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7 Best Motorcycle USB Chargers (Reviews) in 2023

Because we know that finding good USB chargers for motorbikes is just as complicated as deciding on what Bluetooth motorcycle helmet to purchase, we took it upon ourselves to put together a list of top-notch items that have received excellent reviews from fellow bikers.

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1. Battery Tender 081-0158 Quick Disconnect Plug with USB Charger

If you are searching for a small and easy-to-transport device, the Battery Tender 081-0158 is just what you need. This product was designed to be plugged inside one’s SAE harness. According to the seller, this device can be used to charge phones, small motorcycle GPS units, cameras, as well as any other equipment that can be charged via USB.

To make the model durable, the manufacturer has added a rubber flap to the design of the item. This way, the charger connectors are protected in between uses. Also, it might be practical to know that the article was made to be used with a special harness sold by the same manufacturer. However, the harness is not included in the deal.  

The product has an output of 5V/2.1Amp. The item is highly appreciated by its current users for its portability and its easy and quick set up.



his option is very simple to set up and use, as you can just plug it in your SAE harness and you are good to go. It has a rubber flap that protects the charger connectors.

You can utilize it to efficiently charge your phone, camera, or any other device that you own that can be charged via USB. 

The device was specifically designed to be used with any 12V battery. Therefore, this choice is very convenient.

With this model installed on your bike, you can ride as long as you want, without having to stop and wait for your phone to charge.


Because the option does not include an SAE harness, you will have to purchase one independently if you don’t already own one.

Before you make any purchases, you should keep in mind that this device does not come supplied with any additional cables that go into the battery of the ride.

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2. Show Chrome Accessories 13-208 Dual Port USB Charger

This 12-Volt USB charger is definitely worth taking into account as it is an innovative and convenient method of charging your GPS, iPhone or Android device, or even your MP3 (if you still use one) without you having to make an effort in this sense.

The product is outfitted with dual USB ports that are spaced far enough apart so that they can be used individually and by two devices at the same time. The amperage of one is 1.0 amp and the amperage of the other is 2.1 amp, so the second allows for faster charging.

Probably the most notable detail about this unit is the fact that it is made to be universal. That is the explanation behind the fact that the manufacturing brand is marketing it as being compatible with handlebars measuring between ⅞” and 1”. The socket assembly can even be mounted into a flat panel if that’s what you want.


This sleek-looking alternative comes provided with a universal filament. It can be mounted on both 1-inch and ⅞” handlebars. 

It features not just one, but two USB ports that are spaced perfectly so that one can easily charge two different devices at the same time. 

One of the two ports has an amperage of 2.1 and, thus, it can be utilized for fast charging, while the second 1.0 amp one is suitable for regular charging.

The product is highly versatile as it can even be installed on flat panels if the user wants to do so. This feature is very handy.


When the device is plugged into the battery of a motorcycle, an LED light is turned on. However, you cannot turn it off. 

Another thing that you should know is that this choice might not be as easy to install by those who are not necessarily technically inclined.

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3. EKLIPES EK1-110 Cobra Chrome Ultimate Motorcycle USB Charging System

If you have been searching for Harley Davidson gift ideas, you should consider this next item. The device can charge all electronic devices and equipment, and it comes supplied with a cord that is 6 ft. in length so that you can reach anywhere on your bike.

On top of that, the product comes equipped with an EZ jump start battery harness that is said to allow the user to jumpstart his/her vehicle whenever necessary. The charger has waterproof caps that make sure that it is protected from debris, dust, and rain. However, according to users, the model itself is not waterproof, and it should not be used while it is raining.

The item also features an easy-to-use cigarette lighter connection that is a great addition to its design. At the time we did our research, the item had received positive reviews. So, check it out for yourself!


It comes with a 6 ft. cord that is long enough for you to have the necessary space to spread it around anywhere on your beloved bike.

Besides, it is very easy to install on 1-inch, 1.25-inch, and ⅞-inch handlebars. So, you can also gift it to a biker friend as it will surely fit.

The choice comes provided with an EZ jumpstart battery harness that is quite handy as it allows you to jump-start your vehicle when necessary.

Because it features waterproof caps that protect the USB port from water and dust, you don’t have to worry that it will be affected by the elements.


Given that the mount that the device comes with is made of plastic, the installation system might break after a while. 

