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9 Best Motocross Knee Braces  (Reviews) in 2022

Going through numerous motocross knee brace reviews can be a very time-consuming task. But we did it! And not only that, but we have also read about many products in this line to be able to provide you with a list of top-rated items that we’ve showcased below.

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1. Leatt Knee Shin Protector 3DF

If you are no stranger to these types of products, Leatt is not an unknown name. This brand is serious about your sport, especially when it comes to safety, and the 3DF Hybrid EXT is no different.

The product is made from a hybrid combination of comfortable and soft 3DF foam with deflecting hard shell. The item also features Moisture Cool wicking fabric that allows your skin to breathe. Silicone lamination was used in order to keep the protector in place.

You might also be interested to know that this Leatt model is CE certified for impact protection, number EN1621-1. Moreover, these protective guards offer a comfortable fit and also look great due to the 3D design.

If you need a good but also cheap motocross knee brace, this product may be what you are looking for, and it is suitable for various sports.


This highly-appreciated choice was constructed using a soft type of 3DF foam that can increase the overall comfort of the user. 

What is more, these knee braces also feature a hard, deflecting hard shell that can protect your knees in case of impact.

Because it was made using moisture cool, wicking fabrics, this product is perfect to use during the scorching days of summer.

To keep the braces in place, the manufacturer has fitted them with silicone lamination, which is a feature that numerous buyers praise. 


There was a previous owner who said that the main drawback of this item is that it fits a tad lose at the bottom. Not all users agree.

One customer who ordered the XXL size claimed that the unit that he received was smaller than expected. Still, he was happy with the design and performance of the model.

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2. Mobius Knee Support X8

When talking about motocross knee braces, the Mobius Products x8 stands out due to its impressive features. One of the best is the customizable fit. The only way this model will not fit well is if the pads, plates, or the adjustable cable is damaged. Still, this is something unlikely to happen.

Another great feature that will draw your attention is the full protection and support. If you've been in the unfortunate situation of having a knee injury, you know how crucial this characteristic is. You will literally feel that your knees are unbreakable with these braces on.

Mobius Products used the innovative patent-pending technology that incorporates the Continuous Cable Routing System in order to form a unique method of protection and support. This might seem unbelievable considering the amount of security, but the braces are very light. They are also highly adjustable, therefore extremely comfortable.


If you like products that come packed with interesting features, this is one option that you definitely should not ignore. 

It was made using patent-pending technology that ensures that all the users of the braces are supplied with the necessary support and an optimum level of comfort.

Numerous buyers have argued that this model is significantly more durable than other similar alternatives distributed by other manufacturers.

The braces do not feel very restrictive once you put them on, and, thus, you won’t feel distracted from enjoying the ride itself.


Even though many buyers were happy with the level of comfort that these braces deliver, some users noted that the adjustable straps can feel restrictive at first.

A handful of buyers noted that the sizing might be a bit off. According to some, this product tends to run a little large. Some say that this is only true in the case of people with larger thighs. 

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3. Leatt White Knee and Shin Guard Dual Axis

Wearing quality protective equipment when riding your motorcycle or engaging in various action sports is a must. These knee and shin guards from Leatt were thus designed to make sure that you get the protection you need when conquering miles on your motorcycle and you benefit from such advantages for a long time. 

To ensure optimal fit, the product features a 3D design as well as two-pivot points that were built in such a way to make sure the braces will move as your knees do. Thanks to their design, the items will cover your knees even when they are fully bent, a great part of the lower legs, and the lower thighs. 

The product is impact and abrasion tested and certified to CE’s EN 1621-1 and EN 13595-2 (level 2) safety standards. The braces are lightweight yet durable as they are made from HDPE. The Leatt foam featured is washable. 


Comfortable, durable, and lightweight, these braces are designed to keep you protected when engaging in motocross sessions and stand the test of time. 

The 3D design and anatomically correct two-pivot points provide the wearer with enhanced freedom of movement. 

The items are certified to CE’s abrasion-resistance and impact safety standards, so you can trust them to do their job as expected.

The straps are designed in such a way to prevent them from hanging up on your riding pants, and the materials used for their construction resists binding. 

The slim design enables use under or over riding pants and even with boots; plus, the nine large vents featured will keep you cool even if wearing them on hotter days. 


The bottom straps might feel a bit tight, and the braces might run a bit small, so getting the next size is sometimes required.

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4. EVS Sports 212055-0142 Knee Brace

Knee braces used in motocross need to be lightweight and secure for the knee joints. EVS Sports comes with the Axis Sports model that uses reinforced nylon injected upper and lower cuffs, designed with flexibility and comfort in mind. This product is preferred by both recreational and professional riders.

