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5 Best Snow ATV Tires (Reviews) in 2023

When you’re looking for the best ATV snow tires, it’s easy to get distracted considering the number of products one can find on the market. However, we’re here to guide you, and we provide a list of reviews of what we consider to be the top picks available for sale right now. If you would like to find out more about this type of equipment, we would suggest doing a bit of reading on Enduro tires or quality UTV tires, too.

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1. Kenda K299 Bear Claw ATV Bias Tire

This option is sold individually, and it’s a tubeless design, which some users might prefer depending on their vehicle’s features. It provides an aggressive grip towards the horizontal surface, primarily due to the angled knobs, which dig into the terrain and increase traction significantly.

They can provide better control over the movements of the ATV due to the center lugs added to the shape. This particular model has been developed to be used in case of intermediate to hard terrain, so it’s safe to say that it will get you through the difficult situations you may encounter when it’s snowing.

It also has a built rim guard that protects the wheel and prevents dirt from entering and interfering with the process. The life of the tires is extended due to the sturdy material used, which is tear and snag resistant to make sure you’ll be able to use this product for a long time.



If you are looking for a tire model that can deliver an aggressive grip on horizontal surfaces, you should consider this model. Its angled knobs dig into the terrain and increase traction.

Thanks to the center lugs added to the shape, this type of tire can offer better control over the ATVs movements. 

You should know that this model was particularly designed to be used on intermediate to hard terrain. This means that it will get you through snow conditions as well.

Furthermore, the wheel is protected due to the built rim guard that will also prevent dirt from interfering.

You are sure to enjoy this item for a long time to come because the materials used for it are snag and tear-resistant and will not fail you easily.


There were some cases reported of buyers purchasing more than one tire, and it seems that the packaging affected their shape a bit.

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2. ITP Mud Lite AT Tire 24x10-11

This next model is made using extended-wear rubber, and this is what makes it more durable than other similar UTV mud tires. Other than that, its revolutionary design renders a 6-ply mud tire that’s developed to perform on the trail. It slings the mud, so it should have no problem cutting through the fresh snow.

It’s sized for being used with many ATV models, so it’s pretty adaptable. It is compatible with a wide range of high-performance vehicles, making use of new age technology itself.

The material used extends the life of the product due to its qualities and also manages to provide better value for the money, making this item an affordable choice for those looking to enlarge their collection of excellent ATV accessories.

Their aggressive pattern is developed to help the user gain control over the movement of the vehicle, thereby lowering the risk of accidents occurring during riding.


This is a great choice for getting better control of the vehicle's movements while also lowering the risks of any unwanted accidents. This is due to the aggressive pattern of the model.

The tire is made from extended-wear rubber which makes it much more durable than other similar items.

The revolutionary design makes this model stand out as it is a six-ply mud tire developed for great performance even in muddy conditions or snow.

When it comes to compatibility, you should know that this product is being used with most ATV models, so, most likely, it is suitable for your vehicle as well. 

Moreover, according to most buyers, this item offers good value for the money and it is a great choice in this line of products.


There were a few customers who mentioned that the tires wear out faster than expected, even though it is a very affordable option.

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3. SunF Power.I ATV all-terrain

You’ll surely obtain high performance if you choose to try out these tires from SUNF, because of their directional angled knobby tread design, which is developed specifically to be used for trails, but it works fine in most terrain types. It’s also suitable for the desert climate, mud or rock, so it can surely be used for snow as well.

The premium rubber used to build this item can withstand the harshest environmental conditions, from rough weather to rocky terrain. It is compatible with a wide range of vehicles and can successfully replace any old four-wheeler tires.

Its 6-ply construction won’t be affected by punctures or abrasion, thus resulting in a durable product that you’ll be able to use for extended periods.

By featuring a rugged pattern, this tire significantly increases the traction control. To further enhance this effect, aggressive shoulder knobs have been added to provide side bite and improve protection for the sidewall.


Due to the fact that premium rubber was used for this model, it can withstand the severest environmental conditions, including rocky terrain and rough weather.

You can use this tire in most terrain types thanks to the directional angled knobby tread design. It will perform great in mud, rock, desert climate, and even snow.

This is a very durable model since it has a six-ply construction that will not be affected by abrasion or punctures.

Thanks to the rugged pattern, traction control is significantly increased while the sidewall is well-protected.

Moreover, this item is compatible with a very wide range of vehicles.


Some customers mentioned that this model is not as aggressive as others, but they are much more affordable.

Also, it seems that this item is heavier than others in this line of products, as a few comments were made in this sense.

