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14 Best UTV Accessories (Reviews) in 2022

Finding the right accessories for your UTV can be a tad confusing if you think that you need a plethora of products, and your funds are limited. We put together a list of products that will help you in various situations, and will not cause severe damage to your wallet.

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1. Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 3500lbs 1591kg Single Line Pull

Among the good UTV accessories that are often recommended by experts, you will always find a winch. And, if you want to go for one that will serve you in any tough situation, the Superwinch 1135220 Terra 35 is the right choice for you. There are a few essential characteristics you need your winch to have, such as power, durability, and usability, and this one ticks all the boxes.

Its 3,500-pound pull rating is right on top of the list of reasons for getting this particular model. There are hardly other winches out there that can do more than this one, and its price is also decent. But you will also find a broad range of other traits that will convince you this model is what you need.

It comes equipped with a 1.6 hp magnet motor with mechanical load holding, and bronze bearings designed to help you in stressful situations. Also, the weatherproof circuit breaker ensures a long life for this UTV accessory.

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2. Kolpin Full-Tilt Windshield for Rhino

Sometimes, a windshield is needed even if you’re riding a UTV. Be it that you want a little protection against weather elements, or you don’t want all the mud and pebbles from the terrain to come right at you at high velocity, you will find that the Kolpin Full-Tilt Windshield is one thing you need.

Praised by most of the UTV accessories reviews you can read from users, you can notice its high usability rating right away. First of all, it has three positions in which it can be locked, so that you can allow the air to flow. Next, you will appreciate how easy it is to install, and you can also remove it without using extra tools or hardware.

The windshield is built with durability in mind. The scratch-resistant design ensures that your windshield will still look good even after a day spent navigating the harsh terrain.

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3. Coleman UTV Cover

Sometimes it is the little things that make all the difference. While many can offer ideas on what you should get for your UTV, don’t forget about the basics. The Coleman UTV Cover is one of the must-have UTV accessories that might be so obvious you need that is easy to overlook. When you don’t use your UTV, this cover will protect it from severe weather.

Designed to offer excellent coverage and all-weather protection, this product from Coleman proves that this manufacturer always focuses on providing the highest quality to its customers. The cover will not only protect your UTV from pelting rain, but it will also ensure that UVs won’t damage it, either.

Due to the elastic bottom, the cover is easy to place over any UTV, as it slips in place and remains that way. Once you want to take your UTV out for a ride, you can pack the cover and put it in the storage bag supplied with your purchase.

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4. Pit Posse Aluminum Trailer Tongue Storage Tool Box

While you’re busy attacking challenging slopes and engaging in off-road adventures behind the wheel of your UTV, it is easy to forget about what that kind of action can do to all the things that you might have stored in the back. That is where something like the Pit Posse PP3281 Aluminum comes in handy. This storage box will hold all your valuable gear, plus your biker jackets and keep them protected from any damage.

The fully welded seams ensure that this box will not allow one drop of rain inside. You will also be able to lock it so that no one can steal your belongings when you’re not watching. As the box comes with a deep recessed hinge, you will be able to open it even when mounted.

You may also notice its diamond plate design that makes it more durable than other similar models on the market. All in all, this is a dependable product.

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5. ATV Tek Stable Clearview UTV Center Mirror

Among the things you may find indispensable for your UTV, a mirror that can serve as a replacement for the one you already have should be present. This particular model offers, besides the obvious usefulness, a few other benefits that we want to mention here.

One thing that matters for users is the ability to adjust the object for the orientation you need so that you can supervise what happens around you, while you’re riding your utility vehicle. The model fits any tubular roll cages that have between 1 and 2.5 inches in diameter.

You will find that the model is easily compatible with almost all the windshields available. Another thing that can affect drivers when they try to observe their surroundings through a mirror is vibration. But this model comes with a rubberized seal that reduces the impact of the moves of your vehicle to a minimum.

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6. RotopaX RX-2G Gasoline Pack 

Nothing can be more unpleasant than to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, out of fuel. This gas container is ideal for carrying in the back of your UTV, for those extreme situations when you happen to run low on gasoline. This container is proudly made in the US and abides by all the critical quality requirements expected from such a product.

The thick walls of the container make it durable and are also part of the compliance with the requirements for permeability in effect. Expect a leak-free construction that will not allow the gasoline to start spilling out through the spout that is sealed with a special gasket. Even when you drive fast, and vibrations might pose a problem, the spout will not leak at all.

The extra plastic barrier covering the three-layer construction of the walls patented by RotopaX further increases durability and reduces the possibility for leaks.

