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4 Best Snowmobile GPS (Reviews) in 2023 

Anyone searching for a good snowmobile GPS will find the next shortlist we created helpful for narrowing down his or her choices. We want to make sure that you get a model that will satisfy your needs, which is why we present you these products with all their features and benefits.

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1. Trail Tech 922-125 Voyager Pro GPS

If you are looking for an amazing off-road GPS that is very resistant and efficient, this model may interest you. It has a 4-inch touchscreen display for better maneuverability while on the road and it also has an anti-glare feature for better visibility.

To make it more durable, the product is waterproof and dustproof as it is IP67 rated and sealed. The device comes with hill-shadings and topography maps displayed on a color navigation screen.

It supports routes, tracks, and waypoints while it tracks the speed in miles per hour due to the wheel sensor and the GPS. Besides speed, the device shows the temperature, elevation, voltage, and distance.

You can also make phone calls and send text messages due to the Bluetooth technology. Another great feature is the buddy tracking that lets you see the current location of up to 20 members from your ride group.


The main feature of this device is its ability to track up to 20 riders from your group due to the localized radio signals.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can listen to your music from your phone or make phone calls.

All the important information like battery voltage, engine temperature, distance, or speed are displayed with accuracy due to the Trail Tech vehicle sensors.

This product is waterproof and dustproof in order to make it durable and resistant to different weather conditions.

The device has multiple features that allow you to analyze topography maps and hill-shadings.

The colored 4-inch display offers you great visibility thanks to the anti-glare feature.


The CVT sensor cable is a little bit too short, and it may not fit your needs depending on your automobile you own.

This device doesn’t come with pre-loaded trail maps so you will have to download them in a GPX format.

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2. Garmin 64st Topo U.S. 100K with High Sensitivity GPS

Versatility is the first benefit that comes to mind when listing everything the Garmin GPSMAP 64st can offer to a user. It works with both AA batteries, and a NiMH battery that can be recharged. You will not have to worry that your GPS might leave you hanging if you have this one by your side. A single charge lasts for 16 hours, so make sure that you plan accordingly.

The GPS unit will register important information, such as speed and temperature, and one exciting thing about it is that it can be paired with ANT+ sensors, including a heart rate monitor. Now let’s talk a little about its display, as this is where most pleasant surprises come from.

The 2.6-inch display can be used in the sun, as you will not experience the usual glare and other unpleasant things. That means that even if you wear motorcycle goggles, you might be able to read it with ease, as nothing will hinder your vision from its side.

The resolution is 160x240 pixels, so pretty decent. The unit also comes with an internal memory of 8GB. You can upload all your data to Garmin Connect, and then follow it on your smartphone. The Live Track feature allows you to share your adventures.


You can read the information displayed on the screen, even in bright light conditions, as the screen is designed to avoid glare and other issues caused by improper lighting.

The unit works with two types of batteries: traditional AAs, and the rechargeable NiMH it comes with. A single charge of the latter will have the unit working for 16 hours continuously.

If you so choose, you can hook up the unit with ANT+ sensors, and receive notifications on your smartphone.

Its wireless functionality lets you upload your info to Garmin Connect and see it from your smartphone.

You will be able to tell the altitude, as well, since the unit comes equipped with a 3-axis compass and a barometric altimeter.


Some users mention that the menu is not particularly intuitive, and also that the instructions available aren’t something to write home about.

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3. Garmin 010-01508-10 eTrex

With the Garmin eTrex 30x, you will benefit from a wide range of upgrades from previous versions created by the same company. It must also be mentioned that this model is a cheap snowmobile GPS, and offers the right option for those who are shopping on a budget.

The 65K color display offers outstanding performance, and this is probably the first thing that must be mentioned. Its superior resolution, of 240x320 pixels, is a step forward, and you will be able to read the data displayed on the screen in vivid colors and excellent contrast.

You will not encounter any troubles with reading the display in sunlight, as the screen will not give off glare. Even when wearing scooter helmets, users will not have any issues with readability, which is essential for anyone who is into off-road adventures.

