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11 Best Motorcycle Tank Bags (Reviews) in 2022

In order to make it easier for you to decide which model is suitable for your needs, our team has compounded a list of  motorcycle tank bags reviews which offer an accurate and detailed description of each and every one of these alternatives. We’ve taken into account customer feedback and product specifications as well. Read through our list to see what features can be found in these designs.


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1. Chase Harper 450M Magnetic Tank Bag

One of the most popular items is this durable magnetic tank bag, which is also lightweight and waterproof. Made in the U.S.A., the product provided great value for the money, incorporating many useful features appreciated by customers.

Manufactured with attention to detail, the design is versatile and can be used on different tank models without any problems.

Ballistic 1680D urethane-coated nylon was used to produce this bag, making it water-resistant and tear-resistant, so it can hold electronic gadgets without exposing them to dangerous levels of humidity. Durability and resistance are guaranteed, meaning that this one is more likely to last for a long period of time.

In terms of size, it has an interior volume of 4.1 liters (or about 250 cubic inches). The top lid has a mesh pocket with bungee crisscross and an internal top lid compartment. Without being too tall, it can hold most of your stuff, including 4 corner pack hooks for a removable GPS pouch.


This Chase Harper model is a handy and effective tank bag that you can use to transport a wide range of personal items. 

One of the things that make it suitable for pretty much any use is the fact that it’s both waterproof and lightweight, so you won’t have any trouble even if it starts to rain. 

The fine craftsmanship, as well as the versatile design, means that you can use it every day, while the high-quality materials used ensure that it can withstand the test of time. 

The 1680D nylon used for this bag is also water- and tear-resistant, so you can safely carry electronic devices in the tank bag as well. 


You want to take a look at its dimensions to make sure that it’s suitable for your needs. 

The bag doesn’t fit all motorcycle models, so you want to check out this matter as well. 

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2. Cortech 8230-0505-12 Magnetic Mount Tank Bag

Combining durability and resistance with a lightweight and compact design which offers you enough interior space to store many items, this product has added value thanks to the many other features it includes.

It is versatile and it has gained the appreciation of many customers who have used it for day to day commute or longer trips.

With a 12-liter interior volume, giving you enough space to satisfy your storage needs, the bag has reduced dimensions and a reasonable weight, occupying little room on your tank.

It has an expandable main compartment secured with a locking zipper, its interior being fitted with soft lining and an interior organizer. It also has hideaway backpack straps, a map pocket and a special place for your glasses.

Made from durable polyester and 1800 denier 3 lined twill Jacquard, it is a reliable item. It comes with a non-slip and non-scratch mounting base, either with magnetic straps or with standard mounting systems, making it convenient and efficient.


This versatile Cortech model can be used for both outdoor adventures and for everyday use, depending on your needs, given that it’s a durable item that will keep multiple items safe. 

The 12-liter capacity means that you can store plenty of your belongings in the bag, but also that it’s not too large to become a burden. 

The expandable compartment comes with a secure locking zipper, as well as with interior elements that help you keep everything organized. 

The tank bag is also outfitted with plenty of exterior pockets that you can use to keep certain items, such as your glasses, safe and within reach. 


You want to handle the zipper with care as it can fail after a while if you don’t do this. 

The map pocket might be better placed in terms of overall user experience and accessibility, but this is certainly not a major issue. 

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3. Spada Expandable Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag

Another popular option, appreciated for the many features it offers, is the Coleman magnetic bag which can be attached to many motorbike models. It has a solid build, using only high-quality materials and components. It has a large storage capacity, allowing you to safely transport your personal belongings with ease.

This product can be attached to your tank using the strong magnets it is equipped with; it is firmly kept in place by the scratch-resistant, non-slip bottom surface which is safe for your tank. This makes it even safer to use the item, as your belongings will not be damaged inside it.

Made from durable 1680D polyester, the bag features a large interior cargo compartment, fitted with a zipper, which is also expandable, adapting its capacity to your needs within seconds.

