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6 Best ATV Sprayers (Reviews) in 2021

Because we want to lend you a helping hand in the process of finding best ATV sprayer with boom, we’ve thought about making a list of products that might catch your attention. Each suggestion meets the necessary requirements. You can compare them and make up your mind easier if you take a look at the following lines.

1. Seaflo 12v DC Water Pressure Diaphragm Pump

We all know how annoying pests can be and how much damage they can produce once they settle in. These intruders can only be removed using special methods. The easiest and fastest way to do is to use an ATV spot sprayer that features an automatic high-pressure pump, just like this model.

In addition to the 4-year warranty, the product is incredibly reliable because of the microswitch function that is able to resist water.

Furthermore, this ATV spray is manufactured to be used continuously so you can rest assured that soon the pests will be a thing of the past.

Thanks to the regulating pressure valve you get an improved pressure relief as well a great discharge and spray effect. You can establish your own program using the user-friendly dial readings.

Since the tank is made from a translucent material, you can easily see when it’s empty and needs a refuel.

There’s no need to worry about transportation because the carrying handles are large and allow you to store the tank until further usage.


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2. NorthStar Spot Sprayer Tank

This device has a total capacity of 16 gallons, and it features a 2 1/4 X 3 ⅛-inch. center-to-center pump mounting system that many are content with. On top of that, the item includes sturdy and thick walls that won’t sag or bulge unexpectedly.

As its manufacturer guarantees, this choice can resist coming into contact with chemicals because it was constructed using a unique polymer that has a superior chemical resistance. For extra protection, this tank has been UV-stabilized so that it won’t be affected by the sun.

Additionally, you might want to know that this option is quite stable as it has a low center of gravity. The item is easy to move around as it includes molded-in recesses for handles, pump, and straps, and a hose storage.

Moreover, the article has six 5/16in.-18 bottom mounting holes that you are prone to find useful. Overall, this unit measures 33 x 13 1/2 x 12 ¾ inches, and it has been approved by the FDA.

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3. Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer - 8 Gallon

If you’re looking for a strong and consistent ATV spray that keeps the pests away, then you must give this product a try. With an 8-gallon capacity, this ATV spot sprayer is ideal for any type of ATV and can be used for spraying your lawn as often as you please.

The best part is that the tank is made from UV resistant elements and is fully compatible with all sorts of pesticides. This means that your grass will be cleaner and healthier.

You can easily handle the tank using the special opening and the easy-to-empty bottom drain.

Plus, there’s no need to check the fluid levels too often because the unit is outfitted with gallon marks molded into the tank that allows you to see whether it needs more fluid.

You can adjust the spray nozzle according to your preferences, from stream to the cone. The pump is made from a sturdy chemical-resistant material and features Viton components that increase its efficiency.  

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4. NorthStar Spot Sprayer Tank

Spraying your lawn shouldn’t be a difficult process since you all need to move around with your ATV. Nevertheless, if you don’t get the perfect product that has a ¾ inch bottom drain opening, like this model, then you might need to reconsider your choice.

The reason why this ATV spray is an excellent option is that the tank comes with an original design that consists of extra thick walls that don’t sag or bulge.

It can face any type of chemicals because it is manufactured from a special polymer known for its great performance when it comes to chemical resistance properties.

Even if you decide to spray the grass during the day, when the sun is high, you can rest assured the unit won’t suffer any damages because the tank is UV-stabilized to prevent any fading or breaks.

Another interesting fact is that the product is outfitted with both liter and gallon fill marks that come in handy for any individual.

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5. Precision Products TCS25 Spot Sprayer

There are people that need a large tank with a 25-gallon capacity to cover their entire lawn. If you belong to this category, you should consider this alternative.

Thanks to its excellent power and capacity, the unit can ensure 1.8 gallons of liquid per minute. You can get rid of everything that’s been bothering in your garden without having to run over your ATV multiple times.

After the tank is filled with pesticides, you can easily mount it the rear basket of your vehicle. This sprayer is suitable for ATV’s but also for tractors. Even though the tank is made from a heavy plastic material, you can handle it effortlessly. After the mounting operation, connect it to the vehicle battery, fill the tank with fluid, and use the 15-foot hose to spray your grass.

Once the process is done, you can clean the tank using the quick drain plug. You can use it right after unboxing it because the product doesn’t require any assembly.

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6. Chapin 97300 15-Gallon 12v Deluxe Dripless

Have you ever dreamed of owning a product that lasts a lifetime and can be used on rough terrains without having to worry about any damage? You can stop dreaming because the product is real. Featuring a 15-gallon capacity, this ATV tank is completely heavy-duty and translucent so you can tell when you need to restore the fluid.

Due to the 5-inch wide opening, you can easily fill, mix or remove the dirt from inside the tank.

