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10 Best Motorcycle Covers (Updated Reviews) in 2023

To help you identify a model to your liking, we put together a list of the best motorcycle covers on the market. They are all products praised by customers, and sales numbers recommend them. One of them is undoubtedly for you, and you will only have to check them out.


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1. XYZCTEM All Season Motorcycle Cover

When you go shopping for a motorcycle cover, there are several things to bear in mind. One of them is whether you want a cover you can use for storing your bike outside or one that only works when you keep your motorcycle inside a garage.

This model fits both options, as it is often considered the best all weather motorcycle cover by experts and buyers alike. While there are undoubtedly strong contenders to this title, this cover offers plenty of reasons you should consider it. First of all, it is a universal fit and can be used for covering Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, and many other models.

As one of the top rated motorcycle covers, it is designed to offer excellent protection regardless of the season. You will be pleasantly surprised with the material quality. XYZCTEM used 210D Oxford fabric for this model, which is a non-abrasive and water repellent option.


The cover is lightweight, which means that you will be able to put it over your bike and take it off without any extra effort.

Details are essential, so the presence of two lock holes made with aluminum grommets is another factor that highly recommends this model.

Since the fabric is non-abrasive, you don’t have to worry that your bike will get slight scratches from it.

A storage bag is provided with your purchase and allows you to keep your cover neatly away when not in use.

The windproof buckles are another sign of the manufacturer’s attention to detail.


While the cover is advertised as a good fit for bikes up to 108 inches, you will find that any accessories will increase the size, and the cover will barely go over your motorcycle.

The snap straps don’t come with very good stitching, and you may rip them off by accident.

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2. XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover XXL

As mentioned earlier, it’s essential to keep in mind what purpose you want to get a cover for, outside or garage use. In this case, we’re talking about a model that has often been named the best motorcycle cover for outside storage due to the overall excellent durability. The nylon Oxford cloth it is made from ensures that rain, dust, and heavy winds won’t damage your bike.

You will be surprised to see that it’s one of the affordable motorcycle covers you can find right now. This company proves that you can get good quality at a reasonable price, and this cover is a good example. It covers your bike from top to bottom without leaving any areas exposed.

Buyers should encounter no issues with covering their standard-sized motorcycles with great ease. Another thing that should be mentioned is how lightweight and comfortable to use this cover is.


The top to bottom coverage provided is one of the selling points of this model that ensures that your bike will be protected in all weather conditions.

Sturdiness depends on the type of material used, and, in this case, the nylon Oxford fabric is a great plus because it allows the air to go through, but no humidity, so condensation is not an issue.

You will notice that the fabric is gentle on the bike, and you won’t see any scratches after you use this cover for your vehicle.

It is a universal fit and works for a broad assortment of motorcycles.


The elastic edge doesn’t go around the bottom, so you will have issues if you intend to make the cover fit snugly on your motorcycle.

Since there are no heat shields installed in the engine and exhaust pipe area, you will have to wait for your bike to get cool before using the cover.

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3. Tokept Black and Orange Motorcycle Cover

If you’re looking for cheap motorcycle covers, this model deserves a second look. It is relatively large, which means that you won’t encounter issues with trying to fit your bike with all sorts of accessories, such as tank bags or batwing fairings under this cover. Since this is an issue often encountered when choosing this type of product, it is good to know that you can get good coverage.

The model is designed to fit 116-inch bikes from Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Honda, and many other brands. The material used by the manufacturer is 190T Oxford cloth, which means that it won’t scratch the paint and will truly protect your bike from damage.

Many people may also like the sleek appearance of this cover that seems, at first glance, more expensive than its price tag. It comes in black and orange, without any added logos on the fabric.


For the price, the material used, 190T Oxford, is an excellent choice and provides good overall durability.

Large cruisers like Road King from Harley, Royal Venture from Yamaha, and many others will be well covered and protected from dust and humidity.

Also, it must be mentioned that this large cover is a good option for medium cruisers, even when they come packed with all the accessories.

The striking colors of the design won’t fade quickly, and UV rays won’t cause the material to become brittle quickly.

You will receive a carry bag with your purchase so that you can store the cover away when you don’t need it.


You may find this cover to be a good option for storing your bike inside a garage, but not when leaving it outside to face the elements.

There are not enough straps to ensure that the cover won’t be taken away by heavy winds.

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4. WDLHQC Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

What makes the best outdoor motorcycle cover you can find? While there are several models to fit the bill, it must be said that this option from WDLHQC has all the features to recommend it. The 210D nylon Oxford fabric is an excellent choice, as it provides good water-repelling capabilities. At the same time, it is lightweight and non-abrasive.