Several essential upgrades for the map system are available, too. The unit comes with 3.7GB of internal memory, that can be expanded with the help of a MicroSD card, for which an additional slot is present. You can load many different maps such as TOPO 24K, City Navigator NT, BlueChart g2, and HuntView. For BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, you will have to pay a subscription. Look for the best snowmobile trail maps for Garmin GPS, for example, before heading out on your adventure. 


Featuring an excellent display with superior resolution, this unit will allow you to read all the essential information without any glitches, even in bright sunlight.

You can load plenty of maps, as the unit comes with 3.7GB of internal memory, that can be supplemented by a MicroSD card if needed.

Lots of maps can be uploaded to the device, including TOPO 24K, City Navigator NT, BlueChart g2, HuntView, and BirdsEye Satellite Imagery – the latter only with a subscription.

A base map with shaded relief is included from the start, to give you an idea about the terrain surrounding you.

Users will find it handy that the unit can connect wirelessly with other sensors and other Garmin devices.


Among the complaints mentioned by users, the fact that the instructions manual could be better appears more often than others.

Others are dissatisfied with the overall performance, as they say that the unit runs slowly compared to what they expected.

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4. Garmin 010-01534-11 Montana 680t

This unit is ideal for geocaching and not only. Many of the snowmobile GPS reviews written by users mention it for other activities, so you can count on it to be versatile and convenient. It must be said that the model comes with 250,000 preloaded geocaches, to give you an excellent starting point.

Performance is what makes this model stand out, as well as accuracy. Along with GLONASS support, and Hotfix satellite prediction, this GPS unit is capable of pointing your location with maximum accuracy, and will even be able to tell it when you’re exploring canyons.

The digital camera will capture excellent pictures of your surroundings, and give you an excellent motivation to travel. The preloaded TOPO snowmobile GPS maps are another great plus. Anything you need as an explorer, no matter what vehicle you use, is readily provided, and it is safe to say that this is a convenient to use snowmobile GPS for sale.

You will get some nice extras if you decide to purchase this particular model. For instance, you will get one year of subscription to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, free of charge. It will geotag your pics automatically, and the 3-axis compass with barometric altimeter will tell you other details about your position.



This unit works with both GPS and GLONASS to give you an accurate position, and its overall performance is superior.

It comes preloaded with 250,000 geocache locations, for an excellent starting point, in case you are into geocaching.

You will be able to create track logs, as the unit works like a charm with waypoints and routes so that you always know where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

The GPS has an 8-pixel camera that will take gorgeous pictures of your surroundings, making your trip even more worthwhile.

Besides the geocache locations, the model comes with TOPO US 100k maps, which are already preloaded so that you can use them right away.


You will find users who say that the menu is not intuitive enough, which might mean that a slight learning curve is needed.

Another common complaint is that the City Navigator maps must be purchased separately.

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ChargerCity 5" Screen Water Resistant GPS

This water-resistant GPS case comes provided with a security screw that keeps it in place. It was designed to fit on a handlebar that is up to 33mm in diameter. As the manufacturer argues, the case is compatible with straight, touring, drop and trekking sized handlebars alike.

You can install it on your motorcycle, ATV, golf cart and other vehicles that have cylinder-shaped posts and frames. This option comes fitted with a transparent touch-through lens that enables you to control the screen of your GPS easily.

What is more, the case also comes provided with a secure zipper that makes it easy to use and that prevents dust from getting onto the device. There are numerous GPS systems that this case is compatible with. If you want to be sure that it will fit your needs, you can check out the list made available by the manufacturer.

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RiderMount Waterproof Sunshade 6" GPS

Another GPS mount for snowmobile that you might want to check out is this model distributed by RiderMount. The 6" case has a built-in sunshade, it was made of high-quality materials and it features a waterproof zipper for increased protection.

For added practicality, this choice includes a cable port that is placed on the bottom edge of the case. Technically speaking, because it was designed to be used with larger GPS models, this case measures 7.5 x 4.1 x 1.5 inches.

The inside of the unit is made of a dense, foam material that can effectively dampen any type of vibrations that you might experience while riding. Besides, the material is said to push the GPS unit against the screen so that the user is able to easily operate it. The amount of foam that you have to use to install the GPS into the case depends on the size of the unit.