The product is configured to mount on any standard ATV, lawn tractor, or UTV. You can connect the diaphragm pump using the alligator clips that are included in the product package.

Because of the maximum pressure of 70 PSI, the unit delivers a maximum of 26-foot vertical spray and a 30-foot horizontal spray.

Apart from this, the durable filtration system is able to extend the life of the sprayer quite a lot. Just make sure you use the sprayer according to the instructions.  

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This Year’s Buying Guide


If you own large areas and you need a small and affordable tool to use it for spraying chemicals, the best solution for you is an ATV weed sprayer. You can use a product like this for spraying chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides and even water. Nevertheless, it’s not an easy task trying to find an ATV lawn sprayer. Because you want something reliable and efficient, you need to check among various models. To top this, you need to learn which ATV sprayer for sale suits your needs and type of area. Plus, you must pay attention to the motor, boom, and tank size.

Type of ATV sprayer

Firstly, we need to establish what is an ATV sprayer and learn about the ATV sprayer parts, which consist of a tank, nozzles, flow control, pump, and a method to spread the inside liquid.

The reason why these tools are so practical is that they can be easily mounted on the back of your ATV or even towed behind it using a trailer. If you’re into an ATV-mounted sprayer you should look for a unit that is outfitted with a trailer in the tank area so you can pull it with your ATV or while riding the lawnmower.

Generally, people are prone to choosing an ATV sprayer tank that mounts on the back because this way the tank is a tad higher and can be used with other accessories like booms that are easy and fast to install.

If you don’t  want to move with your ATV all the time, find a sprayer that comes with a wand suitable for spot spraying operations. These models usually have a long nose included in the package.

Even if you can make a homemade ATV sprayer using tools you can find in your own household, it’s better to get a professional tool that won’t let you down when you need it most.

Depending on what you’re actually trying to spray and what tank capacity is suitable for the area of your garden, you need to consider the power, the material, and so on.

For example, most ATV sprayer reviews recommend checking the rear rack of the product to ensure how much it can handle when mounting the ATV sprayer on it. Usually, you should opt for metal racks because they provide more secure straps compared to plastic ones.

Another factor you need to take into account is the battery. If you happen to find an ATV with a battery that can be mounted straight under the seat, you shouldn’t overlook that product. An ATV sprayer pump requires a 12V battery, and if this is located under the seat, you need to run fewer wires.

If you prefer ATV sprayer nozzles, you need to give a try to a boom sprayer unit. This has bras that can be extended beyond the nozzle. Especially if your lawn is big and you need to cover the entire area in one spraying session, this type makes it possible with a few swipes.

Also, many boom sprayers on the market are equipped with larger tanks and incredibly powerful pumps. This translated to better control and easy placement when mounting the on/off switch. Also, you don’t have to worry because boom sprayers have the spot wand for spraying, too. The only aspect you need to pay attention to is the size of the ATV. The bigger the vehicle, the better for a boom sprayer because you benefit from more control over steering.

Another alternative is to purchase a boomless sprayer that doesn’t extend from the side of the vehicle. Some of these instruments have angled sprayers that you can use to spray beyond the width of the ATV or in a certain direction that you desire.

If you only need to spray your lawn from time to time in order to get rid of pests or water your grass, a boomless sprayer is more than enough. These are fast and less pricey units that you can get from any specialized store.


Tank capacity

When in the market for an ATV sprayer, you need to think of the tank capacity. This feature is crucial because it affects the number of times you’ll need to refill the tank in order to finish the spraying job. Moreover, it gives you an insight on how much chemicals you need to purchase.

If you have a small yard and you get a large-capacity tank, you’ll most likely end up wasting important chemicals because you don’t get to use them during one spraying session.

However, if you decide to get a smaller tank and your area is quite large, you’re going to need a lot of refills to cover every inch. So make sure you carefully read the product description and check whether it is compatible with your own lawn.

Flow rate

Don’t forget to look for details regarding the speed the liquid need to come out of the ATV sprayer. Also known as flow rate, this is an important indicator that can set aside high-quality products from low-quality ones.

If the device has a higher flow, the liquid will stream out faster. On the other hand, a lower flow rate means that you get less liquid in the same period of time. Typically, you’ll find this information looking at the GPM or gallons per minute. Aside from this, check the pressure rating or the PSI, as well. A lot of these sprayers enable you to adjust the flow rate, so there’s really no need to keep it to at a maximum while spraying.  


Sprayer materials

Although they might look the same, ATV sprayers are not all manufactured from the same material. For instance, some units made of plastic are not so resistant to any type of chemicals like others.

It’s vital to pay tremendous attention to what the tank is built from and if the plastic is durable or not.  

Aside from this, inspect the material of the valves. Cheaper than other, plastic valves aren’t so efficient, and they tend to leak. Brass nozzles are extremely resilient and last for many usages. Even if you have to pay extra and outgrow your budget, it’s better to have a tool that works instead of one that needs constant repairs.



