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42 Best Motorcycle Boots - Comparison & Reviews for 2023

Finding the right boots for your preferred riding style can be time-consuming with the huge offer on the market. If you want to ensure that you get the right pair to suit your needs and budget, you should check out our top motorcycle boots reviews below, where we’ve showcased some of the most appreciated models available.

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1. Forma Adventure Low WP CE Approved Motorcycle Boots

If you want to travel in comfort and style, then the Forma Adventure motorcycle boots are the best choice. These boots will keep you warm and dry during the ride and ensure you enjoy it regardless of the weather.

These stylish motorcycle boots have a mid-height design which ensures good ankle support. The leather is well-oiled and comes with a vintage finish that makes these boots look attractive. The DryTex membrane is waterproof and breathable which will keep rainwater outside while allowing water vapors from perspiration to get out.

The rubber sole is lightweight yet dense and it provides a good anti-slip grip. This model comes with a plastic pad protection, as well as adjustable straps with Velcro. The ankle area benefits from molded TPU plastic protection, while the midsole features a steel shank. The interior is extremely soft and comfortable thanks to the memory foam padding, making these a pair of good motorcycle boots. These boots also come with antibacterial footbeds.


These boots come with adjustable GH plastic buckles and Velcro closures so that they stay on your feet at all times.

Besides, the insole that they feature is antibacterial and it comes with an air pump system for ventilation that makes the product very comfortable. The insole can be removed.

The choice has a full-grain oiled leather upper. Plus, it features a vintage finish that many appreciate.

It also comes with an anti-slip rubber sole and a rigid midsole made of nylon and a shock-absorbing material that is known for its sturdiness.


One customer argued that he cannot use these boots while riding his bike because the sole and the toe box are too thick. He was the only reviewer who had an issue with this aspect.

Another buyer said that these boots do not look as good in real life as they do in the image made available by the retailer. Still, he was happy with their quality.

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2. Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Motorcycle Boot

These boots are an excellent option for both touring and off-road adventures. The Adventure 2 benefit from a solid construction, with rigid plates that are meant to protect your feet in case of a crash. These boots feature a Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable fabric that will ensure that your feet remain dry in rainy weather but cool when it’s warm outside.

The heel area is anatomically shaped to offer maximum protection as well as to ensure superior flexibility so that you’ll feel great when wearing these both on and off the bike. The upper is made of Cordura, which is an extremely strong yet lightweight material. The inner sole is made of nylon and it comes with a removable arch support.

Thanks to the easy-to-use buckle system and pull tab, you can effortlessly get these boots on and off. The reflective panels are situated above the heel so that they increase visibility during the night.


If you value feet support, you will be happy to find out that these boots can provide you with increased bedding in the ankle area. 

The model has a design that stands out and it is lined with a waterproof and breathable membrane that makes it quite comfy.

It features a non-slip rubber  sole that comes in handy when walking on wet surfaces. These boots are known for being sturdy and practical. 

The upper part of the boots is manufactured from grained and split-grain leather. Therefore, this choice is rather durable.


One issue some of its buyers have signaled so far has to do with the weight of the model. Yet, most bike boots are known for being somewhat heavy.

As expected, it might take a little bit of time for you to break in these new shoes. However, former owners say that the wait is worth it.

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3. TCX Track EVO WP Boots

The Track Evo from TCX are designed with the adventuring rider in mind. These boots combine protective padding with comfortable features to ensure amazing rides every time. This model is made of high-grade suede that is flexible and comfortable to wear. The inner liner is made of a waterproof microfiber which will keep you dry in both hot and rainy weather.

These boots are lightweight, but come with extra protection thanks to the shin plates and shift pads that are supposed to keep you safe.

This model also features malleolus inserts for comfortable long rides, as well as 3 buckles that are made of strong polyurethane. These are easy to adjust so you can ensure a snug fit at all times.

The rubber sole is strong yet flexible, and it comes with specially designed tread grooves to ensure a good grip both on and off the bike.


Those who love off-road rides should consider this lightweight alternative as it was specially constructed for the job.

It has shift pad reinforcements as well as polyurethane shin plates so that you are protected in case of accidents. Plus, they are not very bulky. 

Because of the various inserts that this item includes, you can be confident that you will be provided with the right fit.

Given that this option has  waterproof soles, you don’t have to worry that your feet will get wet in case of an unexpected change in the weather.


One buyer noted that the sharp seam under the shifting pad makes these boots somewhat uncomfortable when worn for many hours on end. Yet, no other reviewers agree. 

Another customer argued that the buckles that this alternative features do not snap shut correctly at all times. Not many fellow owners noted this problem.

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4. Bruno Marc Men's Motorcycle Combat Oxford Boots

The first thing you will notice about these boots is that they are made as a fashion statement, as they are pretty stylish, and you will love wearing them everywhere. That said, it doesn’t mean that the model doesn’t do well as a working boot. It comes with a durable sole made from rubber, so you can rest assured that you will have great stability.

The 1-inch heel is comfortable and enough to make your feet feel good, while the platform is 0.5 inches thick. A few design elements will have you look at this boot with more interest than at others. For instance, the faux fur lining gives it a fashionable look, as does the cushioned color.

It is an ankle-high boot, so it is also flexible and ideal for most weather conditions. Several classic colors are provided for you to take your pick. The zipper option makes it easy for you to remove these boots after a long day riding.


Made with durable rubber soles, these boots are made for riders, but also for people who need a working model.

The interior zipper closures make putting on and taking off these boots nothing but a walk in the park.

Its fur lining adds elegance to this boot and makes it stand out from the crowd.

Some classic design elements such as the lace-up and the cap toe make the boot a hit with those riders who prefer a more traditional look.


If there is one thing that you won’t be too crazy about when you get these boots is that the laces provided are short, and you will surely want to replace them.

A few quality control issues such as a rivet popping out, or a sharp edge, or a lighter color than the one presented, take down a notch this otherwise good looking boot.

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5. Harley-Davidson Footwear Men's Darren

When you say Harley-Davidson, you know that’s a name that stands for top-notch quality and impressive style. These boots are no exception to the rule, and they will surely make a first great impression from the first time you take a look at them. They are made of leather, so they are incredibly durable.

The outsole is created to offer proper oil and slip resistance, which means that you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling when you wear them. For extra comfort, the manufacturer thought about employing a full-length cushion lining so that your skin doesn’t rub against the leather upper of the boot.

These boots are not only for riding, as you can wear them after riding in style. Offering superior performance, as well as the attitude that’s the signature of this famous manufacturer, these boots can hardly have a competition, and the other motorcycle boot manufacturers need to strive to compete with them.


The traditional harness look of these boots is sure to impress any rider who is looking for a classic design that combines style with durability and performance.

One thing you should learn first is that the upper is made from 100% leather, a clear sign that Harley-Davidson never cuts corners when manufacturing its products.

You can rest assured that you won’t happen to slip on an oil puddle, as the outsole is created to provide proper resistance to such situations.

For extra comfort, the boots come with full-length sock lining that prevents any rubbing and chafing.


These boots run really big, and that’s something you really need to bear in mind if you don’t want to end up with a pair that allows your feet to move too much inside.

Also, for people with thicker legs, the neck opening of these boots might present a bit of a challenge, since they won’t be that easy to put on.

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6. Harley-Davidson Men's Boxbury Work Boot

The Men’s Boxbury are riding boots that come with the style and attitude of the reputable Harley-Davidson. You get to ride in comfort thanks to the superior design and quality materials that make this half-calf boot a popular choice in rider communities.

The removable insole comes with dual-density layers that feature memory foam for a comfortable fit anytime. The upper is made of strong leather and Cordura material which are also breathable so you won’t get your feet soaking wet when riding in hot weather.

The model comes with dual YKK zippers both on the inside and the outside so you get to put on or take off the boots faster than ever. Each sole is made with the Goodyear welting process so you get a boot that has superior grip even on wet or oily surfaces. This classic lace-up model also comes with a black finish that will surely catch everyone’s eye.


This choice was manufactured from a combination of Cordura and leather. Therefore, they can surely be worn regularly.

Moreover, the shaft of each boot measurers 7 inches from the arch and the sole is entirely made of rubber. The outsole that it features is oil and slip-resistant.

Because of the design and the construction of this item, these boots are a good pick if you enjoy taking long trips on your ride.

A removable dual-density sock lining has been added. This lining includes memory foam for added comfort.


