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5 Best ATV GPS Units (Reviews) in 2023

Choosing a good GPS for your ATV could prove a difficult task, especially since there are so many options available on the market right now. However, we did some research for you and came to the conclusion that you deserve to be informed about the best items available now. So, below you will find a list of the products we consider worthy of your attention.


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1. Garmin GPSMAP 64st Topo U.S. 100K with High-Sensitivity

This item is perfect for your ATV trip if you’re in an unknown place. The sunlight-readable display has 2.6 inches, so it is large enough to provide you with all vital information regarding orientation, and even more. It comes with a dual battery system meaning you can charge it using 2 regular AA batteries or with a rechargeable NiMH battery that charges inside the device.

The product is lightweight and easy to carry around, weighing approximately 8.1 ounces or 230 grams including the batteries. This GPS is also equipped with a Bluetooth connection, meaning you can pair the item with additional heart rate monitors, temperature sensors or even action cameras so that you can prevent any unwanted accidents meaning you'll also have to get a set of snow tires like the ones described here. You can wirelessly upload the received data on additional tech devices like smartphones which you can carry by using a phone mount (hop over here) and then share the activities in real time.

The product comes with preloaded TOPO maps of the United States, as well as a one-year free subscription to the BirdsEye Satellite Imagery.


This handheld Garmin model is one of those devices that you can rely on when you are on remote trails and you need to use the navigation system for guidance. 

With a large screen size, you won’t have trouble reading the displayed information, even in direct sunlight. 

When you are on a track, there’s little chance that you can recharge the unit, so it’s a very good thing that it comes with a generous and versatile dual-battery system. 

Thanks to the lightweight design, you won’t be hindered in any way when using this device, which means that you can focus on enjoying the experience and the view. 


This handheld navigation device is not necessarily a cheap product, but it does come with plenty of functionalities that are definitely going to help you when you are on the trail. 

Even though the menu is quite intuitive, it might be a bit difficult to learn at first.

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2. Garmin GPSMAP 64SC Rugged Handheld with GPS

The item features a sunlight-readable large color display of 2.6 inches to easily read maps and directions in order to reach your destination the fastest and safest possible way. The microSD slot allows you to expand the internal memory of this card up to 4GB. This means you can stock plenty of maps and useful alerts regarding the roads you are most interested in.

The dual-battery system makes this item easy to charge at any time. You can either use two regular AA batteries or the rechargeable NiMH battery so you can always stay connected with the most important road alerts. The product is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around as it only weighs approximately 230 grams, batteries included.

It is also equipped with the Receive Smart Notifications feature so you can use the monitor as a heart rate monitor, a temperature sensor, and more. Later you can wirelessly upload the received data to your smartphone using the Bluetooth connection provided by this GPS.


Another great option to stay on the right track when you ride your ATV, this model comes with a microSD slot that allows you to add to its internal memory more space for maps. 

Thanks to the large screen size, you won’t have difficulty reading the details, while the dual-battery system means you won’t run out of power while you are on trails. 

You will surely appreciate the fact that it’s one of the extremely lightweight devices, so you won’t feel any discomfort when using it. 

The special Receive Smart Notification functionality allows you to gather data on your heart rate, temperature, and many other indicators that can then be analyzed. 


This handheld unit doesn’t have a touchscreen design, something that younger users might be more accustomed to due to smartphones. 

You should read the warranty details and see if getting an extended one is a good idea, based on how often you are going to use it. 

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3. Garmin 010-01508-10 eTrex 30x

The 2.2-inch color sunlight-readable display on this GPS allows you to easily read maps and road alerts even during the sunniest days without missing a thing. The increased resolution will help you understand maps and receive directions clearer so you can reach your destination in no time.

Thanks to the large internal memory provided of 3.7GB you will be able to load as many maps as possible, including HuntView, TOPO 24K, and more. The product also comes with a pre-loaded base map that includes a worldwide map with shaded relief so you can easily know where you are heading.

