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8 Best Motorcycle Levers (Reviews) in 2022

Finding the best motorcycle clutch levers might prove to be time-consuming and quite challenging considering the richness of products available on the market, the different features, and the price range. To simplify your decision-making process, we have compiled a list of the motorcycle levers reviews based on the models that have gathered the best ratings and feedback.

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1. Adjustable Short Brake and Clutch Levers for Honda

The levers you use will contribute significantly to your comfort as well as to your safety when riding your bike. Since they are more than simple motorcycle accessories, their quality needs to be high. To enjoy such a product, you might want to consider the Brake & Clutch Lever Set from RIDE IT.

The set includes brake and clutch levers with 6 adjustable positions that will enable you to opt for the position that provides you with the highest level of comfort. A perfect fit is thus ensured without any modification. All the pieces included are manufactured with the help of CNC machining processes, all the parts being cut from 6061-T6 aluminum billets.

The fasteners are made of stainless steel and the solid construction of the levers ensures durability and long-term use. Ideal for street use, the levers can be easily installed. They provide perfect fitment for various models of Honda


They are made of high-quality aluminum which prevents the levers from deteriorating due to the non-rusting properties so you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy using them for a long time.

Furthermore, aluminum is a very sturdy material that is not easily bent, which is a very important aspect to consider when choosing levers, so you can be sure that this product is a strong one that will not leave you in times of need.

They are adjustable according to your hand size, which is a great feature that will allow you to customize them in order to use the levers at the highest comfort and functionality levels.


They are designed to be used on Honda models so they are pretty limiting. However, if you own them, these will make all the difference and you will be able to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride due to the high quality that the manufacturers provide.

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2. MZS Short Brake Clutch Levers for Honda Grom

Another option to keep in mind when looking for new motorcycle levers is the Short Brake and Clutch Lever set for Honda from MZS. Using only quality materials to ensure durability and long-term use, this set of levers is compatible with various models of Honda.

The levers include stainless steel pivot and bushing parts, chrome steel precision sealed bearings, chromoly and stainless steel fasteners, and Chrome Silicon cantilever springs. All these materials will make sure the levers last and keep up with your extensive use.

The 6 adjustable positions will help you find the level of comfort that best suits your preferences. This way, you can easily and rapidly adjust the reach for hands from small to big in order to enjoy the best clutch or brake response. The shiny finish and the anodized treatment increase resistance to corrosion and hardness preventing damage or bending in case of a crash.


The main advantage that these levers come with is the fact that they are made of CNC Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum. This makes them very durable, but also very strong, as you will practically not be able to bend or break them.

They are very easy to install and you will be able to do it yourself with no problem.

The levers can be adjusted in 6 positions in order for you to be able to ride your bike in the most comfortable way.

You can order them in 5 colors depending on the color of your bike.


The only flaw that we have found in this product is actually a minus that the manufacturers have, and that is the fact that you don’t get any instructions in the package. However, if you haven’t changed them before, you can always find a lot of tutorials on the internet and you will be able to learn how to do it in no time.

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3. MZS Adjustment Clutch

Designed to ensure a comfortable grip and ease of use, this Adjustment Clutch & Brake Lever set from MZS won’t just make sure your motorcycle works great but will also add to its looks. The ergonomically designed handles have been created with modern CNC and laser techniques to ensure durability and long-term use and to cut a fine figure whenever a viewer’s eyes set upon them.

The materials used for these levers were chosen with durability in mind. Therefore, the set includes stainless steel pivot and bushing parts, chrome steel bearings, cantilever springs made from chrome silicone, and chromoly and stainless steel fasteners.

You will have to simply adjust a set screw on the levers in order to accommodate hands from small to large and thus make sure you enjoy a great clutch or brake response. The anodized treatment boosts resistance to corrosion and hardness and prevents damage in case of an accident.


Among the wonderful features that these levers have, the great thing about them is their design which is futuristic and edgy and will take your bike’s appearance to a higher level.

Durability is another key factor that will make you want these levers, as they have stainless steel parts and chrome silicon springs which make them non-corrosive and very sturdy.

The surface is non-slippery, which is a great advantage in terms of functionality because you will get a strong grip.

They come with a warranty of 12 months, the time in which, if you have any problems, the manufacturers ensure solutions.


In some cases, the shipment seems to be relatively slow, so you might have to wait quite a bit.

There’s a chance that the levers might be a bit loose and wobbly, so if that's the case, you should contact the company for replacements.

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4. Motion Pro 14-0100 Black Clutch Lever Assembly

The comfort the levers of your bike provide you with, as well as the way they function and the ease of response they offer, will affect your riding experience and they can do it both ways, negatively and positively. If you need durable and comfortable levers to enjoy the best of your bike, you might also check the 14-0100 Black Clutch Lever Assembly from Motion Pro.

