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7 Motorcycle Bells (Reviews) in 2022

Bikers everywhere are well aware of the abilities of a motorcycle bell to keep evil spirits at bay, but not just any model would cut it for every one of them. Therefore, we took a close look at the models on the market and selected the most popular ones for your consideration.

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1. Guardian Bell Wolf

This motorcycle Guardian bell has everything that qualifies it as a lucky charm and a bike accessory that you can find excellent uses for. Evil road spirits often throw a span in the works, in the shape of unexplainable mechanical problems and the like, but they can be kept at bay with the right lucky charm.

The power of the Guardian bells is said to double when you buy them to offer them as gifts for your friend. This beautiful model, with a wolf head adorning the bell, is one of the most appreciated by buyers. Besides the exquisite design, there are other reasons why people love it so much.

Guardian is a company that makes artistic accessories for bikes, and the Guardian® Bell Wolf is on top of their list, regarding popularity. Made from lead-free pewter, it is an excellent example of what this manufacturer can offer.

The key ring on top is a nice feature, as it lets you use this for your keys, in case you already have a bell attached to your bike and don’t want to replace it just yet. Even more, the manufacturer offers a small velvet pouch so that you can offer it as a gift.


It is created by Guardian, a company with an excellent reputation in making accessories for bikers, and creating beautiful designs.

Only lead-free pewter is used in the making of these bells so that you can rest assured that there are no health risks associated with them.

You will love that the manufacturer offers a velvet pouch with your purchase, and therefore, you can thoughtfully present your gift.

Because there’s a key ring on top of the bell, the user can choose to bring it along the road as a key chain if that’s something he or she prefers.

The motorcycle bell is proudly made in the US so that you can expect the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.


There are some commentaries from users who say that they don’t like the way the bell sounds, which is, according to them, not exactly how such an object should sound.

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2. 3-D BELLS Viking Helmet Skull 3-D Motorcycle Ride Bell

While it is not one of the most affordable motorcycle bells, this 3D bell is ideal for someone who wants something a little out of the norm. As a gift, it truly is exquisite, and your friend will surely appreciate your taking the time to choose something different than most bells that can be found on the market right now.

Next, feel free to observe the amount of detail invested in the design. The skull and the Viking helmet both look precise and they are designed to make a great impression. Even more, the bell is made by hand, so you will get to see the craftsmanship of the company’s employees at work.

It is good to know that they use only lead-free pewter, to eliminate any doubts someone might have about possible health risks. American artists are behind such exciting designs, and their abilities shine through.

You will love that there’s a legend card included. As you may well know, such bells are bound to ward off evil road spirits, and your friend will like to learn about the legend, as well. The card is available in Spanish, too, in case you intend to offer the bell as a gift to a friend who’s bilingual or speaks only Spanish.


This motorcycle bell stands out from the crowd through the intricate design that proves the excellent craftsmanship of the people making it.

As the bell is made from lead-free pewter, there are no concerns regarding the possibility of it being a risk for the user’s health.

Due to the nickel-plated ring attached on top, you can use this for your keys, too, in case you want to keep the lucky charm with you all the time.

A legend card comes with the bell, and the good news is that you can order the model that has it in Spanish, should you consider offering it as a gift to a Spanish-speaking fellow biker.

You will receive a black bag that can be used for storing the bell, and for offering it as a gift in an attractive manner.


Be aware that this motorcycle bell is more expensive than other models on the market.

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3. Guardian Ghost Rider Skull on Motorcycle Biker Luck Gremlin Riding Bell

What could be better for taking on the road with you than a motorcycle good luck bell? This model from Guardian stems right from the legend that says that evil road spirits called gremlins will often latch onto motorcycles, causing them to malfunction when you least expect it. If you want to offer a friend a wonderful gift, think about this model.

Your friend will be able to ward off bad luck while on the road if he or she attaches this bell to the lower frame. This is what the legend says, at least, and many bikers embrace it. Especially if you have a friend who just got a bike, this model will represent a very thoughtful gift.

As it is always the case with Guardian motorcycle bells, this one has a specific, exciting design. It has a ghost rider skull on it, a symbol that will drive away the evil spirits. It comes with a ring key on top, allowing you to attach it quickly to the frame, or use it for your key chain.

Made from safe materials, it is an excellent example of craftsmanship and will convince you that it makes a beautiful gift for a biker friend.


The ghost rider skull design makes this model stand out from the crowd, and it is a design that many people appreciate and love.

Made in the US, it is the result of long-standing tradition and craftsmanship, two qualities the company manufacturing it is known for.

A key ring makes it easy to attach the motorcycle bell to the frame of your bike or to use it with a key chain.

It makes for a wonderful gift for a biker who embarks for the first long trip in his or her life; your friend will surely love it.

You can rest assured that the motorcycle bell will not be a problem to anyone’s health because it is made with pewter free of lead.


There appear to be some complaints about the fact that the motorcycle bell wasn’t accompanied by a velvet pouch upon delivery, like all Guardian bells.

