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7 Best Scooter Grips (Reviews) in 2023

If you’ve been scouring the internet in search of good scooter grips and you still haven’t made up your mind about a specific model, we’ve showcased some of our top choices below. Most of the scooter grips reviews we have gone through recommend these products as they’re capable of meeting and even exceeding the needs of most scooter riders.

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1. ODI Soft Flangeless Longneck Grips Softies For Scooters

If what you’ve been trying to get your hands on are a pair of cheap scooter grips that deliver outstanding performance, too, then it’s a good thing you’re reading this review. One of the coolest things about this model is that it is compatible with a wide array of scooter handles, so there’s no need for you to worry about compatibility.

Having been manufactured from rugged material, these grips are capable of withstanding the test of time, which means that you won’t have to replace them earlier than the usual and if you want the same thing for your helmet, here are more helpful hints to help you.

Some of those who have purchased them say they’ve installed them on anything from BMX bikes to scooters and that they were able to prevent them from getting blisters, which is something that had bothered them with other models.

Others note that these are considerably softer compared to various units they’ve installed in the past, so that makes the entire experience more comfortable.

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2. Fasen Fast Grips

These grips are exceedingly popular and they’re made out of dependable material, which should give you the reassurance that you might need that you’re not going to replace them ahead of time. The sleek and non-slip design boasted by this product makes it worthy of your consideration as there won’t be any accidents happening while you’re gripping tightly and steering your scooter correctly.

As is the case with some of the other models we have analyzed to write our article, this one is compatible with a broad array of scooters and it even works on BMX bikes. Based on what customers have had to say about them, they are comfortable, reasonably durable, and they even have a nice feel to them.

On top of everything, there haven’t been any installation issues reported so our natural guess is that they are rather easy to install. Since they’re available in many colors, you’re free to choose the one you like best.

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3. Blunt Envy V2 Scooter Handlebar Grips

The ENVY V2 is, as you might have guessed from the product’s name, a newer and improved version of an older one. Back in 2017, the manufacturing brand redesigned the unit so that it is now longer and measures 6 inches, which makes it possible for the user to grab onto any bar combo comfortably and effectively.

The pack includes two pairs of bar ends made out of nylon, one of which is for steel bars and the other is a great match for those made of aluminum.

One complaint that has been expressed by some buyers is related to the fact that these grips aren’t particularly resistant to heat. In fact, some have found that when they’re left in the sun for a whole day, they might melt. They absorb sweat in a more than decent manner, but you’ll have to keep your scooter in a shady place.


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4. Odi Cult x Vans Waffle Flangeless Grips

If effectiveness is what you are after, then you should give this Odi model a try. It’s made from a proprietary rubber compound that makes it very easy for you to control the moves of your scooter as efficiently as possible. The Vans waffle pattern design is aesthetically pleasing, but it also takes the cake when it comes to ensuring superior comfort and traction.

The pack includes a pair of these grips. From what we’ve gathered by going through as many consumer reports as we could, these do not give calluses, especially when compared to other models. Why’s that? Well, the short answer is that they are significantly softer than others.

There have been some issues reported with regard to their durability as hardcore mountain bike riders say that they haven’t lasted them for more than a month.

They are both soft and grippy and easy to use, so you’ll have to make a trade-off between replacing them sooner rather than later and choosing a less comfy model.


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5. Lycaon Handlebar Grips

Despite being some of the most affordable option we’ve come across, these grips offer quite a bit of value. One thing that’s worth noting about them is that they are not compatible with most handlebars as some of the other alternatives out there. They only fit diameters ranging from 20 to 22 mm.

Boasting a lightweight design, these grips will allow you to have complete control over your bike or scooter. How come? In short, they are equipped with a double aluminum alloy locking mechanism, which means that it’s practically impossible for them to slip or loosen especially when there’s a lot of sweat involved and you need them to be reliable.

Each pack of pairs includes two handlebar caps as well as a screwdriver, so there won’t be any hassle regarding the installation process. Also, the rubber that these are crafted from seems to be durable enough.