The built-in-sensors will make the electronic compass and the barometric altimeter to be extremely useful when finding the right direction again or reaching a precise altitude for optimal pressure. These features will really come in handy if you plan on taking your ATV out for an off-road or some light mountain hikes.

The featured Bluetooth wireless connection allows you to upload your most important data on your smartphone easily.


If you have trouble reading screens in direct sunlight, you should know that this is not going to be an issue when using this unit, thanks to its specially made screen. 

If you are not sure about which trails you are going to use, then you will definitely use the pre-loaded maps this device comes with to help you with any navigation needs. 

The generous internal memory allows users to load their own maps, while the barometric altimeter and electronic compass are going to provide very useful information. 

Being on a trail doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have connectivity, so this is one of the devices that include Bluetooth capabilities for pairing with your smartphone. 


Even though its accuracy is great, this is not a touchscreen model, which is something that users might want for their trail navigation. 

You may have a bit of a difficult time learning to use it, as the manual is not very clear. 

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4. Garmin Nuvi 67LM 6-Inch GPS Navigator

This large 6-inch color screen is perfect for reading maps in high resolution and never missing an exit on your road. Equipped with the Foursquare technology, you can use this GPS to search for millions of popular restaurants, malls, gas stations, shops, and more in real time, and receive easy instructions on how to reach them in the fastest and safest possible time.

Using landmarks and understandable traffic lights, the Garmin Real Directions system will guide you to your destination like a true friend that is calm and pleasant. You also have direct access to the navigation system so you can change directions, routes, and destination points after you started a search.

This ATV GPS is compatible with a backup camera that allows you to stay safe in traffic and see everything surrounding you in traffic.

Last but not least, when purchasing this GPS you will also receive free lifetime map updates in real time to keep up with everything that is changing.


With a large 6-inch screen size, there’s not much you are not going to be able to see at a glance when reading the maps. 

If you want to explore some of the local areas when you are on various trails, the Foursquare technology included in this model is going to take you to restaurants and shops right away. 

In case you want to have access to the navigation system, this unit allows you to make all the changes you want without any trouble.  

This is definitely one of the devices that keep you safe when you are on trails, but the same goes for traffic, so it’s a versatile solution. 


This is not a handheld unit, which might make it a bit more difficult to handle in certain situations. 

The suction cups need to be properly set up in order to safely support the GPS. 

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5. Ohrex GPS Navigation 7-Inch Touch Screen

This affordable option has all the latest maps of North America pre-installed with 2D and 3D map display, and it includes downloadable maps of Europe, Australia, and more. It is a versatile product that you can also use for your car, truck, RV, and other vehicles since it is very easy to remove and place it in your vehicle of choice.

You can navigate with confidence since this GPS unit boasts very detailed maps that are kept up to date by the manufacturer. You won’t miss a turn since the wide 7” LCD displays all the information that you need at a glance, and it is bright enough for you to read even in sunny conditions.

The powerful speakers will guide you when you can’t take your eyes off the road. The user interface is another strong suit of this model since the touchscreen makes navigating through the settings and charting a route very easy since everything is just as convenient to use as any smartphone.


It is an affordable option that packs all the important features one expects to find in a high-quality ATV GPS unit.

The latest maps are always available with this model since the manufacturer does a very good job of providing frequent updates to the map catalog and the operating system.

The generous 7” capacitive touch screen display is a great addition since not only is it very easy to read, but it is also intuitive to use.

It has multiple vehicle modes, including ATV, car, truck RV, and more so that the system can customize your route depending on the vehicle you are using.


The brightness of the screen is an advantage in the daytime, but you can’t reduce the backlight brightness, and at night, the 7” screen can hurt your eyes.

There are only three zoom levels until you select a destination and, in certain situations, this makes it difficult to draw a route.

