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12 Best Motorcycle Leather Jackets (Reviews) in 2023

When looking for the best moto leather jackets, it’s crucial to bear in mind the specific characteristics that make a product great and to compare several different alternatives. Our team has put together a series of reviews to showcase some of our top choices.

Also, while you’re looking for this type of gear, you might also be interested in other related items such as good motorcycle airbag jackets and vests or reliable motorcycle gloves.

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1. FLAVOR Men Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Using quality equipment when engaging in motorcycle riding holds great importance as far as your comfort is regarded, and this leather jacket from Flavor was designed to pair your rides with such benefits. The item features 100% genuine leather for the exterior part, 100% cotton filling, and polyester lining, a choice of materials that ensures durability. 

To help you stay warm when the temperature is no longer that generous, the jacket features a comfortable hood; however, you can remove it whenever the need arises. Plus, the various pockets won’t just help you store important items, such as your wallet or phone, but will also help you keep your hands warm. 

The cuffs can be adjusted for a perfect fit and to prevent any discomfort caused by the wind. The durable metal used for both zippers should last you for quite some time. The jacket is available in four color options.


If you’re interested in getting a leather jacket that can withstand extended use, this unit should not go unchecked.

The product features 100% genuine leather, as well as 100% cotton filling and 100% polyester lining, which means that durability should not be an issue.

The hood can be removed, and the cuffs are adjustable to provide you with a personalized fit and keep the wind out. 

The metal zippers have been chosen based on the durability they ensure, while the many pockets will enable you to store various essentials and keep your hands warm. 

The jacket is available in a variety of colors and sizes so that you can easily find the one that best meets your needs.


Check out the sizing chart carefully before ordering as the jacket might run a bit small; plus, the jacket you receive might have a slightly different color in reality. 

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2. Joe Rocket 1326-2304 Classic '92 Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket

As the name itself says it, this jacket is a classic model with topstitched 1.0 to 1.2 millimeters drum dyed cowhide. It’s tailored to offer a relaxed fit, and it has a quilted full sleeve liner that can be zipped-in so that the customer achieves the form-fitting design that they seek.

Pockets have been added in the shoulders, elbows and back regions in case you want to carry additional items such as electronic devices or reliable motorcycle tracking devices. Two extra pockets are added on the inside of the jacket to keep specific pieces of gear protected from harm.

This model comes in two different colors to offer a broader range of options to the customers. A leather jacket can be a fashion statement as well as a useful piece of equipment, so it never hurts to have different alternatives. It’s even better when looks and functionality are blended.


Featuring a classic motorcycle jacket model, this Joe Rocket product ensures a comfortable fit for the user, so you can safely choose it if you are using your bike for long rides. 

The quilted sleeve liner can be easily zipped-in, which means that the jacket is versatile and keeps its form for the user’s full comfort. 

Thanks to the ingenious design which includes pockets added around the elbows, shoulders, and back regions, you can rest assured that the important items are going to be safe. 

Given that storage space around the jacket is crucial for the user’s ease of mind, two additional pockets are included inside of it as well. 


In rare cases, some of the buttons fell off after a while, but this depends on how the jacket is used and they can be easily replaced. 

Given that it’s made of genuine leather, this Joe Rocket jacket might have a rather strong smell at first. 

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3. Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Men's Crazy Horse Jacket

A jacket that features two 12 inch vertical front zip vents and two additional back vents, this model is excellent for warm weather days when you need to be protected against wind, and you need your skin covered for safety, but you also need proper ventilation so that you don’t overheat.

It has reflective piping on arms and shoulders that makes you easily visible, increasing your level of safety when riding a motorcycle. Also, a zip-out vest lining makes the item better-looking while maintaining a comfortable fit.

The zippers and all the hardware featured on the product are YKK and of outstanding quality; besides, they’re made of durable metal that also manages not to add too much weight to the overall design, making the jacket comfortable to wear.

Colored in a distressed black shade, this alternative is good looking as much as it is useful and well equipped to keep you safe and comfortable.


Offered by a manufacturer that knows a lot about creating comfortable and stylish jackets, this model is ideal for riders who enjoy their biking time during sunny days. 

The design includes a series of front and back vents that ensure your body remains both protected and properly ventilated even during longer rides, for a great overall experience. 

Safety is also taken into account by the Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company, given that reflective elements are added on both the shoulders and the arms for enhanced visibility in low lighting conditions. 

Even though the zippers and the other hardware elements are made of metal, they do not weigh too much, thus ensuring the rider’s comfort. 


Based on what some of the reviews state, this model runs a little small, so you might want to order a size up. 

In this case, the leather tends to have a rather strong smell at first. 

