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7 Best Neoprene Face Masks (Reviews) in 2022

When looking for a neoprene motorcycle face mask, you will notice that there are quite a lot of options out there. We looked at all the critically-acclaimed models and chose the ones that score the highest regarding comfort, protection, and overall visual appeal.


1. Obacle Skull Face Mask Half for Dust Wind UV Sun Protection

The definition of a cool neoprene face mask must be written right next to this particular model. Made from polyester, it is an easy to wear item of clothing that will look cool and provide protection at the same time against dust, wind, and sun. The UV protection rating for this product is 40+, so it is on the same level as a good quality sunscreen.

You will be pleased with how durable and comfortable this piece of headgear is. Some people prefer a half-face mask, as they can easily use glasses or goggles with it. It is worth noting that this model will protect your neck, just as well as your face, so it’s ideal for motorcycle riders.

As far as the design is concerned, this is a neoprene skull face mask that will make a lasting impression everywhere you go. The vivid colors and the clear print are high quality, and you will be pleased with how great the face mask will look on you.

There are no limits to how you want to wear this mask. You may wear it as a headband, or just around your neck. Also, you can use it when you go motorcycle riding, hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking, and so on.


This model is perfect for bikers, mountain biking enthusiasts, hikers, hunters, anglers, and anyone who needs proper protection against wind, dust, and UV rays.

Its rating for UV protection is 40+, so you can safely say that it is on par with the protection sunscreen can offer you, but the good news is this doesn’t wear off, nor enters your skin.

As you ride, or hike, or hunt, you will be pleased to see that you don’t have to worry about the mask sliding down; the tensile properties of the materials prevent that.

Designed with a vivid print representing half a skull, it is one of those headgears that will draw attention anywhere you go.

Remember that this is a multi-scarf model, and not just a half-face mask; you can wear in various styles, depending on your mood.


If there is one situation where the mask won’t help you much, that would be when it’s a downpour; the mask is not waterproof.

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2. Zanheadgear WNFM409 Neoprene Skull Ghost Full Mask

There are a few manufacturers on the market that stand above the rest. That is why you will hear many people saying that they would take a Zan headgear neoprene face mask over many others available. This particular model we review here is an excellent example of why these items are so much praised.

Because it is a full-face mask, it will cover your ears, too, and it is ideal if you want to keep them warm, too. As you may well know, neoprene is a material that offers superior insulation from cold and wind. A few design elements will convince you right away that this item deserves a second look.

Its stitched outer piping makes sure that this headgear will last for a long time and provide you with an excellent fit. Also, you should be aware that it can be worn by men and women, and makes for a perfect gift, too.

It doesn’t matter if you want to go hunting, or you want to meet your friends for an airsoft match. This face mask will provide you with the comfort you need, without preventing you from scouting the battlefield to your heart’s content.


This mask protects your face well against cold, wind, dust and sun, as it is available in this full-face design that covers most of your face and your ears, too.

It is a good thing that the manufacturer thought about providing this face mask with breathability features, such as air vents in the nose and mouth area.

If you so wish, you can turn the mask inside out and use it as a simple black model; anyone who gets bored with the original design can do that.

For any outdoor activities, you will find this mask extremely helpful and versatile; for all your hunting, fishing, hiking, or motorcycle trips, it can prove invaluable.

The hook and loop closure ensures that the headgear will stay on, and the best part is that you can adjust it as you see fit.


Some customers comment on this model being too fit, that much that it could prevent you from wearing glasses with it.

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3. Tough Headwear Half Face Ski Mask

The balaclava design of this face mask makes it ideal for various applications. Whether you want to ride your bike with an open face helmet or go skiing, or simply want to face the cold in your area prepared, this mask is an ideal option. It is made from flexible neoprene, so you will be satisfied with how comfortable and convenient it is.

It offers you protection from cold and not only. The material used and its design will also keep away wind, moisture, and dust. It should also be mentioned that the model comes as a one size fits all, due to the Velcro closure at the back that’s easy to adjust in order to fit your head size.

Another thing that adds value to this neoprene mask is the ventilation holes that make it breathable and even more comfortable to use.


For cold days, you will find this neoprene mask to be an excellent choice, as the material is warm and will keep your face protected.

You will also benefit from proper protection against winds, moisture, and dust to feel more comfortable than usual in bad weather.

Because it comes with an adjustable Velcro patch at the back, you will discover that one size fits all, and no outstanding adjustments of other type should be made.