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6. Garmin Overlander Multipurpose Navigator

For outdoor enthusiasts that are looking for a rugged GPS unit that can survive all their adventures, the Garmin Overlander is an excellent choice that has an IP5X dustproof outer casing and is rated for drops from as high as 4 feet. What’s on the outside of the unit is impressive, but the internals don’t disappoint either.

This model operates on Android OS and has a built-in memory capacity of 64GB that you can expand even further using micro SD cards. It is safe to say that the internal memory is more than enough to fit all the maps that you need, and the Garmin Explore app has a wide variety of extra maps available for you to download.

The maps are rendered beautifully, and the unit runs very smoothly with no lag or other issues. You can mount it easily anywhere since the device features a powered magnetic mount that comes with a ram-compatible adapter and a suction cup.


You don’t have to take your eyes off the road when using the unit since the voice command feature lets you interact with the device even if you don’t have an internet connection.

The driving mode has a 3D topography layout so that you can tell what type of terrain lies ahead and, for ATV drivers, this is a great feature that will aid you when navigating off the beaten path.

You can use it with a variety of vehicles, and the unit will suggest the best route based on the weight, height, and length of the vehicle.

It can connect to GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellites so that you can enjoy better connectivity even in challenging environments.


The method used to download additional maps is time-consuming and not as intuitive as the rest of the user interface.

It is an expensive unit and even with the extra features that it packs, it is a hard sell for people who are on a tight budget.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Choosing the best ATV GPS could prove a difficult task, especially with so many products available now on the market. However, if you’re looking for a product that will last you a long time from now on, you need to pay attention to certain features or characteristics. We decided to land you a hand and help you choose the best GPS for ATV by showing you the most important features such a product should have.

Screen size

Regardless of the size of your ATV, it should be equipped with a solid and trustworthy GPS. This also means that the GPS should feature a large LCD screen so that maps and directions could be shown easily.

The best GPS for ATV riding you can find on the market would have a 5-inch screen, similar to smartphones or mini tablets. The screen is large enough to allow you to easily perform and navigate through different commands to reach out your destination as soon as possible.

Moreover, a large screen is also suitable for people who have minor reading difficulties or eye problems because it allows you to see the map on a larger scale and read directions easier, without requiring additional glasses.

Last but not least, a large screen also means a reduced amount of time spent making the necessary arrangements and adjustments to your destination point. It will also help you see road alerts easier and avoid traffic jams, blocked roads or any other obstacles you might meet.


Ease of use

The best GPS app for ATV riding should also be extremely easy to use. This means a user-friendly interface, large buttons or extremely responsive touchscreen so you can place your commands in a matter of seconds and not spend valuable time with your eyes off the road.

We suggest going online and reading some ATV GPS reviews to see exactly which type of product would best suit your needs and requirements. A GPS that is easy to use also comes with plenty of features meant to enhance the communication between the user and the device. This means real life alerts and vocal commands.

If you’re not necessarily looking for a GPS for ATV and UTV, you could opt for one that is intuitive and allows you to easily insert the destination address. Some GPS units are also equipped with intelligent features that allow you to choose between millions of restaurants, shopping malls, gym facilities, and others so it will be easier for you to reach your favorite place in time.


Keeping an eye on the traffic

If you live in large cities, you probably know how hard it is to get to a place on time, even using public transportation like the subway or the bus. And, since your personal car is out of the question, purchasing an ATV could seem like a good alternative, considering they are smaller in size, and can easily get you from one place to another without consuming too much gas either.

Our suggestion is to purchase the best ATV trail GPS with a traffic feature incorporated to alert you in real time of everything related to the traffic in your city. From bumpy roads to roads under construction, traffic jams, car accidents, you should constantly be informed about everything that could slow you down and get you late.


ATVs are rather lightweight vehicles so it only comes naturally that all accessories included should also have this feature. Keep in mind that the larger the GPS, the more chances there are for it to be heavy, chunky, and harder to mount. Thus, you should opt for lightweight items that are easy to carry around whenever you’re not using them.