The clear map pocket is placed on top, so you can read a map without removing it from the compartment; it can also hold electronic gadgets such as a GPS.


With a sturdy construction, this tank bag is made of premium materials, which is something that you are going to certainly appreciate in the long run, given its durability. 

If you decide that this is the tank bag that you are going to choose, you can rest assured that your personal items are going to be safely stored during your rides. 

The versatile model is compatible with a wide range of motorcycle models, so you have every chance of using it on your bike without too much trouble. 

Given that the bag includes strong magnets that can be used to attach it to the bike, you won’t have to worry about its stability, while the non-slip bottom surface protects the vehicle from scratches. 


While this is a versatile design, you should still check its compatibility with your motorcycle. 

It’s a good idea to take a look at the interior capacity to see if the bag fits your needs. 

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4. Nelson-Rigg CL-2020-ST Expanded Strap

Large and with many interior compartments, this Nelson-Rigg tank bag is excellent for everyday needs such as commuting and also for long distance trips. It fits on all full-sized motorcycles and is made using waterproof materials, allowing you to transport electronics inside it.

A bladder can be attached to it, and it also has many other great features you might be interested in.

Made to fit on all full-sized motorbikes, the product is versatile and can be used for all your vehicles without requiring adaptation. You can even lend it to another motorcyclist if he or she needs a tank bag for a journey.

Using top-quality UV treated Tri-Max nylon with fiber to manufacture this item, the producer offers durability and long-term resistance to the elements and also against eventual impacts.

The protective base material prevents slipping; apart from this, it includes a lifetime warranty. Other features include a special top pocket for electronic devices, which is completely waterproof, and a special place for a bladder, which is not included in the package.


One of the main aspects that make this tank bag one of the top choices among experienced riders is the fact that it includes multiple interior compartments. 

You will be able to keep multiple items well-organized, which makes this bag an excellent alternative for everyday use, especially if you are commuting. 

The bag is also made of high-quality waterproof materials, so you won’t have to worry about any changing weather conditions or its durability. 

The UV-treated Tri-Max Nylon material used for this bag makes it both tear-resistant and strong enough to keep the items inside safe even in case of a shock. 


While this is a versatile model specially designed to fit pretty much any full-sized bike, you want to take a look at its compatibility with your vehicle. 

The GPS compartment could be larger in order to comfortably fit any device, so you may have to find alternative solutions for this. 

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5. Cortech Super 2.0 10L Magnetic Mount Motorcycle Tank Bag

A more affordable option which still includes many interesting extras and does not sacrifice resistance and durability is this 10-liter magnetic tank bag. Made by Cortech, it is great for riders and it can be used to store personal belongings, including electronics and fragile gadgets.

High-quality materials were used to make this bag– 1690 denier polyester and 1800 denier three-lined twill Jacquard, making it not only waterproof but also reliable and rugged.

The bag has reflective piping for increased safety and can be mounted with the magnetic strap, requiring no prior adjustments.

Also included is one removable and replaceable map pocket, which can if required, hold your GPS or smartphone navigators.

The expandable compartment allows you to have a compact product with just a 5-liter storage capacity, or, when fully extended, a large bag which can be used to carry a lot of items. It has a one-way zipper, to prevent accidental opening.


If you are looking for an effective way to transport your belongings, including electronic gadgets, this sturdy Cortech model is the one you want to take a look at. 

Thanks to the premium materials used for making this tank bag, such as 1690D polyester, you can rest assured that it will last for a long time. 

The unit is also waterproof, which means that you don’t need to worry in case you encounter some rain in your riding adventures as well. 

The reflective piping added to this design adds to the rider’s overall safety by making him or her more visible during night riding conditions. 


The zipper might be a bit difficult to operate as you are on your motorcycle, especially if you are trying to do this wearing your gloves. 

This bag is quite small, so check out this aspect as well before placing your order. 