The model comes with air holes to offer excellent breathability.

Overall, you will notice that this mask is very comfortable and a good fit for most days when the weather is cold.


You will notice the usual neoprene smell when you open the package, so allowing the mask to air for a few days before wearing it is a good idea.

If you wear glasses, you will notice some fogging, a common issue for this type of product.

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4. Zanheadgear Neoprene Half Face Mask Bone Breath

Another good quality neoprene half face mask that makes it to our list is this one. The cool design might catch your eye from the first moment you lay your eyes on it, but there is more than just looks that recommend this particular mask. First of all, it provides a perfect fit and will keep both your ears and nose protected from cold.

Since this model is made from 100% neoprene, you will get the best insulation possible for your face. The attention to detail is superior, too, and you will appreciate the stitched outer piping that makes it more durable than most. It doesn’t matter what weather elements you will have to confront, as this mask will keep you well protected.

You can use this mask when you ride your motorcycle, when you go skiing or hiking, or when you embark on a fishing or hunting trip. Anywhere you go that might require you to keep your face warm, a mask like this one is a great option.

It comes with a hook and loop closure that will remain closed no matter what to do. This also helps with adjusting it so that it fits perfectly on your head.


For extra comfort and added durability, the manufacturer designed this model with nylon bound edges.

You don’t have to worry about breathability at all, as this model comes with air vents located in the nose and mouth areas to allow the air to come through.

In case you plan to use your headgear and goggles at the same time, the same vents mentioned earlier ensure that your eye gear doesn’t fog.

Versatility is one of the selling points of this model, and you will be glad to find out that the same size fits anyone and that you can wear it with or without a helmet.

This model is a 2 in 1 option, which means that if you don’t care about the design once in a while, you can turn it inside out and wear it as a black face mask.


Some people say that they find the mask to be a little too stiff for them, but that may be because the neoprene used has a decent thickness to provide good protection.

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5. Zanheadgear WNFM091H Black and White Adult Half Mask

This universal headgear is an excellent pick for both men and women, and, if you want to keep your ears and nose warm, you will discover that this model from Zanheadgear is right up your alley. As many people want to spend money only on long-lasting items, that’s, again, something this company delivers and this product is no exception.

Because of the superior comfort it offers, the headgear is much appreciated by buyers. Whether you want to wear it when you go snowboarding, hiking, or motorcycle riding, on chilly days, you will discover that the cold won’t be an issue for you anymore.

Neoprene is well known for its insulating properties, and it’s good to know that your face is well protected when you embark on a trip outside the city. Created with comfort and durability in mind, this model excels in all areas.

You can wear this mask any way you want, whether you are interested in exhibiting the print it comes designed with, or you wish to revert it to its solid black color. In this sense, the mask is practically two products in one and offers excellent value for the buck.


Designed for superior comfort, this model ensures that your ears and face remain warm even if you face snow and rain.

The material used is 2mm thick neoprene, which is ideal for superior protection in any weather; this type of neoprene acts as an incredible insulator.

Equipped with air vents for your mouth and nose, this item poses no troubles regarding breathability and your overall comfort when wearing it.

Many buyers appreciate how versatile it is since you can use it when you ride your motorcycle, you go skiing, or opt for a hiking trip to the mountains.

Be aware that you can turn the mask inside out, and wear it as a black mask without any design elements; if simple designs are what you prefer, try this model.


While some people appear to be pleased with how the air vents work, others say that they still find that the mask might prevent them from breathing freely.

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6. IKADEER Neoprene Skull Full Face Reversible

This full-face reversible mask is made of high-quality neoprene. Because comes in one size and given that it is unisex, you do not have to worry about selecting the right model for your needs. Design-wise, it should be pointed out that this mask has a very biker-like look that will surely fit in with your overall aesthetic.

On top of that, the material that was utilized to make it is rather sturdy, without it being too thick. As a result, you can wear this mask in a wide array of riding conditions, no matter the weather. You can also wear it at concerts to protect yourself from dust and dirt.

When you take this product out of the box, you will notice that it has a particular smell. The good thing is that, if you leave it to air dry or if you wash it, the odor goes away. 


This full-face model is perfect to use if you want to keep your face warm when on the road or if you want to protect yourself against dust and debris.

Because it is not too thick, you won’t feel at all uncomfortable while wearing it for hours on end. This makes it perfect for warmer riding conditions.

