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8 Best Motorcycle Coolants (Reviews) in 2022 

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1. Engine Ice TYDS008-03 High Performance Coolant

This alternative offers you a biodegradable, phosphate-free and non-toxic substance that won’t harm the user or the environment. Simultaneously, it reduces operating race temperatures and effectively keeps boil over temperatures to 256 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

Freeze-up protection is set to -26 degrees Fahrenheit. This model has an average reduction in operating temperatures of 10 to 20 degrees, which makes it perfect for racing, motorcycle or auto, ATV use and other means of transportation.

Many tracks around the world allow their competitors to use the Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant, including CCS and ASRA road racing.

An item that’s engineered to keep your operating temperatures at an optimum performance, the TYDS008-03 does not allow its user to lose power through excess heat. 

It uses propylene glycol, which has been proven to eliminate seal failures, as well as water pump gasket. This substance is likely to reduce heat more than other standard coolants due to its properties.


This is a different type of choice for you that provides a biodegradable, phosphate-free, non-damaging alternative that is not harmful to the user or the environment.

Furthermore, this product is able to diminish operating race temperatures and will actively keep boil-over temperatures limited to 256 degrees Fahrenheit or even less than that.  Freeze-up protection also has a fixed amount, beginning and stopping at -26 degrees Fahrenheit.

The product is perfect for racing or any other types of motorcycle and auto use due to the fact that its average reduction in operating temperatures is 10 to 20 degrees, generally believed to be the perfect amount for that. 

Tracks like CCS and ASRA road racing are known throughout the world for using the Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant, something which is a mark of quality all on its own.


Some owners might struggle to see a difference in temperatures, even though it’s hard to say if this is because of the vehicle or not.

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2. Genuine Honda Long Life Coolant

This alternative offered by this brand is fit for most types of vehicles, including motorcycles, scooters, cars, and other all-terrain options. It doesn’t contain any silicates, and that’s always worth considering.

What’s also worth considering is that this product lasts a longer time than other similar items and this way you won’t have to worry about changing the engine coolant all the time.

It has to be used in combination with distilled water, but there’s no need to worry about mixing the wrong amounts. It works perfectly with most Honda models, but of course, you should check your user manual before purchasing to be sure of your choice.

A coolant based on ethylene glycol, it’s designed for extended aluminum component protection. It provides protection against corrosion and rust and aside from keeping your operating temperature within safe limits, it also increases the life expectancy of specific metallic components.



This item has the potential to be a great coolant option as it works for pretty much all types of vehicles from cars and motorcycles to scooters and bigger things like ATVs. 

Furthermore, a careful owner will always consider a product that does not contain any silicates, just like this one, so you should also bear this in mind.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this coolant is proven to last a longer time than other products on the same market, so it will be a relief knowing you won’t have to worry about changing it all the time and your engine will still work.

While this item is based on ethylene glycol, its main focus is offering extended protection for the aluminum components, so you can say goodbye to things like rust and corrosion.


While the coolant itself works flawlessly, the way it is shipped to you may sometimes prove bothersome. 

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3. Maxima 82964 Coolanol 50/50 Blend Performance

This ready-to-use 50/50 blend has premium quality and is based on ethylene glycol and deionized water to provide protection for all aluminum and magnesium components against rust and corrosion. It works for most terrain vehicles, including motorcycle and ATVs.

The Coolanol option contains antifoam agents that reduce water pump cavitation and increase its cooling capacity, managing to keep operating temperatures within safe limits. It also protects from freeze-ups during winter, down to -34 degrees Fahrenheit.

It manages to raise your cooling systems boiling point up to 256 degrees Fahrenheit, with a 15-pound radiator cap. Ideally suited for all motorcycle applications, this fluid is extremely low on silicates.

Besides, this coolant is safe for aluminum radiators since it has been tested in this field. It comes at an affordable price and provides great value for the money.

We would recommend avoiding mixing this item with any other coolant that might already be on your motorcycle.


The fact that this product comes ready-to-use in a 50/50 blend is an advantage in itself since you won’t need to engage in any ”Breaking Bad”-ish operations all on your own. 

Because it uses ethylene glycol and deionized water as its base, this item is great at offering protection for any and all aluminum and magnesium components when it comes to defeating corrosion and rust.

The Coolanol option also has antifoam agents that work to reduce water pump cavitation but, at the same time, increase its cooling capacity.