There are a few cool features that make these braces stand out. The patented Tru-Motion 2.0 anatomically corrects hinges, and the Dual Defense offers full coverage for the kneecap. Moreover, the items have adjustable hyperextension lockouts. Other features include sharkskin modular straps, compression comfort cuffs, and the FormFit frame.

Buyers appreciate the fact that these adjustable knee braces ensure a great fit for anyone. Also, once you put them on, the weight is negligible, and they are quite comfortable to wear. The range of movement is another thing that is very appreciated by customers.


If you are in the market for a lightweight option, be sure to add this one to your list as it is well-liked by fellow riders.

The unit features reinforced nylon injected lower and upper cuffs and it was specially created to provide riders with comfort and plenty of flexibility.

It can be utilized by both professional and hobbyist motorcycle riders and it is easy to put on and take off. 

Because they were made using intuitive materials, these braces can anatomically correct hinges, which is a feature that not many other models come with.


There was one reviewer who noted that if one bends his knee too much, the knee cups get stuck for a short amount of time before they snap back into place.

Another drawback that a limited number of users observed is that these braces are a little bulky when compared to other similar units.

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5. Acerbis Impact EVO Knee/Shin Guards

Whether you engage in motocross or other action sports regularly or just now and then, taking all the steps needed to pair your rides with protection is compulsory for a safe and smooth experience. These braces were designed to provide you precisely with such benefits and thus come with durable materials and a thoughtful design.

The items are ergonomically designed for optimal fit and feature a strong yet lightweight structure made of polycarbonate. To keep the guards in place, the manufacturer used three elastic straps that feature velcro. The dual joints add to the mobility and security delivered, while the high-quality aluminum screws enhance the durability ensured. 

The padding featured will boost your comfort and protection while making it easy for you to keep it clean as it can be removed and washed. What’s more, the 10 mm polyurethane foam adds to the above-mentioned benefits by absorbing shocks, and the air vents keep the wearer cool even on hot days.


Designed to protect you and add comfort to your rides, these braces are worth adding to your list of options if what you want is a durable product. 

Thanks to the ergonomic design and the elastic straps with velcro, finding the optimal fit shouldn’t be a problem. 

The main structure is made of a durable yet lightweight plastic, while the interior features shock-absorbing EVA foam that can be easily removed and washed. 

The dual joints enhance the mobility and security delivered, and the product is certified to the EN 1621-1/2012 standards, so you can trust it to do a good job of protecting you.


This model is a one-size-fits-most product designed for adults, which means that they might not provide all users with optimal fit.

Despite being appreciated for delivering protection, the item comes with aluminum screws that might scratch the bike.  

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6. POD Unisex-Adult K8 Knee Brace

Another option worth considering that is also highly appreciated among riders is the K8 from POD due to its superior multi-sport performance and its weight. This model combines protection, comfort, and adaptability.

The large leg cuffs are flexible enough to adapt to the shape of your legs, and the Velcro straps ensure that the braces will stay in place during every ride. The frame is made from carbon fiber which is lightweight, whereas the hinges have synthetic rubber that simulates the knees’ motion.

The braces are highly adjustable from 0 to 25 degrees and can be customized according to the rider's preference. The complete patella protection that is offered by the three-piece design of these braces ensures that all parts of the knee will be protected in case of an impact. The item can also be removed, and used individually for lateral support.


According to the manufacturer, these braces fit perfectly and they stay in place for a long period of time so that your movements are not restricted.

The unit can support your knees by creating alternative load pads that distribute any impact forces away from your ligaments.

Besides, the option is lightweight and its frames were made of a highly durable material called pre-preg carbon fiber.

This model is suitable for you if you intend to use it while performing low to high contact or impact activities and you need the extra protection.


One drawback that some buyers pointed to is that these braces include insufficient padding. Yet, not all buyers noted this problem so far.

There were users who said that they expected that the product had a slimmer and stronger frame. However, at the end of the day, they were happy with the performance of the unit.

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7. Leatt C-Frame Pro Knee Brace

Our next candidate is well-constructed, reliable, and comfortable, thanks to its sturdy aluminum alloy frame and carbon fiber shin plate. The C-Frame Pro Carbon comes with adjustable top cuffs so that the user can widen the diameter in order to fit his or her thigh and obtain a customized fit.

This model ensures that the knee braces stay in place and provides full patella protection. Also, the natural motion of the knee is not restricted in any way due to the dual-hinge design and the fact that the inside of the knee features a simple open design. This also enables the rider to grip the bike better with the inside of the knee.