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6. Dowco Rally Pack 50108-00 Water Resistant Magnetic

Perhaps one of the least expensive products on our list, this magnetic mount bag is excellent for those who do not need a large carrying  capacity, wanting portability and a smaller design that is easy to mount.

Compatible with most chopper-style motorbikes, it is lightweight, resistant and reliable, and that’s because it’s capable of keeping your belongings safe.

Made using 600D polyester, it also includes a rubber-like, non-slip material on the bottom, allowing you to mount it safely on the tank without risking damaging its surface.

Using the magnetic straps, the bag can be placed on pretty much any cruiser-style motorbike, as long as it has a metal tank.

Including a clear map pocket, it allows you to use a GPS or even a paper map with ease, making guidance less difficult. The interior compartment provides storage space for personal items such as a wallet, cell phone, glasses, and clothing. It satisfies the needs of the daily commute and can be also used for longer trips without problems.


This Dowco magnetic bag is a very nice alternative that can withstand some rough handling, and that’s also available at an affordable price. 

It’s a great solution for those who are still trying to figure out their preferences in terms of tank bags and don’t want to spend a large amount of money on their first purchase. 

The small design is very easy to mount to a wide range of motorcycle models, while the unit itself is made of 600D polyester. 

The design includes other non-slip materials, especially on the bottom part, which adds to the bag’s overall stability on the bike, while the magnetic straps that are included also secure it safely. 


Depending on how you use the bag, the magnets might need to be replaced after a few seasons. 

The bag’s shape is not sustained, so this may cause some trouble along the way, depending on what you need to transport. 

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7. Vance Leather VS402 Magnetic Tank Bag

Another very affordable option, this model will meet the needs of those who do not want a very large storage capacity but rather desire to have a small, compact and inexpensive product for the daily commute.

It can be mounted on different bikes using the magnetic straps with a quick-release system that is already installed.

Containing one main compartment for small, essential items such as cell phone, wallet, keys and some rain protective clothing, the tank bag is also fitted with a top, transparent mobile phone holder suitable for smartphones and even small GPS tablets.

A rain cover is also included, as well as an additional shoulder strap and a carrying handle.

Measuring only 6x10x5 inches in size, it can also be used as a leg bag when removed. These features offer it versatility and ease of use, while the low profile reduces drag and makes for a small and lightweight design. Mounted with magnets, it also has adjustable strapping for increased security.


If you are looking for a small and handy tank bag that can be used for daily commuting, this Vance model is the one you want to try out, as it’s a highly versatile alternative. 

The unit can be easily mounted on various motorcycle models, especially since we’re talking about a compact design. 

The quick-release system and magnetic straps are very easy to use, thus making the rider’s life a lot easier, while the main compartment can be used for items, such as a wallet, keys, or a smartphone. 

There’s also a rain cover included that you can use in case you are dealing with some changing weather on your route. 


This is not a fully waterproof model, so keep this in mind as you are placing the order. 

This model is a compact one, so you should take a good look at its measurements to make sure that the bag fits your riding needs. 

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8. Dowco Fastrax 50143-00 Backroads Series

A pricier item with great value for the money, this bag is extra-resistant, allowing you to safely carry your important belongings wherever you go. Despite this, it will survive prolonged exposure to elements and impacts.

With a modern and solid outer shell, the model is versatile and can be fitted on different motorbikes without requiring adjustments.

Since it is equipped with a strap or a magnetic mounting option, it allows you to decide how you want to secure it to the top of the tank. Made using 1680D UV-coated and weather-resistant polyester, its front is trucker tarp-lined increasing durability and resistance.

A non-slip pattern material is used to firmly hold it in place. Also featured are weatherproof zippers and an air-vented GPS pocket with rain covers.

The storage capacity is of about 7.9 liters, giving you enough space to carry important belongings and other objects you will need on your trip. The zippers are lockable so they cannot be accidentally opened, increasing the objects' safety during transport.


