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7 Best UTV Sprayers (Reviews) in 2023 

In order to help you on your quest to find a good UTV sprayer, we’ve analyzed some of the options available for sale, and we’ve come up with this list that showcases some of the top alternatives currently offered by manufacturers.

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1. Chapin 61800 4-Gallon ProSeries Backpack Sprayer

This 15-gallon tank is compatible with many types of pesticides and commonly used fertilizers, to make sure that the customers have a wide range of options to choose from.

Most importantly, it comes in a transparent design which will allow you to regularly check how much liquid is left and refill when it’s necessary. It uses a drain plug to allow for an effortless cleaning process. The mouth is 5 inches wide.

The sprayer uses a 12-volt diaphragm pump to spread the weed killer and a dual filtration system to make sure clogging is prevented. To help you spread the spray, the device is equipped with an 18-inch wand with a lock on/off feature, which will help you reach some problematic places.

With a reinforced hose of 15 feet, this model will allow you to cover a broad surface and prevent weeds from growing and destroying your plantations.


This product is great because you will be able to cover a relatively large terrain in a short period, so you will save a lot of time using it. The 30 feet vertical spray feature will help a lot in this matter.

You will find it very easy to mount and it is suited for any UTV type and model, which makes it a great product.

It has a translucent tank so you will be able to easily check the liquid levels and make sure that you will not be surprised that you have got nothing left.

It is compatible with various products, a feature that makes it very versatile and anybody will be able to use it according to their needs.


It only works if you use a 12-volt battery. However, this is a great choice and you will be very surprised by how effective this product is and how much time you will be able to save if you purchase it.

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2. Chapin 97300 15-Gallon 12v Deluxe Dripless EZ mount UTV Spot Sprayer

This item is designed for you to be able to mount it onto a vehicle such as an ATV, utility terrain vehicle or a lawn tractor, or generally anything that will help you cover a wide surface of the land in the shortest amount of time possible just like an UTV for plowing snow would do.

The 15-gallon tank comes in a translucent material that will keep you informed as to when you need to refill it. It features a 5-inch opening to allow you to fill, mix and clean its insides.

Manufactured by Chapin, the 97300 works using a 12-volt diaphragm pump which helps you diffuse the spray. It has a maximum pressure of 70 psi and delivers a maximum vertical spindrift of 26 feet and a horizontal one of 30 feet.

Its double filtration systems make sure you won’t have to deal with clogging. It’s worth mentioning that this model can be combined with two available kits, one for 7-foot coverage and one for 16-foot coverage.


It comes with a really high pressure of 70 psi, which will make it very easy to spray on a large area, allowing you to save a lot of time.

It is great that, compared to other products in the line, this sprayer comes with an instructions manual and you will be able to install it quicker, having all the information you need.

It is very easy to install and has a wide mouth which allows you to fill it easily but also to clean it easily.

It comes with a double filtration system that will extend the life of your sprayer, so we can say that it is a durable product compared to similar ones.


You have to pay attention to the instructions and install it properly because, if not, the liquid might leak. However, if you seal the pump correctly, you will not have any problems using it.

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3. Master Manufacturing SSN-01-015A-MM Sprayer

If you find yourself in need of a spray gun to spread pesticides, herbicides, or just water, you will find this model from Master Manufacturing ideal for your needs. The 15-gallon tank holds enough substance for you to treat your lawn or a field, and it’s built to be sturdy.

Made from polyethylene, it is resistant to UVs and overall a robust choice if you intend to mount such a unit on an ATV or UTV. Caring for your property and keeping bugs and other critters away has never been this easy. Because the tank is translucent, you can see how much substance is left so that you can run a refill when needed.

The spot spray function can send water or other liquids up to 18 feet vertically and 20 feet horizontally, so the unit is excellent for fields, too, not only lawns. The Everflo 1.0GPM pump ensures that you will spray herbicides and pesticides in the most efficient manner.


The tank walls are designed for a secure grip, so moving the unit around and mounting it on your UTV shouldn’t be a problem.

Equipped with a powerful Everflo diaphragm pump, this sprayer is ideal for someone who likes to do his or her job as efficiently as possible.

You will appreciate the fact that there is a drain port available that makes drainage a breeze and possible to the last drop.

Its 12V wire harness makes it possible to hook the unit with a battery fast and easy.


The unit is delivered loosely assembled, so make sure that you tighten all the parts and check them before use, or otherwise, you will get a unit that leaks and makes a mess.

