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9 Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks (Reviews) in 2023 

Finding the best helmet lock for motorcycles might not be the easiest job in the world, with all the various designs and models available, each offering its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. After analyzing dozens of pages of user feedback we’ve narrowed down the list of available locks to a number of particularly good ones, to save you time browsing through the options available.

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1. Kuryakyn 4248 Motorcycle License Plate Helmet Security Lock

This Kuryakyn option is a license plate lock, intended to be attached with screws to a standard size 4x7 inches license plate frame. It is reported to be very easy to install with only the most basic tools and it will accept a number of sizes of hardware, as the holes fitting the screws are elongated.

A note must be made that this isn't intended to be used with curved license plate frames or on swept/lone eagle varieties, but some users report that they did manage to install them on such surfaces, after making some adjustments.

Made of metal and painted black, this should hold well to an ingenious would-be thief as well as the elements and whatever might bump against it from the road.

The opening and closing are done via a key, and the manufacturer offers 2 of them just in case one gets misplaced.


Kuryakyn’s product is a versatile helmet lock that can be attached to the license plate, which makes it very easy to use, even for someone who is just getting the hang of bike riding. 

Thanks to the simple design, the lock can be easily handled, so you won’t waste valuable seconds trying to get it in place. 

Furthermore, the license plates it works for measure 4 by 7 inches, and this is a pretty universal size so there’s not too much you should worry about when it comes to compatibility. 

A key needs to be used in order to open and close it, and you’ll get two of these, thus allowing you to have a spare one. 


Using this lock with curved license plates might prove to be quite challenging, so this is not a recommended alternative. 

Given that keys are used for this lock, if you misplace both of them you’ll need to get a new one. 

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2. Lockstraps 801 Locking Carabiner

Very few things are more reliable at keeping things secure than a trusty carabiner. This Lockstrap is made of solid steel and should be extremely hard to cut through, even with an appropriate saw or an angle grinder.

Since it’s not really a specialized product, it can be used for pretty much anything you’ll employ a carabiner for, which gives it great versatility. It’s also self-contained as it doesn’t require a key thanks to the presence of a 3-digit combination lock which will give you 999 options for possible combinations.

Small and discreet (just big enough to fit in the palm of your hand) it doesn’t have to stay attached to the bike when not in use, and it can easily be carried in a pocket or luggage compartment.

People who bought it were surprised of how sturdy it is, and found it to be a deal more solid than the product photos will make one believe.  Some users even found it suitable to anchoring small airplanes.


Featuring a solid steel construction, this lock is one that the average thief won’t be able to cut through, making it a very good option for you. 

Given that it’s a carabiner we’re talking about, you can often use it for many other purposes as well.

The three-digit combination ensures its security but also eliminates the need for carrying a key, which means that you don’t run the risk of misplacing it. 

The fact that it doesn’t need to stay attached to the bike makes it a very nice addition to your gear since you’ll be able to carry it around and use it often. 


You may want to make sure that there is a spot around the bike that fits the helmet and that allows this carabiner to be attached as well. 

Since it’s not rubber-coated, there’s a chance it might scratch the helmet or the bike, so handle it with care. 

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3. Master Lock Running

This pair of motorcycle locks inspire confidence at first sight since they are made of sturdy braided steel, that gives them strength as well as flexibility. You’ll have quite a lot of leeway tying your helmet or jacket to the bike since both of them are 3 feet long and have a 3/16 inches (5 mm) diameter so these won't take a lot of space in the luggage compartment either.

The integrated padlock is made of laminated steel, which gives it quite a bit of heft and durability so that potential thieves won’t get any ideas. They come with two sets of keys for each lock, meaning 4 in total, so losing 1 or 2 won’t be that big of a deal.

While most customers found these to work well, some items might exhibit manufacturing faults, as one user found out after the metal cord got separated quite easily from the padlock itself. Such unlucky picks are sadly unavoidable with most products these days, but items can be sent back to most retailers.


