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7 Best ATV Ramps (Updated Reviews) in 2022

If you look at all the offers for ATV ramps available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. To help you make a choice that suits your set of requirements without wasting time and energy, we provide you with the following list of products that have already proven to be dependable and useful.


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1. Yutrax Truck UTV/ATV Loading Ramps

Aluminum ATV ramps are the most popular among buyers because they offer the advantage of being lightweight without sacrificing strength and durability. These ramps weigh 28 pounds and can handle a maximum load of 1,750 pounds, which says a lot about their reliability. When you need to move them around, the fact that they are lightweight will help you do that without too much effort.

Another thing that contributes to their convenience is that they fold down to 17.5 inches in width. That helps a lot when you want to store the ramps away until you need them again. A close look at the construction will help you understand why these ramps are so dependable.

The side rails are extruded to ensure that they won’t bend under pressure. The cross section also rises higher than the rest of the construction and provides extra strength when moving a heavier vehicle.

A couple of accessories make these ramps all the rage. The rubber-coated attachment points make sure there will be no scratching, while the safety straps help with securing the ramp to the vehicle you load and unload with its help.


You will encounter no issue when you want to store these ramps away as they fold to almost one-third of their width, and they are made from lightweight aluminum.

While they only weigh 28 pounds, they can handle a total weight of 1,750 pounds, so you will be able to use them for your ATV without any glitches.

The rectangular side rails are designed to resist bending, while the cross sections are raised to provide the user with the extra weight capacity.

Other models may come with riveted joints and hinges, but not these ramps; in this case, the joint and hinges are welded for increased durability.


There’s a bit of misleading regarding its length, which is stated as being 70 inches when only 65 inches are actually usable; on higher trucks, it can create a steep angle.

You will find the safety straps a nice tough, but they don’t appear to be very durable and will show wear and tear signs after a while.

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2. Guardian Dual Runner Shed Ramps

The most useful loading ramps for ATV should be easy to use for other vehicles, too. If you are interested in a versatile product, these ramps will do it for you. Buyers can easily find a use for them, as they can handle an ATV, a snowblower, or a lawnmower. When you need to load the vehicle in a shed or a garage, you will find them handy.

One thing that sets this cheap ATV ramp model apart from others available on the market is the rung spacing, which is only 3.5 inches. While this detail may not appear significant at first glance, it is helpful for all the times when you need to move vehicles with smaller wheels.

Other ramps may cause them to remain stuck in the large rung spacing, but not this one, so it’s something for you to bear in mind.

In case you want a pair of ramps you can mount permanently to your shed, it is good to know that this model comes with pre-drilled holes, especially for this reason. However, due to the lightweight construction, moving them around is a breeze. Each axle can handle up to 750 pounds, which is pretty good.


When you must move equipment with small wheels, the reduced rung spacing of 3.5 inches will come in handy.

The full-width lip ensures that loading and unloading happen under the safest circumstances, which increases the value of this cheap model.

With a maximum load weight of 750 pounds per axle, these ramps are an excellent choice if you are looking for an inexpensive option.

You will find the ramps versatile and capable of handling ATVs, lawnmowers, and snow blowers without a problem.

Each ramp weighs only 4 pounds, so it’s lightweight and easy to move around.


One thing you may not enjoy too much about these ramps is that they are on the short side, so you must be extra careful when manipulating your ATV over them.

At the same time, they tend to be narrower than other models, which means that users may encounter issues when trying to use them for wider vehicles.

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3. Yutrax Bi-Fold Truck, UTV/ATV Loading Ramp

The total weight of these ramps is 21.8 pounds, which gives you a good idea of some of their most significant advantages. They are lightweight, seeing how they are made from high-strength aluminum, a material that will stand the test of time. While lightweight, they are still sturdy, and they don’t sacrifice strength, which is a good thing.

You will notice right away that the hinges and joints come welded, not riveted, which is another guarantee that these ramps will last for a long time. The total weight load capacity is 1,250 pounds, which means that taking your ATV over the ramps when loading and unloading it will happen with no problems.