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6. Phoenix Pro Scooter Grips

The Phoenix unit is another affordable and lightweight alternative that you should check out. One of the things that sets it aside from the rest of the products in the same line is that it is made from a soft compound TPR, which means that it’s both long-lasting and comfortable to touch and grip on.

The flangeless pattern will feel good on your palms and fingers, so you’ll be able to steer your scooter both effectively and comfortably. You don’t need to bother to check for compatibility as based on the manufacturing brand’s claims, this pair works great on almost every pro scooter handlebar.

The grips are soft, nice-looking and lightweight since they weigh in at just .3 lbs. Some of the people who have tried this model say that it is super-grippy and that it offers good value for every cent spent. Besides, it even puts up with the abuse of an enthusiastic 10-year-old, so that’s worth mentioning.


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7. Vktech Soft Road Mountain Scooter Handle bar

The Vktech grips are in a league of their own since they’re considerably better at doing what they’re supposed to when compared to other models. They can be used time and again without you having to worry about their durability given that they’re made out of soft, yet durable rubber.

The type of rubber employed in their construction also has antibacterial properties, and we all know how things can get quite sweaty when you’re on your scooter. They’re easy to put on and take off of the handlebars of your ride, so that’s worth noting if you hate wasting time on getting everything ready.

Their design is another aspect that recommends them since their raised surface provides great control and plenty of traction. As if that weren’t enough, these grips are a great fit for most models of bikes, scooters, or mountain bicycles. They come in more than enough colors for variety.


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This Year’s Buying Guide


Quality scooter grips aren’t everywhere, so it is up to you to do your research before selecting a model, setting it up, and then being disappointed in or pleased with its performance. To help you make the right decision, we have created a guide that should take you through all of the factors that you need to bear in mind when you’re shopping for a product in this line.

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Let’s be realistic for a moment and say that not all scooters are made the same. Some are motorized while others are not and it goes without saying that the handlebars of the first have to be thicker to provide the traction and support that a rider might need while on the road.

Something you need to be on the lookout when making a call between one model and the next are the specifications. While some brands go out of their way to note what handlebars their products are made for, others will either forget about this detail entirely, or they’ll say that they’re universal.

As you might expect, with universally sized products, you never know what you’re going to get. If possible, look through some of the reviews written by scooter riders just like you so that you can at least have a grasp of what scooter models the grips are designed for and compatible with.


Traction differences

A rather important feature of the grips you’re going to spend your hard-earned cash on is that they have to offer you plenty of traction, while still being comfortable, at the same time. Some patterns are more effective than others in this sense, but the truth is that there’s a combination of several factors that ensure the right amount of traction.

The pattern design, the material that the product is constructed of, as well as whether the grip fits the handlebar absolutely perfectly are three of these aspects.

Another is whether you’re going to wear gloves or not. Of course, the amount of sweating involved is another factor that influences traction. To save you some trouble, we’ll say that you might as well get the most complex pattern you’re comfortable with.

What about the materials?

The reality is that most grips aren’t capable of withstanding the test of time, and if you come to think of it, it actually makes sense. They’re made to support your weight and put up with quite a lot of friction from your hands or gloves, so sooner or later, they’re going to fail you and you’ll need to replace them.

This is the truth about all grips, no matter the material they’re made of. Of course, some are better such as compound TPR or other types of rubber, but that doesn’t mean that they will last you forever. Besides, they aren’t particularly expensive, so maybe most manufacturing brands aren’t really making an effort to make them more durable.



Just as we said before, no two pairs of grips are made the same, and so they’ll have unique features. The same goes for the people who are going to use them. Some might prefer grips that are a bit thicker and more rigid as they feel like they offer them plenty of the support they might require.

Other scooter riders might enjoy softer grips because they’re tired of calluses. Here’s where you need to find out your specific needs and choose the model that best works with them.

Also in terms of comfort, you’ll notice that you might not want to spend a whole day trying to install the grips on your handlebars. So, if you have the opportunity, read as much info about the unit you’re considering and see whether it can be set up with ease.

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