This is a replacement for Honda clutch levers on MX bikes that meets and even exceeds OEM quality. It should not be used with hydraulic brakes and clutches. The perch adjuster was designed for 8mm O.D. housing end fitting.

The levers fit ⅞-inch diameter handlebars and are available in two colors: black and polished. Customers who’ve tried the product appreciated the way it feels and works as well as its solid construction. The simplistic design also makes a great addition to many bikes.


This lever has a main advantage, which is the fact that it’s very comfortable to use due to its design and its positioning and grip.

You can order it in two colors, which is great considering that not all bikes look the same and most people want their bike to have matching colors and be relatively uniform in terms of color.

In terms of design, it is sort of minimalistic and fits well on different types of bikes if you think of appearance.

Being very comfortable, you will not get wrist and finger sores while using it, which is pretty great.


The materials that it is made of do not compare to the high-quality levers; however, it has a strong construction and you will be able to use it for a relatively long period of time. Other than that, it does a great job and has a good price-quality ratio.

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5. Motion Pro 14-0201 Polished OEM Style Brake Lever

With the 14-0201 Polished OEM Style Brake Lever from Motion Pro, you won’t just get a comfortable design but also a solid construction that will keep up with long-term use and impacts. The product was built to resist breakage and the materials used prevent any damage from occurring even in case of a crash.

Durability is further enhanced by the hard coating the lever features and the quality aircraft grade A 360 aluminum it is made of. The item meets and even exceeds OEM specs. It is ideal for a great variety of Honda models. Its simplistic design will match many bikes and add to their overall looks.

Customers who’ve tried the product have offered positive feedback appreciating it for working and looking great. Moreover, in many cases, replacing the old part with it proved to be quite easy. Read the compatibility list to make sure it fits your bike perfectly.


The great thing about this lever is that it is made of aircraft-grade A aluminum which makes it very durable and also lightweight, and therefore, easy to manage.

It is also very sturdy and it will not easily bend or rust even though the lever seems a little bit minimalistic in terms of construction.

The design is a plus for people who are looking for simple designs, and this is why it also looks very classy and sophisticated.

You can use it for a high number of Honda models, so you will not be limited by its design and functionality.


Because it fits so many Honda models, some people might be inclined to think that you can add it to any of them. However, you should check the list of the models that you can use it on because some customers have had the unpleasant surprise of finding out that it is not suited for their bike.

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6. Motion Pro 14-0103 Polished Brake Lever Assembly

If you’re looking for a brake lever replacement for MX bikes, you might want to check the 14-0103 Polished Brake Lever Assembly from Motion Pro for a durable build that will ensure extended use and a stylish and simplistic design that will complement many bike models.

The product is designed to work as a replacement for Japanese motocross bikes. It should not be used with hydraulic brakes and clutches. Meeting and even exceeding OEM quality, this brake lever assembly is built for a 0.3-inch OD housing end fitting.

The product is available in black and polished finishes so you can choose the one that best fits your bike model. The people who have bought the product have appreciated the way it works and looks. At least one of them says it is a great addition to vintage dirt bikes considering its design.


A great thing about this lever is that it fits most bikes in terms of appearance because it has a simplistic design that will not interfere with the design of the bike by looking out of place.

You can order the polished model but you can also order it in black if it best suits your bike.

It looks great on vintage bikes, and you know how rare it is to find a lever that does not ruin the design.

A feature that comes in really handy is that the lever is lightweight and very easy to use and install and you will not have any problems doing it yourself.


You will not be able to attach it to bikes that have hydraulic brakes and clutches, so make sure that this product is suited for your bike before purchasing. Other than that, this is an affordable lever that does a great job.

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7. Hydraulic Brake Lever Master Cylinder Premium Right Side Lever

Lots of riding involves frequent part replacements. If your brake lever is the one that needs to be renewed, you might want to try the Hydraulic Brake Lever from Precision Auto for a product that will provide you with a comfortable design and enough durability to make sure you don’t have to replace it any time soon.

The simple design and black color will complement many bike models. The product fits ⅞-inch handlebars and can be used with various types of bikes such as 50cc, 125cc, 150cc, 250cc, GY6, Scooters, Mopeds, and ATVs.

The customer feedback and reviews available online highlight the fact that the product offers great value for the price. Customers have appreciated the quality of the product, the ease of use and installation as well as the way it functions. It is recommended to check the models this brake lever is a good fit for before buying.


A feature that is definitely a pro is that this lever is very easy to install and you will not need to take it to a professional to do so.

It has a simplistic design that makes it suitable for any type of bike design because, besides its shape, it also comes in a neutral color.

It is lightweight which means that you will be able to use it in a very comfortable manner as it weighs only 0.75 lbs, which is practically the same as a can of soda.

It is also very versatile and can be used for a wide range of bikes including, GY6, scooters, ATVs, and mopeds.


