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14 Best ATV Speakers (Reviews) in 2022

Because we are well aware of the fact that finding good ATV speakers is a task that comes with its difficulties, we took it upon ourselves to help you out. Consequently, below you can find a list of top-quality units that you should definitely consider before you place any orders. So, read carefully and make your choice accordingly!

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1. Noam NUTV4 Quad - 4 Channels Marine Bluetooth ATV

With a great price to value ratio and overall great reviews from both specialists and previous buyers, the model designed by NOAM should necessarily make it to your list. This unit is said to supply its users with a quality sound that can be distinctly heard by the ATV driver even when he/she is driving.

Even more so, when it comes to connecting it to your music player, you can either use the Bluetooth function to remotely control your phone’s music player or you can simply connect the player to the Inline AUX input.

Additionally, you should know that this product is water resistant and therefore it can be used no matter the technological conditions. As a plus, the unit’s remote also comes fitted with a background light that makes it visible throughout the night or in low light conditions.

When shipped, the model contains two pairs of speakers that can be mounted on any 1.25"-2" roll bar. The needed mounting pads are included in the price.

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2. Can-Am Maverick X3 Max (4) 8" 600w Tower Speakers

Another unit that you are deemed to find interesting is the Rockville 8" Tower Speakers. Each of the speakers included in this pack has a power capacity of 300watts, reason why the model is quite strong. What is more, this product is said to include a nylon mounting bracket that is adjustable, and that has been reinforced with embedded steel. Similarly, this unit is said to be both rust and water resistant. In fact, the model can resist any damage caused by saltwater, so riding it during winter should not be a problem, as long as you read this review on how to get proper snow tires.

An additional protective coating has been used to cover the speakers to make them even more resistant. As a plus, if you settle for this system, keep in mind that the manufacturer gives its users mounting screws that are considered long and sturdy enough to allow the installation of the model on any vehicle.

According to the previous users, this 8" two-way high-sound-quality system is said to do its job well, no matter the weather.

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3. Boss Audio Systems MRWT40 Marine Waketower

If you are looking for a cost-efficient unit that is still reliable, you should give the BOSS Audio MRWT40 a good look. This product consists of a four-inch two way ATV roll bar system that you are likely to appreciate from the first use.

You can enjoy them while you ride on the beach or you can look here to find a spreader and listen to music while you work the field.

When it comes to the material used in designing this model, we should point out that this manufacturer has used Polyurethane, a durable polymer that is known for its flexibility. Thus, these speakers can produce high-quality sounds, and they are also surely going to last you an extended period of time.

Technically speaking, these speakers have a fit terminal design, two 1 inch tweeters, a peak power resolution of 400 watts as well as an RMS power of no less than 200. Likewise, you should know that this model measures 12.5” in length, 11.6” in width as well as 9.25’ in height. Furthermore, the unit has a frequency response of 40Hz – 20kHz and an impedance of 4 Ohms.


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4. Audiopipe APSW-8500WTW Max Marine Tower Speakers

Another item that is worth your attention is the Lessco Electronics APSW-8500WTW. Although a bit more expensive than the units that we have talked about up until this point, these speakers stand out thanks to their eye-catching design and the fact that they are feature-packed.

Each speaker has an average power of 125 watts and a maximum power of 250 watts. Even more so, the manufacturer claims that this unit has a sensitivity of 90dB. (that is, IMPP Cone with Rubber Surround). Similarly, the model’s frequency response is of 50 Hz to 22KHz.

Similarly to the previous models, this unit is completely waterproof, a reason why you won’t have to worry about its performance in rainy weather. Still, this product does not have a lot of reviews and feedback comments from previous buyers, and, therefore, it is difficult to understand just how reliable it is when used.

Nevertheless, given the fact that this model was designed to be used for both ATVs and jet skis, it is safe to assume that it is quite dependable.

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5. Audiopipe ATVP3300BT ATV Off Road Sound System

If you are searching for a cool-looking sound system for your ATV that is both affordable and durable, check out the Audiopipe ATVP3300BT. This model has an RMS power of 175 watts and a peak of 350 watts.

The product features two 8’ speakers that you can effortlessly mount on your ride. Furthermore, the model’s amplifier has been previously coated with what the seller calls an anti-corrosion epoxy that is said to make the unit more durable.

