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7 Best Motorcycle Dollies (Reviews) in 2022

Purchasing cheap motorcycle dollies is not easy, as the market is filled with numerous similar items that you might find difficult to choose from. To make this whole process effortless for you, we have put together a number of high-quality items that have received excellent reviews so far.


1. Condor Motorcycle Garage Dolly for Wheel Chock

According to the seller, this choice is sturdy enough to hold most rides in place. In fact, the unit can accommodate all types of motorcycles, no matter their wheel size. This option has a total capacity of 1300 lbs.

The model is ideal if you need a device that can help you fit your ride in the small space that you have available in your garage, as this dolly can be adjusted from 90 to 94”. Consequently, you can modify its length following your needs.

As previous owners have remarked, this item is space-efficient, and it makes it easy for one to move his/her bike in any direction.

This is possible because it comes provided with smooth rolling wheels. Because the model is made of high-quality, durable materials, it won’t break easily. When shipped, it includes a list of instructions that one has to follow in order to operate it correctly.

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2. Goplus 600 LBS Motorcycle Carrier

Another alternative that you should not overlook is the Goplus Motorcycle Carrier. This unit has a durable and solid construction that guarantees that you won’t have issues when it comes to securing your bike to it.

Because it is constructed from stainless steel, this choice is not likely to rust when it comes into contact with water. Also, given that it has a total capacity of 600 lbs., you should not have difficulties loading heavier vehicles on it. For security reasons, the item comes supplied with two quick-release locks that keep the wheels of the bike in place and that are easy to use.

Because of these locks, the rack can also be used to transport your motorcycle from one place to another. Given its size, this product is shipped in two distinct packages. Therefore, before you decide to assemble it, be sure that you have received all the necessary components.

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3. Drop-Tail Trailers Motorcycle Dolly

This ride on/drop off dolly has a unique design that allows the buyer to keep his/her ride in an upright position. Because of its configuration, you can use it to store your ride in a space-efficient way. However, just like other similar products, this model cannot deliver good results when used on uneven surfaces.  

The dolly is delivered along with clear instructions that will help you understand how to install the incorporated locks. As previous buyers have remarked, this dolly is very practical as it allows one to move his/her vehicle easily.

The item comes provided with a pair of tie-down straps that you can use when transporting your ride from one location to another. Also, it can accommodate front tires up to 140 mm, and rear tires to up to 240 mm. This unit has a total capacity of 1500 lbs. So, you can use it with both lightweight and heavier motorcycles.

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4. 636 Distributing, Inc 9093 Motorcycle Dolly

This alternative is 83.5 inches long and 30.5 inches wide, and it has an estimated capacity of 1250 pounds. Because it is made from coated steel, this choice is very durable, and it is not likely to corrode when exposed to the elements.

This model comes fitted with an adjustable kick start plate that makes it easy to use. What is more, because of the integrated swivel casters, this dolly is effortless to move around.

At the time that we carried out our research, the item had received favorable reviews. Still, one user noted that the product is a little too short for his Yama V-Star 650 to fit.

Because of this, before you make a purchase, you should make sure that this option is sizeable enough to accommodate your ride. The item is price-efficient and easy to put together, which is the reason why many consider it a good investment.

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5. Merrick Machine M998030 Cycle Dolly

If you are determined to invest in a dolly that has an all steel construction, the M998030 model distributed by Merrick Machine might suit your needs. This option is marketed as a device that can fit most motorcycles. The item comes supplied with a V-channel that sits at 3/4" off the ground. Consequently, unloading your bike won’t be a challenging task.

This stand is user-friendly, and it is said to be effortless to utilize even by those that have never purchased a device of this kind before. Because of its intuitive construction, it can be used by a single person to load, move and unload a bike in a matter of minutes.

Most of the users were pleased to say that this unit is not prone to make your vehicle tip. However, the casters that the item includes are known to be a little small. Hence, it can be a bit difficult to move the dolly around in your garage when the bike is connected to it.

