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7 Best 4-Wheeler Snow Plows (Reviews) in 2023

Even if you have the best 4-wheeler for plowing snow, you still need an actual plow to do the job. So we’ve critically analyzed the most popular models on the market, and, to ease your decision-making process, we comprised this list of 4-wheeler snow plow reviews.

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1. Warn 78954 ProVantage 54" Plow Blade

Measuring 54 inches, this plow provides enough width and maneuverability. It is a component of a three-part system, where each part is sold separately. You will also need to get a push bar and mounting plate in addition to this blade.

It’s highly versatile but it particularly suits models like the 1979 MTD tractor, the 2013 Polaris 400 HO and the 2009 Arctic Cat 700. The center-mounted system helps the plow offer stability and rigidity to the vehicle.

The steel is heavy-duty and has a 12-gauge thickness. This offers it the sturdiness needed and the ability to clear snow faster.

This model stands out due to its ability to clear snow on surfaces of different heights. The tension is relieved every time the vehicle moves the plow over rough terrain and that is accomplished with the help of an effective spring system.

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2. 60 inch Denali ATV Plow for Sportsman

This model impressively measures 60 inches across, making it one of the biggest in its class. The large dimensions of this plow will allow you to clear large surfaces of snow at once, but you need to make sure that you have the horsepower to back that up.

It’s a design made to provide a larger clearing surface and it is versatile enough to be mounted on different ATV and UTV models.

Unlike other products, this one comes with all you need to start removing snow in one package. It has the blade, but it also provides two wear bars, the push tubes, adjustable skid feet, the hardware needed for installation and the instruction to do it.

The steel used should be sturdy enough to last you more than one winter and it has an 11-gauge rating. It is heavily reinforced - four ribs with a gauge of 7 run the full height of the blade and the deepest part of the blade is supported by 3 stabilizers.


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3. Warn 80954 ProVantage 54" Tapered Plow Blade

The Warn brand is one of the leading ones when it comes to producing plows and that is why this model is on our list. It features a beautiful look and it can clear snow from different heights due to the steep angle it has. It has a tapered design, meaning that the angle is reduced towards its ends and that makes it very efficient at clearing snow.

You won’t have the common issue with snow attaching to the blade and that is mostly because of the low-friction powder that covers the metal. The wear bar is very thick and impressively sturdy and it has a steep angle, a thing that provides maximum scraping.

Please note that this is only the blade and you will need the Warn ProVantage snow plow attachment for 4-wheeler to be able to use it. The width is 60 inches, which is enough to be used by an ATV driver or for a UTV snow plow.

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4. Extreme Max 5500.5010 UniPlow One-Box ATV Plow

Measuring 60 inches in width and 16 in height, this plow is efficient at removing large amounts of snow in a single thrust. The steel used in making it is a high-quality one and it comes in a great looking polished black finish.

The skid pad that this plow benefits from makes it very useful in allowing the mechanism to be used on different terrains. The plow has a mechanism that allows it to move the blade in six different directions. This will provide more control to the driver and it will allow the vehicle to be more maneuverable.

Unlike other models, it mounts behind the wheels and attaches to the frame of the vehicle in multiple points. This makes it have more force and more stability and thus it’s able to move the snow better.

The 4-wheeler snow plow mount is included in the package and the plow is ready to be used immediately after it’s installed. Furthermore, the installation shouldn’t take too long.


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5. KFI Products 105500 SNO-Devil ATV Plow

Due to its heavy-duty steel gussets, the blade of this plow is capable of withstanding intense work conditions and it will let you remove large amounts of snow at a glance. Probably the most important feature of this model is the universal hybrid mount that will allow you to attach it to any 4-wheeler.

The blade is 48 inches wide, which may not seem impressive to some, but it is able to provide a sufficiently large surface while allowing your vehicle to still be agile.

You won’t have the issue of being too slow because you have to push so much snow. The mounting system is simple and the plow comes with instructions on how to be mounted.

The wear bar is strong and uses eight quality high-grade bolts to be mounted to the main body. The bolts offer the sturdiness needed but also make it easy for you to replace the bar if you need to do so.


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6. Denali ATV Plow for 2000-2007 Rancher 350  400

Constructed to provide efficiency at an affordable cost, this plow kit will help you get all the benefits that a quality plow can provide without too much effort. The blade that it has provides resistance and it is strong enough to be intensely used. Its strength is given by the 11-gauge steel that it’s made of, and by the 7-gauge steel ribs that reinforce it.

