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12 Best Motorcycle Covers (Reviews) in 2020

With so many products available on the market, finding a good motorcycle cover for outdoor use might get somewhat challenging and time-consuming. To help you find the item you need with ease, we have showcased below some of the critically acclaimed products in this line.


1. Dowco Guardian 51223-00 WeatherAll Plus Motorcycle Cover

Too much rain or extreme temperatures might interfere with the way your motorcycle looks and even with the way it works. If you’re looking for a quality cover to make sure you protect it against moisture, dust, and other such elements, you might want to consider this model from Dowco for quality fabrics and a stylish design.

The cover goes well with motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, and UTVs and can be used in all climates, which means you can take it with you wherever you go without worrying that it’s too cold or too hot for it. The materials used are waterproof to make sure your motorcycle is protected when raining.

Moreover, the cover is breathable and prevents moisture from building up under it. The soft cotton interior will protect your windshield and the aluminized coating will make sure the cover doesn’t melt or burn when touching a hot motor.

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2. Classic Accessories 73877 MotoGear Deluxe Motorcycle Cover

Your motorcycle lifespan depends a lot on the way you take care of it. That’s why a cover like this model from Classic Accessories is worth considering. Sized to be used with motorcycles up to 102" in length, 46" in width and 62" in height, this cover is ideal for all-season use.

Providing heavy-duty outdoor protection, the Deluxe Motorcycle Cover by Classic Accessories can be used in all weather conditions since it was created with quality materials that will protect your motorcycle against sun, rain, pollutants, and dirt. It features dual air vents in order to prevent moisture from building up under the cover.

The product comes with a metallic heat shield fabric to protect the cover from hot exhaust pipes. The item was designed to keep your windshield scratch-free. Plus, the two hooked elastic tie-down cords will make sure the cover resists even windy weather and it is held tightly across the bottom.

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3. UltraGard 4-458G Charcoal Touring Motorcycle Half Cover

Another option you might want to consider when looking for a cover for your motorcycle is this model from UltraGard. Designed to fit motorcycles, street bikes, cruisers, and scooters, the Charcoal Touring Motorcycle Half Cover is committed to providing protection against dirt, water, and pollutants, and thus to prolong your two-wheeled friend’s life and great performance.

The cover is UV stabilized, which ensures prolonged use and reduces color fading from frequent sun exposure. Thanks to its scorch resistant heat shield that protects it from hot exhaust pipes, the product can be used right after riding. The heavy-duty polyurethane coated polyester offers protection against moisture and water.

The SoftTek Windshield Liner will keep your windshield free from scratches even when the wind gets stronger. You can enjoy a tight fit no matter the type of motorcycle you use due to the sewn elastic hem and bungee cord the product comes with.

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4. Dowco Guardian 50021-00 WeatherAll Plus Motorcycle Cover

You could consider this model from Dowco as the motorcycle jacket your two-wheeled friend needs to stay cozy when the weather gets rough and tough. Designed for daily heavy-duty outdoor use, the Guardian WeatherAll Plus EZ-Zip Motorcycle Cover promises to offer maximum protection against mildew, rain, and color fading from sun exposure.

The product features a 300D polyester fabric that is both waterproof and breathable. This ensures protection against rain and prevents mildew from building up under it. These features are further enhanced by the double taped seams.

No need to worry about scratching your windshield as the cover comes with soft cotton underneath to prevent such unpleasant marks from taking hold of your motorcycle windshield. A tight fit is provided by the elastic shock cord that is sewn into the bottom of the product. Furthermore, the cover will resist even windy weather thanks to the sewn-in polyester webbing belly strap.

Buy from Amazon Now ($99.14)

5. Nelson-Rigg Silver X-Large UV-2000 Motorcycle Half Cover

Keeping your motorcycle away from rain, moisture, dirt, and pollutants won’t just ensure good looks stay next to it but will also prolong its life and great performance. If you’re interested in providing it with such protection, you might want to consider the UV-2000 from Nelson-Rigg for quality fabrics and a stylish design.

The cover is UV stabilized, which means it blocks 99% of the harmful UV sunrays and ensures protection against other natural elements such as rain, wind, and dirt. The cover seams are electronically heat sealed in order to ensure waterproofness and keep your bike dry so you can have it ready for a ride at all times.

The product features an elastic bottom so it can fit motorcycles of all shapes. The item comes with a storage sack and takes little space when folded. It is convenient to carry and can be easily stored in your motorcycle compartment.