Moreover, the three-point force distribution helps reduce knee injury, as the product was engineered after being lab-tested for the built-in fracture points. You should also know that these braces are CE tested and certified as reliable knee impact protection in the European Union.


This low-profile, CE certified model will surely catch your attention if you want to invest in an item that has been vetted by fellow bikers.

The choice includes a durable mono-hinge frame as well as built-in fracture points that add to the overall level of protection that this item can provide you with.

Moreover, this alternative has been tested extensively and it completely complies with the rules set by the European Union.

Because of the design of the device, the natural motion of the knee is not in any way restricted while wearing it for a long time.


The main con of this product is, without a doubt, its price. Still, buyers say that the price is worth it given the numerous features that this option delivers.

One previous user remarked that the shims of the braces are a little too soft for his liking. Not many owners agree with his input.

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8. Huntingwolf Racing Knee Shin Guards

If you’re passionate about motocross and action sports where crashes and falls are likely to occur, these guards might be of interest as they were designed to make sure that you protect your knees and shins when engaging in such activities. They ensure a 30-180 degree folding range and feature a comfortable and breathable design.

To protect the key joints, the guards are equipped with PP hard shell kneecaps as well as shin plates that are designed to provide the needed protection in case of impacts. Comfort is not compromised, though, and the items come with ventilation holes for enhanced breathability and ventilation. 

In order to prevent slipping or twisting yet stay in place, the guards have elastic straps that will also help you get a custom fit since the braces are a one-size-fits-all model. The guards are available in green, black, and orange, and come in pairs. They are suitable for men and women alike.


Built with durable materials that will help you engage in more aggressive motocross and MTB bike riding sessions, these braces should not go unchecked before you decide on a product.

The PP hard shell kneecaps and the shin plates featured protect key points, while the ventilation holes ensure the breathability and ventilation needed for a comfortable experience.

The elastic straps will keep the braces in place and help you find the fit you feel most comfortable with. 

The EVA protective liner adds to the safety and protection delivered and keeps the wearer comfortable even when wearing the braces for long racing sessions. 

Thanks to the various colors available, you can easily find the one that matches the rest of your gear; plus, the items feature a unisex design.  


Even if the guards have elastic straps to meet the needs of different users, they still might not fit properly in some cases. 

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9. Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace

The Leatt X-Frame Knee Brace is sturdy and lightweight with flexible cuffs that protect and secure the knee, preventing injuries while riding. This model is made of injected carbon composite that provides full kneecap, lower and upper leg coverage while also ensuring precise movement.

Moreover, the X-Frame is CE certified by the European Union as both an impact protection unit as well as a medical device for motocross riders. This product offers a comfortable fit with a straightforward strapping system, a low-profile shinbone pad that fits inside all boots, and interchangeable hinge padding sizes.

The Leatt X-Frame ensures the reduction of forces in order to limit knee injuries to the Meniscus, ACL, and MCL; more protection is added by the hyperflexion stoppers for meniscus injury reduction. The hyperextension limitations of 5º, 10º, 15º and 20º reduce the risk of ACL injury. Also, the metal geared outer hinge is designed for precise movement and durability.


These braces are both sturdy and rather lightweight, which is one of the reasons why so many bikers use and highly recommend them.

As the seller argues, this alternative was made of an injected carbon composite that can provide you with lower and upper leg coverage.

Before it hit the market, the product was thoroughly tested and it was certified by the European Commission. It can be used for impact protection or as a medical device.

One of the most appreciated features that it includes is its comfortable fit that is supplied by the straightforward strapping system that it incorporates.


This is one of those models that are kind of expensive, which is why you might not be able to afford it, especially if you are on a tight budget. 

Although this option has received great reviews, some argue that it is not as comfortable as they had expected it to be.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Motocross is an excellent sport for adrenaline enthusiasts, but it is also a dangerous one. That is why it is crucial to have the right protection while riding. Most riders do not start the engine without having the helmet on, but the head is not the only body part that needs sheltering.

Knee braces are an essential safety gear to prevent knee injuries. Usually, they are made from a solid external frame that comes with a hinge positioned at the knee joint level. Still, the market has a lot to offer where protective gear is concerned, so what makes a good motocross knee brace?

There are some essential aspects that you should keep in mind when looking for such a product, and we are not thinking about the price. Honestly, where security and protection are concerned, the price should be the last thing to look at.


Obviously, the number one reason you are getting knee braces is to protect your knee joints. We recommend searching for a model that is highly functional, and that comes with a certification for impact protection. As we previously mentioned, you wouldn’t want to gamble your money on a pair that will not do its job, nor risk your own safety, right?

