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8 Best Portable Motorcycle Garages (Reviews) in 2023

Because we want to give you a helping hand through the process, we’ve compiled a list of products that you can use as a guide for shopping a good motorcycle storage shed. Each product found on this list has received numerous positive reviews.

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1. Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter Shed Tourer Cover

Having a motorcycle allows you to go for rides whenever you have some time to spare. You can ride across the entire country and feel the adrenaline rush with each mile you cover. However, without proper care, your motorcycle can suffer damages that can’t be repaired or are way out of your budget limit.

So, a storage shelter like this one gives you the option to maintain your ride in proper shape for many years to come.

This product comes with a black TSA code lock that ensures plenty of security for your motorcycle. Furthermore, the shed can provide full-coverage protection from several factors like sun, rain, snow, and dust.

Also, this item is manufactured from a durable Oxford waterproof fabric and a sturdy frame made of heavy-duty black powder coated steel.

The most important aspect is that this motorcycle storage shed is outfitted with mesh ventilation windows on both sides that have roll up tie flaps.


This storage shed is made of a waterproof fabric that features coating on the inside. It is UV protected and, thus, it won’t be damaged due to it being exposed to sunlight.

It comes with a very practical carry bag that enables you to transport and store this model easily and practically. The bag is also made of 600D Oxford fabric.

You can utilize this model to protect your motorcycle, moped or bicycle. The choice is covered by a warranty policy.

The cover that is also included in the deal comes provided with a code lock. This way, you can be sure that your beloved bike won’t get stolen.


Even though this model is listed as waterproof, some buyers claimed that this shed does not protect against rain. Not all buyers agree.

Some previous users have said that the hardware provided by the seller for installation is not of high quality. 

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2. Quictent Heavy Duty Motorcycle Shelter Shed Tourer Cover Storage

If you’ve invested your money in the motorcycle you’ve always dreamed of, it seems logical that you go ahead and purchase accessories that will keep this beauty intact and scratches free.

This is the primary purpose of getting a motorcycle storage shed. For example, a product of this kind can offer you a high level of protection from sun, heavy snow or rain, dust, and debris.

Another great feature is the TSA code lock that comes in handy if you want to keep thieves away from the stealing temptation.

You can take this shed with you even when you’re on the go because the product comes with a useful and portable carrying bag.

There’s no need to worry about the durability because the unit is built with a solid frame made of heavy-duty black powder coated steel and a body that features a durable Oxford waterproof fabric.

On both sides of the storage shed, there is mesh ventilation that has roll-up tie flaps included.


This alternative was manufactured using high-quality materials that can stand the test of time. The shed is easy to install according to most users.

It is entirely waterproof and it features mesh ventilation openings on both sides. Roll-up tie flaps are included in its design. 

The option comes provided with a practical and useful carry bag, especially if you spend a lot of time on the road.

A TSA code lock is also included in the deal. You can use it to make sure that your prized bike is safe in the shed. 


A small number of customers said that the set-up gear that the seller supplies users is not of high quality. Not all buyers agreed with this assessment.

Another owner commented that the instructions that the product comes with are not very clear. This might be a problem that only novices might have to deal with. 

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3. The Bike Shield Standard Medium Motorcycle Shelter

The majority of motorcycle enthusiasts care so much for their precious vehicle that there’s nothing they wouldn’t do when it comes to keeping it safe and sound. Safety is the reason why motorcycle storage sheds have gained so much popularity.

This item, in particular, is an excellent choice because it comes with an assembly video and clear instructions that allow fast and easy setup.

Moreover, the unit can be used for multiple purposes such as a motorcycle storage, shelter, tent, cover unit, or garage. It enables a high degree of protection and safety against damages and scratches.

One aspect worth mentioning is that the shed is manufactured from a sturdy and waterproof material that features a heavy-duty polyurethane coating on the inside of the fabric. Thanks to this, the cover can face any severe weather and protect your ride from harmful UV light.

The product is constructed with ventilation windows that increase the dehumidification process inside the shed.


If you are looking for an alternative that is easy to assemble, this might be it. The product comes with instructions as well as with a step-by-step video.

The choice is waterproof and it was made from heavy-duty polyurethane that is coated on the inside. It also comes with a locking system.

Besides, the product is fitted with ventilation windows that allow for dehumidification. It is also protected against damage from UV light. 

This is one of those shelters that has to be secured to the ground. However, the entire process is not time-consuming.


One issue that some users have experienced has to do with assembling the shield. Yet, if you follow the video supplied this should not be a problem.

Because this alternative does not have a base, you have to bolt it into the ground. This can be done easily according to former customers.

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4. Vuz Moto 12-Foot Waterproof Motorcycle Tent

If you want a spacious shed for your motorcycle that you can also use as a tent, this option distributed by Vuz might stir your interest. The alternative has a total capacity of 102 x 36 inches. In other words, it is roomy enough to accommodate your bike, as well as three people at a time.

