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5 Best Motorcycle Thermometers (Reviews) in 2022

We had a look at all the models, ranging from the cheap motorcycle thermometers to the more expensive ones, we’ve read plenty of motorcycle thermometer reviews and we’ve seen what experts have to say about each product. Below are the models that we recommend. And if you’re interested in other motorcycle devices, you can also check our article on motorcycle handlebar speakers.

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1. Marlin's Talon Handlebar

The Talon model from Marlin’s is a thermometer that is very easy to install and it will make your motorcycle journeys a lot better. Because it offers a single-set screw mounting system, you won’t need to disassemble your handlebar in a process that may result in frustration. You just put it on the handlebar and turn the screws.

Furthermore, the screws have a soft tip so your bars won’t get damaged. And if you have chromed handlebars, this model’s chromed finish will fit like a glove. It’s an eye-catching thermometer and because it can be mounted on 1″ or 7/8″ bars, it’s a good model for most motorcycles.

The temperature shown is in Fahrenheit degrees and the numbers displayed are very large, so you shouldn’t have any issue with reading them. Don’t worry about the weather either, because the model is waterproof and shock resistant. Speaking about the weather, make sure you get a pair of motorcycle winter gloves for those cold days. You might also consider having a look at some motorcycle boots that are good in cold weather.

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2. Marlin's Chrome Motorcycle 1" or 7/8" Handlebar Black Face Thermometer

This model has similar characteristics to other Marlin’s thermometers. The difference is that it offers a ring design. The dial has a ring attached to it that easily mounts on the handlebars. It has a classic split-ring mounting system, meaning that you will not need to painstakingly disassemble the bar in order to attach it.

It has a nice chromed finish and a black background, making it one of the nicest looking thermometers. The degrees displayed are in Fahrenheit and they go in increments of 10. They’re also quite large so you will have an easy time reading the dial while riding.

The best thing is that after you mount the ring, the head with the dial is adjustable, so you can accurately position it any way you want. You can mount it on 1" or 7/8" bars and it has the advantage that you don’t require a large surface for it, due to its ergonomic design. You will thus have more space for your motorcycle USB charger, for example.

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3. Marlin's Flip Open Harley Road King Fork Lock Cover

Particularly designed for Harley Davidson owners, this thermometer that also acts as a cover is very practical and beautiful at the same time. It can be noticed that the brand has put time and effort into making a product that is versatile.

Offering a retro look, this unit is perfectly positioned in the center of your field of view and the numbers are large enough to make it easy for the rider to read them. It’s waterproof and shock-resistant so it acts well as a cover and it will last you a long time. It’s a model that easily bolts on and it helps you keep debris out of your fork lock.

It works smoothly, having a spring-loaded bar bearing action system that ensures it stays open as long as you want. Once you put it back down it stays closed due to the same system. The increments between the numbers are a bit too big, meaning that you will have to get used to reading the temperature between increments of 20.

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4. Marlin's Bullet Handlebar Mount Thermometer

Resembling the shape of a bullet, this thermometer doesn’t come alone. In this package, you will receive a motorcycle clock thermometer combo for your bike. That is not the only thing that makes it different from other products. It features a split mount design that you will use to easily clip it on your bars with no time wasted.

With these two devices mounted on your motorcycle, you will have the ability to see the temperature and time during the night because they come with glow-in-the-dark elements, that some similar products don’t offer. This aspect and the fact that the shown numbers are pretty large, make the two dials easy to read.

They fit the 7/8" or 1" bars, thus most of the bikes will accommodate them, however, they require at least 2 inches of straight handlebars to be mounted on. These models are also shock-resistant and waterproof, as is the case with most Marlin’s products.

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5. Marlin’s Fork Lock 110203

Being another model that is ideal for Harley Davidson’s Road King, this one is a triple chromed cover that will ensure that your lock is clean and no debris will set in there. This being said, it will still offer you full control of the lock with no modifications needed.

As similar products do, this one also works on a system that uses spring loaded ball bearing action. If you flip the cover open, it will stay like this due to the system and when you put it down it will stay in place. You can see the “Lock/Unlock” text on base, so you’ll know when it’s locked or not.

During the night you will still be able to read the dial because it is a glow-in-the-dark model. To make it even more versatile, this thermometer is waterproof and shock-resistant. It’s easy to bolt on and its positioning ensures readability.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Finding a thermometer that goes well on your motorcycle can be a challenge, particularly when there are so many models that you can find for sale. We’ve written this guide to make it easier for you to pick a thermometer and we focused on examining the characteristics that are most important. The following aspects should be considered when buying a motorcycle thermometer.

Ease of setup

You want a model that will show you the correct temperature at all times, but nevertheless, you don’t want to spend too much time and effort mounting it. Some thermometers require you to do a lot of work to mount them – you have to drill your handlebars, you need to make sure you measure everything correctly and at the end of the day, you might figure that the thermometer doesn’t quite fit as you expected.

But if you choose a model that employs a split mounting system or a single-screw mounting one, you won’t have those problems. They are easy to mount and you don’t risk damaging your handlebars, especially with the models that offer a soft-tip screw.

If you chose to get a thermometer to cover your lock, it should also be easy to screw on. Make sure that the mechanism it employs works well, so you won’t have issues with your lock getting blocked.


Sturdiness and consistency

You will want to use your thermometer for a long time, so make sure it’s a sturdy one. When you’re going on a rough road, maybe on a mountain trail, you’ll surely need a model that’s shock resistant. You don’t want your thermometer’s needle to jump around wildly, you need it to be stable.

The motorcycle that you ride is made to last a long time, and if you have a thermometer that fits it well and lasts just as long, that’s ideal. Even though plastic options may seem more affordable and a better option sometimes, in the long run, they aren’t worth the investment. Aluminum or stainless steel models are the ones that you should look for.

Weather is unpredictable and it is almost certain that you will get caught in a rain at some time. That’s why having a waterproof thermometer is important. You should always be able to read it.



The materials used in making a thermometer don’t have an impact on just the way it performs, but also on how it looks. And you don’t want to add a cheap-looking piece of plastic to your awesome looking, chromed motorcycle.

Chromed thermometers are a standard in the industry and the stainless steel or aluminum models that come in triple chromed variants always look good. But not just the exterior is important. The numbers that appear on the dial are probably more crucial – they need to be large enough to be easily read. Glow-in-the-dark elements are another aspect that you should take into consideration.

An ergonomic design is useful, particularly if you want to add something else to your handlebars too. If that’s the case for you, check out our article on motorcycle cup holders.

Additional features

If you’re an adventurer, you will most surely need a thermometer that has some other capabilities too. There are models that offer a compass; that is particularly useful for those that like to go on mountain trails a lot, but not just for them.

If you’re traveling in a dangerous area, check our guide on motorcycle GPS units. And if you want to know where your bike is at all times, you can have a look at some motorcycle tracking devices.

Even though you might not want a compass, a clock should prove useful – it’s safer to have a look at your device mounted on the handlebars than struggling to look at your wristwatch.

Few of the models have both a thermometer and a watch integrated into a single display, but there are sets that offer both of them. They’re usually made so you can mount one of them on each handlebar.




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