From the same perspective, the materials used for the braces are very important as well. Many models are made from carbon fiber, but it is not the only element used. You can also look for fiberglass reinforced nylon or soft 3DF foam. The idea is for the braces to be strong enough to withstand impacts allowing no injuries.



This is another essential aspect when looking for these types of products. Legs come in different shapes and sizes, so it is recommended that your braces can be adjusted according to your needs.

Also, they need to stay in place, once you put them on and start riding. We suggest going for a model with very high adjustability, but without compromising its capacity to provide your knees the protection they require.



The level of comfort while riding is another vital factor. You need to feel comfortable with the safety gear you are wearing, especially if you are riding for an extended period. The external frame is made from a solid material, but this does not mean it has to be painful wearing knee braces.

First of all, the pair should be lightweight. The materials should also allow your skin to breathe, especially when the weather is very hot. Furthermore, you should not have any movement restrictions. You should know that knee brace socks for motocross are often preferred by riders.



Before you buy any protective gear, you should do some research, even if you are short on time. Getting inappropriate equipment can lead to money and time waste, but most importantly, to serious injuries.

For example, before making a purchase, you should measure your legs. Although there are models that are adjustable, you still need to make sure that the ones you get will fit perfectly. We keep insisting with the fitting part, and that’s because, if you ride and your braces start sliding down, not only are you not appropriately protected, but you will also feel very uncomfortable.

Another thing you should check is if the seller accepts to exchange your pair in case it does not fit properly. Versatility is also a feature you might be interested in. If you are into various action sports, you will probably want to get knee braces that are suitable for all these activities. However, you should inquire about this before you place that order.


In our research on these products, this is an aspect that kept popping up. Perhaps the reason is that good knee braces are quite expensive. If you do not have a lot of money to spend, better wait for a while, until you find the best offer, rather than purchase a cheap and ineffective item.

The costs that we actually refer to is not necessarily the price of the braces, but the sums you can end up spending in case of a knee injury. Before deciding on that cheap model, do a little math and see how much an MRI, surgery and other medical services cost and see if it’s worth it.

And we have not even mentioned the recovery process! Sincerely, we wanted to point out that your protection and health should not be measured in money.

Frequently asked questions


Q: What is the purpose of a knee brace?

In the moto world, knee braces are made to protect your leg from injuries. They do well in keeping your knees safe, but they also offer some protection to the bones. When riding a bike you are constantly at risk in traffic, and that is why your gear needs to include such protective features.

These braces were initially created to help those that have problems with their knees, but over the years this changed and nowadays anybody should wear them, as long as the braces don’t get in the way of your riding experience.

Q: Do Pro motocross riders wear knee braces?

While there is an intense debate on whether motocross riders should wear knee braces, the main thing to know is that they do keep you protected, and for that reason, professionals tend to use them. A pair of quality braces can save your knees in critical situations, and if you’re a rider that likes to go to the extreme, you will need them in certain situations.

Motocross is a sport that requires heavy protection, and it’s no wonder that professionals that want to practice it for as long as possible want to stay safe.


Q: How tight should a knee brace be?

When practicing a moto sport, you want your gear to fit as well as possible, to offer you the safety needed and the comfort that you want at the same time. When riding a dirt bike you want to have the ability to move around as much as possible. As a result, you want the brace to feel snug, but not so tight that it cuts off circulation or restricts your movement.

Quality braces will be flexible enough to give you that but still provide you with the protection needed. Any rider should first try a pair of knee pads before wearing them for good.


Q: Will a knee brace help with a torn ACL?

Most of the moto x knee braces are made to keep your legs protected, but they tend to be a bit too hard and bulky. However, there are specially-made braces that are designed to help those that had ACL issues in the past. They will support the knee after an ACL injury and as a result, they will reduce the time your knee is at risk of tearing again.

Although you can buy such a brace, keep in mind that you will still need to ride your dirt bike with more caution in mind, as to avoid any more injuries.


Q: Can I exercise with a knee brace?

Depending on the knee brace you’re wearing, you can certainly exercise. Furthermore, if you’re recovering from an injury, it is indicated that you do exercise using a brace that is specially made to help you recover. If you practice intense moto sports and you’re getting used to wearing a brace, it’s better if you exercise with it first.

When riding your bike you need to make sure that you are safe at all times, and that includes everything from practice sessions to professional events. As a result, you need the gear to keep you safe, and knee braces are included in that gear.



Unavailable products


POD K4 MX Knee Brace


The K4 Knee Brace from POD offers high-level protection for your legs and knees with no compromise where performance and durability are concerned. This model helps prevent knee injuries while riding, skiing, surfing, or cycling, as they are suitable for multiple action sports.

