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6 Best Women’s Motorcycle Boots (Reviews) in 2022

When it comes to women’s motorcycle boots, the multitude of products offered on the market can make things somewhat overwhelming, since it might be a more difficult task to determine what it is that you actually need. On the other hand, given that there are also numerous top-rated alternatives, we’ve selected our favorites and compiled the list below.

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1. Forma Adventure Off-Road Motorcycle Boots

If what you are looking for is a pair of good women’s motorcycle boots, then Forma’s Adventure model might be the answer to your quest. Specially built for you to enjoy long and comfortable rides, this product features an adjustable strap and Velcro closure, as well as extra soft polymer padding with memory foam.

Its sturdy construction is what makes this model a durable one, given the fact that it includes full-grained oiled leather uppers, as well as a stylish vintage leather finish. Moreover, the DRYTEX lining is waterproof and ensures breathability, which makes these boots suitable for all kinds of weather.

Besides the injection molded plastic front plate that ensures extra protection for the feet, the Adventure boots also include ankle reinforcements for enhanced comfort and a special rigid nylon midsole with a steel shank. Plus, the antibacterial replaceable footbed means you’ll be able to use them for a long time.

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2. Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Accelerator Boots

With a full grain leather construction, the Accelerator model is a very good example of one of those pairs of motorcycle boots that you will surely enjoy and, more importantly, be able to rely on. The interior construction includes a fully cushioned, washable, and removable insole that ensures extra breathing room.

Moreover, given the Freedom flex sole this model features, the ‘new boot’ discomfort that can sometimes appear is eliminated, which means you’ll be able to enjoy wearing these right away. Plus, the soles are also non-skid, non-marking, and oil-resistant, while the midsoles are specially built to conform to the arch of the foot.

The full front lace and 2 side zippers design make these boots easy to put on and take off, giving them a cool flavor that avid riders will surely appreciate. This model works very well for both on and off-road riding, while the sides are made with perforated leather for extra breathability.

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3. O'Neal Women's Rider Boots

The O’Neal Rider model is one of those rather cheap women’s motorcycle boots that also offer a very good overall performance. The black and pink design gives them a stylish touch, while the overall construction is all about protecting the rider’s feet. Durable Goodyear welt soles ensure the footwear’s proper balance without any unstable rocking.

Injection molded plastic plates protect against impacts, while a metal shank insert helps reinforce the boot’s shape and ensures additional support. Moreover, a metal toe guard protects the sole against delaminating, and the sole’s moderate grip works well for a track, trail, or for other types of riding, making this a versatile alternative.

Keeping the user’s comfort in mind, the manufacturer also included a cushioned insole, as well as interior air meshes for breathability and additional heel support. Also, the Snap-Lock adjustable closure system is easy to operate, and replacement straps and buckles are available if ever needed.

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4. Harley-Davidson Women's Albara Leather Motorcycle Boots

Since these women’s motorcycle boots reviews were made to showcase the most sought-after models available for sale, there was no way the Harley Davidson brand would not be represented here. The Albara model is not as tall as some other ones, but it does offer a profile that makes it stand out.

Delivering extended protection, these boots also feature a cool design that includes front laces and the iconic Bar & Shield medallion. The back of the boot includes a stitched-padding panel, as well as two horizontal straps that are secured by rivets.

Made of leather, the Albara boots feature a zipper and laces closure and a YKK locking inside zipper that means they are easier to put on and take off. Moreover, the removable full-length cushion sock lining makes their maintenance a breeze, while the rubber outsole that features a Goodyear welt construction adds to this model’s durability and stability.

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5. Alpinestars Stella S-MX 1R Vented Women's Street Motorcycle Shoes

With a main upper material made of synthetic microfiber, this model is one of those that ensure great comfort for the user. And since this is definitely one of the aspects that make motorcycle boots very useful, it’s one of the main things the manufacturer took into consideration when it created this model.