The solid shell makes this bag a versatile and sturdy option that can be easily mounted to many types of motorcycles, so this should not be an issue. 

There are two mounting options included, namely the magnetic and strap ones, which means that you can choose the one that suits your needs, and that best keeps the bag safe. 

The premium 1680D polyester used for this bag is also weather-resistant, which means that your belongings are not exposed to humidity while you are riding. 

The non-slip material included in this design is specially made to hold everything in place, so the bag’s stability and safety are ensured. 


This bag is a versatile but rather compact one, so you should take a look at its size to see if it fits your needs. 

The zipper should be handled with care, especially the rubber pull piece, as it might otherwise get damaged over time. 

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9. Cortech 8230-0513-10 One Size 10L Tank Bag

The streamlined design makes this product stand out, as well as its quality build and many included features. Giving you the possibility to safely transport personal belongings such as smartphones, external battery packs and other objects, the 10-liter capacity is more than enough for day-to-day needs.

Only high-quality materials were used, the polyester being strong and durable, offering complete waterproofing as well as resistance to impacts, wear and tear or exposure to sunlight. With one-way zippers which prevent accidental opening, your items are safely transported in this bag.

For your safety, reflective piping is also included. The GPS or smartphones can be placed inside the removable map pocket, which is transparent but also waterproof.

When expanded, the compartment provides up to 10 liters storage capacity, but when collapsed it is more compact and aerodynamic. A magnetic mount is included, so it can be attached to all metal tanks regardless of their brand.


With a 10-liter capacity, this Cortech model is ideal for everyday use, especially if you are commuting around the city. 

The high-quality construction is one of the reasons for which you should definitely give it a try, given that this model will prove to be a reliable riding partner for a long time. 

The polyester used for this tank bag is strong and waterproof, so there won’t be any need for you to worry about the items that you store in the bag as you are riding. 

This model also includes reflective piping, which adds to your overall safety if you often ride in dark or nighttime conditions. 


If you try to use your smartphone’s touchscreen through the clear plastic, this might not work as expected. 

This a rather small bag, so make sure that its dimensions are suitable for your needs. 

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10. Dowco Iron Rider 50130-00 Water Resistant Reflective Magnetic

Designed to be a solution for the daily commute, this smaller, universal fit tank bag is fitted with everything you need to keep your essentials safe while riding. The solid build makes it resistant, while the high-quality materials allow it to last longer in time even when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

The model can be mounted on all cruiser-style bikes with a metal tank with sewn-in magnets. A non-slip protective pad is mounted on the bottom of the bag, preventing scratches and holding it firmly in place once mounted.

It measures 11.25x7.5x4.75 inches, so it is not that small and its capacity of 7 liters is more than enough for everyday purposes.

Apart from the main compartment, which can be used to store electronics as the bag is waterproof, a map pocket made from a UV-resistant plastic film is also provided. It can be used to store the navigation system or the user’s mobile phone.



With a solid structure and premium-quality materials used, this tank bag is a very good solution if you want to carry some personal belongings as you are riding every day. 

Given the compact construction, this tank bag can be easily mounted on multiple types of bikes, so thanks to this universal fit, you shouldn’t deal with issues from this point of view. 

The materials used for this bag are also resistant to harsh weather conditions, while the unit itself can be mounted on a motorcycle using the sewn-in magnets. 

The extra non-slip pad adds to the bag’s overall safety and stability by keeping it in place once you mount it. 


The bag might be a bit smaller than expected, so this is something that you should bear in mind. 

The magnets might need to be replaced after a while, but this also depends on how you use the bag. 

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11. Givi EA102B Easy Tank Bag with Magnet 

Unlike the previously described items, this product has a huge storage capacity while retaining the key features any tank bag should possess. The large compartment enables you to carry even a 9.7-inch iPad, while the strong magnetic straps prevent it from falling due to frontal or side winds.

Made from high quality and resistant materials, it has an extended lifetime even when constantly exposed to harsh weather and direct sunlight. It has reflective piping, added for your safety during night-time trips.

