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7 Best Motorcycle Handlebar Bags (Updated Reviews) in 2022

We know that going through all kinds of reviews can sometimes be confusing, so we’ve selected the top-rated handlebar bags and compiled the list below which comes with detailed information about each one. You can take a look and see which one will become your new trustworthy partner for your rides.


1. NBOMOTO Motorcycle Tool Bag 

If you are in the market for an affordable motorcycle handlebar bag that is made of high-quality materials, then this NBOMOTO model is an excellent alternative that you should take into consideration. The bag is specially made for HD models and features exquisite craftsmanship that even someone who likes things to be perfect will surely appreciate.

Moreover, even though this is not such an expensive model, you will be able to rely on it for a long time, thanks to the strongly stitched and reinforced leather sheet it includes. Due to the materials used, the bag will also keep its shape throughout time, so you won’t have to deal with an item that doesn’t look too great after a while.

The generous interior space allows riders to pack all of these essentials, tools, and many other items that one needs for a nice ride. You should also know that its installation is hassle-free, so you won’t have any trouble with this aspect, thanks to the two quick-release buckles placed on the front.

Also, your things will be kept safe during the ride, given that the package includes 2 adjustable mounting straps. This way, you don’t need to worry about your things even if you are going for a longer ride.


Given that this motorcycle tool bag features a sturdy synthetic leather construction, it’s a durable choice that also won’t lose its shape in the long run.

The interior space is large enough to accommodate a wide range of items, which means that you will be able to take with you everything you need.

There are two quick-release buckles on the bag’s front for enhanced usability, as well as adjustable straps that you can use to fasten it in just a few minutes.

There is no drilling required to use this leather motorcycle tool bag, and you will surely enjoy the high-quality workmanship that makes this product one you should try out.


You should check the sizing before you make your purchase, to see if it fits your motorcycle.

The straps might not be long enough to go around the front forks of certain models.

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2. ElaineStore Motorcycle Bags with Leather Shell 

This product comes with multiple features that make it an alternative you should take a closer look at. First of all, it sports an elegant design that will go great with pretty much any motorcycle model. If you are not necessarily into fringes or studs, then you’ll surely appreciate this motorcycle handlebar bag.

In addition, this is a rather universal size. While it’s true that you should always check the measurements to make sure you get a bag that fits your bike, there is a very high chance that you won’t have any difficulties installing this one from the first try, given that it has strap slots in good locations.

Another aspect that you’ll probably need to know about is that this bag is made of waterproof material. However, the manufacturer recommends avoiding to soak it in water, as it might eventually get damaged. In terms of interior space, this bag might even surprise you a bit with all the stuff that it can hold.

No matter if you are planning to take a longer ride or you just want to go out for a nice day outside, this bag will be the right partner for this adventure.


You won’t have a hard time placing things such as a bathroom travel bag, phones, chargers, and other similar items inside.

The material used for this motorcycle fork bag is high-quality synthetic leather, which means that buying a new one won’t be necessary for quite a long time.

Given its versatile design, this bag can be installed in various places around the bike, including the handlebar, front forks, tail rack, or sissy bar.

The elegant and simple design makes this a suitable choice for a wide range of motorcycle models, so there’s a very high chance it will blend in very well with the rest of the gear.


The mounting straps attach horizontally, so this might not work very well for certain models, but you can use zip ties on the backside to get this done.

The straps might be too short for some bikes, so make sure you ask this detail before buying the bag.

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3. The Nekid Cow Motorcycle Storage Bag 

When it comes to premium tool bags, The Nekid Cow model we are discussing here is one that should not be missing from your list of options, given that it features a 3-layer construction that adds to the overall available space.

This means that you won’t have any trouble finding a spot for all the essentials you need during your trips, no matter if these are small items or heavier ones. Even if this is a rather cheap motorcycle handlebar bag, you shouldn’t think that it lacks anything in terms of quality or performance, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

The elegant design goes well with pretty much any type of motorcycle, while the structure includes a heavy PVC center that is covered with a leather-like waterproof material. Even if it starts to rain, you won’t have to worry about your items getting wet and you’ll be able to focus on the road.

