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9 Best Motorcycle Batwing Fairings (Reviews) in 2020

Finding the best and cheapest motorcycle batwing fairings can be pretty difficult, given the wide variety of products available and their many different features. In order to make it easier for you to choose the right product, our team compiled a list of the best items available, and we wrote reviews of motorcycle batwing fairings to offer you detailed explanations about each listed device.

1. Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing for Kawasaki Cruisers

While we were doing our research, this is the product that came up most often and which had plenty of overwhelmingly positive reviews. It features an aerodynamic design that also looks amazing on any motorbike, it is versatile and lightweight and has many other extra features that, together with an attractive price, make it a great choice in its category.

One of the main purposes of a batwing fairing is to reduce turbulences which reduce stability and increase fuel consumption while riding at higher speeds. The clean and aerodynamic shape of this product makes riding smoother and more comfortable, reducing vibrations, drag and also offering some protection against frontal winds.

The fairing inner structure is made from ABS, making it lightweight yet durable, while the outer shell is opaque black with a class A finish that can be painted over. It has a trigger-lock mounting kit, allowing quick installation and removal and making it easier to mount other accessories.

Optional wind deflectors and speakers can also be placed in it, making the product versatile and efficient.


Buy from Amazon Now ($299.95)

2. Memphis Shades Bullet Fairing FX MEM7181

Another great product is again offered by Memphis Shades. This type of batwing fairing is a little bit simpler, but it has many features that turn it into a desirable item, together with the affordable price and positive customer reviews.

The aerodynamic design improves not only the performance but also the looks of your motorbike, without hindering the driver or adding too much weight. The 36 ½-inch inch wide and 17-inch tall body is made from ABS and designed to have an aerodynamic and elegant shape.

It is useful for reducing drag and for offering limited protection against the elements, and it can accommodate other accessories such as windshields or wind deflectors, and a separately sold sound system by Hogtunes can also be mounted on the fairing.

Installation and removal are both made easier by the trigger-lock hardware mounting system. Requiring no tools to be fitted, it can be mounted in minutes provided that your bike is compatible with it. The fairing fits a Harley Davidson or Metric model, but for the latter, it will require a model specific mounting kit which can be bought separately.


Buy from Amazon Now ($299.95)

3. XFMT Motorcycles Front Outer Batwing Fairing

Before getting a batwing fairing, you will need to know whether it is a model you can use on your bike. This manufacturer provides information on what bikes can accommodate this batwing fairing, so it is easy to see if there is proper compatibility. Honda and Harley models are listed.

Maybe the first thing you will notice about this model is its vivid black color that will surely make your bike look badass. The material used for its construction is ABS plastic, so you can rest assured that this model is pretty lightweight, yet durable at the same time.

The part about the installation should put your mind at ease. You don’t have to use anything, but the hardware you already have from your batwing fairing still in place. Also, you won’t need to perform any drilling, so even if you’re not a passionate DIY-er, you will still be able to get this batwing fairing on your bike.

Buy from Amazon Now ($109.79)

4. Vector Batwing Fairings F5-2 Batwing Fairing

If you want to battle wind and create more comfort when you are riding your bike, add this beautiful batwing fairing. Made from top-notch fiberglass, it is a durable model, and it can certainly offer more years of service than a model made from ABS plastic, which is an excellent material, but not as good as fiberglass.

You can rest assured that your batwing fairing will keep its beautiful looks over time, as it is coated with a special gel that makes it resistant to UVs and scratches. You will be able to paint it right away, and that without any prior preparation.

A nice touch is that you will notice that the model is precut to let you install speakers as you see fit. Seeing how it can also accommodate your need for an audio system, it is safe to say that this model is in a class of its own.

Buy from Amazon Now ($329)

5. Universal Motorcycle Cruiser Front Fairing Batwing

Another product that has great value for the money is the ECOTRIC front batwing fairing, offering customers a high-quality design that increases riding comfort and reduces fatigue over long trips. Versatile and easy to set up, this model is a decent choice for someone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a fairing.

