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15 Best Motorcycle Jackets (Reviews) in 2022

If after prospecting the market you feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of options available, but you are still adamant on finding the best motorbike riders’ jackets, we have selected some of the popular choices below. These products stood out due to their quality, beautiful design, and affordability.


1. Joe Rocket Atomic Men's 5.0 Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Protection and style, these are the two features that sometimes seem at odds. Finding a stylish garment that can still manage to keep you protected is not an easy feat, yet the Joe Rocket Atomic manages to combine these two features effortlessly. It features a Rock Tex and Hitena outer shell that is waterproof and offers impressive impact resistance.

The shoulders and elbows are padded with externally accessible C.E.-approved armor. The spine armor can be removed, and it features pockets for optimal C.E. spine protection. If all these features have you worried that they will make wearing this garment a burden, the Joe Rocket variant is surprisingly lightweight and designed to keep you comfortable.

It comes equipped with a flow ventilation system that will keep your skin adequately ventilated, thus eliminating the chances of getting overheated while wearing it. The fit is just right and uses the right length for both bike riding and upright touring.

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2. Milwaukee Leather Men's Classic Side Lace Police Style Motorcycle Jacket

If you’re looking for a classic old-school style jacket at a reasonable price point, the garment that Milwaukee Leather offers is guaranteed to satisfy you. It features a premium construction from milled cowhide with full sleeve zip out thermal liner that will keep you warm and cozy.

The slide lace detailing will guarantee an optimal fit together with the half belt for easy adjustment. Add to that the vast variety of sizes available, and you are guaranteed to find the right fit in no time. The classic built-in waist belt will allow you to customize your fit so that your jacket is always wrapped snugly around your waist.

The construction is spot on as well, as numerous customers have pointed out, the leather used on this model looks right; it is shiny but not overly so. It is also fairly thick to provide protection but not too thick that it becomes a hindrance to wear.

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3. Viking Cycle Asger Motorcycle Jacket For Men

The Viking Cycle Men's is a more affordable option for people who are on a tight budget but still want to get a quality product that is comfortable to wear and that offers the complete protection your body needs. You can wear it together with a quality dirt bike and motocross helmet and you’ll be ready to go on the road.

To ensure that you don’t get overheated when you’re not on your bike, this option features a fully breathable design with zipper vents. This feature will allow for air to circulate to your skin which will remove any excess sweat and make you feel more comfortable.

The bright color panel will provide a high level of visibility so that other members of the traffic can notice you more easily.

The collar is also padded to give you a snug fit, and the front and back exterior panels are padded as well for an extra level of protection.

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4. Joe Rocket 1516-4704 Phoenix Ion Men's Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

The Free Air poly/mesh shell reinforced with Rock Tex provides a unique combination of comfort and protection. The shell is breathable enough to allow air to circulate in and out of the garment to make hot summer days much more bearable, while the Rock Tex reinforcement at the shoulders, ribs, and elbows will keep you protected.

The material that is used is also thick enough to protect you from strong and cold winds; couple this jacket with some great motorcycle goggles and you’ll get full protection against the elements. You can add to that the C.E.-approved armor at the elbows and shoulders with the removable spine armor and you have an excellent option.

You also get 2 outside hand warmer pockets, an internal breast pocket that you can use to store your wallet or phone, a clip for key storage, and a pocket perfect for your new Harley Davidson sunglasses & safety glasses.

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5. Viking Cycle American Eagle Premium Grade Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The Viking Cycle American Eagle is made of premium-grade cowhide leather and has a heavy-duty silver zipper that is designed to last. What’s more, the zipper is big enough to use while wearing your awesome motorcycle gloves. The one thing that is hard to miss about this jacket is the large American Eagle design on the back.

The beautiful graphics are accompanied by the quote “Live to Ride, Ride to Live.” This makes this model a perfect choice to buy for yourself or one of your biker friends. This leather motorcycle jacket features a classic and stylish design that will ensure that you’ll look good no matter the bike that you’re riding or the situation that you find yourself in.

Another feature that makes this option a customer favorite comes from the many pockets that you have at your disposal. You’ll be able to store all your electronics, documents, and money. With so many pockets available, you can keep your new motorcycle backpack at home. You also get a headphone wire system to make listening to music much more convenient.


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6. Joe Rocket 1051-5705 Atomic 4.0 Men's Textile Motorcycle Jacket

With over 17 different colors to choose from, the Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 is an excellent choice if you want your jacket to follow your unique style. The waterproof Rock Tex 600 outer shell will ensure that you get complete protection against the elements so that you can ride your bike in the rain without getting soaked.

This is an excellent choice for people that love to ride in any weather condition; you can couple it with some waterproof motorcycle boots to get a full waterproof experience.