The double straps keep the bag safely in place, while the quick-release system ensures an improved user experience when it comes to handling it around the bike. You can also use the Nylon straps that it includes together with the double “D” rings to securely install the bag on your motorcycle.


This is one of those great handlebar bags that feature a classic design, so if you are not so happy about fringes and other such elements, you’ll surely appreciate this one.

The special interior structure makes this a sturdy and reliable bag, so you won’t spend time worrying that your belongings might not be safe as you ride.

Thanks to the waterproof quality, you will be able to ride in various weather conditions, which is great given that this aspect can be quite unpredictable.

The interior space is quite large, which is something you will surely be happy about, so you won’t have to deal with deciding what you should and what you can’t take with you.


You should check all of the measurement-related information to make sure the bag fits your motorcycle.

The buckles and straps should be handled with care, simply to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear.

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4. Issyzone Motorcycle Fork Bag 

This Issyzone product is a high-quality synthetic leather motorcycle handlebar bag that works great for those who want a handy and reliable solution to carry various items as they ride. You can use it for a wide range of small items, such as gloves, sunglasses, driver’s license, a pocket knife, that you might use when you go on a riding trip.

No matter if you are simply going for a few hours or you plan on taking a longer trip, this handlebar bag for motorcycle that features a water-resistant design will most probably be the right partner in your adventures, especially since it can be placed in multiple locations around the bike.

Whether you choose to attach it to the front fork, handlebar, or side frame, these are all possible. Furthermore, you can use the two side flaps included to keep the items from falling out, thus making sure that you keep your focus on the road and that you don’t spend time worrying that something might go wrong with your belongings.

You should also know that this product works great for a wide range of motorcycle models, so you shouldn’t have problems fitting it.


The material used is a high-quality PU leather one and even though it’s artificial, it does ensure great durability.

The sewing is reinforced, while the material itself is waterproof, so even if it starts raining, you won’t have too much to worry about and you’ll be able to continue your journey.

Thanks to the quick-release buckle, you can conveniently take out items from the bag, which adds to the model’s overall usability.

When it comes to motorcycle tool bags, these are not always very roomy, but that’s not the case when it comes to this model.


The material might have a particular smell at first, but if you air it out a bit, it will go away in a couple of days.

There is no interior pocket that you can use to separately place some items, but if you do need this feature, you can always opt for a small pouch that you can place inside.

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5. Kemimoto Motorcycle Handlebar Bag 

If you want to get a good-quality motorcycle handlebar unit that you can easily use whenever you need to, this Kemimoto model is the right choice. One of the first things you might appreciate about this bag is the very nice and elegant design that goes well with any motorcycle model, blending in while subtly enhancing its overall appearance.

Moreover, it’s available in multiple colors so you can choose the one that goes well with the rest of your gear. One of the things you will surely be happy about is that this bag is very easy to use. The convenient buckles work right away, even if you have gloves on, so you won’t waste valuable seconds trying to get it to open or close.

In terms of materials used, these are high-quality ones, thus making this a durable handlebar bag that you will be able to use and rely on for many rides. You should also know that it can be easily installed in various places around the bike, such as on the handlebar, front forks, luggage rack, or sissy bar. No matter what you prefer, this bag can easily fit into one of those spots.


This is a universal model that works well for a wide range of motorcycles and even for some scooters, so if you own both types of vehicles it can be a cost-effective solution.

The nice design, combined with the multiple functionalities and affordable price, make this a very good gift idea for someone who is passionate about motorcycles and rides often.

You can use it to place a wide range of small objects inside, such as sunglasses or insurance papers so that they are always within comfortable reach.

The versatile design makes this a handlebar bag motorcycle model that can be easily placed in various spots.


