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7 Best Motorcycle Radios (Reviews) in 2023

Are you having trouble finding a reliable radio for your cruiser or street bike? Then look no further, as we can help you out. We’ve compiled a list with some of the top motorcycle radio reviews on the market so you get all the info you need to make a smart choice regarding your next purchase.


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1. Boss Audio Systems MRWT40 Marine Waketower

If you’re looking for speakers that are rugged and versatile and suited for both cruises and Powersports, then you’re looking at them. These feature 4-inch cones made of strong polypropylene, which will last and offer protection from rain, snow, and high winds, due to their marinized construction. They also benefit from UV protection thanks to the special coating.

These units have a frequency response between 130Hz and 20 kHz, and a sensitivity of 94 dB. The interior construction also benefits from quality materials, from aluminum coils to Mylar tweeters, which are better at reproducing a wider range of sounds.

The speakers have an output of 400 Watts, so you crank up the volume and enjoy your favorite tunes even when riding in noisy environments.

Each speaker is quite compact, measuring 7x5x7 inches, and, thanks to the aluminum clamps, you can easily fit both of them on handlebars measuring between 1.5 and 2 inches.


These speakers include 4-inch durable cones that were made of a material called polypropylene. Because they are marinized, you can use them in the rain and snow.

Given the special coating that they feature, this model is UV protected. So, it will surely pass the test of time.

With a frequency response that ranges from 130Hz to 20 kHz, the unit is perfect for a wide array of applications.

If you love blasting your favorite tracks, remember that these speakers have an output of 400 watts. So, you can play music at high volume.


A small number of buyers argued that they wasted hours trying to mount these speakers correctly due to their weird shape. Not all owners had this issue.

One customer was not happy with the model. According to him, this option is not as loud as he wanted it to be. This is a subjective critique.

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2. Boss Audio Systems MCBK420B Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker

Made by the legendary Boss, the MCBK420B speaker system is just what you need for your motorcycle. You can mount these on your cruiser, touring bike or scooter or even use them as your main ATV speakers. You get two speakers that are weatherproof so you won’t have to worry about riding in humid environments or foggy and rainy weather.

These all-terrain 3-inch speakers come with a 600-watt amplifier that will allow you to crank up the volume anytime so you’ll be able to hear your own tunes even when traveling at high speeds. Just hook up your MP3 player or smartphone via the 3.5mm Aux Input and start listening.

Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth, you can wirelessly stream audio through popular apps such as Pandora and Spotify. You also get a wired remote control that you can place in a comfortable spot where you can change the settings safely while riding. This system is easy to install as you get all mounting hardware for .75” to 1.25” handlebars.


This versatile alternative is a good choice if you want a pair of speakers that can be installed on a bike, ATV or UTV. It is easy to set up.

As the distributor argues, the model was made of sturdy materials that are weatherproof. So, they are practical to use no matter the humidity.

The device includes a powerful 600-watt amplifier. Therefore, you can play your favorite music at whatever volume you choose.

You can also connect this device to your MP3 player or your smartphone by just using a 3.5 mm Aux Input. It also includes a Bluetooth function.


One reviewer noted that the volume control is backward. This is not a disadvantage according to most owners of the choice. 

Some customers said that the speakers broke after being used in the rain. Only a limited number of cases where this happened were reported so far. 

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3. Boss Audio MCBK470B Weatherproof Speaker

The BOSS MCBK470B is a weatherproof sound system that’s easy to mount and use. You get a powerful 2-channel amp that outputs a whopping 1000 wattage, as well as two pairs of 3-inch speakers that will never let you down, regardless of the weather conditions, be it fog or rain.

With the 3.5mm auxiliary input, you can easily connect your iPhone or MP3 player and browse through your favorite music selections or stream audio through apps like Spotify with the integrated Bluetooth. You get a remote wired volume control that can be placed in an easy-to-reach spot for easy tweaking while riding, and that without having to take your hand off the handlebar.

This speaker system can be mounted on handlebars with a diameter between .75 and 1.25 inches. You get handlebar brackets, bolts and nuts, wire harnesses, as well as easy-to-understand instructions on how to connect the wiring so you benefit from a hassle-free installation. This system can also fit on scooters, electric bikes or ATVs.