Because of the bi-fold design, you will find these ramps easy to manipulate and put away when you don’t need them. The rectangular components are another aspect that ensures that these ramps are sturdy and can handle heavy weights. It’s evident that nothing was spared in the making of this model.

The rubber-coated attachment points are there to ensure that no scratches will appear on your vehicle, while the safety straps are convenient for securing it in place. Also, it should be mentioned that the straps are adjustable.


The material used for these ramps is high-strength aluminum that doesn’t bend under substantial weights while keeping the overall weight to a decent value of 21.8 pounds.

You will be glad to see that the ramps fold in half so that they can be transported fast and easily when the need arises.

All the hinges and joints are welded and not riveted, which will give you peace of mind regarding the overall durability of this product.

No scratching will appear on your ATV as the tab attachment points come rubber-coated, specifically for this purpose


While the ramps are all in all great, they are a bit short, and users must pay extra attention when loading and unloading a vehicle, as they lean at a steep angle.

You will have to put some elbow grease into assembling the ramps, although the process is pretty straightforward.

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4. Caliber CBR-RAMP-PRO Snowmobile and ATV Ramp

Among the many ATV loading ramps you can find on the market, you will encounter a particular design, as is the one we review here. Unlike others that come as a pair of ramps on which you move your ATV while loading and unloading it, this one is a solid unit with two outer panels that provide enough traction for vehicles to move without a glitch.

Designed for handling ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, and many other small vehicles, it is a versatile option you must bear in mind when you are shopping for this type of product. The weight capacity is 1,500 pounds, which is enough for most vehicles you might need to load and unload from a trailer or a track.

At a close look, you will notice the vertical crossbar that gives the ramp extra support to handle heavier loads. The outer glide panels ensure that friction is reduced while the necessary traction is secured.

Some accessories make the picture complete. Self-retracting straps ensure that the ramp is attached securely so that no accidents happen when you load and unload your ATV. When securing the ramp to your tailgate, the rubber fingers prevent any scratching.


The way the ramp is designed ensures a safe loading angle, which means that there are fewer chances of an accident happening with your vehicle.

Small details, such as the rubber fingers that attach the ramp to the tailgate to avoid scratching, make this model an excellent choice.

A particular design ensures that this model stands out from the crowd, with side panels that provide the proper traction for the wheels for flawless performance.

The material used is high-strength aluminum, so you can rest assured that this model will last for a long time.


Ensure that you pay attention to the latch when you fold the ramp, as it may bend if you don’t store it flat.

Another thing that you have to pay attention to is the assembling, as it requires some extra care so that you don’t connect parts the wrong way.

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5. GEN-Y Hitch Trailer Ramps

Weight load capacity is an essential aspect that plays a role in choosing the correct ramp for your ATV. In case you’re in the market for heavy duty ATV ramps, you should consider this particular model. With a maximum capacity of 3,000 pounds, it doesn’t have a lot of competition right now. Add to that the fact that it’s made in the US by AWS-certified welders, and you’ll get the gist.

Like other models reviewed so far, this one is made from high-quality aluminum, which means that the overall weight of the ramps is decent and doesn’t prevent you from moving them around with ease.

You will notice that the design of the ramps is different from the usual lot. Aluminum panels reinforce each section, which is why you see the vital difference in weight load capacity when comparing them with other models.

Another thing that makes these thick and heavy-duty ramps even better than the competition is how the hook attachments are designed. Hooking the ramps to a trailer or a hauler deck is easy, and all in all, you will be more than satisfied with your purchase.


These ramps work for deck heights between 15 inches and 36 inches, so they are pretty versatile and can help you move heavy vehicles without a glitch.

With a maximum load capacity of 3,000 pounds, these ramps offer more than regular models and come in handy when you need to move heavy UTVs to a trailer deck.

Due to the unique design that is made to reinforce each section, they are more dependable than others, and they offer the advantage of heavy-duty construction.

They come equipped with hybrid hook attachments so that you can easily connect them to a hauler or trailer deck.


The welding work could have had better finishing, as small sharp edges stick out here and there, drawing from the overall value of the ramps.

Carrying them around can be a bit of a pain, as there’s no handle to help you move them without putting in the extra effort.