A handful of previous buyers have said that this choice is not sized correctly. According to them, these boots run a bit small. So, it might be a good idea to order a size up.

Another customer said that he was disappointed with his purchase because these boots are too narrow for his feet. A wider version is not available. 

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7. Gaerne G-Adventure Boots

If you’re looking for a trusted pair of boots to wear on long rides in rainy weather, then the Gaerne G-Adventure is just what you need. These boots are made of quality materials for a comfortable fit and long-lasting durability you can rely on. This model is made in Italy so you can benefit from a solid construction according to the highest industry standards.

The upper is made of full-grain leather for a stylish look and superior flexibility that won’t hinder movement, whether you’re on the bike or on foot. The materials are waterproof so you won’t get your feet soaked when riding on wet roads. The rubber sole is tough and resistant while the grooves provide you with a firm grip even on slippery surfaces.

The 3-buckle system allows you to snugly tighten the boots while also making them easy to put on or take off. The shifter pads are reinforced with strong plastic for extra protection, while the interior is padded for superior comfort.


If you have a soft spot for boots that have a futuristic design, be sure to take a close look at this model as it might be just what you need.

It features a dry tech breathable membrane that makes these shoes comfortable to wear during the long trips you take on your bike.

The choice is also windproof and waterproof and the sole was manufactured out of high-quality materials that prevent you from slipping.

As the seller argues, these boots were reinforced at the shin and they come with adjustable and replaceable plastic buckles. 


When compared to other alternatives that have a similar design, it becomes clear rather easily that this product is somewhat overpriced. Yet, buyers say that it is worth the money.

One user was dissatisfied with the fact that these boots cannot protect his feet in case of rain. Not many others noted this issue when we did the research.

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8. Forma Adventure Low WP CE Approved Motorcycle Boots

The Adventure Off-Road are waterproof boots that are great for on-road adventures in harsh weather conditions. The boots make use of a DryTex waterproof membrane that’s also breathable, which will keep rainwater out while also allowing for vapors from perspiration to evaporate.

The outer leather is treated with special oils to ensure long-lasting performance and waterproofing capabilities. The 3 buckles are easily adjustable and you can ensure a tight fit for every ride. The injection-molded plastic protections will keep your feet, ankles, and shins safe even in case of a crash.

The midsole is made using the Dual-Flex technology which makes it resistant and flexible. However, this lightweight design is not intended to be used for aggressive kick-start or motocross-type foot pegs. The interior is lined with soft materials including polymer padding as well as memory foam for instant and long-lasting comfort. This model also features antibacterial footbeds.


This model has a full-grain oiled leather upper, as well as that vintage finish that all bikers love and look for in riding boots.

Besides, the insole that it features has antibacterial properties and it is removable. Consequently, you can clean it whenever you want.

Because this model is well ventilated, you don’t have to worry about feeling too hot while wearing it during the warmer days of summer.

It has an anti-slip sole that is made of high-density rubber. Therefore, it can provide you with all the support that you might need.


One former buyer complained that this model has soles that are too thick. However, this is not a drawback according to other customers that have acquired the product.

One issue that one previous user has observed is that the boots that he received did not look as good as in the picture provided by the seller. 

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9. TCX X-Blend Waterproof Boots

The X-Blend series combine a vintage design with modern materials to provide riders with reliable MC boots that offer great protection as well as superior looks. These vintage motorcycle boots are made of full-grain leather that is strong and durable. The brown finish makes these boots stand out from the rest, in addition to offering extra-flexibility for a comfortable wear.

This model also features a waterproof lining which will keep your feet dry in both wet and hot weather so you can enjoy long rides anytime. Each boot has toe and heel counter reinforcements for better support and a tight fit. The footbeds have antibacterial properties which will prevent unpleasant odors from forming even after prolonged use.

The rubber sole is rigid yet flexible enough for free movement. It is also capable of offering a good grip on a variety of surfaces, including on slippery ones.


This alternative was made of modern, highly durable materials so that its users can wear it comfortably year after year.

Because of the design of these boots, they are extra flexible and practical to have on whenever you go on a long ride.

The lining that the item features is waterproof. Therefore, these boots will keep your feet dry at all times, no matter the changes in weather that you might have to face.

It has a rubber sole that is rigid, yet flexible. Because of it, the model provides its customers the necessary freedom of movement as well as a good grip over slippery surfaces.


One previous user was unhappy with the performance of these boots. Yet, he was not particularly thrilled with their looks. Many other bikers like the vintage finish.

The price of the product might discourage some interested customers from acquiring it, especially if they are on a strict budget. 

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10. Joe Rocket 1377-0012 Ballistic Touring Men's Boots

What’s not to like about these boots? Not only are they good looking, but they present a lot of benefits for the rider who wants to show off a little. The toe armor is injection-molded, which means that there will be no fatigue points to cause the material to break over time, with regular use.

A closer look will tell you many other things about this model, such as the fact that the shin, ankle, toe, and heel areas are all reinforced to resist a lot to wear and tear. In other words, you can’t go wrong with these boots, as they were designed with durability in mind.

Not only durability is an important consideration; comfort is another, and you will be happy to notice the articulated ankle design that allows your foot to sit in a comfortable position without experiencing any strain. The high-stress areas also come double-stitched, for increased sturdiness.



Several design aspects contribute to the overall comfort of the motorcycle rider, such as the low profile toe box that won’t cause your feet to swell.

You will feel mobile in these boots even when you get off your bike since the articulated ankles do their job, and you won’t feel even the need to break in this footwear.

Durability can be an issue with such boots, which is why it’s great that this manufacturer thought about double-stitching all the areas that are subjected to high stress during use.

The toe sliders are integrated, and they can be replaced, which is another thing to like about these boots.


The fit on the calves might be a bit too tight, especially if you prefer wearing long thick socks with your touring boots.

A few quality control issues can be troublesome, such as the skid sides getting loose and allowing dirt and grass to get in.

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11. Herobiker Motorcycle Combat Boots

An active person will surely love these boots that were clearly designed to make an impression. First of all, you will like that the manufacturer used genuine cow suede leather for the upper. That is enough recommendation for how flexible and comfortable such footwear is, even when you wore it for a long time.

On the inside, the boots come with a breathable mesh that allows moisture wicking and keeps your feet dry and comfortable. There are two closure systems available on this model so that you can rest assured that they are secured in place. You have a hook and loop system and laces, as well.

The high-stress areas like the toe, the heel, and the ankle, are all reinforced to ensure that they won’t wear off too quickly. The boots come with rubber soles that offer excellent skid resistance to prevent accidents.


Made with a cow suede leather upper, this boot is guaranteed to offer excellent comfort and flexibility for the foot.

You will never experience any displeasure, as the boots come with an internal liner that absorbs moisture and dries it quickly.

Riders will love the presence of two closure systems, one based on a hook and loop system, and the other being laces.

Since the soles are made from rubber, you won’t experience any embarrassing slippage, and you will feel stable on your feet.

Also, the way the soles are designed allows you to move your feet and flex them naturally, without a glitch.


Although these boots appear to be pretty well made, they might not be as durable as you might want them to be.

Some issues with sizing may appear, as these boots seem to run small, and you might have to consider getting a larger pair.

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12. Harley-Davidson Darrol 

If you’re searching for a comfortable pair of boots for casual motorcycle rides, then you can’t go wrong with the Harley-Davidson Darrol. These ankle boots feature a stylish design as well as a smooth finish that will certainly catch the eyes of bystanders, in addition to feeling good on your feet.

These boots are made of full-grain leather uppers for a flexible and comfortable fit. The interior sock lining provides soft cushioning that will offer a smooth ride whether you’re commuting to work or out for an evening trip downtown. The rounded toe shape is smooth, while the ankle shaft ensures proper support despite the low profile of these boots.

The heel displays an embossed Harley-Davidson logo while the space between the first lace eyelets features a metal H-R badge. The rubber sole provides superior flexibility and traction and it offers a good grip on various surfaces while preventing slipping.


The choice was designed to feature a full-length cushioned sock lining as well as a full-grain leather upper.

It includes outsoles made of rubber that can provide you with the necessary flexibility and traction. This way, you can use them no matter the weather.

The boots have a classical design that you are likely to appreciate. They have a smooth and rounded toe as well as a shaft that covers the ankle.

On top of that, the insole and the upper are bunded using a sturdy construction method that many appreciate. The heel measures 1.25\".