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7. RotopaX RX-PM Pack Mount by RotopaX

To make sure that the fuel container you have packed in the back of your vehicle does not leak or suffer any damage, you will need a proper mount. This mount for your gasoline pack will keep the fuel cans in place, and even as you navigate tricky terrain, you will not have to worry about your fuel container becoming loose.

The same company makes fuel containers, and, as expected, this mount works with the models RotopaX sells. The product is pretty straightforward, and it comes with the bolts needed for mounting it on the back rack.

You will find that it is straightforward to use and install. If there is one thing you need to bear in mind is that your vehicle should have a rack for the mount to be installed on. If you have a plate on the rack, you should drill the respective holes for screwing the mount in place.

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8. MadDog Gear UTV Tire Repair and Inflation Kit

What could go wrong during a UTV expedition? Experienced off-roaders can tell you that the biggest challenge is having to deal with tire damage. If that is something that worries you, you should be well prepared for such situations, and this kit for tire repair is just what you need, as it contains all the needed tools and consumables to do your work.

The kit is designed for both ATV and UTV tires. You will get glue, tube patches, and plugs so that you can cover the parts that are damaged and glue the patches in place. It also comes with a tire reamer and a tool for plug installation.

After repairing the punctures in your tires, you will need to inflate them again. For this purpose, the kit comes along with a CO2 inflator, as well as two CO2 cartridges that will help you inflate your tires with maximum efficiency.


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9. Tusk UTV Rear Bumper Cargo Rack and Spare Tire Carrier

When you’re exploring the wilderness with your UTV, you need to be prepared for all sorts of emergency situations. A flat tire can cause a lot of delays, and that means that you need a place inside your vehicle for a spare. The Tusk RZR Bumper is precisely what you need because it offers the ideal kit for all the extras you might have to take with you along on trips.

The integrated rear bumper will protect the vehicle while serving as extra racks for additional storage. The spare tire holder comes in handy for keeping a spare, and you no longer have to worry about flat tires when on the road. You will notice that there is also enough room for adding a fuel container for all those long trips you want to embark on.

Probably the only things amiss are some motorcycle cup holders, but when you’re riding a UTV, it’s not like you need such a thing anyway.

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10. SunF A003 UTV Off-Road Tire

A flat tire can put you in a difficult situation when you are out in the wild, so you should get some spares with you, especially if you go on a long trip. This 2-tire set inevitably comes in handy, and there are other reasons why you should consider it as a must-have.

The tires have a directional V design that ensures that they will have excellent grip on any terrain. Whether you need a spare for your UTV, your ATV, a golf cart, or even a lawn mower, these tires will fit.

Another thing that must be said about these tires is that their heavy-duty construction will resist punctures and other mishaps on the road. In other words, you are less likely to experience a flat tire accident when you’re using this model. The extra shoulder lugs are designed to protect the rim, for extra safety.

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11. PRP Polaris RZR 

This product is ideal for storing UTV belts that you want to keep as spares. Sometimes you need to ensure proper storage for the items you use for your UTV, and this is one such product. Everything you will keep inside this bag will be protected from mud, dust, and grime. If you are the kind who likes to get involved in UTV races, you will find this model handy.

One of the most important traits such a bag must have is the ability to offer secure storage. Not one speck of dust will reach your UTV belts when they are stored inside this bag. And you will find it extremely convenient for the times when you want to have a spare belt easy to access.

You can use the bag for storing other items. UTV adventures and UTV races, in particular, include a lot of riding through mud and other terrain conditions that will splatter dirt and grime everywhere, so it is great to have storage space that will keep your belongings away from all that.

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12. Factory UTV XTR Off-Road 

This skid plate offers the necessary protection for the components of your UTV that are placed on the bottom side of the vehicle. There can be many situations when small pebbles and rocks from the road or just mud and dirt can get inside and damage these components. With the help of a skid plate like this one, you can ensure that they are well protected against such mishaps.

You will notice that some other benefits come with this skid plate. Due to its low friction, it will allow easy sliding over obstacles. Because it comes with mounting hardware, you don’t have to pay extra for anything.

Some people equip their UTVs with extras that can make their trip more enjoyable, from motorcycle radios to GPS units and the like. But if your focus is to provide your UTV with proper protection, especially for the fuel tank and the hydraulic lines beneath, this product is the right choice for you.

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13. CruzTOOLS SKDMX Compact 

UTV riders know very well the importance of having the right tool at their fingertips. At the same time, they cannot afford to crowd their vehicles with tool boxes and the like. This toolkit is an excellent alternative because it is compact while still having all the needed tools for quick UTV repairs when you are on the road.

