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8 Best ATV Oils (Reviews) in 2022

If you’re looking for ATV accessories, more precisely for quality oils to help your friend-on-wheels do its job better and for longer, the great variety of products you will find might make it quite challenging to identify the product that will best serve your needs. To ease your shopping experience, we have highlighted below some of the most popular products in this line.

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1. Polaris Factory ATV 4-Cycle PS4 Plus Synthetic Oil

Just like you need a good motorcycle oil in order for your friend-on-wheels to work properly, you also need a top oil for your ATV to enjoy the same benefits. If keeping corrosion and rust is what you want your new oil to help you with, then you might want to check this option from Polaris.

Made to offer rust and corrosion protection, this oil should be the first product to consider when looking for such accessories for your ATV. The 4-Cycle PS4 is committed to extending the gear and clutch life and to working in various temperature conditions.

Therefore, it will deliver excellent wear protection across a wide range of operating conditions. You can safely use it in temperatures ranging from -40 to 100°F.

The oil was specifically designed for Polaris 4-cycle engines. What’s more, it offers extreme cold weather startup protection, another feature that makes it worth considering.

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2. Polaris Factory OEM Sportsman ATV Ranger Razor Oil

Another option you might want to consider if you need a new oil to keep elements such as rust and corrosion at bay and help your ATV achieve greater results is this product from Polaris.

The oil is approved for Polaris 4-cycle engines and promises to deliver high protection even in extreme temperature conditions.

Therefore, you might want to consider it if you need to use your ATV oil in hot and cold conditions. The gear and clutch life will be extended thanks to its properties. The oil offers protection against harmful factors such as rust and corrosion, which translates into enhanced lifespan.

This factory original equipment oil should thus be added to your list of options if you want to protect your vehicle and enjoy it for an extended period of time. The product has been appreciated by many customers who tried it for delivering the results it promises.

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3. Polaris 2878920 PS-4 Extreme Duty Oil

Whether you’re the owner of an ATV, a ranger or an RZR, this oil should not go unchecked before you make your final decision as it is bound to provide you with the protection you need for your vehicle even when used in extreme temperature conditions. The product has received only positive feedback from the people who tried it.

The Polaris 2878920 is designed specifically for Polaris 4-cycle engines and is fully synthetic. Using it will enable you to enjoy maximum protection in hot and cold conditions. It can be used across a variety of operating settings and in temperatures that range from 0°F to 131°F.

By applying it, you will extend the gear life and thus enjoy it for an extended period of time. The high RPM race proven formula promises to prevent thermal breakdown and deliver extra rust and corrosion protection, which further means that it will offer the ultimate high-temperature engine protection.

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4. Tusk 4-Stroke Oil Change Kit

If you’re looking for a kit that will provide you with the oil you need for your motorcycle, ATV, or UTV, this is a product that should not be ignored. Including the basic items you need to change the oil in vehicles as the ones just mentioned, this convenient kit comes with enough bottles of motor oil to cover your needs and get the job done.

What’s more, you also get a crush washer for the drain bolt and a Tusk oil filter. This particular kit fits Honda TRX 500 2x4 FOREMAN 2005-2006 and Honda TRX 500 4x4 FOREMAN ES 2012-2016 but you can order a kit that is specifically designed for your type of vehicle.

This way you will take the guesswork out of your oil change duties and be sure that what you get fits your needs perfectly. The product has received online positive reviews from the people who tried it.

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5. Tusk 4-Stroke Oil Change Kit Pro

In case you don’t have too much time at your disposal as far as changing the oil is concerned and you’d like a kit that will cover all the needs regarding such an activity, this convenient pack from Tusk should also make it to your priority list.

Including all the basic products you need to take the guesswork out of your oil changing duties, this kit comes not only with the oil you need for your ATV, UTV, or motorcycle but also with a drain bolt crush washer for one oil change as well as a Tusk oil filter.

This particular kit is suitable for Honda TRX 300EX 1993-2008, Honda TRX 300X 2009, Honda TRX 400EX 1999-2008, and Honda TRX 400X 2012-2014. The manufacturer offers a variety of kits to cover the needs of different models, though. You can thus be sure that the oil you order is the right one for your vehicle.

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6. Lucas Oil 10720 Engine Oil 

Another oil you might want to take into account when looking for such a product to stand high temperatures is the Lucas Oil 10720. Ideal for ATVs and UTVs, this oil guarantees to offer the protection your vehicle needs to run smoothly and for an extended period of time.