There was one customer who said that he was not happy with his purchase because he had to have these boots resoled after three months of use. 

Another buyer claimed that this model is overpriced. He argued that, for the money, this alternative looks rather cheap. Not all owners agree with this assessment.

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13. Caterpillar Women's Midi 

The Caterpillar Women’s Midi are elegant motorcycle boots that are great for casual rides around the city. These come with a rugged road design that can fit any occasion and any casual dress. These are made of superior quality suede and full-grain leather for a stylish look and a durable exterior that’s meant to last for a long time.

The microfiber lining is super-soft and it will keep you comfortable during both short rides and long cruises. The PVC die-cut midsole has the strength required for a rigid sole, while the rubber sole will give you perfect traction and better grip on many types of surfaces so you won’t risk slipping.

You can tighten the 2 buckles and easily adjust them to ensure a snug fit. These slick boots will work with both sporting outfits as well as with eye-catching dresses so you will feel good in your own skin while also benefiting from reliable protection for your feet.


This elegant alternative was specially designed and constructed to be used by lady bikers interested in a durable product.

It was made entirely out of leather and it features a synthetic sole that can supply you with the necessary traction.

The boot has an opening of around 13\" and a shaft that measures 9\" from the arch. The heel is not higher than one inch.

Plus, the microfiber sock liner that this unit includes makes this model even more comfortable and practical. 


Some of its owners were quick to observe that these boots are somewhat bigger than expected. This was not a popular opinion. Yet, if you have small feet, it might be a good idea to order a size down. 

Another biker commented that the toe and the foot part of the unit are too stiff and, therefore, not as comfortable as she had expected. Numerous other users had no such issues.

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14. Rampage Women's Motorcycle Boots Islet 

If you’re looking for a pair of motorcycle boots for casual wear, then the Rampage Women’s Islet are a good choice. These boots are made of faux-leather, featuring a black and shiny finish that makes these easy to wear alongside a fancy dress. The straps add to the elegance of this model, and they are also very easy to adjust to ensure a tight fit and a comfortable ride.

The shafts of these boots measure 9 inches, while the heels are approximately 1.25-inches high. These pull-on boots are just as easy to take off. The interior lining is soft and comfortable so you can definitely spend an entire day without feeling any hindrance.

The sole of these boots features a traditional design. However, some users have reported that they received boots with melted-looking soles. You might want to thoroughly check the boots as soon as you receive them in case you’ll need to return them to the seller.



This choice features a heel that measures 1.25\" as well as a 9 inches shaft. The product was man made from highly durable materials. 

Furthermore, the opening of the boot measures 11.5\" around. The design of this choice includes numerous buckles and straps that add to its appeal.

The footbed of the model was lightly padded for increased comfort. You can wear these boots for hours on end without feeling feet fatigue.

It has synthetic soles as well as a round-toe design. This item was designed to be worn by fashion-forward women that value comfort.


One previous buyer said that the boots that she received were slightly bigger than expected. Yet, she argued that wearing thicker socks helped.

There was one other customer who said that the product did not fit her needs. She argued that it looked cheap and not well-made. This was the only reviewer who pointed this out.

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15. Forma Vogue Touring 

The Vogue Motorcycle Touring Boots are slick motorcycle boots that feel just as good as they look. The modern design benefits from a retro touch that makes these a must-have, especially since they can be worn with both moto gear as well as casual dresses. The upper part of the boot is made of full-grain leather that’s both strong and flexible and suitable for long-term use.

The high heel gives these boots an elevated and stylish look that will surely impress. The side panels add protection while being elastic enough to ensure proper comfort. The ornamental buckle adds to the beautiful look, while the full-length zippers make these boots easy to put on and take off.

The DryTex tubular lining will keep your feet dry even in rainy weather while still being breathable so you won’t get wet from perspiration. The interior padding is made of soft polymers with memory foam, while the Dual-Flex sole and antibacterial footbeds further increase comfort.


This alternative has a full-grain leather upper and a high heel made of rubber. The heel is not very high.

It was specially created to be worn by women. It has an anti-shock EVA midsole and it comes fitted with a replaceable footbed that is made of an antibacterial material.

Because it features an Air Pump System, this model is very convenient and comfortable to wear, no matter the temperatures.

The shin and the ankle part of the boots include TPU molded plastic protections that make this option durable.


According to previous buyers, the price of this model is somewhat high. Therefore, it might not be a good fit for those customers who are on a budget.

Because they have a simple design, these boots might not catch the attention of those bikers who are interested in classic-looking shoe wear. There were no reviewers who had issues with the design. 

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16. Alpinestars Corozal Adventure 

If you’re looking for a pair of solid boots for off-road adventures as well as for cruising on country roads, then the Alpinestars Corozal Adventure are exactly what you need to make the most out of your riding experiences.

These boots have uppers made of multiple modern materials which include natural leather that’s coated with PU, suede leather, and microfiber. These materials provide excellent abrasion resistance, stiffness, as well as comfort and durability so that you can count on these boots to keep you safe and comfortable for a very long time.

Both the front and the rear areas feature accordion stitching for improved mobility on the bike as well as when walking. These areas also use microfiber for more elasticity and flexibility which should provide freedom of movement as well as improved control. The interior lining is breathable, while the DryStar membrane makes these boots waterproof for all-weather riding.


If you need a pair of boots that can provide you with increased protection, this is the model that you should take a close look at.

It comes with an integrated breathable textile interior lining that can keep your feet dry, no matter how rainy the weather gets.

The model also has lower rear and front flex zones that were made of microfiber, a material that is durable and lightweight. 

Buyers have said that this product is bendy and comfortable and that it is a good pick for those who enjoy outdoor adventures.


One previous user decided to send the boots back because they were too hot and uncomfortable. This is not a popular opinion among reviewers.

A handful of owners noted that this product makes a clicking sound whenever one walks. This might have something to do with a defect in its design. Many other owners like the boots as they are.

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17. TourMaster Solution 2.0 

If you’re looking for a pair of boots to wear on your motorcycle for adventuring in the off-season, then you might be interested in the TourMaster Solution 2.0. These boots are made of quality leather that has water-repellent properties so you know they will keep your feet dry and warm even in cold and wet weather.

This model also features a HiPora waterproof membrane that’s meant to keep rainwater out of your boots, while still allowing water vapors from the inside to evaporate to the exterior. The sole benefits from single-density VR materials which give it strength as well as improved traction so you can walk on any type of surface without worrying about slipping.

The molded nylon will keep your shins protected at all times, while the ankle guards are made of soft materials that have excellent shock-absorbing capabilities. The orthopedic footbed is also able to absorb vibrations and reduce fatigue even during longer rides.


These futuristic-looking boots are perfect for those bikers who have wider feet and they need the extra room for their toes.

Plus, the model is completely waterproof and it was manufactured from leather. So, you can be sure that it won’t break any time soon.

To make the product practical, the manufacturer has equipped it with a covered zipper and with an adjustable Velcro strap.

The shin area and the ankle guard were made of a fabric that is shock-absorbing so that you feel comfortable while using these boots.


Some buyers commented that the choice was too hot for Florida weather. Not many reviewers seemed to agree with this assessment.

A small number of customers said that the sizes that the manufacturer has indicated are misleading. Yet, it should be added that most users had no issues ordering these boots in a size that suited them. 

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18. O'Neal Rider Boots 

These boots come with a sturdy design that offers superior protection for both off-road adventures as well as long inter-state rides. The injection molded plates are made of high-grade plastic materials and they provide superior protection against high-speed impacts. The metal shank inserts offer better support while also reinforcing the boot shape.

The 4-buckle Snap-Lock system is easy to adjust to ensure a proper fit and increased protection for your feet. The rubber sole is durable and made through the Goodyear welting process that’s been used for decades to create strong surfaces with an improved grip. The metal toe guard will prevent the sole from delaminating and prolong the life of the entire boot.

The interior is lined with an air mesh that’s soft and great at absorbing shocks and vibrations. Thanks to the improved heel support and insole, you get a boot that’s comfortable and cozy. The synthetic leather shield on the interior will prevent heat from damaging the boot.


This choice comes with injection-molded plates made of plastic that can shield your feet in case of low impacts. 

You can put them on and take them off because they feature an easy to operate adjustable four buckle closure system.

It has an air mesh interior and it can deliver generous heel support. The insole is also cushioned for increased comfort and practicality. 