When you’re not riding in the rain, the variable flow ventilation system will keep your skin to a comfortable temperature so that you avoid the risk of overheating.

You also get more than enough pockets to store all your essentials, from your phone and wallet to accessories such as sunglasses. The insulated full sleeve liner can be removed when you don’t need it.

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7. Pilot Motosport Men's Direct Air Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

The Direct Air has been one of the most popular jacket models on the market in the last years, and that has much to do with the versatility that it offers. It features a full mesh exterior and a removable waterproof liner. This will allow you to customize the garment according to the outside conditions.

With this model, the classic waterproof liner has been replaced by an improved version made from breathable REISSA membrane. This addition has allowed the manufacturer to get away from the traditional, rubberized liner that did not let the skin breathe and encouraged the accumulation of sweat. The REISSA material is paired with a mesh backing for better performance.

You will not only feel comfortable with this option but also safe because you get to enjoy the Force Active Armor. The shoulder and elbow armor in the Direct Air are upgraded to a C.E.-approved Core Force Active technology made of a soft and flexible polyethylene foam capable of absorbing sudden impacts.

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8. Pilot Trans.Urban Jacket V2

You’ll love the new refined styling of the Trans.Urban alternative. It shies away from huge logos that can ruin the look of a jacket; it does not feature any zany colors, only clean lines, and quality construction. For customers who want to focus on quality, comfort, and a classic style, the Pilot Motosport model is guaranteed to satisfy their needs.

The Force Active armor is present on the elbow and shoulder so that you are always protected from injuries in the areas that need it the most. All the critical impact zones are double-layered and triple-stitched for increased durability.

The aqua-seal zippered vents on the back and arms combined with the removable insulated waterproof liner make the Trans.Unit suitable to be worn comfortably in all weather conditions. It also uses the innovative Thermolite insulation technology that allows for the passage of moisture from the skin while still retaining crucial body heat.


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9. Pilot Motosport Men's Slate Air Jacket

The outer shell of the Slate Air model is constructed out of durable Pilotex 210D micro mesh and 600D NPF overlay panels for the elbows and shoulders. This will ensure that the wearer gets all the protection he or she needs to remain safe while riding the bike. The shoulders and elbows armor are C.E.-approved for absorbing and dispersing any impact.

In terms of adjustability, the waist features a Velcro strap with TPR pulls so that your jacket is secured safely around your waist. You also get two snap-down sleeve straps per sleeve at the bicep and forearm. The 3M Scotchlite “Dark” stripes are present on the chest, back, and arms and offer the best visibility from any angle.

You also get an audio accessory that will make listening to music much more convenient. The cable assist loop near the collar will enable you to secure your headphones.

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10. Milwaukee Women's Full Length Motorcycle Jacket with Side Lace

The Milwaukee Women's Full Length is a great option for women that want a jacket which is both stylish and practical. It features a 1.2-1.3mm premium black leather that has the right thickness to keep you protected without hindering your mobility in any way. The double buckle side straps ensure that you get a perfect fit that can be adjusted easily.

The side lace detailing and the half belt further improves the customization of this model so that when you’re riding at high speed, the jacket stays in place. The two lower zipper pockets are roomy enough to store your mobile phone, wallet, keychain or be used as hand warmer pockets.

What’s more, you also get a built-in dual side concealment ammo and weapon pocket. Aside from the high-quality double zippers, the jacket also features hidden snaps for a full frontal closure. The two arm and back vents will keep you cool.

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11. Joe Rocket Resistor 

Get the latest fabric technology with the strategic mesh, textile, and armor fusion that the Joe Rocket Resistor uses. This combination will ensure that you get a garment that is stylish, comfortable, and above all, safe.

The combined Rock Tex 600, Hitena hybrid outer shell will guarantee the maximum impact resistance while the Free Air mesh cooling will keep your skin cool and cozy.

The Full Flex allows you to get the best mobility so that you can improve your performance while wearing this awesome jacket. Precision-tailored fusion of pliable mesh under the arm, shoulder, and back as well as articulated back expansion panels will augment your mobility drastically.

The 6-point Sure Fit custom adjustment system that includes the newly designed front pull waist adjuster will allow for a smooth user access as well as a more secure fit. The insulated vest liner can be removed when you want to use this model in warmer environments.

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12. Milwaukee Leather Sporty Scooter 

The Milwaukee Leather Sporty Scooter is another premium alternative with high-quality milled cowhide 1.2 – 1.3 mm leather and full sleeve zip out thermal liner. This is an option that will keep you warm and protected. You can easily wear it over your stylish biker shirt as the chest, back, and arm vents will keep your skin cool and you feeling comfortable.

The two lower zippered hand pockets are roomy enough, and they are insulated adequately, making them great hand warmers. The two chest pockets can be used to store your wallet, mobile phone or keychain.