The braided steel construction is what makes these Master Lock products reliable, while the simple design also means they are very easy to use. 

They won’t take up too much space either, so you can simply use the luggage compartment to store them when they are not being used. 

Thanks to the laminated steel that the padlock features, it’s a pretty hefty element that does a very good job at keeping thieves at bay. 

Each lock comes with 2 sets of keys, so you have more options when it comes to where you can keep them, in case one of them is lost. 

Given the lock’s design, you will be able to secure both your helmet and your jacket onto the motorcycle without too much trouble. 


Given that there is no combination of numbers used to lock it, eventually all the keys delivered could be lost. 

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4. Caberg Drift Carbon Motorcycle Helmet

Somewhat similar to the previous model, this 5 mm thick steel cable is only 14 inches long, so it doesn’t add too much weight to carry and it won’t dangle too much while in use. The cable is covered in a nylon coating, primarily intended to protect your bike and helmet from scratching but it also acts as a barrier against moisture, keeping the steel from corroding.

The padlock itself is also covered in plastic which also makes it softer and less likely to hurt you if accidentally hitting your body or if used as an improvised weapon, in the manner that liberal college professors are known to do when attacking peaceful demonstrators.

The locking mechanism operates with a 4 pin tumbler, which gives it good security against being picked and decreases the chances of jamming. It comes with 2 keys but it seems to suffer from the same quality control issues as other Master Lock products, with at least one customer complaining that it broke in the first week of use.


This is a 14-inch-long steel cable, its length being what sets it apart from other similar locks, given that there’s pretty much no dangling involved when it’s being used. 

The 5mm thick steel used renders this lock highly durable, as well as effective given that cutting through it is not that easy for the average thief. 

Thanks to the nylon coating it features, the cable won’t scratch your helmet or the bike, so this is not something you should worry about. 

The locking mechanism features a 4 pin tumbler and the lock is also delivered with 2 keys, in case you lose one of them. 


This cable’s length is both an advantage and a disadvantage, as the length doesn’t allow securing more items. 

You should make sure that you can find a spot around the bike that you can use to fit both the helmet and the lock. 

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5. Motorcycle Helmet Lock Cable

You’ll get quite a bit of product with this sturdy Big Pantha, consisting of a braided steel coiling cable, a carabiner and the holder itself. It operates with a combination lock mechanism so there’s no key to have to keep track of.

Like with most other items of its type, the combination lock uses 3 figures, giving you 999 possible combinations to decide between. The 6 feet cable is covered in a rubber-like material so that the steel doesn’t scratch the bike or helmet and also keeps it safe from corrosion. On the exposed surfaces of the iron this job is handled by a coat of black paint.

The big carabiner, the one holding on to the items, is likewise rubberized and it allows for not just 1, but 2 helmets to be held onto at a given time. The whole item looks very well built and customers are generally appreciative of its quality, but it can be considered a little expensive for a locking cable.


The braided steel construction is what makes this unit both versatile and reliable, given that you can extend it to secure more items if necessary. 

The fact that this product uses a combination lock mechanism that doesn’t use a key means that there’s no additional item that you risk losing. 

This is a 6-foot cable covered in a soft, rubber-like material that protects the helmet and the bike from getting scratched. 

Thanks to the exterior layer, the cable itself is protected against corrosion, thus making this a durable item to have around your bike gear. 


This lock is not necessarily the cheapest one you can find, but the quality it offers makes it worth the extra dollars spent. 

The numbers on the locking mechanism are very hard to read if you are using your phone’s flashlight because they tend to shine and they are quite small as well. 

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6. Lockstraps 901 Helmet Lock

This Lock-it strap might seem to be made out of fabric at first sight, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing as this will make it kinder on the paint of the bike, but that would be a wrong assumption to make, since 2 rugged steel cables run through the nylon of the strap.

