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8 Best Kids’ Motorcycle Helmets (Reviews) in 2023

There are plenty of kids’ motorcycle helmets available for sale, and that could make your choice difficult. We want to help you out by offering you a list of the most popular products on the market so that you can pick the right one with ease.

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1. WOW Motorcycle Youth Kids Full Face Helmet

For kids, the look of the helmet matters a lot, and this option boasts a wide variety of colors and graphics that are bound to satisfy all riders, be it girls or boys, and their parents. It looks good, but it doesn’t forget that safety and comfort are important, hence the lightweight and durable aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell.

This material ensures that the helmet won’t weigh your kid down when he or she is riding, and in case of a fall, it is durable enough to handle impacts and dissipate the force evenly so that the head doesn’t get injured. It is DOT approved so that you can trust it to be reliable and provide a high level of protection.

It will keep the wind off the face, and the top and front ventilation control features three position channels so that you can adjust the airflow to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


The use of an aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell makes the helmet very light and durable so that kids can wear it comfortably for hours on end.

The beautiful glossy UV protective finish looks good, and it will protect the paint so that the colors don’t fade away with time even after hundreds of hours of sun exposure.

The interior padding is easily removable and washable so that you can keep the helmet looking and smelling fresh with very little effort on your part.

It is available in a wide variety of colors that are bound to appeal to boys and girls of all ages.


The little piece of plastic that holds the visor spring in place is flimsy, and it can break easily, which in turn makes it impossible to flip the visor.

It fits a bit small, so it might be a good idea to order one size larger, especially for girls who have long hair.

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2. Youth Kids Offroad Gear Combo Helmet Gloves Goggles

A youth motorcycle helmet must have certain traits. Just like a motorcycle jacket must protect the body against wind and cold, a helmet must offer superior protection, but this is not all. The Typhoon Helmets Offroad Gear ticks all the boxes and provides the wearer with excellent comfort and safety.

This helmet weighs less than three pounds and can be worn by a kid, without experiencing the usual fatigue that could be associated with a full-size helmet. You will be pleased to learn that this model is DOT certified, which means that your kid will benefit from the highest protection possible.

On the inside, the helmet has a liner that can be removed and washed. This liner helps your kid feel comfortable while riding with you. The manufacturer offers buyers a comprehensive size chart so that you can easily pick the right model for your kid.


Typhoon took a young rider’s needs into account when it created this helmet, and for this reason, it only weighs 3 pounds, which means that the user won’t be hindered in any way. 

This model is also DOT certified given that safety is the most important aspect when it comes to these products. 

The inner lining is both removable and washable, so you will be able to safely freshen it whenever necessary.

What also comes in handy for sure is that the manufacturer offers a comprehensive sizing chart, so choosing the right one for any kid should be easy.


Even though this helmet does come with a lot of details regarding the available sizes, you still need to carefully check these out to choose the one that fits the future rider. 

Some parents choose to add more padding, but this is also a matter of whether the right size is chosen in the first place. 

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3. HJC Helmets CL-Y Youth Helmet

You will notice that there is one thing that the reviews of motorcycle helmets for youth always mention. That is the need for a DOT certification that tells you that the respective helmet is safe to be worn on public roads. The HJC Helmets CL-Y is DOT certified and made from lightweight materials to keep its weight down to a limit.

The polycarbonate shell will not feel heavy on your kid’s head and neck, so there will be no straining to worry about. If you usually ride in summer and you take your kid along, you will be pleased to learn that this model has a proper cooling system for hot days.

On the interior, the helmet comes with a liner that is made from Nylex. Besides being comfortable, this material is easy to wash, as the liner can be removed for this purpose. Maximum visibility is always a plus, and that is where this helmet offers excellent performance, once more. The large front port ensures excellent visibility.


This HJC helmet is, first of all, DOT certified, so you shouldn’t worry that it might not be that effective in ensuring optimal protection. 

Made of high-quality polycarbonate, the unit is specially made to weigh less in order to prevent any fatigue or discomfort that it might cause otherwise. 

The cooling system that it features definitely comes in handy during hot days, when having the necessary ventilation is a matter of both comfort and safety. 

The inner lining is made of Nylex and you will be able to safely remove and wash it whenever you feel that it’s necessary. 


As one customer noted, kids are not that experienced when it comes to wearing helmets, so you need to remove any earrings that they might wear to avoid any discomfort. 

Some parents would’ve liked for the model to come in more colors and designs, but this is simply a matter of preferences.

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4. Typhoon Helmets Kids Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

This model is built from the ground up to fit the small head of a kid, and it is not simply an over-padded adult helmet. It has the advantage of fitting better, and it is DOT certified, which means that it has been tested rigorously to ensure that it can provide maximum protection in a wide variety of scenarios.

