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9 Best UTV Helmets (Reviews) in 2020

Should you be in the market for UTV helmets for sale, you might need a few suggestions on which alternatives you could consider first. The ones we’ve reviewed below are among the top customer choices, and they highlight the main features that you should look for in this piece of gear.

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1. O'Neal Sierra II Helmet Flat Black

This alternative weighs around 56 oz. The Sierra II is built using durable ABS, a plastic composite commonly encountered in the heavy industry. The material offers protection in case of an accident and makes sure that the helmet endures the test of time.

Despite being rough on the outside, the interior of the item is lined with soft fabric, allowing the customer to feel comfortable while wearing this piece of gear. The moisture is removed through the air channels, so your skin stays dry and fresh, and you can ride for extended periods of time.

In case you’re worried about fitting, you should know that this helmet stays in place due to the double-d safety lock, that can endure high levels of mechanical shock.

Another factor that increases the user’s comfort is the padded chin strap, alongside the liner. The materials used are washable, so you will have no trouble keeping this item sparkling clean.

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2. O'Neal Unisex-Adult Off-Road Style 2Series Helmet

Weighing only 51 oz, the Spyde helmet is an excellent alternative for riders looking to add a stylish piece of gear to their equipment. It meets multiple quality and safety standards, including DOT and ECE 22-19, in case you had any doubts about the reliability of this particular item.

The multiple air vents featured in this design help ventilate the skin by letting out all the moisture. Thus, the temperature inside stays within comfortable limits, and your skin is kept dry and fresh all day long.

A nose guard is the critical piece of this head protection, given that it’s made of rubber to minimize the damage in case an accident occurs.

This helmet features removable liner made of a soft plush material, that can be washed whenever you feel it’s necessary.

What’s more, this model comes in four different color designs, and each of them would stand out as a statement piece in your motorcycle gear collection.

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3. LS2 Helmets Pioneer Solid Adventure Off Road Motorcycle Helmet

The technology used for manufacturing this model is DOT approved, meaning there’s no reason to doubt the level of safety that it offers. The Quick Release System is designed to allow you to operate the chin strap in a matter of seconds.

Also, this unit comes with cheek pads that are cut from one piece of foam. Less seaming means increased durability, and the design is flawless, given that the foam is cut using LS2’s 3D laser technique.

This item’s built-in sunscreen protects the eyes from wind, but in case you need to wear an additional pair of goggles for various purposes you should know that the eyeport is broad enough to fit a wide range of brands.

Last but not least, this product comes in various sizes, enough to make sure that you’ll find the right fit and feel comfortable while wearing it. It’s also affordable since it’s sold by the manufacturer directly.

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4. O'Neal Unisex-Adult Off-Road Style 5 SRS Wingman Helmet

Featuring an ABS and polycarbonate shell like many other alternatives, this reliable helmet only weighs 48.5 oz, being one of the lightest in our list of top options. It features a CoolMax liner that’s made of soft plush and can be removed and washed separately.

The texture of the material will keep your skin dry by wicking away sweat and maintaining a comfortable temperature inside. Another detail that helps ventilate the interior properly is the inclusion of multiple air vents in the design of the helmet.

It meets most safety standards, such as DOT, ECE 22-05, and AS/NZS, being an excellent alternative if you’re looking for secure equipment. If any damage does occur, you’ll have no trouble finding replacement pieces for your model.

Aside from being made using high-quality material, this helmet also has a resistant finish layer. The cleat coated graphics are designed to last.

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5. Raider 24-630MO-14 Ambush Adult MX Off-Road Helmet

This helmet features durable construction, mainly due to the thermoplastic shell. The material used is sturdy and manages to protect the user in case of an accident, but still maintains a small weight that will not cause discomfort or fatigue during the motorcycle ride.

It’s DOT FMVSS N.218 approved, so this design is completely safe and is likely to reduce the physical damage that might ensue as a result of an accident. Aside from its construction, the non-slip strap holder used for goggles enhances this model’s technical features.

The adjustable visor allows you to choose your preferred viewport and maximizes visibility in any conditions. Another aspect that’s worth mentioning when it comes to this product is the camouflage graphics.

This print is likely to stand out as a statement piece compared to other more conventional parts of equipment. It also comes at a somewhat affordable price.

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6. HJC Helmets IS-33 Helmet