You will notice that the instructions are not what you might expect, as there is limited information on how to assemble to use the unit.

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4. NorthStar UTV Spot Sprayer - 55-Gallon Capacity

Much more massive than the other alternative we’ve reviewed from NorthStar, this 55-gallon tank will fit a more significant quantity of liquid, requiring fewer refills than other options might. It is harder to handle, however, due to its increased size.

Many of the features that were available for its smaller counterpart are also present here. For example, the system works using a Santoprene diaphragm and Viton valves that manage to offer higher chemical resistance and increase the reliability of this product.

Its pressure switch, a trademark for this brand, extends the life of the device by slowly cycling the pump and preventing it from wearing off. Another factor that contributes to its durability is the Honeywell micro switch, which significantly enhances this design’s durability.

The maximum pressure that this item can reach is 70 PSI. It does, however, boast a 100% duty cycle. It’s available for an affordable price, especially given the size.


The capacity of this sprayer is great, as it can hold up to 55 gallons and you will be able to spray very large areas without refilling it.

It has an extended lifespan due to the NSQ pump which also provides fast priming. The pump is also slow cycling, which means that there will be less switch and wear of the pump, features that make this sprayer perfect for heavy use.

It comes with an adjustable spray gun nozzle which can go from stream to cone and the PVC that this product is made of is translucent so you will be able to check the liquid level.


Due to the fact that it is heavy duty and can hold up to 55 gallons, it is also relatively heavy, so if you don’t need to spray a large area, this might be too much for you. However, for people who have large areas to cover, this is a great choice.

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5. Precision Products TCS25 Sprayer

An alternative that’s somewhere in between others when it comes to size, this 25-gallon tank will provide you with more than enough room to be sure you won’t run out of supplies when you need them the most.

It reaches a maximum pressure of 60 PSI, spreading up to 1.8 gallons per minute. It works on a 12V pump system that ensures the efficiency of this device.

The materials used when manufacturing this model ensure its durability. The high-quality heavy plastic makes for a solid body that can be mounted on the rear basket of a wide range of vehicles including ATVs or trucks.

This product has a 12-inch hose that’s meant to allow the user to control the process of spreading the spray and maybe reach less accessible angles. A spray wand with a thumb control lets you adjust the flow according to your preferences. A 90-day warranty protects this model.


For the great qualities that this product comes with, we can definitely say that it has an affordable price which will allow you to save money and still get the best from a UTV sprayer.

The tank has a 25-gallon capacity which is more than average UTV sprayers for home use have but less than the heavy-duty ones, which makes it perfect for people who feel like they would need a little bit bigger tank than the regulars.

You will be able to use it right away because this product comes fully assembled, which is great because it saves you a lot of time and effort.


Depending on what you have been using before, you might find that the hose that this product comes with is a little bit too short. However, considering the price-quality ratio and the great features that this product has, this might not be such a big inconvenience.

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6. Great Day PLP2509-UTV 2" Spray System

This option is excellent for a wide range of purposes, including farm use, ranches, businesses that involve this type of activity or even your own home. It comes in the form of a 25-gallon tank that can be mounted on a vehicle such as an ATV or UTV, and it will allow you to spread pesticides all over the terrain efficiently.

The tank is made using corrosion-proof polyethylene which not only expands its lifespan due to its durability, but it also allows it to adapt to different types of pesticides. The high chemical resistance will let you choose between a wide range of liquid alternatives since none will damage the container.

It’s advisable to use this device for small-scale spraying rather than for industrial purposes. The system works using a 1.8 or a 2.8 pump, according to your choice. Perhaps one of the most notable features this item has to offer is its boominator boomless spray tip.


It has a small tank that can hold up to only 15 gallons which makes it perfect for people who do not need a heavy-duty product because it does not weigh that much and it can also be transported on a small UTV.

The system of filtration is double filtered, which increases the lifespan of this product and makes it a lot more durable than some of its competitors.

It is resistant to corrosion, which is great news because lots of sprayers deteriorate due to this problem. This also adds durability.

You will find it very easy to mount and you will not have any problems while maneuvering it due to its shape.


Some people might find it a little bit pricey compared to other products but don’t forget all the great features that it comes with which make it perfect for personal use compared to its competitors.

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7. Guide Gear ATV Broadcast and Spot Sprayer

This unit is the perfect option for someone looking for a reliable spot sprayer that is efficient, powerful, and long-lasting. Several aspects make this model stand out from the crowd. The 12V pump delivers 2.2 gallons per minute so that you will enjoy real power. The fact that the pump is an open-flow on-demand model is a plus.

