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12 Best Motorcycle Helmets Under 200  (Reviews) in 2020 

Because we know that finding a good cheap motorcycle helmet is not that easy, especially if one does not want to pick a unit that does not meet the requirements of the DOT, we have put together a list of helmets that have received outstanding ratings and reviews from both seasoned motorcyclists and the specialists.


1. LS2 Stream Solid Full Face Motorcycle Helmet With Sunshield

This model is worthy of your attention as it features a lightweight and aerodynamic Kinetic Polymer Alloy shell that most current users speak highly of. Besides, this unit includes an interior fabric that absorbs the moisture so that you feel comfortable while wearing it. This liner is removable, and it can be washed whenever the buyer feels necessary.

As a plus, this device includes cheek pads that have been cut from high-quality foam. Because of this, the model is said to fit most utilizers looking for a model that has a long, oval shape. The shield incorporated in the design of the device is scratch-resistant and, according to previous reviewers, optically correct.

Finally, this product has a built-in Twin Shield System that helps the user effortlessly drop down the sun visor whenever he/she feels that this is necessary. The product also has top and chin vents that include an exhaust port in the back.

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2. HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

If you already own a cafe racer helmet and you want a more modern looking device, look no further than the CL-17 Full-Face from HJC. This item was built for those bikers that need a round, oval fit and that do not want to make a big investment.

On top of that, when compared to similar, more pricey devices, the experts have concluded that this unit is just as safe and comfortable, which is a reason why many purchase it. The product has interior lining and several ventilation ports that guarantee that you won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing this model.

When shipped, the device includes a Pinlock-ready face shield that is said to enable you to have a fog-free driving experience. The shield on this unit is effortless to change, and the manufacturer makes available a series of additional guards that you can check out independently and purchase.

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3. LS2 Helmets 569 Track Solid Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

If you are interested in buying a helmet that has a ¾ design, don’t forget to consider the LS2 Helmets 569. This unit is said to supply you with protection and visibility, without making you feel claustrophobic as many other models do.

Furthermore, this product features the well-known Twin Shield System Sun that can help one control the amount of air and light that enters the helmet, by just the touch of a button. Besides, the device has a DOT-approved, quick release buckle that provides the user with a perfect fit and an adjustable flow-through ventilation system.

Overall, this product is lightweight, and it is said to meet and exceed the DOT and the ECE standards of safety. At the time we did the research on the product, this item had received great reviews from its prior buyers. The unit is considered solidly built and fairly light.

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4. LS2 Helmets Unisex-Adult Half-Size-Helmet-Style Bagger Helmet

Another product that might interest you if you are a female motorcycle driver is the LS2 Helmets Unisex. This model combines a classical looking design with top of the art technology and, as a result, it is worth your consideration.

Furthermore, because this model has a round, oval shape, it is suitable to be used by most riders out there. Yet, before you place that order, you should know that some users have complained about it being rather tight.

On the upside, the device is quite lightweight and it has a zip-off neck skirt that can keep you warm during cold days. Also, the model includes a quick release chin strap that makes this model easy to strap on and to take off.

Lastly, this item is said to be true to size, for most buyers. This item comes in no less than six sizes so that you can find the unit that best fits you. If you are interested in women's motorcycle helmets, check out this guide for more info!

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5. Fuel Helmets SH-FF0017 Full Face Helmet

If you are set on purchasing a unit that has been approved by prior buyers, check out the Fuel Helmets SH-FF0017. This product features a dual vented diffuser that allows for an optimal degree of air flow. Additionally, the model has removable cheek pads that enable the user to clean them efficiently and easily.

Even more so, the item has a lightweight thermoplastic shell that is covered in UV clear-coated paint. Moreover, the shield of the product can be easily released, whenever the wearer feels that it is necessary.

On top of that, the device has dual top vents as well as brow vents that are said to guarantee a better circulation of the air. Consequently, the person using it will feel comfortable at all times, no matter the type of weather. Furthermore, this item meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. So, check it out!