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4. First Manufacturing Men's Classic Side Lace Motorcycle Jacket

This classic model of biker jacket features top grain leather and has a medium weight, making it comfortable to wear for most sizes. It has a universal design, attractive for bikers as well as regular customers that want to upgrade their look.

A side lace paired with the half belt makes this model easy to adapt to any particular size so that any customer can feel comfortable in their specific design. Three exterior pockets are closed with zippers so that your personal belongings are kept safe and simultaneously on hand.

Its quilted lining can be zipped out so that it’s easy to wear this model and throw it on while you’re on the go.

At a somewhat affordable price, this is one of the alternatives that you should consider whether you want to upgrade your gear or just your wardrobe. And while you’re in the market for leather jackets, you might also want to find articles on related topics such as good Harley Davidson sunglasses & safety glasses or reliable Harley Davidson purse backpacks.


You might consider buying this jacket for someone who is not a rider as well, given that the universal and stylish design can enhance any look in an instant. 

The top grain leather construction uses only materials of the highest quality, so you won’t have to worry about needing to buy a new jacket anytime soon. 

This First Manufacturing model also comes with three exterior pockets that you can use to keep your belongings safe, as well as within reach. 

The lining can be zipped out as well, which makes this a versatile jacket that can be easily maintained in the long run. 


This model runs a little small, so do check out the measurement information provided by the manufacturer and maybe consider ordering a size up. 

In one case, one of the shoulder press studs was not properly attached, but customer support provided the necessary assistance. 

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5. Hot Leathers JKM1011,BLK,L Men's Heavyweight Black Leather Jacket

Black heavyweight top grain leather is the primary material used to manufacture this very durable yet good looking leather jacket model. The sturdy fabric is also soft and comfortable, allowing the user to adjust their size until it fits perfectly.

It has double piping detail as well as zip-out quilted lining. Additionally, zippered cuffs and a stand-up racing collar allow for perfect tailoring. They also serve as protection against outside factors, which may become quite uncomfortable during riding.

The chest pockets, as well as the side pockets and the inside pockets, are closed with zippers, to make sure that your belongings are kept safe and are unlikely to fall during the ride accidentally. You can hold anything from your phone to other electronic devices such as good motorcycle GPS units in there.

To get the most accurate fit, our best suggestion would be to check the sizing chart before purchasing this product carefully.


Even though it features a sturdy grain leather construction, this jacket is also soft and comfortable to wear, according to many reviews. 

The quilted lining can be zipped-out without any trouble, which makes this Hot Leathers model both versatile and adjustable to your riding needs. 

Any experienced rider also knows that it’s important to adjust the collar as well, which ensures a great fit but also protection against rougher weather conditions, which is one of the features of this jacket. 

The exterior and interior pockets include zipper closures, so the important items and belongings are kept safe for the entire ride, which means that the user can focus on the road. 


The jacket is rather thick, so if you have any concerns regarding this aspect, you can contact the seller for more information. 

Based on what some of the previous buyers have stated, this Hot Leathers jacket runs a bit small.  

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6. Joe Rocket Classic '92 Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The Classic '92 is a reliable alternative made using topstitched 1.0 to 1.2 millimeters drum dyed cowhide. This jacket is a lot similar to the other model from Joe Rocket that we’ve also reviewed, only this time it’s the women’s version.

Pockets for optional armor have been added at the shoulders, elbows, and back, managing to allow the user to store many additional items as well as protecting them from harm in case of an accident.

A quilted full sleeve liner can be zipped in so that the chosen size fits better. An extra five inside utility pockets have been added to this design to keep your possessions protected from harsh weather conditions as well as preventing them from falling out during a ride.

This product came in two colors and given that it’s the women’s version we’re talking about it’s worth mentioning that it’s always better to have extra options.


Made of high-quality leather, this motorcycle jacket is specially designed for women who want to enjoy long rides on their bikes. 

One of the aspects that make this model a highly recommended one is the fact that it includes multiple pockets around the back, elbows, and shoulders areas, which is both useful and an element of extra safety. 

The lining can be removed without any trouble, so ensuring the jacket’s maintenance shouldn’t be a problem, while the well-placed pockets keep important items within reach. 

You might also want to know that this model comes in two colors, so you can choose the one that suits your personality. 


The sizing might be a bit off, so if you have any concerns, you should measure your body and then ask the manufacturer for information on this. 

This jacket is sturdily built, so it’s also rather heavy, which is something you may want to know. 