For added protection, the chest, arm, and back feature dual-stripped blacked out highly reflective piping. These will make you stand out to other drivers even in complete darkness. What’s more, you also get a nifty dual side concealed pocket for your weapon and ammo. As designed, this style jacket is a tighter fit. For a looser fit, it is recommended you order one size larger.

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13. Xelement CF2157 

With a construction that is made of 100% poly mesh material with a breathable lining, the Xelement CF2157 is a jacket that puts a lot of emphasis on the comfort of the wearer. It does not stop at comfort alone as the safety features include a level-3 approved removable armor on the elbows and shoulders.

The armor offers higher impact absorption while the ergonomic design allows for better freedom of movement. The breathable material makes this option ideal for handling the heat of the scorching summer days. To make this deal even more appealing, all these features are offered at a price that is much cheaper than the other alternatives available.

The waist and elbows are fully adjustable for an increased level of comfort together with the micro-fleece lined roller collar. The front zippered hand pockets can be used to store your essential items or as a hand warmer in the colder days.

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14. ILM Carbon Fiber 

The ILM Carbon Fiber is a unisex model ideal for summer rides in the scorching hot sun. It utilizes a unique ventilation system that will keep air circulating in and out of the jacket so that your body never gets overheated. You’ll be able to ride for longer without having to worry about sweat ruining your day.

As if to make things even better, you get a waterproof outer shell so that you can use this jacket in the rain without getting soaked by it. For winter use you get a removable thermal quilted liner. All these awesome features make the ILM model one of the most versatile in this price range.

When it comes to the level of protection that this jacket can offer, you get removable C.E.-approved armor for the elbows and spine. You also get extra external shoulders, chest, back, and kidney armor. The reflective white tape will keep you visible to other drivers and bikers.

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15. Xelement CF462 

If you’re in the market for an affordable jacket for women, the Xelement CF462 can offer you a product that is made from a breathable, waterproof, and high-performance Tri-Tex fabric. All these features will allow you to get the most out of your jacket in any situation or environment.

You can use it on a hot summer day or in the rain - in both situations you will be left protected and feeling comfortable. The safety features of the Xelement jacket include a level-4 C.E.-approved removable armor on the elbows, shoulders, and back. The level-3 armor is the next generation in armor technology and is guaranteed to keep you protected.

The ergonomic design together with the adjustable snap button straps on arms and the zippered wrist cuffs with inner webbing will ensure that you will be able to move freely in any direction while wearing this jacket. You also get an interior gun pocket

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Finding the best jackets for motorbike riders is not an easy task, as the considerable amount of alternatives available for purchase can make settling for just one quite tricky. Proper research can be of great help, but that takes a lot of time that not many people have at their disposal.

To help you in this regard, we have compiled a comprehensive guide by looking at product reviews, consumer surveys, and reports, as well as a plethora of other specialized resources. Take a look below if you want to learn how to identify a good motorcycle jacket.


The main feature that the best jackets for motorcycle riders should have is the ability to keep you protected. That can be achieved through the addition of armor and padding in the product’s construction. The technology in today’s motorcycle armor has evolved to the point that it is almost unnoticeable in the jacket and to the wearer.

You won’t have to worry that choosing protection will mean that you end up getting a product that is stiff and that will limit your freedom of movement considerably. The truth is the opposite, as the beauty of modern armor is that it becomes very rigid upon impact to protect the rider and when not subjected to impacts it goes back to a very pliable state.

You should look for products that come with C.E.-rated armor. The Sas-Tec and Tri-Tex are the names of some of the most popular and high-quality armors available on the market. What’s more, some options come equipped with removable armor packages that you can upgrade if you desire to do so.



If you want to ride safely on your motorcycle, being visible is a huge factor that can help keep you safe. Motorcycles can be hard to notice by other motorists, and that can lead to serious accidents. Having a riding gear that is visible can make a huge difference as it draws more attention to your presence.

Being visible does not mean that you have to wear a jacket that is too bright due to an overabundance of reflective material. You can have a stylish jacket that uses the latest advancements in reflective technology. These jackets have small, unnoticeable reflective piping in the areas that are most visible.

In normal lighting, the piping goes without being noticed and becomes very bright only once a headlight hits it.

Choose a breathable option

You’re probably not a stranger to the uncomfortable feeling of excess sweating and even heat exhaustion that can happen during warm weather riding. A jacket tends to cover most of your upper body, and unless you choose one that features proper venting and a breathable material, you’ll end up avoiding wearing it in warm weather.

You should look if the option you are interested in has exhaust vents in the back of the jacket as well as intake vents in the front if you’re looking for the best results. Luckily, most manufacturers will try to advertise this feature so you shouldn’t have to look too long to find one of the best motorcyclist jackets.




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