What is more, this tent comes supplied with no less than four points of entrance. As a consequence, you will have no difficulties when it comes to getting in or out of it. Besides, the choice features mesh panels so that you don’t have to deal with bugs.

This is a three-season tent and it is both wind and water resistant. Also, because it has a separate garage space for your bike and your gear, you won’t have to sleep right next to it. This shelter is light in weight and easy to assemble.


This choice is quite spacious as it also includes a 3-person tent. So, it is the perfect option for those who enjoy taking long rides with friends.

In total, this alternative has no less than four entryways. Therefore, accessing it will not be in any way difficult. A mesh panel is incorporated for ventilation purposes.

The garage, or the shed where the bike can be placed, has a separate entry that is roomy enough so that you can also store your gear in it.

Because this model is waterproof, it can supply you with the needed protection in case of rainfall. It is also windproof.


One reviewer said that he had some trouble understanding how to pack it up after the first use. He was happy with its quality and durability.

Another issue that some previous owners have noted is its price. Some say that this unit is somewhat expensive. As expected, not all customers agree.

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5. Abba Patio Outdoor Storage Shelter

What you need the most from your motorcycle storage shed is to be as sturdy as possible. In this case, it looks like the manufacturer didn’t cut any corners, and you can count on this model to be heavy duty. The frame is made from 1.5-inches steel, and the corner joints are also made from metal, to provide the shed with maximum stability.

You will also notice that the shed resists in high winds, continuing to provide your motorcycle with the necessary protection. The steel used for the frame is treated for resistance to rust, another sign of high durability.

As for the canopy, you will be happy to hear that it is UV resistant and also doesn’t let water get inside. Just like the frame, the fabric used for the canopy is heavy-duty. The rollup door is easy to use, and you will find it handy on rainy days.


If you are looking for a portable storage shed ideal for all season, this model is precisely that, with its UV and water-resistant features.

The powder-coated steel gauge used for the frame resists scratches, rust, corrosion, and chipping and will hold for a long time.

As far as the tarp is concerned, you will be happy to learn that it’s made from a triple layer 240 PE fabric designed for heavy-duty use and resistance to wear and tear.

Because of the top cover and sidewall configuration, you will notice that the shed has a clear shape, and that also helps the tarp remain snugly and securely stretched over the frame.


Assembling it on your own can be a real challenge, and the entire process requires at least two people, as well as plenty of time.

There are no built-in vents whatsoever, so keeping everything sealed inside for a while will likely cause condensation to appear.

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6. ShelterLogic Shed-in-a-Box All Season Storage Shed

Building a shed for your bike from scratch can be a daunting project, even for a passionate DIY-er. This model from ShelterLogic is the next best option and offers the advantage of the ease of assembly and mobility. Made with a durable frame treated to resist chipping, scratching, peeling, corrosion, and rust, it is a sturdy model to consider.

A critical plus that must be mentioned is the grey cover that makes sure water stays away from what lies under it. Unlike other models on the market that are only water-resistant, this one is waterproof, so the protection offered is superior.

You can use this shed all year round to keep rain, snow, and sun from damaging your bike. Another thing to mention is the cover tensioning system that makes the shed look neat and well put together. The cross rail system also contributes to this aspect.


Excellent waterproof coverage puts this shed in a league of its own, as many similar products on the market are only water-resistant.

Interesting features such as the cover tensioning system and the easy slide rail contribute to making this shed look professional once the installation is finished.

It is incredibly versatile, and you can use it for more than just storing your bike, as you can opt for putting in there garden tools, snow blowers, ATVs, and anything else you want and fits.

The high quality of the steel frame guarantees that your shed will remain standing and in good shape, even in extreme weather.


Although the manufacturer mentions that assembling this shed would require only one person and two hours, in reality, you should enlist some help and expect the process to take longer.

Also, the instructions are not very clear, and you may find information that’s incomplete and confusing at times.

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7. Zerust Rust Protection Motorcycle Storage Cover

So many things can affect your motorcycle if you leave it outside, prey to the elements. You don’t have to build a shed or pay exorbitant prices so that someone makes it for you. This storage cover is a convenient alternative to consider. Multiple benefits come from using this option, as you will see right away.

The cover is resistant to water, mold, rust, and corrosion and will keep your motorcycle in perfect shape. It should be mentioned that it’s odorless and made from non-toxic materials. Another interesting fact about it is that this cover doesn’t just go over your bike, but seals it in entirely for maximum protection.

According to the manufacturer, this bag cover will last for 5 years, which means that you’ll get a pretty good deal for your money. Once you zip it up inside, you can rest assured that nothing will damage your motorcycle.


With this cover, you offer your motorcycle excellent coverage against rain, snow, dust, and debris, because it encloses your bike to prevent all the weather elements from affecting it.

