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12 Best Snowmobile Pants (Reviews) in 2022

Given the high number of options on the market, finding the right pair of pants for your needs could prove a difficult task. This is why we took the liberty to look for some of the most reliable products ourselves, and we came with a list of twelve pairs of pants that we think might be suitable for you. Showcased below you’ll find all the essential details about each pair.

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1. Castle X Fuel G6 Men's Snowmobile Pants

The product is made of a super resistant and absorbent fabric that will keep you warm and dry throughout the day. All the critical seams are perfectly sealed not to allow wind or snow to touch your skin. Also, the padded articulated knee panels will keep you protected from shocks, impacts, and minor injuries.

The pants come with an adjustable waist and thigh ventilation for increased comfort and freedom of movement. Therefore, your skin will remain warm and dry no matter the temperatures outside. The zippered pockets are perfect for keeping your hands warm or for storing your essentials, including phone, keys, and wallet.

The pants also feature a 3M Scotchlite reflective material for increased visibility in all weather conditions. Thus, you can take the pants for a night ride with your snowmobile.

They also come with a removable shoulder strap system that will ensure a tighter fit without requiring an additional belt.

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2. Klim Inferno Men's Ski Snowmobile Pants

This pair of pants is perfect for a wide array of outdoor activities and can be worn while you’re riding your motorcycle or snowmobile. The pants are durable and are made of a unique combination of fabrics, including mesh to ensure proper ventilation. Therefore, they will keep you warm and dry at the same time, no matter the weather outside.

The product is reinforced with heavy-duty materials in high wear areas such as the knees and the bottom, allowing you to benefit from maximum freedom of movement. The design of the pants offers a relaxed and comfortable fit, so they can be worn the entire day.

The seams are made of heavy-duty reinforced nylon to resist against water, wind, and tearing. This is great if you plan on wearing the same pair of pants for a few years. The design features two pockets in the front and other two in the back.


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3. Castle X Platform Snowmobile Bibs

You can choose between two different sizes for these rompers - Small or 2XL, so make sure to properly measure yourself before ordering online. The product is made of high-quality materials and features a 150 g quilted insulation to keep the lower part of your body warm and dry throughout the day.

The pants are perfect for practicing a wide array of winter sports and activities, from skiing to riding your snowmobile or enjoying a simple snowball fight. The wide leg construction ensures maximum freedom of movement while the reinforced stitching will prevent the pants from breaking after just a couple of uses.

The overall is completed with a high-quality zipper that allows you to dress or undress in a matter of seconds. The adjustable back straps ensure a close fit no matter how many layers of clothing you choose to wear underneath. The product also comes with four zippered pockets to keep your hands warm or store your belongings.

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4. Castle X Bliss Womens Snowmobile Pants Black

This pair of women’s snowmobile pants is specifically designed for active ladies who enjoy winter sports and outdoor activities. They closely follow the anatomical shape of the female body, ensuring a comfortable fit.

They are made of high-quality and durable nylon shell and are reinforced with 3M Thinsulate insulation to keep your skin warm and dry no matter the temperatures outside. Thanks to the unique technology, the pants are perfectly windproof and waterproof, and will also provide maximum breathability for your skin.

The soft interior allows you to wear them directly on your skin or add an extra pair of leggings or nylons. The wide leg construction helps you wear the pants over your favorite snowmobile boots.  

They feature two large pockets on the front that can act like hand warmers. You can also use them to store your favorite pair of snowmobile gloves.

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5. Mens Yamaha Snowmobile Bibs

Believe it or not, the reputed Japanese brand is not only known for its iconic biker jackets and motorcycles, but also for manufacturing high-quality gear for winter activities. This pair of bibs is available in two different sizes and is specifically designed for active men.

It is made of high-quality nylon and reinforced with a breathable DuPont Teflon coating to efficiently protect your skin against cold winds and rain or snow. Therefore, the pants are perfect for practicing your favorite winter sports without worrying about getting cold or wet in a few hours.

The 3M reflective patch on the back offers increased visibility during the night, so you can stay safe and protected any time of the day or night.  

The product comes with reinforced stitching and padding on the high wear areas to prevent accidents. Thus, you’ll be able to enjoy the same flawless pair of cheap snowmobile pants for many years.

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6. DC Shoes Men Banshee - Snow Pants

The DC company is known for its quality shoes and clothing, specifically designed for young and active people. These pants are available in six different colors, including a bold shade of neoprene yellow or red. Thus, you’ll stand out in the crowd or perfectly blend in with the night decor, depending on your preferences.

They also come in three different sizes, ranging from Medium to XX-Large, so make sure to measure yourself correctly before ordering them online.