These are 3 mm in diameter which should give them good durability as well as flexibility. Corrosion shouldn’t be a problem as nylon is well known to provide good water protection.

The strap holds on to a carabiner which is relatively small but can be attached to a loop at the end of the item to form a closed circle. This is held together with heavy-duty, galvanized rivets that should resist well to rust.

A combination lock is used for the carabiner so there’s no key to misplace or forget which should be a welcomed feature for those of us more forgetful.


This Lockstraps product features a sturdy construction that includes 2 rugged steel cables, so you shouldn’t assume that cutting it is an easy job. 

The exterior nylon layer is specially made to protect the bike from getting scratched, while it also protects the cables against rust and corrosion.

The fact that the locking mechanism features a combination means that you don’t have to worry about misplacing the key, thus eliminating this hassle. 

Every element is treated to resist rust, thus making this a durable lock that won’t disappoint you in the long run. 


This is a rather heavy lock, even though it might not seem like it, so that’s something you should bear in mind. 

The strap is a bit stiff, so you may need to find the right spot on the bike to which you can attach the lock and fit the helmet as well. 

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7. Helmetlock 4101 Rubberized

This carabiner style locking mechanism is made out of aluminum which keeps it light while also allowing for an adequate level of durability. Customers found it surprisingly difficult to cut through with a hacksaw, so it does a good job at delaying theft.

Most of the surface is covered in a protective plastic material, partly to protect the paint on your bike or helmet from scratching, partly to keep the elements away from the aluminum, which might otherwise corrode.

It uses a 4 digit combination lock, made out of weather-resistant zinc alloy and it can be attached to any area on your bike which allows for it. Unlike other carabiners, the hinge on this one opens to the outside, so it’s easier to pot it around bars without a piece of metal in the way.

As a word of warning, multiple customers found that the locking mechanism can malfunction and get stuck, requiring for the item to be cut in order to “save” the helmet. This seems to be a quality control issue, as only a few people experienced it.


One of the first things you will notice if you give this Helmetlok a try is the lightweight construction, given that it’s made of aluminum. 

Even though this doesn’t weigh too much, it’s a highly durable and reliable lock, so you should definitely add it to your list of accessories you should try out. 

The exterior layer is made of a soft yet strong plastic that ensures your bike’s protection against scratches, while also keeping the aluminum inside in top shape for a longer period. 

This unit uses a 4-digit combination, so there’s no key you risk losing and the number of possible outcomes makes this a safe alternative. 


Just like it’s the case with such units, the locking mechanism can sometimes malfunction, so in case this happens, you should ask the manufacturer for assistance. 

After extended use, the numbers on the combination might wear off. 

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8. DDSKY Motorcycle Helmet Lock with Elastic Cable

The rigid parts of this DDSKY are entirely made of zinc allow, for good durability and weather protection. It consists of a steel wire coil cable, a carabiner and two connector loops. The coil can close a circle with the carabiner which effectively gives you 2 separate areas to attach things to.

While not particularly sizeable when packed, it can extend to 5 feet, giving you quite a deal of reach when used to secure luggage on top a truck or other such applications. Like nearly all other similar designs, it employs a combination lock with 3 figures.

While this does provide an added measure of convenience, since you won’t be needing to keep track of a key, it is seen as slightly less reliable than a padlock, although there aren't any such issues associated with this particular product, which also comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.


With a construction that includes both steel and zinc alloy, you can safely say that this DDSKY lock does a great job of keeping potential thieves away. 

The smart design allows the coil to form a circle with the carabiner, which means that two separate areas are created that you can use as you see fit. 

The cable can extend to an impressive length of 5 feet, which means that you can use it to secure more items than just the helmet. 

Thanks to the combination locking system, you won’t need to worry about having the key within reach and maybe risk losing it. 


The unit might be a bit smaller than some expect, so make sure that you check the measurements before buying it. 

