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5 Best ATV Winches (Reviews) in 2022

Finding the best ATV winch for the money can be a rather time-consuming task that might not yield the best results. In order to give you a hand, we have written some ATV winches reviews after carefully analyzing offers from various manufacturers, technical specifications as issued by the manufacturer and customer feedback. The best products are showcased below.

1. Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 3500lbs/1591kg single line pull

This was the product that came up first while our team was doing the research. It has received excellent feedback, specifications that are meant to satisfy even the most exigent users and an affordable price that makes this perhaps the best offer available on the market.

The design features a roller fairlead, a mounting plate, and remote control. The sealed 1.6 horsepower permanent magnet motor is a high efficiency, low amp draw engine that has been waterproofed to ensure all-weather operation.

The planetary gear train is made out entirely of steel and has machined, oil pocket bearings that are designed with reliability in mind. With a pull rating is about 3.500 pounds, this item will certainly get you out of any unpleasant situation that might appear. It is compatible with almost any four-bolt pattern mount kit, making it versatile enough.

The winch is delivered with 50 feet of 13/64” steel wire rope that is resistant and hard to break. In case of power surges or failures, the mechanical load holding and dynamic braking systems minimize the possibility of wire slip and can quickly stop the drum. Another safety feature is the remote control that has a 10 feet cable, to enable safe operation from a distance.


With a planetary train gear that features a sturdy steel construction, this is one of the most reliable ATV winches that you can get your hands on. 

Thanks to the waterproofed engine, you can use this unit in all weather conditions, which makes it suitable for pretty much any recovery mission you might need to do. 

The powerful engine makes this winch suitable for a wide range of uses, no matter if you need to use it for an ATV or UTV. 

This model is delivered with multiple accessories, so you won’t have to spend additional money in order to start using it. 


This unit doesn’t include a cordless remote accessory, so if you would like this feature, you need to purchase it separately. 

The mounting bolts might be a bit short to mount on some vehicles, so check this out to know if you need to buy other ones. 

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2. Warn 89020 Vantage 2000 Winch

Another great option, the Warn Vantage winch for 2000 lbs is a tough design that can withstand the harshest weather conditions and worst treatments that it might receive during use. It is appreciated by many customers not only for the technical features but also for the compact size and good price.

This device features a strong and compact build, a differential planetary gear train with a ratio of 155:1 designed for smooth operation and a powerful permanent magnet motor rated at 0.7 kW.

It is fully sealed, making it waterproof and usable in any weather condition, including in snow, while the corrosion resistant finish lengthens lifespan. It also incorporates a dynamic brake that further enhances safety.

The Warn Vantage 2000 winch can be used for many purposes, including moving trees or obstacles found on the road. It is delivered with 50 feet of 5/32” wire rope, and it can be remotely operated via an included switch that has about 10 feet of cable length. A handlebar-mounted mini rocker control is also integrated into the package.


Able to withstand the harshest conditions, this model is one of those ATV winches that you are going to be able to use for a very long time. 

What makes it a very good option is the compact size, which means that you won’t have to worry about maneuvering or storing it. 

The fact that it’s fully sealed means that you don’t need to worry about using it in humid conditions, so if you need to go on a recovery mission and move a UTV this is not going to be an issue. 

Delivered with accessories as well, this winch can be operated remotely using a switch that comes with a 10 ft. cable. 


The cable might need to be replaced at some point, especially if you use it for difficult jobs that are not usually necessary. 

You can easily install it, but if you want to use it for other vehicles, such as UTV, you should read the specifications provided by the manufacturer. 

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3. Warn 89030 Vantage 3000 Winch

Designed for more massive loads, the Warn Vantage 3000 pounds winch shares some characteristics with its smaller relative, the Vantage 2000 model. This product was built for vehicle recovery or for moving heavy loads aside.

It has a pulling capacity of about 3000 pounds and is one of the most powerful cheap ATV winches.The rugged planetary gear train with a ratio of 155:1 is powered by a permanent magnet motor rated at 0.8 kW. When combined, these parts offer quiet operation and decent pulling speeds.