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4. Guardian Bell Middle Finger Motorcycle Biker Luck Riding Bell

Another biker Guardian bell that makes it to our shortlist is this model. In case you or the friend you buy the bell for want to bring a little bit of sass on the road, and not just a simple talisman against evil, this specific design is just what you need. The middle finger design is more appreciated than most for the message it delivers.

No evil spirits would dare to cause unexplainable mechanical failure or make potholes appear in your way by sheer magic when your bike is equipped with this bell. Expect the same quality and attention to detail as from any product made by Guardian.

The sassy design is not the only thing that makes this motorcycle bell stand out. It is also made in the US, so its quality is second to none. The beautiful finish and the detailed design surely make it appealing, but it’s also the fact that the manufacturer only uses lead-free pewter that adds to the overall value.

You can attach the bell to the lower frame of a bike, or use it for your keys, as it has a key ring designed particularly for that. For good luck, make sure you have such an item with you on the road.



Nothing beats the middle finger design, as it surely transmits evil road spirits a message that is loud and clear.

Use it by attaching it to the lower frame of your bike, or get one for your keys; the key ring it comes with allows you to do all that effortlessly.

You can rest assured that only the best materials are used in the making of this motorcycle bell, which is lead-free pewter, to protect the health of those who use it.

Inspired by the legend of evil road spirits and how to ward them off, this model is an excellent gift to offer a biker friend.

You will be pleased to learn that it is made in the US, by American employees, so it has superior durability and quality.


Some people say that they didn’t receive the bag advertised by the company, so they couldn’t offer it as a gift as they intended in the first place.

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5. Guardian Never Ride Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly Motorcycle Riding Bell

A beautiful inscription and an intricate design make this model from Guardian more appealing and exciting than many others. The message written around the bell is this: Never ride faster than your angel can fly. In simple, yet poetic words, the bell encourages riders to avoid excessive speed, so they don’t get into accidents.

Even more than just the message, the bell comes with a design illustrating the words. A rider on his motorcycle drives behind an angel, following the advice on the bell. With that reminder close by, you will not only be protected by evil road spirits, but you will be able to protect yourself by driving more cautiously.

You will get a beautiful gift pouch with your purchase, so you will be able to offer it to a friend. Legend has it that a bell is more powerful if it comes as a gift from someone else than if you purchased it for yourself directly.

Besides that, it also has a key ring that helps you use it for a key chain. Most people prefer to attach it to the lower frame of their bikes, as that’s how the legend goes, but if you want to use the bell for your keys, that’s no issue, either. One way or another, you will be able to keep the evil road spirits at bay.


This model comes with a sturdy jump ring that will sustain even the longest and bumpiest ride without letting the bell fall.

Use a key chain or get a bell hanger so you can attach it to your bike, and the bell will be able to start working its lucky charm against evil on the road.

Made from lead-free pewter, it is a clear example of the attention paid by this company to make the best products for its customers.

Its message encourages bikers to manifest caution on the road, through a written text, and a graphic illustration on the surface of the bell.

The beautiful gift pouch that comes with it completes the picture; you will be able to surprise a friend with an exquisite present.


Some customers are a bit disappointed that the text doesn’t read more clearly, as they expected some black markings around the letters like in the ad pictures.

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6. Guardian Bell Live To Ride 

This cool-looking bell is the perfect gift to give for that friend of yours who loves riding. The product is made in the USA and it is 100% lead-free. When shipped, it comes provided with a keyring so that you can easily attach it to your bike.

On top of that, the deal also includes a velvet pouch where you can store the bell in between uses, as well as a legend card that explains the entire story of the bell and its powers. What makes this bell stand out is its nice, old-school design and the fact that it features the words "Live to Ride, Ride to live" on it.

Size-wise, this model is 5.9 by 3.1 by 0.6 inches, and it weights 0.64 ounces. It is made of good materials and, if used as intended, it can pass the test of time.


This bell is very nice looking. It has a design that will surely catch your attention and it comes with a card that explains the myth that surrounds it.

Besides, this product was manufactured in the USA by using high-quality materials. It is 0.68 ounces in total and it measures 5.9 by 3.1 by 0.6 inches.

The choice is shipped alongside a very handy keyring so that you can attach it to your ride right out of the box 

A pouch made of velvet is also included in the price so that you can safely store the bell where you want to. 


In rare cases, the bell that you receive might not actually ring. This happens rarely and, thus, it should not be an aspect that deters you from trying it. 

This product is rather small in size. This is not a major drawback as the precise dimensions of the product are listed in the description. 

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7. Guardian Bell St. Christopher 

Another product that you should check out if you want to give a bell to one of your friends to protect him/her from the Evil Road Spirits is this one made by Guardian. The model is 4.2 by 2.5 by 1 inch in size and it has a very nice and appealing design. The bell itself is engraved with an image of Saint Christopher. 

It also comes with a black velvet pouch that you can use to store it in between uses and with a key ring for added practicality and convenience. This way, you can install it on your bike without having to invest in special clips so that you can set it up. This bell is made in the USA and it was manufactured using high-quality materials. 

The bell will stand up well to all weather conditions that you might have to face in your adventures on the road. 



This model is manufactured out of quality materials in the US. It features a nice design that includes an engraving of an image that depicts Saint Christopher.