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4. Set of 4 New WANDA ATV Tires

In your search for cheap ATV tires for snow, make sure you consider scouting for this type of sets, which can help you save a few pennies when you need to. As you’ve already guessed, this deal includes four tires, a complete set for any vehicle.

Their tread depth is 0.79 inches, more than other similar models on the market could provide. They can handle various terrain types such as mud, dirt or rock, so they would be perfect for snow, due to their capacity to increase traction against the surface.

Featuring a 6-ply design, this alternative can resist punctures and abrasions, so the tires have increased durability and a prolonged lifespan. Another feature that contributes to this aspect is the tread depth, often overlooked when it comes to discussing ATV snow and ice tires.

The additional shoulder lugs increase protection for vulnerable areas such as the rim and the sidewall, again extending the life expectancy of this item.


This model is a great choice if you are looking for good quality for an affordable price. It comes as a pack of four tires that will save you money. 

The tread depth of these tires is 0.79 inches which is more if you compare them with other similar models. For this reason, they can effectively handle various types of terrain.

Also, thanks to their capacity to enhance traction against the surface, you will be able to ride over mud, rocks, or dirt with no issues.

Since it features a six-ply design, this option is puncture- and abrasion-resistant and it is also very durable.

If you are worried about vulnerable areas like the sidewall or the rim, you should know that these tires have additional shoulder lugs that will protect them.


Although these tires deliver excellent traction, they throw rocks quite badly, so you need to be careful. Some comments were made in this sense.

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5. Pair of Kenda Bear Claw (6ply) ATV Tires

If you’re looking for high-quality tires to equip your ATV with, then definitely consider this alternative from Kenda. They come in a set of two, so they’re a budget-friendly alternative, and they feature a 6-ply design which helps increase the resistance to tearing, punctures and abrasion.

Each of the side lugs is equipped with angled bars that increase the performance of this product and make it a reliable alternative for difficult terrains, including frozen snow surfaces. Aside from these, there’s a center lug that provides a bit of extra traction, but most importantly it helps the user gain better control over the vehicle.

The reviews that these products have received state that they’re a good option for those who need to deal with rough weather conditions, especially with snow, and they’re compatible with various four-wheeled vehicles, measuring 22 ½ inches in height and 10 inches in width.


This product comes as a set of two high-quality tires. This is also a budget-friendly option.

Since they feature a six-ply design, the resistance to tearing, abrasion, and punctures is also increased.

Furthermore, the side lugs are equipped with angled bars which maximize performance and make the tires a reliable option for difficult terrain, including snow and frozen surfaces.

In order for you to have better control over the vehicle, the tires feature center lugs that also deliver extra traction.

Since the tires measure 22 1/2 inches in height and 10 inches in width, they are compatible with a wide range of four-wheeled vehicles.


After receiving the package you will need to put some muscle to get the tires back in shape. According to some users, letting them sit in the sun can help.

Actually, this is the only somewhat negative comment we could find up until this time, which makes these a great deal.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Trying to find good ATV tires for snow can be a daunting task, especially since it’s not a very common thing to ask for, especially if you live in an area with a warm climate. However, you can trust our opinion on this because we’ve done a lot of research in order to bring you accurate information.

You need to decide right away what your objective is, and as far as we are concerned our recommendation would be to focus on improving the performance of your ATV by changing the tires with a more suitable alternative. We’ve provided a list of factors to take into consideration regarding this process.

Should you want to learn more about this topic, you can visit our website to find articles on related issues concerning ATVs and other vehicles. For example, you can read about durable ATV batteries, or helpful ATV GPS units.

Usual tire construction

Our first piece of advice is for you to make sure that you adapt the type of tire that you choose to your particular purpose. In this case, dealing with thick snow surfaces requires staying afloat and not trying to ruin your tires by finding the pavement (or ground) below.

The key to understanding which category suits your needs is to understand their specific features. The first option you have are tires with a radial construction, which are suitable for flat surfaces so they won’t be of much help in this situation.

Subsequently, you need to turn your attention towards tires with a bias construction, a model that is specially developed for rough terrains and hillsides. They do not work as well on hard surface roads, but they do serve their purpose in harsh environmental conditions.

They have lower fuel economy in the fabrication process compared to the other option, primarily because of their rugged design and abundant use of material, but it’s worth the expense if you want to be able to enhance your vehicle’s performance.

However, our advice would be to maintain a low speed, despite the false feeling of stability. It’s safer this way, and you have more control over the movements of your ATV.