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6. Extreme Max 5001.5077 Motorcycle Dolly

Another product that you should keep in mind is the Extreme Max 5001.5077. This is a standard 76” unit that has a low profile design that enables the user to get his/her bike on and off of the dolly easily. The total width of the stand is of 7.5”.

In an attempt to make the device as durable as possible, the manufacturer has powder-coated it so that it can resist corrosion. The incorporated adjustable side tray can fit any kickstand for more stability.

Because it can hold up to 1250 lbs., this choice is ideal for both lightweight and heavier vehicles. For safety reasons, the manufacturer recommends that one only uses the device on smooth surfaces.

Also, it is advisable that, before you try to move the dolly, you make sure that the bike is secured to it in an appropriate manner. It is not recommended that you use this product with vehicles that have long wheelbases and/or extra-wide tires.

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7. Black Widow MC-Dolly Steel Sport Bike Motorcycle Dolly

This durable motorcycle dolly is specifically designed to easily move and store dirt bikes, sportbikes, and regular bikes. The five caster wheels ensure convenient maneuverability and support the sliding kickstand platform that measures 31 inches. 

The wedge ramps are attached to the gate for easy loading and unloading. The product also comes with wedge loading ramps, an adjustable kickstand plate, and wheel safety pins for maximum utility and convenience. 

The dolly is made of heavy-duty 12 gauge steel and supports a maximum weight of 1,250 pounds, enough to store your favorite bike and carry it wherever you want. 

The product’s width is perfect for keeping most motorcycles safe and preventing them from sliding or falling during transportation. However, we suggest that you carefully measure the width and size of your bike and compare them to the ones of this particular dolly to make sure there is enough room to load and safely store your vehicle.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Finding the best motorcycle dollies is just as tricky as trying to purchase quality motorcycle brake pads. Because we know this too well, we have decided to lend you a hand by listing a number of features that should not be overlooked when shopping in this line of products.

Type and budget

Just like a high-quality motorcycle tire changer, a good dolly is an essential piece of gear that any bike owner has to have in his/her garage. A good way to end up with a practical product of this kind is by analyzing the type of models that are currently available.

First things first, there are the fixed dollies. These devices work pretty much just like a trailer. Most of these units have large frames, and they are ideal when used in storage spaces that are easy to get in and out of. Because they are not very mobile, these devices are particularly suitable when used with bikes that are rather heavy.

Secondly, there are the adjustable models. A good motorcycle dolly of this kind is usually built to only accommodate the kickstand and the rear wheel of the bike. As a result, differently from fixed units, these alternatives are easier to maneuver in tight spaces. These units are generally perfect for average bikes that are not necessarily heavy.

Lastly, you can opt for a scissor center stand, as it might also suit your needs. On average, these models have the lowest weight capacity. Still, scissor lifts are great when used for storing, washing and even when working on your bike. Therefore, if you need a device that can keep your ride secure when replacing the motorcycle exhaust, check these units out.

If you do not want to pay more than expected on a product of this kind, you should also think about setting up a budget. Consequently, you won’t feel tempted to look at products that are out of your price range.


Capacity and material

As most motorcycle dolly reviews point out, before you make up your mind you should not neglect the total capacity of the item. From this point of view, it is crucial that you understand that not all models have the ability to support the same weight.

Therefore, some units can hold up 500 lbs., while other sturdier devices can support no less than 1500 lbs. When deciding on a product, you should always have in mind the weight of your vehicle and, thus, select the item that is best equipped to keep your bike sustained.

Moreover, you should also assess the durability of the item. When doing so, look for models that are made from sturdy materials that are resistant to corrosion, such as those developed from stainless steel. As a plus, some devices are also coated in substances that add to their ability to resist damages caused by being exposed to the elements.

Additional aspects

Before you order that dolly that you found for sale, you should analyze its maneuverability. Just like in the case of motorcycle tents, a good way to assess this aspect is by looking at the design of the product.

Usually, from the three types of dollies that we have talked about, the adjustable and the scissor-centered models are the easiest to handle. The reason for this is that these units come provided with built-in wheels that make it easy for one to move them around.