This liquid is quite low on silicates so it is ideal for all motorcycle applications, especially considering the fact that it will manage to raise your cooling systems’ boiling point all the way up to 256 degrees Fahrenheit.


It may be worth mentioning that this product is ethylene glycol-based and this composition might be a big turn off for some people.

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4. Honda 08C50-C321S02 Coolant Ready to Use

This product uses a newer formula and is a 50/50 blend, ready-to-use alternative. It features an exclusive Honda formula that’s based on a non-abrasive corrosion inhibitor that ensures maximum protection for your aluminum and magnesium engine parts.

The blue formula is 100% compatible with the original green, meaning it can be mixed with other products. It protects your vehicle in winter, given that it has a -34 degrees Fahrenheit freezing point and also keeps your operating temperature at a stable 265 Fahrenheit (at fifteen PSI).

It’s compatible with most models from Honda and works for motorcycles and four-wheelers, as well.

Being Honda’s newer version of their traditional green coolant, this item is based on an ethylene glycol formula, and it doesn’t have any silicates that could cause corrosion to the metallic parts.

It is safe to use this with any brand, with the condition that the motorcycle is water cooled.


This is one of the newer products out there and the sparkling new formula combined with the 50/50 blend makes it a great ready-to-use choice, especially for people who are not satisfied with their old cooling agent anymore.

Another bonus is the fact that it features an exclusive Honda formula built around a non-abrasive corrosion inhibitor that serves to offer top-notch protection for those parts of your engine that are made from magnesium and aluminum.

Even though this formula is blue, do not worry as it is completely compatible with the original green and you can mix it with other products without any issue

This product will not just protect your vehicle when the cold times come but it will also work to maintain the operating temperature at a balanced 265 Fahrenheit degrees.


You should be well documented on how to properly do a flushing process or you may not see the desired results. 

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5. Motorex M3.0 Coolant

This radiator protection liquid is based on ethylene glycol and provides excellent protection against frost, corrosion, limescale deposits and overheating for all modern engines but particularly for aluminum components that operate under high loads.  

The inhibitors provide a safe environment for the metallic parts, preventing corrosion as well as the buildup of other deposits in the cooling system, thereby extending the life expectancy of the engine in its entirety.

It comes in a formula that’s already mixed with water so that it can be used right out of the recipient, without any alterations. It doesn't contain any silicates, nitrates, amines or phosphates, or generally anything that could damage your vehicle or the environment.

This item protects your engine during winter, as it has a freezing temperature of -27.4 degrees Fahrenheit. It is compatible with all standard commercial seals and radiator hoses, and it has excellent heat conductivity and extended service life.


This protection liquid is great to have if you need something which provides great protection against things like limescale deposits, corrosion, and frost. Overheating will also be a thing of the past as the modern aluminum components used in engines nowadays will also be kept safe from overheating.

The inhibitors in it will fight against corrosion and the buildup of different types of deposits in the cooling system, creating a safe haven for your metallic parts.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that using this coolant will significantly lengthen the life expectancy of your engine, possibly also saving you some money in the long run.

The formula is already mixed with water so you won’t have to do any operations with it but simply use it as you see fit. 


While the product is highly effective, make sure to double-check the way the package arrives before signing to receive it.

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6. Motul 847405 Mocool Radiator Additive

If you’re looking for a cheap motorcycle coolant, then consider checking out this alternative from Motul. It manages to reduce engine temperature by thirty degrees Fahrenheit.  

It is recommended for magnesium, aluminum alloy cases, cast iron copper, brass and bronze systems. This item covers a broad palette of metallic components and is compatible with many vehicles, making it easily adaptable to any required situation.

The coolant has excellent thermal exchange and is made using thick cooling fluid. It can be used for bikes, cars, ATVs and last but not least, motorcycles.

The engine operating temperature will be decreased by using this liquid in racing conditions or generally when overheating occurs. It is a seal, rubber pipes, and plastic parts friendly alternative, and it will not damage the environment either.

This item also benefits from water pump protection to avoid cavitation. However, it’s worth mentioning that this model does not offer any freeze protection, so if you’re in an area with a colder climate, perhaps it would be wise to consider other options.



Anybody who is in need of a cheap motorcycle coolant will definitely benefit from checking out this product from Motul, as it is highly effective in reducing engine temperatures by as much as thirty degrees Fahrenheit. 