A rain cover will offer further protection against humidity so that your personal belongings are kept safe and dry inside it.

A new feature is that it can be transformed into a backpack and taken with you wherever you go and might need it. Expendable from 17 to 28 liters, it can be turned either into a day-to-day commute tank bag or in a long-distance cruising partner which will hold your map or GPS in the special, transparent pocket provided.


Those of you who need a tank bag with a large storing capacity should take a look at what this particular model has to offer, given that it checks this box. 

The large compartment can easily accommodate various devices such as laptops, so you won’t have to worry anymore about where you will place these while you are riding. 

Thanks to the strong magnetic straps included, the bag is securely attached to the bike, so your belongings are kept safe at all times. 

The bag itself is highly resistant to direct sunlight and harsh weather as well, which means that you will be able to use it when riding for a long time. 


The large size means that this bag is less versatile in terms of compatibility with bike models than its more compact counterparts. 

You still want to handle the bag with care to prevent any damage that might keep you from using it for a long time. 

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This Year’s Buying Guide


Sometimes, reading reviews of motorcycle tank bags will not make it clear which item you should buy. There are certain factors you might want to bear in mind before prospecting the market in search of the right design for your needs.

In order to help you, we have written an easy to read yet comprehensive buying guide which discusses some features that you might find helpful, analyzing the way they influence the performance of your bag.

If you’re currently looking for a new model, you might also want to add some related products to your equipment, for example some good motorcycle batwing fairings or maybe a few reliable motorcycle storage sheds.

Hard or soft bags?

From the most general point of view, tank bags can be divided into two different types, based on the materials used to manufacture them and on their construction. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as particularities.

Choosing between these two different kinds of models is the first way of narrowing your searches, making it faster and easier to find what you need.

Hard bags are usually made from PVC and fiberglass, but other materials are also used at times. This type of bag is usually designed to be kept in place, attaching them to the motorcycle or detaching them being done with tools and not by simply strapping or fixing them with magnets.

Sometimes, they might even lock into place to make them safer; individual compartments can also have their own locking systems, to keep your products safer. More resistant to impact and elements than their softer relatives, the hard bags are usually weatherproof and exposure to sunlight will not damage their outer shell.

Soft bags are lighter and easier to install or remove, making them perfect options for those who want something to use on their daily commute or for short distance trips. Some riders prefer them because they look good, too.

However, security can become an issue as most models are not fitted with locks; waterproofing is an issue with cheaper models, either because their zippers leak water inside or simply because the materials used are permeable. In this situation, you will have to use a (usually provided) rain cover.


Sizes and shapes

Having the best tank bag for motorcycle riding also depends on carefully estimating the desired size. Appreciating it correctly will make it easier to find a product that suits your needs.

There are items for commuters, for long distance trips or for those who only want to carry very few things – and what is good is that each can be mounted on pretty much any tank.

There are extra small 2-3 liters tank bags, made to fit only essential stuff such as cell phones, wallets or glasses. Appreciated because they do not get in the way of the rider during steering, these are suitable for city drives, when you are going to a place to meet your friends and only have to take the things you would normally do when walking.

For commuters, it is recommended to look at tank bags with increased capacity. Usually having a volume found in the 6-20-liter range, the luggage allows you to take shoes, lunch and small electronic gadgets when going to work or back home.

Small enough to avoid becoming uncomfortable while driving, they are also useful for short distance trips to any nearby cities or objectives.

The types mentioned above are not too useful when you’re after large capacity; this is where big touring bags come in. Starting at about 10 liters and going up to 25 liters or more, most products are expandable and can adapt to your needs.

A lot of objects, including extra clothing and large electronics, can be stored inside these.

In terms of shape, the only problems appear when you aim to acquire a large bag. Small and medium items can be mounted on pretty much anything, but, for the larger models, you must consider the shape of your tank.