The product was formulated to work even in extremely high temperatures and to provide excellent wet clutch protection for 4-stroke engines with integrated transmissions. It will thus stand up to the high temperatures of air-cooled 4-stroke ATV/UTV engines.

By providing enhanced protection for the parts you use it on, the oil ensures a longer component life. What’s more, it promises to help you enjoy less noise and fewer leaks.

The product is ideal for all temperature and weather conditions. Plus, it is committed to eliminating dry starts and corrosion caused by long periods of non-use.

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7. Case Of 4 Kawasaki OEM Performance

The oil you use for your ATV counts a lot when it comes to how your vehicle works and how long you can enjoy satisfying performance results. Another product you might want to pay attention to when looking for quality ATV oils is the Kawasaki K61021-304.

The product was formulated to provide excellent results across a variety of temperature and operating conditions and applications. Specifically designed for ATVs and utility vehicles, the turbo and diesel-rated product is bound to deliver maximum engine lubrication, high performance of the engine, and durability.

It is recommended to use this oil in gasoline or diesel applications that require API SM, JASO MA, JASO MA2, CF, and CJ-4 engine oil.

The convenient package contains four 1 gallon bottles of 4-stroke 10W-40 ATV/UTV performance engine oil, which means it should cover your needs for an extended amount of time. Therefore, you might want to give this product a try if you’re also interested in stocking up on more supplies.

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8. Polaris Ranger XP 900 Oil Change Kit

Another kit option you might want to give a try is the XP 900 from Polaris. The pack includes anything you need to make oil changing easy and simple. You will thus get 2.5 quarts of Polaris PS-4 full synthetic 4-cycle engine oil, an oil filter, a drain plug crush washer as well as a convenient funnel.

Opting for this kit won’t just help you get all the basic items for oil changing in just one shopping session but will also help you save on your needs as the price per item is more convenient than if buying the products separately.

The oil offers maximum protection across a range of temperature conditions and thus extends the gear life. It can be used in both cold and hot settings, more precisely, in temperatures ranging from -40 to 100°F.

It will also provide easy starting in extremely low temperatures. The oil is approved for Polaris 4-cycle engines.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


There are various factors that will influence the way your ATV works and they range from the ATV grips you use to the ATV mud tires you go for when engaging in rides carried out in less pleasant weather conditions. While ATV covers will protect your vehicle from elements such as dust and rain when not in use, the oil you use will prove to be vital as far as the performance of your engine is concerned.

Whether your budget allows you to get expensive or cheap ATV oils, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to make sure that the product you order is the right one for your vehicle. Here they go.

Types of oil

The market overflows with so many products that choosing the right one for your needs might turn out to be a daunting task. Start your research by choosing the type of oil you want. You will find conventional oil, synthetic oil, and semi-synthetic products.

Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some say that synthetic oils are the best choice while others say that natural ones are the options to go for if you own a vehicle such as a classic motorcycle. Natural oils use only natural mineral base stocks whereas synthetic oils are formulated entirely of chemically modified compounds.

Semi-synthetic oils combine natural and man-made compounds. The reason why many prefer synthetic oils is that such products can withstand rigorous conditions. Then, be sure you order an oil that was specifically designed for ATVs because oils vary as far as the vehicle they can be used for is concerned.



Although motor oils for UTVs, ATVs, and dirt bikes are formulated on the same principles as car and truck oils, there are some differences that won’t allow a car oil to meet the needs of an ATV. Here is where viscosity comes into sight, which refers to the oil’s resistance to flow.

ATV & UTV engines will work best with certain viscosity measurements that cannot be found in car oils. While traditional automotive oils have a 10W-30 or 5W-20 viscosity, some ATV oils such as the ones from Polaris use a 5W-50 viscosity. Other ATV oils range from 0W-40 to 10W-40.

ATV oils need to flow in extremely low temperatures yet they also need to withstand extremely high temperatures. The viscosity modifiers used will allow ATV & UTV oils to work across such a broad range of conditions.

Other things to consider

In case this is your first ATV oil change, you might want to opt for a complete kit, so you can get all the items you need to simplify that process. Go for well-known and appreciated brands to make sure that what your ATV gets is of high quality.

If you’ve found this guide to be of help, you might want to read some of our other posts on ATV helmets that will keep you safe when out there riding or ATV GPS units to help you reach your destination.




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