Buy from Amazon Now ($35.72)

6. Nelson-Rigg CTB-250 RiggPak Black Expandable Roll Bag

Ensuring protection from natural elements such as rain, wind, and dust, this model from Nelson-Rigg is committed to providing superior quality that will help you protect your investment and keep your motorcycle always ready for a ride.

The cover uses durable UV treated Tri Max polyester that will block the harmful UV rays and thus protect your bike from any damage caused by frequent sun exposure and other elements as the ones mentioned above. The seams are electronically taped to ensure 100% waterproofness and the materials used are breathable so that mildew doesn’t build up under the cover.

The item comes with aluminized heat panels which protect the cover from the hot parts of your bike. Still, you should let your motorcycle cool for a few minutes before using it. The cover comes in four sizes fitting a generous range of motorcycles from small to full dress touring models.


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7. Dowco Guardian 51224-00 Water Resistant UV Protection Scooter Cover

The better care you take of your motorcycle, the longer its life. A cover to protect it from natural elements and rough weather conditions is part of your bike’s surviving kit. One option you might keep in mind is the 51224-00 from Dowco. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Moreover, the cover is waterproof, which is one of the most important features in a motorcycle cover. It will prevent water from reaching the various parts of your bike and damaging it. Plus, it will keep it dry so you can use it whenever you need it.

The product features breathable 300D polyester fabric to prevent mildew from building up under the cover. The ClimaShield Plus technology ensures protection against mildew, rain, and fading caused by frequent sun exposure. The heat shields placed underneath protect the cover from the hot parts of your motorcycle making it possible to be used immediately after riding.

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8. Dowco Guardian Indoor/Garage Breathable Motorcycle Dust Cover

If you’re looking for an indoor cover to keep dust, dirt, and moisture away from your motorcycle, you might want to check the 51227-00 model from Dowco. This full-size indoor cover will help you protect your ride from elements that might damage it and affect its lifespan.

The cover features 10oz cotton duck and water-resistant and mildew-resistant coatings that will stop mildew from forming under it. Moreover, this type of material will also keep dust and dirt off your motorcycle. A tight fit is ensured by the elastic shock cord that is sewn into the bottom of the cover.

The product was created with soft cotton to make sure none of your bike parts is scratched when the cover is used. Thanks to the reinforced grommets, it is possible to lock the cover to your motorcycle with a cable. You can thus no longer worry that it might get off when there’s strong wind.


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9. Dowco Guardian 26034-01 UltraLite Water Resistant

If you’re on the lookout for covers to make sure your motorcycle is protected when parked outdoors or resting in your garage, the Dowco UltraLite Plus model is worth considering. Providing you with the same benefits as motorcycle tents yet taking less space, this cover uses quality materials cut in a compact design.

The product features 70D with polyurethane and mildew-resistant undercoating that provide resistance to water and moisture. This feature is further enhanced by the two sewn-in vent flaps that will make it possible for mildew to escape.

Even if it is not waterproof, it does provide great resistance to moisture. The item is ideal for prolonged indoor use and short-term outdoor use. It provides protection against pollutants, dirt, light rain, and sunlight. Thanks to the soft cotton used, your windshield will remain free of scratches. You can lock it to your bike with a cable as the cover comes with plastic grommets.

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10. Dowco Guardian 26036-00 UltraLite Plus Water Resistant

Since a motorcycle is a big investment, you should pay utmost attention to the way you take care of it. A quality durable cover is one of the first steps to take when it comes to sheltering that baby from harmful natural elements. This model from Dowco is worth considering if that’s what you have in mind for your bike.

The product is great for traveling and can be used outdoors occasionally. It makes a great cover for short and long-term indoor storage. The full-size cover uses quality materials cut in a compact design that makes it convenient and easy to store and carry.

This model ensures resistance to mildew and water thanks to the 70D with polyurethane and mildew-resistant undercoating used. Moisture is prevented from forming thanks to the two sewn-in vent flaps that allow it to escape. The windshield is kept free of scratches due to the soft cotton the cover features.

Buy from Amazon Now ($46.28)

11. UltraGard 4-459CB 

Helping you take good care of that two-wheeled beast in your garage is what UltraGard had in mind when creating the 4-459CB cover. Designed to fit motorcycles, street bikes, scooters, and large touring models, the product ensures protection from natural elements that might damage your bike.

Dirt, pollutants, water, and moisture are kept at bay thanks to the heavy-duty water resistant polyurethane coated polyester used. The fabrics are UV stabilized, which not only means the cover is durable and long-lasting but it also reduces color fading caused by prolonged sun exposure.