The straps that these boots include are removable and replaceable. They can be purchased independently from the same manufacturer.


It has been said that the toe space that this model includes is a bit too generous for some of the previous buyers. So,if you don’t have wide feet, you might find it difficult to shift gears while wearing them.

Another user was dissatisfied with the fact that this alternative was made using too much plastic. He was the sole reviewer who had this problem at the time we researched this product.

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19. Gaerne Balance Oiled 

If you’re looking for a pair of boots that offer reliable and comfortable protection for your feet while also being lightweight motorcycle boots, then you can’t go wrong with the Gaerne Balance Oiled. These boots come with a slick design and are made of high-quality full-grain leather that’s both strong and flexible.

The surface is well-oiled, which makes this particular leather resilient as well as waterproof. You get a Gaerne Drytech Membrane waterproof liner that’s also breathable so you don’t have to worry about getting your feet wet.

These premium boots come with 3 alloy buckles and straps that are made of hard plastic that’s meant to withstand a lot of abuse. These replaceable buckles are easy to operate and they provide a tight fit for your feet. The rubber sole is flexible and ensures good support as well as enough flexibility so as to not hinder movement.


These boots are comfortable and they are made of sturdy materials. Consequently, you will be able to wear these shoes for years on end.

Because the surface of the model is well oiled, this alternative is likely to retain its waterproofness for a longer time than other counterparts.

The liner that it includes is waterproof and highly breathable. So, you can wear these shoes no matter the weather.

Plus, the buckles that they feature are made of durable plastic. In case the buckles break, you can replace them easily by ordering new ones from the same manufacturer.


The biggest disadvantage of this product is its rather high price. Yet, numerous buyers say that it is worth the extra money.

One customer noted that these shoes are not as comfortable as expected due to the plastic round base that keeps the bottom strap in place. No other reviewers observed this problem.

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20. Gaerne SG10 

The Gaerne SG10 are high-end motorcycle boots that provide optimal fit and increased protection for both on and off-road adventures. These boots are made of tough full-grain leather for superior strength and durability.

This model features the ‘Razorback’ design that incorporates an ankle support system that follows the natural movements of the leg and provides a snug fit. The sole is made of two composite layers for the right balance between rigidity and flexibility. The outer sole is made of tough rubber that offers a reliable grip every time.

The buckles are made of heavy-duty alloy which makes them lightweight yet extremely durable. In case they do become damaged, they can be easily replaced. The interior lining features memory foam that ensures increased comfort for any type of foot shape. The footbed can absorb a lot of vibrations so that you won’t feel any discomfort even after long rides.


This alternative was made in Italy from high-quality materials such as full-grain leather. It has an innovative design that you will certainly remember.

It incorporates buckles that were made of a specially formulated alloy. It stands out because of its durable construction.

The interior lining that the choice features is made using memory foam. So, these boots can keep your feet comfy, no matter their shape or size.

Finally, the footbed of the model itself can efficiently absorb a lot of vibrations. As a result, this item is great if you like long rides.


Even if it was made of lightweight materials, these shoes are rather heavy. In total, they weigh around 11.45 pounds. 

Some buyers said that these boots are kind of expensive when compared to other models that are also available. Yet, most argue that the item has a unique design that is worth it. 

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21. Fox Comp 5 Women’s 

The Fox Comp 5 boots are created especially for women who love off-road adventures. The unique design features a smaller calf volume, as well as a slim shape and a shorter height, making it a perfect fit for most women.

These boots come with 4 adjustable buckles and straps that are easy to use. The buckles are made of lightweight aluminum and should last for the entire life of the boots. With a snug fit, these boots are great for off-road fun or dirt racing, as they are tough yet flexible enough to provide you with the control you need to navigate through difficult obstacles.

The plastic shin plates provide superior protection against hits and crashes, as well as support for the foot and leg.

The soft interior lining is meant to offer a proper cushion while the footbed can absorb vibrations and offer comfortable rides every time.


These boots were specially made to be worn by women who love riding off-road. They have a slim shape and a small calf volume.

Moreover, the four buckles that the model features are particularly easy to use and completely adjustable. This way, you can be sure that you get the perfect fit.

They were made of highly-durable materials and the buckles are constructed from aluminum. The model can provide the user with all the convenience necessary.

Because the interior of the unit is lined, it can protect the user against crashes and hits. This is a very practical feature according to most bikers.


One reviewer said that the buckles broke immediately after wearing the boots for the second time. This was the sole review that pointed to this issue.

Some customers said that the model fits rather snugly. So, it might be a good idea to order a size up.

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22. Joe Rocket Speedmaster 3.0 

If you’re looking for a pair of reliable motorcycle boots for racing, the Joe Rocket Speedmaster 3.0 are just what you need. These boots come with uppers that are made of perforated split-grain leather that offers improved breathability so your feet won’t get soaking wet even when riding in warmer weather.

The ankle area features reinforcements for extra protection while the injection molded armor protects the shin and heel. These boots close with a ratchet strap that also has Velcro for a secure lock.

This model also comes with magnesium sliders for toes, heel, and calf. The interior has soft closed-cell foam for superior cushioning which can greatly reduce fatigue and discomfort. The inside of the boot has a replaceable antibacterial footbed, while the TPU midsole and steel shank reinforcement offer the right balance between rigidity and flexibility for a proper support and superior control.


These racing boots were made to deliver all the protection that a rider might need when on the go. They are made of perforated leather, for increased breathability.

Magnesium sliders have been added in the calf, toes and slider area. The interior of the boots is made of soft closed-cell foam so that your feet are comfy.

The ankle area of the model includes reinforcements so that you are well protected in case of impacts. The boots close perfectly as they feature a Velcro strap.

What is more, the inside of the shoe is made of an antibacterial footbed. The steel shank reinforcement and the TPU midsole are also a great addition.


Some users have argued that these boots are somewhat large. So, it might be a good idea to order a size up. 

Because of the price of the model, some buyers might not be able to afford this alternative.

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23. Cortech Latigo WP RR 

The Cortech Latigo WP Road Race boots come with a great design and quality materials while also selling for the right price. The upper is made of Mycro Tech fiber which is both strong and lightweight. The HiPora membrane confers these items with waterproofing capabilities while also allowing them to evaporate sweat to the exterior and keep your feet dry.

The heel area benefits from a vented contour protection, while the ankles get protective padding both in the front and in the rear. The toe slider is made of molded plastic and it can be easily replaced when needed. The zipper provides safe locking while also being covered by an adjustable hook-and-loop flap.

The flex panels feature shock-absorbing latex foam, while the pre-formed orthopedic footbed is capable of absorbing a lot of vibrations and ensure that you ride in comfort regardless if you’re in a race or on the highway.


These boots were made using a HiPora waterproof membrane that is waterproof and a Mycro Tech upper that is durable.

It has a replaceable toe slider that is manufactured from molded plastic. Because of it, your feet will have plenty of space available to move around.

The boots are well ventilated so that you can feel comfortable while wearing them, no matter how hot the weather might get. 

Also, this product comes fitted with durable zippers. This way, you can put these shoes on and take them off with little to no effort.


Even though the seller argues that these shoes are water-resistant, numerous buyers claim that this is not entirely true. Many customers do not agree.

The zipper that the choice features is not exactly of high quality according to some of its previous owners. Yet, there were also numerous buyers happy with their investment.

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24. Dainese Nexus 

The Dainese Nexus boots are designed for racing. These come with flexible joints for a superior control and feel. You get great shin protection with the TPU inserts, while the nylon heel ensures that you don’t get yourself hurt even in case of a crash. The heel area also gets shock-absorbing inserts for extra security when you really need it.

You get to close the boots with the large heavy-duty metal zippers, while calf adjustments can be easily done with the Velcro fastener. The upper is made of microfiber for increased flexibility and breathability. This model comes with high-grip TPU inserts and gear shifter guards. The plastic sliders are replaceable, while the toes also get protection thanks to the nylon reinforcements.

With the 3D bubble liner, you get to ride in comfort and style. The rubber sole has the right grooves for superior traction and grip on most surfaces.


These boots were specially designed to be used for racing. They have flexible joints so that you can easily move your feet around while wearing them.

Additionally, because of the TPU inserts, this model can supply you with the necessary protection against impacts in the shin area.

The heel that these boots feature is made of a special shock-absorbing material. Plus, they also feature heavy-duty metal zippers.