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6. Caberg

If you like futuristic looking helmets, this unit manufactured by Duke might also stir your interest. The product was made by closely following the guidelines outlined by the DOT FMVSS-218, and, as a result, it can be considered rather safe.

Besides, this item also has a comfortable interior and cheek pads that have been developed using antibacterial and antimicrobial fabrics. Also, these liners can be removed so that you can wash them whenever you need.

The face shield that the model features can protect you from the sun, and it can help improve road visibility. Moreover, the device has an aerodynamic shell design, and it is said to be quite lightweight. Hence, transporting it won’t be an issue.

What is more, this helmet includes seven points of ventilation that can supply you with all the comfort that you might need for long rides during the summer.

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7. Vega Insight Snow Full Face Helmet

Another device that should not be ignored is the Vega Insight Snow. This model has received great reviews, and it is often recommended because of its many practical features. For instance, this item comes supplied with a balaclava, a breath deflector as well as a dual lens shield that is very practical.

On top of that, this model is very light as it includes a thermoplastic shell that is both lightweight and safe. In fact, the product has received both the US DOT FMVSS 218 and the European ECE 22.05 certifications. Hence, you can use it when riding your motorcycle in Europe as well.

Moreover, the unit can be effortlessly converted into a street helmet, as it can be fitted with special street shields. Just like all the products sold by Vega, this model is backed by a one-year manufacturer defect warranty that you can make use of if you receive a faulty device.

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8. HJC FG-17 Thrust Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Another full-faced unit that you might like is the HJC FG-17 Thrust. This product has been tested in a wind tunnel and, as a result, has been deemed safe to be utilized in all kind of meteorological conditions. The unit has been manufactured using a fiberglass composite shell and, because of this, it is recognized as a lightweight yet sturdy model.

Because it was developed using advanced CAD technology, this helmet is said to fit its users perfectly without making the user feel uncomfortable in any way. The interior liner of the model is made from an odor-free, antibacterial fabric and the included cheek pads that the product features are removable and washable.  

The product has received positive reviews. Many of its happy users have said that this helmet is true to size, easy to operate and lacking visual distortions. All in all, the model is often referred to as a safe investment.


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9. TORC T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet with 'Flying Tiger' Graphic

If you have a soft spot for vintage motorcycle helmets, this unit might be just what you need. The device has been designed to fit all oval head shaped riders, and it comes in two sizes that you can choose between.

Ventilation-wise, you should know that, because it has a ¾ design, this model is very comfortable as it enables you to feel the wind on your face while riding. The interior fabric that covers the inside of the helmet is made from an antimicrobial fiber, and it can wick away the annoying moisture.

The product can be operated using the included five button snap system and the three snap peaks that are said to keep this unit secure on the user’s head. Additionally, the thick padding that the product features eliminates the noise that might be bothering you, and it supplies the utilizer with extra protection.

If you want to be protected at all times, you should take a look at our guide on how to pick a motorcycle neck brace.

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10. HJC 972-135 CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

If you want to acquire a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you should necessarily take a good look at this unit sold by HJC. This device features a shell that has been constructed from lightweight polycarbonate, as well as with an ACS channeling ventilation system that is known for being quite efficient.

On top of that, this product is Bluetooth-ready as it has integrated recess and interior speaker cavities that you will surely appreciate. However, you might want to know that, according to the seller, this model is only compatible with the Chatterbox XBi2H-Plus. Moreover, this item includes a face shield that is 95% UV protected. If needed, the incorporated shield can be removed and replaced with a new one without difficulty.

Lastly, this model has a modular design that is very practical, and the interior cheek pads that are included are said to be quite comfortable. However, this item might not be true to size.

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11. HJC IS-Cruiser Half-Shell 

If you are a big fan of injection-molded thermoplastic models, this device might also interest you. The device has a shell that has been made from an advanced polycarbonate composite and, as a result, it is well known for being lightweight.

Also, according to previous users, this product can supply you with a superior fit because it was developed using CAD technology. The interior of this model is made from a moisture-wicking fabric that has antibacterial properties. Furthermore, you can remove the liner every time you want to wash it.