They are made of 100% polyester dobby fabric and provide increased protection against water, snow, wind or minor accidents. The reinforced stitching will prevent these pants from tearing or breaking after just a couple of uses.

The wide leg design is adjustable thanks to the squibs and the zippers on the bottom. Therefore, you can wear this product directly on your skin or over a pair of tights or winter leggings. Also, the two large pockets on the front are perfect for keeping your essentials, including your phone, keys, and wallet.

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7. O'Neill Mens Exalt Snow Pant

This item is available in two different colors - snorkel blue or black, so pick the right color to match your personality or the rest of your winter equipment.

The pants are made of 100% polyester and are effective against water, snow, wind or low temperatures. They are able to keep your legs warm and dry throughout the day, no matter your choice of activities.

The pants come with reinforced knees and high-quality stitching to prevent wearing and tearing after just a couple of uses. The large pockets on the front are great for storing your essentials or keeping your hands warm. This pair of pants comes with an additional secured pocket around the knee area for more storage room.

Most of the customers who ordered it claimed it fits true to size, so we suggest ordering your regular clothing size. Moreover, the waist adjuster will help you enjoy a tailored pair of pants.

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8. HMK Snowboard Peak

If you were looking for a bold pair of pants to help you stand out in the crowd and make you visible on the slopes, this product from HMK could be the answer to your prayers. The bold red color is perfect for day and night trips.

The pants are available in numerous sizes, so finding the right fit for you should be easy. Don’t forget to carefully measure your waistline and inseam and compare your results with the ones provided by the manufacturer’s sizing guide.

The product features the XR-Gold weatherproof technology, which makes them resistant to water, snow, low temperatures or winds. Therefore, you can count on these pants to keep your skin warm and dry throughout the day. They are reinforced with ballistic 400 nylon Oxford, offering extra protection against tearing, friction or impact.

The product comes with large zippered pockets that can keep safe all your essentials.

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9. Klim Instinct Men's Ski Snowmobile Pants

This is one of the few pairs of pants that are designed in different lengths, depending on your height. Thus, you have a better chance of finding the perfect fit, without having to cut the pants if they are too long. They are also available in two colors and plenty of sizes to choose from, so make sure to measure yourself correctly before buying them.

They are 100% waterproof and windproof, allowing your skin to properly breathe and remain dry throughout the day. Thanks to the thick insulation, the pants will also keep you warm during the cold winter days, so they represent the perfect choice for skiing or riding your snowmobile.

The relaxed leg fit adds extra comfort and ensures maximum flexibility while the reinforced knees provide improved protection against accidents or minor impacts.

The pants are also equipped with one zippered pocket in the front, large enough to hold your wallet or phone.


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10. Klim Aria Women's Ski Snowmobile Pants

Who said that winter attire must be dull and plain? This new pair of ski pants from Klim is available in a beautiful shade of purple that will definitely make you noticed. The product is perfect for both day and night rides.

The pants are made of high-quality materials and are 100% waterproof and windproof. Therefore, your skin will remain warm and dry throughout the day, no matter the temperatures outside. The adjustable waist fit is suitable for when you want to wear an extra layer of clothing underneath but still be 100% comfortable with your ski or snowmobile equipment.

The zippered flare-leg construction ensures maximum freedom of movement and an adjustable fit according to your needs. These pants also come with two large pockets on the front and two sealed pockets on the sides, roomy enough to keep your phone or wallet safe.


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11. Klim Altitude Women’s Pant

The pair of pants is specifically designed for women’s bodies and comes in a variety of sizes and lengths, ensuring a perfect fit, no matter your height. You can also pick between two different colors (grey or black), depending on your preferences or the rest of your winter wardrobe.

The product comes with a Gore-Tex shell body with three different layers to provide maximum protection against water and winds. It is also equipped with durable Cordura overlays in high-abrasion areas to resist tearing. Thanks to that, you won't have to buy another pair of pants for a few years.

The boot-cut design with zippers on the bottom helps you easily put them on and take them off. The pants also feature four functional pockets with zippers that are large enough to hold your essentials, including phone, wallet, keys, and your brand new pair of snowmobile goggles.

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12. White Sierra D9717M Bib Snow

This comfortable overall is made of 100% nylon, ensuring maximum protection against water, snow or wind. The product is machine washable and, therefore, easy to clean.

It is lightweight and breathable, keeping your skin dry throughout the day. The flare leg design ensures maximum freedom of movement, while the reinforced stitching will support your body moves. The bib comes with thick polyfill insulation to keep your body warm, allowing you to enjoy your favorite winter sports throughout the day.

