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6 Best Motorcycle Jeans (Reviews) in 2022

Choosing a right pair of biker jeans is not easy, especially since there are so many options available on the market. And, while listing all the potential good choices would be impossible, we did come up with a list of products that might fit your requirements. All these pairs of jeans, along with their in-depth reviews, are showcased below.

1. Bilt Iron Workers Steel Motorcycle Jeans

These jeans sold by Bilt Iron Workers stand out because they have a loose fit that allows the owner to wear them over the boots for increased comfort. As a plus, on the outside, they are made from 100% denim, while the inside is reinforced with Kevlar fiber and armor in key points.

As a result, this model is very durable and likely to suit your needs, especially if you are a seasoned biker that enjoys long rides. The choice comes fitted with knee pads that add to its security in case of an accident. Moreover, these jeans are provided with special pockets in the hip area where you can also insert foam protectors.

Before you place any orders, you should know that these pants do not have a fit design. Therefore, they might be a little baggier than you expect them to be. Yet, most of the buyers were happy with their purchase.


Designed with comfort in mind, this pair of jeans is worth taking into account if you engage in long rides and you need to renew your gear with durable jeans. 

These motorcycle riding jeans feature a loose fit to provide riders with enhanced comfort and flexibility. 

Thanks to the 100% denim used, you will get to wear them for a long time before they break apart as this material is known for being one of the most durable available. 

To improve your safety, the inside of the jeans is reinforced with Kevlar fiber and armor in key points. 

The protective knee pads featured prove to be of great help in case of an impact; furthermore, you can boost your safety by inserting foam protectors into the hip pockets. 


Since the jeans don’t have a fit design, you might need to alter them a bit to fit you properly. 

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2. Klim K Fifty 1 Riding Pant 38 Denim 

If you need a pair of casual-looking riding pants, the Klim’s K Fifty 1 might be the product for you. These jeans are extra comfortable, and they have high abrasion resistance and impact coverage in case of an accident.

As a plus, they come fitted with hip and knee armor so that you are adequately protected when riding. According to reviews, they are also one of the few models out there that are fully lined with Kevlar.

The biggest advantage of the item is that it is very comfy, even when the armor is in place. Hence, you won’t feel awkward while wearing them throughout the day. The only drawback that some owners noted is that this pair of jeans is a little pricey considering the minimal features that it incorporates.     

Still, those that have bought them were content with what they got, which is the reason why they warmly recommend the item.


If comfort and durability are the benefits you want your motorcycle riding jeans to provide you with, this pair is an option you might want to pay attention to.

The jeans stand out through the enhanced abrasion resistance and impact coverage they provide in case of an impact. 

The protective hip and knee armor will further boost your safety when riding; plus, the jeans are fully lined with Kevlar. 

The material used is committed to keeping you comfortable even if you wear them for hours on end and even if the armor is in place.

The adjustable knee armor positioning will further contribute to the level of comfort and safety you get. 

Finding the model that best suits your style preferences is easier as the jeans come in dark, light, and stealth blue. 


Even though this product comes with quality materials, it still might be a bit pricey when compared to other items in this line. 

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3. Maxler Jean Men’s  Motorcycle Kevlar Jeans

This item is available in numerous sizes, ranging from 28 to 42, so even the slimmest people can find a right match. Keep in mind to always check the sizing guide prior to your purchase to make sure the pair you ordered is the right fit for your body type and height.

These jeans are made of an outer flexible spandex fabric and thick denim to provide great protection and freedom of movement when you’re on your bike. They are reinforced with quality Kevlar at the hips and knees to keep you safe.

The design also features a long thigh zipper that can be used to add knee protections or as an air vent mesh to allow your skin to breathe properly. Thanks to the detachable knee protectors, you can use this pair of jeans daily, even when you’re not riding your motorcycle.


Committed to keeping you comfortable even when you engage in long riding sessions, this pair of jeans shouldn’t be ignored before you make your final decision. 

Thanks to the thick denim used, you will enjoy enhanced protection; what’s more, the unit also features spandex for its outer side, which means you will get to enjoy great freedom of movement.

The reinforced Kevlar used for the hip and knee areas will further add to your safety; the knee protectors can be removed, so you can wear this pair of jeans even when you’re not riding.