Extra features of the model include a built-in Bluetooth and a titanium dome tweeter. The product has an overall waterproof design, and the speakers are air-tight sealed. Besides, the model has a frequency response of 45-25,000 Hz and a 90dB sensitivity ratio.

Lastly, all interested buyers should know that current users of the unit are happy with their purchase. In fact, the model is appreciated because of its good sound quality. Therefore, this product should at least make it to your short list!


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6. Hifonics TPS-6 Waterproof Bluetooth Marine ATV Soundbar

If you are not afraid of investing a few extra dollars in order to end up with the best motorcycle and ATV speakers, we recommend that you consider the Hifonics TPS-6 Waterproof. Packed with countless features that are a must when shopping for a sound system suitable for an ATV, this model might be just what you’ve been looking for. For example, this device was developed to feature a solid external structure made from aluminum.

Even more so, the unit features a heavy impact grill that can actively protect that model against any damages that might be caused by unforeseen accidents. Moreover, the device has a classic black powder-coat finish that you are surely going to appreciate.

Also, you should know that the product comes fitted with 3.3 ohms DC resistance and that the units runs on a continuous power of 100 watts per speaker and 200 watts per pair. The effective frequency rate of the unit is of 40Hz to 20kHz.

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7. Honda New Boss Waterproof 8" 

Another model that you should check out is the Honda New Boss Waterproof 8". This product is considered quite reliable, and it is said to make use of a plug-and-play installation to supply you with your favorite songs. The product is likely to get your attention from the start due to its design.

The system is completely waterproof, and it can actually offer its users 700-Watt of maximum power. You can make use of the device for Bluetooth audio streaming and to control the music that you want to listen to while riding your ATV.

As a plus, this model can function well when connected to the audio output of any iPod or iPhone. Similarly, this device is compatible with most smartphones and MP3 players.

Although the model does not have a lot of reviews from previous buyers, the unit seems strong-built and likely to perform well no matter the conditions.

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8. Badass Sharks New 12V Waterproof ATV

If you are interested in buying a unit that does not require you to make a big investment, our suggestion to you is that you take a good look at the YC° BADASS SHARKS. This model enables its users to listen to the radio or/and to connect it to one’s MP3, iPod, or Walkman in order to be able to listen to their beloved music.

The device comes fitted with a solid waterproof case that can protect it against damage (the unit is both waterproof and shockproof). Additionally, the model includes a feasible LED display, a functioning clock and an automatic memory that is said to function even after having turned off the unit.

When shipped, you will receive a head unit, two chrome speakers, one 3.5mm AUX jack as well as an informative user manual. If you happen to have any questions regarding the model’s technical capabilities, go ahead and consult the manual for additional details.

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9. GoldenHawk 3” Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speakers

Another unit that you are surely going to appreciate is the GoldenHawk USA Motorcycle. This model was built to fit any 7/8 to 1.25" handlebar, reason why it is safe to assume that it will be effortless to mount on your ATV.

As a plus, this device can actually support a Bluetooth connection for up to no less than 15 meters. Besides, this unit comes provided with the necessary support for both USB and SD Card MP3 files. Therefore, you’ll be able to play your chosen songs on it.

Because it was built using quality materials, the device is quite resistant and capable of handling shocks. Likewise, the model is compatible with almost any smartphone available on the market at the current time.

Lastly, the product is said to deliver great sound quality and to have a 100% waterproof design, so that you can use it while outdoors. A built-in radio is also available to its buyers.

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10. NOAM N4 - Pair of 4" 2-Way Wakeboard Mountable Speakers

If you are looking for a unit that has a beautiful design and overall great reviews from previous buyers the Noam N4 Wakeboard is the model that you should pay attention to. This product is water resistant and very much durable.

Additionally, you should know that the product can be easily mounted on practically any 1.25"-2.08" roll bar. Therefore, its set up should not pose a problem. Also, the model has a 100 Watts RMS and a maximum power of 200 watts. The unit’s construction is sturdy and its exterior case dependable. Therefore, you should not experience issues with it when it comes to its overall performance.

According to customer feedback comments, the model that you will receive will be as described, and the product’s seller is happy to help in case of unforeseen problems.  For a better grip on the unit’s capabilities, make sure to go online and see what others have said about it.