The frame is made from Fibreglass Reinforced Nylon that offers premium functionality and a high level of protection. Being inspired by the human body, the patented Human Motion technology utilizes the power of Synthetic Ligaments which are engineered from Vectran Fibers – 5 times stronger than steel, in order to provide multi-directional motion control.

This model is available in 3 frame sizes to ensure a secure and precise fit. The Adaptive Cuffs were designed to accommodate various leg shapes and to adapt to muscle movement. No pressure points mean total comfort while wearing these braces.



This unisex choice has received numerous positive reviews because of its design and increased level of practicality.

The unit was made using glass reinforced polymer frames that can pass the test of time and that can keep your knees protected at all times.

Because of the construction of these braces, the seller argues that they can adapt to a variety of leg sizes. Easily adjustable straps have been featured in their design.

Given that this product does not feature any pressure points, it can supply you with increased comfort throughout the day.



One issue that you should be aware of before you place any orders is that this model can chafe your legs if you do not wear a base layer underneath it.

There was a customer who said that he wished that the patella cap that the unit includes was a little bit more robust. Still, he was happy with the purchase.



EVS Sports RS9 Pro Knee Braces


In case you are looking for a more affordable pair of knee braces, but that offer a high level of protection, we suggest looking for the RS9 Pro from EVS Sports. First of all, these items were designed for comfort and a high level of protection for your knee joints.

They are constructed from an impact-resistant injection molded shell, that is lightweight and increases airflow for more comfort. Like other models offered by EVS Sports, the patented Tru-Motion 2.0 anatomically corrects hinges, and the Dual Defence provides full coverage for your kneecaps.

This model also comes with a moisture-wicking bio-foam molded liner for even more comfort while riding. The ClickTec quick release buckle system makes the braces super easy to take off which is a real advantage. The FormFit frame and the adjustable hyperextension lockouts are some other great features this model comes with.



If affordability is the feature that you value most, be sure to take a good look at this product as it might be just what you need.

These braces are lightweight and they were made of an impact resistant shell that was injection molded for increased durability.

The carbon fiber torsion that the product includes can limit struts while the incorporated Tru-Motion 2.0 technology can anatomically correct hinges.

On top of that, the moisture-wicking bio-foam that the choice includes is very practical and it comes with a special liner that can be removed and washed.



One user was unhappy with the fact that he was not delivered the product in the desired color. Also, he said that he was shipped a used model. Not many encountered this issue so far.

Some previous buyers said that the choice is rather expensive, especially when considering the features that it incorporates.



EVS Axis Pro Knee Brace Pairs


Another trusted leader in the knee brace technology is EVS which brings the Axis Pro model with a lightweight frame built from carbon fiber shell that is impact-resistant, and it is reinforced with aluminum hinges. Therefore, this product is not only lightweight but also very rigid.

The model was engineered in such a way to provide good impact protection, knee stabilization, and an excellent customizable fit. The braces will conform to your knee for the entire duration of the ride due to the Tru-Motion 2.0 that anatomically corrects hinges to stabilize the unit. Another great feature is the quick-dry liners that are removable for washing which is very convenient.

The EVS Axis Pro provides a lightweight, long-lasting construction, and adjustable hyperextension lockouts for a personalized fit as well. The Dual Defence Patella Guard that offers total tracking knee cap design and full protection each time is another great feature of these braces.



This alternative was made and distributed by a brand that has made a name for itself in this line of business.

Given that the frame of this model is lightweight and made of carbon fiber, chances are that it will successfully pass the test of time.

Because it aims to provide its buyers with both comfort and impact protection, the seller has constructed this choice using added aluminum hinges.

This is the go-to option if you want a product that can deliver knee stabilization and protection in case of impacts as well as a customizable fit.



Given the high price of this unit, there is a strong possibility that not all interested riders might be able to afford it.

There were a couple of buyers who said that they had some difficulties managing the numerous straps that this particular option comes fitted with. Only a small number of buyers had such issues.




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December 7, 2019 at 7:54 pm

Is the leatt 3df a true brace or just a pad?
I can find the info in that document.


December 9, 2019 at 9:02 am

Hi there. The Leatt 3df is a knee pad, not a knee brace.

Marco Polo

August 6, 2019 at 1:32 am

The number one brace on your list isn’t even a knee brace. Its a shin protector. (Leatt Knee Shin Protector 3DF). You sir fail.


August 9, 2019 at 9:12 am

Hi Marco. Thanks for the feedback. The number one product (Leatt Knee Shin Protector 3DF) is both a knee brace and a shin protector.

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