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7 Best Motorcycle Tie Down Straps (Reviews) in 2022

Based on a complex analysis of numerous products from this line and going through reviews of motorcycle tie down straps, we found some key features which ensure ease of use and security for your gear. We managed to create a short list of items that meet these characteristics. You can examine them showcased below.

1. Ratchet Tie Down Straps - 4 Pk - 15 Ft- 500 Lbs Load Cap

You can protect your motorcycle or any other utility equipment frames with the AUGO Ratchet tie down pack, which comes with four ratchet tie-downs and other accessories to assist you in preserving and maintaining several types of cargo such as motorcycles, moving appliances, lawn and garden equipment, but also much more.

The AUGO tie-downs come with rubber coated S hooks which prevent scratching when you apply them, to make sure that your gear is kept in a top-notch condition. These straps feature ergonomic handles for a smooth installation and an excellent fit.

The particular molding technology keeps the handles in place with no risk of falling off, so that your bike is perfectly safe, and there is less stress for you. These straps are especially useful for traveling when the risk of turbulence and that of your gear moving around is increased.

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2. Rhino USA Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

The Rhino USA Motorcycle Tie Down Straps come in a pack of two. They have been lab-tested and resulted in a 3.328-pound break strength so that you can rest assured that your motorcycle, ATV, or UTV is safe and sound while traveling.

This pack also comes with a stainless cam buckle tie down set with integrated soft loops, which some customers consider even better than ratchet straps.

The full bend S hooks are chrome coated and feature spring-loaded keeper clips for 100% safety. The Rhino tie-downs are convenient and easy to use, fitting all handlebars, swing-arms, frames, and tight spots, where other regular hooks do not fit.

The manufacturer promises to refund your money if for any reason you are not totally satisfied. One of the pleased owners mentioned that the straps perform just as advertised and that they are robust and easy to use.

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3. Pro Taper with Spring Loaded Swivel Carabiner Hook

The Pro Taper tie-downs come with a patented spring-loaded, swivel carabiner base hook that will prevent the straps from twisting up or unhooking in difficult to reach places. This tie-down system is nothing like the traditional strap setup and has gained excellent reviews since it was introduced on the market.

The straps are long and wide nylon webbing measuring 84 x 1.5 inches. They have been tested to put up with a 1200-pound straight tension. The pair also features industrial power non-slip cam buckles. This set comes with a hook-and-loop securing strap for convenient, compact storage. They are black with the official Pro Taper branding.

Customers like how easy they are to secure, and the Velcro for the extra slack strap is appreciated for keeping the belts from flapping around. Also, no binding or twisting has been encountered with this product, unlike with other types.

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4. PowerTye 29629-S Cam Buckle Soft-Tye Secure Latch

The PowerTye Black/Orange 29629-S comes with the 11 x 2 inches fat strap cam buckle tie down, providing a higher, up to a 600-pound working load limit.

Its standard length is six feet, and it features a secure vinyl latch. The hooks attached are for an extra secure hold. This product is ideal for those difficult situations where the one-inch tie down is not enough to do the job.

The Soft-Tye is sewn-in, and it is perfect for thicker Pro-Bars in a tighter area that is not appropriate for hooks. This set comes with integrated hand loops for easy adjustment and double security stitching for strength.

This pack includes two tie-downs, and the vehicle service types for which these straps can be used are numerous starting from street touring, street cruiser, and off-road motorcycles, to personal marine crafts, street motor scooters, snowmobiles and much more.

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5. Keeper 05723 Heavy-Duty Motorcycle

Keeper comes with this heavy-duty soft-tie ratchet tie-down, measuring 8 feet x 1 1/2 inches, for increased load capacity, extended webbing, and generally enhanced durability for the most challenging motorcycle and ATV transport applications.

With a working limit of 1000 pounds and a 3000-pound break strength, this tie-down is the perfect choice for large and oversized vehicles.

Security is backed up by a ratchet attachment in order to provide maximum tension, and not to slip open unexpectedly. The ratchet handles made from molded rubber are designed for increased grip and comfort, and the built-in soft tie extensions add versatility.