This is a rather small item, so you may want to check its measurements to see if it works for you.

You should also check the details provided by the manufacturer in terms of the setup system, given that it needs to fit your bike.

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6. Giant Loop ZHB-Black Zigzag Handlebar Bag 

If you are searching for a compact bag that you can use for technical riding or dirt bikes, this might be just the model that you need. Because it is so compact, you can only use it to transport the basics such as your phone, wallet, registration and insurance cards and other assorted items that are small in size. 

This choice can be strapped on most handlebars and, thus, it will stay out of your way so that your ability to ride correctly is not compromised. Besides, this product includes an interior pocket. It was manufactured out of high-quality materials.  It has a size of 1.5 liters and it is backed by a warranty policy.

Given the materials that were used to make it, this option is water and dust resistant. It is very practical to have around as it allows you to store your items in close reach. 


This 1.5-liter bag is perfect if you are searching for a model that you can use to keep your essentials close by while riding.

It features a durable zipper and it was made of durable materials. Hence, this bag will most likely pass the test of time.

Because of its size, you can easily install it on your bike without any difficulties. It was built to fit most handlebars.

This model is backed by a warranty. It is small in size, and, overall, quite compact and simple to use, even by novices. 


The price of this item might discourage you from checking it out. Yet, the product is durable and very much convenient to use. 

Because it is so small, you might not find it suitable for your needs, especially if you like to carry more than the basics with you whenever you go on a ride. This is not an issue for all riders.

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7. Dowco Willie & Max 59511-00 Revolution Series 

This alternative features a universal mounting system so that you can install it on the handlebar of your bike with minimal effort. It was made of high-quality synthetic leather and, thus, it will look nice, while still being durable.

Moreover, the model includes a chrome quarter-turn fastener that is simple to operate. The choice is durable and, thus, you will be able to use it for years to come before you will need to replace it. Size-wise, the product measures 7.5 by 4 by 3". 

The choice includes an extra interior flap that allows you to store your belongings neatly so that you do not have to waste time searching for one particular item. It is large enough to fit your phone as well as your keys and other important belongings. This compact and handy handlebar bag comes with a lifetime warranty. It is easy to open, even when wearing gloves.


This choice features a universal mounting system so that you can install it on your bike easily. You can set it up without extra help.

In total, it measures 7.5" by 4" by 3" and, thus, it is large enough for you to fit all your essentials in it. The model does not take up a lot of space.

The item has a durable construction and, therefore, it can certainly pass the test of time. This option is backed by a lifetime warranty policy.

Given that it comes with a chrome quarter-turn fastener, this handlebar bag is very simple to operate, even when you are wearing gloves.


The two interior flaps of the model that are connected by Velcro make the bag a bit more difficult to use. However, this depends on your preferences. 

Because this bag is not made of real leather, it is not as durable as other choices. Still, this product is sturdy and you won’t have to replace it any time soon. 

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


There are several things that you need to take into consideration as you are thinking about buying a new handlebar bag. The truth is that there are so many options out of which you can choose, that finding the right one can be rather tricky.

On the other hand, if you keep in mind some of the main characteristics when you are browsing through the alternatives, you may have a much easier time finding the right item for your needs. In the following lines, we’ll take a look at what some of these aspects are and how you should approach them to get the bag that will serve you well.


This goes without saying, but choosing a high-quality product should always be a priority. Handlebar bags and bags that go on your motorcycle, in general, have to be reliable. After all, they hold important personal belongings most of the time, so losing them would not be fun. Not to mention that in case the bag detaches from the bike, it can also be a safety risk.

There are several materials you can go for, from textile ones to leather. Models that use leather might be a bit more expensive, but we all know that this is a great material for many types of uses, handlebar bags included.

On the other hand, this is a rather small item so you may not want to pay a fortune for it. If that’s the case, you can always go for a synthetic leather alternative. These come at a lower cost but offer many of the benefits that real leather ones do. One of them is the waterproof capability.