Because the model does not include padding between the clamps that it features and the handlebars, some scratching might occur.

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4. Mictuning Dual USB Charger Socket 2.1A & 2.1A Power Outlet

This dual USB charger has a single output of 21 A that can quickly charge most electronic devices, including smartphones. The item is considered safe to use near valuable electronics because it has been certified by the CE & RoHS. Therefore, you should not worry about overloading or short-circuiting your devices while using this charger.

The model comes supplied with an easy-to-use mounting panel that you can use to set the unit up in accordance with your needs. Additionally, the whole process should not take more than 20 minutes.

The product features an easy-to-read LED display that lets you see the voltage status of the motorcycle in real time. This way, you’ll be able to ride safely. The item was made from fireproof ABS, a material that has received the IP66 waterproof rating. A tightly fitted cap that prevents water from getting into the charger is also featured.


This alternative features a very handy built-in voltage monitor that is easy to read so that you don’t accidentally fry your devices.

It has a dual USB interface design that includes a single 21 A output. You can use it to charge most tablets, smartphones, and GPSs.

The model is RoHS and CE certified and it delivers over-current, short circuit and overload protection so that you can safely charge your prized devices.

It was made of fireproof ABS and it has an IP66 waterproof rating. Plus, it comes with a well-fitted cap over the USB port for increased protection.


The LED display is not very bright and, at times, it can turn out to be a bit difficult to read, especially in the daylight.

Depending on the size of the handlebar on your bike, this model might take some creativity to install. Yet, all the mounting hardware is provided.

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5. Battery Tender 030-0004-WH Black Booster 1200A AGM Jump Starter

If you are interested in a reliable motorcycle jump starter that also features USB ports that can be used to charge mobile devices, you should take a good look at the Battery Tender 1200 Peak. This model includes battery capacity indicators that are very much handy and USB 2100Ma ports for charging devices.

As a plus, the jump starter is easy to use, and it can be utilized to jump start cars, motorcycles, ATVs and even lawn tractors. LED indicators that let you know the battery temperature levels are also featured in its design.

The product has many happy users, and it is regarded as a good purchase. On top of that, the unit is well priced when compared to similar devices. According to users, the model delivers great results even when utilized in the cold. The item is very compact, and it can be stored easily on one’s bike.


This powerful jump starter features a very practical USB port that you can use to quickly charge your smartphone or GPS when on the road.

It comes with easy-to-read LED indicators that display the temperature level, the various charging levels, and the charging statuses.

This option is also very much versatile as you can use it to jump-start anything from cars to ATVs and lawn tractors.

It works well in all types of weather, including in colder temperatures, which is definitely a big plus that is worth considering.


For the device to work as expected, you must charge it every three months. If you forget to do so, you won’t be able to use it in time of need.

To fully charge this jump starter, you have to leave it connected to a power outlet for quite some time. So, it is recommended that you plan your trips accordingly.

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6. Yonhan 4.8A Motorcycle USB Charger On/Off Switch

Designed with ease of use and durability in mind, this product is worth a try if you want to enjoy peace of mind when it comes to charging your various USB devices. The item can be employed for smartphones, tablets, GPS units, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers and headphones, and more. 

Besides the many devices you can charge using this product, the item is built to make it easy for you to cater to your needs and, thus, comes with an ON/OFF switch. What’s more, the SAE adapter comes with a built-in voltmeter. This feature will help you know more about your motorcycle’s battery health while you’re driving.

Furthermore, the item ensures three different methods of installation, so you can easily go for the one that meets your needs. Thanks to the rubber USB cover, the unit is resistant to water and dust, which translates into extended lifespan as this addition will protect the internal circuit. 


Keeping your various USB-powered devices fully charged when on the go is easier with this product as it was built to work with a variety of devices and do so for a long time.

One of the things that make this unit stand out is the great selection of devices it can be used with; they range from smartphones to GPS units.

Thanks to the rubber USB cover, you will get to use the item for a long time without worrying that something bad might happen as it also comes with overcharging protection.

The pack includes anything you need to start using the product right away; you will thus receive the motorcycle USB adapter, an SAE extension cable, two zip ties, one fixed module, and two screws. 


The voltmeter might not always be 100% accurate, and seeing the LED during normal sunlight might be a bit challenging.