The material used is even resistant to mold and rust, which means that you won’t notice any such problems when using it for your bike, regardless of the season.

You will appreciate the fact that the material is non-toxic and doesn’t have an unpleasant scent, as it’s sometimes the case with this type of product.

Using a dependable corrosion prevention method employed mainly by the automotive industries everywhere, this manufacturer made this cover excellent for any motorcycle owner.


It is somewhat expected that the bottom tarp will wear off faster than the one on top, but that could be considered a downside.

You may not be too crazy about the zipper either, as it appears to be of slightly inferior quality compared to the rest of the product.

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8. Happybuy Motorcycle Shelter Storage

One thing that you may notice right away about this storage shed is that it comes in black, and it’s quite large, making sure to accommodate your motorcycle without any problems. The thick steel frame comes powder coated, and it’s, therefore, resistant to the usual enemies like rust and corrosion.

You may like that this storage option can be fixed permanently to a concrete floor, an alternative that other products don’t readily offer. It works for most motorcycles and cruisers, and it is an alternative to consider when you don’t want to build a full-fledged shed in your yard.

The canvas used is 600D oxford fabric, and it’s completely waterproof. Also, there are no stitch holes through which the water could come through, as they were all covered with PU adhesive stickers. The way the door opens and folds is unique and offers you excellent access.


The fabric used, 600D oxford fabric, is well-known for its superior sturdiness and waterproof properties, so you know you will get an excellent product.

It is resistant to UVs, dust, fading, and other types of damage, which means you get your money’s worth and even more.

You will notice that it’s a large shed, and while advertised as capable of accommodating standard bikes and cruisers, it appears that it can even more than that.

Users can install anti-theft options on this model by installing a padlock.

Its frame is durable and powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion for a long time.


Assembling this shelter is a pretty demanding operation, and you will have to enlist your friends’ help if you want to put it together in a reasonable time.

The instructions are difficult to follow, as some refer to the manner you should employ to fix the shed permanently to a concrete floor, and others to the general installation.

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9. Zerust Rust Protection Motorcycle Storage Cover with Zip Closure

This cover is likely to stand out to you as it is rust-inhibiting, mold proof and water resistant. On top of that, the seller argues that it is odorless and non-toxic. So, by using it, you can be sure that your beloved bike is well protected.

Moreover, this zip model is different from the traditional choices because it completely encloses the ride, including its tires. Numerous previous users have pointed out that this cover is easy to use and considerably durable when compared to the other counterparts. It can also be utilized to store bikes in humid and cold locations.

In fact, the distributor says that it can be used for up to five years before it needs to be replaced. Size-wise, the unit measures 45 in x 70 in. In order for the cover to work as expected, it is vital that you follow the instructions that come shipped with it.


This cover is rather durable because it was made of a material that is rust-resistant and mold proof. Also, you can use it in rainy weather because it is water-resistant.

Because of the zip that is featured in the design of the product, this storage cover works by completely enclosing the ride.

The material used to make it is non-toxic and, according to the manufacturer, odorless. Many say that it is very simple to use.

It measures 45 in x 70 inches in total and, on top of that, it comes with all the instructions that one needs to set it up.


Given that the bottom layer of the model is not made of a particularly thick material, it water can get inside of it in case of a puncture.

This option does not include ventilation windows. So, condensation might build-up, especially in the summer. 

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Motorcycle Storage Solutions – Buying Guide


If you own a motorcycle, you understand that there are few risks you need to be aware of if you leave it parked out on the street or in your yard. However, there is a way that allows you to keep your ride safe and sound. With so many robbers and burglars around, the only solution is to invest in the best motorcycle shelter that you can find. So, take a look at the paragraphs below, and maybe you can find some useful tips that you can use in your search for motorcycle storage shed for sale.

Consider the available space

From the very first moment you get a motorcycle, you need to prepare to face several issues. Besides regular checkups and repairs, rides need a proper storage shelter that keeps them protected from the weather. In case you didn’t know, exposure to all types of weather conditions can take its toll on your motorcycle. This is why it needs a place of its own that has walls and a roof over the head.

Before deciding on a specific model, you need to make a checklist and carefully review each aspect of the list. Don’t make decisions in a hurry so you won’t regret it afterward.

You can get a quality motorcycle shelter if you do some measurements and you set up from the very beginning how much space you’ve got available for this type of shelter.

If you’re already thinking about a spot, before exploring options, make sure you take a measuring tape, so you get accurate numbers. This method is excellent because it eliminates the choices you have in your mind that could be either too small or too big.

Don’t forget to add a room for moving your motorcycle from and back to the motorcycle storage shed. When taking measurements, remember that you need to take your ride out and get back without having to make a ton of moves before you manage to get the motorcycle inside the shed. Not only you save time, but you also reduce the fuel consumption. Plus, you avoid scratches or damages to your ride that could get costly.


Focus on the important features

The vast majority of motorcycle storage shed reviews recommend focusing on a specific package of needs when buying this type of product.