The product features a large zipper on the front to help you easily dress and undress. The adjustable straps ensure a tight fit and eliminate the need of an additional belt to keep your pants in place. We also liked the zippered secured pocket in the front which is large enough to hold your phone or wallet. Most customers who ordered this item claimed it fits true to size.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Finding some good snowmobile pants is no easy task, especially since there are plenty of options available at competitive prices. Therefore, we will help you identify the main features you should look for to make sure you purchased the perfect product.

Size and fit

Obviously, your number one concern should be finding the right size and fit for your needs. Keep in mind that a reliable pair of snow pants for snowmobile should follow the line of your body and cover the entire area of your leg.

One way to make sure you purchased the right size is to measure yourself thoroughly and then compare your results with the ones offered by the manufacturer’s sizing guide. Keep in mind that these pants should be a bit loose to allow you maximum freedom of movement for your legs.

Thus, we suggest you order a size up, especially if you plan on wearing an extra pair of leggings underneath to keep you even warmer. However, choosing a size that is too big might not provide the perfect insulation, allowing enough space for water and wind to get to your skin.

If you don’t have an average body, perhaps you should opt for men’s snowmobile pants that come in different lengths. They might cost more, but it is the only way to ensure you a right fit, especially if you are a petite or tall person.


Gender and age

There are countless types of bodies, each with its own characteristics. And while finding the ideal fit is kind of hard, you should at least opt for a pair of pants adequate for your age and gender.

Generally speaking, women pants differ from the youth snowmobile pants in terms of fitting. Women usually prefer a close body cut, with straight or skinny leg designs. On the contrary, most men usually opt for a regular or flare leg cut that provides sufficient freedom of movement, allowing them to wear their perfect pair of snow boots or even regular motorcycle boots underneath.



Since we are talking about a pair of pants suitable for winter sports and activities, you should definitely choose those who come with thick layers of polyester or Teflon insulation. The number one priority of pants is to keep your legs warm, and this is especially important when dealing with low temperatures.

Therefore, you should opt for pants that are thick enough to preserve the optimum body temperature without requiring an additional pair of leggings underneath.

Keep in mind that pants designed for outdoor winter activities are very different from regular pairs of pants, and even from reinforced motorcycle jeans. The latter may shield your legs from impacts better but are not great insulators.

There are plenty of options available for a reasonable price when it comes to materials too. We suggest polyester as it is very lightweight and comfortable. It offers improved freedom of movement and is also waterproof and windproof, essential qualities that you have to look for when it comes to snowmobile pants and jackets.

And if you still haven’t decided on your best option so far, perhaps some online snowmobile pants reviews will improve your knowledge about the topic. Customers will usually come with helpful insights that can determine you to make up your mind faster.


Protective elements

Apart from solid insulation, your new pair of pants for winter sports should also be equipped with certain safety elements. Zippers must be made of quality materials that are resistant to low temperatures and won’t rust when exposed to rain or snow.

Reflective materials are a must for any good pair of snowmobile bib pants. These will increase visibility and will allow you to be seen from a distance. Reflective materials are very helpful if you decide to go for a night ride or practice your favorite winter sports on a foggy day.

Additional protective elements could also include Velcro closures for an adjustable and tight fit, as well as buttons for extra insulation.


In our opinion, pockets are essential if you’re looking for a competitive pair of winter pants. They are functional and can also work as hand warmers if you happen to forget your gloves at home. Depending on their size, pockets are mainly used for storing your phone, wallet, keys or other essentials.

But, for the pockets to be reliable, you must take into consideration the aforementioned quality of the zippers. A low-quality zipper could rust or break after just a few uses, making the entire pocket become useless.

Also, these accessories should come with reflective materials and extra protection against wearing. Depending on your requirements, you can opt for zippered pockets, button pockets or Velcro pockets.


Other elements to take into account

Although vital, your winter pants are not the only part of your gear. Apart from them, you could also opt for jackets, helmets, gloves, and boots. However, pay attention when purchasing each of these elements as the products should be specifically designed for the winter season.

For instance, a brand new snowmobile jacket is different than a regular jacket as it is thicker and better insulated. They come with extra protective elements to ensure the best fit and prevent the heat from leaving your body.

As for your safety, a new snowmobile helmet must be on your shopping list. A helmet can easily turn into a cool accessory and, since there are thousands of options available on the market, you have to take your time before deciding.

Depending on your budget, you can opt for regular ones that are made of durable shells to prevent and minimize impacts. More expensive items even come with their own small snowmobile GPS units attached. They are perfect for keeping you safe and inform you about the easiest route to your destination.

Thus, with so many aspects to consider and plenty of options to choose from the market, how does the ideal pair of outdoor pants look to you?




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