To adjust the fit in the calf area, you can easily use the Velcro straps that were incorporated in the design of this model.


Some customers said that this alternative is somewhat overpriced given the limited number of features that it includes. 

A handful of former buyers were quick to note that the design of these racing shoes is not as appealing as expected. Still, most owners are content with the construction and the overall performance of the model. 

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25. Xelement Impact 

In case you’re searching for a pair of affordable motorcycle boots, then the Xelement Impact are surely a good option. These boots are made of high-grade leather and they feature a fully laced design that isn’t just for show but also meant to offer a tight fit for a safe ride. The full-grain leather upper is well-oiled which helps it shed off water easily.

The side zippers operate smoothly so you can put the boot on or take it off with ease.

This model features the Xelement metal logo which further increases the appeal of these stylish boots. The sole is stiff yet flexible enough for proper control, while the contact surface is resistant to abrasion and slipping.

The heel is reinforced for proper support, while the 7-inch shaft keeps these boots rigid and stable. With this model, you get long-term protection and comfortable rides without breaking the bank.


This alternative was made using water-resistant materials. Besides, the leather that the upper is constructed out of was oil-tanned for increased durability.

It has sturdy side zippers. Because of them, you can easily put these boots on and take them off. 

The model has a 7-inch shaft as well as a heel that measures one inch and a half. The sole that is incorporated in the design is oil resistant.

To make this product look as good as possible, the manufacturer has added the Xelement metal logo on the upper part of the shaft.


One issue that a small number of buyers noted is that the zipper can be, at times, somewhat difficult to use. This is not a drawback that many have observed.

Some customers argued that they were shipped the boots in the wrong size. If this happens to you, you can always return them and ask for a refund.

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26. Joe Rocket Big Bang 

The Joe Rocket Big Bang 2.0 come with a military design and a durable build that’s meant to provide you with superior protection and comfort for your motorbike rides. These boots benefit from a 2-mm thick full-grain construction that’s not only resistant but also stylish, thanks to the matte finish.

You get reliable ankle protection with the molded polymer plate, while the shifter zone is reinforced for extra safety. The ratchet adjustment straps and aluminum buckles work together to create a fast and easy-to-use system to lock your boots securely. All stress areas benefit from triple stitching for long-term performance.

The sole is made of quality rubber which ensures good traction on a variety of terrains, as well as anti-slip properties on wet or oily surfaces. These boots also come with laser-etched company logos. The interior is soft and makes these a pair of comfortable motorcycle boots, with a footbed that will absorb vibrations and eliminate fatigue or discomfort even during long rides.


This model can supply you with the needed ankle protection and it features plenty of ratchet adjustment straps that you can use to get a perfect fit.

It has a 2-mm full-grain leather construction and, consequently, this model can keep your feet protected from the elements.

The sole of the boots is made of high-quality rubber so that you can enjoy good traction, no matter the terrain that you walk on.

Because the interior of the boot is lined, this alternative is very much comfortable. The footbed that it features can efficiently absorb vibrations and eliminate any fatigue.


It has been said that, because the lace eyelets are too close together, the user cannot get a snug fit. The same buyer noted that the laces are of low quality.

Another user pointed out that the stiff leather that was used to make the upper part of the shoes makes them uncomfortable. 

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27. Joe Rocket Meteor FX 

Whether you’re a hardcore biker or just someone who enjoys getting out for a ride every once in a while, the Joe Rocket Meteor FX boots are just what you need. These mid-height boots are made of high-grade split-grain leather that’s durable and good looking.

This model also comes with DryTech waterproof membranes which ensure that you can ride even in rainy weather without getting wet. This lining also has the benefit of being breathable, which means that your feet will dry quite fast even when riding in warm weather. This model also comes with double stitching which ensures a long service life and resistance to a lot of abuse.

The toe, heel, and ankle areas are reinforced with internal padding so you get a boot that will protect your feet from injuries. The full-length zipper allows you to easily put on/take off the boot, and it also comes with a zipper cover.


This product was made of split-grain leather and it features a DryTech waterproof membrane that ensures that your feet are kept dry at all times.

It also has double internal stitching for increased durability, as well as a sturdy shift protector insert that is made of rubber.

Because the choice was internally reinforced in the ankle, heel and toe area, you can rest assured that this option will pass the test of time.

This item is available in numerous sizes that you can pick from. So, you will surely find a model that suits you perfectly!


One issue that some of its customers have observed is that these boots are somewhat large. Therefore, it might be better to order a size down. Yet, most users said that the item fits as expected.

Another reviewer remarked that the inside liner of the choice started to come out after the first uses. 

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28. Bruno Marc Stone 

The Bruno Marc Stone are elegant motorcycle boots that can be worn all year round. The upper is made of faux leather that’s tough and durable while also having an elegant finish, which is something you probably wouldn’t expect from a pair of affordable boots. The side zipper is easy to use and close so you get a secure fit at any time.

This model is built with comfort in mind, and the interior padding and footbeds are soft and cozy.

The outsole offers superior grip and traction on any surface, making sure that you have solid support for your feet. Despite their great grip and rigid soles, these boots won’t wear you down, as they benefit from a lightweight construction.

These boots also offer good support for your ankles which is great both on the bike as well as off it, whether you’re walking down the street or hitting the trail.


These boots are made of sturdy materials and they have a durable rubber sole that can supply you with traction no matter the terrain that you have to walk on.

It has a heel that measures one inch and a platform that is approximately half an inch. The rear pull tab that it includes makes it easy to put it on/take it off.

This motorcycle boot was made using a faux leather lining that is very protective. The lace-up closure that it includes makes this choice aesthetically pleasing.

Because it also incorporates zippers, this product is very easy to put on and take off. This is the reason why many like it.


It has been said that, after months of use, the material that covers the toe area starts to rip off. Not many such cases were reported.

Some customers argued that the boots that they were shipped were a bit smaller than expected. If you have wider feet, get a size up.

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29. Bruno Marc Motorcycle Boots 

If you’re looking for a pair of boots to wear on your motorcycle but don’t want to break the bank, then you should definitely take a look at these motorcycle boots by Bruno Marc. These feature faux leather and a lace-up design that’s attractive and stylish. The decorative buckle and classic accents contribute even more to the vintage appearance of these boots.

However, these boots are not all about looks, but also protection and comfort. Featuring a flexible design and interior lining that’s soft, these are comfortable to wear even when walking. The sole is made of durable rubber which ensures a good grip on the ground and resistance to abrasion or slipping.

The heel measures one inch, while the platform is about 0.5-inch high. With zippers on both sides, these boots are easy to put on or take off. The lace eyelets are made of durable metal while the laces are strong and elastic.


This affordable alternative was made of faux leather and it features a lace-up design that will surely catch your attention.

It has a one-inch heel and a flexible design so that the bikers that decide to purchase it are supplied with the expected convenience.

The model also includes zippers on both sides so that one can put on and take off these shoes with minimal effort. 

Given that they come with decorative buckles and laces, these boots will surely go well together will all the riding outfits that you love.


Because it is not made of real leather, this choice might not be as durable as other similar models that you can find online. Buyers say that considering the price, this item is worth it.

Moreover, this alternative might not be water-resistant, So, you risk having to deal with wet feet whenever your ride in bad weather conditions.

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30. Maelstrom TAC Force 

The Maelstrom TAC Force are ideal for the casual motorcycle rider. These feature a solid design and sell for a more than affordable price. The uppers are made of leather and nylon fabric, conferring these boots with superior strength and durability so you can rely on them all year round to protect your feet.

This model features the Dri-Lex waterproof and breathable membrane which will keep your feet dry and cool even when you’re cruising in warm weather. The cushion inserts are great for ensuring that you get to spend an entire day in comfort. Even the tongue and collar are padded for extra comfort after prolonged use.

The shock-absorbing midsole is lightweight, while the outsole is made of tough rubber that’s resistant to slipping. The YKK side zipper provides you with secure closure as well as long-lasting performance, while the composite shank increases both support and stability.


This model is available in numerous colors and sizes. As a result, you won’t have to worry that you won’t find a choice that suits your needs perfectly.

It was manufactured of polishable full-grain leather and it includes a nylon upper that makes this model look trendy.

The lining that the option incorporates is breathable and moisture-wicking. The rubber outsole was specially made to provide you with plenty of grip on various terrains.