You will surely like the fact that it’s an affordable motorcycle cover. For the price tag, it offers an excellent deal, and its many features make it an alternative to consider. An essential factor is its waterproof construction.

Rest assured that your vehicle will be protected in inclement weather. The cover is not only waterproof but windproof, as well. At a close look, you will notice the sturdy stitching, as well as the heavy-duty buckles designed to keep the cover in place. A free storage bag is part of the deal.


The waterproof design of this model highly recommends it, and the cover can withstand 2,000 Pa water pressure, a performance that’s not easy to equal.

Another thing you will like about this cover is the lock hole option that allows you to secure your bike when you need to leave it outside.

An elastic cord goes around the bottom, ensuring a snug fit so that water and dust cannot quickly get inside.

Its durability is guaranteed by the use of 210D Oxford fabric, a material that never scratches the paint on your bike since it’s non-abrasive.

With the help of the straps and buckles present, you will find that covering your bike correctly doesn’t take a lot of time.


The chain holes are on the small side, which means passing a heavier and thicker rope through might prove difficult.

You won’t see any vents on it, and that will cause condensation to appear when storing the bike.

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5. XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover

If you have a 116-inch bike from well-known brands like Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, or Suzuki, you can rest assured that this model is for you. The same thing is reinforced by all the best motorcycle cover reviews that highly recommend this option. It is not by accident that so many people think highly of it.

Designed to offer superior weather protection, it is the kind of cover that doesn’t leave anything to chance. It overs coverage from top to bottom and protects your bike against bad weather, as well as harmful UV rays.

It is, without a doubt, one of the good motorcycle covers you can find right now. It is non-abrasive and repels water so that you don’t have to deal with any issues after leaving your motorcycle outside. To ensure that heavy winds won’t pull it away, the cover comes with two straps and two aluminum buckles to secure it in place.


Due to the breathable material, the cover will let some condensation get out so that your bike enjoys a longer lifespan.

When the weather is sunny and UV rays become a problem, you will find the cover a good alternative as it protects the bike from the usual damage that results from prolonged sun exposure.

Take advantage of the lock holes that allow you to secure the bike and protect it from theft.

It is a good option for covering the bike in heavy winds since it comes with straps and buckles designed for this purpose.


You won’t see any vents in the areas where condensation is the biggest issue, such as the mirrors, which is a drawback.

Depending on the motorcycle model you want to cover with it, the product may look too baggy in some areas and too tight in others.

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6. Gutupet All Season Motorcycle Cover

When in doubt about what kind of cover to get for your bike, it is a good idea to go for a universal fit, like this one. The Gutupet cover is suitable for about 80% of all standard-sized bikes in the US, and unless your vehicle comes with all sorts of accessories, this model should be an acceptable choice.

Any motorcycle cover review can tell you that this type of product needs to offer adequate protection. While it may not excel as other models on the market, this product does a reasonable job. First of all, it provides decent coverage, and you won’t have to worry about leaving areas of your bike exposed to the elements.

Safety is paramount for anyone, and the reflective warning strips placed in front keep it away from harm while allowing you to spot your vehicle quickly when there’s not enough light outside.


The windproof buckles guarantee that your cover won’t be taken away by heavy winds, thus preventing any damage to your bike.

It comes with a carrying bag with a drawstring that ensures that the cover is stored away in suitable conditions until you need it again.

You will know that protecting your bike against theft is an option due to the presence of lock holes in the front.

Even more, the reflective strips will ensure that your bike is visible in the dark, so you never have to search for it when parking it in a new area.


While it is advertised as waterproof, it is only water-resistant, and you may notice some infiltration of humidity if you leave your bike out in the rain or snow.

The material is relatively thin, which may become a problem in the long run in terms of overall durability.

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7. Puroma Motorcycle Cover

One thing that this model appears to do well is to keep water away from your bike when it’s raining. The choice of material says it all, as the 210D Oxford fabric is considered among the most suitable options when you want to get a waterproof cover. Compared to 180T or 190T, it does a much better job, as all the motorcycle cover reviews can tell you.

Several design elements will convince you of what this cover can do for you and your bike. You will notice the lock holes in the front, handy for all the times you want to secure your bike against thieves. As an outdoor motorcycle cover as this model is, it needs such extra security features.

Other things add value to this model. The windproof buckle is good to have, for all the times when you have to leave your bike outside, exposed to heavy winds.


Its excellent waterproof construction makes this cover an option to consider when looking for a model to be used outside.