With the included windshield mounted on it, the batwing fairing will measure 37 inches in width and 2 inches in height, meaning that it is large enough to offer some protection against the elements and frontal winds. Made from ABS plastic, the item has an aerodynamic shape that eliminates turbulence and increases riding comfort.

It is lightweight, but it has no inner fairing. Setup is easy, requiring no tools, but the brackets and mounting kits are not included and have to be bought separately. The included windshield is tinted and can be mounted immediately if you want to. It fits many motorcycles, but, to make sure that proper clearance is provided, carefully measure the sizes before ordering it.

Buy from Amazon Now ($199)

6. Vector Batwing Fairings F5-2 Honda VTX 1300/1800 Fiberglass Batwing

One of the most appreciated products, featuring a solid build, high-quality materials, and a great looking finish is made exclusively for Honda motorbikes by Vector. It is not so affordable, but it still retains great value for the money thanks to the overall quality of the item. A speaker system can be mounted on it, but it has to be bought separately, so make sure it fits inside.

Made from durable fiberglass which has been hand laid, it is far more durable than ABS plastic models and will last longer. The UV and scratch resistant finish is ready to paint over and offers further protection against the elements. It is pre-cut to allow the user to install 2 6 by 9-inch speakers, having enough room for the supplementary wiring.

Compatible with the 1300 and 1800 Honda VTX models, it is extremely easy to install, requiring no special preparation. Being lightweight, it increases riding comfort without hindering the rider or reducing the maneuverability of the vehicle. Included in the package are two windshields, one tinted and one clear, at no additional costs.


Buy from Amazon Now ($329)

7. Memphis Shades Batwing Fairing Spoiler 6.5 Windshield - 6.5/Smoke

A rather different choice from a batwing fairing, this spoiler windshield retains the aerodynamic shape but it comes with a different design. Designed to maximize the field of view, it diffuses the air stream and reduces turbulence, fulfilling the same purpose as a batwing fairing would with a much larger windshield.

It is much cheaper, without sacrificing material quality or the finish. It fits all Memphis Shades batwing fairings and can be adapted for any motorcycle fitted with such an accessory. It is made of Lucite, ensuring durability and a long lifetime without being too expensive either.

Five custom heights are available, ranging from 4.5 to 9 inches, thus making the design pretty versatile and easily adjustable to every rider’s needs. In terms of look, it is available in smoke, a medium-bronze tint with 30% visible light transmission.

This looks great and reduces heat transmission, minimizing direct exposure to sunlight. The popularity of this item is a consequence of the low price and great value for the money, and also of the high-quality build and versatility.

Buy from Amazon Now ($99.95)

8. Midwest Corvette Harley Davidson Novistretch Bat-Wing Fairing Mesh 

Batwing fairings are great accessories that contribute significantly to the overall looks of a motorcycle. This is why riders demand extra protection for them; this can be achieved by ordering a special, scratch and UV resistant finish that can be quite expensive, or by using a mesh mask bra to cover it.

This product is less expensive and can be fitted on a variety of fairings, as it is adjustable and easy to remove or mount. Made with stretch-fabric technology, it incorporates fastening systems that enable an extremely fast setup, making it perfect for those who own more than one motorcycle with an added batwing fairing.

It can be transferred from one vehicle to another without problems, and with one product you obtain protection for all your motorbikes. Offered in black only, it is meant to fully cover all Harley Davidson batwings. Including a one year limited warranty, it will last longer than that if properly installed. It demands no maintenance, offering a tight and contoured fit.

The material is breathable and allows water to dry immediately in the open air, without having to be taken off.

Buy from Amazon Now ($105)

9. TCMT ABS Front Batwing Outer Fairing

This model is an injection-molded piece made from ABS that doesn’t come with parts put together through welding, which can give way to material fatigue with time. Ideal for a broad range of bikes – make sure to examine the list of compatibilities provided by the manufacturer to eliminate any mishaps – it is an excellent choice for you to consider.