The 3-digit combination might seem a bit easy, given that there are models that employ a combination of more digits, but the alternative used here still ensures 999 possible outcomes. 

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9. Kuryakyn Universal Helmet Lock Street Racing Motorcycle

This is a very compact device and might be appreciated by those with little carrying space. It is basically a clamp with a padlock that attaches to a metal tube through screws. Depending on the size chosen, this can have either ⅞ to 1-¼ inches for the 4220 or 1-¼ to 1-½ inches for the larger 4232.

The section where the helmet will be attached to the device, just underneath the keyhole, isn’t all that sizeable. So you might either need a helm which has a hole specifically for this purpose, or drill one yourself, as this is not known to affect the structural integrity of the helmet.

This device is however very discreet and is intended to be a permanent addition to the motorcycle. It also has a chrome finish which will make it look good on a cruiser while it also won’t bother anybody on a small sports motorcycle.


If you don’t have that much space available to carry a lock, then this highly compact Kuryakyn model is surely the right answer for you. 

You can choose from various sizes, so make sure that you get the one that works for your bike and helmet.

The design is a simple one that includes a padlock and a clamp, as well as a metal tube that connects the elements, so you won’t have a hard time using it. 

This small and elegant design is also very discreet, which means that you’ll be able to keep it on your bike all the time. 


It uses a key for the locking mechanism, so if you misplace it the entire lock will need to be replaced. 

Make sure that the measurements work for your bike, as it can run either large or small, depending on where you plan on using it.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


The best motorcycle helmet lock must be durable, easy to install, and convenient to use. Most people prefer for it to be as discreet as possible and not interfere with the aesthetics of your bike. There are a number of solutions used by manufacturers to achieve this and we will tell you a little bit about each one below.

The Handlebar Lock

This is a very visible type of lock but most people appreciate its aesthetics. It is generally made out of durable, pleasant looking metal which is either polished or painted. When you’re looking for a motorcycle handlebar helmet lock through what’s available for sale make a note that you might require to purchase 2 of them.

This is not just to maintain the bikes visual symmetry, but it will also keep the balance of your handlebar even. Compatibility with the handlebar is most often not an issue, as these tend to be designed to fit universally.


The Mesh Leash or Cord Lock

As the name suggests, this design consists of a cord which is often rubberized for added durability. This goes around the helmet and locks in place either with a key or a combination. The advantage of the last system is that it doesn’t require a key, and if opting for the first it is advisable to always make a spare.

The motorcycle helmet lock cable hangs loosely when attached to the bike and might cause damage when the metal bit housing, the key, or the combination lock impacts the vehicle, so it has to be toted about.

An advantage of this system is the multiple possibilities for locking that it offers. For example, if the cord is thin enough, it could be driven through the motorcycle helmet pin lock, which will allow you to leave the visor closed.


The Bolt Lock

Bolt locks are almost exclusively operated with a key and have a cylindrical shape. There’s really no restriction as to where these could be placed on a bike but most people prefer to attach them to the license plate in order to keep their potentially unattractive frame out of sight.

These sit permanently on your bike, are small, and easy to install with only basic tools in under an hour. Very versatile, they can be attached to virtually all recreational vehicles with a bit of skill, as well as to a motorcycle helmet holder wall mount.

The License Plate Lock

This design attaches to the back of the license plate holder in order to stay out of sight. Besides leaving the looks of your bike unaltered it won’t affect balance due to its center location. Made of metal, these are fairly strong and won’t be easy to get through, while a cheap motorcycle helmet lock of the cord variety can be bested by something as common as a pair of good scissors.

This type of locks are very easy to install and most of the time you won’t require more than a wrench and about half an hour of your time.


Why should you buy a helmet lock?

A universal motorcycle helmet lock can be used with virtually any recreational vehicle to keep your helmet safe without requiring you to carry an extra item around. If you’re not certain that you need one, consider that some fancy establishments won’t allow you to take a motorcycle helmet inside, where it will most likely sit on a table.

