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6 Best Harley Davidson Purse Backpacks (Reviews) in 2022

Finding the right backpack from Harley Davidson is not always an easy task, especially with so many gorgeous options available online. And, even though listing all the items is impossible, we have gathered some of the top backpacks according to customers and showcased them below.

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1. Harley Davidson Mandy Ladies Grey Slate Leather Boot

This is the ultimate backpack to take with you anywhere you go. From outdoor venues and concerts to long rides on your Harley bike or a simple walk in the park, this backpack is perfect for all weather conditions.

The item is crafted from genuine black leather and features the iconic Harley-Davidson bar and shield logo with studded detailing on the top. The backpack also features one zippered front pocket and one zippered top.

The interior is large enough to fit all your daily essentials and a little extra. You can easily put your phone, your keys, a wallet, a charger, a bottle of water, and your daily makeup kit and still have enough room to snuggle your favorite soft cardigan for chilly nights.

The exterior pocket allows you easy access to all other products a girl can’t live without. The red dagger heart lining on the inside is soft and beautiful.

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2. Harley Davidson Minime Backpack Black One Size

Just like the name suggests, this small backpack is perfect for days in which you only want to carry your essentials with you. The item is made of a durable and water-resistant cotton blend so you can easily wear it all year-round, without having to worry about rainy days.

The product is small, sleek, functional, and extremely convenient with just the right size to carry all your favorite products in style. You can easily fit your wallet, keys, and phone, as well as some other necessary lady items. It features a zip-shut main compartment as well as a small front zip pocket to store your keys or cards.

The product comes in five different beautiful designs, so you can choose one for every outfit or pick the product that best matches your personality. All designs feature the company’s famous bar and shield logo and customized zippers.

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3. Harley-Davidson Girls' Bar & Shield Cinch Top Flowered Backpack

This cinch top backpack is ready to be your confidant during your school days or on weekends. It is made of top-quality nylon that is resistant to water so you can wear it anywhere and, most importantly, all year-round.

The reflective paint design will give you an interesting look and will help you stand out from the crowd even when it’s dark outside. The backpack is suitable for all girls and women who have a fun and flirty attitude.

The colorful floral print will certainly draw attention along with a faux leather pocket depicting the brand’s famous Harley logo in bright pink. The backpack is equipped with side pockets and adjustable padded straps to offer you full back support and improved comfort while wearing it.

In addition, the item is large enough to store all your essentials and a little extra. From your favorite cosmetic products to your phone, keys, wallet, charger, and a small notebook - everything will fit in this cute and girly backpack.

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4. Harley-Davidson Women's World Tour Collection Backpack/Handbag

This product comes straight from the Women’s World Tour collection of accessories that are comfortable and extremely convenient to wear anywhere you go.

What we like the most about this product is its convenient 2-in-1 design. You can wear it as a handbag or as a backpack, depending on your preferences and needs. The product’s large dimensions are suitable to fit plenty of things inside and are specifically designed for weekend getaways or city breaks.

The 2-in-1 handbag is made of heavy-duty nylon with a tonal texture. It is water-resistant so you can wear it year-round without risking to damage your belongings.

The product features the company’s famous bar and shield logo on the front, as well as customized zippers. There are plenty of storage compartments of different sizes so you can fit almost everything you need for a busy day, from your personal agenda to keys, wallet, phone, water bottle or snacks.

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5. Harley-Davidson Womens Willie G Skull Canvas Convertible Backpack

This convertible backpack is the epitome of style, comfort, and usability. You can carry it with you anywhere you want and deposit in it pretty much all of your essential items. The backpack easily converts into a crossbody bag by simply attaching the strap to the side rings.This way you’ll get a new style and plenty of carrying options, depending on your needs.

The product is made of high-quality and durable 100% cotton canvas with the famous Willie G skull print in a cool color pallet. On top, the backpack is decorated with a filigree logo plate.

The interior is roomy enough to allow you to carry all your lady essential items, including phone, charger, key, wallet, water bottle, and others. The adjustable straps will help you reach the perfect and most comfortable fit so you can easily carry the backpack with you all day long.

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6. Harley-Davidson Womens Quick Change Hobo Purse/Backpack

This convertible hobo bag is made of genuine leather of superior quality to ensure a long-lasting wear no matter the weather conditions. The simple and timeless design is suitable for women of all ages, regardless of their clothing style or job.

Thanks to its classy and timeless black color, the bag can be easily worn all day long and will match most of your outfits.The product features the classic embossed bar and shield logo of Harley-Davidson on the front.

The large dimensions of this hobo bag allow you to carry all your essentials with you and still have enough room left. The bag easily fits your wallet, keys, notebooks, water bottle, makeup products, and phone.