This is another waterproof choice that you might want to check out if you enjoy riding in the rain. It has 2-channel amp that outputs 1000 watts.

Besides, this system consists of two pairs of speakers. You can install it on your handlebar with little to no effort.

It can be fitted on bikes, ATVs as well as electric bikes and scooters. So, it is incredibly versatile when compared to its alternatives.

If you use a 3.5mm aux input, you can connect it to your phone or MP3. This way, you’ll have access to your favorite mixes and playlists.


Some bikers argued that this system does not project sound as well as he had expected and that it is not loud enough. This is an unpopular opinion among reviewers.

A handful of fellow customers said that these speakers do not stay in place. So, the mounting process might be rather difficult for novices. 

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4. Lexin LX-S3 Motorcycle Stereo Radio

If you are looking for an audio system for your motorcycle, you should know that picking a weatherproof model is mandatory. The LEXIN LX-S3 Motorcycle Stereo Radio is an excellent example of how such a system must look. Besides being capable of withstanding all weather conditions, the system offers other benefits.

For starters, it delivers loud sound volume so that you can enjoy your favorite music while riding your motorcycle. The 3-inch speakers come with Bluetooth, as well as a USB port, in case you want to connect your audio system with your phone. The 50-watt amplifier is another reason why this model appears to have so many fans.

Let’s not forget about the beautiful appearance of this radio with speakers. The metallic body has a chrome polish that makes it an excellent complement for your motorcycle. It works just as fine on an ATV, and the installation process is easy as a breeze.


A system with waterproof design, this model is capable of withstanding a lot of wear and tear and will behave as expected in any weather conditions.

For maximum speeds of 80mph, it is an excellent choice for mounting on a motorcycle or an ATV so that you can take your music with you anywhere you want to go.

Its Bluetooth connectivity makes it the right choice for connecting it with your smartphone, allowing you to stream your favorite tunes via the audio system.

You will love its beautiful looks since it comes in a polished chrome housing that makes it an ideal option for mounting on a motorcycle.

The 3-inch stereo speakers produce pretty good sound performance.


While at 50mph, it appears that the speakers behave just fine, and the sound is pretty loud, the faster you go, the more you will notice a decrease in sound clarity due to wind distortion.

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5. GoHawk TN4 2.1 Channel Amplifier Motorcycle Audio System

When you go shopping for an audio system for your motorcycle, the easiest thing you can do is to go for a universal model. In this case, the model is a universal fit for any motorcycle handlebar from 7/8 to 1.25 inches. That said, it would be hard to go wrong with this model, as far as matching it with your bike goes.

It is interesting to see the plethora of connectivity options available. As expected from a modern audio system, it comes with built-in Bluetooth, so wireless connectivity is checked. Also, there is a 3.5mm audio jack available, and you will love that there’s FM radio functionality present, too.

It’s not only for your motorcycle, as you can install it fast and easy on any ATV, UTV, or even a boat. You can check the compatibility of this model with your smartphone by browsing through the list provided by the manufacturer, but you can rest assured that it is compatible with most mobile devices.


What you want most in an audio system, this model delivers as its sound quality is superior, and overall, the audio performance surpasses many other similar products.

The chrome finish will catch your eye, and you will love that it works like a charm for your motorcycle; it fits any handlebar from 7/8 to 1.25 inches.

You can use it on any type of vehicle you like, from cruisers to marine boats; it is an excellent fit for any ATV or UTV, as well.

The Bluetooth connectivity is superior, and you can count on the signal to be strong at a distance of up to 15 meters.

Users even get a 3.5mm audio jack so that they can connect other devices with great ease.


The amplifier is a bit on the large side, so you might have a problem trying to conceal it when you mount the system on your bike.

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6. Jensen JHD910 Heavy Duty Mini Radio

A complete system that offers you the possibility to connect your iPod, MP3 player, or CD player with it, the Jensen JHD910 may have a compact shape, but it certainly gets the job done. Actually, its small size can be an added plus for many riders since they don’t want to load their motorcycles with bulky audio systems.