Other useful features

If you’re looking for a good ATV GPS for sale, you should also take into account the secondary features of the device. Power is an important problem so make sure your product comes with at least two different ways of charging, so you’ll never run out of battery when needing the item the most.

In addition, free updated worldwide maps are perfect for those who travel a lot and want to keep track with any modifications in their routes or roads. This way you can take shortcuts, avoid traffic jams, and reach your destination safe but faster.

Items with an increased internal storage can host more applications and maps, while a Bluetooth wireless connectivity allows you to transfer data from the GPS directly to your smartphone easily.

Frequently asked questions about ATV GPS units


Q: How does an ATV GPS work?

The product uses a satellite connection to transmit real-life data about the roads you are using or uses its own preset worldwide maps whenever used offline. The GPS can have a similar interface like a tablet, including the large LCD screen.

On it, you will see all necessary information and directions regarding your destination point and how actually to reach it. It has plenty of functions you can work with, including choosing from millions of already existing destinations. Most of the products are powered by regular AA batteries or rechargeable batteries and have a battery life of approximately 24 hours before requiring to be charged again.

Q: How to mount an ATV GPS?

There are several accessories and pieces you will require in order to mount the GPS unit to your ATV. These accessories should often be made from sturdy and reliable materials, meaning you should avoid the ones made from cheap plastic that can easily break.

Keep in mind that an ATV doesn’t have any windows, so you want your mounting accessories to resist all weather and temperature conditions and keep your GPS steady and easy to access at any time. You won’t require any screws to keep your GPS in place, but more often a resistant strap or adhesive air vents that are placed on the board of your ATV.

Q: How much does an ATV GPS cost?

Depending on the size and its functions, a good GPS for ATV ranges from around 100 dollars and can reach three hundred or four hundred dollars. Most of the items are sold for about two hundred dollars and feature large LCD screens, wireless connectivity, as well as other useful accessories.

You should look for a GPS with a larger screen, although these are usually more expensive. However, they are easier to follow and offer you a better image of the map you should follow in order to reach your destination.


Q: What ATV GPS accessories do I need?

The first and most important accessory to use on an ATV GPS is a case for the GPS unit’s screen. You need one that allows you to easily access all of the product’s main functions but also be able to provide 100% protection against water or humidity, dust, dirt, and any other dangerous substances.

Choose a case that is also resistant to bumps or scratches, and that comes with an increased UV protection. This way you will be able to see and access your device regardless of how sunny, windy or rainy it is outside.


Q: Do I need an ATV GPS tracker?

Most of the ATVs that are hired by tourists come with included GPS units and trackers. This allows the renting company always to be able to determine the location of your item and get it back if it’s stolen or lost. Similar, a GPS tracker should be used by ATV owners because it gives you a sense of security.

The GPS tracker can also alert the police if someone is attempting to steal your device. The technology is similar to the one used to prevent car stealing. In other words, a GPS tracker is extremely efficient to prevent stealing or losing your ATV.

On a budget? Check out these ATV GPS apps!



Polaris GPS Navigation is a great app that is easy to use and works perfectly online and offline. It works even without a WiFi connection using a regular raw GPS location. You won’t require any account or subscription in order to download and use this app for free.


BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS. This app is suitable for all Android smart devices like tablets and smartphones. Use the app to download offline maps directly into your phone and use them even when you don’t have a WiFi connection. You can download maps for the United States or any other country in the world.


Trimble Outdoors Navigator. For those of you who own an iPhone, this app is perfect. Use it to download offline topo maps and pictures directly on your iPhone and later use them wherever you are traveling. The offline maps will keep you safe whenever hiking, biking or taking your ATV for a ride.


Digital Ranger. This item is extremely useful when wanting to locate the nearest restaurant, campground or other useful pitstops on your road. It is perfect for ATV users and doesn’t require a WiFi connection in order to work. Some of the app’s most liked features include learning about the wildlife near you and safety tourist information in all national parks and forest.




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