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7. Motopower MP0608 3.1Amp Motorcycle Dual USB Charger

With an input voltage of 12-24V DC and an output of 5V DC, this dual USB port charger might also interest you as it is considered one of those great motorcycle accessories every biker should have. The product can be used to charge multiple devices simultaneously. What is more, because of its built-in intelligent microchip, this unit can actively recognize the type of your cell phone and therefore, it can provide it with the proper charging current.

Furthermore, this device can be installed on various surfaces. However, the necessary hardware necessary for this task is not included. This product comes supplied with a Standard SAE connector that is compatible with most brands of SAE cables available on the market.

The item also has an additional battery indicator that helps you monitor the status of the battery when the USB is not utilized. LED indicators that show the battery status are also incorporated.


This product has a universal application as it has an input voltage of 12 to 24V. It features dual USB ports so that you can charge more than one device at a time.

It comes with multiple mounting options so that you can install it on various surfaces by using zip ties or screws, depending on your preferences.

The SAE connector that it includes is compliant with a wide array of SAE cables that you might find on the market.

Also, the item incorporates a very useful battery indicator that you can utilize to monitor the status of the battery.


Because this choice does not come provided with the necessary mounting hardware, you might find it problematic to set it up.

This device was not specially constructed to be utilized as an off-road charger. So, if you like riding in challenging conditions, this might not be the right pick for you.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Finding the best USB charger for motorcycles is not an easy task, especially if you don’t know much about this kind of devices. To lend you a hand, we have composed a comprehensive buying guide that includes all the features that you should not overlook when shopping in this line of products.

The power switch feature and the number of ports

If you are determined to purchase a reliable and cheap motorcycle USB charger, you should, first of all, pay attention to the power switch feature that the model comes fitted with. As you might imagine, some units stay turned on all the time. However, other devices have a practical option that allows the user to switch the product off when not using it.

Also, you should consider the number of slots that each device includes. When deciding what product to invest in, you should think about your needs. For instance, if you like to travel and you need to charge both your phone and a GPS system at the same time, you should pick a device that has at least two USB ports.

Still, if you are strictly interested in a phone charger, a smaller unit with a single USB port might be better suited for your needs.


Mounting options and the type of connection

According to motorcycle USB chargers reviews, another important aspect that you should not ignore is the mounting option that a product supplies its users with. A significant number of items can be directly mounted on your handlebars. Still, other items can be placed in more discrete locations.

Additionally, before you select a model that is up for sale, you should also look at the type of connection it needs in order to function. While some items have to be directly plugged in the battery of the vehicle, others need to be fitted in a special DIN slot. Therefore, before placing an order, make sure that the device is fully compatible with your bike.

Speed and safety features

Because not all electronic devices have to be charged at the same speed, it is crucial that the item that you have opted for offers the ability to charge devices in accordance with their technical specifications. For example, if your smartphone needs fast charging, it might be risky to connect it to a charger that has a slower USB system.

When it comes to the safety features that these products offer, you should make sure that you purchase a model that is weather resistant. This way, you can be sure that it won’t be damaged if it comes into contact with debris or dust.

Additionally, it is worth reminding you that some more advanced models are made from a fire-resistant material that is highly durable. As a result, in case of accidents, these items won’t be completely damaged.  

What is more, some manufacturers also produce waterproof USB cables and ports that feature covers that can prevent water from infiltrating the model. These covers are particularly handy in case of rainy weather. Furthermore, you should also consider investing in an item that is protected by a warranty policy.


Something about me

I’ve been a motorcycle rider for almost two decades now, and I have seen quite some motorcycle accessories and gadgets being released on the market, some of them more successful than others. While there are many things you can really do without, some of the latest accessories for motorcycles have significantly improved certain aspects of my experience as a biker. 

Back when I had my first motorcycle rides, cell phones were also entering a new era, meeting the Internet. It was a novelty to be able to access the Internet wirelessly via this type of portable electronic device. It was a breakthrough indeed. You could then use your cellphone to do more things than just send a text and make a phone call.

This also meant that whenever I engaged in longer rides, I had to be careful about the way and how much I used my phone. A dead battery in the middle of nowhere is something nobody wants to experience. 

This is one reason why motorcycle USB chargers have been developed and have come to be what they are today. And I couldn’t be more grateful that I can keep my smartphone, gadgets, and other USB-powered devices charged even when going for longer rides. 