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7. Milwaukee Leather Men's Sporty Scooter Crossover Leather Jacket

Another alternative from Milwaukee Leather, this design is made using premium milled cowhide 1.2 to 1.3 millimeters, with a full sleeve zip out thermal liner that keeps you extra warm and protected from the harsh wind and other unfavorable weather conditions that you make encounter during a bike ride.

Two lower zippered hand pockets with lower side zippers offer optimal comfort while protecting your belongings from falling out in the middle of the ride. It’s always good to have useful gear on hand, and with this jacket, you also have an additional built-in dual side concealed weapon and ammo pocket.

In addition to this, chest, arm and back vents are added to make sure that the user is comfortable even in warmer weather, given that the interior has to be continuously ventilated to keep the optimal temperature.

Dual striped blacked-out reflective piping is added both on the chest and on the arms and back, to make the rider visible from afar so that there’s a lower chance of accidents.


One of the first things worth knowing about this Milwaukee model is that it features a sturdy milled cowhide construction of 1.2 to 1.3mm, and all of the materials are of premium quality. 

Since the user’s comfort is crucial, especially if you are planning to take long rides, it’s a good thing that the interior lining has thermal capabilities that keep the body warm. 

The design also includes two very useful zippered pockets that keep your belongings safe, as well as a built-in and concealed ammo pocket for your own safety. 

Speaking of comfort, besides keeping you warm in low temperatures, this jacket also features a wide array of vents that come in handy during sunny days when you might overheat. 


This model doesn’t include a pocket for a back protector, as one customer pointed out. 

The lining should be carefully zipped out because it can otherwise snap at the bottom. 

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8. Scorpion Exo 1909 Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket

This item is manufactured using soft distressed top grain leather and uses Sas-Tec CE armor in the elbows and the shoulders regions to protect the customer from harm in case of an accident.

An extra pocket is added for optional Sas-Tec CE Back Protector Perforated panels for the underarms and the sides of the torso, to enhance the level of protection. Two zippered rear vents have been added to the design so that the air can circulate through the interior of the jacket.

The leather overlays at the elbows help protect the most sensitive areas in case of danger. Four external pockets complete this model, and you can use them to store anything from small devices to other motorcycle equipment.

Featuring an attractive design as well as many useful functions, this item is both a valuable piece of gear and a fashion statement all in one, since it can be worn by motorcycle riders or regular customers.



For those of you looking for a reliable motorcycle jacket, this Scorpion one features a top grain leather construction, which means that it fits the bill. 

Besides the high-quality materials used, the Exo 1909 also comes with Sas-Tec CE armor around the shoulders and elbows regions, thus ensuring extra protection in case of an accident. 

Around the rear area, two zippered vents can be used during hotter days when the rider might face some overheating while riding. 

Since safety is the most important aspect of riding a motorcycle, leather overlays have been added to protect the user in case of any potential danger. 


The buttons could be improved in that they might come off after a while, but the jacket’s overall quality definitely makes up for this little detail. 

You should take a closer look at the details provided by Scorpion on sizing to make sure you order the right one. 

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9. Joe Rocket Vintage Rocket Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Topstitched 1.0 to 1.2 millimeters drum dyed cowhide has been used to manufacture this item, and it’s precisely tailored so that it offers you a relaxed fit and it’s comfortable to wear for more than one occasion.

A few pockets have been added for optional armor at the shoulders, elbows, and back. They serve to protect the person who wears it in case of an unexpected accident as well as offering storage space for all the items that you need to keep handy during a motorcycle ride, such as electronic devices or other pieces of gear.

The zip-in quilted full sleeve liner has been added to make this model a lot easier to adapt to a certain size and thus increase the level of comfort. Two more utility pockets have been added on the inside, where you can keep your belongings safe from hazardous weather conditions.


Offered by Joe Rocket, a manufacturer well-known for the quality of its products, this model ensures comfortable wearing even during a long ride. 

The pockets added around the back, shoulders, and elbows areas are useful, as they can store the user’s important users but also act as an extra layer of protection in case of an accident. 

The interior lining can be zipped out, which means that this Joe Rocket jacket is more versatile and ensures a higher level of comfort. 

The interior pockets ensure the necessary storage space for the really important items, while the jacket itself is made using top-quality materials that ensure its durability. 


The jacket is rather heavy, as some of the previous buyers have noted, but this is something that certain riders actually prefer. 

The extra body armor (for shoulders, back, and elbows) needs to be purchased separately. 

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10. Milwaukee Women's Motorcycle Motorbike Traditional Police

This product is manufactured using premium milled cowhide 1.2 to 1.3 millimeters with a full sleeve zip-out thermal liner that helps maintain a constant temperature on the inside of the jacket, as well as increase the level of comfort for the individual that wears it.