Most manufacturers try to make their designs as versatile as possible, but it is impossible to do this when creating a very sizeable bag.

Given that aesthetics are important, once you’ve decided on the shape and design of your new bag, you might want to pay some attention to your entire look. For example, you can check out a nice motorcycle jacket, some great biker shirts or maybe even a few reliable Harley Davidson sunglasses & safety glasses to complete your outfit.



Choosing the type of textile or hard materials your luggage is made from is important, affecting performance and weather resistance.

A cheap motorcycle tank bag can be made of permeable textiles which means that you will need a rain cover; other designs can be bulky and too heavy, as their solid build offers increased resistance against scratches, impacts or the elements.

Most motorbike tank bags for sale today use a rugged and waterproof nylon for the outer shell – 1680D nylon or the cheaper yet still resistant 600D nylon.

Other materials also found, although to a lesser extent, are 1200D Guzi nylon or 1000D thermoformed laminated polyester. All of these are waterproof, yet in some cases it is advisable to use a rain cover as the zippers can leak water inside their interior, compromising electronics or papers.

Wax-coated canvas with ecological leather is another option employed by some items. Hard bags made from PVC or fiberglass are popular for their durability.

When it comes to interiors, a lining is almost permanently installed. Its purpose is to offer extra protection against the elements, wind or cold, keeping your objects safe inside the bag.

Waterproof zippers are sometimes used, for 100% rain-resistant products. Usually, the sides are quite rigid – either full or empty, the bag will maintain its shape.

Mounting and other features

Installing and removing the tank bag should be as easy as possible especially when talking about those items that can be transformed into backpacks. There are several constructive options and the most popular ones are with strap-mounts, magnetic bases or clamp-on tank rings, each coming with advantages or disadvantages.

Strap-mounted bases are perhaps the most popular – simple, suitable for any kind of tank (including plastic or composite ones), they are not very easy to steal but neither are they very easy to transfer from bike to bike or to mount them in the first place.

Firmly held in place by straps, this type of bag does not eliminate the risk of scratching but it is significantly reduced. Off-road riders are advised to consider this kind of model.

Having the best magnetic motorcycle tank bag usually depends on how good the magnets and base are. Sewn into the bag, they attach the storage item to the fuel tank, while a rubber bottom piece protects the motorbike finish against scratches and firmly holds the product in place.

Easy to mount and remove (and steal, as well) these are perfect for commuters – simply grab it and you have removed it from the vehicle. If dirt gets caught between it and the tank, scratches can appear – regular cleaning eliminates this risk.

Another method to secure the bag is to use a tank ring. Mounted on the tank using the bolts around the gas cap, it then allows you to simply press the bag unto it until it clicks into place.

However, even though this method offers the advantage of preserving the looks, of firmly holding the bag and of being easy to install or remove, the tank ring is a motorbike specific and is not universal.

The exact one, suitable for your motorbike, must be purchased – if you own different models, you will have to buy a different ring for each one of them.

A good motorcycle tank bag usually includes other features, apart from the main storage compartment and the materials used to manufacture it.

Included rain covers, map or GPS transparent pockets which allow you to obtain accurate readings even while driving, shoulder straps, and bladder pockets are other very useful features.

The more inclusive a design is, the more expensive it gets, so think about what your needs actually are before making the choice.


Other kinds of motorcycle luggage

There are a lot of other ways of carrying your personal items when riding – many kinds of motorcycle luggage exist, each meant to satisfy a certain purpose. We will now take a look at other bags and cases you can use with a motorbike.

While you’re looking at this topic you might also find some other types of products interesting, such as good motorcycle helmet locks or reliable motorcycle gps units to enhance your riding experience.



A very popular kind of motorcycle luggage are the saddlebags, which can be often seen on many cruisers and choppers out there. Coming in pairs with a strap between them allowing you to attach them to the motorbike, they feel like a normal addition and do not impair your driving, nor do they affect balance and stability.

They are usually mounted above the tailpipe or around the rear wheel, making sure they do not come into contact with the wheel.