Because it features a cushion insert, these boots are very comfy to wear throughout the day without your feet feeling tired. 


A small number of former owners said that the biggest disadvantage of these shoes is the squeaky clown-like sound that they make.

Another user said that the materials that were used to make these boots lack a lot to be desired as the stitching comes loose rather easily and the glue that was used is weak. 

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31. Alpinestars SMX-3 Vented 

The Alpinestars SMX-3 Vented are boots which are ideal for motorcycle riding in warm weather. The uppers are made of perforated microfiber that ensures a proper air circulation that will keep your feet dry even at high temperatures.

With these boots, you get TPU protection for your heels, ankles, and toes. These reinforcements will absorb shocks from impacts and prevent injuries. The accordion panels both in the front and rear of the boot enable a wide range of movements to give you improved control when you’re on the bike, and comfortable walking when you’re off it.

The medial zipper and velcro provide a tight closure, while the instep closure system comes with an aluminum buckle that ensures a snug and secure fit. The anatomic EVA foam that the footbed is made of is soft and comfortable, and it can also be removed for cleaning. The vulcanized rubber sole offers a firm grip on many surface types.


This choice includes a breathable textile lining that incorporates an anti-sliding microfiber suede that is placed on the heel of the model. 

It also features a removable EVA foam footbed so that your feet are comfortable no matter how long you decide to wear these shoes.

Because of the internal toe box reinforcement layers, the toes of the user are protected in case of impacts. The main upper material is microfiber.

This alternative also features an instep closure system that was made using a slim buckle that features a durable aluminum arm.


The one issue that some customers have noted has to do with the quality of the customer services provided by the manufacturer. This problem was not remarked by a lot of reviewers.

Because these boots are slightly bigger than regular size, it might be a good idea to order the model in a size down.

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32. Alpinestars SMX-3

If you’re looking for lightweight motorcycle boots that are still able to provide you with increased protection, then the Alpinestars SMX-3 boots are surely a good pick. The uppers are made of strong microfiber that’s also flexible. The front and rear of the boot feature an accordion-shaped material which flexes as you move your foot, providing you with increased mobility.

Thanks to the external TPU pads, you get protection for your ankle, heel, and toe, so you don’t risk injuries in case of a crash. The rough outer material is also resistant to abrasion. You also get a TPU injected shift pad for extra protection, as well as a bi-injected TPU slider which you can easily replace when you need to.

You get a heavy-duty zipper as well as a Velcro to close the boot, ensuring a secure lock that’s fast and easy to operate. The interior comes with an EVA foam footbed that ensures great comfort for your foot.


This model features an improved new buckle closure system that provides users with a fast and efficient fit in the instep area.

What is more, the seller argues that this choice can deliver improved foot support, while still being flexible enough so that the wearer can move as he wishes.

It is CE certified and, thus, you can rest assured knowing that this purchase is safe to wear according to European standards.

The boots also come with a special type of zipper that has a wide aperture, as well as with a Velcro strap on the medial side of each shoe.


One customer said that he had to send the product back because the model that he got was too small. So, order a size up if you have larger feet.

Another buyer noted that the option that he received did not look like the product in the pictures. Yet, he was happy with its sturdiness.

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33. TCX X-Blend Black 

In case you want to buy a pair of boots that offer good protection for motorcycle riding, as well as for walking on foot, then the TCX X-Blend are a smart choice. These boots come with uppers made of high-grade full-grain leather that is tough and resistant to mechanical damage. This leather also features a smooth finish which makes it even more stylish.

The boot has a waterproof lining which keeps water from getting inside but is breathable to allow air to circulate and water vapors to get out. The toe and heel reinforcements ensure that your foot is protected in case of a crash. The footbed has an anatomical shape which will match your foot and ensure a comfortable ride even on long touring days.

The rubber sole is water-resistant, and it also provides a good grip on various surfaces, including slippery ones so that you get to walk safely to and from your bike.


These boots are made of full-grain leather and they have a vintage finish that you are prone to love. Plus, the choice features a waterproof lining.

Besides, the toe and the heel part of the model was reinforced so that the biker is supplied with the right level of protection in case of an impact.

The closure system includes lacing. The sole of the unit is made of rubber and it can deliver the traction one needs when walking on slippery surfaces.

It has a footbed that is completely replaceable. So, if you happen to notice issues with it, you can always order a new one from the same seller.


There was one user who was happy with the design of the unit but who claimed that the looks of the boots were not what he had expected.

Some former customers said that the model is overpriced. Still, there are numerous owners happy with it as it is.

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34. Harley-Davidson FXRG-3 

The Harley-Davidson FXRG-3 are boots of superior quality that will keep your feet dry and protected while riding your motorcycle. These boots come with full-grain black leather that’s well-oiled for a smooth finish. The uppers also use Cordura which is a strong and lightweight material that’s breathable as well as resistant to damage.

Thanks to the use of the Gore-Tex membrane, these boots offer amazing waterproofing capabilities. You can now ride in the rain without getting your feet wet. Another advantage of this material is that it has tiny pores that allow water droplets to evaporate to the exterior, making this model great for use in warm weather.

These boots feature the Harley-Davidson shield and badge in the heel area. You also get YKK heavy-duty zippers for easy closure on the interior side, as well as Twin-Pad Comfort Technology padding for amazing feel and comfort even on long rides. This model also comes with Goodyear welted rubber soles.


These boots are made of leather and they have a lace-up closure that many like. The choice is waterproof and it has a mid-cut that is perfect for bikers.

Size-wise, the alternative has a shaft that measures 7.5\" and a 1.5\" heel. The sole is manufactured from materials that are durable and slip-resistant.

Given that they were made using the highly appreciated Gore-Tex membrane, these shoes are waterproof and highly protective when riding in the rain.

The zippers that were used to make these boots are of high-quality and they are easy to close and open.  


It has been argued that these shoes are not as waterproof as the manufacturer suggests. However, numerous buyers have spoken highly of them.

One former owner said that given the price, he expected the boots to be more comfortable and durable. Most customers have said that this model is very comfy.

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35. Clarks Reunite Go 

The Reunite Go are motorcycle boots that are designed for women. These boots have an elegant design without compromising on safety. The upper is made of top-quality suede which is also waterproof. The black finish will surely match both sports outfits and casual dresses.

The stylish look of these boots hides a solid construction underneath, which also features the renowned Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable membrane that will keep your feet dry and cool at all times and in all kinds of weather. This model comes with high heels and a rubber sole that is non-slip, so you get to walk on various surfaces without worrying.

The full-length interior zippers and the outer zippers allow for fast and secure closure, while the strap and buckle ensure a snug and safe fit. The midsole is reinforced with a steel shank for better support, while the interior sock liner is made of soft textile materials for extra comfort.


This stylish alternative was made of top-quality suede, a type of fabric known for its sturdiness and for being water-resistant.

Plus, to make it even more durable, the model was manufactured using a waterproof and breathable membrane that will surely keep your feet dry.

The midsole of the shoe was reinforced for durability and a steel shank was also added for better support. The interior liner also adds to its comfort.

The interior and the outer zippers that these boots incorporate are made of top-notch materials and will not break easily.


Some of the owners of the model said that the footbed that it features is not particularly comfortable when compared to other choices in the same price range.

One drawback that other customers remarked is that these boots fit a bit too tight in the toe area. So, if you happen to have wider feet, go a size up, just to be sure.

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36. TCX Airtech EVO 

The TCX Airtech EVO are the perfect boots for riding your bike in any kind of weather, be it rainy or hot and bright. These are made with the latest materials for superior resistance to abrasion as well as increased durability, which should make them your best riding partners for years to come.

The uppers are made of breathable microfiber and the tough material Cordura, which confers amazing strength and resistance to ripping. Thanks to the Gore-Tex lining, you can rest assured that your feet will stay dry and warm even in pouring rain, so you don’t have to stay indoors when the weather conditions are harsh.

The micro-injected inserts offer increased levels of protection for all vulnerable areas. You also get malleolus and shift pads, reinforced heel counters, as well as shin plates for extra protection. The full-length zippers make it easy to put on the boot or take it off, while the Velcro band will protect it from the elements.


This model was made of a microfiber that is breathable and abrasion-resistant. Micro-injected inserts have also been added for increased comfort. 

Given that it features special soles, this pair of boots can deliver the necessary traction that one might need when walking on uneven terrains.

The option is easy to put on and take off as it features an elastic zip and a wide Velcro band that is very much durable.