The 100% continuous duty rating of the motor ensures that this unit will have a long lifespan. You won’t notice any trouble with heating, and that means that the motor will remain reliable for a long time. The unit comes equipped with a Honeywell Micro Switch that expands its long-lasting durability.

It appears that this manufacturer paid a lot of attention to detail when creating this sprayer. The valves are designed to resist the harsh action of chemicals so that you can use it confidently for spreading herbicides and pesticides on your lawn.


An interesting fact about this sprayer is that the pressure switch helps prolong the life of the pump and the motor by changing the cycles most efficiently.

The tank has thick walls, resistant to chemicals, and UVs so that you can count on its durability in the long run.

You can easily adjust the nozzle to send the pesticides or herbicides loaded in the tank in either cone mode, or spray mode.

The droplets sprayed are large enough so that no noticeable drift happens, which means that you won’t spread chemicals on areas you don’t want by accident.

A 15-foot PVC hose is included with your purchase, for easy spraying.


Be aware that the spray wand is not particularly sturdy, and it can break if manipulated incorrectly; getting a replacement should solve this problem.

Although the pump is quite powerful, some people might find it on the small side.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


While searching for cheap UTV sprayers, make sure you follow the rules we carefully outlined in our buying guide. We’ve put our research to good use, and we deliver some helpful advice, meant to show you which characteristics should be taken into consideration when shopping for this type of item.

If you want to find out more on the topic of motorcycle equipment, our recommendation would be for you to check out our website. You will find articles on other subjects such as trendy Harley Davidson women’s watches or helpful motorcycle radios.


Probably the first thing to discuss when it comes to sprayers would be the measurements of the tank and the volume that one can contain because depending on the purpose that you’ll be using the product for this feature will determine your final decision.

Most models come in relatively medium sizes, somewhere around 25 gallons. This would be the most common option, and the one we recommend, regardless of your activity. It’s very adaptable whether you’re using it at home, in your yard or for industrial purposes.

There are other alternatives — for example, you can buy a 15-gallon or a 50-gallon tank, according to your needs and preferences.



In order to ease your task of having to look for a fertilizer or weed killer after you’ve bought the tank, we suggest you choose a material with high chemical resistance. This way, regardless of the brand or the substance that you want, chances are the sprayer will not be damaged.

Given that these liquids have a high concentration of chemical compound, you need to have this aspect covered. Otherwise, you’ll either waste a lot more time looking for the right pesticide or you’ll ruin your item on the first use, neither of which is a desirable outcome.


Wand and hose

This system usually works through a pump that pushes the liquid into a hose of variable length. That’s when your requirements should have a say because different items come with different types of tubes. You’re free to choose your length and your material, but our suggestion would be to go for a translucent design.

The hose ends with a spray wand which helps you control the direction and the liquid flow through an adjustable nozzle.

Even though most alternatives do not differ all that much, if you’re planning on using the sprayer for a limited area of terrain we wouldn’t recommend getting one with enormous coverage, because that would be money thrown out the window.

Some commonly found measurements would revolve somewhere around 15 feet for the hose and 18 inches for the wand, but that’s entirely up to you to decide.

Filtration system

An aspect that is often overlooked is the accuracy of the filtration system, which might appear useless but in actuality, it can help significantly increase the lifespan of this device and save you a lot of money in the future.

A good filter can help prevent clogging, which at first might be a mild issue but in time it can render the sprayer useless.


Installation process

This type of product is generally designed to fit on top of a vehicle such as an ATV, UTV or truck. Therefore one of its main features would be its adaptability. In case you’re not keen on getting professional help to install the device, we suggest you look for a model that doesn’t require any mechanical skills.

If that’s impossible to find, at least make sure the product comes almost entirely assembled and check to see if you can do the rest yourself.



Although it might not seem like there’s a lot to say about the design of a UTV sprayer, since it’s a product oriented towards functionality, a few aspects are worth considering.

For example, make sure that when you choose an alternative, you look for a translucent material. This will help you keep track of its contents, and you’ll know when it needs a refill.

Also, the opening should be wide enough to allow you to mix the contents until they have the right concentration, as well as clean the tank after it’s empty. The usual size is 5 inches in diameter and above.

Other issues such as the maximum pressure that a device can reach or the vertical and horizontal coverage are also to be taken into consideration after you’ve checked all the boxes above.