If you want to add extra knee protection, you can easily do that due to the long thigh zipper featured; you can also use it as an air vent mesh and thus help your skin breathe. 


The jeans fall a bit on the expensive side; however, they promise to keep up with extended use.

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4. Maxler Jean Men’s Bike Motorcycle Motorbike Kevlar Jeans 1604 

This stylish pair of jeans will definitely make a good impression amongst your biker friends. The item is made of superior quality thick denim and features an outer shell of flexible spandex to allow maximum freedom of movement.

It comes with two thigh zippers that can be used both as an air vent mesh or as attachable knee protectors, depending on your requirements. Also, you can adjust the protectors according to your height. These accessories can be easily detached so you can wear the jeans daily, regardless if you’re riding your bike or not.

The jeans are reinforced with Kevlar at the hip and knee areas to offer improved protection against shocks and impacts, keeping you safe when riding your bike.

Keep in mind that the item is made in South Korea so, according to customers, you should order a size up, especially if you’re not used to the slim fit cut of these pants.


In case you want a pair of jeans that will add a touch of style to your ride besides keeping you comfortable and protecting you, this model might be cut up for you. 

The stylish jeans are made of quality thick denim that will make sure wearing them for a long time won’t be a problem.

Thanks to their outer shell of flexible spandex, you will pair your riding with enhanced freedom of movement, which contributes to the comfort you get to enjoy. 

The two thigh zippers can be used as attachable knee protectors or as an air vent mesh to help your skin breathe properly. 

The hip and knee areas come with reinforced Kevlar that will protect you in case of an impact. 


Check out the size chart carefully before ordering as the jeans might run a bit small since they have a slim fit cut. 

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5. Bull-it SR6 Vintage Style Men's Motorcycle Jeans with Covec Protection

Looking for a pair of jeans that will perfectly mold on your body type and height? This item from Bull-it is available in plenty of sizes and lengths, so you can find the right fit for your own measurements.

It was carefully designed to meet the needs of active bikers and is certified for improved abrasion resistance in all relevant parts. Thus, the jeans will keep you safe and won’t tear after a few uses, allowing you to enjoy them for a longer period of time.

The water-repellent finish is a great plus if you enjoy riding your bike no matter the weather outside.

These jeans come with a Covec layer on the inside to prevent impact abrasion and provide a comfortable fit all day long. In addition, the 1-mm-thick Covec structure, combined with the quality mesh liner, will perfectly insulate your body, keeping it cool and dry during the summer, and warm during the winter.


Available in a variety of sizes that will make it easy for you to find the perfect fit, this pair of jeans will keep you comfortable even when you ride in less pleasant weather conditions. 

The product ensures enhanced abrasion resistance in all relevant parts and comes with a water-repellent finish that makes the jeans a safe choice when it rains. 

The Covec layer used for the interior of these jeans will not only prevent impact abrasion but will also insulate your body along with the quality mesh liner featured; therefore, the item is ideal for winter and summer alike. 

The stylish motorcycle riding jeans come in different lengths and sizes, so you can easily find the ones that best fit your body measurements. 


Make sure you check the product dimensions carefully before buying as they might run small, at least around the waist and, thus, a size up might be a safer choice.

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6. ScorpionExo Covert Jeans Men's Reinforced Motorcycle Pants

This product comes in a beautiful shade of dark indigo to match the rest of your biker outfit and offer you a cool and laid-back style.

The regular fit will closely follow your body shape while also providing maximum freedom of movement and flexibility. In addition, the classic 5 pockets available are perfect for storing all your essentials and keeping them safe while riding your motorcycle.

The item is made of thick top-quality denim and is improved with a DuPont Kevlar lining from the waist to the knees. Thus, you can rest assured your body will stay safe and away from impacts and injuries.

The jeans can be worn all day long thanks to their classic design. According to customer reviews, they run true to size, so you can order your regular pants size. Unfortunately, they are only available in one length, so you may have to adjust them according to your height.


Motorcycle riding jeans should provide you with comfort, safety, and freedom of movement and this model was designed to ensure these very benefits. 

The thick top-quality denim used will enable you to wear these jeans for a long time before they tear apart. 

The unit features a DuPont Kevlar lining from the waist to the knees to keep you safe in case of an impact and prevent injuries. 

Their classic style and the regular fit allow for enhanced flexibility and freedom of movement, which means that you can wear them even if you intend to ride for hours. 

