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9 Best Four Wheeler Tires (Reviews) in 2022

The ATV accessories and parts you use will significantly boost or affect your experience. If you’re on the lookout for the best four wheeler mud tires but you don’t have the time to go through all the models available on today’s market, you might want to check out our four wheeler tires reviews to learn more about the features some of the top-rated ATV mud tires come with.

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1. Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire

If what you want from your new ATV tires is increased traction, stability, and the possibility to explore even the thickest trails, this model from Kenda should be at the top of your list. The tire features a directional tread pattern design that will enable you to ride your four-wheeler flawlessly even when the trail gets muddy and thick.

Due to the deep tread lugs, you will get to enjoy optimum traction and enhanced control whereas the perfectly angled knobs will make sure you get to dig into any terrain stably. Moreover, the 6-ply rated extra-tough casing was made to resist punctures and further improve your experience, wherever the GPS for snowmobile takes you.

With a 340-pound load capacity, the tire also boasts built-in rims that will protect your wheels from dents. This will further translate into safe ATV stability and increased control. What’s more, you will also appreciate their bold, aggressive design that will add to your camping and mountain rides.

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2. ITP Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire

No matter the weather conditions out there, be sure your ATV performance will reach that superior level you desire if going for this all-condition tire. The premium-grade product was designed to improve your experience when conquering the trail. Durability and enhanced traction are offered in a lightweight body so that using a snow plow for Polaris Ranger won't be a problem but a fun experience.

Featuring a special center tread contact surface, the tire will make sure you enjoy a smooth ride. Furthermore, the angled shoulder lugs will provide the rider with unrivaled mud traction so you can enjoy better control even when the trail gets messy. Incorporating computerized engineering for perfection, this model is light and tough at the same time.

Moreover, the 6-ply rating will ensure that durability is not an issue and the tire will keep up with extended rides successfully. Therefore, you get smoothness, enhanced traction, and stability as well as responsiveness for a flawless performance. The item is also easy to install.

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3. Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire

Appreciated by many customers who tried it, this model from Carlisle is another option you might want to check before hitting the button order. Crafted by one of the top ATV tire manufacturers, this unit is committed to delivering the performance you desire even when you pull through snow, sand, or deep mud.

Designed to deliver a superior experience in the challenging terrains, the HD Field Trax was crafted with excellent maneuvering in mind. Thus, the tire features a versatile design that enables the rider to use it successfully in different terrains.

Thanks to the enhanced traction the tire provides, you will get to enjoy more stability and greater control, which further means a safer experience. Even if the tire is lighter than other models, maneuverability and traction will still be superior. The durable construction makes this model ideal even for a rugged rocky terrain. Therefore, consider this option if you want to boost your off-road adventures.

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4. Set of 4 New Wanda ATV Tires

Another option to consider if you want to enhance your ATV performance when exploring new places and trails is this model from Wanda. The set includes 4 tires, so you can easily take care of this necessity. The four tires come with extra shoulder lugs to ensure proper rim and sidewall protection.

The heavy 6-ply rated nylon construction is committed to resisting both punctures and abrasions. They were designed for riders who like to conquer miles even on the roughest terrains. Therefore, they provide excellent traction in the woods but they are also ideal for snowy grounds, which means this set will get you what you need no matter the season.

Plus, the tires deliver a stable grip which makes moving on turns easy. You will get to enjoy remarkable handling in desert, rock, mud, and dirt trails. Consider them for enhanced stability and a smooth ride.


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5. ITP Mud Lite XL Mud Terrain ATV Tire

If your spare time often finds you riding through the muddiest trails with your ATV and new tires are needed, you might want to give this model some thought. The uniquely designed tires will help you venture those muddy trails successfully and safely.

Thanks to the 6-ply construction, the extended-wear quality, and the first-grade rubber, the tires will help you enjoy extended sessions without their quality being affected. The rider’s performance is further enhanced by the marginally bigger profile that delivers enhanced stability. This will be of great help throughout your ride but especially when you are navigating corners.