You have to be careful before purchasing this item because some of the features might not be a match to your bike in terms of size and adjustability. Other than that, it is a great product that offers a lot of benefits considering its price.

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8. Motion Pro 14-0104 Black Clutch Lever Assembly

Another option from Motion Pro is the Black Clutch Lever Assembly if you need to replace your old clutch lever. This product was built to last and ensure extended use and was designed to enable customers to use it with various bike models.

Available in black and polished finishes and featuring a simplistic yet comfortable design, this clutch lever is both easy to install and use offering a great response and thus improving a rider’s experience. It can be used as a replacement for several types of Honda bikes. It is recommended to check its compatibility before buying it.

The perch adjuster was built for a 0.31-inch OD housing end fitting. The lever has been appreciated by customers for its overall quality which meets or exceeds OEM standards. The item measures 9.8 x 4.5 x 1.4 inches and weighs 6.4 ounces.


The fact that you can choose between two colors, black and polished, is great because you will be able to choose one that is perfect for the design of your bike. 

It is very sturdy if you consider the price and you will get to enjoy using it for a long period of time if you install it and use it properly.

It has a relatively ergonomic design that will prevent a lot of wrist and finger strains, making your ride very comfortable compared to other products in the line.

You will not need the involvement of a professional to install it because it is very easy to do it yourself and you can get it on in no time.


It is not suitable for hydraulic brakes and clutches, so if you have that type of brake you should consider another product. However, it is a sturdy lever that does a great job and it will be worth your investment.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Motorcycle levers, just like motorcycle goggles and impact-resistant dirt bike and motocross helmets, are safety components. They are the hand controls that will help you apply brakes and engage the clutch, that’s why they are of great importance when it comes to your safety while riding.

Just like you need quality motorcycle airbag jackets and vests to protect you in case of a crash, you need durable and high-performance levers to make sure the brake is applied and the clutch is engaged when you need it. Finding a good motorcycle lever might not be that simple, though. There are various factors you need to keep in mind to make sure you find the one that best serves your needs.

The right fitting

Even if your budget is limited and you need to buy a cheap motorcycle lever, you have to make sure the fit is perfect. A lever that doesn’t fit well will lead to a sore neck and back as well as tight shoulders. Furthermore, it will lead to numbness and tingling in the fingertips and wrists. These unpleasant sensations can extend all the way up to the rider’s elbows, neck, and shoulder.

A lever that fits properly will enable you to keep a straight wrist in relation to your forearm and will allow you to rotate it when needed. A wrist that is twisted for long periods of time will eventually lead to health issues and affect the rider’s experience and safety.


Types of levers

When looking for parts for your bike such as a motorcycle battery or new motorcycle tires, you need to search based on the manufacturer of your bike, model, and model year to get a product that fits perfectly. It’s just the same when it comes to levers. For instance, if you have an older model of Honda, a lever designed for newer models might not fit the way you need it to.

A good option is to go for adjustable fit levers. Such items cover a wider range of hand sizes. They generally come with a setscrew or knob that allows the adjustment. However, if you find a short-reach lever that offers you a better fit, then go for such a model.

You will also find universal levers that are said to fit various bike models. Since a bike’s handlebars, grips, cables, and hardware are different, such levers will most likely need customization. Yet, if there are no levers available for your particular bike model, this is the only solution.


Lever weight and circumference

One of the most important aspects to bear in mind when looking for new brake and clutch levers is their size. In order to make sure you find the perfect unit, there are various aspects regarding the lever’s size and fit you need to pay attention to.

The circumference of the lever will decide whether a model is the right one for you. Small hands will need small levers and big hands levers with a greater circumference. The weight of the lever is another feature to consider.

Small hands have less gripping power, therefore, such riders should look for levers that weigh less. Plus, keep in mind that when you wear motorcycle gloves, the way you feel the lever is affected even if slightly.


Length and hand reach

Most levers are available in two lengths: standard and short. The length of the lever refers to the length from its attachment to the cable or the hardware to the end. If you have a smaller hand, then you should opt for a shorter lever for a better fit and grip.

A proper fit also depends on the so-called hand reach or the span between the base of your thumb and the first knuckle of your fingers. There are levers that offer the possibility to adjust them so you can enjoy better ergonomics. As we’ve said before, there are lever models that feature knobs or set screws for easy adjustment. Some models lack such features and thus require manual modification.

Durability and ease of installation

Besides the size and fit-related aspects, you need to pay attention to the materials the levers are made from. Since riding involves the risk of a crash, it is best to opt for levers that are made of durable stainless steel, aluminum, or other materials that won’t allow them to get damaged or bend in case of an accident.

Usually, such materials are also resistant to corrosion and rust, which is another feature you want for your levers, especially if your bike is outdoors most of the time or is parked in a garage where it could be exposed to harmful elements. Also, consider the steps the lever installation involves. Many models require no professional assistance, so it might be better to go for a lever you can install by yourself.




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