You can use the five pockets to store various accessories and keep them safe when riding your two-wheeler. 

The jeans are available in black and blue, so you can choose the color that best meets your style preferences. 


The jeans might need to be adjusted to suit your height as they are available in one length only. 

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Finding the best motorcycle jeans could prove a demanding task, especially since there are many products on the market available for sale. Our comprehensive buying guide will tell you more about the main features you should look for to make sure you found the best motorcycle riding jeans for your needs.


The first thing you should take into account in a pair of good motorcycle jeans is the quality of the material. The jeans should be made of high-quality denim, preferably with a little bit of stretch. The thickness of the denim is also important as the jeans must provide maximum protection when wearing, so you’ll need a thicker fabric.

If you also consider using your jeans when riding during the rainy season, it would be best to opt for a pair with waterproof coating. This will keep your legs protected and dry and will prevent slips or accidents.

However, don’t forget your new leather motorcycle jacket and perhaps a pair of awesome new Harley Davidson gloves if you plan on riding your bike when it’s raining or snowing.


Cut and fit

Another very important aspect to consider is the right fit for your body type. This mainly depends on your personal preferences so you should buy what makes you feel comfortable.

A pair of motorcycle cargo jeans could prove a good option if you’re used to a more relaxed fit and numerous pockets where you can keep your essentials. These cargo jeans are usually wider on your leg to ensure a proper ventilation.

On the other hand, those who prefer stylish jeans should opt for a slim or skinny fit. These pants are usually narrower on the lower part and will keep you warm. They will also stay close to your body and protect your legs better. Pair these with your favorite new biker shirts for a cool and effortless look.


Size and length

No matter if you opt for some cheap motorcycle jeans or more expensive items, one thing is for sure – your pants should fit you perfectly as if they were custom made. Thus, keep in mind that finding the proper size and length is crucial.

We strongly recommend you to check the manufacturer’s sizing guide prior to buying a product to make sure the size you opt for is the right one. You can compare the size with the one you usually wear or, if you’re not sure, measure your waist and thigh circumference.

You could go through some online motorcycle jeans reviews and see what other customers ordered. Also, keep in mind that the sizes usually differ from one brand to another. American brands are more likely to go for bigger sizes while Asian brands, for example, may use smaller sizes for their standards.

The right size should be comfortable and easy to wear. A smaller size will definitely bother you while a larger one won’t provide the same protection.

Lastly, consider brands with different lengths for the same size. Not all people have the same height and usually, a single size fits more than just one body type.



The motorcycle jeans protection is the one that can make a difference when riding your bike. It usually comes in the form of a Kevlar lining that can cover either the entire length of the legs or just the most important parts – knees, calves, and ankles.

The protection is designed to keep your legs safe in case of shocks or accidents, so you should never take it off when riding your bike. Also, the Kevlar will work great as an insulating fabric, keeping the optimum body temperature during summer or winter.

Some jeans come with detachable protections so you can wear the same pair of pants even when you’re off your bike. If you want these jeans to perfectly match the rest of your outfit, make sure to opt for clean and classic cuts. For a smart look, combine slim or skinny fit jeans with black leather Harley Davidson purse backpacks and plain white or black t-shirts.

The quality of the stitches is also important if you want your jeans to last you longer and shelter you from shocks and impacts.

Opt for products with reinforced stitching on the maximum pressure points such as between your legs, on your ankles, and around your knees. The jeans should be stretchy enough to follow the shape of your body and offer maximum flexibility when walking, running or riding your favorite Harley bike.


Lastly, consider the design of your pants and how you’ll accessorize them for a cool and fresh look.

Slim-fit and skinny jeans are trendy right now and will flatter almost all figures and body shapes, regardless if you’re a woman or a man. Opt for a pair in dark colors such as navy, indigo or even black and, if you’re a girl, accessorize your jeans with one of the luxurious Harley Davidson women’s watches.

Boot-cut jeans or flare leg ones go perfectly with oversized jackets and colorful flower-power vintage motorcycle helmets if you want to channel the ‘60s.

And what better way to show your appreciation for your loved one if not by purchasing such pants alongside some other fun and precious Harley Davidson gift ideas like wallets, shirts or hoodies?