Even if you purchase the unit for one purpose, in particular, you could benefit from other advantages.

For instance, some models are outfitted with mesh windows on both sides of the shed that allow the air to ventilate the interior. This feature comes in handy if you want to have a rust-free motorcycle that has an excellent paint coating on the exterior.

Furthermore, you might be tempted to get a storage shed that can be used for storing other items that you have around your house or tools that you need for your motorcycle. If so, you might need to consider a larger shed that can accommodate your stuff.

If you like to travel and to take your motorcycle for long rides, you should go with a shed that has a carrying bag that makes the transportation more comfortable.


Types of motorcycle storage sheds

With so many models on the market, you might have a hard time trying to narrow down your decision. Fortunately, some factors can make the job easier. If you read reviews of motorcycle storage sheds, you’ll notice that the ultimate choice is reflected in the type of unit you opt for.

One essential thing you need to be aware of is the material from which the motorcycle shelter is made of. It’s best to look at the pros and cons provided by each type before buying a piece.

If you have a large backyard and you don’t mind spending some time doing a little bit of craftsmanship, a wood shelter might be the right choice for your needs. The main advantage is that your ride will have excellent insulation. Since the wood is not affected by the sun but has a problem with humidity, it’s best to use it if you live in a dry area. Just make sure you measure every corner of the space you have to spare and put the shed somewhere where you have full access.

Metal is another option for shelters but it’s difficult to set up, and it requires a lot of care after it’s finished. You need to apply a special coating against rust each season. However, it’s sturdy and durable so it might be something to think of if you don’t have plans of changing your home address. Also, if you’re on a limited budget and you want a cheap motorcycle shelter, metal units are quite affordable.

A tad more expensive than metal, plastic is practical and comfortable for assembly. Aside from this, such models come in various shapes and designs, so it’s easy to find something that matches your style. Keep in mind though that plastic can deteriorate due to constant exposure to sunlight and the colors can fade away.

If none of these materials satisfy you, then you must check out a shed made from a UV and water resistant fabric. These can be put anywhere you desire. Not to mention that if you plan on moving or going on a holiday, you can use the carrying bag to take it with you.

As far as the flooring goes, you have two options. You can try a motorcycle shelter that comes with a floor or one that covers only the top of the vehicle. This feature brings extra safety against thieves.


If you need a storage shed purely to keep your motorcycle protected from sun, rain, and snow, you’ll be more than fine with a standard shed. On the other hand, if you don’t have a private area where to put this unit, you need to give up on large windows because these give robbers the opportunity to see what’s inside. Especially if you own an expensive ride, you need to take all precautions. So, you should instead opt for skylights and security windows that are positioned below the eaves.


How to improve the security of your motorbike shed

Improving the security of your motorcycle shed is vital if you want to be confident that your ride is in complete safety. This is why you decide to get a storage shed in the first place.

However, besides weather changes, there are other issues you need to consider. When choosing to beef up the security of your shed, you need to go through some steps that guarantee your motorcycle is secured under the roof of a shed.

According to multiple security experts, thieves typically have great luck when searching for a motorcycle shed that isn’t secured. If they see that they have to put too much work into breaking into it, they get reluctant and avoid the area. So, you can start by investing in accessories and use methods that keep burglars away from your precious ride.

If your shed comes with ventilation windows on one side or both, you need to start by securing them. It’s crucial that you cover these shed windows so that robbers can’t see that you’ve got a cool motorcycle inside.

One basic option that doesn’t cost much is to put a curtain over the shed or use a spray-on glass frosting that reduces the visibility inside.

You can get some reflective or opaque film that you can find at any hardwood store. Because this thing enables thieves to look in but also to smash the glass to make a way inside the shed, you make it difficult for them to gain access fast. Anything that keeps them occupied means that you have time to catch them before stealing your motorcycle.

Another great option that comes in handy for covering the windows is to fit a grille or a mesh on the inside of the window.

If you want, you can increase the level of sturdiness of the entire storage shed. Primarily if you’ve purchased a unit made of wood or plastic, the locks supplied with it will most likely be extremely basic. So, you can replace them with stronger ones that are hard to handle and close fast after you left your motorcycle inside. Moreover, you can always add padlocks or hasps that increase the level of security.

Aside from this, if you don’t mind doing a little bit of extra work, you could add some T-shaped hinges. These are screw-fixed which means they are impossible to be unscrewed by those that want to steal your motorcycle. Despite all the security in the world, if you have a metal or wood storage shed and you only have a padlock on the lock, you give thieves access through the door. On the other hand, replacing the regular screws with coach bolts may boost the security to the side that has hinges.

From time to time, inspect the shed and make sure there are no loose boards that can be pulled or pushed in to gain access to your motorcycle. If you have a unit manufactured from a durable fabric, see if there are no goals or areas where the cloth begins to get thicker.

