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11 Best Women’s Harley Davidson Wallets and Card Holders (Reviews) in 2022

With so many great wallets and card holders on the market, it’s hard to find the right one for you. And, while it is virtually impossible to list all the Harley Davidson wallets available, we have decided to focus on some of the top products according to customers’ reviews and showcased below.


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1. Jacquard Clutch HD3480J-BLACK 

This catchy wallet will certainly make you noticed in the crowd. It is made of a durable cotton-poly blend and the roomy interior allows you to carry everything you need - money, credit cards, IDs, photos, and others. It even features a zippered pocket for coins and keys.

The classic black color is combined with an authentic Harley-Davidson print and mixed studs to create a rock and wild look that will certainly make you stand out in the crowd.

The lining is made of top-quality real leather, and so are the trims. In addition, on the inside, the wallet spots a Red Dagger lining, one of the many motifs Harley Davidson usually relies on.

This wallet is packed with everything you need and, due to its large dimension, it will help you store all your belongings in one place. It features six different card slots and plenty of other pockets to place your driver’s license, ID card, pictures, and other items.

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2. Harley-Davidson Women's Rosalita Embossed Sugar Skull Wallet

If you’re looking for a durable and luxurious wallet, the leather Rosalita is a great choice for you. It is made of soft faux black leather and features a skull and roses laser print on the exterior.

The all-around zippered closure makes it safe to wear and easily accessible whenever you want something from inside it. The polished nickel finish adds a touch of luxury to this otherwise chaste look.

Thanks to the generous dimensions, the wallet is perfect for carrying all your essentials with you. Inside it features plenty of space to deposit your credit cards (4 different card slots), bonus cards, IDs and driver’s license, as well as old receipts and even coins and photos. The wallet will fit a medium-sized bag but can also be carried around as a small purse holding your essentials, including a smaller-sized phone.

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3. Harley-Davidson Women's Phone Wristlet Joy Ride Willie G. Skull Logo

If you intend to acquire a gift for a friend that is a big fan of Harley-Davidson, this is the product that you should consider. This phone wristlet is made of 100% leather, and it includes a black crystal Willie G. Skull that has an embossed floral design. On top of that, the model features a 6.5" wrist strap, and it measures 5.5" x 3.5" x 1.25" in total.

This option is highly appreciated by those that have invested in it before, due to its beautiful design. According to the reviews, the product is of high quality, and it comes neatly packed. Although the seller has made available info about the dimensions of the model, some users were disappointed with its small size.

What is more, when delivered, this phone wristlet comes in a gift box. Therefore, you don’t have to waste a lot of time wrapping it up before offering it as a present.

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4. Harley Davidson Licensed Horizontal Wallet and Credit Card Leather Case

This licensed genuine Harley Davidson case is perfect for when you want to store all your essentials in one place without having to carry a heavy bag with you. The leather case is large enough to fit your iPhone 5 and other phones of similar dimensions so you won’t have to worry about a special pocket in your outfit to keep your phone.

The product is made of soft quality leather and features the company’s famous bar and shield logo on the bottom right, as well as the initials H and D on the top middle of the case.  The upper part is full of large studs to show your free spirit and rock personality.

The interior is also large enough so you can fit all your credit cards in different slots. In addition, the product comes with an included wrist strap so you can easily have access to your belongings without having to carry an entire bag with you.

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5. Harley-Davidson Women's Jacquard Studded Zip Wristlet Clutch Wallet

The most unpleasant thing as a girl when going out is that you’ll always need a small bag attached to you so you can keep your phone, keys, and money. But, thanks to this Harley Davidson wristlet you won’t have to worry about carrying an entire bag with you, but only your essentials kept safe at all times in this bag attached to your wrist.

The product is made of a durable cotton-poly blend with a jacquard finish for a luxurious touch. It is trimmed with genuine leather so you can count on this item for a long time from now on.

The front Harley logo is displayed in shiny nickel and is surrounded by studs and signature hang charms. The wallet all features an all-over HD print for easy recognition and a touch of style.

The interior is roomy enough and features the popular poly blend red dagger lining.

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6. Silver Flash Pinstriping Leather 

A leather wallet never goes out of fashion and will always keep your money and cards safe. This cool one from Harley Davidson is perfect for rock girls with a more romantic side. The item is made of cruelty-free vegan leather so all animal lovers can wear it without getting in contradiction with their beliefs.

The polished nickel finish and the soft pink patterns really give this wallet a fun and sweet touch. The wallet is printed on both sides with different pink logos of the brand and the zipper also features a large logo.