Even the best helmet lock for a motorcycle is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared with the price of the item it should safeguard, so there isn’t really any strong reason not to buy one.


Make sure that the helmet lock you buy is made from sturdy materials

No matter how appealing some helmet locks might look, you need to focus on specific considerations if you want a model that will protect your property beyond any shadow of a doubt. That is why the rule of thumb is to search for a model that has plenty of metal in its construction. Other aspects are certain just as essential, but your lock should be capable of handling any brute force attack.

The best motorcycle helmet lock is the one that doesn’t allow thieves to pull at them and break them open with the help of cutting tools. That is why it is so important that the helmet lock you purchase is made as sturdy as possible. Also, since you might be leaving it out in the rain once in a while, you should check if the metal construction is treated to withstand rust and corrosion.

Search for terms such as heat-treated or strengthened steel in the description offered by the manufacturer. Good quality models might sell for a higher price, which is why you should be prepared to spend a little to get a decent helmet lock.

You must bear in mind that motorcycle helmets are often expensive items, which is why it is necessary to protect them from thieves. That is why you will notice that the best helmet locks come with a costly price tag.


Check the locking mechanism

One of the first things you will learn about a lock is whether it requires the use of a key or a 4-digit code. These are the most common options available, as far as the locking mechanism is concerned, and you need to decide whether you would be more comfortable with having an extra key on your chain or memorizing a code.

A seasoned thief might not be deterred by either, but the simple presence of a locking mechanism that appears to be tough to crack is enough in most cases. That’s why we mentioned earlier the brute force attack being what most thieves try when they see a motorcycle helmet left on the handlebars of your bike. The best helmet locks should look hard to tackle to make most criminals give up.


Is it portable and easy to use?

The best helmet locks are those that are the most suitable for your needs. For instance, a helmet lock that is small enough that you can carry in your pocket presents the advantage of not taking too much room, and it is also very convenient. It is usually also easy to use, so that’s another thing you should bear in mind.

However, some of the best helmet locks out there are those that can be installed directly on your bike. They can be attached directly to the handlebar and left there even when not in use. If that’s the model you prefer, your helmet lock will have to be weatherproof, as you won’t be able to protect it from weather elements more that you would protect the entire bike.

This type of helmet lock may require more in terms of installation. You might even have to do some welding, depending on the model. But that’s not necessarily the case, and some are still easy to use. You know that you have the best motorcycle helmet lock if no one can break it, and these sturdy models might be right up your alley.


How safe should the best motorcycle helmet lock be?

When selecting a helmet lock from the many products available, this sort of question might pop into your mind. After all, motorcycle helmets need to be secured when you dismount your bike and want to go inside a shop for a little while. Still, this doesn’t mean that you should invest in an expensive model, no matter the good quality construction it presents. The best helmet locks out there might ask for a pretty penny.

Some factors are external when it comes to the selection of a helmet lock. For instance, you should consider the types of areas you usually frequent. Helmet locks that are made from tough materials are a good fit for areas where the crime rate is high. However, a bit more knowledge on such topics can give you an idea about what helmet locks you should look for. If thefts of motorcycle helmets are a norm in your area, you should invest in a model that offers the highest security possible.

Apply superior security advice

To make sure that your helmet lock gets the job done, you should do your part. While you may be happy with helmet locks that are easy to use, they aren’t always a good choice. And it’s something that doesn’t have something to do directly with them or how they are made.

Bike owners often forget to change the combination of helmet locks that come with a 4-digit code. Not even the best helmet locks can beat human negligence. Also, you shouldn’t choose something easy to guess, such as 1234.

That’s something criminals know, and it will be the first thing they will try. You can invest in the best motorcycle helmet lock, but if you overlook this aspect, there will be no one else at fault but you. The locking mechanism present on your device can only do this much. If you leave your key somewhere, someone could take it, don’t be surprised to find it gone, and your helmet with it, too.