Also, if you install your storage shed far away from your house, an opportunist thief could see this as a great chance to break in because you can’t see a thing. If this is the case for you, you need to find ways to be alerted by your neighbors or people passing by. You can install a basic alarm or set up a motion-activated light that works as an excellent deterrent for burglars. Or stick to gravel for building paths in the shed area. This way, when thieves approach, you’ll hear the noise.



Whether it’s winter or summer the season just around the corner, you need to take various safety measures to make sure you protect your various assets. Thankfully, today’s online offer is quite generous when it comes to storage units for your motorcycle, in case you park it outdoors. 

As we’ve already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the market offers different motorcycle storage sheds that meet various needs. That’s why they come with different prices. The material used, their size, and other such aspects all affect the final price. 

The climate in your area will help you decide the type of material required to protect your motorcycle effectively. This will be reflected by the price a storage shed will be coupled with. As expected, units that feature durable, waterproof, and UV-resistant materials are usually pricier. The harsher the climate in your area, the more durable the material should be. 

Winter can get really rough in some areas and if you don’t have a garage where to park your unit, you need to consider getting the best motorcycle shed possible, otherwise, you might need to visit the motorcycle service sooner than you’d like to. 

Online stores offer models that are priced within the $100-$350 range. You most probably don’t expect a $100 shed to protect your bike as a  $350 model does. Buying a more expensive unit might also mean fewer visits to the motorcycle service. It’s true that getting a durable shed won’t get you rid of the regular service checkups required for the bike to work well. 

Plus, you will still have to check up on the battery, get the bike out of the shed and use it regularly in order to stop the battery from draining completely, check the engine and its various parts. However, a quality shed will help you prolong your bike lifespan as it will protect it against harmful UV rays, rain, and elements that will damage the motorcycle if it is left exposed. 

Think of your motorcycle value and how expensive it is to fix some of the damages caused by the climate in your area, rain, and other such elements and how much a good shed would help you to save. 


Design and ease of installation 

If you park your bike outdoors even if the climate of your region is harsh and you’re online looking for a winter shed to protect your motorcycle, you need to think of how easy it is to install the storage unit and if it can stay in place when the winter winds get tough. 

The shed required to keep your two-wheeler safe from elements should be designed in such a way to make it easy for you not only to install it but also to access your bike. If you travel a lot, yet you don’t want to leave your bike exposed when in a new place, then consider getting a shed that is travel-friendly and that can be stored with ease. 

A sturdy floor is required

If the storage unit you picked for your motorcycle is a complete structure with a floor included, you need to pay attention to this part of the construction. Bear in mind that motorcycles tend to be quite heavy, and that means that the floors inside the shed must be tough enough to handle the extra weight. It’s true that this is a valid point only for storage solutions that aren’t portable, as the tent-like structures don’t have floors at all.

Besides the fact that you need durable floors so that the structure doesn’t collapse, there is another consideration to bear in mind. Burglars can take advantage of weak floors and use the damage done by the weight of the bike on them to get inside and steal your vehicle. Plus, seeing how these models tend to be more expensive, you need to make sure that you get a sturdy model that will serve you for a long time.


Is the storage unit capable of offering proper weather protection?

While some people use such storage solutions to keep burglars away, some people use lighter structures to ensure that their vehicles are protected from weather conditions. You can install the shed in your backyard if you don’t have a garage or enough space in it for your bike, so the chance of having it stolen is slim.

However, that means that your motorcycle will still be exposed to elements, and that could be much unpleasant, seeing how it could get damaged, wet, dirty, and unusable. In any sort of weather, your motorcycle requires proper protection. Hot weather could affect the paint finish, and dust and debris might get anywhere. In cold and wet weather, the damage could be more extensive.

You might think that a simple motorcycle cover might do the trick, but a shed is one of the storage solutions that offer higher protection from the weather. No UV radiations, winds, rain, and snow will affect your vehicle if you choose a good quality shed. A cover will keep some away, but it can’t offer the same level of protection.


Take a look at the height of the storage unit

The idea of having a shed for your motorcycle is to be able to go inside and move freely around it. If the shed you purchase is too low, it would be impossible to do that with great ease. Also, if the ceiling is too low, it can rub against the vehicle, causing some damage in the process. At least, you should consider a shed that you can get in and out with some ease, and you should be able to put the bike inside and take it out without encountering any difficulties.

While looking at this aspect, check the door design, as well. For ease of use, a model with double doors can prove a more convenient choice than the rest.


Fixed structures versus portable

First things first, you need to ask yourself what kind would be better for your needs. If you need a permanent structure, you must make sure that there is enough storage space for your bike, as well as room for you to move around since you will have to guide it in and out without hassle. Besides ample space, you must make sure that the unit is sturdy and has robust floors, as mentioned a bit earlier.