You can secure your motorcycle by wrapping a belt around a sturdy anchor, and then back onto the D-ring that is sewn in for secure hook attachment. Before tightening, you can center and adjust to avoid any slacking.

Keeper's tie-downs are excellent for large bumpers, roll bars, or composite racks.

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6. Ancra 49970-222-02 Red Big Bike Gradual Release Ratcheting Tie Down

The Ancra tie-downs feature a gradual release system that is built into the ratchet, which allows the user to back it off one click at a time. This way, the exploding ratchet popping open forcefully under heavy load is eliminated.  

This system is ideal for leveling the motorcycle on a trailer or for reducing the compression on the front shocks, without you having to release the webbing and then re-tighten it.

The 1.5-inch wide tie-down comes with a load capacity of up to 600 pounds, and it measures 66 inches in length, also featuring a sewn-in hand loop.

This product is presented as Ancra's most secure ratchet tie-down, made with aircraft quality nylon webbing, designed to withstand weather and abrasion, and a great all-around choice for transporting heavy cruisers and UTVs.

The pack also comes with the patented 1800-pound rated heavy-duty cam buckle with a pressure plate for a non-slip lock.

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7. Badass Moto Gear Super Premium Motorcycle Tie Down Straps Kit

American bikers have designed the Badass Motogear Super Premium straps for motorcyclists and power-sports fans. They come in sets of four double loop belts. The tie-downs serve as extensions to standard ratchet or cam buckle style ones and prevent buckles or hooks from damaging the chrome and paint on your motorcycle, truck, car, or ATV.

Apart from the purpose mentioned above, you can also use the straps for moving, for other sports and for many types of cargo as well. Each tie-down is triple diamond stitched for durability and made from ultra-strong webbing that will safely hold your favorite toy without breaking or stretching.

The Badass Motogear tie-downs work great with pretty much anything you want to fasten and keep safe. The options are almost limitless, and they include scooters, snowmobiles, any watercraft, horse carriages, boats, lawn tractors, surfboards or whatever you might require them for.


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Kuryakyn 929 Silhouette

Kuryakyn comes with the 929 silhouette custom tie-down bracket which can easily be bolted to the side of the front fork. This provides a secure and easily accessible point to efficiently attach the tie-down straps to the front of the motorcycle. This makes trailering or transportation safer and more convenient.

If you became tired of finding appropriate places to attach the tie down straps to your motorcycle, the Kuryakyn bracket could be an excellent choice. The fairing seems to get in the way all the time and using handlebars is tough on the riser bushings. When you set the bracket up, you should make sure that the screws are tightened evenly.

You can use the bracket on multiple types of vehicles like all-terrain and utility vehicles, off-road, street-sport, street-cruiser, and street-touring motorcycles, street-motor scooters, snowmobiles, or marine crafts.

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Lock 'N Load BK300

Lock 'N Load presents the Chrome D-Ring Tie-Down Mount with additional tie-down anchors that will allow you to create custom mounting arrangements for your trailer or motorbike. The quick-disconnect tabs for the BK200 tie-down model enable the straps to be easily removed and mounted for several applications.

Most trailers or transport trucks already come with various types of tie-down points mounted. But sometimes it is not enough. Let us take the example of a full-size truck with four tie-down points. They are perfect for carrying one motorcycle, but if you want to transport two of them, they are nowhere near enough to offer the necessary security, mainly because there are not enough attachment points.

That is why extra tie-down mounts are very helpful. You can bolt them on your trailer or truck bed in key positions that will ensure a safe and secure transportation for your motorcycle.

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Kuryakyn 15-18 INDIAN ROADMAST

Transporting your Indian bike with a trailer got more relaxed with the Kuryakyn custom tie-down brackets. They are laser cut from high-quality steel which makes them sturdy and durable.

These brackets are easy to install and mount on the lower triple tree of the motorcycle, providing a secure location for attaching the straps and making the transport a lot easier, safe and secure.