A half belt has been added to the design in order to allow for a better fit, in addition to the sizing chart which, on its own, offers a wide range of options. You can adjust it to your specific body measurements to feel entirely comfortable and turn it into a form-hugging shape.

Two lower zippered pockets are added as well and can be used for storing your belongings since it can be challenging to carry a bag when going motorcycle riding. You can keep anything from your phone to a GPS to other small pieces of gear in there.

What’s more, this model also has a built-in dual side concealment weapon and ammo pocket, and it’s all built into a rather good looking jacket that will surely get you noticed.


Manufactured using premium materials, this Milwaukee women’s model includes a thermal lining which maintains a constant body temperature during the rides for the user’s full comfort. 

Besides the fact that it can face harsh temperatures, this jacket also includes a half belt for adjustment purposes, thus ensuring the right fit and protecting against the cold wind. 

The zippered pockets are very useful for keeping important items safe, as well as within reach, which also means that the rider can have access to the necessary devices right away. 

The cool design will surely not go unnoticed as you ride, so if you are looking for a jacket that also adds to your style, this is the choice for you. 


You should make sure that you check the measurements before placing the order so that you get the right size. 

Given its sturdy construction, the jacket might feel a bit heavy to some users. 

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11. Milwaukee Men’s Reflective 

Manufactured using butter soft naked cowhide 1.2 to 1.3 millimeter thick, this jacket is completed with a full sleeve zip out thermal liner like many other models also showcased in our collection. In addition to this, it has side set waist stretch panels specifically designed to allow you to obtain the perfect fit every time you wear this product.

Whether you have light weight fluctuations or you can’t seem to find the right size for your body type, you needn’t worry now since this alternative has all the means to help you achieve a form-fitting shape.

Generous closable air vents on the shoulders paired with two back vents make sure that the air circulates well inside the jacket and help maintain a comfortable temperature.

Highly reflective piping has been added to the full arm, shoulder and back area to make the rider visible from a distance. The front area has been covered as well.


One of the main aspects that make this jacket a great option is the fact that it comes with a thermal lining, which means that you will remain comfortable and warm at all times. 

The lining can also be removed, thus making everything easier when it comes to adapting the jacket to your needs, but also ensuring its maintenance will not prove to be difficult. 

The exterior waist stretch panels are specially added to make the jacket adaptable to the user’s body for the great fit and relaxed feel. 

Furthermore, on the comfort topic, the design also includes multiple air vents that can be opened and closed based on the riding conditions, to keep your body warm or cool. 


This Milwaukee product is rather heavy, so if you are after a lightweight alternative, you should ask customer support for some details. 

It fits larger than other jackets, according to what some of the previous buyers have noted.

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12. HWK Leather Motorcycle Jacket For Men

If what you want from your next motorcycle jacket is to keep you comfortable and safe when hitting the road on your two-wheeler, this option from HWK is worth considering. The 1.1mm - 1.2mm thick leather renders this product suitable for motorcycle riding in all four seasons. 

To make sure you’re comfortable no matter the weather, the manufacturer added removable thermal lining as well as breathable micro-mesh lining. Since comfort should be paired with safety, the product is equipped with CE-approved armors for the elbows, back, and shoulders. Plus, to protect your back, the jacket comes with high-density foam for this area. 

The stainless-steel buttons are rust-free so that you can rest assured that the jacket will keep its good looks even after many riding sessions. Thanks to the double waist adjusters, finding a comfortable fit shouldn’t be difficult. The various pockets featured will enable you to store your belongings and keep them within reach. 


Suitable for all seasons, this jacket is worth considering if you don’t hold back from riding your motorcycle in various weather conditions.

Thanks to the 1.1mm - 1.2mm thick leather featured, keeping comfort by your side is one of the main advantages you will benefit from when wearing this jacket. 

The CE-approved armors employed for the back, shoulders, and elbows and the high-density foam protector used for the back area will add to your comfort and safety. 

To make sure you can wear it in any season, the jacket features removable thermal lining as well as micro-mesh lining for enhanced breathability.

Storing your belongings and keeping them within reach won’t be a problem as the jacket boasts various pockets. 


The jacket might run small, so it is best to check the sizing chart carefully and even ask for additional information before ordering. 

The snaps featured might not be as durable as expected, especially if you intend to wear it regularly. 

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13. Cortech Latigo 2.0 

This jacket is manufactured using 1.2 to 1.4 millimeters thick cowhide leather. This durable and sturdy material is combined with a removable insulated thermal vest liner to keep the interior temperature constant and comfortable at all times.