Equipped with a 2-wire connection, it can maintain radio station presets with great ease so that you don’t have to fiddle with the unit while you should be focusing on the road. Because it also has the dedicated NOA alerts on, you will know if there’s a storm coming or other extreme weather conditions.

It is also built for durability, as the faceplate is designed to resist corrosion and UVs. As it comes with 30 presets you can program yourself, it is handy as a radio, too. Streaming music from your iPod is easy, and seeing how it also serves as an alert service you can carry everywhere with you, it is a handy addition to your gear.


Sealed against all weather conditions, this audio system won’t suffer one smidge of damage whether you ride through rain, snow, or under the hot rays of the sun.

The AM/FM radio comes in handy and also has 30 presets you can choose, while the 2-wire connection maintains them as you saved them.

It also comes with an audio AUX input so that you can quickly hook it up with an MP3 player and stream music as you desire.

Even when the battery is disconnected, the unit will still be able to show you the hour, as its clock runs for an extra 30 days.

When you need to kill the sound, you only need to touch a button, and the unit will go all silent.


Be aware that the speakers on this system may not be powerful enough to cover the engine roar of a Harley or any other buff motorcycle.

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7. Maso Powersport Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

These motorcycle speakers can be used to play a wide array of music via Bluetooth, SD memory card, or the USB port, and it also comes with a built-in FM radio. It is perfect for off-road use since the device is waterproof and weatherproof and can withstand heavy rain without any damage occurring to the internal electronics.

The FM radio is powered by a strong antenna that delivers clear reception, and it also comes with 18 preset channels. You won’t have to worry about power consumption with this option since the device is built with a digital power supply that offers a much lower overall power consumption.

The sound quality is very good for such an affordable option. The speakers will deliver 60 watts of peak power and 30 watts RMS. The user interface is easy to navigate since all the buttons are located in the front center of the unit, and the volume can be controlled easily via your phone.


The speaker supports a wide range of music sources, including Bluetooth devices, SD memory cards, or external drives that can be connected via the USB port.

It features low energy consumption so that you can leave it running for as long as you want without having to worry about the battery getting drained.

The FM radio delivers clear reception, and the unit will let you store and switch between up to 18 preset channels.

The digital LCD makes it easier to navigate through the settings, and all the buttons are found in one place for effortless operation.


It doesn’t come with written instructions, which makes it difficult to install the speaker if you lack mechanical or electrical ability.

Once you go over 50mph or if you find yourself in a large group of motorcycles, the volume of the speaker will start to get overpowered by the ambient sound around you.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Riding your motorcycle is a joyous activity in itself, although that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be done to improve on that. You can get the best motorcycle audio system and delight your ears with your favorite tunes. Not only will you enjoy great sound quality when traveling, but also while at home or when working on bikes in one of your friends’ spacious motorcycle storage sheds.

The problem is that there are lots of options on the market, and finding the right one for your motorcycle model, preferences, and budget can be a daunting task. The good news is that we’ve looked at some of the most popular models for sale, checked their features and compiled a guide where we present the most important ones that you should consider before buying.

Power and sound quality

When searching for a good motorcycle radio, the first thing you’ll probably look at is the power specifications. You can find various models with different power outputs, from 250-watt amplifiers to head units with a rating of 600 or even 1000 watts. The power of a sound system will also influence both sound quality and volume.

Some 300-watt speakers will surely be able to play music at much higher volumes than 125-watt speakers. The size of the speakers is also important, as larger speakers will amplify the sound better. You can find normal 3-inch speakers or even larger speakers, depending on the make and model.

The loudness of the speakers is expressed in decibels, and you can find speakers that are rated at 140 decibels or more, especially the large models which can be heard even when traveling at higher speeds. Just make sure that the speakers won’t be too large to affect visibility or stability, and that they can fit on your bike’s handlebar.


Input options

With a quality unit, you won’t just get the common FM capability, but also several other options that will allow you to listen to music from various devices. Many head units have 3.5mm AUX inputs which should enable you to connect just about any iPhone, smartphone, tablet or MP3 player so you can listen to your favorite tunes.