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6. Lund 602004 Bi-Fold Loading Ramp

When you opt for this model, you get a pair of ramps that together can handle 1,500 pounds. The material used is aluminum, which means that you can expect the ramps to be durable and rust-resistant. At the same time, the ramps are lightweight, so moving them around and storing them away is a walk in the park.

The holes punched in the surface of each ramp serve a practical purpose. They ensure that there is enough traction for you to move vehicles over the ramps without the risk of accidents. You will be glad to see that the manufacturer thought of a few things when designing these ramps. For instance, the nylon safety straps prevent them from shifting.

Without a doubt, when you search for ramps of this type, the overall quality and durability are essential. They are made in the US and abide by the highest standards of quality. They also come with a limited lifetime warranty, which says a lot about the faith the manufacturer places in these products.

The bi-fold design is another plus. You will be able to fold the ramps and put them in storage when you don’t need them.


These ramps are made for most wheel sizes, so you will find them versatile and convenient to use whenever you need something to load and unload.

The total weight capacity is 1,500 pounds, shared between the two panels, which guarantees that you will be able to use them for your ATV and not only.

Due to the extruded holes, the ramps offer extra traction and help the vehicles roll inside a trailer deck without requiring additional effort on your part.

A limited lifetime warranty and the fact that they’re made in the US tell buyers that they’re getting a high-quality model.


The rubber connectors that should be used to hold the two ramps together are of inferior quality, so you might not find them useful after a while.

You will notice that the holes punched in the ramps have sharp edges here and there, so make sure not to stick your fingers inside them.

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7. Ironton Non-Folding Loading Ramp Set

You may not always need ramps that can handle a substantial weight. If that’s the case, and you’re also shopping on a budget, this model is for you. It is among the affordable ATV ramps you can see on the market now, and it comes with its fair share of advantages.

The two ramps included are made from 14-gauge galvanized steel. The material is resistant to rust and provides dependable strength for loading and unloading ATVs, lawnmowers, and other utility vehicles. Because of the non slip surface, you don’t have to worry that your vehicle may slide from the ramps.

The total weight capacity is 1,000 pounds, to give you an idea about what you’re dealing with. Each ramp comes with safety straps, further increasing its convenience and usefulness. The ramps measure 6 feet in length and 9 inches in width, so you can get the gist of what you can use them for.

They may not be as convenient as foldable ramps made from aluminum, but they come at a fair price, and they are pretty sturdy. If you’re just looking for a decent pair of ramps that gets the job done, this steel model comes highly recommended.


For safety reasons, the surface of the ramps is nonslip and guarantees that you can load and unload your ATV without any worries.

The steel construction is resistant to rust and is made to last, so you can rest assured that you’re making a substantial investment if you choose this pair of ramps.

To make the ramps stable, the manufacturer includes safety straps with your order, allowing you to prevent any accidents.

They are made for various wheel sizes, so you know that the ramps come in handy when dealing with different vehicles.

Each ramp has a weight capacity of 500 pounds, and together they can hold up to 1,000 pounds.


You won’t find any instructions for using the straps included with your purchase, so you will need to search for additional information.

Since it’s a non-folding model, it is less convenient than others, and the steel construction makes it heavier by comparison.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When searching for the best ATV ramps, certain aspects are more important than others. For this reason, you must be aware of the various features and specifications that set apart some models from the rest. To make your job of identifying the right model for your needs more manageable, we created this comprehensive buying guide.

The type of material used for making the ramp

Browsing through the various options offered by the manufacturer will bring up the first decision you have to make. This decision is related to the type of material used for making the ramp. Aluminum is a common choice, and a lot of the best ATV loading ramps out there are made from it. This material presents several advantages buyers cannot overlook.

For starters, it is lightweight, which means that you won’t have trouble moving the ramps around. Since you may not need them all the time, portability can be a crucial advantage provided by aluminum ramps. Durability is not an issue, either, but it all depends on the quality of the material chosen by the manufacturer.