All types of systems will benefit from this, as it is highly recommended for aluminum and magnesium alloy cases as well as brass and bronze systems. 

This was exactly what the manufacturer was looking for as the item is designed to cover an array of metallic components and be adaptable to a large number of vehicles, making it ideal for versatile situations.

Another bonus of this is the fact that it has great thermal exchange and it is made with the use of a thick cooling fluid which makes it quite good for all things with an engine from cars to motorcycles.


While this item is advertised as working for pretty much every vehicle, this may not always be the case.

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7. Evans Cooling Systems EC53001 High Performance

This item is specially designed for all modern, classic, as well as vintage gasoline-powered vehicles, and light-duty types of diesel. It has a boiling point of 375 degrees Fahrenheit, and it will not vaporize.

It eliminates boilover and after-boil, and it generates low vapor pressure. Other capabilities of this option include preventing coolant loss and reducing strain on cooling system components, making it the right solution for many issues that motorbikers generally encounter.

The substance doesn’t contain any water, so it effectively eliminates corrosion, liner and water pump cavitation erosion. What’s also worth considering is that it minimizes the potential for electrolysis issues, as well as reducing maintenance costs.

Pre-ignition and engine knock are also dealt with, and this model improves combustion efficiency to deliver more power and improved fuel economy.

A funnel for easy pouring is also included in the packaging.



You will be hard-pressed to find a vehicle that will not benefit from this item since it was created for anything and everything between modern, classic, and vintage motorized means of transportation.

Another benefit of this product is the high boiling point which reaches 375 degrees Fahrenheit and should keep you out of most trouble.

This is a great coolant that eliminates boil-over and after-boil while creating low vapor pressure. Among its other perks, we can count the capability to reduce the strain on the cooling system components, effectively identifying it as the desired solution for many common motorbike issues.

Since it is not made with any water, this substance will work wonders toward eliminating annoying things like water pump cavitation erosion, corrosion, and even liner.


Some vehicles, especially older ones, will not offer you impressive results when compared with this product’s theoretical performance.

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8. Royal Purple 01600 Purple Ice Super-Coolant

This 2-in-1 corrosion inhibitor and wetting agent delivers enhanced protection of aluminum components, preventing them from rusting. It also reduces surface tensions of coolant allowing heat to transfer outside the radiator for more horsepower.

What’s also worth considering is that this alternative reduces hot spots in the engine and cylinder heads to help prevent failure of critical engine components. This way the life expectancy of your motorcycle or other vehicles you might be using this coolant for is significantly extended.

The model also helps maintain a cleaner system, as well as preventing overheating and extending the life of the water pump. Using this alternative in water or antifreeze water blends is safe.

It reduces temperature by up to twenty-two degrees Fahrenheit, making sure that the operating temperature is kept within safe limits and maximizing the power of your vehicle.


This is an item that can solve double the amount of problems in half the time since it works as a corrosion inhibitor as well as a wetting agent.

Your aluminum components will be perfectly safe when using this, as it will prevent them from suffering because of rust while still working as a gateway for heat to be transferred outside the radiator, generating more horsepower.

You should consider this product because it is an alternative that diminishes the number of hot spots in the engine and cylinder heads, therefore working toward preventing the failure of vital engine components for as long as possible.

Your water pump will also thank you for using this model since it has been proven to prolong its life.


Make sure to check the way the package is delivered to you before signing to get it, as the bottles could come with some problems.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


When you’re looking for the best motorcycle antifreeze, you need to think about which features would make a product worthy of your attention. We’ve put together some advice in a comprehensive buying guide, and we deliver what we believe to be the easiest way of finding a proper motorcycle coolant.

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The first step in choosing the right product for your needs would be to check the user manual for your motorcycle, which should at least outline a recommendation for the type of coolant that should be used with its engine.

Finding the right coolant for your specific model of motorcycle will help extend the life expectancy of particular components, given that they need to be protected against corrosion.

What’s also worth considering is that you need to check the dimension of the tank before you make a purchase and be sure to pick the right amount of liquid to fit its proportions. The process won’t work unless you get the correct amount.


Premixed or not

The items available for sale generally come in two forms: premixed or pure. The difference would be that the latter alternative needs to be combined with distilled water before being used, and you need to do that yourself.

It would be a lot easier to get a premixed alternative, given that it can be used straight out of its recipient without any knowledge about which are the right amounts to mix to obtain a proper concentration.