There are also models that feature USB ports which allow you to listen to music on your flash drives. SD ports are also available on a variety of amplifier units, with accepted capacities of up to 32GB.


Bluetooth, wireless remote controls, and display

Another thing you might want on a motorcycle sound system is integrated Bluetooth. You could easily stream your favorite music via apps such as Pandora and Spotify, and the best part is that you won’t have to wear wired headsets.

You can get a helmet with integrated Bluetooth and listen to your own playlist anytime, anywhere, without being bothered by wind noise, the sound of your engine or other distracting factors.

There are other things you might want in a radio system, things such as wired or wireless remote controls. You could keep one mounted on the handlebar and ensure that you can switch the radio channel, change the music or turn the volume up or down without raising your hand off the handlebar.

If the amplifier comes with EQ controls, you could easily change the settings and ramp up the bass or treble so it suits the particular genre of music that you’re listening to. There are also head units that come with small LCD displays which should be quite handy for giving you info on playlists, songs, time or radio channels.


Even if you go for one of the cheap motorcycle radio models, you might still want to make sure that you get a durable system that won’t break down after the first couple of months of light use. The head unit should have a sturdy case that’s made of metal or some tough thermoplastic.

The speakers should also benefit from a strong construction, as they get the most exposure since they’re protruding from the handlebar. ABS, polycarbonate or other materials are to be preferred, as these offer a good strength-to-weight ratio and they can ensure that the speakers can withstand a lot of use and abuse, not to mention constant vibrations from the motorcycle.

Besides being durable, the radio, and especially the speakers, should also be at least weather-resistant. If you’re wondering whether there’s a difference between weather-resistant and waterproof models, the answer is yes, there is quite a significant difference.

Speakers that are rated as weather-resistant can work well in damp environments and they can also take light rain without any damage. However, once you start using them in unfavorable weather and riding for hours in heavy rain, you’ll probably see their limits.

If you intend to ride your motorcycle in such a weather, then you might want to get a waterproof model. While more expensive, waterproof radios and speakers will be able to lighten your mood when riding in horrible weather while ensuring that you won’t have to spend money on another sound system due to premature failure.


Installation and ease of use

Before getting one of the popular sound systems out there, you might want to check the specifications to ensure that it fits your particular motorcycle model. The thing you have to pay attention to is the handlebar specifications.

Most models can be fitted on handlebars with a diameter between 0.7 and 1.25 inches, although you’ll certainly find variations that can fit larger handlebars such as those on ATVs, as well as smaller ones as is the case with scooters and electric bikes.

Installing the head unit and speakers isn’t exactly rocket science so you shouldn’t be afraid of doing this on your own. Most reputable manufacturers ship these audio systems along with mounting brackets, fasteners, cable connectors, and comprehensive manuals that help you install these devices correctly step by step.

If you want a solid support, you should look for a model that comes with heavy-duty brackets. You can put some strips of rubber on the inside of the brackets if they come without these or in case you still feel that the brackets are not tight enough on the handlebar.


How much should you spend?

Depending on your budget and specific needs, you can go for an inexpensive head unit with basic features such as FM radio and low-power speakers. Doing so will still allow you to enjoy a great sound while riding your motorcycle.

The good news is that you can find quite a few models that come with many extra features such as Bluetooth, USB and SD ports, remote controls, powerful amplifiers, EQ, and others that will give you an amazing audio experience every time.


How to install your motorcycle radio

If you’re afraid of having to install a motorcycle radio on your own, you shouldn’t worry as it isn’t as hard as you might think. Many speaker systems come with all the hardware you need for a quick setup. Most packages include fasteners, mounting brackets, and other accessories that make for easy mounting of both the speakers and head unit on the handlebar.

It’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that the speaker system fits on your handlebar. Choosing a position for the radio or head unit is important, and perhaps the best position is on the console. You should normally have a special spot to mount the radio.

Unless you want to drill holes in the console, you might want to look for an adapter or handlebar bracket so you don’t risk modifying or damaging the console. The wiring should also be relatively simple to figure out, especially since most systems come with intuitive wiring.