Now, needs differ from one rider to another, and so do the motorcycles they use, which means that there is no universal motorcycle USB charger that can cover all needs. First of all, choosing such a product depends on its design and where it can be installed.

Most small USB chargers are mounted directly on the handlebars. However, some of them can be installed in more discrete parts of your two-wheeler. Regardless of the option you’re interested in, you might want to check out whether the unit you’ve set your eyes on is compatible with your bike. 

Plus, some models can be directly plugged in the motorcycle’s battery, while others require a special DIN slot. 

Since I recently upgraded to a more powerful two-wheeler so that I can explore more places and go for longer trips, I also had to adjust some of the accessories I use with my motorcycle and even purchase new ones. 

My old USB charger had only a single USB port, so I was limited to charging only one compatible gadget at a time. Since I had to revisit my riding gear and accessories a bit, I decided to upgrade to a newer USB charger as well. I got a model with two ports so that I can charge my smartphone and GPS simultaneously. 

Of course, there are so many options you can choose from that it shouldn’t be difficult to find something that meets your needs nicely. It might take a bit of time to identify that one particular model, but it is worth your while. 

The bottom line is that the one I got has worked flawlessly so far, and installing it was nothing complicated. It was not even an expensive model. Such an accessory just makes your riding experience better. It’s not just a charger, it’s a gadget that helps you stay connected. Yes, we want to disconnect more often lately, yet if something bad happens, having a fully-charged smartphone or GPS can prove to be a life-saver.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are all motorcycle USB chargers waterproof?

If you are looking to outfit your motorcycle with a USB charger, make sure that you check for various aspects that make it weather resistant. Some models you will find on the market are waterproof, in case they come with covers that ensure that water won’t get inside. However, even those units advertised as having a decent IP rating are not necessarily waterproof themselves.

The problem lies with the fact that you must connect your phone via the USB port, and this connectivity wouldn’t be possible if the port were completely isolated. Without going into technical details, the electrical connection wouldn’t be possible.

However, there is a way to decide on a suitable USB charger. If it comes with a cap or a cover to protect it in bad weather, that’s a good sign. Also, if it is listed as having a water-resistant IP rating, that’s still better than most.

Q: Can I install my motorcycle USB charger?

If your motorcycle doesn’t have a plug for charging your phone, you should consider getting a USB charger separately and install it on your bike. While the process of installing this type of device on your motorcycle may feel like a daunting task, it is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance.

All you have to do is to connect the USB charger you have to the battery of your motorcycle. If the unit you purchased doesn’t come with detailed instructions, you can always watch some online video tutorials that explain the entire operation step-by-step.

There is a bit of concern over the possibility that the USB charger could drain your battery. While there may be some residual drainage, even when the charger is not in use, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of believing that this item is some sort of power hog. The drainage will be hard to notice.


Q: Do motorcycles have USB ports?

Not all motorcycles come with a charger plug, which is why it is a good idea to get a USB charger that can be connected to the battery of your ride. Especially older models don’t offer such facilities. Still, if you love your motorcycle and you see no reason to replace it, you can easily attach a USB charger to it and have the ability to charge your phone while on the road.

However, if you ride a newer model, you may notice that it already comes with a socket designed particularly for allowing riders to charge their phones while on the road. It is always a good idea to check the available specs on various motorcycles, to see if they come equipped with such a convenience or not.

Still, even if there’s no such port on your motorcycle, wiring a USB charger you can easily purchase online is easy, and you will have the possibility to recharge your phone whenever you want.





Unavailable products


BlueFire Waterproof Dual USB


Another charger that might go well together with one of the built-in motorcycle radios is the BlueFire Waterproof Dual USB. This model is made from a special material that is resistant to both high and low temperatures, anti-corrosive and fire resistant.

The design of the model includes a dual USB charger, a voltmeter, as well as a cigarette lighter socket. Therefore, this versatile device can come in handy in various circumstances. As a plus, the bottom of the cigarette lighter socket is constructed from a ceramic heat insulation material.

Because this model is waterproof, it can be used in the outdoors without fearing that the elements will interfere with it working properly. The product features a digital voltage display that you can use to monitor the electrical safety of the vehicle. A 4.75-foot long cable that has a built-in fuse is also included in the price of the unit.




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