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12 Best ATV Grips (Reviews) in 2022

We cannot tell you exactly what to pick up, so, in order to help you make up your mind, we have written some ATV grips reviews, after taking professional opinions into consideration, producer descriptions and user feedback into consideration. The products featured below are some of the best in their category and are highly appreciated by buyers worldwide.

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1. BikeMaster Heated Grips (7/8)

These are the ATV grips for sale that came up most often while we were doing our research, thanks to their high-quality manufacture, inexpensive price and features included. They are known for efficiency, reliability, and ease of use, and they are designed to satisfy even the most exigent rider out there.

The Bikemaster Heated Grips are designed only for 7/8 inches handlebars, so they cannot be mounted on vehicles that have different sizes. This gadget features an elegant design with an open end that makes it stylish and aesthetically pleasant while maintaining its functionality.

Made out of a type of specially selected rubber that has low thermal inertia (so it heats up pretty fast), the grips can resist the harsh environments they might be exposed to and still provide comfort and security.

Designed for operating in winter conditions, Bikemaster heated grips have a 12 volts DC heating system that can be connected directly to the circuit installed on your ATV. This keeps the user’s hands warm while riding so that the experience becomes more enjoyable. There are five temperature levels that can be selected, according to your preferences. Given the features they possess and the incredibly low price, some of the best ATV hot grips available.

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2. Heat Demon 215047 Dual Zone ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Kit

Heat Demon´s kit is one of the best grips for ATV currently available, offering many features that similar products do not have. It has a high-quality build, many features designed to increase comfort and ease of use, and it is intended for the more professional riders that need to get as much as they can from such a gadget.

The grips fit all ATV models and types if a 7/8 inches handlebar is installed – it cannot be adapted to a different size. Both grips are heated, and the kit includes one adhesive thumb warmer, an extra feature meant to keep your hands warm in cold winter weather. The materials used to guarantee a steady and firm grip and safe usage.

This kit contains all the wiring needed, the ATV heated grips and thumb warmer. It is easy to install by following the instructions provided in the delivery package.

The dual zone controller has different heating levels for thumb and grip heaters, and the unit has adjustable LED illumination for both day and night operation. An automatic shutdown system is also featured, to save battery life.

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3. Kuryakyn 6235 ISO Grips

A bit cheaper than the precedent item, these ATV grips are a more affordable and basic option that features no internal heating, but instead puts an accent on offering great comfort by cleverly using anti-slip materials.

The product is designed for standard handlebars only, but versions of this can be installed on bigger gauges of 1 inch and above.

The stylish design is the first thing that the user will notice about these grips. The knurled chrome ring adds a classy detail that cannot be overlooked by anyone who puts a price on aesthetics, while the material has a satin black color that many users appreciate. The soft, non-slip surface reduces vibrations and guarantees comfort when driving across longer distances.

Kuryakyn Grips are not heated, but recessed areas between the pads allow a natural flow of air to pass through, cooling down your palms in hot summer weather. These further increases comfort, and since warm seasons are favored by many riders, they might be suitable for your needs too.


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4. Heat Demon 210008 ATV Thumb Warmer Kit

Unlike the previously presented gadgets, this kit does not include the grips which have to be bought separately. The thumb warmer is an extra feature that, together with a pair of heated grips, can improve your comfort, offering you a more enjoyable driving experience in cold weather.

The design fits all ATV thumb throttle, regardless of the brand or model. It can be used without restricting finger movement and slowing down your reactions while driving the vehicle.

The thumb warmer is made out of silicone and has an adhesive back that keeps it firmly in place where you put it. A 3 position (off, low, high) rocker switch is included in the kit, together with wires and everything else that you might need to install it. The power output is 5 watts at 14 volts, enough to keep you warm.

If you are buying the thumb warmer but already own ATV heated hand grips, keep in mind that wiring them together, so that they work simultaneously, is pretty easy and does not require any significant work.


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5. Heat Demon 215049 ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Kit

This affordable, easy to use product delivers excellent comfort and functionality at a low price, keeping up with quality standards and promptly meeting most people’s expectations.