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11. Rockville 6.5" 600w ATV 

With overall great reviews and a good price to value ratio, the Rockville 6.5" 600w ATV is also worth a look. The unit has a beautiful back and read design and, technically speaking, it is quite powerful. When shipped this model includes a pair of 6.5" 600w speakers with an included LED system and remote control.

Just like the previous products that we have talked about, this model is 100% marinized and thus capable of behaving well if it comes into contact with water. Likewise, the model is rust-proof. For extra protection, the unit has stainless steel terminals.

To make the unit easier to install, the manufacturer has provided it with preinstalled screws. The product has an impedance of 4 ohms and a frequency response of 55Hz to 20KHz. Thanks to the model’s design; you will be supplied with a clear sound and bass response. Any unwanted noises are said to be eliminated.


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12. WinllyAT Motorcycle Waterproof 

Another impressive looking sound system that is likely to stir your interest is the WinllyAT Motorcycle Waterproof. This model has been specially designed to be used on a motorcycle, but it can also be installed on an ATV or a jet sky. Hence, the model is compact (as it measures 10.3x3.1x3.1 inches) yet powerful.

In the making of the unit, the manufacturer has used aluminum, a durable yet lightweight material that you are likely to be happy with. When used, the unit can be connected via Bluetooth so that you will have access to your favorite playlist.

Still, before you install it and use it, the manufacturer recommends that you take the time to read its instruction manual included in the package. This way you will get a better understanding of the model’s design and capabilities.

According to its previous buyers, this model makes a great gift for your loved ones, especially if they own a motorcycle or an ATV.

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13. Familyus New Style Waterproof 

If you are searching for a sound system that has been vetted by previous buyers, we recommend that you try out the Familyus New Style Waterproof. This model stands out because of its clean cut design and thanks to the fact that it is compact. Similarly to previous models, this unit has been originally designed to be used with motorcycles; however, the model is said to behave well when attached to ATVs too.

Because it was intended as a product that can be used in all types of weather conditions, this unit is waterproof, and it is said to be suitable when riding your prized possession on any rainy weather, too.

When it comes to its connectivity, you should know that the model features a Bluetooth connection. Therefore, in virtually seconds you will be able to use it to play your beloved songs.

Still, before you install it, it is advisable that you take a good look at what the instructions manual that the model comes shipped with recommends.


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14. Rupse Motorcycle Sound System 

Last but not least, this list would have been incomplete without us mentioning the unit produced by Rupse. This beautiful model comes fitted with a handful of feasible features that you will definitely like.

For instance, just like other similar models, this product can support a Bluetooth connection. However, the model can also use the Bluetooth connection to answer and/or cut off phone calls. Similarly, you can use it to charge your phone, and you can link it to your personal phone in order to access your favorite playlist.

When it comes to the model’s price to value ratio, we find it necessary that we point out that this unit comes is affordable and well liked by previous buyers. Additionally, the model can handle all types of weather changes as it is waterproof.

From a technical point of view, the unit has a microphone sensitivity of 35DB, a mobile charging current of 800MA and practical signal to noise ratio of 40DB.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Because we know that the task of picking the best motorcycle and ATV speakers is not as easy as one might think, we have decided to lend you a helping hand. Therefore, we have put together a list of top-notch features that are a must when shopping in this category of products.

Sound quality and impedance

As you probably already know, one of the key features that all reviews of ATV speakers are likely to point to is the quality of the sound that the device can produce. Given the fact that ATVs are quite noisy, it is prudent that one opts for a unit that can produce clear and loud music so that one will be able to hear it when riding the ATV.

If you want to end up with a reliable, loud system, it is best that you purchase a model that comes fitted with a sensitive speaker. Moreover, keep in mind that if you settle for a unit with a sensitive speaker; chances are that it will need less power in order to create sounds at all frequencies. Similarly, specialists claim that the woofer’s size is also important when it comes to determining the ability of the device to pick up low sound frequencies.

Likewise, a unit’s impedance should necessarily be something that you pay attention to.  To put it simply, a model’s impedance is actually its ability to resist high voltages. Usually, impedance is measured in Ohms. According to ATV speakers reviews, the best-equipped units are those with an impedance ratio of 4 ohms.