You can make this decision according to your budget, or you can consider your skill in mixing ingredients or patience to read instructions. Just make sure that you don’t ruin your engine with a liquid that’s not prepared correctly.

A high concentration can result in damage to the metallic components, due to the buildup of hard water deposits. In time, this can affect the process and make your vehicle impossible to use.


It’s important when choosing a motorcycle coolant for hot weather to consider issues like environmental protection or user safety. This kind of products can contain harmful substances, and you need to carefully check the description file from the manufacturer to make sure your health won’t be in danger.

Avoid anything that contains phosphates, silicates or other harmful substances. Not only do these damage the aluminum and magnesium parts by causing corrosion, but they’re also not environmentally friendly.

Search for organic-based items if you are concerned about nature and if you do not require and anti-corrosive coolant.

Switching from one coolant to another

It can be challenging to change the coolant liquid that you use, and it needs some work beforehand. If you’re switching from a silicate-based formula to an organic one especially, the process can be awkward.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the system is thoroughly flushed and any traces of the old coolant are removed. That is, of course, unless you manage to find an alternative which is compatible with other types of coolants, which would cut a lot of corners.

Factors such as price and availability might influence your chances to find such an option, but if you’re looking for a fast way to make a much-needed change, then it’s worth looking into this issue.



It’s essential to look for the product that can offer your engine the necessary protection no matter the weather conditions. If it’s during the summer, then make sure that it can keep your operating temperature within safe limits, as per required by your vehicle.

When it comes to wintertime riding, you need to check the freezing temperature of the coolant and decide whether it’s compatible with your needs and the climate you’re going to ride your bike in.

Other aspects such as protection against corrosion have been covered before, but it’s worth mentioning that you need to keep an eye out for an item that can meet as many of your requirements as possible.


Motorcycle coolant types

As we’ve said before, the market offers coolants that come premixed or not. Choosing between these two types is just a matter of preference, after all. If you don’t find it difficult to add water to a coolant, then you can opt for a formula that does not come premixed as it might be a bit cheaper. 

Coolants can be further divided into two other categories: water-based and water-free coolants. The water-based coolants are the ones we’ve mentioned above and they come premixed or not. This type is the most common among motorcycle riders. One reason behind that is that they are more cost-effective. 

The downside with these coolants is that they might not be ideal for certain applications such as racing since they have a lower boiling point. Moreover, if you want to use a water-based coolant, read the ingredient list to see if it contains any anti-corrosion ingredient. Otherwise, various parts of your cooling system and even the engine might get damaged, which will send you to a service for bikes sooner than expected. 

You will also find water-free coolants. One of the main advantages of these products is that, since they contain no water, they eliminate the risk of corrosion. Plus, they contain ingredients that have a higher boiling point and heat capacity than water-based coolants. 

This means that they will keep heat away from the engine more effectively and are thus suitable for more extreme applications such as racing. What’s more, this type of coolant usually lasts for longer than the one based on water. The drawback is that they are also more expensive. 

It is always a good idea to read a few reviews before purchasing a certain product to see how it helped other bike owners and users. 

Coolant brand 

With so many coolants out there, choosing the right one might prove to be a challenging task. Once you have identified the specific needs of your bike, you can further ease your shopping process by considering the brand of the coolant you need. Going for a reputable brand makes it more likely for you to get a quality product that will do its job as advertised. 

There are indeed emerging brands that offer noteworthy solutions and if you want to try one of them, it is best to read a few reviews before your purchase. However, some of the most appreciated engine coolant manufacturers include, but are not limited to, Engine Ice, Maxima, Honda, Motorex, Motul, Evans, and Royal Purple, just to name a few. 

The fame and appreciation of a brand are usually built thanks to the quality of the products offered. If this is not the first engine coolant you buy and you don’t want to risk trying something newer, then sticking to the brand that covered your needs successfully is the thing to do. 


Boiling point and durability

Bikes are employed for different applications. You can use yours just to get from one place to another or to engage in more extreme activities such as racing. The coolant you use should be formulated to keep up with your specific needs; therefore, another key factor to consider is the boiling point of the product you’ve set your eyes on. 

If races are part of your regular activities, you might want to choose a coolant that has a high boiling point starting at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Coolants should protect your motorcycle no matter the weather, cold included. Opt for a product that contains antifreeze ingredients. A coolant lacking antifreeze will not protect your engine when the temperature goes down. 