Additional protection and comfortable design

The jeans you wear when riding your motorcycle should keep at least some of the most vulnerable parts safe if not the entire area they cover and provide you with comfort. When it comes to such items, it is not enough for them to be stylish and match the rest of your gear. Their primary goal is the one we’ve just mentioned. 

If you don’t feel like the jeans you have are protective enough, though, you can add some extra protection by using body armor. Many riding jeans offer hip and knee armor; therefore, you might want to consider getting such a model or a pair of jeans that will allow you to add such protection. 

It is best to choose jeans with adjustable or removable hip and knee armor. Some models come with side pockets so you can easily remove the armor. 

Regarding the comfort provided by a pair of jeans, this benefit depends not only on the material used but also on the way they fit as we’ve said above. Denim is a sturdy type of cotton and is employed for riding pants thanks to its resistance. For enhanced comfort, stretch denim is the one to go for. 

However, it is always best to try out a product before you buy it. If you have a motorcycle gear store near you, you might want to head over there to see how the jeans fit. All the additional protection will add to your safety but might affect your comfort. Look for riding jeans that are lightweight enough to ensure a pleasant riding experience.


Pricing and maintenance

High-quality jeans might get quite pricey, yet that is so for various reasons. A product that won’t fail you features quality materials that have high abrasion resistance, can stretch enough to adjust to your body type and keep you comfortable, and complete your riding gear nicely from a visual point of view. 

Sometimes, the design might not be that great, aesthetically speaking, yet the comfort and protection provided are satisfactory. Some jeans look great but that’s almost everything good about them. 

A model that manages to tick all the benefit boxes is usually more expensive. You will find quality riding jeans around $300. Think of your particular needs such as how often you ride and the weather conditions in your area and choose accordingly. 

A more expensive product is likely to withstand the test of time, which means that you might spend more now but you won’t need a new pair anytime soon. Getting cheaper products will require you to spend more in the end as they are likely to break apart sooner. 

Also, your final cost may be higher if you need to buy separate body armor. Some jeans include such items and buying such a model might be a more convenient option than buying the jeans and armor separately. 

Last but not least, cleaning the stretch denim jeans you get should be an easy task. The ease of this process depends on the material and coating used. Textiles including even sturdy cotton are easier to wash and don’t usually have special requirements. 

Still, if the cotton used is coated or treated to ensure waterproof properties, make sure you follow the cleaning instructions provided and use the recommended cleaning products. By doing so the material won’t get damaged. 

If you choose jeans that feature pockets for additional protective armor, consider getting a model that makes it easy to add or remove the extra protection. 



Frequently asked questions about motorcycle jeans


Q: How good are Kevlar motorcycle jeans?

Biker jeans improved with a Kevlar lining are extremely durable and reliable. They are perfect for keeping the essential parts of your body protected from impacts and shocks and can really make a difference when riding your bike.

They should be your number one choice if you prefer jeans instead of regular motorbike pants. The interior lining is usually rough but comfortable so you’ll feel like wearing a thicker pair of jeans. We firmly recommend you to choose Kevlar as the main reinforcement fabric for bike jeans, especially if you care about your safety in traffic.

Q: Are motorcycle jeans safe?

Although they might not be our number one choice when it comes to riding gear, motorcycle jeans could be a safe option should you pick the right pair. As we previously mentioned, a reliable pair of jeans should be reinforced with a Kevlar lining and offer increased protection in the essential parts of your body.

Knee and leg protections are mandatory too so you should choose a pair of jeans that either comes with included protections or allows you to add them. Detachable protections are a great option, especially if you plan on including the same pair of jeans in your casual outfits too.


Q: How much are they supposed to cost?

As you probably found out already, being a biker doesn’t come cheap. Apart from a powerful motorbike, the protective gear is quite expensive as well. However, we don’t suggest putting a price on your safety and therefore suggest that you buy quality items that can protect your body from accidents and impacts.

Depending on the brand, the thickness of the denim, and the additional protective layers, a pair of motorcycle jeans usually cost between a hundred bucks and several hundred dollars. Obviously, there are products that cost even more than that, but if you don’t plan on using just a single pair of biker pants, you shouldn’t have to pay a lot for your jeans.


Q: How to wash motorcycle jeans?

Looking after this type of jeans is a bit more challenging if you want to maintain the high quality of the lining and the stitching. Most of the motorcycle jeans can be used in regular washing machines using cold water and short washing cycles to reduce tearing.