The choice features a Velcro fastener that makes it very simple for you to put it on and to take it off whenever necessary. This feature can save you quite a bit of time.

It is made of quality materials that can pass the test of time and it has a very appealing design.


If you wear it with sunglasses or riding goggles, there is a chance that the model will fog up and, thus, be rather challenging to use. This issue has not been reported by many former buyers.

This option supplies you with a tight fit. So, if you have a rather bigger head, there is a chance that it will not fit comfortably.

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7. Zanheadgear WNFM114 Neoprene Full Face Mask

This full-face mask is ideal for those who want perfect coverage to protect their face from cold efficiently. The stitched outer piping contributes to the excellent control offered by the mask, and it also helps the mask increase its durability.

No matter what activity you need it for, be it motorcycling, biking, mountain climbing, snowboarding, or skiing, your face will have excellent protection against cold. At a closer look, you will notice the ventilation holes that make sure that you have good breathability and that you won’t be hindered in any way in your activities.

If you want, you can wear the mask inside out, as it is designed to serve as a two-faced model. Just in case you no longer care for the pattern and prefer the solid black side, you can wear it like this. The hook and loop closure can be easily adjusted, and it will keep the mask on even in the most demanding conditions.


This full-face mask offers the advantage of keeping your ears and face warm when the weather outside gets really chilly.

Extremely versatile, it’s a good choice for anyone who wants to go skiing, snowboarding, biking, mountain climbing, or motorcycling, among many other activities.

Its reversible design is a plus, as you can wear it on any side you want, and you get two options at the price of one.

You will be able to adjust the hook and loop closure at the back for a comfortable fit, and you can count on it not to become undone.


If you have long hair, the hook and loop closure at the back can catch it and pull at it, which might not be the most pleasant experience.

Wearing glasses or sunglasses with this model can be difficult, and you might have to cut the mask a bit to adjust it for this purpose.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


There are many situations when you need to cover your face so that you can block the harmful UV rays, dust, wind, snow, or rain. Under such circumstances, you need proper protection, and that usually comes in the form of a scarf or something you wear over your face.

A much better solution is a neoprene face mask. Made from a material that’s an excellent insulator, it offers much better protection than what a scarf can offer. Now, the only thing that remains is to discover what you have to know to get a high-quality mask made from neoprene.

Half face or full face?

That is one big question, and the answer depends on what you intend to use the mask for. If you plan on going on a trip in an area with cold temperatures and lots of snow, a full face mask is a great option. It doesn’t only protect your face, but also your ears which will be kept warm. Also, the mask covered your forehead, too, and that might make wearing a helmet – such as for mountain biking – a real breeze.

A half-face option is an alternative that you shouldn’t dismiss right from the get-go. It serves for those days when you don’t need that much insulation as your head might become too hot. Also, it is easy to find a cheap neoprene face mask if you intend to use it only in windy weather or when riding a motorcycle.


Are there air vents included?

There are many design elements involved, but that doesn’t mean that just anything is essential. However, you should pay a lot of attention to the presence of air vents on the design of the mask you intend to buy. Those made from thick neoprene always have such vents, but you should still check other people’s reviews to see how efficient those are.

It doesn’t matter if you intend to get a neoprene full face mask or a model that only covers half a face. As long as the mask goes over your mouth and nose, you should be preoccupied to learn whether you can breathe easily or not.

These air vents should be designed in such a manner that you can breathe easily and that there’s no more fogging for your glasses or goggles. Since you need those when you ride a motorcycle, or for winter sports, and not only, the availability of proper breathability is essential for your choice.


How versatile is your face mask?

It is not difficult to find an affordable neoprene face mask, but, as you may well know, there are other things, besides pricing, that should concern you. For instance, you surely want to know if your face mask is versatile in any way.

Some manufacturers make models that can be turned inside out so that you can practically get two products in one. Also, in case you get tired with the same design on the front of the face mask, by turning it inside out, you make from it a simple black neoprene mask that works with everything.

Another versatility aspect that you might be interested in finding out about is if you can wear the headgear in other ways. For instance, some models let you wear them as a neck scarf, a headband, or in different creative ways.



While it may be the first thing that catches your eye, the design of a face mask should be supported by good quality materials and other aspects like those mentioned earlier. Luckily, there are many excellent face masks available that come in cool looking designs, so your choice shouldn’t be difficult.