A gloss black finish makes it stand out from the crowd, and you will be happy to see that it matches your bike to the dot. It is effortless to install, and it comes with premade holes so that you can attach it right away.

You can simply use the mounting hardware you already have from your old batwing fairing, as none is provided with your purchase. Otherwise, the installation process is easy as a breeze, and you will be happy to see that this model has a durable construction that will serve you for a long time.

Buy from Amazon Now ($107.99)
This Year’s Buying Guide


Before you start prospecting the market in order to search for some reliable motorcycle batwing fairings, you must take some aspects into consideration. These will influence the outcome and taking them into account will help you obtain a high-quality product at the lowest possible price.

Even though most designs are similar, there are essential details that set them apart. Learn what to look for by reading the buying guide featured below.


The most important feature of any batwing fairing and the one that helps it fulfill its main purpose is its shape. Aerodynamics is extremely important because it will help reduce turbulences, in turn increasing comfort and fuel efficiency.

The shape must provide a smooth and steady flow of air, while also offering some protection against the elements for the rider’s hands. It must also accommodate as many motorbikes without requiring adjustments or other accessories, and having enough space for a small sound system is indicated too.

Most quality motorcycle batwing fairings available for sale are pretty similar in shape. Minor differences are a result of how many models it can be fitted to, and the presence of other features also influences the overall form.

The more adaptable types of fairings have a less aerodynamic shape, but this will not influence performance too much. Those with included windshields are a little bit bigger and bulkier, but they are designed in such a way that they will not hinder the rider or reduce their ability to control the vehicle.

Windshields for batwing fairings are also sold in a variety of shapes; these have the purpose of deflecting the frontal flow of air and increasing comfort for the driver. Either clear or tinted, they have to be not too tall, allowing the rider to look at them with ease.

Their shape influences the flow of air only when the models are pretty tall and big, otherwise, it is not so important to pay attention to their design. Only if you have certain preferences from an aesthetic point of view, is their shape important.


Materials and finish

Batwing fairings are made from many materials, and their quality and type influences the price they are sold for. Each manufacturer specializes in accessories made from certain materials, and the experience with the various options is a guarantee that the product is good and will last longer.

Most commonly found batwing fairings are made from ABS plastics. This is a lightweight, durable and not so expensive material, many companies are experienced with it and for this reason, it seems to be the most reasonable choice. Good motorcycle batwing fairings are usually made with it, and have a satin or glossy finish, depending on the model.

It can be only for décor, with some models having UV and scratch resistant finish, which is more expensive. Fiberglass is also found in the pricier models. These are more durable, have a more solid build and almost all include a very tough and resistant finish that will protect them from the elements or other damage that might occur on the road.

The least expensive models feature a construction with low-quality plastics that do not guarantee a long lifetime, but their low price enables one to buy more than one product.


The quality of a product, together with the price influence the lifetime of your accessory and also how easy and enjoyable it is to use. Even cheap motorcycle batwing fairings must offer an aerodynamic shape and a strong build that prevents wind-induced deforming.

With the more expensive designs, there is no need to worry about their quality. Made from fiberglass or tough ABS, these will retain their shape even in the most adverse weather conditions and frontal winds.

More affordable models, usually made under license, are found at more than affordable prices, but these are made from cheaper plastics that might not stay firmly in place at high speeds, reducing comfort and efficiency.

Brands are also important; customers have complained that copies of licensed models that are too cheap can be difficult to mount, requiring special kits, brackets or adjustments. These are made with little attention to details, and sometimes their pre-drilled holes do not match those on the brackets.

By going to a very cheap model you might end up spending more money than you would on an easy-to-install version, by having to invest in various kits and tools. If you are a long distance rider who enjoys cruising, it is recommended that you do purchase an item with great quality for the money, one that can be mounted on more than one model of motorcycle.