Waterproof sealing was also used for the winch, making it an all-weather device that any motorsport enthusiast should possess. The rope used is 50 feet long and 5/32” thick, and it is made out of synthetic materials that can easily handle heavy loads.

A mini-rocker switch is included, as well as a remote control that can be used to operate the winch while the user is not standing on his or her ATV. It has a corrosion resistant finish that looks modern but also helps preserve the winch in the best operating condition possible. This item is also pretty lightweight, weighing in at only 12.25 lbs.


If you are looking for one of those ATV winches that can easily help move heavy loads, then this model is the one you should keep in mind, given its powerful motor. 

Specially built for vehicle recovery, there’s no job that this four wheeler winch won’t do in a very short amount of time. 

Given its 3000 lbs. pulling capacity, you can use it for a wide range of vehicles, even if you have a UTV or another type of four-wheeler, as long as it fits the mounting system. 

ATVs are often battered by all types of weather conditions, but this model can successfully face them thanks to its waterproof construction. 


The installation process is not difficult, but if you are not used to these kinds of jobs, you may have to ask for some additional details or do a bit of online research. 

The cable delivered with this unit might need to be replaced after a while. 

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4. Warn 90250 ProVantage 2500 Winch

This rather high-end model is a professional winch that is known for being extremely durable, performant and reliable. Quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer which produced this item not only for experimented buyers but also for inexperienced users.

The product is part of the ProVantage series, an upgraded version of  the products listed above. Powered by a 12 V DC permanent magnet motor rated at 0.7 kW, the winch delivers all the power needed to recover any immobilized ATV or sports vehicle.

A 3 stage planetary gear train that ensures a ratio of 154:1 means that the maximum load for this particular model is 2500 pounds. Everything is sealed and waterproofed, meaning that the design is suitable for any weather.

The roller disc brake offers good control while winching, increasing the security of use. The ProVantage 2500 winch incorporates a rocker control switch with a plug for a separately sold corded remote. It is delivered with 50 feet of 3/16” wire rope that is thick enough to not break easily, but also lightweight.


If you are into ATVs but you are not very familiar yet with using a winch, this unit is a very good choice, given that it’s so easy to operate. 

The powerful motor is specially designed to recover a wide range of vehicles, so even if we’re talking about a UTV, this should not be an issue. 

The sealed and waterproofed construction means that you will get the same level of performance in all types of weather conditions, so this is not going to be a concern. 

The specially designed roller disc brake ensures superior control which, in the end, translates into an enhanced level of safety when using the winch. 


This is not necessarily the cheapest winch in its category, but it does offer multiple features that make it a very good choice. 

Installing this unit is not very difficult, but you need to make sure that it’s compatible with your vehicle. 

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5. Superwinch 12 VDC LT4000ATV SR Winch

This is one of the most powerful very cheap ATV winches available on the market. The Superwinch LT4000 is a rugged and reliable product that has been well-received by customers upon its release. Intended for everyday use as well as for professionals, this particular model can handle up to 4000 pounds of load.

Power comes from a 12 V DC, 1.4 horsepower permanent magnet motor and it is delivered via a 3-stage planetary gear train with a ratio of 166:1. Like previous models, all electronics are sealed and waterproofed.

Since the Superwinch LT 4000 was designed to offer more power than many other models, it was also used by many customers for heavy-duty loads encountered in their everyday life. Many buyers have claimed that, when subjected to a much heavier load than the one specified, the winch worked, proving its versatility and reliability. However, this is not recommended.

Delivered with 50 feet of 3/16” steel wire rope, a roller fairlead, a handheld remote control for safe operation and a handlebar rocker switch, the item includes all the accessories needed for casual operation. However, it is not very lightweight, at about 24 pounds.


Thanks to its 4000 lbs. moving capacity, this winch is the right choice if you intend to use it for large ATVs or more difficult jobs. 

The planetary train gear features a 3-stage construction, which makes this particular winch a highly reliable one. 

All the components that might be damaged by humidity are waterproofed and sealed, which means that you can use it whenever necessary. 

Given the powerful design and sturdy construction, this winch can be used for heavy-duty loads, as well as for a wide range of vehicles, so recovering a large UTV as well is not going to be difficult. 