Saddlebags have increased storage capacity, and are used for long distance trips. Rarely divided into compartments, the bags are usually a basic, large space for storage opened from the top, providing easy access to whatever is stored inside.

It is preferred by some, who find it easier to fit their belongings inside this massive compartment.

Most products are not removable and are meant to stay in place, and taking them off requiring tools or a longer amount of time to unfasten their restraints. A mounting system is required, usually consisting of a strap and some brackets, which guard the wheel and keep the bags from coming into contact with it.

Usually, the brackets are not included and can be bought separately, choosing one of the many models available on the market.


Back seat bags

This type of motorbike luggage is designed to sit on the back seat of your vehicle when there are no passengers on it.

Unlike other types of luggage, these can provide an excellent backrest for the rider if fastened properly, increasing the comfort and reducing fatigue over long roads.

A huge amount of space is also provided for the rider to store travel gear, clothing or other items, the interior compartments were either fitted with an organizer or plain and simple, to allow you to carry large objects.

The bags usually include one or more compartments, is best used for long journeys and trips. It can be attached to the motorbike by the sissy bar, on a luggage rack or by using straps.

Hardback seat bags are usually waterproof, while soft, textile models are either made from weather-resistant materials or are accompanied by a replaceable rain cover, to offer an increased level of protection for your belongings when riding in bad weather.

Sissy bar bags

Attached to the back of the sissy bar, this luggage is usually not bothersome for the rider or restricting their movement. Excellent for two-person trips as it does not rest on the seat itself, but on the bar behind it, various models can have large storage capacities, providing enough space for the personal belongings of those riding the motorbike.

Sometimes, back seat bags can be used this way too, without needing extra equipment – this is usually specified in the instruction book or by the manufacturer.

Together with the tank and saddlebags, it is amongst the most popular luggage options for motorbike riders. These, too, come in the two variants: as hard or soft luggage, each with advantages and disadvantages; note that, sometimes, soft bags do not include the rain cover which might have to be bought separately.


Locking luggage

Since most motorcycle luggage is only secured with a zipper, it is easy for anyone passing by to steal the stored objects or even remove the whole bag. This is why most riders these days are more keen on buying lockable bags, which can be used to store important valuables such as GPS tablets, cell phones or cameras.

If you have a bag that can be turned into a backpack or hand luggage, locking it is not necessary since you can take it with you wherever you go.

Most items are easily removable, but some are delivered with attached locks. Other products offer you the possibility of installing a lock (usually not included in the package, this has to be bought separately).

There are extra secure bags too, which lock into place onto the motorbike and can only be removed with a key.

The importance of excellent compartmentalization

You invest in a motorcycle tank bag because you want to be able to carry with you essential items that you don’t want to leave home without, no matter how short the trip. That is why the size of the tank bag is a crucial aspect as you might want to have one that is big enough to stuff it with a helmet or other large items.

However, size isn’t everything, and you will make greater use of excellent compartmentalization. It is ideal to purchase a model that comes with at least several compartments so that you can keep all your things organized. For instance, you should see inside a zippered pocket for keeping your keys, credit cards, and other small items.

Another excellent feature would be a clear pocket where you could keep your phone. It would be easy to access and hence an advantage for a rider who enjoys long trips. External and internal pockets are very useful, and some mesh pockets are also nice to have, although they are not a necessity. It would serve to have padded pockets to ensure that no harm will come to your belongings.

You will also find motorcycle tank bags that come equipped with map pockets. These are easy to access, and you will keep inside either maps or your smartphone. When embarking on a long trip, proper compartmentalization can take you a long way. This pocket should be weatherproof, for obvious reasons.

Internal dividers are another thing that regards excellent compartmentalization. They should split the interior storage space into sizable compartments so that you can comfortably accommodate various items that you need to bring along with you on your road trips.