The generous size makes this wallet suitable for keeping everything you want in it, from cards and money to coins, receipts, prescriptions, photos, and others. It features four different slots for your cards, one zippered pocket for coins, and one additional card slot.

Most of the customers who purchased this item were pleased with its size and the price-quality ratio.

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7. Harley-Davidson Women's Colorblock Studded Mini Leather Wallet

If you’re looking for a small sized wallet to hold your essentials and fit in any clutch or club bag, this product could prove a smart choice. This mini wallet from Harley Davidson is made of 100% genuine quality leather embossed and tumble in order to provide a good looking micro-pleated texture.

Some of its exterior features include a branded racing medallion and large dome studs on both sides for a rock look. What we like the most about this mini wallet is its color block design featuring black, white, and mild shades of orange. The wallet is secured with a regular snap closure.

On the inside, the item comes with two credit card slots, one window for ID cards, and three additional pockets to store the rest of your essentials. Thus, the product is equipped with everything necessary to keep your money, cards, and IDs secured.


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8. Harley-Davidson Women's Metallic Leather Taxi Wallet

If you’re looking for a vintage or antique genuine leather wallet, this is definitely an option worth keeping an eye on. The item is beautifully crafted from the softest 100% genuine leather in a superb shade of metallic silver so it will certainly draw attention whenever you’re wearing it.

The antique nickel vintage 1903 Harley Davidson logo plate is displayed on the front flap. Also, the logo plate has a hexagonal design to add a vintage and luxury look to the wallet.

The item features one bill pocket, seven different slots for your credit cards, as well as a zipped coin compartment. It folds down to a small size so it will perfectly fit in almost all bags and clutches, no matter how small they are.

The interior lining is made with a poly-blend of white, black and grey leopard print to add a feminine touch.

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9. Harley-Davidson Women's Ride the Line Leather Zip-Around Wallet

If you’re looking for a rock wallet to match your personality and the rest of your rock outfit, you should definitely check out this product. The item displays a classic Harley Davidson design and is made of 100% genuine leather.

The top quality leather used to manufacture this product is a guarantee that your wallet will live a long life and won’t be easily scratched or stained. The polished nickel finish and the RFID protection complete the look of this fabulous product.

What we liked the most about this one is the edgy diamond studded detailing combined with skull-shaped studs on the inferior side. This will definitely add a rock and gothic look to the wallet and will perfectly match with a bad girl attitude.

The item also features a shiny black and silver logo on top. The interior is made of super quality suede and features two different credit card slots, one ID window, a large cash slot, as well as a small snap closure pocket for change.

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10. Zip-Around H-D Embellished 99516-15VW 

This classic wallet is suitable for elegant and classy ladies who still keep a wild and rock heart. It is made of super quality genuine lambskin leather with twill lining to ensure a long-lasting and durable design.

The product is decorated with small studs on the exterior part and features an engraved handwritten Harley Davidson logo to complete the look.

The interior is generous too as it features four different pockets and no less than 12 different credit card slots. In other words, the wallet is suitable for those who tend to carry a lot of cards and coins with them, as well as other items such as receipts, coupons, ID cards, photos, and others.

The zipper of this product is also of superior quality, made of stainless steel to avoid rusting or breaking anytime soon. It will last most weather conditions and will protect your money and documents against humidity or stains.

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11. Wallet and Xperia Case 

This Harley phone and wallet case is perfect for those who want to keep all of their precious belongings in one place. The product is made of superior quality 100% genuine man-made leather and features a snap closure for easy access.

The classic black exterior features the company’s aluminum logo on the front as well as a pressed logo signature on the interior. The item features four different credit card slots and a cash pocket, all made of the same genuine and soft leather.

What we liked the most about this product is the phone pocket on the right. The pocket was specifically designed to meet the dimensions of Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3v but all phones with similar dimensions can be easily kept inside the pocket. This way, your most important possessions will stay together and will be harder for you to lose your phone inside a large bag.

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Finding the best Harley Davidson wallets for women is not an easy task because there are plenty of good options worth mentioning. However, if you’re in the need for a new wallet available for sale and decided on a Harley one, here are some features you should take into consideration.


One of the most important things to consider when choosing the best Harley Davidson card holders for women is the size. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can opt for larger-sized items or for pocket-size ones. Each of them comes with its own ups and downs, so it is best to consider your everyday style and personality.

A small-sized item is more portable and lightweight and will keep your belongings secure at all times. They usually feature two-four different credit card slots and one small zippered pocket for coins. They are great if you don’t want to carry anything but your money and your ID card with you and will probably fit in most of the bags, including going out bags and clutches.

