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14 Best Motorcycle Jackets for Summer (Reviews) in 2022

Finding an adequate jacket to wear on your motorcycle during the warm season can be a challenging task, especially considering the countless models available. If you don’t have enough time to study all those summer motorcycle jacket reviews, then you should check the list below, as it contains some of the most popular consumer choices for sale, and one of them might just be perfect for your needs.


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1. Joe Rocket Velocity Men's Textile Street Racing Motorcycle Jacket

Whether you’re a hardcore rider or an occasional cruiser, the Velocity jacket made by Joe Rocket is just what you need for long summers. This model features a breathable FreeAir nylon mesh shell which will allow sweat to evaporate to the exterior so you don’t risk staying wet for hours on hot days.

This unit also comes with a waterproof liner that will keep rain away from your skin. The liner is removable and you can detach it by using the built-in quick release mechanism. The contoured armor at the elbows and shoulders offer protection from injury in case of an accident.

The Dual Density spine pad is removable as well, and it has a pocket where you can insert an optional C.E. spine armor. You also get high-density rib padding for extra protection with this unit. The 6-point SureFit system allows for quick adjustments for a snug fit, while the belt loops can help you attach a pair of motorcycle pants.

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2. Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Men's Mesh Motorcycle Riding Jacket

If you’re looking for a good summer motorcycle jacket that can keep you safe and comfortable throughout the warm season, then you can’t go wrong with the Phoenix 5.0 from Joe Rocket. This is a fashionable jacket that doesn’t just look good, but it also keeps the elements at bay.

The FreeAir poly/mesh shell offers protection and allows for proper ventilation. You also get RockTex reinforcements at the shoulders and elbows, as well as a removable spine pad that enables you to insert a spine armor.

Thanks to the sculpted high-density padding that cover the ribs, lower back, and kidneys, you can keep vital areas safe from harm. The jacket includes a waterproof liner that can be unzipped and detached, a pants attachment, and a 6-point SureFit adjustment system.

You can keep your Harley Davidson sunglasses & safety glasses and other valuables in the internal breast pocket, and there are also 2 hand-warmer pockets you can use.

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3. Viking Cycle Warlock Motorcycle Mesh Jacket For Men

The Viking Cycle Warlock is made of a nylon mesh shell that can help you stay cool during summer riding. The jacket covers the torso, arms, and back so you get complete protection from the elements and also stay comfortable even on hot afternoons.

The shoulders and elbows are covered with thick reinforcements so you get protection from injuries. This model also features chest pads for even more protection, and a spine pad where you can add an extra spine protector.

The removable liner can keep rain away from your skin, but you can always take it off to avoid overheating on hot days.

You can ensure the perfect fit with the adjustable waist and cuffs. There are two large pockets to store your tablet or smartphone, as well as several smaller pockets for various valuables.

This unit also has a headphone wire system for extra convenience, and reflective piping so you stay visible during the night.

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4. Viking Cycle Thor Motorcycle Jacket for Men

If you want to stay protected during long rides but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, then you might want to take a look at the Viking Cycle Thor. This lightweight piece of clothing features C.E.-approved armor that can keep you safe so you don’t have to wear one of those heavy-duty summer jackets.

This model is made with 100 Tri-Tex fabric that’s strong yet soft enough for freedom of movement so you won’t feel hindered during your rides. The liner is there to keep you protected when bad weather surprises you, but you can also remove it when the temperatures rise.

The headphone wire system allows you to seamlessly integrate your portable audio system so you can listen to your favorite tunes. There are also plenty of pockets to keep your iPhone or media player as well as wallet, keys, and other objects. Thanks to the reflective PU badges, you can stay visible and safe while on the road.

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5. Pilot Motosport Men's Direct Air Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

The Direct Air V3 from Pilot Motosport is a stylish summer jacket that can go with just about any biker shirts. However, more important than its aesthetic appeal are the countless protective features it comes with. There are several overlay panels covering the shoulders and elbows that are built without a center seam which gives them high strength and increased resistance.

The interior REISSA membrane is waterproof and windproof so you won’t get into trouble when the bad weather conditions hit. This breathable material will also ensure that you stay ventilated and cool under the scorching sun. The rolled neoprene collar can keep you comfy and well without bothering you while riding.

