you can go on with your search and take a close look at the numbers marked on the tires you want to purchase. 

You will see that tire measurements come written alphanumeric codes. You will find something like 25x 10R- 12, for example. Sometimes, the letter R might not be included, though. This letter refers to the tire construction. Most UTV tires feature a combination of rubber fibers. Some of them even include steel or Kevlar fibers. 

What sets tires apart is the ply technique used for their construction. You will thus find Bias or Radial ply tires. When the alphanumeric code includes an R, it means you have a Radial ply tire. Now, the rest of the code is what will help you make sure you find the right size. The first number in this code is used for the overall height of a tire in inches. 

In our case, 25 means that the tire has a diameter of 25 inches from the floor to the top. The second number refers to the width of the tire. In the example we’ve provided, the tire is 10-inch wide. The third and last number is the inner diameter of the tire that will connect up with the rim of your UTV. 


UTV tires for winter settings 

UTV and ATV tires come in various types, each of them designed to meet specific terrain needs. You will also find all-terrain tire models that are a good idea if you don’t ride your ATV too often and when you do so, you don’t just explore rocky terrains but also trail options made with mud, dirt, and even snow. 

The market offers tires that are specifically built for snow riding. What sets these tires apart is that they feature a more flexible rubber as well as a few metal rods to dig into the ice. If you can’t find snow tires in your area, you can also use mud tires since they will do a great job even when used for snow riding. 

That’s because the important thing when riding your UTV in a winter environment is the same thing that holds great significance in mud settings and that is clearance. Mud can get in the gaps between treads and affect the friction provided by the tire. 

Mud tires are designed to solve this problem and sport a self-clearing system that will make mud and snow fall out of the lugs. To ensure such benefits, the tire will use the shape of its lugs or threads and its centrifugal force. Since snow and mud can cause similar problems, mud tires are thus a good choice if you intend to use your UTV even when winter settles in. 

As we’ve said before, an all-terrain tire might also help. Still, whether you employ mud or all-terrain tires, it is not a guarantee that you won’t slip. To prevent that, it is safer to use snow chains. 

Always think of your trail and terrain options before you buy UTV tires. If the terrain is rocky, then tires designed for rock crawling are the best choice. If you want to explore some desert areas, tires that were specifically built for sand are the ones to go for. 


Since UTV tires come in different types and are built using different techniques, prices vary. An all-terrain tire might be an inspired choice if you don’t limit your riding sessions to trails made with mud or rock. 

If you usually ride your vehicle only on a certain type of terrain, then it is recommended to go for models that were built with those needs in mind. Getting the right tires is not just about your overall experience, but also about your safety. 

While you can find UTV tires for as low as $80 apiece, some units can reach even $200. Think of how durable they are and how often you want to use them. More expensive tires might be a safer option if you frequently engage in aggressive UTV riding as they are likely to withstand the test of time better than cheaper models. 


Frequently asked questions


Q: What tires do I need for my UTV?

Most UTVs come with the same stock tires and are designed for all-purpose or all-terrain use. In other words, they can help you ride through different types of terrains and obstacles, as long as they’re not too aggressive. 

The Maxxis Big Horn represents one of the most popular choices of tires for UTV manufacturers because they provide good traction and durability. However, different types of terrains might require different types of tires, and you will need to pick them accordingly if you want to enjoy a perfect day outdoors. 

Generally speaking, there are four main types of UTV tires – general-purpose tires, mud, sand, and dual-sport tires. As we already mentioned, UTVs come equipped with a set of all-purpose tires, meaning you will only have to buy the other ones if you plan on riding your UTV in the mud or on sandy beaches. 

Mud tires, for instance, are the second most popular choice for people looking for a countryside or forest adventure. The tires are tall and aggressive, with lugs looking like claws. They provide better traction and, in some conditions, they can even be suitable for the wintertime. 

Q: How can I change my UTV tires?

If you don’t know how to change a spare tire on your car, you might find it difficult to handle other types of vehicles, including UTVs. Luckily, a simple search on the Internet and you’ll find plenty of YouTube tutorials and step-by-step instructions on how to safely remove and replace the tires of a UTV.

The first thing you need to do is lift up the vehicle and remove the wheel. You’ll want to do this while your vehicle is parked on a hard and flat surface, such as a garage floor. You’ll then need a tire jack to lift up the UTV to remove the wheel. The second step is to deflate the tire, then break the bead on both sides of the tire. You can even use a DIY de-beading tool. 

After you successfully deflated the tires, remove the tires from the rim using tire irons. Before installing the new tires, you need to make sure the bead of the rim is clean and smooth, so remove all dirt, debris, and sand. Clean the lip of the rim on both sides, use lube on the new tire and the rim bead, and mount the new tires to the rim, using the same tire irons. 


Q: How do I know my tire pressure? 

The right tire pressure for your UTV is based on the manufacturer’s recommendations for different types of terrains and loads. Generally speaking, manufacturer recommendations range from 5 to 15 psi but you need to take into account the type of terrain on which you will be riding the UTV and the maximum load. 

Hard surfaces like dirt trails, sand, hard snow, and even pavement should benefit from tires with increased traction and ride comfort. You can reduce the tire pressure as low as 2.5 psi if you plan on using the vehicle on soft surfaces such as loose sand, soft snow or mud, to improve traction and increase the contact area. 

As we previously mentioned, you should mainly stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations if you use the UTV for a single rider without any additional load. If you plan on bringing a friend with you or add camping gear, increase tire pressure according to the recommendations. 


Q: How long do UTV tires last?

The answer depends on how often you use your vehicle, on which types of surfaces, and how often you carry a second passenger or a big load on it. Generally speaking, a pair of all-terrain UTV tires should last anywhere from 2 to 5 years, depending on how often you ride the vehicle. 

Tires can wear off easier if they are used on hard surfaces such as pavement, asphalt or hard snow, meaning you will have to replace them after one-two years maximum. If you only use one set of tires throughout the year and for all your activities, consider replacing them after two years maximum. 

It would be best to have at least one spare set of tires, preferably for different types of terrains such as sand or mud if you want them to last longer. By constantly rotating them, you won’t let them wear off too easily and you’ll benefit from the same tire pressure and adherence for a few seasons. 


Q: How can I fix a tire with slime?

No matter how often you ride your car, ATV or motorcycle, chances are you will stumble across a flat tire sooner or later. Tires are the main elements that come in contact with hard surfaces so it’s only natural for them to wear off easier and faster. 

However, you don’t have to pull over and immediately change a flat tire as various kits can help you seal the leak and last until your destination or until you find a decent service to check your UTV for other problems as well. 

The tire sealant is a fibrous liquid used to coat the inside of your tire to prevent air or pressure from escaping and flattening your tire. Slime offers three types of formulas, specifically designed for various tires and tubes. 

The blue label bottle is ideal for non-highway tires, including dirt bikes, UTVs, trailers, tractors, and riding mowers. All you have to do is purchase the right formula for your tires and apply it on the punctured surface of the tire and wait for a few minutes until it becomes solid. 




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