However, if you value portability, a model that looks close to a motorcycle cover would be an excellent solution. This kind of structure is ideal for anyone who embarks on many road trips and needs a portable storage unit for his or her vehicle. If you opt for this type, check some aspects like the use of assembling and disassembling it, as well as its total weight. Seeing how you will have to haul it around all the time, that’s a vital consideration to bear in mind.


Consider some extras for your convenience

Functional storage space must present certain advantages if you want to make the best out of it. For instance, you should consider a model that comes with a non-slip floor. That helps to keep your motorcycle in a stable position. Also, you should consider a storage unit that allows you to keep some tools that you usually use for bike repairs or any other accessories that you might want to have around.


Is there a wheel plate available?

Hard-walled models are excellent for keeping your motorcycle stable. But soft-shell models don’t offer the advantage of a hard floor. However, you should check the models you compare for the existence of a wheel plate. That’s a small accessory on which you park the front wheel of your motorcycle to ensure that it remains stable and that heavy winds won’t end up knocking it over.

Do you need indoor or outdoor storage solutions?

This is a pretty important question as it can significantly influence what model you will eventually pick. The location you have planned for your shed plays a significant part in your final choice. Indoor and outdoor vehicle storage solutions are available, and you just have to consider carefully their ups and downs, without forgetting what you need in the first place.

First of all, observe what space you have at your disposal. If you don’t have a garage, that’s another factor that will come into play. Now, let’s see what each type is best for so that you can decide which storage unit is the better choice for your bike.

Indoor storage solutions are great if you plan on protecting your bike, mainly from dust and dirt. They are a good idea to place inside another storage space, such as a garage. That helps with keeping your bike protected from scratches and other mishaps. In other words, if you have a garage, you should get a simple shed that keeps it away from dust and minor damage.

However, if you need your shed to offer some extra storage space, these are not, by far, the solution you should pick. Parking your bike outside requires other considerations when you must select the correct vehicle storage. Such a product is, actually, a small garage for your motorcycle. It will keep it protected from rain and weather elements in general, and you can take advantage of the additional space for storing tools and accessories.

Especially if you don’t have a garage, you will find that a storage unit that offers such benefits is the right choice. You can rest assured that your vehicle is safer in this type of shed, as well. In the end, you should consider all the advantages each model provides so that you can pick the storage unit that can serve you best, given the circumstances.


How to choose the correct location for your storage unit

If you intend to place the shed outside, you need to keep a few things in mind. For instance, many storage solutions offered don’t have a very sturdy structure, as they must remain lightweight. That means that you must be a bit careful when choosing the spot for your shed. You should never place a shed for your motorcycle under trees with long branches.

In the case of a storm, those tree branches might break and fall on your bike. That’s especially true for soft shell storage solutions. Keep your eyes open for potential problems so that you don’t end up putting your bike at risk instead of protecting it.


Frequently Asked Questions about motorcycle storage sheds


Q: How to build a motorcycle storage shed?

If you don’t have a garage and you don’t mind doing a little work, you can build a storage shed in a single afternoon. First, you need to measure the area where you intend to put the shed. Then, mark it with flour.

Ideally, the storage unit should be at least 6 feet long and 4 feet wide. Hammer the reinforcing supports halfway into the ground. Bend some pieces of PVC into a U-shape. Place their arm over the end of the supports. Using a wire, wrap the top end of the PVC pipes. Once you have the foundation, you can quickly start building the rest of the shed using a jigsaw, nails, wire, plastic, and fencing staples.

Q: How much should a motorbike storage shed cost?

Depending on the features you are looking for in a motorcycle storage shed and the budget you have, you can find something that will suit your needs. It all comes down to the type of shed your purchasing and the material you prefer.

Prices for storage sheds can vary a lot and are influenced by certain aspects such as size, manufacturer, extra features, and material. You can expect to pay somewhere between $200 minimum and $600 tops or even higher if the unit has great safety settings and cool features. If you want something more affordable, you should check some online discounts and special offers.


Q: What should a motorbike shed be made of?

The decision of choosing for a motorbike shed has to do with the material that you find most suitable. If you don’t have much room to spare and you’re on a tight budget, you can always go with a plastic storage unit that is easy to install and quite durable.

However, if you have plenty of room around your house and you don’t mind sacrificing a corner of your backyard, you might give wood sheds a try. They look nice and allow you to store different tools and accessories that you need for your motorcycle. Metal is your last option if you want something practical and affordable.


Q: What size shed do I need?

For every space available, there’s an ideal motorbike storage shed. To put it simply, you don’t have to choose a size that is more popular or recommended. You need to look at your ride and the room you can dedicate for its storage, measure, do the math, and then choose wisely.

There are excellent options on the market that might be appealing to you. The rule of thumb is that the bigger the shed is, the costlier it gets. However, a shed measuring 6 x 3 inches can easily accommodate a standard motorcycle.


Q: Is the shed supposed to be waterproof?