The back pad offers proper protection as it is, although you can also upgrade it with the Pilot Core CE level 2 pad. The RedTab Visibility System ensures other traffic participants see you clearly on poorly lit streets so there’s no risk of an accident.

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6. Bilt Blaze Mesh Motorcycle Jacket - LG Tall

The Bilt Blaze is a summer mesh motorcycle jacket that’s bound to make you feel great while also providing you with plenty of protective features to make sure you don’t get injured in case of a crash. The exterior is made of an ultra-flow high quality mesh which is resistant to abrasion as well as breathable, allowing water vapors from sweat to get outside so you stay cool and dry.

The 600 denier protection panels cover all the important parts of the body. The C.E.-approved  impact panels are padded with memory foam for extra protection in case the unthinkable happens. These can be removed and washed so you can keep them clean and fresh despite wearing the jacket for the entire summer.

With the reflective piping, this model makes you visible in poor light while also adding a sporty look. You can fit the jacket tightly by using the adjustable Velcro zip tab and hip tabs.


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7. Armr Moto Bomber Motorcycle Jacket

If you’ve already bought some protective motorcycle airbag jackets and vests and now you’re looking for a lightweight jacket to wear during the warmer seasons, then the Pilot Motosport 2001203-02 is one product you should not overlook. This item is made with Pilotex fabric that’s strong and durable and 210D Dense Interlink Mesh or DIM.

The 600D NPF overlay panels are double- and triple-stitched for superior strength and resistance to wear and tear. The microcellular PU armor that covers the elbows and shoulders has high impact-absorbing capabilities. You can remove the armor with ease if you need to.

The rear also benefits from extra protection thanks to the back pad. There’s also the possibility of upgrading it with a Pilot Core CE level PU pad. With the Exclusive Red Tab, the jacket keeps you visible and safe throughout the night. You can adjust the cuffs, waist, as well as arms so that this piece of clothing fits tightly on your body.

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8. ILM Motorbike Jacket Carbon Fiber Armor Shoulder

With the ILM JK41, you get a jacket that goes well with both modern apparel as well as timeless vintage motorcycle helmets. Thanks to the unique ventilation system, you’ll no longer sweat excessively. You can say goodbye to those days when you were riding soaking wet due to sweat, as with this jacket, you’ll stay dry and cool even on hot days.

The outer shell is waterproof so you won’t have to worry about being caught by rain showers on your way home or during long cruises. The thermal quilted liner makes this model suited for colder weather as well. Since it is removable, you can always take it off when it’s warm outside.

In terms of protection, the JK41 comes with removable spine and elbow armor, as well as external shoulder, chest, back, and kidney armor so you’re protected in case of an accident. The reflective white tape helps improve visibility so other riders or drivers can see you from a distance.

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9. Bilt Women's Calypso Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

The Calypso is an elegant yet modern women's motorcycle jacket from Bilt. This model has a tough mesh exterior that benefits from the Ultra-flow technology which helps with ventilation and enables water vapors to escape through the fabric for comfortable rides even in hot environments.

The protection panels are made of durable 600 denier which is resistant to abrasion and long-lasting. The memory-foam back panel offers protection for your spine, and it can be detached if you want to wash the jacket.

The side stretch panels help bring out those feminine curves while also offering a snug fit. You can also adjust the sleeves through multiple points for extra comfort and security. The neoprene collar is soft and malleable and it also comes with a Velcro strap.

In terms of pockets, there are plenty of them where you can store all sorts of objects, from iPhones to wallet, keys, and anything else you might want to keep at hand.

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10. Viking Cycle Ironborn Women's Motorcycle Textile Jacket

The Viking Cycle Ironborn is an attractive jacket that’s a sure head-turner. The good thing is that this item is not all about appearance, as it comes with a rugged Rock Tex 600 outer shell that’s waterproof-treated. Combine that with the Tri-Tex waterproof fabric, and you’ve got yourself a jacket that will eliminate all those unpleasant downpours that always took you by surprise.

This item doesn’t lack in the protection department either, as you get an exterior polycarbonate shoulder armor as well as removable elbow, shoulder, and spine armors that are highly resistant to impact.