To keep the customer safe in case of an accident, removable protectors have been added to the shoulders and elbows, as well as a triple-density back protector. If you’re worried about size and fitting, you should know that this model has adjustable waist belts with TPR pulls to help achieve a form-fitting shape.

Perforated leather can be found on the front and upper back areas, allowing the air to circulate freely and ventilating the interior of the item.

The sides and the shoulders along with the shoulder blades are reinforced with FStretch-Tex material to make sure that the jacket fits perfectly. Along with the full range of sizes available, you’ll have no trouble finding the right one for you.


Cortech created a sturdy and durable jacket that you won’t need to change for a long time if you decide to give it a try. 

The 1.2 to 1.4mm thick leather keeps the rider’s body protected, while a removable insulated thermal lining ensures that everything is kept under control when it comes to staying warm. 

This lining is also removable, which means that you won’t have any problems adapting the jacket to your riding needs or ensuring its maintenance over time. 

Extra protecting elements that are also removable are included around the elbows and shoulders areas, as well as around the back. 


The collar could include a pull tab and a snap button instead of velcro elements to enhance its usability. 

The pockets could include additional zipper pulls to make things easier when the user needs to handle them wearing gloves. 

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14. Tourmaster Element Cooling 

This jacket is manufactured using 1.1 to 1.2 millimeters waterproof cowhide leather and can be used in extreme weather conditions given that it protects its owner from the rain. Aside from protecting your skin, this item also keeps your electronic devices safe, that is if you’ve stored them in its pockets.

The TFL cooling leather treatment applied to the material reflects the UV rays, lowering the temperature of the surface of the product by up to 15 percent compared to regular leather and thus keeping the heat inside within bearable limits in case the weather is excessively warm.

A CE-approved removable armor protects the elbows and the shoulders as well, paired with an articulated triple density back protector. A removable zip-out quilted liner adds to the level of comfort that the person wearing this clothing piece experiences, by helping keep a constant temperature that feels good for the human skin.


Tourmaster’s model is another very good option if you are looking for a high-quality leather jacket to keep you warm and comfortable as you enjoy riding your bike. 

The leather is specially treated through a TFL cooling technology that ensures UV rays are reflected away from its surface, which means that the rider remains more comfortable during sunny days. 

The design also includes multiple pockets that are doing a great job in keeping everything necessary within reach. 

Furthermore, the jacket also comes with armor protections that keep you safe in case of a potential accident, this actually being one of the most important aspects to take into consideration. 


The zippers could work a bit better in some of the cases, but this is not really a big issue according to the reviews. 

It might also fit a bit small, so make sure that you carefully go over the details provided to order the right size. 

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15. Milwaukee Men’s Utility 

Try this model if you’re looking for a retro design that still feels up to date and extremely useful in many circumstances, manufactured using brown leather 1.2 to 1.3 millimeters thick, this jacket also has a full sleeve zip out thermal liner that helps keep a constant temperature inside it.

Dual front side utility pockets featured in the design are great for storing all the items that you need to keep handy, and you want to protect from various outside factors such as unfavorable weather conditions.

Two lower pockets are also added for maximum storage to be achieved. Since it’s difficult to carry a bag when going riding, it always helps to have more pockets. Dual front and back 17-inch vents allow the air to circulate freely through the interior of the product.

For the owner to obtain a comfortable fit, buckles side tabs have been added to this item. Paired with the full range of size options, chances are you’ll find the alternative that’s right for you.


Besides the cool and retro style this jacket ensures, it’s also a very good alternative for those who want to stay warm given its sturdy construction with 1.2 to 1.3mm thick leather. 

The interior thermal layer ensures that you remain warm even when the outside conditions are not that friendly, which means that changing weather should not be a problem. 

There are multiple pockets specially added so that everything you might need during a ride is kept within your reach, while the air vents allow you to remain cool when the sun is up in the sky. 

You should also note that this is a very comfortable option which you will surely enjoy, especially since it can also be adapted to fit your body. 


In one case the lining zipper could’ve worked better, so you may want to get more details on this. 

There were also minor issues when it came to finding the right size.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


When looking for a good motorcycle leather jacket, make sure that you carefully consider all the essential aspects before making a purchase. Picking out the right alternative can be a difficult choice, but if you pay attention to the crucial features than you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.

To help you make this decision we’ve put together the information we’ve gathered, and we’ve strived to deliver useful advice in this comprehensive buying guide. While we’re on this topic, you should also consider checking out our article on reliable motorcycle boots, that is if you’re interested in this type of gear.

The material and the purpose

After carefully surveying the market, we’ve concluded that the best leather jacket for motorcycle riding needs to have a series of particular features to tell it apart from a regular leather jacket that’s just a fashion trend.