It weighs less than three pounds and, for youth riders, weight is very important since it allows them to wear the helmet for long rides without feeling fatigued. It comes standard with a clear single lens flip-up shield that provides excellent visibility with minimal glaring so that the wearer can enjoy a clear and wide field of vision.

The helmet will stay snugly on your head thanks to the D-ring strap and the comfort padding that molds to the specific shape of your head to keep the unit securely in place. It is available in four sizes ranging from Small to X-Large.


The comfortable interior padding is removable and washable, and this makes it easier to maintain the helmet, especially in the summer.

The panoramic eyeport of this helmet provides a wider field of vision and, when combined with the single clear lens, you can be sure that kids will get full visibility at all times.

The helmet weighs under three pounds, and it has been designed from scratch to conform to the size and shape of kids who are 5+ years old.

It comes with intake and exhaust vents that allow air to flow in and outside the helmet to keep the interior cool and comfortable and the skin dry.


In cold weather, the helmet can keep you warm, but the face shield fogs up even if you keep the intake vents open.

Getting the right size can be a bit tricky even with the information that’s provided on the product page.

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5. Hard Head Helmets DOT Youth & Kids Helmet

With this model, Hard Head Helmets has managed to produce a stylish youth helmet that kids will love, and that meets all DOT standards for safety. It is available in multiple colors with unique patterns so that every kid can get the helmet that speaks to who they are.

Parents will also be happy with this model since not only does it deliver the quality and protection that’s needed when riding motorcycles, but it is also available for a reasonable price. The helmet is comfortable to wear for extended periods since it comes with a heavily cushioned interior.

The interior padding can also be removed easily for quick washing and cleaning. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to keep this helmet in mint condition both in and out. The product is available in four different sizes ranging from Small to X-Large. This should make it easier to find the helmet size that will fit your kid just right.


Kids love bright colors and playful patterns, and this model is a great option for them since it is available in 15 different unique colors.

It doesn’t sacrifice protection or comfort since this helmet is certified to meet the DOT standards for safety, and it is heavily cushioned.

Apart from the helmet itself, the package also includes a nifty helmet bag that will allow you to transport the helmet without having to worry about getting the shell scratched.

Not only is the unit available in multiple sizes, but it is also pretty lightweight, which makes it suitable for younger kids as well.


The box that the helmet is stored in doesn’t offer a lot of protection, and it is entirely possible for the visor to get damaged during shipping.

The colors are a bit off compared to what’s shown on the product page, and they tend to be much darker in reality.

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6. Bell Drop Youth 7106369 Matte Black Helmet

This model offers a smart and sleek design that makes it perfect for BMX and motorcycle use since it has been constructed from durable materials that can keep you safe and comfortable. It is good for performing tricks, stunts, and jumps since the soft core and the durable ABS exterior make this helmet very light, and it weighs just around two pounds.

It is designed for riders ages 14+, and it fits a head circumference of 54-58cm or 21-28”. It has multiple large air vents that are designed to keep your head cool so that in the summer you won’t have to deal with that unpleasant sweaty hair feeling.

This helmet also features the time-tested Bell protection that is coupled with the integrated chin bar and visor to keep the face of the wearer safe in case of a fall. Furthermore, the soft cheek pads and the neck roll add a new level of comfort, especially on long rides.


The helmet includes multiple large air vents on the top and sides, and the increased airflow circulation will keep you cool and comfortable so that you don’t risk overheating.

The sleek and aesthetically pleasing design is bound to please riders of all ages.

It is an affordable option that packs all the features and the protection that kids require when riding their bike or skateboard.

There’s an integrated visor to help keep the wind off your face when riding at high speeds, and it won’t limit your range of vision.

It is a lightweight helmet that can be adjusted to suit your head size and keep you as safe as possible while you’re riding or performing stunts, jumps, and tricks.


The product description shows the wrong size, stating that the helmet is made for 8+ years old.

The sticky parts of the padding tend to pull the hair when you take the helmet off.

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7. Fox Racing V1 Przm Youth Motorcycle Helmet

This model has been redesigned from the ground up using the past experience of the brand, and it can meet the needs of professional youth off-road riders. The helmet can be used by both girls and boys since it is available in multiple colors and sizes.

As it should be expected from a high-quality motorcycle helmet, protection is, of course, at the front and center. This option is DOT approved and meets the FMVSS 218 safety standard, and this means that you can trust it to keep your children safe while they're outdoors having fun on their motorcycles.

The ABS shell construction and the lightweight injection-molded polycarbonate help deliver a more comfortable fit since, at just 2.8 pounds, the weight of this helmet won’t slow your kid down. He or she will be able to ride on the bike for hours without feeling hindered in any way by the helmet.


There are four EPS sizes to help everyone get a precise fit that feels comfortable and delivers optimum protection.