You will find included in this kit, four wrenches, four hex keys, star bits, a handy 5-in-1 screwdriver, and nut driver, a pair of locking pliers, a tire gauge, and a spark plug socket. All these are safely stored in a compact pouch with a camo pattern that makes it look like it truly belongs to a trip to the great outdoors.

Get this excellent selection of tools with you on the road. Emergency situations of different types will be easier to approach if you have what you need close at hand.


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14. StarkPower Jumpbox 1000 

Ideal for your UTV, but not only, this jump start box can deal with a large variety of gas and diesel engines. You can safely connect it to your motorcycle battery or the one installed on your UTV, truck, SUV, RV, or boat, and you will be good to go again. There’s no need to call for help, as you will no longer get stranded with such help on your side.

One of the greatest things about this jump start box is that it comes with a rechargeable battery. For each battery charge, it provides 20 starts, which is an excellent yield, seeing how small the item is. It is so small that it fits in the glove compartment of your vehicle, or in any safety bag.

The model doubles as a power bank, and it has two USB ports so that you can recharge your smartphone, your tablet, or your camera without a problem.


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This Year’s Buying Guide


UTV enthusiasts may already know how important it is to outfit your vehicle before taking it out for a ride to the great outdoors. There are plenty of cheap UTV accessories that can make your life comfortable and your adventures more enjoyable. This guide is focused on providing you with information on the type of accessories that should be on your list.

Accessories that will protect you and your vehicle

One broad category that we would like to address first is that about those items that can protect your vehicle and you when you are navigating harsh terrain, and visibility may not be the greatest. You may have already thought about some of them, but there still can be some products that might have slipped your mind.

A rearview mirror, for instance, is often mentioned by the UTV accessories reviews on their lists of must-haves. Versatile models are the most appreciated, as the user can choose the place and the angle for the mirror to provide excellent visibility. Even if you might not expect off-beaten paths to be frequented by other vehicles, there are other off-road enthusiasts you might meet out there.

Don’t forget that your UTV might end up spending a lot of time exposed to the elements when you’re not riding in it. That means that you should get a good quality cover to protect it from rain and sun. Not many UTV riders can afford to stop for polishing their vehicles with motorcycle wax when they know they will go out on the road again and get it dirty.

Another thing that many UTV riders included on their list of accessories is a skid plate. This goes on the bottom side of the UTV and protects the fuel tank and the hydraulic lines from the damage that might occur when navigating rocky terrain.

A winch is often recommended, as it will help you pull your vehicle from difficult areas that cannot be easily climbed. There are plenty of other UTV accessories for sale that might fall in this category, but these are the essentials that you should not overlook.


Accessories for increasing storage space

If there is one thing that you might never feel like you have enough when you are on a UTV trip, that must be storage space. You need at least one storage box for your valuables. Make sure to get a sturdy storage space, preferably made of metal. A regular ATV rear seat bag may be enough for short trips, but not such a convenient choice for longer ones.

You may also need extra space for fuel. Some containers and racks for storing them should be on the list of things you’ll carry around with you. Some people use synthetic motor oil, and they have individual containers for that type of liquid, so make sure you read the specs carefully when you’re purchasing such a container.


What about flat tires and repairs?

Any UTV trip should involve traveling light, but there are some items that you should carry with you. One of them is a spare tire or even a set. You cannot know when you’ll encounter a flat tire situation and getting help in the middle of nowhere can be tricky.

Another thing you should have on your list is a toolkit. Again, because you need to travel light, focus only on the essentials. There is no point in dragging along with you the entire repair shed you have at home. Luckily there are toolkits readily available that contain all the items you need in a compact box or bag.

Don’t forget about a jump start box. Instead of finding yourself stranded in the wilderness, you will have the means to jump-start your vehicle and be back on the road again. Choose a model with a rechargeable battery so that you can reuse it time and time again. Also, a compact model should be preferred, given how little space you have at your disposal.

Other accessories that might help you while on the road

We want to mention again that we focus here on the essentials, and there may be plenty of other items you might consider indispensable based on preferences. That being said, let’s talk a bit about those items that can come in handy to make your trip more enjoyable.

Some people like getting a cooler for ATV riders, and that can be an option for UTV trips, too. Who doesn’t want a cold drink after a long journey? But maybe more useful it will be to have a power bank with you. In case you do get stranded, and you need to call for help, having the means to recharge your smartphone is a must.

Other things you might want to take a look at are some ATV GPS units that work for UTVs, too. Knowing where you are at any moment is paramount for avoiding to lose your way while you enjoy your UTV adventure.




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