Further support is provided by 3 additional stabilizers that run horizontally and back the deepest point of the blade. The frame is constructed in such a manner that it spreads the force of the snow applying pressure on the blade equally across the 4-wheeler. Thus, the energy is dispersed, making clearing the snow an easier task.

It’s a suitable model for many Honda Rancher types but it can also be used as an ATV snow plow on other similar models. The plow offers enough versatility, as it can be coupled with a winch to increase the speed and stability when operating it.

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7. Glacier Pro 52" Steel Plow Blade by Polaris

This plow is made of sturdy steel and it’s 17 inches in height, slightly more than usual blades. It’s also 52 inches wide, which is enough to offer you the possibility to remove the snow in tighter spaces.

The blade is very easy to mount and take down. That is due to the Lock and Ride Technology, a trademark of the brand. Users are happy that the blade comes pre-assembled and ready to bolt up.

The manufacturer doesn’t offer too many details about this product but if you search long enough you will find that the steel used has a gauge of 14, which means the blade is actually very resistant.

Although very strong, the plow doesn’t feature a coating that prevents snow from sticking to it, so you will have to occasionally wash it with soap and water to remove it.

You should also know that the blade and the rest of the parts are sold separately.

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Of course, you ideally want to get a cheap 4-wheeler snow plow, but without running the risk of it being of poor quality. This is where certain factors come into play. We have mentioned some of the most important of them below. We believe that when purchasing a snow plow, you should take the following things into consideration.


When looking for UTV accessories, durability is the main point to consider, as UTVs go through a lot of physical stress when in use. The same thing applies to ATV accessories.

Because it has proven its sturdiness in most industries, steel is a widely used material in making snow plows. It is not only more durable than other materials, but also cheaper. But that comes with the disadvantage that it rusts over time, and this makes the blades have a shorter life duration.

Some models come with a special coating that keeps humidity away, but even those will suffer from rust. Another disadvantage is that, after prolonged use, blades made of steel will start to produce a rattling noise.

Polyethylene, or poly, is another popular material when it comes to producing blades. It comes with the advantage of being highly ductile and it also has a high-impact strength. It produces less friction, something that is needed when clearing snow. Being highly resistant to scratches and dents, it is a great choice for tough winters.

Blades made of poly have the capacity to retain their form and color even after prolonged use, and their smooth surface and composition make it easier for the snow to slide off them. On the other hand, this material brings a higher weight to the plow and also a higher cost. Although light in appearance, the framework needed to support this kind of plow is a lot heavier.

Stainless steel is the most recent alternative in the snow plow industry. Being an improved version of the steel variant, it adds to its qualities, improving the durability, appearance and makes the blade more scratch-resistant. As you know, stainless steel does not rust and the color doesn’t fade away too easily. This helps with keeping the blade nice-looking for longer.


The shape and size

You might be tempted to use the biggest blade there is, but you should also know that depending on your vehicle’s power, certain plow dimensions are recommended. If your 4-wheeler packs 450cc or lower, you should be looking at plows that are around 50 inches wide.

60-inch blades are made for ATVs with a power of more than 450cc. Wider than that, and you will need a UTV to use such a plow. The same principles are applied when discussing the height of the blade. Narrow blades are more suitable for vehicles with a smaller engine capacity. You want your vehicle to still be capable of pushing through the snow.

There are 3 main blade shapes used in the industry, each coming with its own advantages. The first of them is the straight one. This one is good because it offers simplicity and versatility. You can change the angle you operate it at, to offer the best clearing.

A V-shape model is great for breaking through packed snow or ice. The containment model is great for more powerful vehicles that are used to move snow around.


Motion range

A good 4-wheeler snow plow is one that can be adjusted to different angles and heights. This makes it easier for the driver to haul more snow. If you want to be really efficient and clear snow in any condition, you need a blade capable of being set in at least 6 modes.

Because the level of the snow varies, depending on the storm intensity or the terrain you are plowing on, you should be able to modify the plow’s position easily. The angle at which you approach the snow will have a big impact on how well you progress. A well-positioned blade will make your plowing efforts a lot easier.

If you feel that you’re struggling in deep snow, consider mounting some UTV mud tires on your vehicle. For even more safety, we would also recommend the use of a UTV winch in deep snow.

Ease of use

Riding with a snow plow attached should not feel like a burden. You want a blade and a plow that are fast to attach to your vehicle. How easy it is to do that is also important, as you don’t want to lose the plow on the road because you forgot to screw a bolt.

Operating it should also be an easy task. There are plow models that let you choose the angle and make it more convenient for you to direct the snow in the area you want. Small plows offer better maneuverability, particularly in tight spaces.