If you’re a biker and you’re familiar with the type of gear and equipment that you should be looking for, then this is probably no surprise for you, but if you’re new to this field, you might find it difficult to tell the two models apart based on looks.

Luckily for you, this gets a lot easier once you check the material used for manufacturing them. Motorcycle jackets are usually made using high-quality leather, which has to protect your skin from exposure during rides and to prevent the weather from ruining your riding trip.

What’s more, you need to make sure that the material used is breathable and can adequately ventilate, because during warmer days you’ll find it a lot harder to make it through a long ride dressed in a leather jacket.



Everyone knows it can be challenging to carry a bag during a motorcycle trip, so it’s crucial that the jacket you end up buying has some storage alternative where you can keep all your essential gear on hand.

Of course, we’re talking about pockets, and every other jacket has pockets of some kind, but it’s about what they offer. For example, it’s always a good idea to have interior pockets, because items stored there are a lot less likely to fall out during a ride and are protected from unpleasant weather conditions.

While interior pockets are good for electronic devices since they can remain easy to reach while being protected from the rain, exterior pockets are reliable when it comes to storing all sorts of other items, from snacks or provisions to other motorcycle gear that you might need to have with you.

Make sure you have enough pockets to satisfy your needs, and if possible, try to find a model that has zippered closure, for extra safety.

Fitting and comfort

Among the many items available for sale on the market, you need to make sure that, exciting design and smart functions left aside, you pick the jacket that fits you best because if you’re going to be uncomfortable, you’ll be completely unable to enjoy your ride.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you check the sizing chart thoroughly before purchasing an item because you wouldn’t want to be getting the size wrong. Aside from that, it’s crucial that you keep an eye out for small design hacks to help you to adjust the model to your body frame.

For example, a specific tailoring or extra zippers to make it tighter or looser can help. Look for zippered cuffs to make sure that the wind doesn’t get in through your sleeves and thus makes you uncomfortable.

Frequently asked questions


Q: How do you soften a new leather motorcycle jacket?

Are you proud of your latest motorcycle jacket but you think the leather is too stiff? There are various ways to help you make your jacket smoother and more flexible but the easiest way is to simply wear it. A jacket made from natural leather will break in over time from its stiffness by simply wearing it as often as you can. 

Ideally, you should wear your jacket for a few hours inside the house, just like you do with a new pair of shoes to prevent blisters and calluses. Try to conduct your regular house chores with your jacket on to soften the leather, especially around the elbows, shoulders, and back.

Another easy trick to remove stiffness is to use a professional leather conditioner. There are various good brands available on the market, including Lexol and Pecard but you also need to pay attention to the type of leather used for the jacket. For instance, cow and horse leather will require heavier conditioners while softer types such as goat and lambskins need a milder conditioner. 

Q: How should I clean my leather jacket?

Jackets made of genuine leather need professional care, especially if you want to keep them in good shape for years. Therefore, you should carefully choose the cleaning agents and always stay away from harsh chemicals that might damage the leather.

Ideally, leather jackets should be looked after in professional shops but there are hundreds of good products available on the market that can help you achieve professional results in the comfort of your own home. 

Dust and debris can be cleaned with the help of a damp cloth but heavier stains require professional cleaning agents. Avoid using water, regular detergents or stain remover substances on a leather jacket if you don’t want to damage it. 

A safer alternative to removing fresh stains is to use baby wet wipes. These products usually come with mild cleaning and refreshing substances that won’t damage the fabrics. However, you shouldn’t use wet wipes too often because, in the long term, they may cause the dyes to wear off easier. 


Q: Are motorcycle leather jackets waterproof?

Leather jackets specifically made for riding motorcycles are thicker and stronger, and this is why they will cost more than a regular leather jacket. These products are designed to withstand harsh weather, including strong winds, cold temperatures, and heavy rainfalls. 

One of the best features of a good motorcycle leather jacket is its ability to prevent rain or water from coming in contact with your skin. Although leather is a natural fabric and provides great air ventilation, it won’t allow water to penetrate it, meaning you can wear it when riding your bike in bad weather. 

To prevent the leather from absorbing moisture, most companies use special techniques and topcoats but, regardless of the brand and the price you paid for your jacket, no item is designed to be 100% waterproof. In days with heavy rain or snowfall, it is best to stay away from the highway as the roads can get slippery and you might fall off your bike. 


Q: How tight should a motorcycle jacket be?

Choosing the right fit for your motorcycle jacket could prove a challenge, even for more experienced riders. There are hundreds of brands and thousands of products available on the market, so no two jackets will be identical. 