Frequently asked questions about ATV Sprayers


Q: What is an ATV sprayer?

An ATV sprayer is an indispensable tool if you need to cover a large area or places that are hard to reach such as field borders, potholes, road ditches, fence lines, and pastures. In addition, they do a great job at spraying water or chemicals on small and tight areas where you can only have access using an ATV or a tractor. Furthermore, these come in different models that can be either mounted on the back of the ATV or towed behind the trailer. Every sprayer has the following elements: a tank, pump, flow control, nozzles, and a tool to spread the water or pesticides.

Q: How to use an ATV sprayer?

The reason why people are so of fond of ATV sprayers is that they can be used by virtually everyone. Women, men, and even teenagers won’t find difficulties in handling the sprayer because it’s easier compared to backpack sprayers that need to be carried. In a nutshell, all you need is wisdom and a little time spent reading the instructions. The most important aspect is to be able to prove your skills or experience riding the ATV. After you pour the liquid into the tank, you adjust the pressure and the flow rate, according to your needs. If you need to spray a small lawn, make sure you don’t fill the tank too much.


Q: Can I build my own?

Yes, you can build your own homemade sprayer, if you want. Nevertheless, be prepared to spend some time on this DIY project because it may take a while collecting all the necessary elements. It’s best to build a boom because this ensures plenty of flexibility and great coverage while using the ATV sprayer. Since there are a variety of options in terms of building a sprayer, it’s advised that you start by choosing a design. You can either modify sprayer you use for your garden or use a large tank that can be converted.


Q: How do ATV sprayers work?

First things first, you have to make sure that the tank is firmly secured to the vehicle. It’s vital not to have any movement once the device is fully mounted to the ATV. If you can, find an additional ratchet strap and place it on the tank to get a good measure. Depending on the surface you intend to cover, you need to prepare the water of the chemicals that will enter the tank. However, the majority of sprayers come with a useful chart that lets you know how much area you can cover using a certain pressure.


Best ATV sprayer brands


Founded in 2012, IronTon is a part of the Northern Tool & Equipment Company specialized in manufacturing different products made of metal and alloys. Thanks to its great technological innovations in the field, the company is able to provide top-notch quality elements to their customers, such as metal tool boxes, air-powered barrel pumps, power operated oscillating tools, hand operated water pump, air hoses, and so on.

Each unit is specially designed in order to lend a helping hand to those that need to do quick and easy fixes. You can find a vast array of products that can be used for numerous situations.


The NorthStar brand is powered exclusively by the Northern Tool + Equipment. What's more, it has a long history of delivering products made from high-quality materials that ensure plenty of longevity. Being a quality-driven company, NorthStar is able to offer its customers great value at low prices thanks to its direct-from-manufacturer policy.

Apart from this aspect, every single tool is created by a team of people that want to make products that provide support for the customer. The exclusive distributor of the Northstar brand is Camsaw which is a family business, established in 1987. This way, the buyers have full access to a range of reliable garden products.  


In 1903, an innovator also known as Mr. Chapin began manufacturing hand sprayers and compressed air sprayers. Nowadays, that small company has developed so much that the entire process of making these products is done in a spacious and modern plant. Nevertheless, the sprayers that are made here are still built from the best materials and are incredibly durable and efficient.

Every item is designed, made, assembled, coated, tested, and then packaged so that the customers around the world receive only products that are easy to use and perform without issues. Plus, Chapin is the only company that makes the air sprayers using a 12-step computer-controlled coating process that disables the corrosion.


With more than 14 years experience in the manufacturing industry, Seaflo is a company specialized in delivering products that can be used in a wide array of industries. Besides the research and the design, this manufacturer also tackles the supply chain integration and the marketing operations in order to satisfy the customer’s needs for micropumps, blowers, sprayers, blow-mold kayaks, and fluidic devices.

From them, the items end up being an important part in areas like Marine, Agriculture, Water Sports, and Industrial platforms. Today, the firm has two large factories and more than 260 employees. The group center is located in Xiamen.




Unavailable products


NorthStar 2681101


An ATV sprayer for your lawn should be practical and easy to handle. So, make sure to invest in a product that can be maneuvered without too much effort and does a great job at protecting your grass.

This unit is a great choice if you’re looking for something reliable that ensures a full continuous duty and a special micro switch function for enhanced durability.

You can make use of this broadcast ATV spray season after season because the 12V feature will not let you down.

No pest will even try to make a move on your lawn because the unit is outfitted with a Santoprene diaphragm and Viton valves that enable strong chemical resistance.

Also, the 16-gallon tank size is more than enough for a regular ATV.

One important aspect worth mentioning is that this ATV sprayer boasts a unique pressure switch design that allows you to control the pump according to your motor type.




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