The wire provided with this unit might be a bit short for some jobs, so you may have to purchase another better-suited one, depending on how you need to use it. 

If you are still new to using a winch, you may have to do a bit of research to learn how to install it in no time. 

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6. Champion 3000-lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit

When looking for an affordable item without sacrificing quality and safety, why not try to give a chance to the Champion winch? It is one of the few products available for under $100, and the stock can be quickly exhausted.

The rated load is 3000 pounds, making it powerful enough for most applications. The planetary gear has a reduction ratio of 171:1; powering this mechanism is a 1.3 horsepower 12 VDC permanent magnet motor. Weighing in at 20 pounds, it is neither light nor too heavy, and it can be mounted on an ATV since it is delivered with a mounting channel and a roller fairlead.

In terms of remote operation, the Champion 13004 ATV winch is delivered with a switch and mount and a remote control. Another safety feature is the dynamic braking system that holds the load firmly in place. It is most appreciated for its power, ease of use and versatility, as it can be used for almost any task that requires pulling or hauling a massive object.


This unit comes with all the necessary accessories to install it on your ATV right away, so you won’t have to spend time or money once it’s delivered. 

The remote card it comes with means that you can control it from a distance as well, while the winch itself features a sturdy construction and a great design. 

Thanks to the dynamic braking system it includes, this unit is safe to use and remains firmly in place whenever necessary. 

You can safely say that this is a versatile ATV winch that is going to make your life a lot easier if you decide to give it a try. 


The contact button could be improved, so if you are having any difficulty using it you should contact the seller for further assistance. 

The motor is a bit noisy, but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get the job done right away. 

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7. Champion 4500-lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit

The Champion 14560 ATV winch is designed for the heaviest loads that  you might encounter, providing powerful and reliable service for all types of users. The winch has a maximum line pull of 4500 pounds, making it one of the most powerful products in its category.

The efficient planetary gear has a ratio of 180:1 and works together with a dynamic brake. Power comes from a 1.6 horsepower permanent magnet motor; these features will surely be more than enough for most tasks that this item might face during operation. Included in the package, the 38 feet, 15/64” galvanized aircraft cable is guaranteed to not break at such loads, ensuring a safe usage.

This kit is easy to use and includes everything the user might need to start winching. A roller fairlead, cables, contactors one wireless remote and one mounting channel are delivered alongside with the aforementioned items. Safe operation is guaranteed by the wireless action and the other high-quality parts that were used. The manufacture

With a maximum pulling capacity that goes up to 4500 lbs. this is one of the sturdiest and most reliable winches you can set your eyes on if you need to get difficult jobs done. 

The dynamic brake ensures the necessary safety by keeping the unit in place, and the effective 1.6HP motor is going to help you get pretty much any task done with little effort. 

You will also get all the necessary accessories in order to start using the winch right away. 

Thanks to the wireless feature, the winch is safe and easy to use, so you don’t have to run into unnecessary risks when recovering a vehicle. 

r offers a 2-year limited warranty.


With a maximum pulling capacity that goes up to 4500 lbs. this is one of the sturdiest and most reliable winches you can set your eyes on if you need to get difficult jobs done. 

The dynamic brake ensures the necessary safety by keeping the unit in place, and the effective 1.6HP motor is going to help you get pretty much any task done with little effort. 

You will also get all the necessary accessories in order to start using the winch right away. 

Thanks to the wireless feature, the winch is safe and easy to use, so you don’t have to run into unnecessary risks when recovering a vehicle. 


The instructions might not be the easiest to understand, but you can always look for extra details online or ask the manufacturer for guidance. 

The buttons could be improved in terms of responsiveness, but you will get used to them after a couple of uses. 

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HOOAI Synthetic Winch rope 

Even though almost all winches available for sale are delivered with rope (either steel wire or synthetic), having a spare one is a good idea especially when the winch is often operated. With time proven reliability, the HOOAI 7000+ pounds rope is the first product that we discovered while gathering information for the article.

A heavy duty synthetic material was used for this 3/16" winch rope that is known for its resistance and special characteristics. Used in winches, ATV or SUV mounted, it can also be employed for securing boats and other small vessels. Easy to handle, without sharp frays, the product is hailed for some other features too: it does not coil or curl after deployment, and it has no memory.