Suitable for all dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles that have a 7/8 inches handlebar, the heated grips will offer increased comfort during cold seasons and can be used in endurance competitions to reduce strain and tiredness.

Heat Demon’s clamp-on heated grips can be wired directly to the vehicle battery, and the kit includes everything needed for a simple installation. The maximum power output is about 40 watts (20 for each grip) at 14 volts, and the 3-way switch is used to adjust the temperature of the wire heater inside the grips. No adhesive is required to install it, as they are clamp-on models.

Users around the world have appreciated the reliability and efficiency of these items. Hunters that search the furthest northern areas have claimed that using the heated grips spared them the discomfort of using very thick gloves while extending the time they can physically spend outside their camp.


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6. Oury ATVB Black ATV Grips

Sometimes, we come across items that seem too cheap to be actually real. Very low prices can sometimes come with very low quality and no reliability after all, but this is not the case for this product.

With a price of only $12.30, the Oury black grips are designed for leisure riders that do not require very high performance or extra features. They can be mounted on ATV or dirt bikes that have 7/8 inches handlebars and, even at high speeds and on rough terrain, they offer comfort and a firm, steady grip thanks to their no-slip material.

A small flange is fitted that is suitable for most ATVs that have thumb throttle controls.

Extensive testing has proved that the large grips are very comfortable, thanks to their soft pads that will fit your hand perfectly. To install them, use rubbing alcohol or even glue; if you opt for the first variant, keep in mind that you will have to give them a few days so that they will turn rock solid. With adhesive, this problem is eliminated and once installed they are ready to use.


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7. Scott Radial Black Atv Handlebar Hand Grips

Some other very cheap items are the Scott Radial Hand Grips. These have a basic design and do not include a heating system or a thumb warmer, being suitable for leisure activities and everyday riding.

The design fits any vehicle with 7/8 inches handlebars, and users have used them on dirt bikes and other motorcycles.

SCOTT Radial Grips are easy to install and do not require any tools during the installation process. They are durable and reliable, the materials used are of the highest quality, and the design is meant to provide hand comfort while riding. They also cushion vibrations and shocks caused by riding over difficult terrain.

They can be mounted with rubbing alcohol, adhesive or with simple muscle power, and in all cases, they remain firmly in place.

Even though they do not have a heating system, the grips can be used in winter conditions with gloves; the environment does not alter them as they are designed to withstand harsh treatment.

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8. ODI Rogue Lock-On Grips 

Another basic product, the ODI Rogue lock-on grips are appreciated by users for their easy installation, durability, and reliability. They feel good and look good, and can be used for snowmobiles, dirt bikes, ATVs and many other vehicles.

The design features a scaled down flange that offers enough protection without impairing control accessibility, and at a length of 120 millimeters, they are good for those with bigger hands or thick, insulating gloves worn during colder seasons. The lock-on system offers quick and easy installation that requires no adhesives.

The pads increase comfort by using a soft rubber that absorbs vibrations and shock, while still offering security with their no-slip surface. The manufacturer advertises the item as being the most popular in the catalog, and users also appreciate the increased comfort they provide.

While some cheaper designs lose their color in time or can turn your hands black, these grips do not do that, and they are built to resist over long periods of time.


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9. Odi Grips Bonus Pack Rogue Long

For those who care about the aesthetics of their vehicle, ODI offers a pair of ATV grips that are looking great. The lock-on items are easy to install and require no adhesive or rubbing alcohol, but they are not heated.

The bonus pack offered together with the item contains end clamps of different colors and locking rings that have more of an aesthetic purpose.

The grips can be mounted on bicycles, motorbikes, ATVs and other handlebar vehicles, and they work pretty well in all situations. Included in the package is everything needed for installation – screws and the locking rings.

Users have appreciated their high quality, reliability, and durability. Without being too expensive, they offer good results in terms of absorbing shocks and vibration, therefore increasing the comfort and providing a more enjoyable experience. Hand fatigue appears rarely and only at very long rides, as the grips have a shape that was specially conceived to fit any human hand, with or without riding gloves.  