With the insulated sleeve liner, you can stay warm on colder days or in the evening, and the best part is that it is removable. There are 2 zippered vents on the front and 2 on the back for an improved airflow on extremely hot days. You also get an adjustable waist to bring out those feminine forms, as well as adjustable cuffs for a great fit.

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11. Bilt Women's Techno 

In case you’re searching for a motorcycle jacket that looks awesome while also displaying all the safety features you can expect from a lightweight jacket, then you can stop and check out the Bilt Women's Techno. This model looks cool on its own, and you can always couple it with one of those badass women's motorcycle helmets to make an impression.

Made of Ultra-flow Techno mesh, this model is also rugged and durable. The 600 denier reinforced panels and the C.E.-approved shoulder and elbow armor offer a decent amount of protection, especially considering the fact that this is a summer jacket. The back panel is made of memory foam and it further adds to that protection.

The quilted liner helps you stay warm when the weather conditions get cold, and you can detach it during the day or if you want to put it in the machine wash. The hip tabs can be adjusted via the built-in Velcro, and so can the sleeve tabs.

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12. Vega Technical Mercury 

The Vega Technical Mercury is a great pick for motorcyclists who often ride in hot weather. This is a sports model which comes with an outer shell that is made of a breathable mesh fabric. This fabric facilitates a proper airflow so that sweat doesn’t accumulate on the inside, allowing you to stay cool even under the scorching sun.

Thanks to the modern articulated design of the Comfortect Armor that perfectly molds to the rider’s shoulders, back, and elbows, you don’t just get to benefit from proper protection, but also increased comfort. You won’t feel hindered even if you’re riding for hours on end.

For a tight fit, the manufacturer has included Velcro tab closures on the collar and cuffs as well as Lycra gussets on the waist and cuffs for a perfect fit. The Scotchlite Retro-reflective piping ensures that you stay visible and safe even when riding on poorly lit streets.

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13. Cortech VRX Air

Are you planning on going on a few motorcycle tours this summer? If the answer is yes, then you definitely need to consider getting a jacket such as this model from Cortech. The VRX Air is a solid contender for both warm and colder weather. Thanks to the Armor-Link mesh used, you get a fabric that’s breathable which means you can say goodbye to excessive sweating.

The shoulders and elbows are protected by 600 denier Carbolex and there’s also C.E.-approved armor so you get to enjoy the right amount of protection every time. This unit comes with a waterproof liner that can be taken off in warm weather and inserted back to keep you dry in case you encounter summer showers during your travels.

With the Phoslite reflective piping, you’ll be visible to other traffic participants. The Mandarin-style collar has a lining made of soft fleece for extra comfort. You also get several pockets to store your belongings.

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14. Xtreemgear Textile MBJ060 

In case you’re trying to find a durable summer jacket that’s also affordable, you might want to take the Xtreemgear Textile MBJ060 into consideration. This model boasts an outer shell made of 600 Denier Polyester fabric that’s highly resistant to abrasion. Thanks to the full sleeve quilted liner, you can stay warm in cold environments. You can always unzip it when it gets hot.

This jacket also comes with a fixed waterproof liner which will keep you dry even if the rain surprises you on the road. The included shoulder, elbow, and back protections are all EN 1621-1-Compliant which should give you the peace of mind that you’re safe from harm in case you get involved in a crash.

There are two vents on the front, two on the back, as well as two on the upper arms which help keep you cool even when the temperatures go high. This unit also has front waist pockets and two inside pockets for your phone and other valuables.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


If you wish to enjoy long summer rides yet don’t want to sacrifice protection for that extra comfort, then you should definitely get the best leather motorcycle jacket for summer you can find. The trouble is that navigating through the plethora of options can be tiresome or even frustrating, especially when you don’t even know which features to look for.

The good part is that we’ve compiled this short guide that should help you determine which type of jacket is best for your needs so that you can stay safe and feeling great throughout the warm season.


Even if warmer seasons require wearing lighter equipment, you want to put safety first, just as always, when looking to buy the best summer textile motorcycle jacket. Check a few models and make sure they come with shoulder, elbow, and back armors. Some summer jackets also have reinforced ribs, chest protectors, as well as extra pads.

However, you should bear in mind that some armors are more comfortable than others. Some padded plates are soft yet slightly more comfortable, and you might also find some types of armors that are either articulated or contoured so they can fit well on your body.