Because it is well ventilated, this product is very comfortable to wear during the hot days of summer. 


One previous customer observed that the binding is placed in the wrong place. Only one buyer noted this problem at the time we did the research.

Even though this choice is comfortable, some bikers argued that the boots are somewhat stiff. This was not an opinion that former owners share according to the reviews.

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37. Harley-Davidson Scout 

If you need some boots that are just as good for walking as they are for riding your favorite motorcycle, then the Harley-Davidson Scout is just what you’re looking for. Made with some of the highest quality full-grain leather, the uppers are solid and resistant to abrasion while also displaying a smooth finish.

The classic look is complemented by a large metal Harley-Davidson shield and bar logo, as well as by the harness design with riveted straps which are securely attached to a large O-ring, a design that will surely turn heads anywhere you go. You also get heavy-duty YKK zippers for a fast and safe closure and easy putting on/taking off.

The outsoles are made of strong rubber that’s stiff enough for comfortable riding, but flexible enough for walking, standing, or even working. All parts of the boot, from the upper to the midsole and outsole, are bound together using the reliable Goodyear welting process.


This alternative is made of leather. It has a rubber sole that is quite durable and a shaft that has a mid-calf length. 

On top of that, the harness of the boot incorporates a metallic logo that stands out and that makes this choice very much stylish when compared to its counterparts.

The interior zipper closure that it includes makes it easy to put on and take off.  So, you won’t have to spend a lot of time getting ready.

You can purchase this model is two colors, brown or black. Plus, the unit is available in various sizes. As expected, a sizing chart is made available.


Some owners said that the main drawback of this choice is that the leather wears off rather easily. 

Other buyers had problems when it came to selecting a model that suited their size. It is unclear whether or not they took a look at the sizing chart before placing their orders.

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38. TCX Hero Street 

The TCX Hero Street are a top choice among motorcycle enthusiasts. These boots come with a solid construction and an attractive vintage design. The upper is made of full-grain leather that also features a waterproof liner which will allow you to ride your bike to your heart’s desire even in rainy weather.

You get an easy closure system thanks to the inside full-length zippers and Velcro fastener, while the classic laces will allow you to snugly fit the boot to ensure maximum comfort as well as safety for all your rides. The accordion stitching in the heel area allows you to freely move your leg both on the bike and off it.

These boots also come with malleolus reinforcements, as well as leather shift pads and toe and heel counters to provide you with extra protection in case of a crash. The insole has an anatomic shape for maximum protection and it can be easily replaced.


These boots have a solid construction and an eye-catching design that many simply love. The upper is made entirely out of full-grain leather.

To help bikers easily put them on and take them off, this pair of shoes comes equipped with a Velcro fastener as well as with full-length zippers.

The model also comes provided with a waterproof liner that is very handy and that can keep your feet dry at all times.

Because of the stitching in the heel area, these shoes enable riders to move their feet as they like while taking long rides.


There were some bikers who noted that the stylish finish that these boots include tends to wear off rather easily because it is prone to lose its pigment.

When compared to other very similar models, it becomes clear rather easily that this product is somewhat more expensive than the other counterparts.

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39. Spada Kensington Rigger

If you’re looking for a pair of motorcycle boots that have a classic look, then the Spada Kensington Rigger are a pretty good choice. These boots come with a vintage design that resembles the cruiser style of the 60s and 70s. The uppers are made of quality leather that’s treated with special oils for an attractive finish.

These boots also come with a Hipora waterproof lining which makes riding in unfavorable weather a breeze. The lightweight construction doesn’t compromise on safety since you get heel and toe reinforcements to protect your feet.

The boots also feature hard shanks for extra stability and support for an improved control of the bike.

The calf areas have elastic panels to ensure a tight fit, while the interior padding is soft and comfortable. The welted sole features numerous lugs for a good grip on any terrain.


These boots were made of leather and they have a very sturdy welt sole construction that is known for its durability.

Because of the waterproof membrane that this choice includes, you can be sure that your feet will stay dry at all times, no matter the changes in weather.

It includes toe and heel reinforcements. Therefore, they can protect you in case of impacts. Plus, the elastic stretch paneling can provide you with the perfect fit.

The design of these boots is innovative, as the shoes have a distressed design that looks well no matter the outfit that you are wearing.


There was one particular buyer who said that these boots are not suitable for those bikers who have wide feet and narrow ankles. This is not a drawback that many noted.

One issue that has been pointed out by fellow customers is that this model is a tad expensive for some pockets.  

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40. Harley-Davidson Dipstick 

The Harley-Davidson Dipstick are solid boots that offer proper support and protection for motorcycle riding, yet they are also comfortable and flexible enough to make them good for walking. The upper is made of strong full-grain leather that’s resistant to abrasion, while the oiled-surface easily sheds water so you can wear them in rainy weather as well.

Thanks to the hook lacing eyelets, you can get these boots on and off fast, while also enjoying a classic full-laced design that looks great on both choppers as well as off of them. The outsoles are made of oil-resistant rubber that’s also elastic and soft so you get to walk for hours without feeling the discomfort associated with conventional motorcycle boots.

The D-ring and the Harley metal shield logos add to the unique look of these attractive classic motorcycle boots that you’ll be able to wear just about anywhere while also catching everyone’s eye.


This model is entirely made of leather and it includes a sturdy rubber sole that can provide the user with the needed traction when on the road.

Plus, the heel measures around one and a half inches and the mesh lining that is incorporated in the design of the item makes it extra comfortable.

In total, the shaft of the boot is 5.5 inches. Therefore, you can wear these boots in various circumstances, no matter the weather.

The product also features D-ring and hook speed lacing eyelets that you can use with little to no effort. The toe area is not reinforced with steel.


A small number of buyers said that these boots are kind of impractical because of their weight. Yet, this product is significantly lighter than other similar choices.

There were customers who had issues selecting the right size. Not that many cases were reported. 

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41. Harley-Davidson Jett 

The Harley-Davidson Jett combine the best qualities of motorcycle boots and athletic hiking shoes. You get extra comfort and flexibility while also enjoying protection for even long rides on your favorite bike while also proudly wearing the legendary Harley-Davidson logo.

These shoes feature a low-cut design that’s meant for increased agility and mobility -- which might just make them some of the best motorcycle shoes. These offer good support and control on the bike, as well as freedom of movement while walking for even hours on end. The rubber sole is flexible but tough, providing good traction on a variety of surfaces as well as a smooth ride every time.

The elastic lace eyelets allow for a snug fit so you can feel great even after extended walks or rides. Thanks to the full-length soft cushion, you get to experience superior comfort and a smooth stride wherever you go. The EVA midsole comes with an airbag which makes these a good choice for various athletic activities.


This option is quite versatile as it can be utilized for biking as well as for hiking. It also has a low-cut design that increases its flexibility.

Plus, the model can provide the user with support and mobility, a feature that many bikers appreciate in a product of this kind.

The sole of the shoes is made of rubber and it is flexible and durable so that you have that much-needed traction when walking on various types of terrains.

It also comes fitted with elastic lace eyelets that can deliver a snug fit so that your feet feel comfy no matter how many hours you spend on your bike.


One issue that only a small number of buyers remarked is that the glue that was used to secure the sole to the shoe itself tends to come off rather easily. 

Some customers argued that the sizing is a bit off. However, there were numerous other reviewers who experienced no problems of this sort. 

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42. Harley-Davidson Women's Jocelyn 

The Harley-Davidson Women's Jocelyn are solid leather boots that combine feminine features with a rugged construction that’s ideal for women who love motorcycle riding. This lace-up style also comes with high heels and a classic design featuring double-riveted straps and O-rings. The upper is made of full-grain leather with a black well-oiled finish.

The heel measures 1.5 inches, which is high enough for a stylish look, but low enough to provide good support and stability both on the bike and off it. The durable YKK full-length zippers will provide a long-lasting closure that’s easy to operate. The outsole and heel are lightweight compared to similar models, making these boots ideal for walking when you’re not on the bike.

The upper, midsole, and outsole are cemented together using the latest welting technologies for a superior flexibility and a long service life. This model also features the recognizable Harley logo and badge.


If you want to buy some boots that are made of leather and that have rubber soles, be sure to take a close look at this model.

It has a shaft that measures 6.5\" from the arch and heels that measure one inch and a half each. The upper part of the option is made of full-grain leather.