Durability and watertight closure are ensured by the double stitched four fold interlocking seams. Thanks to the scorch resistant heat shield, the cover is protected from the various hot parts of the bike. This also means that immediate use after riding is possible. The cover can be easily and conveniently stored thanks to the compact storage pouch it comes with.

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12. Dowco Travel 

A motorcycle is made to ride and if you like to ride it to new places and travel a lot, you might want to consider this Travel Ready Water Resistant Half Cover from Dowco for protection even when you’re on the go. It will help you keep your bike dry so you can ride it anytime.

The high tech microfiber material used makes it perfect for travels keeping it lightweight and compact. The water-resistant applications will make sure your bike stays dry so you can use it whenever needed. The cover can be easily attached due to the foot peg straps it features. They also provide a secure fit.

The reflective piping ensures high visibility at night. The product can be compactly folded for storage as it comes with a sewn-in storage bag, which makes it perfect for travels. You can thus rest assured that your motorcycle stays dry and safe.

Buy from Amazon Now ($77.65)
This Year’s Buying Guide


As we’ve said before, a motorcycle falls into the category of big investments and because getting one is not cheap, providing it with the necessary maintenance and accessories is an important step you need to take to prolong its life and keep its performance great.

Just like you need motorcycle winter gloves to keep you warm or the best motorcycle breakdown cover to make sure help is at hand in case your bike breaks down, you need the best winter motorcycle cover to stop extreme temperatures and weather conditions from affecting it. Check out the factors you should keep in mind when looking for such a cover.

Weather protection

Using the best all-weather motorcycle cover for your bike is highly important if you want to protect that baby against harmful or rough weather conditions and natural elements, especially if you have no choice and need to store your motorcycle in the open regardless of the season doing the rounds.

Natural elements such as wind, sun, and moisture are unkind to motorcycles. If your bike is exposed to rain, then look for a waterproof cover in order to keep out the water. Be sure to read the description of the cover you buy. Many of them are water-resistant and that’s different from waterproof.

Keep in mind that if water can’t get in, it means it can’t get out either. Therefore, go for a waterproof and breathable cover which will prevent water from reaching your bike and allow moisture to escape and thus stop it from building up under the cover. This will also prevent rusting.


UV Protection

It’s not only water the one you need to protect your motorcycle against. The sun rays can be as damaging. Frequent and prolonged sun exposure will make the paint color and shine fade. Combine that with rain and you might end up with some nasty spots on your bike.

This doesn’t mean just less pleasant visuals but also repairs and painting needed. That further translates into expenditures. Therefore, when looking for the best motorcycle cover for outdoor use, try to find one that comes with UV protection.

Think of the way your UV sunglasses protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays and the way your motorcycle goggles protect you from dust. Well, that’s how such a cover works. A motorcycle cover that is UV stabilized will shield your bike’s finish and prolong its shine.



Motorcycle covers are a must when it comes to taking care of your bike. They should be durable enough to put up with extreme temperatures, windy weather, moisture, and all the elements we’ve mentioned before. Heat is another concern. Usually, you will have to let your motorcycle cool after riding and cover it a few minutes later.

The market offers motorcycle covers that can be used right after your riding thanks to the heat-resistant panels they come with. Such features will make sure the cover doesn’t melt or burn when touching the hot exhaust pipes or other hot parts of your bike.

In case your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a cover featuring such panels and you go for the regular ones, make sure you let your motorcycle cool before covering it. Covers using thin plastic materials can melt easily and when melted plastic gets onto your bike, it might become quite nerve-rasping to remove it.


Cover size

Size is also important here. A too big cover might allow dust to get under it. Plus, if it’s too big, it might droop down on the ground and pick up dust and water and then scatter them all over your motorcycle if there’s windy weather. A too small one won’t cover your bike entirely.

Therefore, you will have to look for a cover that is big enough to fit your motorcycle and its various accessories such as motorcycle GPS units or the carbon fiber helmets you use for protection. Some bikers use ATV covers for their motorcycles yet if they can’t be adjusted, they might not help you much with keeping your bike safe from water, dust, and wind.

Look for a cover that comes with elastic hems to enjoy a tight fit. You can also find covers that feature a zipper at the rear to make it easy for you to install and remove it while still enjoying a snug fit.


Cover portability

If you travel a lot and you get to park your motorcycle outdoors, you need to consider its weight and the space it takes when you’re on the road. Covers that come with more protection features are heavier. This might interfere with your comfort when on a touring trip.