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10. All Rite Products ATV Gel Grip

These simple grips are made from memoflex gel, a type of material that has been recently used for manufacturing similar items with good results. This product is appreciated for its sleek design and versatility since their size, that fits all standard handlebars, makes them suitable for any type of vehicle – snowmobile, motorcycle or ATV.

Comfort is what the manufacturers had in mind when designing this item. Together with a special shape that relieves hand fatigue, the memoflex gel acts as a shock absorber, reducing vibrations and therefore making fatigue less probable to appear.

They provide superior protection when compared with stock grips, and those who used the item also felt less tired after riding with it mounted on the handlebars.

The installation is easy, and no extra products are required. However, the grips are not heated and cannot be adapted to a heating system. They are durable and resistant, good for any type of weather and temperature. Gloves can be worn while riding with the All Rite Products gel grips, as they are thick enough.  

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11. Syntec Heated Push-On Grips kit 

We return to the pricier but more comfortable products with this kit that includes heated grips and thumb warmers. Syntec offers a device that is easy to use, wire and install and that also looks cool and stylish. Riding will never be the same after setting it up, as your experience will surely get better.

The push-on heated grips can be wired directly to the circuitry already installed on your ATV. The kit also includes a dual channel heat controller (so that you can activate the heating function only for the thumb warmer or the grips) with five heat settings.

The adjustable temperature makes it easy for you to find the right setting for the weather conditions, and something that many users really appreciate is the fast response of the gadget. The grips heat up immediately and keep your hands warm, without interfering with the controls.

The controller has setting memory, and it can be installed anywhere on the ATV. Apart from this, two variable voltage and one direct current plugs are also included in the package, all this to make the product as versatile as possible.


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12. Kolpin Hot Thermal Grip 

This inexpensive ATV hot grips kit offers great value for the money, and it does not compromise on quality or design. It is easy to use, installation tools are provided with the package, and it is suitable for pretty much any standard handlebar vehicle there is.

A handlebar mounted dial switch is used to adjust the temperature; due to its position, you can make the desired settings without having to stop or take your eyes off the road.

Wiring is not required as plugs are also included; these will be connected to the power plug on your vehicle. All screws and mounting elements are there, so you will not have to purchase any extras to use these gadgets.

The Kolpin Thermal Grip is comfortable, and the surface prevents accidental slip. They are made out of rubber, ensuring that they are durable and reliable in the harsh winter conditions the grips are to be used. Users have appreciated their power on the high setting, which will warm their hands even through winter gloves.


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This Year’s Buying guide


If you have not decided already on what to buy and need some guidelines to follow when deciding on what best fits your needs, read our buying guide that discusses some of the key aspects that should be kept in mind when searching for a product. The guide takes customer feedback into account and what the best ATV mud grips have to offer.

ATV grip types

Having a firm control over your handlebars increases your safety and enjoyment, but this depends on your experience, on the type of grips you are using and on the vehicle itself. Usually, brands manufacture all three models, selling them at different prices.

The most common products are of the rubber slip-on type – this means that they are made out of rubber and, in order to install them, the user must simply force the grip down the handlebar until it is firmly held in place. Usually, they are mounted with alcohol or adhesive, for increased security.

This model is the cheapest available, and it is pretty basic, but sometimes specific pads that reduce shocks and vibrations might be incorporated.

Another simple model is the rubber lock on one – this time, the grip is mounted and secured with two screws that ensure it stays in place. These are recommended for day to day drives over short distances and for off-road competitions, where the time spent riding is not that long.

The last type is also the most expensive – heated grips are special items that have electric heating pads incorporated in their outer rubber layer. These use the energy supplied by the ATV to keep the rider´s hands warm in cold weather.

They are usually very comfortable and designed for those living in cold, isolated areas where ATVs are used for long periods of time. Temperature is adjusted with a selector or rocker switch, always included in the kit; some have only three settings (off, low and high) while the more expensive designs can have as much as 5 or 6 different levels.


Security, reliability, and stability

The main purpose of a grip is to provide security while riding and to stay in place over time. Most designs are made out of rubber or other anti-slip materials so that the rider’s hands do not slip or fall off in curves or jumps.