The lightweight construction also helps in this matter, while the high-quality materials used ensure the product’s durability, so you will be able to use it for quite some time. If you are riding in areas with warmer weather, this short motorcycle footwear might be exactly what you need, since it offers improved breathability.

The front and rear accordions are also made of lightweight microfiber for additional comfort, while the S-MX 6 ergonomic shape ensures forefoot streamlining for great control over the bike and for a superior wide-ranging foot profile, which in turn means a more enjoyable and safer ride.

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6. Harley-Davidson Women's Asher Motorcycle Boot

With the unmistakable Harley Davidson style and performance, the Asher model is part of the brand’s iconic riding boots, as it speaks loud and strong through the elegant design and logo treatments. Moreover, the benefits it offers make the Asher boots reliable for a wide range of riding situations and weather conditions.

Given the full grain leather construction, there is little to worry about when it comes this model’s durability, while the lightweight lug outsoles and heels make it a comfortable alternative as well. In terms of usability, the YKK dual locking metal zippers system comes in handy, as you will be able to easily put them on and take them off.

In terms of measurements, the shaft measures approximately 6.25 inches from the arch, while the platform measures around 0.5 inches. The rubber sole ensures the boots’ stability and traction, while the shield ankle placements show off that sought-after rider’s attitude.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Choosing the right pair of women’s motorcycle boots is an essential aspect of ensuring safer rides. Besides the cool style that these products offer, they do have two duties they must fulfill. The first is to ensure extra protection in case an accident takes place. This is not something nice to think about, but definitely important given the type of vehicle.

Secondly, motorcycle boots should be comfortable enough for the user to walk around in them just like with a regular shoe or boot. Keeping these objectives in mind makes the task of choosing the right pair a bit easier.

Since we’re talking about footwear that is specially designed for a niche category, let’s take a look at which main characteristics should be also considered.


Many of the ordinary shoes are made of soft leather or canvas that is lightweight and easy to wear around for extended periods. However, this is not the case when it comes to motorcycle boots that are meant to ensure extra protection. These are usually made of much thicker leather in order to ensure high-abrasion resistance.

Some manufacturers have also started using textile materials that are both abrasion-resistant and ensure more breathability for motorcycle boots, so that is something to be aware of as well. You should also look for those models that include reinforcements in key high-wear areas, such as double layers of leather or even plastic sliders.

Moreover, since the weather is something that cannot always be predicted, you need to make sure that you’re ready for any outdoor conditions so going for a pair of boots made of treated leather is always the advisable choice.



The first thing to look for when it comes to soles is oil resistance, especially if you are street riding. Oil buildups on the roads pose many risks for riders, particularly in wet conditions when it can be harder to spot them, and having a pair of shoes that can face these is the best policy.

This way, when you place your feet on the road, the risk of slipping will be significantly reduced. Also, besides oil resistance, the motorcycle boots you choose should also ensure the right amount of grip for many other situations.

While it’s true that a softer sole can wear down faster, it will also ensure an improved grip and traction. Of course, another aspect to keep in mind is making sure that these soles allow you to control the bike as well.



With many different choices in this area, the motorcycle boots you choose should be fairly easy to put on and take off, but more importantly, remain securely in place in any situation. Laces tend to be popular in this category, as they ensure a precise fit, but there’s also a chance they might come undone while riding.

Other alternatives such as Velcro and buckles are also quite popular, especially as they often ensure a more secure fit which makes them suitable for race boots where safety definitely comes first.

In general, when it comes to putting motorcycle boots on and taking them off, this is usually much harder to do than with regular shoes, but keep in mind that they are also less likely to fly off in a crash or leave your feet exposed in those moments when they need to be protected.


A boot’s height is something you should take into consideration depending on the purpose for which you are going to use the footwear. Racing and sports boots should always be tall in order to ensure the necessary protection all the way up to the knee, in case anything goes wrong.