It is 4.2 by 2.5 by 1 inch and it weighs 1.28 ounces. It comes with a key chain so that you can install it in place in no time.

The choice is also shipped alongside a black velvet pouch where you can store the bell. You can also use it as a gift bag.

Overall, the design of this alternative is very appealing. The product makes for  a very nice present for your biker friends.  


When compared to other motorcycle bells that you can find for sale, this one is a bit bigger than what you might expect. Its size is made clear in the description of the item. 

The image imprinted on this bell is not very clear. However, given the size of the unit, this is not a major drawback. 

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Have you heard of the motorcycle bell legend? Most probably, your answer is ‘yes’, but, if you don’t, in short, it refers to how evil road spirits sometimes latch onto motorcycles, causing problems for them and their riders.

A motorcycle bell is said to keep those evil spirits away. That’s why many bikers like having one attached to the lower frame of the bike. It’s not a fashion statement, but pretty much a requirement for most riders. Also, the legend says that a bell has its power increased when it’s a gift received from a friend.

Message and design

If you intend to get one for someone you know, a lot of attention should be invested in picking the right message and design. In case your friend likes to speed up whenever possible, maybe a model with a message that advises caution is the right choice.

Or maybe you have a friend that likes skulls and other symbols that are supposed to be scarier than the evil spirits lurking on the road. If that’s the case, then your choice should be obvious. Classic designs are plenty, as well, and you can pick one if you don’t have any ideas.

The motorcycle bell is supposed to act as a lucky charm. There are cheap motorcycle bells that offer the same protection as more expensive ones, but one thing remains true. If you want to offer your biker friend such a thing as a gift, you should consider the various designs available.

You can pick from symbols that stand for courage, freedom, or love. Or you can choose one with a zodiac sign, provided that you know what your friend’s sign is. As a good friend, you most probably know that. With so many designs to choose from, you only need to take your pick.



A motorcycle riders bell is made from metal, and usually, pewter is used. While there’s not much to say here, as this is the choice of most manufacturers, there is a bit of caution advised. Search for bells that are made from lead-free pewter, as it is the safest to get in contact with human skin.

Manufacturers worth their salt always use only high-quality pewter in the making of the items they sell. Therefore, it is a good idea to go with a reputable company which you know won’t put the health of customers at risk in any way.


Other uses

According to the legend, you need to attach the lucky charm to the lower frame of your bike. While you ride, the bell will chime and keep the evil spirits away. That might be enough of good use for a bell, but here’s another thing that will make you love these bike accessories more.

Most of the time, they come with a key ring on top. That serves for attaching the bell to the frame of your bike, but it also offers you the possibility to use it for a key chain.

Can you offer it as a gift?

Since the legend says that a bell on motorcycle is more powerful if it’s offered as a gift, you should look a bit into this, as well. Manufacturers that sell such items usually know this, and that is why the better-looking bells are typically sold along with a gift pouch.

This pouch should be good-looking, too. After all, you want to offer your friend a gift that he or she will remember for a long time. And that’s the last bit you should know about so that you can pick the most appropriate model for your friend.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What does a bell on a motorcycle mean?

The story of motorcycle bells is an old and odd one. The “Gremlin Bell” is considered a protector or bikers against evil spirits, known as gremlins that attack riders. The bells work by capturing the spirits into the hollow and infuriating them with the noise produced. 

Some of the models that you can find for sale feature the image of Saint Christopher, the protector of travelers. In a way, these bells are a type of good luck charm that bikers give one another. It is believed to be a sign of bad luck if you install a bell that you have purchased yourself on your bike. 

According to the legend, the bell is activated, so to say, when it is given to a rider as a sign of love and care. For best results, the bell should be hung on the lowest part of the bike so that it can easily entrap the spirits on the roads.

Q: Are guardian bells only for Harleys?

Gremlin Bells work just as well on any bike, no matter the brand. However, it should be pointed out that some argue that the legend of these special bells was born in the Harley riding community. 

If you want to, you can purchase a Gremlin Bell made by Harley-Davidson. Still, this does not mean that you can only give it to a friend who rides a Harley. As we have mentioned before, the giving of the bell is a sign of love and care and, thus, it is a gesture that means the same, no matter what type of motorcycle you own. 

The entire power of the bell is the goodwill of the person who is offering the bell. If you intend to sell your bike, it is recommended that you remove the bell before you do so. If you want to offer the bell to the new owner, you still need to take it off and to offer it directly.


Q: Where do you put a bell on a motorcycle?

As the legend says, the bell should be attached to the lowest part of one’s bike frame. This is important because it is believed that the gremlins lurk on the roads and they attach to those bikes that do not have a bell. 

The lowest the bell is installed, the greater the chances of entrapping these evil spirits. To attach the bell as securely as possible, some use safety wire for the task or, in some cases, zip ties. Most of the bells that you can find for sale come with a keychain so that you have no difficulties when it comes to installing such a product.

Additionally, many of them come with the story of the bell written on a special card and with a velvet pouch. Thus, you can gift the bell right out of the box and the receiver of the gift will know its significance. 




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