Easiness to mount and to control the device

If you are not a pro when it comes to sound systems, our advice to you is that you settle for a unit that is easy to set up and effortless to control. Because manufacturers are well aware of the fact that installing speakers is not something that is particularly without its difficulties, most of them supply the users with additional tools and accessories that are a must when it comes to installing it.

As a plus, you should look for a model that has integrated Bluetooth control. Additionally, you should pick a model that enables you to change the music’s volume without much effort. However, you should know that more advanced units can actually allow you to connect your player to the speakers by using an added input.

Still, if you are searching for the best speakers for ATV and UTV, the model’s size is also important. From this point of view, the specialists recommend that you purchase a device that is rather smaller in size and compact. Besides, units with 12v power sources are often the most reliable.

Additional tips and tricks

Whether or not you want to settle for cheap ATV speakers or rather for a more expensive model, it is crucial that you have in mind the fact that the item’s durability is of great importance. As you know, sound systems for ATV usually have to handle a lot of abuse. Because of this, it might be a good idea to invest in a product constructed from strong, sturdy materials that won’t break easily.

What is more, it is advisable that you buy a model that is both water resistant and rust proof. This way you can rest assured knowing that your new acquisition will last you a significantly long period of time. For extra protection, make sure that you select a unit described by its manufacturer as marinized (that is, corrosion and waterproof and UV coated).

Another aspect that most specialists insist that you do is that you regularly check the unit’s insulation as well as the quality of its wires. It is crucial that you take this precautionary step due to the fact that fine electronics can easily break if not tended to. Therefore, if you don’t want to have to look for new   ATV speakers for sale, we recommend that you do the needed checking every once in awhile.

If you are still not sure that you’ve found the model for you, our recommendation to you is that you don’t settle for a unit before you’ve checked to see what its previous buyers had to say about it. Although you might see this as a waste of time, we feel that it is important that we point out the fact that reading customers’ feedback might actually be a good way of understanding just how capable the unit that you like is.

As a plus, by doing so you will have the chance to see whether or not there are any undisclosed issues with that given product. Still, always keep in mind to pay attention to those reviews that are visibly biased.


Best ATV speakers brands


As a well-known sound-system manufacturer, Boss has managed to create a good reputation as a product developer that produces feasible, durable units that have commending price-to-value ratios. Moreover, this manufacturer is popular among ATV riders due to the fact that it creates sound speakers using top-notch technology developments.

As a consequence, the models that Boss sells are of high-quality. Most of its customers are happy with their purchase, and they warmly recommend this brand to all those interested in a new system. So, why don’t you give it a go?


Another manufacturer that has made a name for itself in the field of sound systems is Rockville. This brand ensures completely free shipping on its products and a 90-day money back policy that you can make use of if you are not satisfied with the quality of the unit that you’ve received.

Besides constructing marine and power sports sound systems, Rockville is also a household name in the field of pro audio gear and car audio and video equipment. En more so, the brand also produces home devices as well as portable units that you can make use of on a day to day basis.


Because it is an authentic American manufacturer, when you say Polk Audio, many customers think of durability and reliability. In fact, Polk Audio has a strong line of tradition that started in 1972. Four decades later, this manufacturer is still a powerful name that many speak highly of.

This brand was developed by a group of friends from the Johns Hopkins University that shared a passion for using technology to produce high-quality sounds.  Nowadays, Polk Audio creates a wide range of different sound system and related accessories that you might be interested in.


With 35 years of experience behind it, Audiopipe is another manufacturer that you might be familiar with. This brand describes itself as a global manufacturer/distributor of marine audio equipment, 12-volt electronics as well as pro-audio accessories and electronic supplies.

Although Audiopipe has set its headquarter in Miami, this brand caters to the needs of its customers from no less than 40 countries. As a plus, the brand believes in values such as loyalty, commitment, and quality and it is said to do its best to serve its customers with state-of-the-art sound systems.


Last but not least, this list would have been half-done without us mentioning Noam Audio. This manufacturer specializes in marine and Powersports audio systems, reason why its products are highly appreciated by its repeat customers.

However, the brand is best known for its impeccable customer service. This happens because this manufacturer believes in its products and in the rights of the people that choose Noam Audio as their go-to brand.  Finally, the systems that they design are easy-on-the-eye and very feasible to use with ATVs.




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