Even the most basic grips usually have some sort of anti-slip surface, so that the rider can maintain a firm hold. However, this is no use if the item will simply fall off; this is why the slip-on products are recommended to be secured with some sort of adhesive.

The lock-on types are secured in place with two screws and are safer, but also more expensive. Heated grips come in both mounting variants, but almost all designs are fitted with an extra locking system to prevent accidental removal.

The most basic items are also the most reliable. Without any electrical pieces, there is pretty much nothing that can be broken; the usual wear and tear will, however, make them useless after a certain period of time, and new ones will have to be bought.

Heated grips are insulated so that water and humidity cannot affect them, but the wires and selector can be damaged by improper use or storage. The grips themselves are, otherwise, pretty hard to damage and easy to maintain.

Depending on your necessities, you have to decide what is most important for you: comfort, security or reliability. Unless you afford to spend a rather significant amount of money on the item, you will have to sacrifice one of those features when acquiring a product. Decide on what you need least and what is less important for the particular situation you find yourself in and then make the purchase.



Brands usually specialize in some specific type of vehicle accessories, and a few grip producers are pretty well known in the ATV world. Some of the best ATV heated grips are manufactured by Heat Demon – these have very good value for the money and are also reliable, safe and easy to install, while comfort is provided by specially designed pads that reduce vibrations and shock while riding across rough terrain.

Symtec is also another good manufacturer that produces heated grips and thumb warmers. Other companies that produce riding and maintenance accessories also offer a variety of grips, heated or not, but most customers tend to appreciate Heat Demon designs.

These are usually delivered with a whole kit for easy installation and set-up, together with all the wires, tools and plugs needed. Instructions are easily found online, and warranties might also be issued by some producers, only in the case of heated items.


There is a lot of variation in prices when it comes to the best ATV grips. While searching, you will find some that are as cheap as $10, and others that go up to $200 so knowing what your limits in terms of money are is a good starting point.

If you want something reliable, with a lot of extra features and great comfort scores, you will have to consider spending around $80 on the item; if all you need is a basic grip bought for utility rather than comfort, you might spend as low as $15 on it.

An intermediate device can be bought for $40-$50 – these are usually heated but are of a lower quality and might not be as durable as the top of the lists.

Some of these grips can be used not only on an ATV but also on pretty much any vehicle that has handlebars as long as they have the same gauge as the purchased product. Versatility might be good when trying to be economical.


Frequently asked questions about ATV grips


Q: What type of ATV grips are there?

There are three types of ATV grips usually available on the market. The first one is the most inexpensive and basic one – it is called a slip-on grip, and is usually made out of rubber. It has no extra features such as heating. The second type is a lock-on grip that is secured in place with two screws provided by the manufacturer.

Heated grips are the most expensive items, but they make a difference for those living in cold areas – these models have electric pads that draw energy from the battery and heat up, keeping your hands warm and ensuring a pleasant and comfortable ride.

Q: How to remove ATV grips?

ATV and dirt bike grips are pretty hard to remove, this being a safety feature that prevents them from accidentally falling off the handlebars. Some users have simply cut them apart with a small saw or electric cutter because they found no other alternative.

A good trick is to use an air gun that has a small nozzle on it. Put the end of the nozzle in the small hole that most grips have at their end, and pump pressurized air inside it.

It will inflate like a balloon and eventually the adhesive holding the product in place will fail, and you will be able to remove it. Lock-on grips can be removed by unscrewing the locks and pulling them out.


Q: How to install ATV grips?

Installing ATV grips is pretty easy since most producers offer everything you need in the kit. Most designs are lock-on or slip-on types. To install a slip-on model, you simply have to drag it into place on the grip.

For a better and more secure mount, you can also use adhesives, but it is not always required. Lock-on types are secured in place with two screws, always provided in the ordered package. These are easier to mount and remove.

Heated grips can be of either type and install them is done just as mentioned above, with some differences. The wiring will also have to be done, but usually, special plugs are provided. Instructions are available online for most types, but the process is also pretty intuitive.




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