Some extra features that you will find handy in a tank bag

Overstuffing your bag to its maximum capacity might occur once in a while, which is why many people might worry that it would lose its shape. To combat this risk, it is ideal that you get a motorcycle tank bag with stiffeners. They will help maintain the shape of the tank bag and prolong its lifespan, as well.

Useful extras can make your life a bit easier. For instance, a carry handle is an excellent option to have when you need to haul your things around, and a shoulder strap might not be enough for the weight you intend to move from your bike to another location.

Because long-distance riders might face various weather conditions, it doesn’t hurt to have some rain covers for your tank bag. Attaching the rain covers to the motorcycle tank should be easy, and you will know that all your belongings will remain dry and safe.

A headstock strap is another thing that you might want to see in the model you wish to purchase. Even if you consider that the bag is already tied securely to the motorcycle tank, it is no reason to ignore the possibility of adding to that. A headstock strap will do precisely that, and you can rest assured that your bag will remain secured to the motorcycle tank, without the risk of falling.

You may love a model with expandable storage space. Let’s say that you intend to use it to transport bulky items sometimes, but you don’t want to haul around a bag that looks heavy and unappealing for your taste. Such models come with extra zippers that allow you to customize the storage area as you see fit. When you don’t need to stuff the bag with all your belongings, you can reduce its size, and this way, it will feel like you have two bags, not one.

The design of the safety closures must cater to your convenience and the overall safety of the bag and its content. That means that you should be able to manipulate them with gloved hands, but, at the same time, they should be strong enough to resist heavy winds and road conditions in general.

You may also find a bag convenient if it comes with earphone inlets that allow you to listen to music from your smartphone while you are on the road. Any additional straps will come in handy, such as backpack-style straps. They will allow you to transport the bag around when you need to dismount your bike.


Resistance to weather conditions

Motorcycle tank bags must be a lot of things, and, among them, they should prove resistant to weather conditions. Especially if you do a lot of riding in the rain, you will want a bag that can withstand even a downpour. The canvas the bag is made from should be waterproof, and the zippers should come with covers and other features that make them water-resistant.

However, you should bear in mind that waterproof is not the same thing with water resistance. Water-resistance bags can only do this much, which means that heavy rains will go through, eventually. There is a reason, however, why manufacturers don’t offer only waterproof bags. Such materials tend to be more expensive, and that is why water resistance and extra rain covers are seen as good compromises.

It is also a good idea to get a motorcycle tank bag that has UV resistance. The material won’t fade, even with prolonged exposure to the sun, and the things you keep inside will be protected, as well. A robust lining on the inside contributes to the overall durability of the bag and also makes it resistant to heavy winds.

The zippers should also prevent dust and dirt from getting inside. If they come with extended tabs that lock in place, they are a guarantee that nothing will get inside the bag and damage your belongings. Storm flaps are another option used by the manufacturers to ensure that the bags they make for motorcycles are as weather-resistant as they can possibly be.

Don’t forget that the style of your motorcycle tank matters

Here is another thing you should know about getting the right tank bag for your needs. The way the tank on your bike is designed can have a significant impact on what bag you should get. In other words, you should learn a little bit about the compatibility between the bag you intend to purchase and your motorcycle tank.

If you get a tank bag that’s small and easy to attach to your bike, there are no issues. Such bags work great for any bikes; however, if you prefer a larger model, you may discover that mounting it on a small tank can be a real hassle.

The size of the tank is just one part of the problem. The style of your tank can also play a role in what type of bag you can get. For instance, sloped tanks that are a characteristic of cruisers and adventure bikes. If you try to accommodate a large tank bag on such a model, you will discover that the process is not easy at all.

However, if you have a flat tank, you will notice that this one works just fine with most bag sizes. Also, there is a definite advantage offered by this design. Because the surface of the tank is flat, you will make good use of the large area that will help you to connect the bag with ease.

A good idea would be to check with the manufacturers for compatibility issues, to avoid spending money on a tank bag that’s not suitable for the style and size of the tank.


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