A few words on neoprene

As you are browsing through the various neoprene face masks on the market, you might ask yourself “What is neoprene material?”, which is why we thought it would be interesting to take an in-depth look at this as well. You may not know this, but the neoprene is actually a brand name for a material that was produced back in the day by the American DuPont Corporation. 

It’s a substitute for another popular material, namely rubber, and it’s an ideal solution for many thanks to its fully waterproof structure. Of course, throughout time, people found a wide range of uses for neoprene material, including for apparel. 

However, just as it has happened with many other things in our history, neoprene was first invented out of necessity. There was a global rubber shortage in the 20th century, which led to major concerns among American Companies. That’s when DuPont began looking for an alternative to rubber, scanning universities for inventions that could successfully replace it. 

Of course, after a while, the answer was found as well, and at the beginning of the 1930s, neoprene first appeared on the market. As they say, the rest is history, because this great material found a wide range of applications in our lives, which is one of the reasons for reading this article. 


Neoprene properties 

There are clear and highly useful properties that the neoprene material offers, the most important one being impermeability. There’s a solid barrier formed between any humidity and the person wearing an item made of neoprene so, naturally, this has been put to good use with the help of modern technology.

It’s also true that there’s no breathability given its structure, which is why when we’re talking about face masks, it’s always important to keep in mind that they need to include comfortable air vents that allow the user to breathe. On the other hand, the high level of impermeability of this material makes it suitable for uses in potentially harmful environments as well. 

The second aspect that manufacturers and scientists are aware of when it comes to neoprene material is its elasticity. Despite being such a great barrier against humidity and moisture, neoprene is also stretchy, as it allows users to put on and take off entire suits designed to protect them in harsh conditions. 

Since we’re talking about face masks that can be used in cold weather, it’s pretty clear that neoprene also ensures heat retention. Thanks to its structure, this fabric can be worn by surfers and other users in conditions that would otherwise be uncomfortable and forbidding. On the other hand, while it works great in a cold environment, the same cannot be said about the heat. 

When neoprene is exposed to high temperatures or any source of heat, the fibers melt right away, which is why it’s so important to keep any apparel made of this material away from elements that could damage it. 

Last but not least, while most fabrics are actually woven in the production process, neoprene is simply formed. This means that it can be made into pretty much any shape and size, which is something that works great for the sporting apparel industry. Plus, while many people think that neoprene is mainly used by surfers, some famous fashion designers successfully include it in their collections. 

What to keep in mind when choosing a face mask 

As you are going through the various face masks showcased in this guide, it’s important to keep in mind that there are some things you should consider before making a final choice. The first one is to think about how you are going to use the mask. If you ride in very cold weather, then a sturdy full-face one is probably the right answer. 

However, if you like to have some room to breathe, then a half-face model is probably better suited. There is no right answer when choosing a face mask, the most important thing being your preference. Of course, it needs to get the job of protecting you and your skin done, but other than that, it’s all up to your own experience. 

If you are not familiar yet with what it feels like to wear all sorts of different neoprene face masks, and you are not sure how to make the right choice, you can always go to a local specialized shop and see how they look and feel before making your purchase. Plus, your own experience throughout time is going to help you a lot as well for the next purchases. 

However, it’s crucial for your comfort to make sure that the air vents are properly placed on the mask for your face so that you can easily breathe even when you wear it for a longer period. Some models do come with filters as well around the ventilation holes, which in turn protects you from dust or other particles that might otherwise get around your mouth and nose. 



Neoprene is indeed a stretchy material, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a mask that’s the right size for your needs. On the other hand, while there are many options in this category, there is no ideal one size, so you should take your measurements and then see which option you should go for. 

Most neoprene face masks come with velcro straps placed in the back, so you have a lot of room for adjusting them, both thanks to this and the flexible material. However, to make sure that you are comfortable enough for a long ride, if you feel that the mask runs a bit small, you can always look for a velcro extension. 

The choice between a full or a half-face model can also depend on whether you usually wear goggles, as they ensure a certain level of face protection themselves. On the other hand, keep in mind that full-face masks provide a higher level of warmth and coverage compared to their half-face counterparts. 



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What are neoprene face masks used for?

Neoprene face masks are specially designed to keep your face protected from the heat of the sun, dust, and debris. These masks are highly popular and, as a result, they are used for a wide array of activities and sports, from motorcycling to skiing, snowboarding and running.

The main advantage of neoprene is the fact that it is a breathable material. As a result, wearing it will not cause you irritations. You can find neoprene masks in numerous designs. So, you will definitely be able to find a model that suits your style.