Some customers mentioned that in case you are ever planning to load your motorcycle on a trailer, these brackets are a must have, especially when transporting multiple vehicles. Also, by using custom tie-down brackets, the strapping process becomes much easier.

As a motorcycle lover, you surely want to keep your favorite possession as safe and sound as possible. At some point, you might be facing the situation when you have to trailer it, and for that, you need the best possible tie-down system.

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Sierra Pacific Engineering 80140-12-04

This product comes as a pack of four Stainless Steel tie-down attachments. D-rings are a simple and clever way to protect your cargo loads. All that is required is an uncomplicated bolt-on mounting or welding them straight to a stainless steel surface.

The rings can be used for securing cargo in a van, trailer, camper, or pickup, but also for hanging and organizing tools in a workplace, garage, or a shed.

Sierra Pacific Engineering produced these items with a strong 3,500-pound breaking load capacity and a working load limit of 1,167-pound capacity.

The ring is welded together, not compressed, which eliminates the risk of pulling it apart. Also, being made with a 304 SS alloy stainless steel, the rings will not rust. It is recommended to use 1/4 Stainless Steel bolts, SS lock nuts, and SS large diameter fender washers, to ensure a tie-down attachment that will remain 100% rust-free.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


As a motorcycle owner and enthusiast, we can certainly imagine that you treat your prized possession like a member of your family. Starting with providing it with excellent service by using only the best motorcycle oil, to keeping her safe when not being ridden — you definitely want what’s best for your motorbike. Maybe you also spend rainy Sundays in your garage, treating your bike with motorcycle wax.

Needless to say what a thrill it is to put on your motorcycle jacket, put on your comfortable motorcycle boots and ride with the wind as far as the eye can see. But what happens in the situation when you have to load your bike on a trailer? Of course, you need the most effective tie down straps to keep things safe and secure.

What to look for

As with all things on the market, there are always numerous items from a similar product line. If you have not already tried out a few alternatives, you probably have no idea what to choose. In order to find good motorcycle tie down straps, there are a few things to consider.  

First of all, you should never use cheap motorcycle tie down straps, and we don’t necessarily refer to the price, but more to the quality. Not only do you risk damaging your property, but also injuring other drivers.


Tying down your bike is a balancing performance between locking down your cargo securely and ensuring that the straps, S-hooks, and ratchets don’t scratch or damage the chrome or the paint.

When you’re planning the process, keep in mind that you will probably need straps to anchor the motorcycle, but also some to hold the handlebars in place, so that the front wheel does not shift around during transport.


Length and Strength

Here are several key features to look at while considering your options. Most straps on the market are usually within the range of 8 to 15 feet in length. When you select yours, make sure they match your needs.

The break strength is also a significant aspect to keep in mind. You want one with as much break strength as possible. The weight of the cargo is a crucial detail as well. Do not purchase a strap with a 600-pound safe workload, if your bike weighs 1000 pounds.

Ratchets are not always necessary, but they are handy if you want to fasten something to your trailer or truck as tight as possible. Most straps come with S-shaped hooks. Some advanced models provide a locking system that is helpful for linking the hook to another belt.

Other useful items

Besides the common things that you have to get for your bike, there are other useful additions such as a motorcycle tire charger, or a spacious top case. If you are concerned about its safety, you might want to check some of the motorcycle alarms available these days.

It is the same with the security of a bike that is transported in a trailer or a truck. If you want to take all of the protection measures, you should also consider other motorcycle accessories, besides tie down straps.

There are wheel chocks that are mounted on the truck or trailer bed, and they are designed to keep the front wheel pinned down, decreasing the risk of it shifting around.

Tie down brackets are bolted on the side of the front fork, and offer a safe and accessible point to attach the straps to the front of the bike quickly. You can also secure your truck or trailer bed with additional tie down anchors with a D-ring, which offer you other angles and points for attaching the straps.

Based on all the information this article provides, we are sure you are going to be able to find the perfect tie down system, which perfectly matches your personal preferences and requirements.




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