Remember that the best helmet locks should be easy to use and made of good quality materials. At the same time, you shouldn’t overlook aspects like the ones mentioned above about the locking mechanism. Even the best motorcycle helmet lock can be broken by a thief who simply tries common combinations.

Small helmet locks are not superior in the security area as they can’t be made as sturdy as their largest counterparts. Depending on how much security you need, you should consider helmet locks that are harder to break.

Frequently asked questions



Q: What is a motorcycle helmet lock?

When you ride a bike, you definitely need a helmet, and, with that, here comes an important question. What are you to do when you get off your bike, and you need to leave your helmet behind? You may feel tempted to take it with you anywhere you go, but that’s hardly a solution. So, what you need is a helmet lock.

But what is this kind of lock? Mainly, it is a product created to keep your helmet secure to your motorcycle while you’re away from it. Don’t expect any bikes to come equipped with such a thing. A motorcycle helmet lock must be purchased separately. Helmets are not sold with them, either.

What you do is that you attach this lock to the frame of your bike. Then you fasten the helmet to it, and that is how you make it safe from any thieves that might want to grab it. Motorcycle helmet locks come in various shapes, and you may find some that look like a chain, a cipher, or a spring with a lock attached to it.

Of course, you may want to check the price, as well as the safety rating on each product before you purchase one. Seeing how you have many to select from, there is undoubtedly a helmet lock for you to pick.

Q: How do I use a helmet lock?

As you may well know it, a helmet lock is a way to go if you count on some extra security for your helmet. Most of the motorcycle helmet locks on the market come with a wire that you put through the chin area of the helmet, and then you attach it to your bike. Of course, you won’t connect it to a wheel, but from the handlebars, which are the most convenient for this purpose.

In case you have an open visor helmet, you need a helmet lock that clicks into the chinstrap. As you can see, there is a different style of lock for any helmet possible. It is essential to know when it’s a good idea to use a helmet lock. No matter how strong, these motorcycle locks won’t prevent a thief from cutting the chinstrap and walking away with your helmet anyway.

Make sure that you don’t leave your bike unattended for too long in an area where there’s not enough security in place. Fastening your helmet with a chain won’t do that much good, either, as if there is someone bent on stealing it, they will do it if there’s no one around. No matter what style you pick, that’s the best a helmet lock can do.


Q: How safe is a helmet lock?

As mentioned earlier, such a product is useful as long as you don’t leave your helmet unattended for long. If you need to walk into a store or you have dinner at a restaurant, a steel lock will do the trick. Made from hardened materials, it is a good idea and will keep your bike helmet safe.

The price differs for various models. Therefore, so does the security they can provide. You can always check out the rating for each style of helmet lock and decide for yourself. Sometimes, you can tell by how heavy the lock is. If it’s made from steel, that’s an added plus. Any hardened material will do, but this is a perfect choice.

Just the same attention you pay to each wheel, and other parts of your motorcycle, do the same when you select a lock. It must be strong enough so that it doesn’t come undone when someone pulls at it. When you go back to your bike, you can always check for a sign of someone wanting to tamper with the helmet lock. An easy to use lock would be a great choice. While there cannot be one attached to a wheel, the versions available are good enough.


Q: What do I do if I lose the combination to my lock?

Sometimes, it may happen that you lose your combination to your helmet lock. Even the most careful people can go through such a thing. Luckily, there are some things you can do so that you don’t have to go riding without a helmet. Of course, if yours is made of steel, you can’t directly attempt at cutting it without a special tool. Even the most hardened riders who are used to their bikes, and are strong enough to deal with any situation can’t do that.

One thing you can do is contact the seller by phone or email. The latter means that you will have to wait around for the response to come, and that might not be an option. Some bikers offer other solutions. For instance, the resetting instructions sound like this.