Should you be interested in finding out more about this topic, we would suggest you check out the information on our website. We publish articles on related issues such as choosing four-wheeler tires or reliable ATV accessories.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What tank size should I choose?

The size of the tank depends on a series of factors, including the area that needs to be handled. Although most tanks come in a relatively medium size, of 25 gallons, you can also opt for products with a tank capacity of 10 or 15 gallons. 

Some tanks are bigger, providing a total capacity of 50 gallons, which are mainly used on big farms or gardens that require a lot of pesticides or nutrients. Keep in mind that the bigger the tank, the faster you’ll finish your job. Moreover, a big tank means you won’t have to refill it too often, which, ultimately, will reduce the total time you need to finish your job. 

On the other hand, sprayers with big tanks are also heavier and harder to handle. Even though they are carried by your UTV, you’ll still have to handle them, which can prove a difficult task at times. 

Q: Do I need a loader to lift my UTV sprayer?

The answer to this question depends on the total size of the tank. While some small UTV sprayers can be lifted by two-three people, anything larger will require mechanical help in the shape of a forklift on your tractor or loader. 

That being said, UTV sprayers come in handy when looking to fertilize or spray weed killers on relatively small surfaces, where using a regular backpack sprayer might take too much time. In all other situations, it is best to know how to handle the heavy equipment and how to look after it or refill it once needed. 

Keep in mind that using a loader also requires training and knowledge, so you might need professional help whenever handling heavy machines and platforms. If you cannot rely on your farming and mechanical skills, it is always best to ask others for help, including when you need to lift your UTV sprayer with the help of a loader.


Q: What accessories should I consider?

A UTV spray can prove helpful in many different spraying jobs, so you need to make sure you always have the perfect accessories to get your jobs done as quickly as possible. Booms, boomless nozzles, as well as remote-controlled hose reels are amongst the most common accessories you can attach to your sprayer to enhance its performance.

For instance, poly booms are a popular choice for most UTV sprayers due to their durability and flexibility, which means they can take hits without suffering damage, making them perfect for handling farming tasks. 

Boomless nozzles also count as great accessories, providing a spray width up to 3 feet wide, without having anything getting beyond the edges of your UTV. Therefore, they are great for areas with many trees, branches, and other obstacles. On the other hand, remote-controlled hose reels eliminate the need to manually wind your hose up after use. 



Unavailable products


NorthStar UTV Spot Sprayer – 16 Gallon


This 12V alternative features an NSQ pump that will, on the one hand, provide faster priming and on the other extend the lifespan of the device due to its high quality. It has a 100% continuous duty rating.

Aside from the pump, other aspects that manage to enhance this item’s efficiency and longevity are its microswitch and the Santoprene diaphragm. The diaphragm makes for superior resistance and allows the user to reach distant areas with the spray wand.

Paired with the Viton valves, the diaphragm increases the chemical resistance of this sprayer.

The motor is protected due to the pressure switch design, which cycles the pump. This way the mechanism wears out slower and you’re likely to be able to use this model for a more extended amount of time than you would otherwise.

You can monitor the chemical flow via a 15-foot clear hose. The tank measures 16 gallons and is made of materials that have high UV resistance.



The container is made of a transparent material for you to be able to check the levels of your liquid at any time.

It has a Santoprene diaphragm which will allow you to use all sorts of fertilizers or other substances that you have to spray without deteriorating the container.

The DXS-3 pump will increase the lifespan of this sprayer. This way you can be sure that you will be able to use it for a long time and you will make a long-term investment.

The nozzle is adjustable and you will be able to change it from cone to stream whenever you need to for more accurate use.



There might be encountered a lack of control when it comes to the nozzle, but it all depends on how you install and use it. If you thoroughly follow all the instructions that the manufacturers provide, you will not have any problems using it.



SMV Industries 25AY202HLB1G2N 25 Gallon UTV Sprayer


This model allows for an easy installation process which will enable any user, regardless of his or her previous experience with vehicles or with sprayers to be able to handle this design and achieve their purpose. It can be installed on a variety of options including ATVs or UTVs.

The product offered by SMV is manufactured in the USA and has a 25-gallon capacity, a little bigger than some of its counterparts, which means you’ll have to refill it a lot less often.

It works on a 2.0 GPM pump which will ensure the pesticides are spread on the entire surface of the terrain. A light hand wand allows the user to control the procedure and gives access to isolated places that wouldn’t be reached otherwise.

Other aspects that should be considered when discussing this item are the 120-inch wire leads that connect the on/off switch as well as its suction screen.




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