The best way to find the right size and fit for your jacket is to try it yourself in the store. Put it on you and try stretching and flexing your arms as much as you can. Jackets should be loose enough to provide maximum freedom of movement, especially around the back area but tight enough to protect your skin from wind, cold, rain, snow or sun rays. 

We would suggest opting for products that come with adjustable waist belts, Velcro closures, zippers or buttons to always get the right fit according to your body shape and how many layers of clothing you wear underneath. Zippers or Velcro straps around the cuffs are extremely important because this way you won’t get a jacket that feels too tight and blocks your blood flow. 

Q: Is a leather jacket enough for a winter ride?

As we previously mentioned, leather jackets specifically made for bikers use a different type of leather, thicker and rougher, that can withstand harsh weather conditions. Although leather jackets will protect your skin from extreme winds and even rainfall, we don’t suggest using it as winter equipment. 

Keep in mind that riding your bike in the winter will expose your body to even lower temperatures, depending on your traveling speed, meaning you will need heavy winter equipment to keep you warm. 

If you want to use your leather jacket in the wintertime, make sure to wear at least two other layers of Thermo insulating clothing underneath. Thick sweaters made of wool or synthetic fabrics like plush can withstand negative temperatures of up to -20 degrees Fahrenheit and will preserve your optimum body temperature. 

To properly insulate your body you will also require a good pair of leather boots, protective jeans or riding pants, and a thick pair of leather gloves to keep your hands warm. 

Best motorcycle leather jackets brands


In the motorcycle industry, Joe Rocket is a famous brand well-regarded for its top-notch motorcycle jackets that it’s been manufacturing for over 25 years. This is a brand that caters to customers who are looking for an affordable purchase that does not compromise as far as quality and features are concerned.

While it is a budget brand, this is not to say that the products it manufactures are cheaply made, quite on the contrary since customer feedback is very good even on the really inexpensive products. Customers have plenty of products to choose from and the jackets available range in price, design, and materials. The apparel is available for both men and women.

The brand specializes in providing motorcyclists with a complete set of apparel and you can get your jacket, pants, gloves, boots, and bag from a single manufacturer. Joe Rocket also offers complete race suits for people who compete and want an affordable yet high-quality race suit.

One of the key features in its products is durability which is why only the sturdiest materials are used such as Rock Tex which is a proprietary textile that is abrasion-resistant and capable of handling all riding conditions. Furthermore, the strategically tailored system of expansion panels and stretch materials will ensure you’ll get complete freedom of movement.

When riding for hours, comfort becomes a key feature and this brand has its priorities straight which is why all the products it offers are fitted with adjustable straps and fasteners so that the user can get a comfortable and personalized fit. 

Getting leather apparel and footwear has always been defined by two different categories: poorly made but cheap and high-quality but very expensive. Milwaukee seeks to redefine what’s expected and providing affordable high-quality alternatives is the centerpiece of this brand and the reason it was founded in the first place.

It only takes a few minutes reading the customer feedback to see that Milwaukee has stayed true to its promise since nowadays it is one of the few brands specialized in leather apparel and footwear that offer unmatched quality, construction, and price. Each product it sells is crafted and designed with the convenience, lifestyle, and comfort of motorcyclists in mind.

While affordability is indeed the focus of this brand, its goal is also to provide users with products that they will feel proud to wear and display for years to come. To this end, the focus of the company is to provide products that are durable, comfortable, and with unique designs that will please every customer.

Customer satisfaction is very important which is why if a buyer is unhappy with any aspect of a Milwaukee product, he or she is encouraged to contact the customer service where the company guarantees that it will turn any purchase into a positive experience.

The apparel and footwear are available for both men and women and the brand also offers gear and accessories for your motorcycles such as saddlebags, luggage, windshields, tools, and other travel accessories. All in all, with a history of over 40 years, Milwaukee stands out as a brand that offers diversity and quality for a reasonable price.


With Cortech you can get street and sports gear on a budget and the brand brings a wide range of products for performance riders as well. With that said, the brand is not all about racing, but rather on enhancing the performance of the rider within his or her performance category.

Thus, whether you are riding sport bikes, sport-touring, dual-sport riding, adventure touring, or winter snowmobiling and snow-crossing, Cortech has a product specifically designed to enhance your performance. This is what makes this brand stand out since its immense variety of products ensure that no matter the segment or use, you’ll always find the right product.

Starting from the selection of the materials and all the way to the design and the cut of the garment, the focus of each of the products Cortech offers is on performance above all. This means that the products available are durable, comfortable, practical, and capable of keeping the rider protected.