First, you need to bring all the numbers to zero and make sure that they all face you. That should work for the style of helmet lock that comes with a cipher, of course. You then need to push down the A button, then slide and hold the B button at the back. That will take you to the step where you introduce your new combination.

Do so while keeping the B button down. After that, you release this button, and you’ve successfully managed to reset the combination.


Q: Are helmet locks weather resistant?

As you may well expect, helmet locks are made to be weather resistant. They are strong, and they work on any bikes, so they are an easy choice for anyone who wants to secure his or her helmet in place while away from the motorcycle.

A steel lock is a great pick, but you may wonder whether it can resist the rain and snow. Fret not; most popular models come with a coating that makes them hardened against bad weather. When you check every wheel for pressure and do other regular checkups, make sure that the lock you pick shows not one sign of rust either.

Of course, a good idea would be to check various motorcycle helmet locks available on the market, to see if they are coated to resist weather elements. That should give you the peace of mind you are after.

Imagine how much work and care goes into maintaining your motorcycle from every wheel to how often you change the oil. That’s the same thing you should employ when picking a helmet lock. Make sure that yours is weather-resistant and that it’s strong enough to deal with all the conditions you will face where you choose to travel.

Best brands


Master Lock is a world-renowned brand that has a rich history and long experience in providing high-quality products to its customers. The brand was established in 1921 by Harry Soref and the interesting part is that, given its line of business, it worked with very interesting characters throughout time, one example being the well-known Harry Houdini. 

Furthermore, the prohibition period also put the company to work, which shows how important the innovation process was in driving forward operations and establishing the brand as a leading one. In fact, the company’s commitment is to provide strong and qualitative products, and it works every day to achieve and maintain this goal. 

On the other hand, the fact that since the invention of the world’s first laminated padlock in 1924, Master Lock has continued to innovate and bring locks to new performance levels is what made it a trustworthy alternative in the users’ eyes. A lot of effort goes into the design as well, given that these small products need to be handy and easy to use. 

All of these efforts made the company what it is today, and even the country’s president at the time, Barack Obama, has mentioned Master Lock in a State of the Union Address in 2012 and included visiting it in order to discuss the matter of American Manufacturing. 


This brand was born out of the combination of two different yet somehow related products, namely locks and straps, just as the name indicates. While straps are used every day to secure merchandise and all sorts of valuables, locks are used to keep thieves away, so the mix between the two is what made the company successful. 

The idea behind is that securing your belongings shouldn’t be a difficult process, so Lockstraps is working every day to make this an easy and fast process for every user. It’s true that if someone wants to steal something, eventually they are going to succeed, but Lockstraps products are a great way to keep the average thief away, with a 90% success rate. 

The company was established in 2009 by Jeff Cranny, who was before this the victim of a theft and realized that he could make a new line of locks with various great features. Today the company manufactures a wide range of locks for all kinds of vehicles, from ATVs and motorcycles to boats, bicycles and, of course, luggage is not forgotten either. 

What makes these products stand out is the simple yet effective construction that enables users to secure items to their vehicles in less than a minute. 


This brand is known for the quality of the locks and accessories it offers to its customers, especially given that high-quality materials are being used in the manufacturing process. We all know how important it is to keep opportunity thieves away, and effective models just like the ones this company produces are a great solution. 

One of the main characteristics that make HELMETLOK a company whose locks are highly appreciated by users is the combination of performance and affordability that these offer. If you want to get yourself a new lock that is made of premium materials such as zinc alloy and aluminum, but without paying a fortune for it, then you should definitely take a look at what this brand has to offer. 

Moreover, there are many types of locks that HELMETLOK offers, including carabiner and cable-style ones, so no matter what you need to secure to your motorcycle or vehicle, you have a very high chance of finding the right solution among the models produced by this company. 

As you can only imagine, a great deal of attention is paid to the design as well, given that locks need to be compact, easy to use, and at the same time effective. 




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