Want to learn more about ATV equipment? Then check out our other articles:


Tread specifications

The next important issue to discuss is the tread diameter, width, and height. These measurements are important because depending on the type of surface they’re used against, they can increase braking and acceleration.

In the case of soft surfaces such as mud, dirt or snow, your best option is to go with narrow treads, because their design causes less hassle on the suspension and makes it easier for the vehicle to adapt to the conditions. Perhaps pairing them with snow chains for ATV tires would be indicated in this case.


Tire strength

In case you didn’t know this, the way to measure the strength and resistance of a particular model is by checking out the number of layers that go into the design. The ply rating can significantly influence the way a product reacts to abrasion, tearing or punctures, and as a result, increase its life expectancy.

The tire strength is proportional to this aspect, but in case of a soft environment, we can assume that it’s probably not a priority. However, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious, so we suggest trying a product with at least a 6-ply design.


How to choose the right size

Although most alternatives are compatible with many types of vehicles, you need to pay attention when selecting an item according to this feature because you don’t want this investment to go to waste.

The way that you can interpret the sizing that the manufacturer delivers is: the first number is the overall height of the tire, in other words, the diameter, while the second one is the total width, and the last one is the diameter of the rim.

Pay attention to these three numbers when choosing a model to replace your old tires because you want to make sure the fit is perfect. If you can’t find the right measurements, you can try looking for tires that are larger by no more than one inch in any of the dimensions.

Otherwise, you might have to make adjustments to the structure of your ATV, which might result in further complications.

Also, if you need more ground clearance, which can be the case with a soft surface, increasing the size by one inch is even recommended, because it gives a more aggressive feel to the surface of the tire, enhancing its performance.

How to spot snow tires

You can try various models by brands that offer similar features to those that you need, or you can go directly to the source and pick out tires specifically designed for dealing with snow surfaces.

The way to identify them is to look for a horizontal tread pattern, a clear marking of this sort of product. It’s done so it can prevent the ATV from spinning on frozen snow whenever you make a turn or accelerate.

However, it’s not advised to exaggerate with speed, even with this particular feature. The treads allow the tires to dig into the surface, increasing stability and maximizing traction.

It is not recommended to try these tires under any other circumstances, because using them on rough surfaces would ruin them. Therefore, we would not advise you to buy such a model hoping to cover all types of situations.


Other factors to consider

Now that we’ve discussed most of the essential aspects, we can bring into discussion aspects such as budget and prices. This is quite an investment on the part of the ATV owner, and we suggest you don’t settle for cheap alternatives that only rely on advertising and not facts.

However, what you can do to save a few pennies is to keep an eye out for set bargains. For example, there are a few manufacturers that deliver packages complete with four tires, and you can buy them for a much lower price than you would pay if you purchased them separately.

When you need extra help to brave through the bad weather conditions, attaching a good ATV snow plow might just do the trick and significantly increase your chances of success.

The only issue with this might be the delivery process, which could be affected by the increased number of items and their shape might be damaged in the process. Try to consider this aspect as well when you place an order.

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic, you can visit our website to gather information on items such as great ATV oils or protective ATV covers.

Best ATV snow tire brands




Kenda was founded in Taiwan over 50 years ago, and ever since all they’ve done was expand their business and conquer the market. They gradually introduced bicycle and motorcycle tires, enlarging the range of products you could find in their catalogs and establishing factories all over the world.

Today they’re a globally renowned competitor, and their products are reliable and appreciated by many customers. Their most recent achievement is buying the STARCO company, a Danish giant that distributes all over Europe, bringing them to the market.

Their range also includes lawn and garden tires and trailer tires. You can find a replacement for any vehicle you may own.


Several great ATV drivers can partially attribute their success to using ITP tires. This brand has over time associated itself with the winning side, by supplying high-quality products to talented competitors.

The company was founded in 1982 and ever since they’ve been the world’s number one source for this type of equipment, due to the features and design of the models they sell. They specialize in ATV and UTV tires, and they deliver unequaled traction.

Other benefits of using an ITP tire would be gaining more control over your vehicle due to the precise handling and getting a budget-friendly offer because the durability of their items makes them withstand even the most challenging terrains without sustaining damage.


This company was founded in 1988, and over time it has grown into a professional tire manufacturer that has two stable production locations, one in Tianjin and one in Hebei.

Their core values according to the brand itself are “concentration, innovation, confidence, responsibility, and dedication”. They always have their client’s best interest in mind, and they become one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world by expanding from ATV to Golf car and Motorcycle tires.

One more important aspect to mention when it comes to their products is the fact that they’re environmentally friendly, coming from a trustworthy source. They use high technology to reduce the impact on nature.




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