Cortech uses feedback from pro-level riders and that helps explain why its products have so many new and practical features that always seem to be well-received by customers. By understanding the needs of professionals, it's much easier to manufacture products that will satisfy the needs and expectations of customers of all skill levels.

Thus, if you’re looking for a brand that can satisfy your every need and that offers a ton of bang for the buck, Coretch should certainly be on your radar. The brand is still growing and developing new products and ideas each year, so you should definitely keep your eye on this brand and what it has to offer.


Scorpion is a Chinese brand that specializes primarily on motorcycle crash helmets though it still offers a generous selection of apparel specifically for men and recently it has started to add more products designed for women as well. The brand offers jackets, covert apparel, pants, armor, and casual wear.

Even though the brand has its origin in China, in the last few years it has become very well-known in the US and it is starting to make inroads into the European market as well. It is certainly a brand that’s worth keeping an eye on since the products it offers have garnered positive critical and commercial response.

The aim of this brand is to produce products that offer good quality and high performance at a competitive price point. Even though the primary focus is on helmets of which they offer plenty of options to choose from, the available selection of apparel is no joke either and as we mentioned earlier, it is only going to get better as more products are introduced.

The main disadvantage is certainly the lack of diversity when it comes to women's apparel, but seeing as the aim is to be a competitive brand it shouldn’t take Scorpion too long before this issue is rectified.

Overall, Scorpion is a brand that focuses on younger street and sport riders with plans of branching out toward other segments as well. The products it offers are less eddy and more focused on being practical. Their products are available at low to midrange pricing which means that any motorcyclist can afford them.



Unavailable products


Milwaukee Motorcycle Clothing Company Motorcycle Maverick Jacket


[amzonimages asin="B004C4446G"]

Try this model from Milwaukee if you’re looking for an alternative that can provide you with most of the features that make a leather jacket a reliable piece of gear for motorbikers. It has a quilted removable liner and comes with zippered cuffs that allow the user to adjust the size to obtain the perfect fit.

Made using high-quality leather, this product can protect you from the unfavorable weather or harsh wind you might have to face while riding a motorcycle. A ribbed waistband makes the design a lot better looking while still being comfortable and form-fitting.

Last but not least, this model comes with two interior chest pockets that allow you to store essential items such as electronic devices and keep them handy. You can hold stuff like your cell phone or other small gear there and not worry about losing them during the ride since we all know it can be challenging to carry a bag while you’re on a motorcycle.



Try this model from Milwaukee if you’re looking for an alternative that can provide you with most of the features that make a leather jacket a reliable piece of gear for motorbikers. It has a quilted removable liner and comes with zippered cuffs that allow the user to adjust the size to obtain the perfect fit.

Made using high-quality leather, this product can protect you from the unfavorable weather or harsh wind you might have to face while riding a motorcycle. A ribbed waistband makes the design a lot better looking while still being comfortable and form-fitting.

Last but not least, this model comes with two interior chest pockets that allow you to store essential items such as electronic devices and keep them handy. You can hold stuff like your cell phone or other small gear there and not worry about losing them during the ride since we all know it can be challenging to carry a bag while you’re on a motorcycle.



Given that we are talking about a piece of clothing, you should carefully check the sizing details to make sure you get the right one. 

Since this is a leather product, it might have a rather strong leather smell at first, but this is not an issue in the long run. 



Cortech Men’s Dino 


[amzonimages asin="B01MYFIZCD"]

This brand uses a rustic antique leather to recreate a retro design inspired by the café racer look, which makes this jacket a fashion statement as well as a useful piece of moto gear. It’s constructed using top grain 0.9 to 1.0 millimeters thick cowhide leather and manages to protect the rider that wears it from harm in case of an accident.

It also does a great job of protecting the owner against harsh weather conditions that he may encounter during riding. To keep your belongings safe, hand pockets and a chest pocket have also been added, and you can store anything there without having to fear them falling out during the trip.

For this model to get more of a retro look, all the metal hardware is antique. You can now achieve the retro café racer outfit by adding this piece to your collection.



The antique leather style this Cortech jacket features is one of the first things that riders notice, given that it ensures a great look for pretty much anyone who wears it. 

Made of top-quality grain leather, this is a sturdily built piece of clothing that ensures the rider’s comfort and protection against tough weather conditions. 

Furthermore, the 0.9 to 1.0mm material also means added safety in case of a potential accident, which is always a very important thing when it comes to motorcycles. 

A multitude of pockets are also added in this design, and they are specially created to keep items safely stored during long rides. 



The buttons should be handled with care, as they might otherwise snap over time, as a few of the reviews have pointed out. 

It might also be a bit stiff for some riders, but this is also a matter of personal preferences.





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