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ChargerCity XXL Water Resistant 5" GPS Case for Garmin

This choice is surely going to catch your attention as it is said to be compatible with all Magellan, Garmin and Tom-tom GPS systems available that have a screen size that varies from 4.3 to 5 inches.

Because of the transparent touch-through lens that the item incorporates, you will be able to touch and control the GPS unit in an effective way. Plus, the zipper that the case features is effortless to use and it can be utilized to keep the dust out.

The model also comes provided with a special cut out that is placed on the bottom of the case. This cutout supplies the necessary access for the charging cables. The product is advertised as water resistant and it is suitable for those bikers that need a larger case that fits their GPS units.

A list of all the GPS models that are compatible with this case has been made available by the seller.

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Motorcycle M8 Bolt Handlebar Clamp Mounting

If you’ve been searching for a bike handlebar mount that works with M8 screws, this might be it. To install it in place, one just has to place it onto the handlebar of the motorcycle top clamp. All the pieces of the mount are made of high-quality materials and they have been coated in marine grade aluminum for increased durability.

Because of the single-knob design of the choice, this mount can reduce shocks and vibrations and it can keep your GPS unit safely in place. When shipped, this item comes provided with an M8 x 55 bolt, M8 x 60 bolt, an M8 x 65 bolt, and a 1" rubber ball.

The seller argues that this alternative can be installed on all motorcycles that use an M8 threaded bolt. As a result, you don’t have to worry that the GPS that you already own won’t be compatible with it.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Snowmobiling is an exciting winter sport, and there is nothing more exhilarating than being able to go down a slope in your snow-able vehicle. However, if you want to stay safe when you go snowmobiling, it is not enough to put on some motorcycle gloves and dress adequately. You also need to have a GPS unit with you.

We will tell you right away what features you should look for.

Withstanding extreme weather conditions

The main issue with finding the best GPS for snowmobiling is, simply put, the fact that it hasn’t yet been built or even just designed. There are no GPS units dedicated particularly to this kind of activity, which is why if you try to be specific in your searches, that strategy might not return the results you expect. Now let’s talk a little about what such a GPS unit should have.

So the first thing you should look for is a GPS unit that can withstand harsh weather. We are talking here about snow and wet environments, so any mentions of a waterproof feature should draw your attention.

You can always protect the engine on your snowmobile by using high-quality synthetic motor oil, but there’s not much you can do about your GPS unit if it was not already built to withstand adverse weather.

You will want your GPS unit to work in low-temperature conditions, even freezing. The fortunate thing is that there are manufacturers who offer their customers excellent units that will do well when used in the cold, so you can always start with what they offer. 


A good quality screen is a must

When you use a GPS unit for your snowmobile, you don’t need many bells and whistles. However, you do need a good quality screen for various reasons. One of them is that the sun may be up in the sky when you’re snowmobiling, as sunny days are the best for such activities. In this situation, you don’t need ATV speakers to listen to music, but you do need a gorgeous display for your GPS.

Your screen must be sunlight readable. This is a must, because most of the time, your snowmobiling adventures will take place in this type of weather, as already mentioned. But this is not all.

The resolution is another starting point. The higher the resolution, the better, as a crisper image will be delivered. Also, the highest the number of colors used by the screen, the clearer the picture will be. The details on your screen must be accurate and displayed in such a fashion that they are easy to read.


Accuracy should be on your list

The primary role of a GPS unit is to show your location, and that is why accuracy must be included on this list of must-have benefits. You will navigate various types of terrain when you are snowmobiling, which is why it is essential that your GPS can interpret your location with precision, even if you are, let’s say exploring trails that take you through canyons and other terrain that could easily cause a unit to show inaccurate data.

What sort of satellites communicate with your unit? If GLONASS support doubles GPS support, that is a plus. A GPS for snowmobile trails must have superior accuracy so that you don’t end up stranded.

Also, the maps displayed must be accurate, which takes us to the next point that we want to make clear for people who are shopping for snowmobile GPS systems: preloaded maps.

What kinds of maps are preloaded?

Just like bikers stuff their motorcycle backpacks with everything they need for their longest trips, you should be ready to stuff your GPS with detailed maps for the area and terrain you are going to explore in your snowmobile.