On the other hand, if you are into more relaxed riding and you simply want to enjoy a nice time with your friends, then shorter boots can fit the bill just right, as they also provide more breathability and extra comfort. Therefore, think about how you are going to use the boots before placing your order and then go for the most appropriate alternative.


Men’s vs. women’s models

There’s more than style that makes the difference between men’s and women’s motorcycle boots. Although you might be tempted to try out a unisex model, you might want to make sure that it answers to your needs before doing so.

Men’s boots ensure more volume in their construction, while women don’t necessarily need this feature. Moreover, the former tend to be heavier and chunkier, and they sometimes also offer higher ankle support. And last but not least, women’s models do come in more styles and color options.

Best women’s motorcycle boots brands


This brand certainly has its own particular place when it comes to the motorcycle gear industry since it constantly works toward offering a great experience and an excellent on-the-bike performance as well as off-the-bike style. This also means the style of its products is easily recognizable.

No matter the type of riding you are into and the gear you are looking for, Joe Rocket will have something to offer you, while the brand’s policy of non-prohibitive prices ensures that you’ll be able to count on a great value for money, as well as on qualitative products you’ll be using for a long time.


The Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company is known for the high quality of its products, being the choice of many riders around the world. With a distinctive touch, the brand is well aware that offering gear that stands the test of time is one of the most important aspects that makes the customers come back for its products.

For this reason, hand-selected full grain cowhide leather is used for all of the leather products the manufacturer offers. Plus, since style and comfort do play an essential role in this category, the brand creates multiple innovative designs to suit everyone’s taste.


A brand that needs no introduction, Harley-Davidson unites people from all over the world around its products and unmistakable style. Besides those iconic bikes, the brand offers motorcycle gear as well, these products being known for their quality, innovative designs, and leading-edge appearance.

In the end, what makes a Harley-Davidson rider part of the community is the love for freedom and adventure, and this can be seen in the products the brand offers. You can rest assured that once you choose a Harley-Davidson item, people will know what you are all about right away, while you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits and quality as well.  


Coming all the way from Italy, TCX Boots is a premium quality brand that gathers a lot of expertise around the design and manufacturing of its products in order to ensure that these offer the benefits and style any rider would want to enjoy. It offers boots that are specially made for a wide range of activities such as touring, adventure, or spear racing.

Since the company has specialized in motorcycle footwear, there is little left to worry about regarding the quality of its products. TCX aims to always ensure a style, fitment, and functionality that maximizes your motorcycling experience and it incorporates the best materials and years of research to get this done.


A manufacturer of technical and high-protective motorcycle gear, Alpinestars has been around for quite some time. Founded in 1963 in Asolo, Italy, the brand started off by making hiking and ski boots, but quickly shifted its focus toward boots for motocross racing and road racing.

A regular presence at various World Championships, Alpinestars offers all types of protective gear. However, given that its first know-how was gained in the boots category, you can safely choose a pair without having to worry about the quality of its products. This doesn’t mean that their other types of gear shouldn’t get a closer look as well.


After initially beginning in 1974 as a small distributor of European motocross accessories and parts, Fox Racing started manufacturing high-performance engines shortly after. The Team Moto-X was created in 1977, as Geoff Fox wanted to showcase the superiority of Fox racing gear.

As the Team wore garments made of bright yellow, orange and red, the outfits started gathering interest and were soon after extremely popular among fans. For this reason, Fox Racing restructured and focused exclusively on creating and producing motocross apparel which has been a reference point for the industry ever since.


Established in 1999, the Forma brand is based in Treviso, Italy, where it gathered quality shoemakers in order to ensure continuous technical improvements through R&D. The fact that the brand is currently distributed in over 70 countries speaks clearly about the quality of its products.

Known as one of the most innovative brands in the motorcycle boots category, the brand pays maximum attention to the safety offered by its products through the high-quality standards set in place on every step of the design and production processes. For this reason, you can safely choose one of its products for your next purchase.




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