When talking about protection, you also want to be sure that summer showers won’t cause you any problems. This is one reason why you should pick a unit that has a waterproof membrane. The exterior shell might be treated with a DWR or Durable Water Repellent, although most motorcycle jackets feature a waterproof liner that’s either fixed or removable.



This is the aspect you’re probably most interested in, especially since you want a riding jacket that can keep you comfortable even if you’re riding on the hottest days of summer. One thing you need to take into account when looking for the best hot weather motorcycle jacket is that it comes with an adequate ventilation system.

No matter how thin the mesh material is, you’ll still sweat abundantly if there’s no airflow to cool you down. Some motorcycle jackets feature front and rear vents, while others have zippered pockets or breathable liners that can help eliminate some of the heat.

You also want to make sure that you choose a jacket made with breathable fabrics. Even with a ventilation system, sweat might still accumulate inside your jacket, especially when riding at low speeds or when standing still under the scorching sun. A breathable material will allow water vapors to exit the fabric so that you won’t get wet from the inside.

Even if you’re trying to get a riding jacket that’s perfect for hot weather, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to choose one that also comes with a removable fleece liner. You can take it off when you don’t need it, and put it back on in the evening or on those cold days so that you stay warm and cozy.

Style and extras

While for some, this aspect is not so important, you might value aesthetics in a jacket. The good news is that you can find plenty of choices on the market that look awesome and that can go well with motorcycle boots or other pieces of equipment so that you get to ride in style as well.

You might also want to consider a model that has reflective piping so that you stay visible even while riding at night.

Picking a riding jacket with plenty of pockets is also a good idea, especially if you have tons of stuff to take with you and don’t want to keep them all in a motorcycle tank bag. A unit with a headphone wire system might also raise your interest if you’re into listening to music while you’re riding.


Frequently asked questions


Q: What should I look for when buying a motorcycle jacket?

There are many features to take into consideration when purchasing a jacket, and one of the most important of them is for the jacket to have internal or external storm flaps. These can stop cold air from blowing into the jacket and thus keep you warm. A protective jacket designed to keep cold or hot air outside is a great piece of gear for any rider.

Don’t forget about looks either, as you want to feel comfortable in your leather jacket and also be able to ride with style. Lightweight products will make you feel at ease when wearing them.

Q: How is your motorcycle jacket supposed to fit?

There are 3 main fits when it comes to jackets, and they are each made for riders of different styles. The American fit is for the casual rider, the European or sport-cut fit works well for those that want a slim-fit, while the Race fit is made for professional riders. You won’t be finding Race jackets made of leather, as they are designed with performance in mind.

These jackets also do better when it comes to abrasion resistance, as they are made for professionals. The best summer motorcycle jacket, however, would be one that’s made of lightweight materials and fits you loosely.


Q: Are motorcycle jackets waterproof?

The answer to this question varies, although leather jackets can be water repellent, they can’t be waterproof, because that’s how the material works. If you want to ride while it’s raining, you have to look for other materials. The good news is that leather models can be protective against the wind and they don’t let cold air get under them.

Jackets made of textile materials are your best bet if you’re looking for something truly waterproof, especially if they are covered with a waterproof and breathable membrane. Keep in mind that such protective gear can be more expensive.


Q: How should I wash my motorcycle jacket?

As the case is with much of the clothing or gear made for athletes or people that like sports, motorcycle jackets, especially those made of leather should only be cleaned with products that don’t contain harsh chemicals. Of course, always check the label and see what indications it offers.

If your gear has any type of armor, remove it before washing. Any such pieces should be washed separately. Remember that washing by hand is preferable to machine washing because the spinning action of the machine can cause the material to change its shape, and as a result, it will make the jacket smaller or bigger.

Q: Why are motorcycle jackets short?

When it comes to style, motorcycle jackets are shorter than usual for a simple reason – they are designed like this because it’s a more comfortable fit for when you are sitting. You wouldn’t want leather or hard materials to be pressing on your lower abdominal area while riding. Furthermore, this also means that the jacket won’t flap in the wind.

The best summer motorcycle jacket will be a lightweight one that lets your body breathe while wearing it. And if the jacket covers too much of your body, this will make you feel encumbered.




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