For the head unit, connect the red power wire to the positive console bus, and the black wire to the negative circuit socket. You also need to mount the speakers on the handlebar next to your precise motorcycle GPS units and ensure that the brackets are positioned correctly and that you have tightly fastened the nuts and bolts.

Once the speakers are securely attached, you can connect them to a power socket along the main wire harness as well as to the amplifier using the yellow wire that goes into the dedicated speaker input. You might also get some wired or wireless controllers mounted on the handlebars for easy access.



If you’re a biker and you’re also into music as much as I am, you probably like to listen to your favorite tunes even when riding your motorcycle. While cars come with built-in audio systems, things are different as far as motorcycles are regarded. 

The options are limited. You either add a speaker or a pair of them to your two-wheeler, or you go for headphones, which is highly not recommended since being able to hear what happens on the road and near you is of the utmost importance when riding your bike. It is a matter of safety. 

So, out of the two options, the speaker is the safe one. Now, when I decided to pair my motorcycle rides with my favorite music or radio shows, it was no little surprise to see so many motorcycle radios and speakers available for sale. 

That complicated things a bit, yet after browsing tens of models, I finally managed to find a product that could provide good quality audio, handle weather changes, and match my budget. Choosing a motorcycle radio based only on how it sounds is not enough, though, as I found out myself. 

I often ride in larger groups of motorcycles, and that means that all those engines get noisy. So, a powerful motorcycle radio was at the top of my priority list. The market offers different radios for motorcycles, and when it comes to power, they range from 250 to 1000 watts. A 250-watt model was not enough to get me the volume I needed, and a 1000-watt unit was perhaps a bit too much. 

Watts and decibels are the things to consider as they will tell you more about how loud a motorcycle speaker can get. Since I ride with other bikers and the two-wheelers are loud, I went for a 600-watt 3-inch speaker. 

The thing is that the size of the speaker actually affects the sound. Larger ones will amplify it, so if you have room to install larger models, and they don’t affect your comfort or safety, it is worth a try. Motorcycle speakers are usually installed on the handlebars, so you might want to check whether large models fit your bike’s handlebar diameter. 

As I said, the way radios for motorcycle sound is not enough. Thankfully, technology has evolved so much that you can easily connect such units to your phone, MP3 player, and even tablet. It usually takes a 3.5mm AUX input to allow you to do that. Even more, some motorcycle speakers come with wireless remote controls so that you can easily switch to another radio channel, level up or down the volume, and so on. 

One crucial aspect that has a great impact on the motorcycle speaker’s longevity is the material or combination of materials used for its construction. The weather conditions can change unexpectedly, and if you can’t cover your speakers, irreversible damage may occur. 

It happened more than once to get my two-wheeler on the road, drive happily for a few miles, and then suddenly find myself in the middle of heavy rain. So, I also chose a waterproof speaker that can keep up with weather changes. Bikers who live in areas where it rains a lot might want to pay even greater attention to this aspect. 

To sum up, having the possibility to listen to my favorite radio programs or albums while I’m on the road or parked somewhere to relax a bit and enjoy a nice view is definitely a big plus of the latest technological achievements. 

Choosing the right motorcycle radio can also involve a lot of trial and error, but once you find the product you’re happy with, the rides will get the sonic nuances of your personality. And it just makes the riding experience complete and more exciting.

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle radios


Q: How to wire motorcycle radio?

Wiring a motorcycle radio and speaker system is easier than you think. First, you need to make sure that you have properly mounted the radio/amplifier and the speakers using the provided hardware. You then need to connect the radio to the positive circuit bus which is located on the console by using the red power wire.

You then need to connect the black wire to the negative circuit bus. You’ll also need to connect the speakers to the power socket and then the yellow wire to the speaker input which is located on the amplifier.


Q: Can you hear motorcycle radio?

Your motorcycle radio and speaker system should be able to provide you with decent a sound quality in many situations. However, you should be aware of the fact that wearing a full face helmet and riding at speeds of 50+ miles per hour might mean that you probably won’t be able to hear much from your speakers, especially due to wind noise.

You can minimize the effect of environmental noise by adding a windshield, and that way you won’t need to wear your protective motorcycle goggles all the time. Your speakers will also delight you with beautiful music at low speeds, as well as when camping in one of your comfortable motorcycle tents.