If you read carefully, you will notice that most GPS units come with internal memory for storing maps, and some even have an additional MicroSD card slot so that you can expand that memory, if need be.

Make sure that you have the proper snowmobile GPS mount hardware for your unit at hand, and then check what maps are preloaded. Topographic maps are convenient for someone who is into snowmobiling because they show you terrain details to be aware of.

Geocache locations are nice to have, too, but don’t forget that you can expand the library of maps available, with the help of the internal memory available. The BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, for instance, is an excellent map service, but you will most likely have to pay for a subscription. Your ideal GPS unit should be one that comes with as many included maps as possible from various services.

Frequently asked questions


Q: Do I need a snowmobile GPS?

The short answer to this question would be yes, you do need a snowmobile GPS. GPS units are extremely important in determining your exact location and helping you reach your destination, no matter where you are. They are even more important in the case of snowmobiles as these vehicles don’t travel on common roads, close to amenities such as gas stations or restaurants. 

Using a GPS unit is pretty much the only way to find your way back to the cabin, hotel or your house if you plan on taking your snowmobile for a ride. Even when you are familiar with the roads, a single left turn at the wrong time can lead you to a road you’ve never been to before. 

A good GPS unit can tell you the safest and easiest route to take to reach your destination in time, especially in the winter when some roads may be closed due to heavy snowfalls or risks of avalanches.

Q: How can I install a GPS on my snowmobile?

Most GPS units are quite easy to mount and usually come with all the necessary accessories and mounting instructions. If you don’t receive the mounting accessories, a quick search on the Internet will provide you with countless options of mounting kits for your snowmobile. 

A handlebar mount is the easiest way but, no matter your choice, you should make sure the mounting unit is strong enough to resist cold temperatures without bending, breaking or corroding. If you’re not sure how to mount a GPS unit, you can always ask for professional help at any moto service. 

Keep in mind that some mounting kits are specifically designed for certain GPS units and they won’t be compatible with other models. If you’re not sure which model of GPS you have or if the mounting kits fit, you should go for a universal kit. These products usually come with a mounting base, a bar clamp, and adjustable mounting arms to fit the dimensions of various boards. 


Q: Do I have any maps included when I purchase a GPS?

This depends on the type of GPS you purchase. Some units offer you free access to maps for a limited time, while others will require you to buy them in-app before downloading them. Other units will require a monthly subscription to have access to real-time information on the roads. 

Unless you use the vehicle constantly during the wintertime, there is no point in paying extra to download a lot of maps you won’t use. Simply stick to the maps in your state or county and avoid being charged extra for a service you do not require. 

Some GPS units even allow you to download your own offline maps and upload them into the unit, saving you from the need to pay extra. Simply check with the manufacturer or read the instructions on the package if you are having doubts about whether or not your GPS comes with preinstalled maps. 

Q: Where should I install a GPS on my snowmobile?

Most people who use snowmobiles and GPS units regularly opt for placing the device close to the dashboard, while others will choose to mount them on the handles. The idea is to mount the GPS in a place that is convenient to reach with one or both your hands so you can easily navigate it without having to stop the vehicle. 

You also need to take into account the distance between your eyes and the GPS unit and the size of the screen to ensure maximum visibility in all lighting conditions. If the unit is too small, you may have a hard time seeing the screen if you mount it on the handles. 

The best way to make sure you mounted the device in the right place is to give it a test or two on short distances. Turn on your snowmobile and try using the GPS unit to navigate through the forest. Try using each hand at a time to reach the GPS. 


Q: Does the GPS require a subscription?

As we previously mentioned, monthly subscriptions for updates and maps are available for some GPS units. It depends on the type of unit you want and the services the manufacturer provides. If you opt for a monthly subscription, you will have unlimited access online and offline to all your maps and even make use of real-time information on the weather, closed roads, and other useful reports. 

A subscription GPS unit is worth the price if you spend at least a couple of months per year riding your snowmobile or you own a snowmobile business and want to provide a pleasant and safe experience for all your customers. Again, if you don’t get to use your vehicle more than a couple times per year, there is no reason in paying for an additional service just to have access to some maps or updates. 




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