Moreover, the special rubber compound not only adds to the superior stability you get but will also help you control balance with greater ease. Better responsiveness and enhanced control are ensured by the rounded carcass, knobby design, and loose gaps. What’s more, the light yet tough tires are also flexible enough to adapt to different terrains easily.

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6. Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire 

Get your ATV riding experience one step higher with this tire model from Carlisle. Ideal for security patrols or for when you drive around construction sites, this product stands for durability and reliability thanks to its design and the extended-wear tread it comes with.

As its name suggests it, the tire is perfect for both smooth and hard surfaces. You can even use them on grassy terrains without wasting turf. At the same time, they will work well on desert, mountain, and dirt trails. Therefore, you buy one product yet you get to use it to meet various terrain-needs.

What makes it great for different terrains is the fact that it delivers enhanced traction and stability, which further means you will have better control. This model is available in a range of sizes so you can use it even for utility vehicles, fun carts, and other such vehicles.

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7. Kenda K284 K284 ATV Tire

Another option you might want to check before making your decision is the K284 tire from Kenda. The benefits you get to enjoy when using them include enhanced stability, durability, and versatility, just what you need for a superior ATV riding experience.

Ideal for various terrains such as sand and hard surfaces as well as light mud trails, this product features unique tread profiles and a solid construction that will provide you with durability. What makes this model stand out is the superior tracking and cornering it delivers thanks to the reinforced knobs.

The casing is also resistant to punctures. This means the riders get to enjoy a stable and smooth ride even when embarking on off-road adventures. Additionally, even if it works best on mud, the versatility of this product makes it a reliable option when you ride on sandy or hard packed terrains, too.


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8. Kenda Pathfinder K530 ATV Tire

Boasting a versatile design that renders it ideal for various off-road conditions, this product is a model that shouldn’t go unchecked when looking for quality tires for your four-wheeler. The Pathfinder K530 was designed with better traction and enhanced stability in mind. By delivering such features, the tire enables you to enjoy greater control and, thus, a safer ride.

Your ATV performance will be improved thanks to the widely spaced lugs that will direct the soil away from the tire. The tread design and the puncture-resistant casing will ensure smooth rides and improved reliability.

This model is worth considering even if you are an off-road enthusiast as its versatile design allows it to adapt to different terrain conditions. It is also available in several sizes, which further adds to its versatility. Give this model a try if you’re interested in excellent traction and a design that will cater to your various ATV riding needs.

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9. Carlisle Knobby ATV Tire

Taking your experience to the next level is what Carlisle had in mind when designing this model. Developed to help you traverse soft dirt and sand trails smoothly and successfully, the Knobby tire is worth considering given the excellent stability and traction it delivers.

The knobby tread-plus design will enable ATV riders to maneuver flawlessly through mud, sand, and other challenging terrains. Furthermore, you will enjoy enhanced control and stability even when riding at high speed. However, this model is perfect for both off-road and on-road use.

The item is available in various sizes that allow it to be used with a range of vehicles including ATVs, fun carts, and utility vehicles. Its design is aggressive and attractive at the same time, which will also help you lift your vehicle’s look and not only its performance. Therefore, consider the Knobby tire from Carlisle if you want to boost your experience through enhanced power and looks.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Outfitting your ATV with a new set of quality tires is, according to many riders, one of the most important steps to take if a better performance is desired. However, choosing the best 4 wheeler tires might be an intimidating process given the many products available on today’s market and especially if you are new to ATV riding.

No matter if you’re on the lookout for expensive or cheap four wheeler tires, there are some features you simply can’t overlook if you want to improve your performance while adding safety to it. Just like when you’re looking for motorcycle tires or some durable ATV helmets, safety and durability are the main features you need to consider. Check out our guide to narrow down the rich variety of mud tires and get the ones that best suit your needs.

The type of terrain you are riding

The first thing to ask yourself regards the type of terrain you need the tires for. This will help you filter all the ATV tire search results you will get. Finding the right tires for your four-wheeler is very much like finding the right pair of shoes. You can’t wear sandals when hiking or cleats when attending some cocktail event.