On the other hand, large wallets are perfect for keeping more of your essential items, including various currencies, car keys, receipts, photos or more credit cards. They are often more rigid and will fit in most of the regular Harley Davidson purse backpacks.



When it comes to the best women’s Harley Davidson wallets and card holders, you have plenty of options on the fabrics. Cotton, faux leather, and genuine leather are the most common fabrics, and each has downsides and perks.

Cotton blend wallets are lightweight and extremely portable. They are also one of the most affordable options when it comes to good Harley Davidson gift ideas so you can purchase one for a special occasion for the beloved woman in your life. Cotton wallets are very flexible and can usually fold to a smaller dimension so they are practical when it comes to a night out.

They can be embellished with all sorts of prints, laser cuts, embossed or painted with the company’s logos and motifs.

Faux leather or vegan leather wallets are perfect for those who want a more elegant approach but still have strong beliefs regarding animal cruelty. They are almost as durable as regular leather and will offer you a more sophisticated look. You can combine them with a cool motorcycle jacket and be ready to go out for a night of hard rock music and fun.

Faux leather wallets are also more affordable in terms of price and they are found in a wide variety of color and print combos. Whether classic or patterned, they will certainly stand out in the crowd and help you achieve a flawless look.

On the other hand, genuine leather wallets are the epitome of elegance and class. Most wallets are made of soft textured leather or suede. You can find them in all sizes and designs so you can rest assured you’ll get the perfect cover for your money and ID cards.

Harley Davidson is known for designing great clothes and accessories from fine leather so what better way to make yourself noticed if not by owning a leather wallet and a pair of genuine Harley Davidson gloves?

If you’re not sure exactly what type of product to purchase, you can search for some online reviews of Harley Davidson wallets and card holders for women and see what other customers have to say about a certain item. Often enough you’ll find that people’s true opinion regarding a product is more valuable than the item’s description itself as most people are looking for the same features as you in a quality wallet.


Flip closure or zippers?

Another thing to look for is the closing system of your wallet. Most of them feature flip closures or zippers, and it is up to you to choose the item that will best meet your needs.

In our opinion, zippered wallets are more secure and stable as you’ll get to carry a lot of things inside them without worrying about dropping them on the floor when you grab your wallet or misplace them inside your bag. They are also perfect for storing coins.

Zippered wallets also have the reputation of being more durable and protecting the interior of your wallet from water, dust, dirt, and other damaging factors. If you opt for a metallic zipper with an anti-rust feature you’ll be able to enjoy your wallet for a long time from now on.

On the other hand, flip closure wallets are more flexible and easy to reach. By just flipping a button you instantly have access to your money and cards. However, you can’t store coins in them as they are most likely to fall off and they are also easier to open by pickpockets so you have to store them in secure places.


Last but not least, also keep an eye on the design. A cool wallet only goes hand in hand with the coolest Harley Davidson women’s watches so make sure to match your outfit accordingly. For a more rockish look, you can also opt for new biker shirts with various Harley Davidson prints.

No matter your choice for the rest of the outfit, the wallet should match your personality first. If you’re more of a rock girl, you can opt for studded wallets with skull embellishments or those made of classic, genuine black leather.

For a more positive attitude towards life, you can choose a color block item in various bold color schemes.

But a great design also means improved comfort and more room for holding your belongings. If you would like to keep your phone, cards, and money in the same place, you can always opt for a wallet case. Usually, these items are separated into two different compartments, one for your credit cards and cash, and the other part to hold your phone and ID cards.

These are extremely functional and convenient, mainly because you can carry only one item that will hold pretty much all you need for the day. All you have to do is combine the wallet case with brand new motorcycle winter gloves and you’re ready to hit the road in your Harley bike.




Unavailable products


Willie G Skull Tri-Fold


There is nothing compared to the feeling of soft genuine leather and this wallet will offer you exactly the feeling. This Willie G Skull-printed Harley Davidson wallet is made of 100% genuine soft black leather for a touch of luxury, style, and durability.

The heavy-duty yet soft leather will resist the test of time and pressure, so you can consider this item as a great investment for the future.

It features the company’s embossed Willie G Skull logo in different sizes all over the top of the wallet for a fun look. The company’s silver logo tag is also present on the front of the item.

The interior features 7 different card slots, as well as a cash slot, and a zippered coin pocket. The item’s generous dimensions make it perfect for any type of currency and to store everything you need, including different IDs, photos of your loved ones, and other small things.




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