The 2-in-1 design allows you to wear it as a regular hobo shoulder bag or to convert it into a backpack thanks to the additional straps. Thus, this bag will become useful wherever you are.

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Finding a sturdy and attractive Harley Davidson purse backpack available for sale is not an easy task, especially with so many great products out there. A backpack should express your style as good as possible but should also be practical, convenient, and comfortable to wear all day long.

So, if you want to make sure you made the right choice and found the best Harley Davidson backpack purse, here are some features you need to take into account.


First of all, consider the size of the backpack you’re about to buy. If you’re not really sure which one will fit better, you could go through some reviews of Harley Davidson purse backpacks and see what other customers have to say about a certain product.

Secondly, think about your needs and the daily amount of items you carry in your regular bag. If you’re used to carrying half of the house with you, we suggest you opt for a large backpack with plenty of storage room and additional pockets.

If you prefer to travel light and only stock your essentials, including car keys, wallet, phone, charger, and essential women products, you could also choose the mini version of your favorite backpack or opt for a small-sized item.

Most of these backpacks, no matter how small they are, will have plenty of room for some awesome women’s Harley Davidson wallets and card holders so you will never run out of money during your shopping spree.



Of course, when looking for the best women’s Harley Davidson backpacks, fabrics are extremely important. The most common ones are cotton canvas, polyester, and real leather, each coming with their own perks and flaws.

Cotton canvas is a great choice for some Harley Davidson purse backpacks. Canvas is easily printable so you can opt for plenty of designs, patterns, and color schemes to match your daily outfit and personality. In fact, cotton canvas is the perfect choice for a daily wear as it is casual and, thanks to its flexibility, will help you store more items.

In addition, it is easy to clean and you can even wash it in the washing machine along with your rugged motorcycle jacket or some new biker shirts. Although resistant to dust, the cotton canvas may not be a good choice during the rainy season as it will most likely absorb moisture and possibly damage your belongings.

On the other hand, leather is perfect for a rock and luxurious look. Most Harley Davidson backpacks are made of genuine and soft leather which is resistant, durable, and extremely elegant. They go perfectly with a pair of motorcycle winter gloves you can find in your wardrobe or with a simple leather jacket.

The leather is the perfect choice for year-round wearing as it will mainly protect all your valuables and keep them away from water, dust, and harsh weather conditions. However, make sure to opt for special leather care products to keep your item clean in the long run.

Last but not least, polyester is a fun and price-convenient option for a daily casual look. It is lightweight and breathable, as well as easily stretchable so you can pack all of your essentials. It is the perfect choice for outdoor concerts thanks to its waterproof ability.



Why buy two different bags when you can have one that can be worn in different ways? When it comes to the best women’s Harley Davidson purses, convertibility is quite a common feature.

If you’re planning for a long day ahead, it would be best not to carry the weight of your bag solely on your shoulders as this could lead to back and shoulder pains. Instead, with a 2-in-1 bag and backpack, you can choose the most convenient way to carry your essentials.

So, next time you’re thinking about the greatest Harley Davidson gift ideas, keep in mind this option.

As women, we always love to change our looks even by adding one small detail or accessory. Thus, a 2-in-1 bag is the perfect choice for busy women who want to look fabulous from day to night. You can wear your favorite Harley tote bag from breakfast to 5 pm and still be ready for a night out in just a second.

All you have to do is transform your bag into a comfortable backpack and you’re ready to conquer the night. In addition, having the option to switch from a regular bag to a comfortable backpack is a life-saving hack when you’re a mom and need your hands free to carry your children and their accessories.


It is always important to choose a pattern, color or design that matches your personality and clothing style. Luckily, the backpacks from Harley Davidson are available in various prints, fabrics, and color schemes, depending on your mood or OOTD (outfit of the day).

From Harley’s trademark prints like the Willie G skull and the bar and shield logo to rock printers, roses or the American flag, there are plenty of options for every occasion, event, and mood.


Other features

Apart from a reasonable size and a great fabric, a great motorcycle tank bag should also come with plenty of storage deposit in the form of pockets.

We suggest opting for a product with at least one large zipped compartment and an additional storage pocket to have easy access to your belongings. You can use the additional pocket to carry your keys, cards or a healthy snack whenever you’re on the road.

Zippers are also a great feature to look for as they will keep your things safely without having to worry about pickpockets. Opt for quality zippers, preferably made of stainless steel instead of plastic. These are more durable and won’t get damaged by the weather in the long term.

For extreme comfort, you can opt for adjustable straps. These will help you reach the perfect height for your back. In addition, adjustable straps will create a more comfortable look and will evenly distribute the weight so you won’t suffer from back or shoulder pains.




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