The market offers different types of tires for different purposes and specific types of riding. Mud tires are very likely to fail your expectations if you take your rides to sandy terrains. In order to enjoy the best performance, you need to know which type of terrain you will explore on those four wheels. Be honest with yourself and shop accordingly.

You will see that there are tire models described as all-terrain tires because they perform well on a variety of surfaces from soft to hard ones. What makes them work well in a great variety of terrains is their lightweight design and medium tread.


Tire construction

You will see that there are two main tire categories available these days. They are defined by the tire design which can be a bias ply or a radial design. Both of them come with advantages, though, and again, what you want from your new tires will help you decide the design to go for.

A tire that features the bias design has more plies and is more durable. They usually come with tough sidewalls and high-puncture resistance. Moreover, bias tires are stiffer and that leads to enhanced traction. Therefore, if you intend to cruise very tough terrains, you might want to consider the bias design.

On the other hand, if your riding does not involve tough terrains, radials would do. Their plies create a wrapping system that ensures greater stability and reduced wear. Some models even feature reinforcements for added strength.



The shape of the tires you get will significantly affect your performance. Here is where, again, you need to think of what those tires will be used for. Round-shaped tires are great if you venture through mud and wet grounds and you want to do that easily. They also provide better cornering and a softer ride.

Then, you will find flat tires, too. Such models are ideal for hard to medium surfaces and they are usually used on sports ATVs. Plus, they deliver greater sidewall stability. Consider your ATV type as well as the type of riding you will engage in to choose the right shape.

Tire size

Just like when you’re on the lookout for ATV covers, some quality ATV rear seat bag, or a pair of comfortable motorcycle boots, size is another factor you need to pay attention to. Tires make no exception. They come in a range of sizes to suit different ATVs and riding types.

ATV tire manufacturers recommend riders to consider their vehicle’s horsepower, body, torque, and handling before ordering because the inappropriate size may affect such features and throw them off balance. This will obviously affect your performance in a negative way.


Durability and pricing

Last but not least, the budget you have at disposal will help you filter your options. Keep in mind, though, that what’s usually pricier is also more durable. You need to take this into account as well. If you plan to ride your ATV often and for long periods of time, a set of durable tires will cost you more but will also go a greater distance with you.

If you go just for leisure rides once in a while, you may do with less enduring tires. They will be enough for your soft rides and will also spare you some bucks.



Frequently asked questions about four-wheeler tires


Q: How much are four wheeler tires?

Tire prices range based on the tire type, design, and construction. The market now offers models for all budgets. You will thus find tires that will cost you only $30 per piece as well as models that reach $150 or more per tire.

Now, the price depends on the tire type and construction as well as the manufacturer. Top brands are appreciated for offering high-quality products that last. You may initially pay more for new tires but they will ensure durability. Plus, you can also find 4-tire sets that will help you get a more reasonable price per tire.

Q: How to stud four wheeler tires?

If you’re interested in enhancing your ATV performance by stabilizing your ride when the terrain is wet or snowy and you have some studs in mind, learn that studding your four-wheeler tires is nothing complicated. You need the tires, whether they’re new or old, pan-head screws that are appropriate for your tire type and size, and a stud insertion tool.

Figure out the pattern you want for your tires and use a screwdriver to clean the holes or make sure they are clean and empty. Then insert the studs with the stud insertion tool.


Q: Is a four wheeler tire considered a Z-rated tire?

Tire sizes come with letters in them and you will see that they aren’t always the same. That’s because those letters stand for different speed ratings. Therefore, speed ratings are expressed in letters and should be listed with the load index after the size. This combination of numbers and letters make up the service description.

Any tire that is rated for more than 149 mph is a Z-rated tire. Not all tires have this Z mentioned in their description, though. However, if you want to know if your four-wheeler tires are Z-rated, look for their description or even ask the manufacturer if you can’t find this piece of information.




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