The market is generous here as well. You can get covers that are designed for travels and are, thus, lighter. Some of them come with their own storage bag. In case you get a cover that does not include such a pouch, you can store it even in your motorcycle tank bag or one of those spacious motorcycle backpacks.

You can also opt for a half-cover. Many bikers prefer them when traveling because they weigh less and are easier to transport. They cover the most important parts of your bike and many of them don’t cover those parts that are hot after riding. This means you can use them as soon as you’ve reached your destination.

Indoor covers

If you can store your motorcycle in a garage, it doesn’t mean you should not look for some of the features we’ve mentioned above. It’s true that you can go for a cover that has no UV protection since the bike will be safe from the harmful UV rays when stored indoors but you can’t overlook features like moisture-resistance.

You need a water-resistant and breathable cover that will make sure moisture doesn’t reach your bike or form under it. Opt for loose and light fabrics that will keep dust off your motorcycle and soft interiors to avoid scratching your bike when using it.

Frequently asked questions about motorbike covers


Q: How to clean a motorcycle cover?

Some motorcycle covers are machine washable. In their case, you will have to follow the instructions mentioned on their label. If you use a cover that needs to be washed by hand, though, you will need to use a mild washing powder to remove the stains on it.

Let the powder soak into the stains for a few minutes and then add the detergent to warm water. Use it to gently wash the cover. Rinse it until the water is clear and let it air dry. Always read the instructions your cover comes with and stick to them.

Q: How to put a motorcycle cover on?

To install your motorcycle cover, you should begin by reading the instructions the product you bought comes with. There might be some differences between various models. Locate the front tag of your cover to know which part of it goes to the front of your bike and position the front of the cover starting with the wheel area.

Pull it down over your bike’s windshield. Make sure you tuck the elastic hems under the centerline of the wheel. Move to the rear of your bike and slide the cover down its sides making sure the elastic hems rest under the wheel.


Q: How to size a motorcycle cover?

In order to make sure you get a motorcycle cover that is not too big, not too small but just the right size, you will need to measure your motorcycle. You will have to determine the height of your bike which is calculated from the ground to the highest point of your motorcycle.

Your motorcycle tires will help you determine the length. Measure it by starting from the tip of the front tire to the tip of the back tire. The bike’s width is rather self-explanatory. It varies from one model to another, though, so make sure you don’t overlook it.


Q: How to lock a motorcycle cover?

You will find motorcycle covers that will allow you to lock them to make sure strong winds won’t take them off your bike and your motorcycle is protected from natural elements and extreme weather conditions as well as from thieves.

Lockable motorcycle covers usually come with plastic grommets that will enable you to use a cable and thus to lock it to your bike. Make sure you read the instructions your cover comes with to lock it safely and properly. Most models, though, require the same basic steps. You need to install the cover and then simply thread the cable through the grommets and lock in place.


Q: How to waterproof a motorcycle cover?

If you want to create your own waterproof cover, you will have to make sure you get waterproof fabrics that you will cut and sew according to your bike’s dimensions. If you already have a cover that is not waterproof, probably the best way to use it even when storing your bike outdoors is to create a cover for your cover from a waterproof material.

There are many such products on the market, so you can buy one to put over your normal motorcycle cover when it rains or snows. It is important to tie it somehow so it does not get off.

Q: Why do you need a motorcycle cover?

Motorcycle covers are used primarily to protect your bike from dust, dirt, water, pollutants, and extreme weather conditions that can affect the way it looks and even the way it works. Harmful UV rays, for instance, will affect the paint color whereas moisture and water may create the perfect environment for rust.

Parking your bike in front of your place and, thus, storing it outdoors calls without dispute for a cover that comes with all the necessary features to fully protect it regardless of the weather conditions. This means you need a waterproof cover that will prevent water from reaching your bike and that is also breathable in order to allow moisture to escape.

Besides protecting your bike against such harmful elements, a cover will also make sure your motorcycle stays away from a thief’s eyes. The less your motorcycle is exposed to people’s eyes, the less likely it is for thieves to be tempted to steal it. If you can’t store your bike in a garage, a cover is needed even more.

Keeping it covered means thieves won’t get too much information about what’s underneath and won’t know the value of your bike which, more often than not, is what determines them to steal or not. Plus, if you want to boost your bike’s security when stored outdoors, make sure you go for a misleading cover or a model that does not look expensive. This way you will make them think the bike under it is a cheaper model.




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