While you shouldn’t soak the bag in water, if you go for a water-resistant model, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about a little rain on your way. This is important especially if you plan on carrying things such as your driver’s license or other paperwork that might get damaged if it gets wet.



Another aspect that you need to carefully think about is the bag’s capacity. Motorcycles tend to have little room available, so you need to find a product that has enough interior space for everything that you want to carry, but without becoming a burden as you are riding.

Furthermore, you should also think about what items are mandatory to have with you and which ones are optional. This way, you may eventually decide to get two bags instead of one. The great thing about these products is that many times they can be placed on various parts of the motorcycle, such as the handlebars or sissy bar.

The result is that if you see you may need more room than one can ensure, you can always get two bags and place them where it’s most convenient for your use. What you may want to be careful about is not having too many items with you, given that they might become burdensome.

The general rule here is to choose the largest bag that can fit on your bike and then see if you need any extra room for other items. You may find that one is enough, thus making the entire matter easier.

Safety & comfort

As you can only imagine, safety is the most important aspect when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Every element that might distract the rider’s attention counts and this includes the bags attached to the bike. That’s why you should always make sure that the products you choose come equipped with extra safety features that allow you to securely attach the bag.

There is nothing fun about having your attention distracted by a bag that might be on the verge of falling off the vehicle, so you shouldn’t take any risks. With this being said, let’s take a look at the rider’s comfort as well. It’s crucial for anyone riding a bike to be as comfortable as possible, given that this can be related to safety as well.

Plus, any rider wants to enjoy the experience as well, so this matters a lot. There are many comfort-related things to consider when it comes to handlebar bags as well, one of them being that the item should be very easy to use. While it’s definitely not recommended to handle it while you are riding, there are sometimes situations in which maybe you stop to check something.

That’s when you shouldn’t waste valuable seconds trying to open or close the bag, so quick-release buckles are the right choice to go for in terms of construction.

Frequently asked questions


Q: How do you secure a handlebar bag to a motorcycle?

It all depends on the design of the bag and the type of set up hardware that it comes provided with. However, in the case of most bags, you will need to attach the model using zip ties or nylon straps. 

Before you start the set-up process, you should take a few extra minutes to read the instructions provided by the seller. This way, you can be sure that you will manage to install the model in place without much difficulty. 

For added practicality, it is a good idea to select a bag that is simple to set up, use and detach from the handlebar. If you want to learn more about how the model that you like works, it is best that you take the time to read what previous users of the bag had to say about these aspects. You can find all this info by reading feedback comments and reviews. 

Q: What should I pack in my motorcycle handlebar bag?

Even though this might seem like a simple question, this is not necessarily the case. To start, you should make sure that you pack essential items such as your mobile phone, your ID and other important documents such as your driving license and insurance card. Also, you must bring with you your card and your keys.

If you are not a big fan of online maps, you can also pack a map of the area that you intend to ride in. To make sure that your eyes are protected, be sure to bring with you a pair of sunglasses. If you want to take pictures along the way, and you are not happy with the quality of the pictures taken by your phone camera, some recommend that you also fit a small digital camera into your handlebar bag. If space allows you to, it might also be a great idea to pack some snacks.


Q: Are motorcycle handlebar bags universal?

Not all handlebar bags that you can find for sale are universal. That is, not all of them can be installed on any handlebar. However, for practical reasons, numerous manufacturers have started to produce and distribute models that come provided with a universal mounting system.

To be sure that this is the case with the bag that you like, it is a good idea to take a close look at the specifications of the said product. If the description of the item does not contain sufficient info on the matter, it is advisable that you contact the manufacturer and that you ask for more details. 

Besides, you can also go on biker forums and ask fellow riders about their opinion on the model that you like. This way, you will get first-hand reviews of the said handlebar bag. When it comes to the installation process, it should be added that most of the choices that you can find online are simple to set up.




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