The reason why you decide to purchase a motorcycle shed in the first place is to protect your ride from weather changes as well as to reduce to the minimum the chances of having it stolen.

So, it’s quite understandable that a shed is supposed to protect against rain and snow. If the unit is manufactured from wood, plastic, or metal, it’s more than logical that your motorbike won’t have a drop of water on their surface while stored inside. Tents, on the other hand, must have a waterproof coating on the exterior if you want to have the same benefits.


Q: What makes a motorbike shelter portable?

A portable shed is useful if you’re a constant mover. Plus, they are great if you’re looking for a temporary storage option. Being able to take the motorbike storage shed with you even when you travel across the country means a lot, mainly since you’ve invested some money into the product.

Besides, a shed of this kind is versatile and facile to set up or expand. These units come with the same features that you can notice on permanent structures. If you don’t mind having a tent near your house, you’ll be able to enjoy the same level of protection and security for half a price.



Other motorbike storage solutions



During that time when you don’t need to use the motorcycle, you should consider some storage solutions that will keep your ride safe and sound and run smoothly. Because months of inactivity can take their toll on your motorbike, it’s important to be prepared to face several issues that could cause damages.

Especially during the cold season, a vehicle needs to be put away from the cold. Even if it’s a pack of metal, it still gets affected by weather changes and extreme climate.

If you don’t have time to build a storage shed, you might want to get a weatherproof motorcycle cover. This product is a telescoping cover that can be easily locked and unfolded over your motorcycle.

Even though it's not designed to offer protection against calamities and extreme cold weather, it’s a great choice if you want something that doesn’t require complicated assembly and has a carrying bag for easy transportation. Besides, the cover is waterproof and features a windshield that comes in handy for preventing scratches.

In addition, you could try putting your motorbike inside a bubble. This cool type of shield is inflated around your ride and can maintain the inside air dry and filtered. The best part is that there’s no chance for dust and humidity to get inside which means your motorcycle remains clean and rust free during all seasons.

If you’re looking for something more permanent, you could get a dedicated shed. These come in all shapes and sizes so if you want to store more than one motorbike, you’ll find what you need.

Lastly, you could always try to rent a garage nearby your house. Some motorcycle shops let you store it for the winter if you pay a specific fee. You might even benefit from extra services and periodical maintenance.


Unavailable products



LOVSHARE 61"x106" Motorcycle Storage Unit



The worst thing you could do is keep your ride outside in the pouring rain or heavy snow and not install some protection that can keep the motorcycle running smoothly. So, with a minimum investment from your part you can be sure that whenever you’re in the mood to take your bike for a ride, you won’t have issues such as trying to start the engine or removing the rust.

This piece features an alloy metal frame and a cover made from a waterproof material.

Aside from this, it features galvanized coated steel poles that increase the sturdiness of the product.

You can rest assured that you won’t spend hours trying to assemble this motorcycle storage shed because, inside the product package, you’ll find clear instructions as well as all the necessary spare parts.

Because the material of the unit is UV resistant, the motorcycle is protected from UV sun rays. Also, the shed can be used for storing different sizes of bikes and motorcycles.



Mophorn Shelter Shed



Just like you keep your car in a garage, you need to give your motorcycle the same treatment and purchase a proper quality storage shed that comes with UV resistant and waterproof material. This means that even if you have to keep your motorcycle outside, it will remain safe and hidden.

Because it’s vital that the material remains compact even after an extended period of use, you might check out this shed that is made from a black Oxford 600D material and has a high coefficient of waterproof resistance.

The size is ideal for storing numerous types of rides, including motorbikes, scooters, mopeds, and push bikes.

Even if you’re not too savvy in the craftsmanship department, you won’t find any issues in setting up this storage shed. The best part is that if you want to make sure that no one steals your spot, you can bolt the unit permanently to the ground because the product comes with soft ground anchors.



Speed-Way MTS-Gry Grey Standard/Small Sport Shelter


[amzonimages asin="B0098ISYGC"]

In your search for a great motorcycle storage shed, you need to pay attention to quality above the rest of the features. It’s mandatory that you stick to units that provide cool settings that turn to be useful in the long run.

For example, this model right here offers plenty of protection for your vehicle against sun, snow, rain, dust, and debris.

Thanks to the built-in locking hardware, you can close the shelter in the lowered position without too much effort.

As far as the setup part goes, you’ll finish in no time because the unit comes with a detailed user manual that offers a step-by-step explanation. Basically, in less than 30 minutes, your motorcycle will have a roof over its head.

The product enables you to park and cover your ride with hot pipes. Plus, the anchor plates are used to secure mounting.

The shelter is made from a durable polyester fabric that features a 700mm polyurethane coating and fully taped seams to prevent water from entering in.



This alternative consists of a small shelter that you can use to shield your bike from the elements. It takes less than thirty minutes to install it.

Because it was manufactured from durable polyester and given that it was coated with polyurethane, this model can pass the test of time.