Q: Are all motorbike speakers waterproof?

Before buying a radio and speaker system, you should be aware of the fact that not all of them are waterproof. If you’re often riding in rainy weather or traveling to regions where humidity levels are quite high, you should check some reviews of motorcycle radios and pick a model that is waterproof.

Going for marine-grade speakers is probably a good choice since these are waterproof and can withstand even heavier rains. However, it still wouldn’t be a good idea to leave your motorcycle outside in pouring rain, as the speakers, as well as other electrical components, aren’t going to very happy about it.


Q: What’s the difference between weather-resistant and waterproof speakers?

In case you’ve seen weather-resistant speakers as well as weatherproof models and have no idea what’s the difference between them, then here’s an explanation. The weather-resistant rating is applied to speakers that might be able to hold well in humid environments and foggy weather, and they might also get away with being exposed to rain showers.

But being weather-resistant does not make them waterproof, and that means that they’ll likely get damaged if you leave them out in the rain for prolonged periods of time. Waterproof speakers, on the other hand, should be able to withstand even heavy rain so you can count on them in any kind of weather.

Q: How loud are motorcycle speakers?

If you’re looking for speakers that are capable of playing music at high volumes, then you’d better check the specifications. Obviously, you’d want speakers that are larger in diameter and a powerful amplifier with a 600W or even 1000W power output. The more speakers and channels the amplifier has, the lower the wattage output for each speaker, so bear that in mind as well.

You can also look at the speaker ratings which are expressed in decibels. The higher the ratings, the louder will the sound be. However, you should know that riding at high speeds will create wind noise that can act just like modern noise canceling earbuds, which could prevent you from any of the sounds coming from your speakers.


Q: What to consider before buying two-way radios for motorcycles?

Getting a radio and speaker system is a great way to spice up your motorcycle adventures, but in some cases, you might need a little more than that in order to be able to communicate with traveling buddies.

This is one good reason why you might want to get the best motorcycle two-way communication radio which could help you stay in touch with family and friends while also being able to stay tuned to your favorite radio station to hear the news or to get a heads-up regarding the latest NOAA alerts.

Best brands and main characteristics

Here are the main characteristics you may want to consider before getting a two-way radio for your motorbike.

Operating range

Depending on how far you ride your motorcycle every day, you might want a two-way radio which has a short-to-medium operating range or one that can cover much larger areas. For normal commuting, a radio with a range of a few miles should be more than enough to stay in contact with work colleagues, friends, and family.

If you go touring often or are commuting to distant locations on a daily basis, then you will surely need to purchase a long-range radio. Most models have an operational range between 10 and 30 miles, although you can find a few radios that can work at distances of up to 50 miles.


Get a headset

An important thing you should do when searching for a two-way radio is to also buy a headset with a microphone. That way, you’ll be able to communicate with your motorcycle buddies while riding without having to lift your hands off the handlebar and risk an accident.

There are quite a few models to choose from which should fit nicely in most types of helmets. Just make sure that your full face helmet can accommodate the model you’re trying to get. Also make sure that the headset is compatible with the two-way radio, as you might bump into compatibility issues and you don’t want to waste your money on a model you can’t use.


Weather resistance

Your radio will be exposed to the elements all the time, and that’s a good reason to make sure that you’re opting for a weather-resistant model. Make sure that the two-way radio has a sturdy case that can withstand constant vibrations so it will work well even on bumpy roads. The case should also be dust-proof to avoid getting loads of dust particles inside.

The radio might be completely waterproof and perfectly usable even in pouring rain or it may be just able to withstand some exposure to humid environments and some rain showers, given that you won’t leave it outside for hours on end under heavy rain.


GPS systems

There’s also the option to buy a two-way radio that comes with an integrated GPS. Doing so would give you excellent communication abilities while also helping you check out the road ahead.

The display of the navigating system is probably going to be smaller than what you can find in a dedicated unit, but you’ll still be able to orient yourself easily in unfamiliar locations.