Having the adequate shape and a strong build will surely improve your comfort and will make riding more enjoyable over long distances. For this reason, opt for the highest quality item you can afford.

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle batwing fairings


Q: What is a batwing fairing?

A batwing fairing is a piece that can be installed on most motorcycles when the user desires to do so. It is aerodynamic and fulfills several purposes, all to increase your comfort and to make it more enjoyable to ride your motorcycle. It decreases turbulence, reducing fatigue by making the motorbike more stable and less prone to wind-induced vibration.

Furthermore, it protects the rider’s hands against the frontal wind in cold weather, also offering a degree of protection against raindrops. By making the vehicle more aerodynamic, fuel consumption can also be slightly reduced.

Last but not least, it looks good and can improve the aesthetics of a motorcycle without adding significant extra weight to it or hindering the rider in any way.

Q: How to install batwing fairing?

Before you start installing a fairing, you should make sure the bike has been thoroughly cleaned – this is because the piece will cover part of it, and trapping dirt, bugs, leaves or other organic matters is not desirable. Clean the front fork, headlight, and handlebars. Mount the (usually included) brackets to the bike with the associated mounting bolts and screws.

Screws can be attached to the handlebars or fork legs. Once these have been attached, mount the fairing on the brackets. This should only imply tightening some screws after you have placed them through the pre-designed holes.

To make everything lines up properly, further adjustments might be required, but these should be done according to your personal preference and taste.


Q: How to remove batwing fairing?

Removing a batwing fairing is as simple as installing one; it is basically a reversed installation, and, provided your kit is a quality one, all you have to do is follow some simple steps. First, remove the screws you used when mounting it. Be careful not to damage the pieces or the fairing itself.

Once the fairing is free, make sure it is not restrained by any other leftover screws or pieces, then tilt it forward and lift over the spotlights. Disconnect the headlight from the wiring harness; to prevent scratches, you can use a dry cloth or towel for extra security. This is pretty much all you have to do to remove a fairing.




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I am looking for a batwind fairing for a Kawasaki Vulcan s 650 year 2017 — I am English but live in Bulgaria

Greg davis
Greg davis

Looking for a batwing fairing for an ‘18 flsb sport glide.see memphis shades makes one,but i want audio and not the clunky hog tunes.reckless makes fairings using memphis shades mounting hardware but nothing for the flsb.anyone know of a solution?

Nelson Éthier
Nelson Éthier

Hi, is the Arlen Ness Bob Dron fairing good on reducing the wind effect ?
I like the look it will give to My FLHR 2014 but is it efficient or it’s just good for the look ? Thanks !

David. Carlos.
David. Carlos.

Which is the best model for a 2018 1200cc Triumph Speedmaster please.?

Kurt Rochefort
Kurt Rochefort

Can anyone tell me if a batwing fairing for a harley can be put on a 2006 Yamaha road star 1700? Are there mounting brackets, or some kind of adapters that can make it happen?

Scott watts
Scott watts

Looking for a batwing fairing for a 2003 Suzuki Intruder vulosa 800


Hey Guys,
im getting deeper into the Batwing Theme, so i have some questions…
As low on budget, what do you think about that cheap “craftride” brand?
Is price equal quality? Or ist most of the price for the brand?

Greetings from Bavaria – sitting on my Vulcan 1500 Classic FI model


From what we have noticed, this brand seems to have pretty decent reviews on a variety of online marketplaces – it’s not very popular in the US, at least not yet, so I’m guessing not too many motorcyclists have tried the accessories made by the company.


Just wondering how many Fairings were tested

Wes McCollister
Wes McCollister

I am looking for a Batwing for ‘16 Roadking, with a decent Stereo. Also wondering if there is a list of all the fairings reviewed and their ratings.


I have seen fairings attached to the chassis.
What are the pros and cons vs fork mounting?

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