The platform of the model is half an inch in height and the stock lining is very protective and comfortable.

Because of its design, this shoe is lightweight and practical to wear on a day to day basis. A metal harness ring has been added for aesthetic purposes. 


One reviewer said that he wished that the leather that was used to make these boots was somewhat thicker. 

A couple of buyers noted that the unit fits tight at the top of the user’s foot. Therefore, this alternative might not be that comfortable for those who have wider feet.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


If you’re trying to find the best bike boots but you don’t have any idea which type to choose out of the countless types, brands, and models, then you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a short guide that should help you understand what the main features do as well as which boots might be the best fit for your needs.

Build materials

When choosing a pair of good motorcycle boots, you need to think about which materials you’d like these to be made of. You get models with uppers made of leather, which is a reliable material that’s natural, resistant to abrasion, and that looks great. Leather is a prime choice for cruiser boots, as they can closely resemble the models from the 50s and 60s.

Modern boots for sale can be made of various materials, from microfiber to kevlar, Cordura, or other fabrics. These are usually more breathable than their leather counterparts, yet they might not be as tough, especially when comparing models at similar prices. Even when picking the best motorcycle riding shoes, you need to pay attention to the material.


Get the right boots for commuting and cruising

An important thing you want to consider is whether you need a pair of boots for regular commuting and cruising or for off-road adventures or even racing. There are models that are specific to each of these disciplines and styles and you need to make sure that you choose the appropriate model.

The best commuter motorcycle boots are usually lightweight, and they have a lower height than racing boots, for example. These boots are usually also good for walking since their soles are more flexible so you don’t need to bring an extra pair for when you’re off the bike.


Protection is important for MX and other high-speed disciplines

On the other hand, boots that are made for racing or motocross are high, and the sole, as well as the main body, is quite stiff. This is because the legs and feet need to have proper support, as well as the best available protection, which is usually provided by TPU reinforcements, inserts, metal shanks, aluminum sliders for toes and heels, etc.

You need this protection because at high speeds or on rough terrains, you really want your shins and vulnerable feet to be spared from injuries, which can be quite nasty without the proper equipment. These usually also feature 2 to 4 straps and aluminum buckles for a safe closure which will keep you safe even during tough riding.

Balancing comfort and protection

While different styles will not totally exclude each other, you will need to get a model that is best for the type of riding you’ll be doing the most. A pair of cool motorcycle boots for sale that is intended for cruising will be comfortable on long rides, but won’t offer the same amount of protection as some racing boots.

You get the best of both worlds by opting for some lightweight constructions that feature relatively stiff soles, a good amount of pads and inserts, but with accordion stitching and other features that can improve mobility.

If you want something lightweight, comfortable, and suited to both walking and riding, then you’ll surely compromise protection to some degree, although this will also depend on the motorcycle you have.

Get a pair of waterproof boots for rainy weather

If you want some boots that are great for all-weather riding, then you might want to check some reviews of motorbike boots and pick a pair that features waterproof membranes such as Gore-Tex, DryTex or HiPora. These prevent water from getting inside the boots so you can ride even on rainy days without getting your feet wet.

These membranes also have the advantage of being breathable, which means that water vapors from perspiration can still evaporate to the exterior so that you won’t get soaking wet from the interior.

Maintenance considerations

While this shouldn’t affect your buying decision to a large degree, some boots are easier to clean and maintain than others. Leather boots are probably the easiest to clean. All you need to do is to take out any removable padding and footbeds and to wipe the leather clean with a wet cloth.

Racing or MX boots are somewhat harder to clean, especially considering the types of terrain you’ll be riding on. The best way to clean motocross boots is to remove any footbeds, padding, and inserts, and to clean dirt and oils with a high-pressure washer and then scrub away with water and degreasers until they’re squeaky clean.

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle boots


Q: What size motorcycle boots should I get?

Before you buy motorcycle boots, you should make sure to check the manufacturer’s size charts to ensure that you get the proper size. These charts may vary from one brand to another. Make sure you convert the size to US size if it’s displayed in EU size.

A boot should fit snugly around the ankle and toes, but not be too tight as to cause discomfort. Remember to try the boots with the right socks to ensure a good fit.

Q: Why are motorcycle boots important?

Motorcycle boots are important because they offer protection for your feet when riding. Because motorcycles can reach high speeds, it is imperative that you ensure that your feet, toes, and ankles are safe in case of a crash.

A good boot should offer reliable support for the ankle and foot, have all the inserts and pads for proper protection, as well as be comfortable to ride for longer periods of time.


Q: Are all motorcycle boots waterproof?

Before you buy a pair of boots for your favorite motorbike, you should consider whether you need water protection or not, since not all models are waterproof. The best waterproofing is offered by models that feature special linings, such as Gore-Tex and DryTex.

However, many boots that aren’t marketed as waterproof can still keep your feet dry in rainy weather. Many models have uppers made of leather that’s treated with oil, which can shed water easily.


Q: Can motorcycle boots be stretched?

It is recommended that you get the right size of boots in the first place in order to avoid a lot of discomfort and even pain. If the boots cause your heel, ankles, and toes to become numb, you should definitely have them replaced.

Some leather models can be stretched, but

the size gain might be minimal, and if you get the boots wet, the leather will shrink right back.

Q: How much do they usually cost?

The price of a pair of motorcycle boots can vary widely. Depending on what you’re planning to do with the boots and your style and motorcycle model, you may want to choose one pair over another. You can get a decent pair of cheap motorbike boots for less than a hundred bucks, while professional racing boots can cost anywhere from a few hundred to even thousands of dollars.

Unless you’re a professional rider, there’s surely a model of boots on the market to suit your needs and budget. It’s also said that some of the best mens motorcycle boots cost less compared to their counterparts marketed to women. 



Best motorcycle boot brands


Harley-Davidson is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles and sporting equipment in the USA. The company was founded by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson, a childhood friend, in a small shed in Milwaukee, back in 1901. The first production motorcycles were marketed in 1904.

After gaining a fame due to their motorcycles winning numerous competitions across the country, the company expanded, producing models for the war efforts in both World Wars. Today, Harley-Davidson symbolizes the free spirit of passionate motorcycle riders, producing a wide range of bikes, as well as protective equipment, with its boots for motorcycle use being easily recognizable around the world.



TCX is an Italian manufacturer of high-quality motorcycle boots spanning across many different disciplines. A division of the Novation Group, it was originally founded as Oxstar in 2006. It soon started researching and developing boots that quickly became popular among both enthusiast and professional riders.

The company grew into one of the most popular manufacturers of moto boots in the world, thanks to their hands-on approach and focus on performance and functionality. Now, TCX manufactures anything from cruiser to racing to MX boots that offer reliable protection and increased comfort both in and outside of competitions. All in all, the brand makes excellent Italian motorcycle boots.



Dainese was founded by Lino Dainese in 1972 in the Italian town of Molvena, in the Vicenza province. The first products were appreciated by the rider communities in the country, and the company soon became associated with motorcycle sports. The company puts a lot of emphasis on ergonomics, protection, and performance.

Its line of products is now sold around the world, from small sports shops to huge international retailers. Throughout its history, the company brought numerous innovations, from knee sliders, to back protectors, to carbon fiber protectors. In present times, Dainese manufactures high-end as well as consumer boots and apparel that are highly valued.



Gaerne is a large motorcycle equipment manufacturer headquartered in Italy. The company was initially founded in 1962 by Ernesto Gazzola. After the first product launches, the company immediately caught the attention of many moto enthusiasts around the country. With growing popularity, the company expanded its operations, becoming one of the largest worldwide brands.

All products are made according to the highest standards, employing selected materials and superior craftsmanship to produce some of the most appreciated boots and motorcycle apparel on the market. Gaerne has a line of products that are suited to both the amateur and veteran motorcycle rider.



Dating back to 1999, the company was founded by Ivano Binotto and his wife, Mrs. Simonetta. Forma Boots is an independently-owned company that specializes in producing quality boots for all types of motorcycle riding, from cruisers to motocross, race, casual, and anything in between.

Forma is associated with quality boots that focus on durability, protection, and comfort. Its line of products is also easily accessible by riders who wish motorcycle footwear that’s affordable without skimping on quality. With its diverse line of boots and positive user reviews, the company has gained the support and high acclaim from many riders.



1) Motorcycle boot -

2) Importance of motorcycle boots

3) Motorcycle footwear




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