Additionally, you can also read what current users have to say about specific products. This way, you can get a better picture of how the items perform in various circumstances. Besides, similarly to when purchasing a modular motorcycle helmet, you should also consider the safety of the model. According to the manufacturers, to avoid damaging your ride due to tipping accidents, some of the available units should not be utilized on uneven surfaces.

Another feature that you should not overlook is the weight of the model. From this point of view, you should get a device that is light and, therefore, effortless to move from one place in your garage to another. Also, the item that you decide to buy should not take up a lot of space, and it should not require a lot of maintenance, as this can prove somewhat time-consuming.

If you want to invest in your new ride, this article on how to acquire a motorcycle chain might be of help. What is more, if you want to know how to select motorcycle backpacks, this buying guide is packed with all the info that you might need.

Frequently asked questions


Q: What is a motorcycle dolly?

A motorcycle dolly is considered by experts a necessary addition to your garage. You know well how heavy bikes are. Just trying to steer one around can make you break into a sweat. However, with the help of a dolly, after loading your bike in place, you will be able to get in and out cramped spaces without a glitch.

Wheeling bikes inside and outside a garage is much easier with a dolly. Just make sure to invest in one of good quality. The dolly should support heavy bikes so that it doesn’t break under pressure. While it’s much like a trolley, bear in mind that a dolly is not the same thing as a kickstand.

Q: How do I use a motorcycle dolly?

When you want to put your motorcycle in storage, but just moving it around on its wheels seems like a complicated operation to get it inside a small shed, you need a dolly. As the main body of the dolly practically consists of a plate with wheels, it is not difficult to use. What you need to do is to place the dolly in position, and then have the wheels of your motorcycle rolling onto the plate.

Make sure that the model you choose is made from quality materials so that you don’t see it break under the weight of your bikes. A dolly comes in handy when you have multiple bikes, and moving them can be a pain.


Q: Based on what criteria should I choose a dolly?

First of all, a dolly is one of those tools in your garage that you need to have a low profile. If you get a large model, it might not fit well in your shed. However, you can pick from different models on Amazon, and some have a lower profile than others. So, your first consideration should be how much space you have for storing the dolly.

Then, consider the weight of the dolly. It should be lightweight so that you can push it around with ease. Another thing is the weight limit accepted. Combine these criteria with the low profile requirement for a good selection. A good warranty should also be on your list.


Q: Can I damage my bike using a motorcycle dolly?

There are some concerns regarding the possibility of damaging your bikes when moving them with a dolly. Since there are models that can use the front wheel of your bike for steering, that’s where the concern appears. Some say that the drivetrain can suffer as you move the bike around without the oil pumping.

However, others say that if you put the transmission in neutral, nothing bad should come to your bike. Overall, a good quality dolly shouldn’t cause any damage. It’s not like a kickstand that gets in contact with the frame, so all should be good. Such tools are made to help you, and they aren’t a danger to your bike.


Q: What’s the difference between motorcycle dollies?

Of all the tools you might consider for your garage, a dolly is an excellent choice. While you should count on quality more, the type of dolly you choose is essential, as well. There are fixed dollies that come with pins that keep them in place, and they are great for moving your bike into a trailer, for instance. You might use pins and straps for holding your bike straight, too.

Next, you have adjustable dollies. These allow you to mount the rear wheel and then use the front wheel for steering. Last, but not least, there is a scissor center stand; this one is ideal for lightweight models, like dirt bikes. 



Unavailable products

Venom Motorcycle Center Stand


If you are searching for a budget-friendly option, this Venom dolly might suit you. The choice is quite durable as it was created from stainless steel.

Once you secure your bike onto it, you can easily maneuver it as the stand comes provided with built-in wheels that allow for a smooth 360-degree turn.

Given its compact size and mobility, this option is ideal when utilized in areas where space is limited. Additionally, according to the seller, this model can be used in workshops, display rooms and home garages alike.

The total capacity of this alternative is of 500 lbs. Consequently, before you decide to purchase it, you should make sure that it can support the total weight of your vehicle.

Since it does not demand a lot of assembling, this model does not come provided with instructions. Current users of the product appreciate it because of its versatility.




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