The exclusive Magnetic Visor Release System allows the visor to be removed from the helmet in the event of an accident.

There are nine intake and four exhaust vents that are designed to provide good airflow that, in turn, will keep the wearer dry and cool since the vents will remove excess moisture, including perspiration.

Keeping the inside of the helmet clean after long rides is very easy since the liner and cheek pads are fully removable, and you can wash them in a jiffy.


Even if you follow the included size chart, the helmet still runs a bit small, so with this in mind, it might be a good idea to order one size larger.

The rubber on the nose guard makes it difficult to fit goggles on the helmet.

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8. Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

Do your kids love biker shirts? Maybe they are ready for a motorcycle ride with you, and that means that you should shop right away for an extra motorcycle helmet that your kid can wear. The Razor Full Face is a popular option and can help you ensure the proper safety of your child.

This is a full face model, and you will receive extra pads that you can adjust to ensure that your kid feels comfortable and protected. The model comes with no fewer than 17 vents that will offer proper airflow, and keep the kid’s head cool.

In case you want your kid to wear goggles, too, you will be pleased to see that the eye port is large enough to allow such a thing. Complying with CPSC safety standards, this model is a reliable choice. It is ideal for kids aged 8 to 14, and overall, it will provide superior protection.


Besides the fact that this is a full-face helmet, which means that it ensures protection all around, it also comes with extra pads that you can use to adjust its fit. 

Razor is a brand known for taking the user’s comfort very seriously, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that this helmet has 17 vents that ensure proper airflow. 

The eye port can easily fit goggles as well, given its generous size, so if you want to add this option as well, you shouldn’t have any problems. 

In terms of safety, you might be glad to know that this helmet is compliant with CPSC standards, which means that you shouldn’t have any concerns about this aspect. 


Some of those who have given it a try would’ve wanted more padding to be included in its construction. 

Check out the sizing chart as in some cases, the helmet was a bit large. 

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This Year’s Buying Guide


A motorcycle helmet is essential for any biker, and, if you plan on taking your kid along for a ride, you should be prepared to get the right gear for your child, as well. Having a kid in the passenger seat is a great responsibility, which is why you should focus on getting the best motorcycle helmet for kids you can find.

Safety standards and what they mean

You already know that a motorcycle helmet is designed for safety, but you still must choose carefully, as different models might come with different safety certifications. For parents, their kids’ safety is paramount, which is why we will explain right away what the certifications available mean, and which ones you should seek first.

The CPSC standard is for absolute safety. The Consumer Product Safety Commission must evaluate products available on the market, including motorcycle helmets, and establish if they are safe for use.

The next certification that you will often notice on high-quality helmets is the DOT certification. The Department of Transportation is in charge of establishing which protection gear worn by motorists qualifies to be used on public roads.

The best youth motorcycle helmet may also comply with the standards established by SNELL, an organization that is in charge of more advanced safety features. However, for the basics to be covered, the ones mentioned earlier would be enough. Usually, helmets that are tested for extra safety features are more expensive, as well.


The importance of picking the right size

You will find it difficult to discover the perfect helmet for your kid if you don’t pay attention to sizing. Just as you might spend quite a lot of time trying to identify the perfect motorcycle oil, you will want to spend some time to see what helmet sizes are available from various brands.

There are models that work like a charm for kids aged 8 to 14, but this does not mean that a one-size-fits-all may always be a good option. Kids need to have their heads measured to establish the right size of helmet, and that is why this is something to bear in mind.

A good thing is the fact that you can pick a model that comes with extra pads that can help with adjusting the helmet so that it doesn’t feel too large. It is, after all, both a matter of safety and comfort, and you cannot overlook it. An uncomfortable helmet will strain your kid’s head and neck.

Also, if the helmet is too large, it will become a safety hazard, instead of promoting protection. Pay a lot of attention to the helmet sizes offered on the market, and pick the right one after careful consideration. Your kid will be thankful for it, and you will not have to worry about their protection, either.

Lightweight and comfortable

You will discover that there are many helmets available for kids, but not all are the same. One race between manufacturers that is ongoing is that for making lightweight helmets that still offer the same degree of protection as the heavy ones.

Your kid’s neck is fragile and cannot sustain a lot of weight for prolonged periods of time. That is why it is essential that their helmet is lightweight and comfortable, at the same time. Ideally, the helmet your kid will wear should weigh less than three pounds, and you might even want to go for lighter models.

The type of material the helmet is made from matters the most. Injected molded plastics are a common choice, and they satisfy the need for safety without compromising comfort. Fiberglass is another excellent choice because it is the same material used for making vehicles that must withstand severe impacts.

Besides the material, the helmets must have a shape that is aerodynamic and prevents air resistance from becoming a problem. An aerodynamic helmet will provide the wearer with the means to cut through the air while riding on a motorcycle so that no fatigue and extra strain is experienced.