A plow that offers the possibility to change the height at which it operates through a hydraulic system is always desirable. But there are also models that allow that change via a manual system, albeit requiring a lot more brute force to operate.

You might also be interested in our guide on four-wheeler tires, so check that out too, if you’ve got the time.


Other tips & tricks 

Having an ATV around your property is always a good idea, as these are handy units that can be used for multiple tasks. However, it’s very important to ensure their maintenance properly, especially if you want to use them in tough conditions such as for plowing snow. Before you start using the plow, you need to make sure that the ATV has enough fuel and oil. 

Of course, the same goes for any 4-wheeler you are using to remove the snow. If the machine is liquid-cooled, then you want to check this as well, as things can sometimes get a bit difficult when handling snow, which means that it might start running hot after a while. 

Another aspect you should keep in mind is checking the plow connections and the mounting system beforehand. This only takes a few minutes, but if you don’t do it, the results might be quite disastrous. 

A very interesting and useful trick to get better results is to use oil and wipe the blade with it. You can use pretty much any kind of oil for this and the effect is that the snow is kept from sticking to the plow blade, thus making your life a lot easier. If you are using an ATV snow plow, you also want to avoid removing snow that is too deep to protect the vehicle. 


Set everything right 

No matter if we’re talking about using an ATV or another similar vehicle to get the job done, the plow you are using probably includes feet that are specially designed to allow the user to set the depth. This means that the blade will dig in exactly how much is necessary so it doesn’t get to the frozen ground which could seriously damage an ATV snow plow. 

However, you need to set the right depth beforehand, as this is crucial in order to effectively get the job done and protect the ATV in the process. Following contours is another important aspect, as many driveways come with slopes and many properties may have unusual shapes. 

Doing this while using an ATV plow might not be very easy, so if it helps you can set up some indicators around the terrain to know what comes where. If you live in a wild area, you should also make sure that you are not hurting any wildlife with your ATV, as these animals have all the rights to use the snow to their advantage in order to survive. 

Once the job is done and your ATV is no longer going to be used for this task, you need to make sure that it’s properly cleaned in order to ensure its durability. Therefore, you need to clean both the machine and the plow as thoroughly as possible. Leaving snow on it means that you’ll probably have to deal with rust in a very short time, and this is never a fun thing to do. 

Moreover, when you park the vehicle, the plow should be either removed or lowered to the ground. This way, there’s no additional and unnecessary weight straining the suspension system when you are not using it. In the long run, you are going to save time and money otherwise spent on fixing the ATV, and you’ll be able to use it for a much longer period. 


Frequently asked questions 


Q: How wide should a snow plow be?

The answer, in this case, depends on the vehicle you are going to use to plow the snow. The average size used by service trucks is around 96 inches, while a common plow blade handled with a pickup truck can range between 78 and 96 inches. However, an ATV is usually equipped with smaller units, depending on its size and power. 

When it comes to 4wheeler snow plows, you need to take a look at the accessories and mounting elements that are necessary, as well as other indicators to make sure that the model you choose is compatible with your vehicle. 

You should check with the manufacturer, if you have any particular questions, and maybe you can even ask for a recommendation from other ATV owners to see what type of plow blade they use if they have the same vehicle as you. The online community can be a great way to find out special tips and tricks. 

Q: How many inches of snow should there be when you plow?

Removing snow can be quite a difficult task even when the weather conditions are ideal, so you shouldn’t allow it to build up if you can avoid this. With this in mind, a good rule of thumb says that you can plow snow that is greater than one inch. For example, for a 2-inch layer, you can use the blade’s full width. 

If you didn’t get a chance to plow right away, or the snow builds up quickly, then for 4 inches of snow you can use three-quarters of the plow blade, while for six, you should use half of it. If you don’t want to spend too much time doing this, then you should definitely consider using an ATV snow plow, given that these vehicles are very handy in getting the job done right away. 

With the equipment and accessories we have available today, plowing should not be difficult, which means that you can keep your property in top shape throughout the cold season. 


Q: Can snow plowing be bad for your 4-wheeler?

Attaching a plow blade to your ATV is a very good solution if you want to keep your driveway and property free of snow. However, there are some things you need to consider in order to protect your vehicle, the most important one being that you shouldn’t plow heavy or very deep snow with its help. 

Using an ATV snow plow to get such a job done can cause additional wear and tear that can be avoided. The easiest thing you can do if you don’t want to invest in additional equipment is to remove the snow as soon as it starts to settle. 

If that’s not possible and the situation becomes difficult to manage with a 4wheeler, then you can definitely think about using a regular snow blower. In certain situations, this can even be a cheaper solution, but it all depends on the conditions you need to deal with on your property. 



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