The best advice one can get when shopping for aluminum four wheeler ramps is to check the specifications for any information regarding this aspect. Manufacturers worth their salt always use high-strength aluminum, so you won’t end up with ramps made from thin materials. It is equally crucial that you pick a company with a good reputation for making ramps, as that could make all the difference between false advertising and the real deal.

There is another essential advantage aluminum presents. It doesn’t easily fall prey to corrosion and rust, which means that you can rest assured that you will use the respective ramps for a long time without the need to replace them.

If there is one point that aluminum may not master, it could be fatigue resistance. Aluminum ramps, if loaded with heavy weights regularly, may develop signs of bending after a while. That’s something to bear in mind when you need to compare aluminum ramps to those made of steel.

As a general rule, steel models tend to be more durable. However, if the material used is not powder-coated or treated with an extra layer, steel can develop rust and corrode with time. Not to mention, steel ramps are significantly heavier than aluminum models and not as portable. In the end, the choice is yours, but it serves to know what options you have at your disposal.


Maximum load weight

You cannot properly choose the correct ramp or ramps for your needs without taking a good look at this particular spec. Manufacturers list the weight load their ramps can handle, but it serves to check what other people have to say in that regard so that you don’t have to deal with nasty surprises later on.

Since you mostly want a ramp for loading and unloading your ATV, it is an excellent start to take a look at the weight of your vehicle. The lightest models weigh as little as 350 pounds, while the heaviest go as high as 700 pounds. That’s practically the range you must bear in mind when you purchase a ramp or a kit.

You will be happy to hear that most ramps available on the market are pretty much capable of handling even the heaviest ATVs. The issue gets a bit more challenging when you want to use the ramp for other vehicles that can be significantly heavier than an ATV. Having a versatile option at your fingertips is convenient, which is why you may want to look at other models that can handle heavier weights.

On average, even cheap ATV ramps can support around 1,000-1,500 pounds without showing signs of wear and tear with regular use. However, if that’s not enough for you, it is good to know that some models can handle as much as 3,000 pounds. It all comes down to what your needs are, and if there are utility vehicles you want to load and unload with the help of a ramp or a pair of ramps, you must check the maximum load capacity each model sports.

Here’s another aspect to bear in mind when you shop for ATV ramps and not only. Since some models come as a pair of ramps, the manufacturer should list the total weight the pair can handle and the maximum load per panel. Ensure that the numbers listed are precise so that you don’t purchase a pair of ramps that won’t work for what you have in mind.


Configurations available

Not all the ramps you will find out there are the same, and another aspect that sets them apart is their configuration. Dual-runners are the most common you will find, and what’s great about them is that you can use them as 4 wheeler ramps, as well as 2 wheeler models. These come as a pair of ramps. The main advantage is easy to gauge from the first glance. You can place the ramps leaving enough space between them so that you can accommodate any vehicle, regardless of its width.

Other advantages are also obvious. It is much easier to carry around and store two ramps. Finding the right position for the ramps is easy, and usually, they have a convenient design that makes them quite popular among buyers.

Bi-fold options are also popular. What makes these ramps great for your needs is that they fold in two and are easy to store away. The most crucial drawback of this design is that even when unfolded, they may not be wide enough to accommodate just any vehicle you may want to use it for. However, you will quickly discover that this design is an affordable ATV ramp that serves you well if you only need it to fit ATVs and dirt bikes.

Next, you will see tri-fold ramps that are handy for larger vehicles. As their name indicates, they are designed to fold in three, thus reducing their size significantly when you need to store them away. However, as opposed to other designs, this one requires an important amount of hinges and joints, which add a lot to the total weight. Unless you must work with heavy vehicles, tri-folds may not be a good option for you.

Folding models present an essential advantage over dual-runners. They are easy to store away, and that may be important for people with reduced shed space.

A bit about rung type and design

While you are already aware that technical specs like length and width are essential for an informed decision, here’s a bit that you might be well aware of when browsing through the various options placed at your disposal by manufacturers. A look at the design of the alternatives available will tell you that not all ramps are designed the same.

The rung surface matters a lot because that’s the aspect that influences the traction quality of the ramp. You will notice right away that many manufacturers prefer a ladder design with plenty of spacing between rungs. If you intend to load and unload only vehicles with large wheels, this aspect won’t pose any trouble. Even more, it can be handy because the overall weight of the ramps will be reduced.