Bikers are careful about a lot of things, from picking a high-quality motorcycle chain lube, to getting the right clothing for a ride. That is why, when it comes to kids and their desire to ride on a motorcycle, you need to make sure that you pick the right thing. A reliable helmet will not only keep your kid away from harm but will also make their motorcycle ride more comfortable and enjoyable.


Comfort features

While a lightweight helmet will ensure your kid’s comfort, there are other features that we want to talk about. For instance, the helmet should have a liner on the inside, to protect your kid’s head from rubbing against the shell. It is preferable that this liner is made from a plush material that can be removed and washed.

Another thing that must be mentioned here is the venting system. A warm helmet is excellent in winter, but it may not be the same good option in summer. That is why many people opt for helmets with excellent ventilation systems.

The helmet and the way it is built must ensure proper airflow. This way, the wearer’s head will be kept cool and comfortable, even when the sun is up in the sky.

Some extra padding can help, as well, especially if you are interested in adjusting the helmet so that it is comfortable for your kid.


Extra considerations

There are a few other things to talk about when we are discussing youth motorcycle helmets. For instance, a model with a wide eye port is recommended, because it ensures proper visibility. The front opening should allow the use of goggles, in the case that the parent wants the kid to wear such protection gear, as well.

A removable shield and a chinstrap are other extras that might make a good helmet an excellent one. It all depends on what do you desire most from such a piece of gear. Just as you take care of your bike and the motorcycle battery to be in working order, you should pick carefully the type of gear your kid will wear.

Youth helmet sizing

Do you know what to do to make sure that your kid receives the right size motorcycle helmet? You might be aware of the size chart and measurements needed for yourself, but for kids, things can be a bit different. The following recommendations will help you decide on the right helmet size for your kid.

When you want to buy a helmet online, and you don’t have the means to have your kid try it on, to see if it fits, you will have to take the necessary measurements, using the tools you have at your disposal.

Pick a string or anything that is malleable enough to pass around your kid’s head. The most important part of the measurements you should take for your kid’s head happens now. Pass the string around the widest area of the head that is just above the eyebrows. Write down the information.

When you read the size chart offered by helmet manufacturer, you will notice that the kids’ sizes are at the bottom, if they sell products that cater to children. Do not mistake the small and extra small sizes for adults for children’s sizes, because the latter is different.

Other things must also be taken into consideration to make sure that the size fits. For instance, try to find a model that comes in many different sizes. Even if an approximation is all right, you should not count on a model to simply fit, if it is not the exact size.

When your kid puts on a helmet, you don’t have to worry if you notice that the cheek pads are tight. Because these are made from soft foam that takes the shape of the face, they will become more comfortable after wearing the helmet for a while.

If your child has a tall forehead and head crown, you might want to go with a model that is slightly bigger. The helmet should not feel like it is pressing on the crown of the head. The thing is that this part of the helmet will not adjust and will not loosen, either.

The importance of buying the right size cannot be stressed enough. You will have to shop around a little if you don’t see something you like. As far as some adjusting can be carried on, by using extra pads, don’t hesitate to use this solution.

However, if you see that your kid is a fast grower, and the helmets available in children’s sizes don’t fit, you won’t be in the wrong if you pick a small adult model instead. Sometimes, kids grow fast, and you might have to appeal to different alternatives that the usual ones.



Unavailable products


ILM Youth Kids DOT Motorcycle Helmet


If you’re in the market for a youth dirt bike helmet, this option provides the quality, comfort, and protection that are needed for off-road riding. The shell is made of high-quality ABS, and the interior is filled with high-density EPS padding, and together they meet and exceed both FMVSS-218 and DOT safety standards.

This model features multiple air vents, three in the front near the mouth and two on the bottom back. The vents will not only keep you cool when riding in warm weather, but they also help reduce wind resistance. The package includes a pair of UV-resistant goggles to keep the wind off your face and to protect the eyes from the harmful sun radiation.

Additionally, the unit has a built-in sun visor that can be tucked to the top of the helmet in case you need a better field of view when you’re participating in off-road activities, or when you want to enjoy a slow outdoor ride.



It uses high-quality materials on both the inside and the outside so that the wearer can enjoy a comfortable fit and maximum protection from impacts.

The earpads are easy to install and remove, and they guarantee a customizable fit since, if they are too loose or snug, the seller can send extra ear pads of different sizes.

The package includes extra accessories to improve your outdoor adventures, and these include a pair of UV-resistant goggles, a bag to transport the helmet, and a pair of sports gloves.

The quick-release buckle allows wearers to fit the helmet tightly on their heads and, once they get off the bike, the mechanism makes it very convenient and fast to take it off.



It weighs around four pounds, and it is a bit heavy, especially when compared to some of the other options available.

The gloves that come included in the package don’t look very durable.




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