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5 Best Moped Locks (Reviews) in 2023

Finding reliable, yet cheap moped locks is not a task without its challenges. Because we know how difficult it is to browse through the numerous units currently available, we have decided to help you by making a list of products that have received positive reviews so far.

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1. Winner International UTL 800 The CLUB Utility Lock XL

If you are interested in a device that is made of sturdy materials, the UTL800 model sold by the Club might be all that you need. This product can be considered a durable alternative to old style chains and padlocks. Its main advantage is that it has an adjustable length from 13-3/4 to 20-1/4 inches. As a result, the item can be used in various positions, in accordance with one’s preferences.

On top of that, the choice has a patented design that incorporates cro-moly steel and a vinyl coating that protects your ride from getting scratched or scraped. Also, this model is worthy of your attention because it is water resistant and pretty easy to use, even by novices.

Even more so, you should know that this device is very durable as it has an extra heavy-duty construction that is said to withstand over 1,500 pounds of pressure.

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2. Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit 999492 Disc Lock

If you are a fan of classic-looking motorcycle locks, this Kryptonite alternative might also interest you. The model is made of 3t hardened manganese steel, and it is covered in a durable protective nylon that features hook-n-loop fasteners so that you can effortlessly put it in place.

As a plus, the device comes shipped alongside a highly recommended lock that is known for its sturdiness. The disc-style cylinder that it includes has a reinforced anti-drill and anti-pull protection system.

The choice comes provided with three stainless steel keys that you can utilize. One of them is lighted with a high-intensity bulb. This way, you won’t risk not knowing where to find it when trying to unlock your ride at night.

The item is light in weight and rather compact so that it is effortless to carry around. Moreover, a deadbolt locking that ensures an extended holding power is also included in the deal.

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3. BigPantha Upgraded Moped Lock

If you enjoy using a motorcycle disc lock, this next device will surely peak your curiosity. This alternative features a tested and proven anti-theft lock that is tough and tamper-resistant. Once installed, it functions by immobilizing the clutch or the throttle so that no thief is able to steal your ride.

Furthermore, this lock is simple to use as you can fit it in place in less than 5 seconds. Therefore, it can be considered a good choice if you are always on the go. Because it is conveniently sized, the lock is small enough to fit in your pocket. Hence, it also won’t take up a lot of space in your backpack.  

According to the seller, the device was built to last, and it can work in numerous weather conditions. However, the manufacturer recommends that you try to avoid purchasing the product from imitators. Those that invested in it so far were satisfied with its performance.

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4. Kryptonite Keeper 785 Integrated Chain

Another alternative that you might want to analyze is the Kryptonite Keeper 785. This choice features 7mm four-sided chain links made of 3t manganese steel, and it has an end-ink design that can effectively secure the chain to the deadbolt so that any type of vulnerability is eliminated.

On top of that, this product comes fitted with a high-security disc-style cylinder that is said to be pick- and drill-resistant. When shipped, the lock comes provided with two ergonomic I-shaped keys that you can use to unlock it.

What makes this option worthy of your attention is its weather-resistant nylon sleeve. Thanks to it, you can be sure that you won’t scratch your ride while trying to secure it.

This chain measures 33.5 inches in length, and it is regarded as a good investment by current users. The manufacturer recommends that you only purchase this choice if you live in a low crime area.

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5. Kryptonite Kryptolok U-Lock with 4 foot Flex Cable

If you need a sturdy alternative, this next model might be just what you need. This U-shaped option has an improved design, and it is considered a good fit for any bike and moped.

The item has a shackle that was constructed from 13mm highly durable steel, and it can resist being cut and any kind of leverage attacks.

For extra convenience, this item also features a 4’ double loop cable that you can use when securing the front wheel. Because of its reinforced hardened crossbar design, this product is said to supply its owners with increased protection, no matter the circumstances.

As a plus, because it has anti-rattle bumpers, this product is not at all noisy during transportation. According to the seller, given its design, this option is not that difficult to carry in between uses. The protective vinyl coating that it features guarantees that it won’t scratch your rid

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If you have shopped for motorcycle locks before, you probably already know just how complicated this task is. To help you, we have created a short list of features that you should take a look at before you make an acquisition.


If you are determined to get the best lock for mopeds, it is advisable that you start by assessing the types of locks that are currently available. This way, you will be able to pick a model that caters to your needs entirely.

First things first, there are the cable bike locks. These locks are made of coiled metal cables or of woven wires, and they generally feature an encased plastic cover. Their main disadvantage is that they are easy to cut through. Hence, they might not offer the type of protection that you are searching for.

Next, chain locks consist of solid steel links that are difficult to cut through. However, some of the available models are not as sturdy as expected, especially the cheap ones.

Finally, U-locks can be used to lock the wheels of the ride so that potential thieves won’t be able to push it away. Generally, U-locks are very sturdy and highly resistant to hammer attacks. According to moped lock reviews, it is advisable that you select a lock that is small in size as larger models can be broken by using hydraulic jacks.

No matter the type of lock you decide to purchase, keep in mind that a good moped lock is one that has a security rating that matches your needs depending on the type of area that you are living in. In other words, if you live in an area with heavy traffic and a high crime rate, be sure to go for a lock that has an above average rating.


Flexible design and weather resistant

Similarly to when purchasing motorcycle tie-down straps, the model that you decide to get should have an adaptable design. This way, you won’t risk not being able to use it with the kind of moped that you own. After all, not all locks can be used with all types of rides.

Because of this, it is generally advised in favor of one getting a product that has an adjustable length.

Furthermore, the device that you purchase should be made of a material that can be used, no matter the weather; if the metal used in constructing the model is not corrosion-resistant, it should, at least, be covered in a protective coating that prevents it from rusting.

Plus, for extra practicality, it might be a good idea to invest in a product that is light in weight and foldable. As a result, transporting it from one place to another should not be an issue. Also, the lock that you settle for should come provided with a spare key so that, if you lose one of them, you can always count on the second one.

Extra features

Just like when buying motorcycle brake pads, there are a few additional aspects that you should think about before you select that lock that you’ve found for sale. For example, the experts recommend that you get a device that can provide you with both anti-drill and anti-pull protection. This feature is particularly important if you intend to park your moped in an area that is prone to attacks from experienced thieves.

Even more so, for extra protection, you should know that there are locks that also feature built-in alarms that go off whenever somebody tries to steal your ride. These models are highly appreciated because the loud sound that they make can draw the attention of other people and thus, discourage thieves from interfering with your bike.

If you purchase a device that has to be assembled, the experts recommend that you read the reviews left by other buyers and see what they had to say about the clarity of the instructions provided by the seller.

If you have friends that own motorcycles or mopeds, you probably know that many times, people buy components and accessories, including high-quality motorcycle tire changers that cause them a lot of frustration in the end.

However, this should not be the case with your new lock. Therefore, you should purchase a model that is easy to install and remove without scratching your ride. To do so, be sure to read what current owners have to say about how a specific model behaves.

Moreover, if you intend to stick to a budget when shopping for a product of this kind, we recommend that, before you start exploring the market, you set up a budget.

If you are interested in finding high-quality components for a bike, be sure to read this article on how to select a motorcycle oil filter. Also, this guide on how to get a reliable motorcycle headlight can also be of help.




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