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5 Best Snowmobile Ramps (Reviews) in 2023

To make it easier for you to choose a good snowmobile ramp, we have compiled a list with the options that have garnered the most positive snowmobile ramp reviews from both customers and experts alike. Take a quick look below, if you have the time, and see for yourself.

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1. Rage Powersports 94" x 54" Snowmobile Loading Ramp

The Rage Powersports snowmobile loading ramp comes with extra-wide ski glides and a center track extension which is designed for loading dual carbide snowmobiles into 4x4 or full-sized pickup trucks. You’ll be able to use your new snowmobile lift to haul your machine straight to the ramp so that you can save time and effort.

This model has a maximum capacity of 1,500 pounds, which should be more than enough to handle even the heftiest snowmobiles. The cross-rung center section allows for optimal track grip in winter conditions so that you can easily haul your machine even while wearing your favorite snowmobile gloves and helmet.

The 94" x 54" is also a great choice if you are looking for quality snowmobile ramps for pickup since it is one of the few items on our list which can fold horizontally for easy storage besides the snowmobile in the pickup truck bed, together with your essential snowmobile gear bags.


This model is equipped with extra-wide ski glides, as well as a center track extension. This design is intended for users to be able to load dual carbide snowmobiles into 4x4 pickup trucks.

In order to save effort and time, you will be able to pull your machine straight to the ramp, thanks to the snowmobile lift.

No matter what type of snowmobile you own, you will have no issues with it because this model can support up to 1500 pounds. 

Due to the cross-rung center, this product offers maximum track grip in winter conditions.

Another advantage of owning this model is that fact that it can fold horizontally for convenient storage.


Although this product is highly appreciated by customers everywhere, there were a few owners who mentioned that the straps look a bit fragile compared to the overall quality.

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2. Caliber 13326 Lowpro Grip Glide Single Set-8 Piece

One of the best features of the Caliber 13326 is its versatility since it is designed to provide traction for ATVs and UTVs and to reduce friction for a snowmobile. Thus, the ramp can handle a wide range of machines, and provide adequate traction for all. With that in mind, it should be mentioned that the unit was not tested with heavy-duty UTV tires that feature unique designs.

The snowmobile trailer ramp is uniquely designed to be supported off the trailer deck, a feature that allows it to stay securely even when loading heavier machines. It is made from a proprietary poly-olefin which is guaranteed not to crack, break, or chip. The strategic hole placement maximizes ventilation and will eliminate deck rot.

Similarly, the holes on the top will make it very easy for users to wash the ramp after a muddy day. It is sold in 30-inch lengths, and the pack includes 8 pieces.


If you are looking for versatility, you should consider this item. It was built to deliver traction for both ATVs and UTVs but also to reduce friction for snowmobiles.

Even when you need to load heavier machines, the trailer ramp will stay securely in place, thanks to the unique design of this product.

The ramp is made from a proprietary poly-olefin that makes it crack, break, and chip resistant. Also, the strategic hole placement enhances ventilation and will reduce deck rot.

If you've experienced a muddy day, the holes on the top make it easy for owners to wash the ramp easily. 


You should know that this unit is not tested with heavy-duty UTV tires which have unique patterns, so you should take this into consideration before you decide on this model.

The eight pieces that come with the order is not to the liking of all customers as it may not be sufficient for some trailers.

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3. Rage Powersports 60" x 54" Snowmobile Loading Ramp 

The 60" x 54" model features the use of premium aluminum that is built to last while also providing you with a product that is incredibly lightweight. This is the same material that is usually found in high-quality snowmobile lift stands, meaning that it is guaranteed to have no problem in supporting the full weight of your machine.

Speaking of weight, just as is the case with most of the ramps currently available on the market, the model has a maximum weight capacity of 1,500 pounds, and it can handle heavy-duty use as well. The 36 x 12-inch center track extension is handy when looking to get the machine off the ground and onto the ramp with minimal effort.

For easy storing and transportation, the aluminum snowmobile trailer ramp folds in a compact shape and comes integrated with buckle closures and safety straps so you can secure it firmly inside the trailer once you’ve loaded the machine.


Since it is made with high-quality aluminum, this snowmobile ramp is not only very sturdy and durable but also extremely lightweight.

The maximum weight capacity this model can support is 1500 pounds. You should also know that it can successfully handle heavy-duty use as well.

The center track extension measures 36 x 12 inches. It was designed to make it easy when the user wants to get the machine off the ground and onto the ramp.

What is more, the trailer ramp folds into a compact shape which makes it easy and convenient to store and transport. 

Once the machine is loaded, it will be securely and firmly kept in place, thanks to the buckle closures and safety straps.


There were a few owners who could not find a practical way to attach their machines. Before you place that order, you should make sure that this model is compatible with your snowmobile.

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4. Revarc Bosski Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramp RevSled

With the Revarc Bosski Tri-Fold, you will be able to load any snowmobile model into your trailer or pickup with minimal effort on your part. The ramp is made from durable and lightweight aluminum and offers the same stability as a one-piece ramp with the convenience of the tri-fold design.