One issue that you might run into when it comes to ordering a product of this type is size. If you have a smaller or a bigger head you might find it challenging to find a mask that fits you perfectly. This is why, before you buy a model, you should go online and see what other buyers had to say about its practicality.

Q: How to choose a face mask?

To start, you have to consider your needs. With this in mind, you have to decide between investing in full-face or half-face models. While full-face masks are overall, more protective, half-size options are more suitable for warmer days when you just want to be protected from dust and debris.

Moreover, the product that you get should necessarily feature air vents in the nose and mouth area. This way, you won’t risk fogging up your visor and you will also feel more comfortable wearing the mask for hours on end.

Besides, if you care a lot about your appearance, it is important that you also consider your preferences regarding the design of the mask. In this regard, it should be said that there are multiple designs that you can select from, depending on your preferences. Some neoprene masks can also be utilized for activities such as snowboarding or skiing.


Q: Why do motorcycle riders need face masks?

Face masks are an important piece of gear that bikers swear by. The main purpose of a mask of this sort is to protect the rider’s face from the elements, as well as from dust and debris. On top of that, face masks are also worn for comfort purposes.

During the colder months of the year when the temperatures are low, a face mask can keep your face warm and, as a result, you will feel more comfortable. Masks also protect riders from air pollution and they act as a second shield in case of an accident.

Because these masks are built to cover your mouth and nose, you will have no issues breathing while using masks as they include air vents.

Nowadays, you can find face masks that come in a wide array of designs and shapes. So, no matter your aesthetics, you will be able to find a product that suits your personality.



Unavailable products


Dayan Cube Astra Depot 2 in 1 Reversible Windproof Face Mask


Another full face mask that makes it to our shortlist is this model from Dayan Cube. If you’re looking for a cool face mask that will help you keep your head warm and comfortable when you go snowboarding, cycling, motorcycle riding, or skiing, you will find this model to be a great option.

First of all, you will notice the vivid skull tribal print that makes this model stand out from the crowd. When you grow tired of the colorful design, you can always opt for turning it inside out so that you can use the black side for a simple, yet effective look.

You don’t have to worry that the face mask won’t allow you to breathe correctly since there are mouth and nose air vents that prevent any issues you might have. That prevents frost buildup on your goggles, too. Another great thing about this model is that it allows perfect visibility since the eyes are not covered at all.

It comes with a secure Velcro closure that lets you adjust the face mask as you see fit. Also, because it is made from stretchable material, it comes in one size that fits anyone.



This protective mask will provide you with extra comfort when you want to go skiing, snowboarding, hunting, or cycling, in chilly weather.

As there are special vents included in the design for the nose and mouth area, you don’t have to worry that you might fog your goggles.

Many users appreciate the fact that this full face mask allows so good visibility as your eyes aren’t hindered in any way.

The mask is made from stretchable materials, so you will find it easy to make it fit over your head.

Dust, debris, cold, and snow will be kept at bay by this face mask, and you will be thankful for it when you go on trips to destinations where the weather is cold.



A few customers complained about the product having a strong neoprene smell upon opening the package; letting it air for a while might help.



Zanheadgear Neoprene Half Face


If you are scouring the market looking for a mask that can keep your nose and ears warm at all times, this is it. The model was made of 100% neoprene and it has stitched outer piping so that it will fit you perfectly. A full-sized alternative of the same product is also available.

The mask is ideal to be worn in cold weather or in the morning when the temperatures are low. It is also suitable for running, climbing, airsoft and snowboarding just to name a few other sports. Thus, this is a very versatile mask that is great to present as a gift for one of your more adventurous friends.

Because it comes with air vents around the nose and the mouth, you will have no difficulties breathing normally. Also, the presence of the vents means that you do not have to worry about fogging. This mask is reversible.



This half-face model is ideal to use as a commuter if you have to ride to work in the early hours of the morning when the temperatures are low.

Given that it is quite versatile, you can also utilize it when you sky, run, go on rides on your bike, go snowboarding or when you go on mountain climbing adventures.

It includes air vents that are positioned in the nose and mouth area. This way, you will be able to breathe normally while wearing it.

This facemask is reversible. Thus, you can wear it inside out. This is a very handy feature.



Because this mask comes in a one-size-fits-most size, there is a chance that it will not fit you perfectly if you have a rather bigger or smaller head.

When it arrives, there is very likely that the model has a very chemical smell. The odor goes away after the first wash.




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