You should also avoid harsh detergents and have all zippers and buttons fastened. Kevlar and other protection linings should be kept inside. Never use any form of bleach (including bleach detergents) and try allowing the jeans to dry naturally, without using dryers or exposing them to direct sunlight.

However, these are general rules so you should carefully read the washing, drying, and ironing instructions provided by each manufacturer.


Q: Do all motorcycle jeans come with knee pads?

As we previously mentioned, knee pads are not mandatory. Most of the pairs come with these accessories included, but you can also opt for pairs without. Some of the jeans offer special pockets on the inside to put your knee pads if you choose to purchase them individually or opt for better ones.

It is advisable to buy a pair of jeans with detachable pads, especially if you want to wear your pants while performing regular daily activities, and not only when you ride your bike. Keep in mind that these pads are mandatory when riding as they will protect your knees from accidents and impacts.


Q: Are there motorcycle jeans for toddlers?

Toddlers have their own dressing lines and some brands or manufacturers choose to create mock clothes and uniforms for them to better resemble their parents.

Thus, you can easily find full outfits for toddlers to match your passions or jobs. From professional football players to doctors, superheroes or motorcycle riders, your child can be dressed just the way you want.

But, speaking of motorcycle gear, since your child is too young to ride on his or her own, you’ll only get mock jeans, shoes, and leather jackets. This means there is no need for Kevlar lining or reinforced stitching to keep your child protected.

Q: How can I pick the right size?

Consulting the manufacturer’s sizing guide is always the best option to find the right fit for you. Keep in mind that different brands might use different sizing charts so there is no guarantee that you’ll find the perfect fit for you just by comparing different pairs of jeans you already own.

Another way to make sure you find the right fit is to measure your waist and length of your legs accordingly. Try to also pay attention to the manufacturing country as Asian sizes are usually smaller than the American and European ones.


Q: What are good motorcycle jeans brands?

There are several brands that are worth mentioning, but it’s up to you find the right cut, fit, style, and brand for your biker jeans. Some of the brands you may want to check out are Scorpion, Rokker, and Bull-it. Each of these companies is specialized in quality products that don’t only look stylish but also offer the right protection for your knees and legs.

However, choosing the perfect brand depends on your budget as well. Keep in mind that premium brands like Rokker usually sell their products for several hundred dollars, while Bull-it and Scorpion are more affordable.


Q: What’s the difference between motorcycle jeans and regular jeans?

First of all, motorcycle jeans are made of thicker types of denim that are designed to resist tearing and harsh weather conditions. Some of these jeans even come with waterproof linings to offer maximum protection even during heavy rains and storms.

Another difference is the quality of the stitching. While regular jeans can crack or break on your body’s maximum pressure points, a quality pair of motorcycle jeans should be able to last longer.

In addition, biker jeans are usually reinforced with Kevlar protections to keep your body safe from shocks, injuries, and accidents.



Unavailable products


Scorpion Exo Covert Pro



This product is available in numerous men’s sizes, from 30 to 42. Make sure to carefully measure your waist and compare your results with the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer for a perfect fit.

This pair of jeans was specifically designed to meet the requirements of bikers, so it was improved with 250g DuPont Kevlar lining that goes all the way from the waist to the knees to offer great tear resistance. Combined with reinforced stitchings in all the key-points, you can rest assured these pants will last you a long time from now on.

On the inside of the lower hem, the jeans come with a reflective material so you can be easily spotted even during the night if you roll the hem up. This adds safety and protection and prepares you to ride your bike accordingly no matter the time of day or night.



Joe Rocket Accelerator



If you want to look as casual as possible yet still be fully protected when riding your bike, this pair of jeans should make a great purchase for your wardrobe.

This product is available in numerous sizes ranging from 30 to 42, so make sure to measure your waist correctly and compare it to the provided sizing guide.

The item is made of heavy-duty denim that is explicitly designed to provide maximum protection and flexibility for bikers. The hip, knee, and seat panels are improved with quality Kevlar to keep you safe when riding your motorcycle.

The jeans also come with an added cotton layer to offer great comfort even when you’re wearing your gear all day long. Two of the pockets come with zippers so you can conveniently store all your essentials and keep your items safe while riding.

Some customers suggest ordering a size up, especially if you want more flexibility in all the important areas of your body.




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