However, if you intend to move a lawnmower with small wheels over it, you will notice that they quickly get stuck between the rungs. Another standard design involves the use of a solid surface, at least partially, so that this thing doesn’t happen.

Solid surface models are heavier than the others, so it should come as no surprise that manufacturers already thought of how to alleviate this issue. They punch holes in the solid surface to reduce the weight, which helps some, although these ramps are still heavier than those with a ladder design.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are ATV ramps safe?

Safety is paramount when dealing with heavy equipment such as an ATV. As you can easily guess, loading and unloading a vehicle using ramps presents specific challenges. For this reason, it serves to get ramps that come with some safety features already incorporated, such as safety straps and good connectors.

However, even the most positive ATV ramp review cannot ignore that you will have to take necessary safety precautions when working with this type of loading equipment. First things first, make sure that you get the correct ramp or set of ramps for the weight of your vehicle.

Another important aspect is to ensure that the ramps are not inclined at a too-steep angle. That’s enough to cause the vehicle to lose its balance and topple over. When positioning the ramp or ramps, make sure that they are centered correctly. With proper precautions, it should be safe to use ATV ramps.

Q: How long should ATV ramps be?

One of the things you will often hear when talking about ATV ramps is that they should not incline at a steep angle, or safety issues are bound to appear. Since you will have to load your ATV into a trailer most often, that means that you cannot change the height of the deck. Therefore, the only thing you can choose is the correct length for your ATV ramps.

According to experts, ATV ramps should be 7 to 9 feet long to match most trailers. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot get away with shorter ramps if all you want to do is load your ATV into a shed, for instance.

Extra safety precautions, such as balancing the vehicle correctly when you move it over the ramps, can compensate for a steeper angle. However, if you want to play it safe, you will discover that ramps that are as long as described earlier are the best choice.


Q: How much weight can aluminum ramps hold?

Aluminum is the preferred material when choosing ATV ramps because of the many advantages presented. This material doesn’t fall prey to rust and corrosion, and it is lightweight and fairly durable. However, there is only this much aluminum can do without starting to show signs of fatigue when it comes to supporting large weights.

Dual-runners are the most indicated if you opt for aluminum ramps. Each panel can hold a certain weight, and together they do a better job than a model made from a single unit. The maximum load per panel is up to 750 pounds, and dual-runners made from aluminum can hold up to 1,500 pounds.

However, if you opt for a folding model, you may find that this value goes lower, and it is much more common for such designs to support up to 1,000 pounds. Still, high-quality models properly reinforced with extra sheets of metal may even support up to 3,000 pounds.


Q: How do you secure an ATV ramp?

Seeing how you must place your ATV ramp against the edge of a trailer, securing it is paramount. To do that, you will need a safety strap. Run this strap through a rung that’s fairly close to the trailer bed. You shouldn’t opt for long straps, as a shorter one will keep the ramp tight and secured against the trailer.

The trailer deck or truck bed should come with metal hooks. Run the strap through that hook and tie it up. You should use a safety strap on each side of the ramp, and if you work with dual-runners, you should have two for each panel.

Ensure that the straps are tensioned as much as possible; any slack may cause the ramps to lose their balance, and your ATV will topple over. Check the ramps to see if they no longer move in place, and you’re done.


Q: Will an ATV fit in a short bed?

When you’re reading ATV ramp reviews, not many might tell you anything about the importance of knowing if your ATV can fit in a short bed or not. Not everyone has a full-fledged trailer at his or her disposal when needing to transport an ATV, so a truck bed needs to do.

To see if you can fit an ATV in a short bed, you must know the exact specifications of your vehicle. Now, for a short bed that measures 5.8 feet, you will be okay with 50cc and 90cc ATVs without a problem. In case you need to transport something bigger, you should be able to accommodate most youth ATV models.

Even 250cc models are not necessarily a problem, but you will have to know the exact specs of your ATV. Therefore, an ATV will fit in a short bed, provided that its length and width are within the possibilities offered by your truck.





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