The cover comes with lock holes, allowing you to get a chain or a lock through for extra security when in a new area.

The cover has 4 reflective strips in front; this feature helps you find your motorcycle in the dark.

You will like that this cover is lightweight and easy to fold, so it’s easy to carry and store away.

A windproof buckle ensures that even heavy winds won’t succeed in pulling the cover away from your bike.


You must be aware that the cover runs a little on the small side, which means that it won’t provide the best coverage for large motorcycles.

The UV protection is far from stellar, and using it in summer will cause some spots to become brittle and tear.

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8. Helen Butler Upgraded XL Motorcycle Cover

When browsing through the available offers for the best motorcycle covers for outdoors, don’t forget to take a close look at this model. It is made from upgraded 210D Oxford cloth and presents a series of advantages. While the material is lightweight, it comes with reinforced stitching and an inner layer that acts as a waterproof guard.

You can leave your bike outside as long as it’s covered by this product. It will be sheltered from rain, dust, and wind. Even if it’s a downpour, you will still find your bike dry, which says a lot about the attention invested by the manufacturer in this cover.

An elastic band ensures that the cover fits snugly so that dust and rust never become a problem. A buckle strap goes over the middle, and although that might not look like enough, it is still a good extra to have.


The material used by the manufacturer is resistant to wear and tear, which means that you’ll make a sound investment in this durable option.

No matter what weather conditions your bike has to face, be it heavy winds, rain, or bright sun, it will survive with flying colors due to the high-quality fabric the cover is made of.

You can rest assured that your bike will be visible in the dark due to the 4 reflective strips located on the front of the cover.

The excellent coverage from top to bottom makes it a fine choice even for larger bikes.


The cover comes with only one strap for securing it in place, instead of at least two, which may be a matter of concern when leaving your bike outside, prey to heavy winds.

Ensure that you purchase a larger size than what you usually get, as this cover tends to fit snugly larger bikes.

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9. Dowco Guardian 50124-00 Motorcycle Cover

This company has an outstanding reputation for making good quality products, and this cover is no exception. Made from a breathable fabric, it doesn’t let condensation become a problem, and it’s often thought to be the best motorcycle cover for winter you can get. Many other models can repel water and do a decent job to keep the rain at bay, but this product is better.

You should know that it’s a premium motorcycle cover, and that’s reflected in the price. However, as long as you can afford the expensive price tag, you will be more than pleased with what this model can do for you.

It may even be the best waterproof motorcycle cover you can find on the market. It even comes with heat shields for the exhaust pipe area, so you won’t have to wait for your bike to cool off before placing the cover on.


The ClimaShield Plus fabric used for making the cover is a guarantee that no harm will come to your bike as long as it’s under it.

You don’t have to worry about your windshield getting scratched, as the area is protected by soft cotton.

An elastic cord goes around the bottom, so you will get a snug fit for your bike, unlike what other covers on the market can do.

A vent system makes sure that your vehicle won’t suffer from the effects of condensation.

Buyers receive a compression storage bag and even an alarm pocket so that they can always protect their bikes from thieves.


You will notice that the under strap is long and must be adjusted so that it doesn’t get tangled.

Because of the vent in the front, the cover is not as dustproof as you may like, and you will notice quite a bit of dust getting inside.

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10. INMOZATA Motorcycle Cover

For a cover priced so decently, it is a good option with multiple advantages for the user. You can use it as a Harley Davidson motorcycle cover without paying the premium price a brand item would demand. You will be surprised to discover that the manufacturer opted for the 210D Oxford option while keeping the cost of this model to a minimum.

This aspect means that you will get optimal protection for your bike. However, you must be aware that it is designed for up to 87-inch bikes and not for larger models. It is a good option if you want to keep dust and dirt away from your bike.

Don’t forget that it’s a cheap motorcycle cover, and that shows in the lack of bells and whistles. However, it performs well for what it’s made to do and goes beyond the call of duty.


By using two-thread stitching, the manufacturer ensures that the cover is more durable than other models you can now find on the market.

It comes with lock holes that you can quickly use with a chain or a special lock that prevents thieves from trying to steal your bike.

You will be pleased with the choice of 210D Oxford fabric for the cover, as it’s a guarantee that you get a good deal for your money.

A carrying bag comes with your purchase, allowing you to store the cover when not in use.

The cover is lightweight and won’t cause any unsightly scratches to appear on your bike.


Don’t expect the cover to work well for large bikes, and order the next size from the chart if possible.

As far as its waterproof capabilities are concerned, it is safe to say that it’s only water-resistant, and heavy rains will cause puddles to appear.

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