Its compact, yet spacious design makes it perfect for you to carry it around when traveling on your bike on long trips.

All the necessary hardware is built-in. So, you can lock it in the desired position with little to no effort. It is ideal for novices or those who lack a technical inclination.



One reviewer said that this model is not sturdy enough to be used for outdoor applications because the seams are not of high-quality.

Another buyer pointed out that the durability of this shelter lacks a lot to be desired as the material used is not exactly top-notch. 



Popsport Motorcycle Shelter Storage Black Oxford 600D Waterproof


[amzonimages asin="B072SB8TNW"]

Most people that own bikes or motorcycle complain about the fact that the storage shelters they find on the market require too much effort to handle and tend to be cumbersome to maneuver. This is not the case with this interesting shed that features a unique and practical design. You can quickly fold it to open and then close it with a few simple movements. This way, you can rest assured that your ride is protected and away from the public eye.

Boasting a black Oxford 600D material, the unit has a frame made of steel as well as galvanized coated steel poles for extra safety and durability.

No matter the weather outside, your motorcycle is ready to be used due to the waterproof and UV resistant elements.

You have more than one possibility to use the cover. You can either use it as a free-standing option or, bolt it down to a hard surface (this is not a hard shell motorcycle shelter, though).



This model is very sturdy as it was made using Oxford 600D, a very durable material. Also, the frame was manufactured from galvanized coated steel. 

In total, it measures 106 inches in length, 41 inches in width and 61 inches in height. It is large enough to fit a normal-sized motorcycle. 

The product is weatherproof and UV resistant. Consequently, you can install it in your backyard. It can protect your prized ride against wind, water, and sunlight.

Moreover, ventilation inserts were also added on both its sides so that air circulation is possible. The cover can be used as free-standing and it can also be bolted down.



One problem that a fellow biker noted is that this shed is not fit to accommodate larger motorcycles because it is not tall enough. Its dimensions are made clear.

A customer was unhappy with the set-up directions provided. Still, he was the only one who had this problem.



Kdgarden Heavy Duty Canopy


[amzonimages asin="B079SJBMDK"]

If you are interested in an alternative that has been vetted by prior buyers, the item sold by Kdgarden might suit your needs. This 10 x 10 ft. model has a round top, and it can be used as a shelter where you can keep your ride.

What is more, this backyard storage solution is weather-resistant, and it can protect your vehicle against damages caused by the sun. Moreover, this choice is sturdy and reliable because it includes a steel frame that is rust-proof.

Because it features high-quality ratchets, the cover of the product will be kept in place at all times, and it will look neat. For extra stability, this shelter features U-type ground stakes that ensure that the model is safely connected to the ground.

The only drawback of the option is that, because of its sizeable design, it is a tad more challenging to put together than other similar counterparts.



This choice has a round top and it measures 10 x 10 ft. It is large enough so that you can use it to store your ATV.

Given the materials that were used to construct it, it is weather-resistant. It can also shield your bike from damages that result from UV exposure.

The frame that the option includes is made of steel, a rust-proof material. So, it is quite sturdy when compared to other similar units.

Given that it features ratchets, the cover that this shield comes fitted with will remain in place at all times. U-shaped ground stakes are also provided by the distributor. 



As it happens with most options of this kind, some customers argued that this shelter is somewhat difficult to put together. Instructions are provided.

Some buyers claimed that this product is not waterproof. So, it might not deliver the expected protection in case of rainy weather.



Peaktop Large Size Motorcycle Storage Tent


Your search for a reliable motorcycle storage shed has come to an end because this model is outfitted with all the cool features you’ve always looked for. This unit comes with a TSA code lock that increases the security and let’s sit back and relax while your ride is safe and protected from weather changes.

Plus, the product is manufactured from a top-notch material that can withstand the harm caused by rain or UV sun rays.

Furthermore, the tent has a thick black powder coated steel and PU adhesive stickers that ensure its sturdiness.

You can use this shelter as a form of protection for different kinds of rides like mopeds, bicycles, and motorcycles.

Even if you need to go on holiday and you’re planning to take the motorcycle with you, you won’t have to worry about its safety because this tent is portable due to the carrying bag, included in the product package.



This alternative includes a TSA code lock that you can use whenever you want to make sure that your bike is protected during the night.

It was made of a durable fabric that can withstand the damage caused by UV rays and rain. It is versatile enough to be used with mopeds, bikes, and motorcycles.

The design of this shed includes PU adhesive stickers and a powder-coated steel frame for increased sturdiness.

To make it suitable for those who enjoy traveling, the seller also supplies users with a useful carry bag that is quite compact.



One drawback that some customers noted is that this alternative is not as accessible as other similar sheds. So, some interested bikers might not be able to afford it.

Even though the product comes with a code lock, you cannot be entirely sure that thieves cannot break into it. Most users are happy with this choice.







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