The integrated sun shield of the product is smoke-tinted so that you are comfortable while riding during the sunny days of summer. The product meets and exceeds the D.O.T. Standards, which is a reason why many recommend it.

If you are not sure what size to order, it might be a good idea to take a fresh look at the size chart made available by the seller.

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12. LS2 Solid Adventure 

If you like dirt bike and motocross helmets, you should consider the LS2 Solid Adventure. This balanced light but yet solid model has gained many fans since its release. The device is true to size, and it is effortless to take off thanks to its included quick release chin strap.

Furthermore, this product is suitable to be utilized during the hot days of summer, as its rear and top vents cannot be closed. Still, it has been noted that the product is rather noisy, which is why it might not be fitting for those that intend to wear it when riding at high speeds.

Also, this product has a wide eye port that can accommodate most types of goggles out there. Yet, the product does not come supplied with goggles. The model is budget-friendly, and it has many happy users that recommend it as a safe investment. Besides, this model is DOT-approved.

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This Year’s Buying Guide


If you are determined to find a good motorcycle helmet under 200, but you don’t know what features you should consider while doing so, we recommend that you read this following list of aspects as it can help you make up your mind.

Select the right fit

As reviews of motorcycle helmets under 200 point out, one of the first aspects that one should pay attention to when shopping in this line of products is the fit of the product. To purchase a suitable item, you should first spend time considering the shape of your head. Usually, helmets are built to fit round or oval shaped heads.

If you are not 100% certain what type of helmets suit you best, we suggest that you go to a local store and that you try a few models on. This way, you’ll be able to tell which unit is the most comfortable. However, if the device that you end up with is a bit large, you can always adjust its fit by purchasing different cheek pads that are better suited to your needs.

However, before you make that final decision, you should be aware of the fact that, the fit of the helmet is highly significant as it can make the distinction between a safe unit and a not-that-safe product. Besides, picking an item that you feel comfortable in can make the riding experience even more pleasurable.



No matter if you intend to purchase the best cheap motorcycle helmet, or a rather expensive model, the issue of safety should not be overlooked. As you probably know, there are two types of safety ratings that most models abide by.

Firstly, there are the ratings required by the law. For instance, to be able to use a motorcycle helmet, that helmet has to meet the DOT standard. In Europe, the official standard is the ECE 22.05, while in Australia, models have to meet the AUS 1698-2006.

However, you should know that most devices that have been deemed safe by the Federal Government’s Department of Transportation, won’t fully protect you.

Because of this, it is best that you check to see if the model that you have chosen has received the SNELL certification. SNELL is an independent organization that is known for being more thorough while examining various products. Moreover, its tests are stricter and, thus, you can expect that the units that receive this certification are usually a little pricier.


Additional info worth having in mind

Just like when shopping for carbon fiber helmets, there are a few extra aspects that you should not ignore. For instance, if you intend to use the helmet while commuting to work and you have to drive for long periods of time, the specialists recommend that you invest in a more expensive unit that is feature-packed and that can help you get the necessary level of comfort.

Also, if you are used to riding in a group, you should invest in a product that includes a communication system, so that you can talk to your fellow companions at all times. Hence, according to cheap motorcycle helmets reviews, you should get a product that can accommodate a Bluetooth connection.

Moreover, safety-wise, you should only buy a product that has been tested and proved reliable. Besides, you should also consider purchasing devices that feature the well-known cheek pad system that enables easy access to the head of the rider in case of accidents.

Furthermore, you should also take a good look at the type of material that was used while making the unit. Usually, the products made from polycarbonate are the least expensive from all of the devices that one can find up for sale.

Additionally, the models built from fiberglass are also recommended, especially to those that do not mind investing some extra dollars in a device of this kind. Last but not least, items manufactured from carbon and EPS are usually the most costly out there.

Before you invest, you should also read this guide on how to select a motorcycle helmet cam, as these products are also worthy of your consideration, as they can help you record your amazing adventures on your motorcycle.




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