It is delivered with a 1.55 meters protective sleeve that prevents overheating and slippage. A specially designed nylon eye guard for hook attachment ensures long lasting service and increased safety for less experienced users. A hook stopper is also included in the package so that the HOOAI synthetic winch rope can be a ready-to-use item.

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KFI Products Winch Cable 

Also required to complete your ATV winching kit is a cable hook stopper. This item is usually not included with the winch itself and should be bought separately. It is used for eliminating wear and tear that experienced by the rollers when the hook comes in contact with them.

The KFI Products ATV-SCHS hook stopper is 6 x 4.4 x 2.5 inches in size and weighs in at about 3.2 ounces. It is a durable, lightweight item that should not be omitted by the outdoor enthusiasts.

It fits between the outside rollers found on the winch fairlead, keeping the hook away from the mount, thus eliminating not only wear and tear but also hook clatter. Made out of a very hard rubber, it is good for synthetic cable and steel wire rope, without requiring any other modifications.

Explicit mounting instructions are available online, but this particular product is easy to set up, thanks to the detachable semi-spheres that compose it, that are held together by screws. Praised by customers is the value for money that the KFI ATV-SCHS cable hook stopper exhibits.

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Guide Gear Universal Winch Mount 

A winch, no matter how powerful or efficiently is, becomes useless when the mount supporting it cannot hold the weight of the load being pulled. For this reason, a good universal winch mount is required.

Guide Gear offers a product that has been designed to resist at loads of 3500 pounds (but not more). Featuring a tough build that enables heavy lifting, the universal mount is also versatile and reliable. It is pre-drilled for 2 and 4-bolt winches, these being the most commonly available types.

Installation is simple and requires no other items, no matter of the vehicle chosen to mount the product onto.Powder-coated steel was used while manufacturing the universal winch mount. This makes it reliable and long-lasting since it resists corrosion and bad weather.

It is compatible with any 2” receiver, so versatility is no problem here. Weighing in at 4 pounds, it is 12 x 5.7 x 2 inches in size, which is pretty compact. Customers have appreciated the fact that it works as the producer claim it would.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Finding the suitable ATW winch and accessories can be a time-consuming task. After reading feedback sent by customers, product specifications and explanations offered by professionals, we wrote a buying guide that deals with the most important aspects that should be kept in mind while shopping for these items. Our guide could also be helpful for customers looking for a UTV winch.

Setting off

Like with any other outdoor product, there are some basic things that you must take into consideration before prospecting the market. The first detail that must be dealt with is what pulling power do you need? To find out, first, you should know or find out the weight of your ATV.

It is important to know this because it is a good appreciation of the force that will be needed to drag the vehicle out of a trap. Most ATV winches can be used for many other pulling tasks as well, but usually, the effort required for these is less than what is needed to get the vehicle out of the mud. For example, even an ATV winch for snow plowing requires less, despite being able to perform this difficult task.  

What is the winch going to be used for is another thing that influences the characteristics that are to be sought after? Such a device is good for much more than simply getting a vehicle unstuck.

Other uses are in construction works, in removing obstacles that are blocking a road, or in carrying game back to the cabin after a hunt. A versatile ATV winch is the best option to look after since it can prove a worthy companion in times of need.


Winch size and power

One of the most important differences between winches is the maximum pulling power, together with overall size. Common ATV winches have a maximum load rating that varies between 1500 and 2500 or even 3000 pounds. More powerful devices, suitable for UTVs as well, can pull an object that has a total mass of 3000 – 4500 or even 5000 pounds.

Depending on the other intended purposes, which also influence pulling power, you can decide what device type you actually need. Below 2000 pounds, the items will be useful for getting small ATVs out of the mud, between 2000 and 3000 lbs even larger, utility vehicles can be dragged out of the mud, while those above 3000 pounds are good for getting pretty much any buggy, UTV or ATV unstuck. The latter is also recommended for many other uses.

The maximum size of the winch depends on how big the vehicle is and what mounting plate it can accommodate without serious modifications. The smaller products can easily be fitted onto the frame rails of a sports ATV, while the bigger ones are easier to mount on UTVs. Of course, a small winch with high pulling capacity is usually pricier; however, these are also available at pretty reasonable prices.