The ingredient list is again the one to check before you add anything to your shopping cart. If you see no antifreeze ingredient and you intend to use your bike even when it gets cold, keep searching for a coolant that has antifreeze properties as well. 

A quality coolant does not only last but it can also improve your bike’s fuel efficiency, which can further prevent some mechanical issues. This translates into fewer visits to the motorcycle service. As we always say, reading a few reviews before buying a certain product can also help you get an idea of what it can provide you with. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are motorcycle coolants?

Bike engines can get really hot when working, given their mechanism. Without the use of engine coolant, the engines would reach high unsafe temperatures; therefore, a motorcycle coolant is a cooling liquid that will help your bike engine temperature stay at a safe level. 

In order to make the vehicle move, the engine burns fuel and thus energy is released. The thing is that only a third of this energy makes the motorcycle move. The remaining energy will be lost as heat. Without a cooling system, the engine block can easily overheat. 

Such a system is designed to circulate the engine coolant from the engine block of the bike to the radiator placed on the exterior part of the motorcycle. The heat from the engine is then absorbed and this system will keep the engine cool throughout your ride.   

Most engine coolants are based on water because of the high heat capacity water has, but they are also formulated with anti-corrosion agents and antifreeze. Such ingredients are added to the coolant to make sure no parts of the cooling system get damaged in the process and to prevent it from freezing when the temperatures get really low. 



Q: What kind of coolant do motorcycles use?

To make sure that you don’t damage your motorcycle engine and you get to benefit from a long-lasting cooling performance, it is best to use an engine coolant that was specifically formulated for bikes. When prospecting the market for a quality coolant for your ride, you will see that there are two types of such products. 

Propylene glycol coolants are considered to be the safest choice for motorcycles. You will also find ethylene glycol coolants, yet they are considered to be poisonous to humans. Regardless of the one you want to use for your bike, you should always make sure that you don’t mix the two types. 

Thankfully, the two coolant types have different colors to make it easier for you to identify the one that’s in your system. Before buying an engine coolant for your bike, make sure you read the ingredient list and avoid the ones that contain phosphates or silicates. 

Such ingredients will cover the metals of the cooling system with an insulating layer. If this layer gets too thick, the heat that should be transferred from the engine into the coolant might be reduced and, therefore, the engine might overheat. Moreover, such ingredients can affect the water pump seals. 


Q: Can you use regular coolant on a motorcycle?

If by regular coolant you mean car coolant that contains ethylene glycol antifreeze, yes, you can use it on a motorcycle. Many car and motorcycle engine coolants contain the same ingredients and, therefore, can be used for both types of vehicles. However, you must check its list of ingredients carefully before doing that. 

To make sure that heat is not a problem and the bike engine stays at a safe temperature for a longer time, it is best to go for the products that are designed for bikes as they will provide you with longer cooling performance.

There are various reasons why the market now offers different engine coolant categories and that’s because they were specifically formulated to meet certain needs. For example, motorcycle radiators feature aluminum parts and the coolant you choose should thus be safe to use with such materials. 

What’s more, it is best to mix it with ionized water to prevent scale from building up. If you use impure water, it is more likely for scale to form, which will cause further problems. Some motorcycle coolants come premixed with distilled water, another reason why it best to use a bike coolant if you can. Before purchasing it, read the ingredient list carefully and avoid products that contain phosphates or silicates. 

Q: How do you flush the coolant on a motorcycle?

Flushing the coolant on your bike holds great importance if you want your vehicle to work properly and the engine coolant to do its job. If you don’t have any previous experience yet you don’t want to go to a bike service for professional help, you can take care of that yourself as long as you follow a few simple steps. 

First of all, make sure that the engine is cool before getting started, then identify the coolant drain bolt. Bikes are different and, in some cases, this part might not be easy to spot. Continue by removing the radiator cap. 

Place a drain pan under the drain bolt and back the bolt out to allow the engine coolant to drain. As soon as the coolant stream is reduced to a light drip, you should tighten the bolt back up. Now, pour distilled water into the cooling system using the cap opening placed at the top of the radiator. 

Drain the water just as you did with the coolant. Plus, make sure you drain any old coolant that might be left in the reservoir. Add the new coolant to the system, place the radiator cap back, and reinstall any other parts that have been removed. Once everything is in place, you can start the engine and check if there are any leaks. 




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