Battery life

While connecting your radio to your motorcycle’s battery will have a negligible effect while riding, as the battery will recharge itself, this can become a problem when you’re stationary. Using your radio for extended periods of time while at a moto festival or when camping can drain your motorcycle’s battery.

That could be a huge problem if you don’t have one of the reliable motorcycle battery chargers available on the market or at least a powerful motorcycle jump starter to get going and recharge your battery on the road.

This is a very good reason why you may want to opt for a radio that comes with a separate battery which would enable it to work for a long time without draining your battery and raising the risk of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery.




Best brands



The company has been selling quality audio and video products for about 30 years. The Boss Audio Systems company started its activity in 1987 when it was founded by Sam Robbani, an exceptional car enthusiast. The main purpose of the company was to create mobile audio systems that are accessible to every budget. 

In 1989, the first product was launched, and in 1990 the company manages to outgrow its first headquarters where more employees were hired in order to develop more products. In 1995 their products started to be demanded internationally, and the name of the company expanded in Europe, Latin America, and Scandinavia.

Now, Boss Audio Systems sells marine, car, and power sports products in more than 130 countries. In 1998, the company introduced amplifiers in different color schemes. In present, Boss personalizes products for its clients which proves its professionalism. 

The goal of this brand is to cover everyone’s needs in the audio field and therefore in 2000 the company launched its first marine product which was the MR60 marine speaker. The MR60 marine speaker is still one of the top-selling products. Boss also entered the motorcycle market, making an all-in-one product that fits any power sports application in 2001.

The headquarters of the company moved to Oxnard, California, which is also the current location now. Boss Audio Systems managed to make inroads in the U.S. retail outlets such as Walmart, Amazon, Meyer’s, AutoZone, PepBoys, and BestBuy within 10 years, between 2007 and 2017.

In 2017, the company became the first official partner of the Apple CarPlay platform by launching the first CarPlay source unit. Now, the company sells a wide range of audio and video products worldwide in storefronts and online, being ready to exceed the limits with more innovative products in the future.



This brand is well-known among motorcycle riders for its quality, bright lights that are very long-lasting, as well as for the motorcycle-related products such as turn signals, footpegs, or handlebars. Innoglow makes sure to cover a wide range of products so every ATV, motorcycle, or boat owner can find what he or she needs.

This brand makes sure that the products delivered to its customers are manufactured according to the highest standards as they are made of durable materials. The lights are long-lasting in order to have something to count on when most needed. The company is in a constantly developing process to reach the expectations of the large public.

The company has its headquarters in Guangzhou, China but they are shipping their products worldwide. The products they’re selling may vary from speaker systems to handlebars, other motorcycles components, and lighting accessories. 

All the products are easy to install and user-friendly as the company makes sure to provide all the needed instruction for its clients. Before launching a product on the market, the manufacturer passes each product through vigorous quality control so the buyers have a great experience.

The lights are very bright in order to offer the user great visibility and they have a fast on/off response for improved safety. The handlebars offer excellent grip so the clients have great conditions while using this brand’s products.

Innoglow tries to offer to the public a facile way for online shopping. The shipping conditions reach the expectations suggested by the brand’s name so the clients have a great experience buying from this brand from all points of view. The main purpose of the company is to satisfy all its clients as much as possible while improving the quality of the products.



GoHawk is a brand that sells motorcycle and ATV stereo systems and other accessories like replacement speakers, speaker mounting, and USB cigarette lighter socket. The company is established in the US, but it ships its products internationally.

The company is best known for its quality all-in-one amplifier systems, soundbars, and speaker systems. The materials used for manufacturing the products are very durable and high-quality so the clients have a better experience while riding the motorcycle.

This company offers the possibility of picking up the products from the physical store or buy the products online. They have a solid return policy if the bought items are not suitable for your motorcycle. You can return the product in 30 days by following a few easy steps written on their website.

To make sure the customers have a nice experience when buying the products, the company offers them an online warranty registration in order to fix the problems regarding the workmanship and material defections. The warranty is available for a period of one year since the registration.

The items sold by the company are manufactured according to high standards in order to offer the clients a safe and enjoyable use. Most products are durable and they are made to resist most weather conditions since they are made for motorcycles and ATVs.