Environment and warranty

Not all winches are entirely waterproof or sealed, so take the environment and weather patterns of the area where you ride your ATV into consideration. Water can affect not only the circuits and motor but also the steel components as well, if these have not been treated to be stainless and corrosion proof.

Besides, snow can also be an enemy if the product is not properly sealed. Last but not least, having a sealed device protects it from sand and dust, elements that can cause it to overheat and eventually break down if not removed in due time.

Once you have decided where the winch is going to be used, it is time to think about reliability. Most products are pretty rugged and durable, but, even so, they might break down. Search for a device that is also delivered with the longest warranty possible; of course, the best case is that of a lifetime guarantee, but those valid for two years are also good.

Other details to take into consideration

There are a few other things that should be known. A free-spooling clutch is a feature that allows the cable to be freely pulled from the drum without overcoming the mechanical resistance of the gears. It also allows quick release and spares the winch from some wear and tear.

Fairleads can be with a roller or a hawse – the latter offers less cable protection than the first, which is better in terms of smooth operation. Remotely mounted switches are used to control the winch either from the ATV via a small button placed on the handlebars, or from a distance, via a remote control.

This is a safety feature that can save your life in case of rope failure, so look for it. If the package includes a cover to offer further protection to the winch, go for it because it is a bonus that will expand the device’s lifetime.

Frequently asked questions about ATV winches


Q: How to install an ATV winch?

In order to install an ATV winch, you must install a mounting plate first since most ATVs do not have a place for winches on their frame. There are many mounts available, and choosing one depends on the type of ATV and line pull rating of the winch.

Instructions are usually issued with the winch and plate, but, in case they are not present, the installation should go like this: first, the plate has to be bolted in place. Secure the bolts with adhesive. After this, the winch will be mounted on the plate, secured and bolted. Make sure to remove wires, hoses or other obstructive parts out of your way before bolting in the mount.


Q: How to wire an ATV winch?

In order to wire an ATV winch, some easy steps must be followed closely. To begin with, first, you need to find a place for the contactor, a relay box used by the winch. It acts as a central wiring point, basically doing what a console does. After the contactor has been installed, run the wires from the winch itself to the proper contact points found on the contactor.

Bear in mind that this operation can require drilling and other operations performed to run the wires to the proper spot. Therefore, after completing the installation, try to waterproof the contactor in order to make it work in any kind of weather.

Q: What is an ATV winch used for?

Driving an ATV over rugged paths and muddy roads is all fun and joy until you get bogged down. Then, a winch will suddenly become extremely useful. These devices are used to pull one object towards another, and the one that moves is the one that has the least resistance.

When the ATV is stuck in the mud, the rope from the winch is attached to an object that is firmly held in place, acting as an anchor. After that, the motor powering the device will turn the drum, drawing in the cable and moving the vehicle towards the anchor. It can also be used to move trees, rocks and other obstacles off the road.


Q: Can you use an ATV winch on a truck?

ATV winches are designed for a certain maximum line pull load, usually between 2000 and 4000 pounds. Even though there are many videos on the internet and accounts claiming that they can be used to pull trucks or other heavy vehicles, this is not recommended.

When overloading a winch, some things might happen, either randomly or all at once. Sometimes, the rope might fail, as it was not designed for such strain. Rope failure can lead to serious injury or even death, as the tension is extreme. Overloading the engine is not a good idea as it might either drain the battery or simply burn itself out. There are truck winches available on the market, and ATV winches should only be used for their purpose.


Q: What size ATV winch do I need?

To decide what size is the best for your needs, you have to know the weight of your ATV. After figuring this term out, think about what you need it for. Winches start at around 1500 pounds of pulling power and can go up to 4500 pounds. Sub-2000 pound winches are for smaller and lighter ATVs included in sports classes.

These winches are smaller and can be easily mounted. 2000-3000 pound winches are suitable for almost any pulling job, and they are designed for utility class ATVs that are bigger and heavier than free-time models. Other tasks can also be completed with these products, such as pulling timber, trees or big game after it has been hunted.




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