The tri-fold design allows you to fold the unit down to a width of 21 inches for easy and convenient storage. To reduce the speed required to load the machine on the ramp, this model is arched, which is a feature that many customers appreciate since it makes loading that much easier.

Similarly, the raised ski guides will help keep the snowmobile on track, while the oversized Gate Grips provide a very firm grip on the tailgate. To make things even better, the integrated traction control bar allows for the maximum traction in all weather conditions, while the end caps keep out any unwelcomed debris and add strength to the ramp.


Since this ramp is made of high-quality aluminum, the model is lightweight and durable but also very stable. It comes as a one-piece ramp with a convenient tri-fold design.

One of the great advantages of owning this product is its ability to fold down to a 21-inch width which makes it an extremely convenient product for storing and transporting.

Furthermore, this unit is arched in order to reduce the speed needed to load the machine onto the ramp making the entire task much easier. 

The oversized Gate Grips deliver a very strong grip on the tailgate, while the elevated ski guides help to keep the machine on track.

You will have great traction in all weather conditions thanks to the integrated traction control bar.


Apart from a few complaints regarding shipment or packaging, this product comes highly recommended and buyers seem very pleased with their purchase.

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5. Black Ice SNO-9454-HDXW Snowmobile Loading Ramp

Loading your snowmobile straight into your truck bed will never be as easy as it is with the Black Ice SNO-9454-HDXW. The system features two outer ramp panels that come with extra-wide polyethylene ski guides for very low-resistance loading and a center ramp panel that features exposed rungs for excellent traction in diverse weather conditions.

The ramps can be secured to your truck with the two included cam buckle straps and will rest on the tailgate of your truck with six rubber-coated fingers for increased stability. The unit is made using high-strength and lightweight aluminum which is guaranteed to provide years of reliable service.

Another nifty feature of this model is the center rung extension which adds grip when loading on ice, pavement, or into high trucks. When it is not in use, the ramp can fold up compactly, and it won’t take up any more space than your reliable snowmobile dolly.


In case you are looking for an easy way to load your snowmobile into your truck, you should definitely consider this product which is equipped with two outer ramp panels.

Furthermore, the ramp panels have very wide polyethylene ski guides for very low-resistance loading, as well as a center ramp panel which comes with a cross-rung surface for great traction. 

The two included cam buckle straps can secure the ramps to the truck, while six rubber-coated fingers provide increased stability.

High-strength, as well as lightweight aluminum, was used to make this unit which you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Moreover, this model comes with a center rung extension that provides grip when loading into high trucks, or on pavement or ice.


Even though most customers are pleased with this product, some of them mentioned that it is a bit expensive compared to other similar products.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


We know that it can be a real adventure trying to find cheap snowmobile ramps capable of offering the quality, reliability, and durability that you seek. In order to select the perfect product for your needs, it is necessary to take the time and research the market thoroughly so that you can know for a certainty which features are worth your money.

Because we know people nowadays seldom have the time available to do proper research, we have taken this endeavor into our own hands and compiled a comprehensive buyer’s guide just for you. Thus, if you have the time, you might want to take a glance at our list of must-have features below.


One of the essential aspects of any snowmobile ramp is the weight capacity that it can handle. It is the first feature that you should consider because if the unit you have in mind can’t carry your vehicle, your purchase becomes virtually useless. Loading ramps have their weight capacity listed per axle.

The good thing is that almost all the options on the market nowadays have a carrying capacity of around 1,500 pounds, which should be more than enough for the average snowmobile. You may find heavy-duty models that have a higher capacity rating, but the chances are that you won’t need them, not to mention that they are much more expensive.

The heavy-duty alternatives are worth your money only if you wish to get a versatile purchase capable of loading a wide range of vehicles such as ATVs or UTVs.


Length and width

Once you are done with picking the unit that offers the ideal capacity for your needs, you can switch your attention to the dimensions of the ramp. The length and the width of the product need to match perfectly to those of your snowmobile, while also leaving some extra space to keep it secure on the surface, and to ensure that the machine won’t slip off easily.

When choosing the length of the ramp, you should also account for the height of your trailer or truck. The width, on the other hand, will dictate just how much room for error you have when loading your snowmobile.

The quality of the construction

When purchasing this type of product, you also need to pay particular attention to the surface of the ramp which needs to offer enough traction to support your machine in all loading conditions. A smooth surface can create slippage even when loading at a reasonably low incline. This is why it is crucial to make sure that the ramp can offer sufficient grip.

The center runners should be designed to provide traction and prevent slipping. Some ramps may feature ski guides which are made from low-resistance PU, and they can help direct the machine straight up the ramp. Some may even come with extension pieces to make loading from a slippery floor more manageable.

The material used is also essential, and most of the options you’ll find nowadays are made from either aluminum or stainless steel. These two materials are desired because they are highly resistant to corrosion and are also strong and light, making them capable of supporting the weight of a snowmobile or ski, without bending or suffering damage.


Easy storage

Since you won’t have to use the ramps every day, you will need to be able to store them efficiently, which is why we recommend selecting folding, or tri-fold ramps. Most owners prefer the tri-fold model since it offers much more flexibility, and it comes integrated with straps to hold it securely during transportation.




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