For more safety, the company makes sure the products are tested and passed through quality control. If something goes wrong or the clients have questions, the company provides a form on their website for professional support regarding any encountered issue.

The brand also offers the clients the possibility of sharing their feedback which helps the seller improve the quality of the products and find more innovative alternatives. The purpose of the brand is to exceed its limits and have its clients satisfied.



Unavailable products


Shark Motorcycle Audio 250W


This audio system from Shark Motorcycle is a great addition to any motorcycle, whether you’re a true music fan or just someone who enjoys hearing some tunes while riding to and from work. You get a 250-watt amplifier with two speakers that should give you a loud and quality sound everywhere you go.

The amplifier comes with FM radio so you won’t miss your favorite radio show while on the road. There’s a short antenna that improves the radio signal - and it’s fairly inconspicuous.

You get aux inputs as well as integrated Bluetooth so you can use it with your comfortable Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. There are also two SD and USB slots for increased functionality.

The system comes with two remotes (wired and wireless) so you can use the one that works for you. The head unit has a large LCD display that gives you all the info you need about the radio station or song information. The speakers come with a chrome finish as well as two mirror brackets.



Innoglow Motorcycle LED Speakers Bluetooth Anti-theft


[amzonimages asin="B01M3XIXOY"]

If you’re looking for affordable speakers for your motorcycle that can change your riding experience, then you should definitely consider this model from INNOGLOW. You get a head unit as well as two 20W speakers that aren’t just capable of producing a quality sound, but also able to increase the appeal of your motorbike.

The two speakers have a sturdy design and the shells are made of clear plastics. With internal LEDs, these speakers can glow with a blue light and improve the atmosphere around the bike. The main unit supports FM radio and you can easily plug in your MP3 or USB flash to listen to your preferred songs. You also get integrated Bluetooth for wireless broadcasting.

This system can be mounted on motorcycles and electric bikes that have up to ⅞-inch handlebars. You also get all the controls you need to change EQ settings, play modes, songs, radio stations or even to make hands-free calls, and that even if you are wearing thick Harley Davidson gloves. There’s also an anti-theft remote controller for increased security.



This product consists of two 200 Watts speakers that can deliver high-quality sounds time and time again, no matter how difficult the ride gets.

Plus, the design of the model is very sturdy. The shells of the speakers are made of clear plastic and it includes internal LEDs. So, you can see them in the night.

The unit supports FM radio and you can connect the system to your MP3 or phone so that you can have easy access to your favorite tracks. It includes Bluetooth. 

Users can install this option on all bikes and vehicles that have handlebars that measure up to ⅞-inch. An anti-theft remote controller is featured in the deal.



Some reviewers complained about the fact that the LEDs cannot be turned off. According to them, the light that they produce can get rather annoying.

One customer also commented that the alarm is too loud and somewhat difficult to disable. Not all buyers agreed with this assessment.




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2) How well can you hear the radio?


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December 2, 2018 at 8:22 pm

First off you Can’t produce 1000watts on motorcycle 97 percent of cars can’t produce that just because the amp says that you should run. Get a marine gauge fit radio like jblmrv175. And mellinum rem50 handlebar mount remote marine jbl.6.5z around 20 a piece. Pioneer 4 channel power pack A separate 35ah battery and have a real system that you can get a damn ticket for. Put your phone and Bluetooth junk in your pocket put a usb stick with 32 of music and jam out not hear music jam . we as bikers are supposed to have an edge well stop with that weak stuff and get creative for aroind 400 bucks you can have a system that is enjoyable get creative . bass isn’t happening so focus on reality a 40×4 amp will push 4 6.5z mount them in pods. Wake tower pods or make your own. All the other stuff is just a waste of time. Put together your own system medical scooters have 2 great 35ah batteries that you can get for cheap. If. You want music do it right if you want to lie to yourself about your 1000watt boss system cool but when i pull up next to you jamming my 160 watt pioneer jbl system with handlebar controls. You ain’t even hear your music any more and I’m not trying to brag I’m trying to remind everyone that we are men and we build create.


December 3, 2018 at 4:49 pm

Thank you for your input, Dustin, and for your useful advice!

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